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a thing, it's been for years since a weed and hospital and the son was killed during protesting venezuela. one battle with a student and died of cardio genic shock in april 2017. after being hit by a tear gas canister at close range for rita, his sister with a cancer patient, barlow was frustrated with a situation which made it difficult for her to be treated. with. i was told, my son was dead. it was like the world stopped. they broke our life, i remember that day because they killed my husband and me. 2 years later, our daughter died of cancer. they destroyed our family in the same way. they have destroyed hundreds of families in venezuela. kampala was a basketball player and a student that was sort of agenda. everything has been a challenge. fighting the prosecutor's office. the prosecutor has been changed 15 times in 2019. all the actions came from. nobody does anything. they want to see.
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it was an accident, and it was not one paolo's, death is just one of the many cases presented at the international criminal court against the government of president. nicola, my, the many when officials are being investigated for crimes against humanity for extreme repression and serious human rights abuses, one follow, personally, there was just one of the thousands of young people that took to the streets to protest against the government of nicola, my lord, this is his room. these are some of his belongings for the government. he was a terrorist, but these are some of the things he wrote. i want to graduate in a university in the united states. i want to be an n b a player. i want to be the best player in the world. and i one word piece the investigation against venezuela includes accusations of secret detentions and torture side. even a government plan that targeted protesters as opposition forces. it also includes
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human rights abuses against opponents, but also members of the security forces who dared to challenge the government. we should i quote them as a troll at the international criminal court includes the possibility of a detention or something. the other reports do not have. and the fact that it's a shame to be the only latin american government to be tried at b, i, c, c, l e. daniel is trying to assist the victims in their search for justice. i think i feel elementary. i thought it was the fact that there was an official investigation as the story is never happened in the americas. we have to consider that before that was the case in hundreds of columbia. and this is the 1st con, there was an investigation. but the government says the crime should be investigated and tried in the country. it also says abuses are being committed by the united states and other countries against venezuela, through economic sanctions. but the victim say the violations committed against government. critics are brutal and should be punished in an international court.
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they have alger cedar cutoff, still had an al jazeera, as a military operation against an armed group in democratic republic of congo. continues, we speak to one of the victims of the violence who only just made it out alive and in sport, it's quite a final day of the fee for out of top as puerto looks to make it pull straight, wins in competition. ah, with happy friday you'll be hard pressed to find a dry and settled area in europe. so way we go with the details. good to see you. we've got this feed of rain from the north sea slamming into belgium. it's going to generate some showers and snow where we have low temperatures and breezy conditions as wall snow through the alpine region and the parent ease. so we'll go into iberia
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right now. it's been days of relentless, rain for northern areas of spain, the winds, a factor here as well. so we could see those waves about 8 meters high, 80 millimeters of rain over 12 hours in snow levels, about 10 centimeters, 800 meters, and above speaking of snow levels. i want to get you the latest for the alpine region. got a lot of snow coming your way, so we're thinking about 15 to 2570 centimeters, 400 meters. and then as you get above that, you could be while up to with up to $45.00. so the very real risk of seen some avalanches here, eastern shores at the adria attic, see we could see there's winds wind up to about 85 kilometers per hour and rounds of storms for both greece and turkey. so on friday it's turkey's time pretty much for that western side, so it's stumble to on talia. we've got some drenching rain and because of all of that wet weather in the central mediterranean, we've got windy and wet conditions for tunis with a high of 16 degrees on friday. that's it. that's all. so you soon? ah.
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ah, to inculcate a culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism worldwide, and to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shake armada award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. blue stories of determination enjoy who will allow you to be luck. got thou and the kiddo janet you. i remain good listening v i look it up luca, short documentary by african filmmakers from miley wanda, and cameron, desert libraries, the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera.
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oh, a. what is it a reminder about top? so these are breaking news, london courts rule that we can find a job. songs can be expedited to the united states, the 50 year old. and now phase trial in the u. s. for publishing classified military documents about the boys and of kind of son and iraq. people and me and me are holding a silent protest against the military rule. my demonstrations immediately after the crew were met by a beautiful tract on an overcrowded truck is crashed in southern mexico, killing at least $53.00 people they believe to be heading to the united states and
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other 55 were injured. please suspect for talk overturned bridge because of the so over loaded generalist maria, theresa and dmitri motels are due to received the nobel peace prize and also for the fight to promote media freedom. one of his colleagues was shot dead and wasn't state. soon after she flew to norway, i su smaller. bond is one of $86.00 journalists murdered in the philippines. in the past 29 years worldwide that he's 24 journalists were killed this year because of the stories they were reporting 800. others died in circumstances in which police couldn't confirm whether they were target is or not. more journalists have been killed in iraq and syria than anywhere else. in the past 30 years, the committee to protect journalists says the philippines has the 3rd worst safety record or manual morgan is a filipino journalist who won the pillar. surprised in international reporting 3 years ago, and he worked alongside the murdered journalists,
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a smaller one on who was also part of the writers prize winning team. he joins us now live from men, and thank you very much indeed for being with us. what do you think that hey, so deaf means for journalism in the philippines when the killing, my friend. yes, brandon is a constant reminder. even if you know, during the list of the dangers and the threats that they face every day because of the climate of being in the did that the government it's been suggested than the nobel prize is often awarded. not only for individual effort, but also to draw attention to certain situations. in this case, in the case of maria s or perhaps journalism of freedom of speech, or perhaps possibly the lack of it in the philippines. how much of a difference do you think that money
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a getting this nobel prize would make to journalism in the philippines? it's absolutely huge. we welcome the white bar my last now because she's the face of been during the listen. the be been during that is have been by things or breast feed them she is president took their pick a the power in british 16 and b o y is a confirmation of this goes the hardships been and during the list 3 last in the country, maria this is still facing charges in the philippines and if i understand it correctly, she could still be jailed if she's fine. she returns to the philippines from the nobel prize ceremony. is there an argument for suggesting the getting something on a ward like the nobel prize doesn't actually make much of a difference?
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you know, in the b to bins but they don't seem to get about why the money from them because . 2 she's actually out on bail and i will be sure she asked last year, but just didn't patients about 10 cases, including pakistan and body problems, government and the government is trying to shut down their me, john, for the philippines is facing a significant change or could be facing a significant change in its politics. do you think that that is going to make a difference to the future of journalism in the philippines? we've seen because we have electrons next year. but it is not
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benny. encouraging because we're leaving in the spring and pose the spots to my sound of the big paper, marco's so many people be in the big 3 could live and do. mike was into power and could bring back it back. memories of marcelo, 30 years ago. we really appreciate your joining us and i'll just so thank you very much indeed manual legato the state department has called for other democratic countries to expand their engagement with taiwan after nicaragua, government decided to cut diplomatic ties with the island nation and the chinese foreign ministry welcome to move in a statement and praise. nicaragua was commitment to the communist parties, one china policy. i was expressed pain and regret at the decision. only 14
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countries in the world recognized one as a country. ryan, who is the founder of new bloom magazine and a writer for the diplomat he done played in nicaragua was move and says timelines, unofficial allies such as the us hold more weight so that time spite interesting because of the summer for democracy convened by the by the ministration town and invited, despite not being a member of the us. so this is a sign of the us strength of amendments towards taiwan. ivr, china has reacted by angrily to that it is not invited. and so this is included, hang back at the us. i was think of the show that it is not actually final anything significant, but the same time when you see this with no progress breaking relationships, i want at this time if it does seem rather suspicious. so what is interesting, i think, is how this will play out domestically in that the pro china opposition. the k m t will use us to attack the ruling side ministration. and so the diplomatic allies that towel on has are smaller than it in terms of the size of
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a population or economy. there, probably a role is to speak up or taiwan international organization from which it is excluded. and this occurred with nicaragua as recently as september, so it does come somewhat of a surprise that there is the switch now over in terms of the substantive impact. it does not have a lot of impact on taiwan directly in that way. china would like to see how long have fewer and fewer for our lives. and in this way is a way to diplomatically humiliate taiwan on the world stage at a time in which there is increasing support from taiwan internationally. whether that be from the us, from european union countries or cetera. and so this is a way to work against that trend. and so this is a way to attack the time ministration that is currently in our and potentially affect elections. because sometimes how many as do perceive the stinking of international space when they do lose the amount of allies over in most cases, how on artificial ties with other countries such as what the us food does not actually have formulation. taiwan are more important than the de fanatic allies who
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do not actually do much except the speak up or taiwan once in awhile. and these are josh or they should. but i think china will try to continue with activity. the lessons fighting a northern cameroon over access to water has killed at least 22 people, thousands of others who fled to neighboring chad because of the unrest between fishing and having communities for the highlights, reports. the sheltering from the sound in china capital in germany. hometown ca, sorry, is just 20 kilometers away in northern cameron over forced across the border off the thing. what they say with some of the was fighting yet between fishing and hurting community. they've access to water supply at him on the fighting. and cush area has been very while and we had to cross the river at night to find refuge here . now that we are safe, i faced the cold weather and lack of food and our children have not eaten since yesterday. we asked the champion of 30 to help us. otherwise, our situation here will be worse than the conflict we have at home. on wednesday,
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you set fire to a cattle market belonging to arrival community. it retaliated. several people were killed, and many others were wounded. young and don't be left in a rush, cross the river at our own risk exposed to the elements, the dust and the cold. the children are at risk of becoming ill. we ask for urgent help. help is what chance president is calling for. he's tweeted an urgent appeal for the international community to send data as soon as possible child struggles. coke with an influx of more than $30000.00 refugees from both cameron and neighboring sedans. un refugee agency said violence last month and saddam has displaced thousands of people. many sudanese women and children are now in chad, or because i didn't get much on group. didn't ask us anything, so we just attacked and shot the majority of the half a 1000000 refugees in charge of from to john. you're going fight. little rain and
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pest infestation have all disrupted the farming season in the dark for region. that's increasing concerns of worsening food shortages which are threatening to force more people to flee into chad. seidel. height of al jazeera still hadn't all the 0. we've got the sport with peter rob, thank you. we all alive from our special arab cup studio, hearing doha, look ahead to the quarter finals which start later on friday and in the crickets, england stage of fight back in the 1st ashes test against australia will show you how jo routes and dog milan with them back in contention. ah
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with with mm pool. ah
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ah welcome to alger there a special coverage of the fee for arab element doubling up as a major war of events for the castle will happen next year. hello pete. the same is freddy of school fees. will you including to call to finals here at the fif arab cup on friday? also on the way we'll hear from both lewis hamilton and next the stuff. and as if one boss's wound them to drive safely in, they title show down in abu dhabi and back in contention england fight back against australia in the 1st ashes. se se, thanks to half centuries from jo ruth and dove at milan. we've reached the quarter final stage of the fee for arab up with the 1st $2.00 games coming up later on friday. the stand out i seize hosts cutter,
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take on the united arab emirates at what is expected to be a full capacity obeyed stadium. cutter one all 3 group games and they've beaten the u. e in a previous 2 meetings, including a 4 no, when in the semi finals of the 2019 asian camp in abu dhabi a tournament, they went on to win, to be crowned asian champions. it's a different game, different competition in a different scenario, so it's very different shawl, everything we need to go wanted to show on the field. i made sure they will try to play the game with their style, with a philosophy, with their objective to win. and we're gonna try to do the same, shall the passion doesn't means anything to us. it just that tomorrow we need to show that with us out of to, to be in the next room. the u. e. one, their 1st 2 games of the arab cat but were beaten by drew p when is to nicea in the last match. they coached by the experienced dustin bird on my bike who says that
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cancer, all the favorites heading into the game. especially with home advantage. for me, replaying again, sir. i'm think the big favorites of this group. they have a very long preparation already for a few years. they are together, play all over to wells against all kind of different styles. and most of my players, they didn't player tournament like this before. showered sir for several things. very important to, to play this game before that the 1st quarter final kicks off in a few hours time between 2 nicea and oman. they've only ever played each other once before. that was a friendly back in 2011, which i'm on one to one. soon as you have impressed at this tournament though, finishing top of group b, pour races, life for us that education said he stayed him ahead of that game whole, it's hard not to see to nicea as the heavy favorites for this one.
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there. hello peter. first of all, apologies if you can hear the thrum of a fleet of coaches that have just popped up to us next to it. sarah, education, city, stadium, ad of the action is here. i'm on core to final. and as he said, i think it, he saw this fixed before the torment. he had chalk it up as a probable win. fortune is here $29.00 in the world into 5 world cups, including the last world cup in russia. one time africa cup of nations, champions inaugural when as of the of the hour of cup against the oman, who were 78th in the fif. rankings are good performers on a regional level, i've got to arabian gulf cup, so latest, one in 2017 at. but this is only their 2nd arab cup, and indeed, these 2 foes are quite unfamiliar. this is their 1st competitive fixture. and a couple of days ago was it where you are now in the studio, peter and talked to him at al hassan a, one of
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a man's best known strike as he won the joke up in 2009. and he said there's certainly a glimmer of hope for this amman team, and that are all special reasons for the fans back in muskets, to be looking forward to this fixture up to an assertion and collection easier is a strong team. we did beat them to one in a friendly in 2011, now withdrawn with the rack. we were great against qatar and against bahrain. we were sensational, beautiful goals, or players talented, but the average age is only 2. see 3, this is great experience to them. as they try to qualify for the world cup after this, the friends at home delighted, especially as the domestic league has been suspended all through the pandemic. hello. we appreciate the players and hope they maintain the same level against julia. well i think history is a factor in this the relative strengths of the 2 teams. but there's also momentum out this tournament and you know, chinese yes. started as room of expected with
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a $51.00 went over mauretania, but then they lost. so you neil to syria and got to the quote to finals thanks to one know when over the you a, a man on the other hand started with a very creditable one old rule with a rack. and then here out education city against the house. kathy, who had been very strong with his tournament, they put in a very muscular performance, i only lost right at the anthro gola, just crept over the line and then they were convincing when, as against bahrain in the last, in the last group game. so, when it comes to momentum, i think there's a lots of evidence that the underdogs in this fixture can be of a phase prospect. whole, the big crowd today will no doubt be for the match between casa and the united arab emirates, expecting a full house they, but the any oman is old soon. is ian's in evidence. they yet will you all why still quite earlier. 3 for i was so sorry to go to kick off. we've not seen any evidence of funds so far. i think that's
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a quite an interesting question. many of the neutrals will, of course, i also go to the cats a much later. it's been a bit of an old anomaly sometimes at this time we've had fairly mixed attendances. sometimes we've seen a games sold out on line. and then there's been evidence of quite a few empty seats of the stadium. we've heard that actually with these woke up stadiums being such big capacities, full capacity hasn't always been approved for the fixtures, were told that they will be full across state for the semi finals and the finals. but before that has been decided on a game by game basis, it is a friday here and counts office there the weekend. so i'm sure we will see neutrals here at she nidia, oman. i will say a lot of janisa and demonte friends who live here, and i think the funds in this region always make sure that i suspect that a spectacle off the pitch as well as on it. they will be seen and heard. he writes education city stadium or is always lovely talking to you. thank you very much.
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it's got the cricket now and england of got themselves back into contention in the 1st ashes, test against australia was looking bleak for the tourist to start their 2nd innings . 278 runs behind, but despite losing their openness early on jo routes and dotted milan, steady things with a non beaten popish of 159. on the baking hawk dane brisbin, they both made half centuries and was still they of the close of clown day 3 with root on $86.00 and milan on 80 inland with $220.00 for 2 at stumps, which means they will start day full just 58 runs behind and still with 8 wickets in hand. another day. as soon as we think too far ahead, am you open a door for them and, and they so brilliant at, at sort of close in that door for us. so, you know, i think that 1st i was really important for us to morrow and then we could start thinking about how well we could play. but we need one more good 100 run partnership to put a good school in the vote. and you know, who knows what can happen to for me to one and next for stop in. and louis hamilton have been warned ahead of the championships showdown on sunday. they could be
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stripped of points for driving in an unsportsmanlike manner. the pay have collided 3 times the season and for stuff and in particular has been criticized for its uncompromising style. they on level in the driver's cham bishop heading in to the final race in abu dhabi. it's happened in the past, obviously, and i think it's, i'm sure the, the shoots hadn't, haven't done taken the precautions they have this time on it. and so i think that's, i think, the fair that they, they do it. i mean, i know what's in the splitting code, so i think nobody needs to be really reminded of that, and i think they can put it in every single race weekend. i mean, there's nothing new newly added. i can't control those things around the i will, i can do is control what, what i do in terms of preparation and how conduct myself of the last year. i didn't have a lot of hope that we will be sitting here, you know. busy and of,
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and of the season fighting for a title, but i think from the start, you know, we were very competitive just because i cannot tell me, i don't, i don't look at it as a, as a multiple. i always look at every season and every year as you start from ground 0 and you're fighting, you're the hunter and you're fighting from, from the moment you start training. as you get into the new years and your training focused on winning overall, you know, we can be really proud of the whole whole team effort, you know, to be, to be sitting here and fighting for his title. i remember what cycle said the 1st. so i know had those experiences and the roller coaster of emotions that you go through. so that's often our reminder of our helpful story. it's called a final day at the camp with hope counseling aiming to make it full straight with the competition. hope back to you later on friday, we'll be back in a few hours. so in front of the sports update at $1345.00 gmc, but same with a few of the after the break,
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but another news update. i news news cities have always been in motion. they have to be to evolve and adapt of all the sad cities, all the greatest work of all shooting time that's in a huge city. you kind of get this sense of how the world around you behave in a way you cannot see with the naked eye. you can feel the hairs on the back of your neck standing up when you reach the top of that building and get a great view. metropolis analysis era,
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ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. with even supplied by tradition and where beautiful possibilities are offered. this one's feared warlord during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with treat children, has attracted their help with an ass protected effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendation is made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the front line of
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a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country ah oh, anger and bruce enough to high court ruling that could see we can expanded to lee massage, extradited to the united states to face criminal charges. ah . i don't give it out. this is al, does our life.


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