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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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oh, you want to help save the world oh, sneeze into your elbow. oh, unrolled madison and know how the top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. is one, an appeal to have ricky leaks found. a julian r songy extradited from the you came on his high courts world, the 50 year old as trillion can be taken to the us when he faces charges for publishing. classified military documents about the wars in afghanistan and iraq is fancy, says they will appeal the ruling and in baba's, outside london's high court with more via case is now being sent back to the lower court. what happens is basically that ultimately this will go to the home secretary
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to push forward the extradition process. but there's also the possibility that julian assigns can appeal this decision to the supreme court, the highest court here in the united kingdom. it's taken years to get here and we still don't know exactly what's going to happen for the time being julian assigns you followed these proceedings viral video link from bell much prison in south london, is back in prison. solomon protest against military rule and me and mar, have been held in several cities. they include the deserted streets of the commercial capital, young gong. sharon's is being seen as a safe way to protest after the brutal cracked and on mass demonstrations following the qu. in february, the ceremony to award the nobel peace prize to journalists not ers and dmitri monotone is now underway in slow, but awarded the prize for the fight to promote press freedom. join us here at 1600 g m t for our special nobel interview,
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where the windows live from our slow and overcrowded trucks crashed in southern mexico, killing at least 53 passengers heading for the united states. another 55 suffered injuries in shop, a state, please suspect the truck overturned and hit a steel bridge because it was overloaded with so many passengers from central america. our bottom line or below, has more from mexico city. accidents like these are not uncommon. what we're hearing from many immigration observers, folks that are paying very, very close attention to changing immigration policies. here in mexico. they're pointing or placing the blame specifically on this bilateral policy that exists between mexico and the united states. that's turned southern mexico and the sort of invisible wall of the united states. it's a policy of containment that prevents migrants from moving north toward the united states. and in turn has created a sort of bottleneck effect for thousands of migrants are now living in these overcrowded conditions in often unsanitary conditions that his waiver of violence
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in northern capital has left at least 22 people dead, thousands of side to neighboring child because of the unrest residence in cosette, he said the witness some of the worst fighting between fishing and hurting communities over access to water the state, the bobbins called for other democratic countries to expand their engagements with taiwan option nicaragua was government decided to cut and diplomatic ties with the island nation, the chinese foreign ministry, welcome to move in a statement and praised in nicaragua was commitment. the communist part is one china policy by one's expressed pain and regret at the decision. only 14 countries of the world recognized one as a country. that one's president has responded voting to safeguards, democracy was more successful, high ones, democracy and the greater the international support than the greater the pressure from the authoritarian camp. whether it's diplomatic pressure or military intimidation, we will not change our determination to a dear to democracy and freedom to go on the international stage and to participate
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in the international democratic community. the international criminal court opened an investigation into the venezuelan government handling of opposition protests in 2017. more than a 100 people were killed during months of unrest. that is electro commission has yet to announce the final list of candidates less than 2 weeks out from the presidential election. and advisory council is called for the vote to be delayed until february was growing differences over voting regulations. farmers in india have ended a year long protest after the government abandoned agricultural reforms. demonstrators set the laws would have seen them lose the right to have a guaranteed minimum price for their projects. and those are the headlines we're going to be back with more news in about half an hour after all, just 0 correspondence. bye for now. ah
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ah, ours isn't a number of people living in towns now exceeds those living outside. when this milestone was reached in 2009 few people notice across the globe, cities are growing upwards and downwards at unprecedented speed. fundamentally changing the way we live and why this could be a golden age of architecture, or time of unrestrained commercial speculation. how our
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well will look for generations to come is being decided daily and t, few of us are engaging with the debate in this supercharged world of instant communication, instant message, and instagram. we're too busy looking down. it's time for us to look up. ah, i spent over 12 years living in hotel rooms and is quite literally a suitcase you and your tooth brush says also time for reflection. all of the jobs i've done a pretty huge mega fifties. ah.
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or when you're in a city like that, you're surrounded by architecture for the minute you open your hotel when done, check out the view and you come into the room to the moment you wake up in the morning and walk out on the street, see the customer my day job involved working with journalists who had to come to grips with lots of new technology. so i kind of act as a human interface between this highly technical equipment and walk somebody's trying to achieve creatively. i kind of came to the phase where i said to myself, you know what russia is time that you re invested some of your own creativity and got something out of being in all these amazing places. i was always interested in composition and perspective. as far as i came out of studying on to
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college, and i came across some time. that's what i don't know what the hell, let's try doing time lapse is a beautiful combination. still, photography and filmmaking. time left shows the world in a state of alter reality blue because see how the world around you behaves and why you cannot see the naked eye. time lapse is like magic. i i ah,
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all the places i've worked in recent years. nowhere has changed more rapidly than guitars capital a century ago, 12000 people to population is now over a 1000000 fueled by the oil and gas reserves. ah, but if you look carefully, these bills, you will see the few are occupied. ah, despite the armies of foreign workers, labor, day and night to build more, critics dismissed these newly minted gulf capital. as instance cities. ah, the inference being that they are mere facades for reflection of national wealth and pride in portrait from the west vanity projects for wealthy patrons and the overpaid foreign office
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in a country where nationals make up just 15 percent of the population. these prejudices often reinforced for expense like me, by the fact that you seldom if ever meet to locals. ah, it took a friend of mine from london to introduce me to fatima a young battery architect who offered to show me the less visible side of tow. how's current development boom wanting? i've noticed harris versus building it. also building all these buildings, you know, without anybody to move into that immediately different vision, building a brand image for the city, but it's also another patient for this population growth that we already see taking place. do you think people misunderstand what's going on in the gulf right now? definitely, it's very apparent that all they see is the sort of, i just sort of the crust of,
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of the city trustworthy society. this misunderstanding is not entirely surprising. when i look at these cities, i find the hall to see beyond the tower. oh, who's buildings might not compete with? do buys, mega structures. they do draw the i nevertheless, as they are meant to. oh, it to me skyscrapers make little sense in the gulf. the economic justification is based solely on the price of land and there is no shortage of that here. amazing, i think you will. historically, people have lived in one or 2 story houses and judging by how am to the towers all that showing little information to change as like his host, the other than that i forgot about them as mac,
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in the heart of the old town gives a sense of auto har looked like before the discovery of oil and gas. now it too, is marked for redevelopment. we select some british architects to then worked with selected to tie architect. they teamed up, ah, to basically come up with a proposal for an area for old don't. these neighborhoods have long since been abandoned by their original owners in favor of a less congested suburbs becoming home to dough hawes migrant workers. how many years year year i told them about the not quite the year and her port yet quite dear to time. okay. that's my is part of a group trying to document it so has passed before there's none of it left in a city less than a 100 years old? is it always obvious what should be preserved? oh my goodness. wow. why is this she for me to this is one of the houses that i
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like to refer to as an endangered house. i think we're starting to lose big portions of the older parts of the city because of the plan development because of the planned urban regeneration project. and this is an example of a chance to rescue some of these building. do you remember this kind of architecture? his buildings as a small child wants to re, um my great grandmother's house was very similar to this one. it was a courtyard house with rooms around the courtyard cuz i am from the way that you design now architect here in guitar tend to be very, very nice. in this tell jack about these different architectural elements that you find more about. the ornamentation, but i think there's much more to learn from a house like this. for example, the proportions of the lee won or the sort of colonnade around the courtyard in order to get enough shape. things like that that we should extract as lessons that
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we can you despite the improvement in doha circumstances, since the discovery of oil and gas, some things remain unchanged. the hot weather can make this an inhospitable environment. and climate change is only like you to make it more, sir. doha is modern buildings cannot afford to ignore this project life monsieur, of this upcoming right now does so many architectural lessons that we can learn here, which we can call if i a contemporary which are not really look traditional. however, they do respond to the context very, very well. i really respect the fact that a architect did not find the need to have another fully glazed elevation. therefore, the building requires energy and at the same time, the elevation together with the poetry that's engraved on it gives the character to
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the area to do you think is a common story that the region is trying to tell to the rest of the world with the resources that it got it hands on right now they're trying to develop a solid basis to their fixing what being both today's not just for me or for my younger brothers assistance, but it's for future generations to come. ah, the sheriff's, $900.00 homes offices and shops aim to recreate the closeness communities of the 1950s at a cost of $5.00 and a half $1000000000.00. it's a substantial gamble on lowering people back from the suburbs or something the towers have failed to do a. the popularity of doha recently rebuilt souk shows that there is
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a strong sense of nostalgia for the old town. i spend so much time here looking through my lens and buildings that it's easy to forget that this is all about people. a town perhaps because it's a nation built on immigration, understands clearly the competition for human resources. a competition, not only with his fellow wealthy gulf states, but the wider world. ah that ah press events for this to attract people, the competing city states, aubrey nay, songs, italy use their wealth to glorify thy cities with painting and sculpture to be successful, we sometimes have to 1st appear to be sent out
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by depicts the human form remains controversial. in this part of the world, the beautiful buildings suffer no such stroke. i guess, seen from this perspective, thomas ambition is not to create an instance city, but an eternal blue moon. london is on the face of it just such a metropolis. it became the 1st truly international city of the modern age more than 2 centuries ago. oh, but today it too is being radically redrawn. are the global economy neighborhoods that were once the home of the british elite or today 2nd homes or
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the international super rich. creating a central coal, which increasingly feels to me like a ghost town. at the same time, london is seeing record growth. its population jumping more than 800000 in 2013 a highest increase since world war 2. the residential property market also rose 20 percent in the 1st 6 months of 20. 14, driven to a large degree by foreign money across the city. new buildings are rising fundamentally reshaping the skyline. these changes have not been without controversy, but from a time lapse photographers perspective, it is exhilarating.
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i spent 6 long weeks in this hotel in 2012 for the summer olympics. and i say long weeks because to wake up every morning to a bowling. i been aching to photograph as for all that time, but knowing that working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, i simply wouldn't have the energy old inclination to can she asked to work and i made admission in the back of my mind that wanda, i'd be back ah, ah, come hang. i was told to that as being this huge, huge building for me that she sits in the employ me
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the shod became yours tall is building as a photographer to capture something new. something this, the wells biggest to wells told us to love best is always part of the stories. well, the category own skyscraper has drawn a mixed reaction from the press. one commentator described it in graphic terms as having slashed the face of london forever. not because it defends pretty sensibilities to have a foreign own building dominating the skyline. but because of a perception that it changes the character of london a straw poll of kmiec is down on london bridge suggests a sharp division in people's attitudes. what do you think about the sean shard?
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mm. i don't know is a bit bit of an eyesore, to be honest with you. only one of the by finding you know, how to play with her according to the local council, only 11 residents wrote in 2 objects to the sean ah, look over london from the 72nd floor viewing platform. it's hard to believe it was so few. the only meaningful intervention was fine english heritage, the body task with preserving the country's historic science. ah, ah, each attracted to the effect this new landmark would have been an old one and poles
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cathedral. a $16000000.00 inquiry decided in the shop favor and it went ahead enthusiastically, supported by london's man. ah, for me, what makes this all the more significant is that it fits the vanguard of 236 tall buildings, said to transform london over the next decade. and there has been almost no public debate about this radical reshaping of the city. new london architecture, an organization who sponsors read like a who's who of the building industry has put together an exhibition, detailing exactly how london will know if all the proposed building go ahead. what opposition has been to these types of buildings will have been comments princeton's
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from some people that we don't want something i do by on the 10. and the course is very different. we have a lot of historic buildings and we need to insert new tool buildings into that historic environment should impose dictate london's planning in the future. i think using some polls as guideline is a pretty good way of stopping buildings in particular historic areas. but i think we've also got to look at places where not just where we can't build to a building place is where we can because london is growing huge the at the moment with 8300000 people. and by 2050, we're going to be more like 13000000 say we've got a lot more housing, a lot more places to work more retail also things like that we need to do to meet that grave. and part of that is to build tool abilities. craig dead ovens and ah. ready last time,
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london skyline was vis radically redrawn was during the cities bombing invalid ball to saint paul's famously survived as a symbol of national resistance or. ready its icon twice, either belt on the ashes of the great fi of $1666.00, which bound a fed of a city to the ground. its architect, sir christopher ran, who knew a thing or 2 about building and longevity. right. architecture has its political use, established the nation, joyce, people and commerce, and makes the people the native country architecture aims at eternity. ah, great cities need great buildings like to define themselves. i
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suppose was a procedure fronted skyscraper, old, but name a table 100 meters and perched on top of that k tell. it was the tallest building in the capital until 1962 the sixty's london was essentially a low rise city. 6 stories was in practice, the limits for both victorian plumbing and the amount of stairs tenants decline before the invention of the elevator. so london spread out. no, i tell you the $1000.00 square foot lama to urban sprawl is no longer according to the developers. the only way is the piano, the shot architect has described his building as a vertical 50,
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but with ken apartments costing up to $80000000.00 each. it's on like you to solve london's housing shortage. and this is m i 6, which you know from movies to referral is part of a golden generation of british architecture. we've had a profound impact on the cities of the modern world. the will population is rising and rising in a phenomenal rate. and most those will be overnights. so place making through cities, i'm being proud of your city and making recognizable architecture. i think it's happening all over the world. and i lost that does lead to mistakes and, and to inappropriate tall buildings. there's a lot to be said from the tall building. the tall buildings of new york creates the busy pavement, the busy sidewalks. it's not just tall buildings, so it's density. and that's why you get such great shops, great sidewalks,
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great restaurants. do you believe scientists are defined by the buildings around as well? it's churchill is great curve, told me that we build our buildings. now we make our building, then i'll buildings make house. cities can be organic by nature. should they be organic? i believe inevitably change in, ah, in city form and in architectural direction is essentially organic. of the sab city is all the greatest work of art and their anonymous in a way that i am made collectively, which is extraordinarily. i can see the argument for saying are building shapers. but i am unsure that we shape our buildings. it seems to me that money is now doing that london needs to expand. but skyscrapers. i'm not the only alternative. they raise issues like no other
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buildings. they shape our cities both visibly. and structurally, i think londoners have little idea of how much these buildings will affect them. that's perhaps the reason i'm finding more questions than answers. ah, if you want to know about skyscrapers, there's one obvious destination by happy coincidence, a time lapse paradise. ready m oh, there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website, mobile app, social media, and podcast out there. a digital is a world award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best that they're trying to brighten the people to levy to go somewhere else.
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but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me. sandra. got men on al jazeera. can you hear? anticipation, these rising excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your favorite teen to cut off for the visa arab called 2021. brightness is in the air. late sore is juan and rich new heights. join us in, cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canton, airways dot com. the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society. as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access people's most personal data and asks what is being done
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to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of cove it on a jazeera ah no, not allison and joe had the top stories and al jazeera, the u. s. has won an appeal to have wicked expander. jillian r songs extradited from the u. k. london's high courts ruled the 50 year old australian can be taken to the u. s. where he faces charges for publishing classified military documents of the was enough kind of sun and iraq. the dean bob was outside london's high court with more via casey's now being sent back to the lower court. what happens is basically that ultimately this will go to the home secretary to push forward the.


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