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it's the political, the base, so that's challenging the way you think is a military advancement. going to stop the family to guy is under a company city right now. people are dying kinda not very upfront with me. markham, on hill, on out 0 with this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm robinson. this is the news, our life from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. oh, british called was broken wiki league, sponder, julian and sons can be extradited to the united states, to face criminal charges, overturning an earlier ruling plus
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journalist, many of the philippines and the russian dmitri model to all receive been nobel peace prize. they're being honored for their efforts to protect freedom of expression, or to leave their homes by any means possible. thousands in cameroon, flee as hard as farmers and fishermen fight over shrinking water resources and cities and me and mar, falls silent to protest. military rule as international concern, months at killings, by government forces and on the december to the schools these, it's called a final day of the fif arab cups with hosts, cut it up against the you eat at in the ashes england stage a fight back against australia off century some jo, roots and dog milan give them a chance in the 1st taste. ah according britain has rolled regularly is found, are juliana songs can be extradited to the u. s. the u. s. appealed an earlier
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ruling that prevented a songs from being sent abroad on mental health crimes. the 50 year old estallion of faces several charges in the us, including publishing classified military documents about the wars and of kind of sun and iraq. and his partner seller morris has slammed the court's ruling and said, lawyers would be filing an appeal. we will fight. every generation has an ethic fight to fight, and that is ours. because julian represents the fundamental of what it means to live in a free society. what it means to have press freedom of what it means for journalists to do their job without being afraid of funding left their lives in prison, with 1000000000 on behalf of a foreign power, which is maybe an abusive. then think prosecution against a journalist and this is what it's about. i heard to everyone to come together and
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fight for julian in represent. all that we've been all are right. not even baba is outside the high court in london. it's a big blow for him in his campaign. the support is here outside the high court in london, but it's not the end of the matter. now. the judges, the 2 judges here, including the lord chief justice, ian barnett, have decided that the original decision at the beginning of this year, or by a judge at a lower court not to extradite julianna's. and she was based solely on the risk of him being held in a high security jail cycled super max jail in the us. his lawyers had said that there was a, a real what they called oppressive risk of him committing suicide. if he were sent to the u. s. and held under those conditions will then at the hearing in october,
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the appeal hearing lawyers for the u. s. government said that it was not necessarily the case that he would be held in such harsh conditions and that they'd receive diplomatic assurances he could serve any jail sentence in australia as well . and now the judges here have said that both assurances basically override the other arguments. and so as it stands, the case is now being sent back to the lower court. what happens is basically that ultimately this will go to the home secretary to push forward the extradition process. so many towards the nobel peace prize is now underway in our slow journalist mercer from the philippines and russian journalistic to monitor a joyful, receiving advice for their fight to promote freedom. let's take a closer look at philippine journalist maria ross and she's the founder of wrapper
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. that's an outlet that extensively investigated president rodrigo to turkeys anti drug campaign that's killed. thousands roughly gained popularity for being critical of 230 and a country ranked as one of the most dangerous for journalists. but staff have faced harassment, death threats, and legal action and the site license been has been revolt. a last year russia was convicted in a cyber libel case for which he faces up to 6 years in prison is currently on bell, pending her appeal rights groups say the case is politically motivated versus speaking now, but let's loosen at risk. the destruction has already happened. now it's time to build to create the world we want. so please, with me, just close your eyes for just a moment. and imagine the world as it should be. a world of
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peace, trust, and empathy. bringing out the best that we can be open your eyes. now go. we have to make it happen. please. let's hold the line together. this is old, is it? it will be no coverage of the nobel peace prize awards to journalist mary odessa and that we need to monitor. we heard maria herself from the philippines. they're talking about the destruction that has already happened. she said, and no was the time to build the world. we want to set a world of peace trust and empathy. russian journalist imagery motto was awarded alongside that i. so for the nobel peace prize, he's the editor in chief of the independent newspaper. no via gazette,
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up. it's reported extensively on corruption in president vladimir putin administration and rights abuses in chatham, 6 or mater tubs, colleagues have been murdered for their work is dedicated his prize to them. what it has been awarded at a time when russia has been expanding. it's cracked on, on the media. numerous outlets have been forced to close this year. other journalists have been forced to flee or labeled foreign agents by the government. you can join us here at 1600 g m t for our special nobel interview live from oslo. we're going to have maria vasa and dmitri moderate of speaking with al jazeera, as volleyball and our diplomatic editor james base. now, more on that story and the risks that journalist face while doing their jobs. one of maria's races colleagues was shot dead on wednesday soon after she flew to norway. houses mother madden is one of $86.00 journalist murdered in the philippines. in the past 29 years worldwide,
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at least 24 journalists were killed this year because of the stories that were reporting 18 others died and circumstances in which place couldn't confirm whether they were targeted or not. more journalists have been killed in iraq and syria than anywhere else. in the past 30 years, the committee to protect journalists says the philippines as the 3rd worst safety record. margotto is filipino journalist who won the pulitzer prize and international reporting. 3 years ago, he worked alongside the murdered journalist as his mother been on, who was also part of the reuters prize winning team killing my friend decimal. abraham is a constant reminder to be live, you know, during the list of the dangers and the, perhaps that the face every day because of the climate of being in a did that the government, we welcome the white board may have asked now because she's the face of been during
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the listen, the be been a drug is have been by things or read them. she is president to pick a the power in british 16 and the wire is a confirmation of the struggles. hardships of will be in and during the list will have a 3 last in the country. they don't leave again about why the money i've got from them a bell because she's actually out on bail or died and i will be shawny she ass last year. but just in patient about 10 cases, including back and forth, but a problems government and the government is trying to shut down there. we job for hundreds of protest says to be marching in the capital manella to lock international human rights day for testers. held placards, which doesn't like stop the killings and defend press. freedom comes a day after a supreme court upheld the legality of an anti terrorism law. that opponents fear
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could threaten democracy. that amount i had on the news r, including migraines, killed in mexico. the overcrowded truck overturns as it had for the us border doesn't are killed officially, recognizing one china nicaragua ends in diplomatic ties with taiwan, united states, as other countries to do the opposite. and drive safely f one bosses send out a warning to type of wireless. lewis hamilton and macs for stop and we're going to hear from both of them in sports with peter. ah, but it is fighting a northern camera over access to water has killed at least 22 people, thousands of others of fled to neighboring chad because of the unrest between fishing and hurting communities. so i'll try that reports the sheltering from the sound in china capital in germany hometown because sorry,
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is just 20 kilometers away in northern cameron. all were forced across the border off the seeing what they say with some of the worst fighting yet between fishing and hurting communities. they've access to water supply at him and the fighting and cush area has been very while and we had to cross the river at night to find refuge here. now that we are safe, faced the cold weather and lack of food and our children have not eaten since yesterday. we ask the champion of 30 to help us. otherwise, our situation here will be worse than the conflict we have at home. on wednesday, you set fire to a cattle market belonging to arrival community. it retaliated, several people were killed and many others were wounded. young and don't be left in a rush, cross the river at our own risk without taking anything. no, you're exposed to the elements, the dust and the cold. the children are at risk of becoming ill. we ask for urgent
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help. help is what chance president is calling for. he's tweeted an urgent appeal for the international community to send data as soon as possible. child struggles cope with an influx of more than $30000.00 refugees from both cameroon and neighboring sudan un refugee agency said violence last month. and saddam has displaced thousands of people. the majority of the half a 1000000 refugees in charge of from sudan. the ongoing fight, little rain and pest infestation have all disrupted the farming season in the dull for region. that's increasing concerns of worsening food shortages which are threatening to force more people to flee into chad. thought a height of al jazeera southern protests against military rule in miramar, being held in several cities into the deserted streets of the can. national capital, young gone silence is being seen as a safe way to protest after the brutal crackdown of mass demonstrations following the crew in february,
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new videos reported to show the bodies of 10 people killed in the northwestern district of psych hang from shang reports. in a scene too gruesome to show a camera pans from pulls of blood to a clearing with a pile of charred bodies, we are deeply concerned by the reports of the heroic killings of 11 people in salon township in northwest some young region in myanmar who reportedly shot and burnt by military on tuesday morning. in an apparent retaliation for recent military attack militia attacks, credible reports indicate that 5 children were among those people killed. at the scene in voices cranking with emotion, men vowed to avenge those that have died. in the peril really is really something that into paid so long for the keep of the amount to
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socket. merman's military have shown no mercy for those that opposed the qu on sunday, as a flash mob, the protest is took to the streets. a military truck drove into the crowd at speed . 5 people killed dozens more injured and arrested. since the coo and february, mammals, military had faced increased opposition from peaceful civilian protest is on the streets. and increasingly from armed insurgent groups like this one, the corona nationalities defense falls despite the harsh conditions in the jungle training camps. and the threat of attack from the military. these new recruits felt they had little choice with other than, oh nina, we never expected this revolution would happen. at 1st, we were protesting peacefully law, but he didn't work. and we never thought we would be in the jungle fighting against the military. but it is what we have to face him yet as the atrocities mount up,
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the protest continue. this flash mob hit the streets of young gun as news at the sentencing of anson. so cheat a 2 years in jail, was released. she like the other democratically elected leaders of mamma, may now be locked up, but a younger generations. taking up the fight against military rule. tony cheng al to sir. gwen robinson is a senior fellow at the institute of security and international studies are chill along on university. she says local resistance fighters ambushed military convoys shortly before the reported killings happened in the district who sagen, to very good, going to make that this is not being verified, but we have seen the list of the names of those other does char bodies, which does include at least 5 under 18. these are all villages in this area don't to a village in saline g area which is inside going state which is bay,
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not one of the front lines of being targeted by the military for cracking down resistance. and it's very clear that in this area, just a couple of days preceding what is purported to be the timing of this burning of the bodies. they were ambushes by local peoples defense forces, resistance fighters on military convoy. this is a pattern that's been happening in these areas where we have seen a lot of resistance from people that when there is an attack, even if it's a small attack on the military convoy or a military unit, we have seen terrible retaliation bombings of villages raising of, of houses it has sent, at least, i think in this region to learn about 30000 people into hiding. but a total of at least $250000.00 people display since february the 1st as a result of these kind of actions. i think we've also had the u. s. state department spokesman named bryce. say the u. s. as is outraged by the military
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masika or at least the mascot. it's juggling and it's, it's very clear who diana blaming. an overcrowded truck has crashed in southern mexico, killing at least $53.00 passengers, mister ported, there were heading for the united states. another 55 from central america suffered injuries and shut the state. by old apo has more from mexico city. and let me warn you. there are some strong images in his report. a horrifying scene in southern mexico, dozens of body scattered on the side of the road after a truck, reportedly carrying more than 100 people in its cargo container flipped on its side without an element of. fortunately, the reaction from always the 2 shams redcross fight fighters, he report section was really fast. we hoped the people taken to the gomez must a hospital to sunk was double and 2 other hospitals will be able to recover. emergency responders could be seen pulling bodies from the wreck. authorities
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believe most if not all of the victims or migrants from central america money per ton. could i go to? some of them told us they were from one dude us of all ages. sadly, we are really have some debts, mexico's president under this manuel lopez or but other offered his sympathies and condolences to the families of the victims over twitter. national immigration observers. c accidents like these are not uncommon in southern mexico. experts say policy, enforced by the mexican government that prevents migrants from leaving southern mexico, is creating overcrowded conditions at migrant camps and forcing many to grow desperate in an indefinite. you migrants having prevent that from moving indefinitely, some with 3 to 6 months, with no work on the streets, he must migrants actually having a difficult time on their inhumane conditions. migrants have been known to cram into large trucks where they faced many risks, including kidnapping, extortion,
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and deadly accidents. manuel apollo al jazeera mexico city, or talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear dealer underway in vienna. us has increased pressure with the bite ministration, hinting at new sanctions, or even military consequences if traditional diplomacy fails. the us and boyfriend around robert, molly's spoke with our white house correspondent, kennedy hawker before leaving for the austrian capital. and she started by asking him why the u. s. is still moving to tighten sanctions, while more chalks are being held. is it helpful to be pushing for that as you're trying to get a deal, we are prepared to get back into the deal as soon as possible soon as are on is and we would lift all of the sanctions are inconsistent with adjacent to it. but in the meantime, we can stand by and not be prepared for world in which iran may be choosing to delay build its program, try to build more leverage, we honestly have to respond. and so that's what we're doing. we're preparing ourselves for that,
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that outcome. how concerned are you or how concerned is the united states that israel could potentially drag the united states into an armed conflict with iran? we are privileging the path of diplomacy. we think it's the best way. it's best for us. we suspect it's best we're wrong, but iran will have to decide that as president biden is secretary blinking has both said, if iran chooses regard despite our diplomatic offer to take a different path, then we'll have to use the, the tools at our disposal to make sure that iran does not acquire a nuclear with why should iran trust the united states? so given the fact that it knows full well that 2020 for presidential election could bring another president completely and do any of the efforts you're making right now. this is not a deal that is based on trust, and so it's not, we don't trust it, rains that, don't trust us. and what happens when the u. s. withdrew from the deal? is that around started wrapping up its nuclear program. that's why president biden
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is back and has given us the mandate to try to get back into the deal, and he would not be extending the political capital and making this effort if his goal was to come in and then withdraw. of course, we don't know what the future president will do. we don't know what the future raining leadership will do, but we think that it's in our mutual interest to get back in to deal with the united states. be willing, at any point to meet face to face with a run in negotiators. we're prepared to meet with them face to face. we think it's far superior to indirect negotiations and we're dealing with something this complex with so much most so much mistrust with so my potential for misunderstanding. so we've said we'll meet at any time in any place. they are the ones who are not prepared to do it for their own reasons. we think it's a mistake. we think it's a mistake that hurts both of us. we know that these talks are not open ended. the united states has made that clear. what's the timeframe we're looking for? as i've said before, this is a technological clock. it's not a chronological clock. in other words, if they slow down the nuclear program would have more time if they continue, the current pace than time is running out. secretary lincoln has made that clear
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over and over again. time is running out and we and the europeans will have to conclude if, if a run continues down this path, they have killed the g p a and the g p would be no more. we hope that's not the case. we are fully committed to a mutual return to compliance with jesse 3. we think there's still time to do it. if iran comes back and says they're prepared to roll up their sleeves and do it to in gaza, come us the on group which consoles the strip is marking the 34th anniversary of its finding. its got political, military and social welfare wings, and it was formed in 1987 after the break of the 1st palestinian uprising. and the science has more from gaza. the 34th in the 1st year from us this year is different because it comes 1st after the latest escalation, which has been going on in may between hamas in israel. also a hamis did not. i have a massive festival that coasts tens of thousands of dollars like every year to
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celebrate its anniversary. instead, it chose to do it in parts of the street and got the city in different regions. and it announced that it's going to keep the expenses or save the expenses of this huge festival of its anniversary to distribute on the per families of the got to strip in light of the. a very deteriorating humanitarian conditions and economy conditions that gaza has been going on a with since after the latest escalation. so this is also a very important move, but also how much has chosen to celebrate its festival or its anniversary by a popular rally which shows the support of the people. it knows that israel is going to be watching the entire world is going to be watching this anniversary. and it was to showcase the support of the popular it's popular support by the people of god. and also it's going to be accompanied by
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a military parade which also showcases its power done as time for the weather. is jeff happy friday? thank you for tuning in. we've had some exceptional heat toward western australia, so that's dried out, the vegetation we've been blasted with some powerful winds as well. so bush fires, not too far away from perth, more than a 100 firefighters trying to take the flame fear them. meantime, for the other coast toward the east, some drenching brain more than 100 millimeters toward that south coast of new south wales. but the bulk of the energy has pushed out toward the tasman scene. i did want to put this on your radar toward the solomon. see we've got this disturbance which could intensify into a tropical cyclone this weekend. so we'll keep tabs on that. off to new zealand, a human air mass here is sparking some severe thunderstorms for both islands and we've got feet of rain coming in from the tasman, see se stage looks like this. some of indonesia, southern island, so particularly east of lombok are flood waters. have now reached more than
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a meter high, but i gotta get you to the philippines. we've got a lot of rain here, both for central areas. also pivoting toward loose on island, but it's should stay dry in manila with a high of 30 degrees. we're talking about cold air swinging in, in certain parts of china. so being 11 degrees on saturday, but by sunday you're down to 4, which is where you should be for the sum of the year. that's it. so you're getting an education is something many of us take for granted, but it's out of reach for millions of young people around the world. for countries in africa have partnered with a foundation in katara to provide primary education to hundreds of thousands of the most marginalized children. victoria gave me reports. zanzibar minister of education signs a pledge in the katara, capital, doha, that has the potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable children by ensuring that all enrolled in full time primary education in the semi autonomous region of tanza, near some of his kids go, they come from poor families,
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but if they can make a difference to the lives they might become political leaders, social leaders, or entrepreneurs in the society in the future. and i think that is where we need to understand that for these kids, robinson back to school, they should be denied the primary and secondary. this rwanda, gambia angie beauty, also partnering with catalyst education above all foundation to fund and support projects that will focus on the hardest to reach out of school children, including those who work in homes, disabled people, and refugees. we have 4 countries committing to go that very last mile to get those last few children back into some kind of quality education. why is that important? it's important for those children. it's important for those countries. but as equally as important to have some beacons to say, this can be done,
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the un says school age, children are supposed to spend 200 days in the classroom every year. but last year, 59000000 didn't spend a single day at primary school. so how will this initiative help? well, in the gambia, 65000 children will get to go to school. in rwanda, it will target 67000 out of school kids. that's 3 percent of its primary age population. in debussy, it will help 35000 children get an education, and officials hope it will do the same in zanzibar with a 6000000 dollar project. the announcements made here in doha calm as education above all celebrates, reaching its initial goal of getting 10000000 of the most marginalized children into school. but it says its focus now is on identifying and enrolling what it call the invisible children. the ones who have so far proved hard to reach victoria gates and be al jazeera,
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doha still had an al jazeera 1st from the latin american country. while the world's top criminal court is investigating venezuela's government. making out alive. but only just we hear from a victim of the fight against arm groups in democratic republic of congo. add in sport, it's quarter final day at the fee for our cop is katara. looks to make it for scrapings in the competition. ah, indonesia, the country with an abundance of resources rate and want indonesia, his firms for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia. now
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gotten one of the fastest growing nations in the world. news wanted cuts out needed to oakland and development school track international shipping companies to become a p middle east and trade and lonny skilfully knocked down 3 key areas of develop, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. oh, i want to go to 0 reminder top stories this hour ceremony to avoid the nobel peace
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prize is underway. in all spoke journalists money out from the philippines and russian. john list to meet tomorrow, or joint, receiving the prize for their fight to promote freedom. and overcrowded trucks crashed and southern mexico killing at least 54 people. the believe to have been heading to the united states. another $55.00 were injured, suspect to the truck overturned and had a bridge because it was so overloaded. the high court in london's rule that we can just find a julian, our sons can be expedited to the united states 50 year old. faced trial in the us on several charges, including spying on david gordon is an extra dish lawyer, a d g law. he's joining us now live from london. david, thank you very much. indeed for being with us. we heard earlier in the program, stella morris julian sanchez partner saying that they were determined that they were going to appeal this decision. what do you make of julianna sanchez chances of avoiding extradition now.


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