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journalist's face while doing their jobs. one of maria raises. colleagues was shot dead on wednesday soon after she flew to the way he zeus umbrella. bannon is one of 86 german murdered in the philippines in the past 29 years worldwide. at least 24 genders were killed this year because of their stories that they were reporting on 18 others died in circumstances in which police couldn't confirm whether they were targeted or not. borgia unless have been killed in iraq considered than anywhere else. the past 30 years, the committee to protect journalist says the philippines has the 3rd worst safety record. robert mahoney is the deputy executive director of the committee to protect journalists, join me now from nova scotia in canada. so good. have you with us on the program. the nobel prize can often highlight and issue light press freedoms. how important is this award for putting a spotlight on journalism? it's extremely important and extremely welcome. it's the 1st time in more than 18
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years that a journalist has been awarded the nobel peace prize. and the 2 journalists that you just mentioned from the philippines and russia, from 2 of the countries where it's incredibly dangerous and difficult to be an independent journalist. so this is a very welcome move, and we hope that it highlights the plight of john most globally who every day put their life or their liberty on the line to bring us the news. maria, as it touched on this because she said, i mean basically how difficult is it to tell the truth, be it in the philippines or anywhere else in the world of social media, where everyone, things that now a social journalist, your well social media, when it 1st came upon the scene was for all comes by journalists, is another way of publishing material. it was difficult maybe to get into the mainstream media, and that's still the case that we do get news from remote parts of the world. thanks to social media, but it's also been weaponized by authoritarian governments who set up fake social
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media accounts and botch of to troll. busy journalists and bombard them with the threats and to harass them online. so this is a dual use technology. and maria reza has been the victim of this campaign of vilification and harassment in her own country. it's desperately sad for her to know that on her way to norway, one of her colleagues was killed in the philippines. there are staggering statistics, as you say, in your report, annually of journalists being murdered and killed in the line of duty. how dangerous is this industry becoming as a career for young people? one thing to even consider entering a career in journalism, it's always been difficult and the been dangerous. and, you know, if there is an inherent danger in covering conflict on a number of journalists,
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every, i get killed in crossfire. what we have seen is a growing trend for journalists to be picked out and murdered because of that work . and that is a deeply worrying trend. you see it in the philippines, we see it when in mexico, for example, a journalist cover, organized crime and, and drug trafficking. these journalists are a source of irritation to powerful people, whether in government or an organized crime. and they find a very simple solution which is to pay someone to kill a journalist that sends a terrible message to everybody else. rarely, the murderers of these journalists brought to justice. and so we end up with the citizenry robbed of information and news because a lot of journalist and sense of themselves because they genuinely afraid that they too could be killed. you talk about the rotation that can be coals to a government by a journalist. i mean, the issue of julie, the sound is a contentious one. what we discuss freedom of information in his appeal to be
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expedited has been upheld, as i'm sure you've heard in favor of the us. that will goes to please the british courts now. but how concerned are you that whistle blowers like him and chelsea manning are often sort of skate gated as traitors or spies for highlighting a wrong that the public should know all. and that the journalist doing that job should be able to tell them freely without worry about their own safety. what yes, what's deeply concerning about this case also is the implications that it has for investigative journalism worldwide. here we have an administration in the united states using a 1st world war era act. we espionage act, to prosecute someone for being in possession of classified information journal, if they're on possession of classified information all the time. holding such information is not a crime leaking. it is a crime. what i think is
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a problem here is that you are criminalizing possession of classified material as a journalist, globally, because this prosecution has extra territorial implications. you know, journalist could be prosecuted outside of the united states for holding information with someone inside the united states deems classified, sends a terrible signal, not just 2 journalists to a, digging away at to get information, but what's stopping other for a terry and leaders in other countries fighting the example of the united states to go after journalists to report on things that they don't like. certainly somebody to think about robert mahoney that from the committee to protect gender servants joining us from nova scotia ser, thank you. thank you. 9 garza, her mouse, is marking the 34th anniversary of its founding. the group which has political, military, unsocial, wealth or wings,
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was formed in 1987. after the outbreak of the 1st palestinian uprising, human outside has more from gaza. this people are here ready and running. a very important for you like of the ongoing times with their disappointment about the group pre trip, an agreement that the reconstruction has not yet started are being implemented. and this piece has not been listed on the gaza strip and the policy impacts is led by from that. i've also said that the any met me. they will be holding a meeting this guy. and now saying i'd ask a nation, a reconstruction. and gripping this feed,
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we have to put live to all the elements of power in order to, to store our loan, whole loan or holy blues for every bit of a big thing as i can do to pick things out of the lease with up with them or kristen and saw her for sure. and to push the can put us off. we can do the degree to the degree that we are ready to make the security of what the sport, digital and secure in every element, but on it. now the policy of actions are basically waiting for the results of the deed visit to, to each. and we have heard from you just yesterday, it's back on monday, is going to be the 2nd phase of the reconstruction process. as the 1st phase has
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ended by just removing the rebel from god. but again, there's one of, of palestinians who a jail for taking part in the uprisings against israel's occupation of garza. now the 41 year old was released from prison in september, while he's happy to be out. he says, there's a lot to learn and to adapt to his. his story, in his own words, is memory address. my name is marie gas and i'm from de santa, near ramallah, on 41, and spent 17 years in israeli jails. i'll publish the most difficult time was towards the end of my sentence, the weight of how do i relate to people? so i thought it was, it was difficult. i was happy to lead jail, but i couldn't turn around and say good bye to all my cell mates and i waved, i couldn't look them in the eyes. and one of those will be no been his telephone parents and behind glass can speak to a phone. there's no physical contact. they often come in tired,
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most prisoners don't like to get visits out a while because of his railey searches and humiliation without, without anyone trouble them. and i got to see my mother 8 years ago. maybe i saw my parents twice, 17 years old, and i remember taking the photo with the mom when that was still allowed. we used to get a family picture every funny about was open up in the with further away from stay too much in the settlement. the attacks the see jump people and cutting off palestinian clear another linen must alternate the landscape to change and look at the settlement. it's expanded all the way here. one, i'm gonna send her through them, but they would call me and i don't say people should carry guns and fight palestinians fight when they remain connected to the land. when they said it and one another, lots of other people's attitudes and manners seemed to have changed. many,
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i'm asked you to measure that of life is going fast. at rooms on their cell phones going their own way through society change used to be closer. we can are you? there was solid charity. now everyone is on their own. now sort of the people now only worry about that finance that bugs me, but i don't blame them. they want to provide for their children. i blame the official. i thought about the letter people don't. hunger is terrible when i say under the protest as have been marching in the capital manila to mock international human rights de protest is held plaque off with slogan plugins like stop the killings and defend the press freedom. well, it comes a day after a supreme court upheld the legality of an anti terrorist law. the dependency could threaten democracy out there has been hearing from civilians who barely survive machete and gun attacks by fighters in the democratic republic of congo. rebels
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from the main muslim militia call. the allied democratic forces blamed for an increasing space of highway robberies and kidnappings. malcolm web explains his name because his sister was abducted by an armed grape last month in the democratic republic of congo. he says when he went to look for her, he was lucky to escape with his life. we went to search for our sister who was attacked while travelling in a convoy when we found her with the rebels, they attacked us as well. one of my friends was shot in the head immediately. i was shot 2 times, but luckily i was able to run away and he knows one of thousands of people in this hospital being treated for injuries caused by armed groups. many have bullet wounds, others have had limbs chopped off with machetes. the allied democratic forces, or adf, blamed for most of the attacks in this area around the city of many thousands of civilians have been killed in the last 7 years. and in the last 6 months,
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the armed group has expanded its territory and started ambushing civilian vehicles on the roads. it's fighters, kill or a ducked travellers and steal their cargo. it's only safe to travel in convoys, guarded by the congress, his army. but he hasn't managed to stop the attacks. you can do ami says it will. it's tanks and soldiers arrived in congo last week. he says he will hunt down the adf and put a stop to the violence. you got his army has entered congo before me, an accused of rights abuses and pillaging minerals. this time, he can the says it'll make the road safe. and we build them 3 years ago, the 2 countries, governments, and the you can, the company signed an agreement to build congress roads to the border. now that you can, the army has arrived, the construction has begun. the investors hope profit from increased across the board of trade. for now,
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travellers and traders wait for weeks for the monday to be armed convoys, which cost at least a $100.00 to join him or we salute the initiative of the joint military operation. we hope it will bring change soon to the situation on the road. we need the soldiers to hurry up, so we can see the results we needed for our business. life in eastern congo has been disrupted by conflicts ever since you, canada, and rwanda 1st invaded 25 years ago. people here are hoping this time things will change malcolm web al jazeera. now the latest finding in northern can marina, the access to water, has killed at least 22 people, thousands of others of fled to neighboring chance because of the unrest between fishing and hurting communities. sort of highlight has more. the sheltering from the sun in china capital in germany, the home town, sorry, is just 20 kilometers away in northern cameron. all were forced to cross the border
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off the seeing what they say with some of the worst fighting yet between fishing and hurting communities. they have access to water supply at him and the fighting and cush area has been very while and we had to cross the river at night to find refuge here. now that we are safe, i faced the cold weather and lack of food and our children have not eaten since yesterday. we asked the champion of 30 to help us. otherwise, our situation here will be worse than the conflict we have at home. on wednesday, you set fire to a cattle market, longing to arrival community is retaliated. several people were killed, and many others were wounded. young and left in a rush, cross the river at our own risk without taking anything. now we are exposed to the elements, the dust and the cold. the children are at risk of becoming ill. we ask for urgent help. help is what chance president is calling for. he's tweeted an urgent appeal for the international community to send data as soon as possible child struggles.
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coke with an influx of more than $30000.00 refugees from both cameron and neighboring sudan un refugee agency, said violence last month in sudan has the space thousands of people. the majority of the half a 1000000 refugees in charge of from to done the ongoing fight. little rain and pest infestation have all disrupted the farming season in the dull for region. that's increasing concerns of worsening food shortages which are threatening to for more people to flee into chad. thought a height of al jazeera farmers in india have officially ended a year long processed to the government, abandoned agricultural reforms, protested said the laws would have seen them lose the right to have a guaranteed minimum price for the produce criminal charges against the protest. as will also be dropped. well, finding a quiet place to say that friday prize in a park out doors is becoming increasingly difficult,
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was lindsay live in the northern city in india. but indian nationalist groups in good ago have been disrupting press of his held in public for the past 2 months. the hindu activists say rituals for india's 2nd largest religion should only be held in mosques. elizabeth problem has more. we are in a car park in the city of good guy. we're chantelle last week. muslims were using to hold friday prayers with permission from the city, but that's not happening here today. instead, hinder groups have come here and they are chanting religious and mashed and the slogan. now this cop are used to be one of 108 public spaces where muslims were allowed to pray until 2 years ago. they use public faces such as cop ox and also talk because they are only searching most from the city. a 1500000 people were 5 percent of the population. muslim. and muslim leaders say that the applications to build new mosques are always denied. now about 2 months ago,
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when the group started disrupting these friday prayers that were taking place and public faces, they said that they don't have a problem with muslims praying and mos but they shouldn't be using public faces. it's visually allowed to offer. everyone has a religion and everyone should be treated. it only takes one or 2 off appears here, and then be returned to other places of look at all brothers and everyone should be allowed to follow their religion and they should be homely. guy lives in the state of heidi ana, which is governed by the hindu nationalist by the jump, the party and the number, the all public spaces where muslims now have permission to pray has been reduced to just 20. we have been trying to talk to people here today about what they're doing and why they hear. they have been coming here every week for the past 2 months. but today they say that the only here to pay the final respects to india is chief of the fan staff and the other military officials who died in
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a helicopter crash on wednesday with no explanation as to why they chose the spot for doing so well. still a head on out is there all your support with someone from the thief at our pickup studio? that's coming up, but we've got the latest on the form. we know one titled the sy in abbey, and we're close to kick off and the regional library at bc for our campus cutout prepares to face united arab emirates in the quote of finals. we're alive from our special, our cup studio in doha. ah ah.
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mm. mm mm whole for oh,
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thanks for your company, you were alive from our for our cup studio on the waterfront in doha sana, how much will get to the outcome in just a moment. also coming up louis home and some the effect the early pace in the championship decide, i guess maps are stopping in abu dhabi and england are down, but certainly a not out in the 1st ashes test against australia. ah, it is. yeah. are the 1st theme into the semi finals at the fee for our cup. they edge pastor or mine at education city stadium for reese was there. janasia came into this court. finally, heavy favorites 29th and the fee for rankings. 5 woke up appearances, former african champions against oman, 78th in the world,
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but perhaps with more momentum, with some stronger performances in the group phase of the arab cup. the north africans were in a different class in the early stages. it's education, city safety does area scoring his full goals. the tournament, the mom who's winning against you, i. e. got to dizzy this for giving them a head start against them on a strike. so you can, is your work largely dominant before sa dunks? clear of his mark is in the 2nd half the shot from all shot. i'll allow, it was unstoppable. johnson a shot. don't go want to go to strike. a man spawns finally got to shout louder than the tennessee and majority, but not for long use of the sucking me with a textbook header to win the game, to in quick succession, one to each side. i know ma note back a little too long. you said me with the captain had it
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in to new zia strike back almost immediately or mom didn't quite wanted to joined killing here, but can resume that qualifying campaign for next year's world cup with a great deal of confidence. after that, efforts in cats, off june is here. meanwhile, will play either egypt or jordan in the 70s as they try to when i 1st started up since the inaugural tournament in 1963 and a few minutes time, host nation caught our faces united at at the l. bate stadium, just north of dough. hi, i do wanna get your last case out there for us. so this might, has the potential to be quite spicy i think say santa yes. in the next few minutes cats are, will take on the u. e for a place in the semi finals of the arab cup. and it's not just a place in the last full that is at stake a because this is a huge local darby, a gulf darby. and there's also the potential for the you
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a to get some revenge. now, kathy beats the u. e. in the asian cup, when it was being hosted in the united arab emirates and they would knocked out of the semi finals when kat i'll beat them for nil, as well as that a few months off to that castle beat the u. e. at the gulf cup, when that was being hosted here in cat, also the united arab emirates rady hope to spoil catalyst party tonight as they're the host of this tournament. but if we look at the form of the 2 teams or cats are going to this game with 3 wins from 3 group game. so they're really the favorites going in. but then captain hassan, i'll, he do said we shouldn't underestimate the united arab emirates because this is a different team to the one that they played in 2019 looking at the form of the united arab emirates. so i came through as 2nd from group b and they'll have to do without captain while he had a boss who picked up a yellow card to has the atmosphere down there we expected incapacity cloud well, santa,
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this certainly more fancy than i've seen at any of the matches i've covered at the arab cup so far. this stadium hosts 60000 fans and is excited to be sent out. there's no tickets left to be had on the official web site. and certainly the ceo of catalogs, a world cup nasa al hot that posted on instagram that he's not able to give any wanna any, any tickets? we think he was joking, of course, but yeah, it's definitely the hottest ticket in town and take off in just the next few minutes here at al bate stadium. to learn, i guess. ok, i thank you very much for that. enjoy the matt. 0, $1.00 of the biggest sporting events at this weekend is the formula one at cham bishop showdown and abu dhabi mat 1st happened to louis hamilton our equal on points in the standings and hamilton the has set the early tone by clocking the boss this time in friday, practice, the mercy this dr. is chasing a record 8 for we owe on title while they're stopping is looking to claim his 1st.
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ann was 4th, quickest and practice. in a relatively decent day. i did, i like the chat, the changes they made to the track. i think it's been, is made the track much more enjoyable, much more flowing and yes of the clothes between us. oh, but oh yeah, we go through our through our sessions and still a bit unknown in terms of places, but i'm sure it's going to be super close, like as been in the previous races. so we're still learning and understanding few things. but of course, clearly the showroom didn't go to plan. i'm liking a bit of face, but i think the data lawrence were quite a bit more competitive. so of course that's also important. and a short time ago, we spoke to senior writer f one doc. com lawrence burrito for his take on today's opening sessions in abu dhabi. i think the early signs are the mercedes look very strong in terms of qualifying pace. they, there is how about us look strong when they took the fuel out and they used to stop
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the tires and red boy. nice to stop and look like they're struggling little bit more. but when you looked at race pay, so that's when they how light a fuel into the car. the read both actually like the quick car sets up it beautiful weekend. that means the mercedes of potentially going to be really strong on saturday. but then on sunday is when met, bush come to the full interestingly, they've made a number of changes to the circuit. they change in number the corners to make it much faster. it's about 10 to 15 seconds quicker. and that means it's kind of thrown in the car months, the pigeons we don't know who's actually really going to be stronger lewis or mac. so until we get to qualify and on saw state, we genuinely know which is the stronger package. and so click into england back into content and in the 1st asset test against australia. and it was looking for the visitors who started their 2nd ending till no $78.00 runs behind. but despite losing their openness early captain jo, route and valley's mind steadied things with un unbeaten partnership,
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159. while they were still there at the close of play on day 3, with on $86.00 and mine on 80. and then there are 2242 heading into the 4th day. 58 runs behind you. as soon as we think too far ahead, you open a door for them and they so brilliant that sort of closing that door for us. so i think that 1st i was really important for us tomorrow, and then we could start thinking about how well we can play. but we need one more good 100 run partnership to put a good school on the board. and, you know, who knows what can happen the nfl community is mourning the death all super bowl when a damarius thomas aged 33. the former wide receiver was found dead that his home in the atlanta police say thomas appears to have died from a medical issue. he retired in june after 9 years and the nfl having won the 2015 super bowl. and before we go, let's get
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a quick update from the app up to news. yeah, i have booked the spot in the semi finals off the beating oman to one of misguided going the when a and the 69 minutes. that's all your fault for now. i'll be back at 2145, gmc for another outfit. mm. with the political, the base show that's challenging the way you think is a military advancement. going to stop the fan that ticket i use on the other company who's united to now people out of the not very upfront with me. welcome on here on al jazeera freefall precision. these athletes are experts in the
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art of jumping out of planes. more than 40 military parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of coach hard to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately. but under the same flag, you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blur below, it's time to free fall on counting the cost, all rich countries ready to put the built for global court and demick preparedness,
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hypersonic missiles, driving a new. all right, so what's the big deal behind? and solar powered vehicles, we explore the cause. but a hottest thing, the soft county, the cough on edge, is it m? ah, julian, i sanchez extradition ruling is over a ton, a u. k. court clears away for the wiki leagues founded to stand trial in the united states for leaking military secrets. ah, i, mariam, noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. men mas silence strikes this. he's go quiet in protest against military rule. as international can son mounts and killings by
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government forces.


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