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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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these people pick up to collect the signature, the same, the re saying this is extremely important service that they provide to the city. why do we, we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind blue the high call to in london clay's the way for wiki leagues found a jude in assange to face trial in the u. s. for leaking military secrets, ah, i'm sammy's a band. this is al jazeera alive from dough hall. so coming up, the u. s. supreme court refuses to block
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a band on most abortions in texas. parking the presidents concern. us allows individuals to send personal remittances to afghanistan involving the otherwise blacklisted taliban and county network. and the nobel peace prize awarded journalist murray, arrested over the philippines and russian. dmitri more out of all nodes for helping to protect freedom of expression. ah, where he likes found that julian assange has lost his latest bid. this don't pay extradition to stand trial in the us for leaking military secrets, but high court in london overturned the ruling, that assange would be a suicide risk if he lost sanctuary in britain. the dean barble reports from london . oh, the supporters of julian assange, it's
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a worry moment. 2 judges at the high court in london have ruled the wiki leaks, found a can be extradited to the united states, to face espionage charges, as and his partner with whom he has 2 young children, was there to hear the decision. it's been almost a year since i stood outside court with our victory as the blocking of the extradition for the past year. and the past year, 2 years and a half julia has remained in bell marsh prison. and in fact, he has been detained since the 7th of december 2010 in one form for another 11 years for how long can this go on? the decisions based on assurance is presented by lawyers for the u. s. government at october's appeal hearing. they said assigns wouldn't be subject to solitary confinement or held at a maximum security prison. they also said they had diplomatic assurances he could serve any prison sentence in his native australia. judges here effectively decided
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there was now no reason to believe assigns would be a clear suicide risk, which the original ruling had found. the us wants a sense to face trial over the release in 2010 of thousands of classified military documents relating to the u. s. wars in afghanistan and iraq. but amnesty international has denounced the decision saying the u. s. charges represent a serious threat to press freedom. something echoed by his supporters. ricki lake was a organization of whistleblowers. it made it absolutely sim, safe and secure for whistleblowers to her to bring the truth to the public. all he has done as tell the truth and on his gen, adonis. albright is upset daily. it's but he has done his job to tell us what's going on. this decision is clearly a big setback for the campaign to free julian a science. but it's already taken years to get to this point. and it could be a long time before we know definitively whether he'll be sent to the united states
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. the case has been sent back to the lower court. so a judge can refer the extradition to home secretary, pretty patel. but julian assigned his legal team so they'll try to login appeal with the supreme court, challenging the american assurances that he won't be treated humanely. nadeem barbara al jazeera london and kristen rasmussen is the editor in chief of wiki lakes. he says there's still a chance for an appeal against the ruling, the outrageous so that the, this decision is based on, on the so called assurances, let's not forget that the u. s. lawyers had every opportunity in the hearing and the magistrate court to present such a so called to assurances they did not only after the last in the magistrate court, they cooked up the insurances and presented it in the appeal process. now we didn't, we need to understand that these assurances have been tested. they have been scrutinized by many parties, not just julia's lawyers,
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but organizations such as i'm the student, the national and other and found that they are not worth the paper, the original. and actually in the test of the so called assurances, it says that the states retains the right to change your opinion at any given point after he's asked david. so it's no assurance at all. and basically the high court is saying that they are willing to risk commence life because it's not just julians family and supported who are saying that julian and so suicide risk. that is the professional opinion of a psychiatrist who testified to the court. there is an opportunity to for julia's lawyer and julian to appeal the new decision in entirety. so there, we will hear the full argument of the political nature of the prosecution or persecution, i should say, the full nature of the violations. again, julia and his rights in the entire process of spying was his lawyers stealing legal
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material, breaking into legal office and planning to kick or even assassinate julian. let songs all this will be presented than in the appeal process initiated by julians lawyers. and that should, in any, no normal circumstances change the opinion of the courts in britain. us president joe biden says he's very concerned about his supreme court decision to keep abortion curbs and taxes. but biden hailed the ruling that allows abortion provide this to challenge the state law banning procedures off the 6 weeks. the law came into effect in september. it's america's strictest bonds, the procedure at a time when many women don't even know they're pregnant. alexander valo is a professor at the emory university school of law. he explains what the supreme court ruling in texas case means. the issues in this texas case so far are
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not about whether there is an abortion right there about procedural issues. they're very important procedural issues, but so far this case is about procedure. it's about who you can sue and where you have to sue. that's because of the texas case. i has this somewhat unusual procedure where any person in the state can sue and abortion provider, or someone related to an abortion provider. now, usually the way that you challenge a law is you violate it and you let somebody sue you, and then you defend yourself. if you want to attack a law before it's ever been applied, you have to locate the enforcer and suit the enforcer and argue that the enforcer can't execute the law. but the problem is, every body in texas or any one in the world really is a potential enforcer of this law. so it's not clear who to sue know now maybe you can sue in state court, and there actually has been
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a case going through state court where just yesterday, a state state, the judge ruled that some parts of this law were unconstitutional. but the question here is, can you sue in federal court? and if you do, who can you sue and the u. s. supreme court said federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. they're courts of limited power. and you can't just come into court and say, this laws unconstitutional. i have to stop it. ah, you have to identify particular enforcers to sue. and that's just very difficult in this case. and that's what the supreme court said. people in the us can now send money to family members in afghanistan involving financial institutions, controlled by the taliban and on the network. both groups are otherwise subject to us sanctions. the money is a lifeline for many afghans. global remittances may comp 4 percent of g d p. last year. it comes as the world bang says donors have agreed to transfer $290000000.00
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to unicef in the world food program to provide nutrition and health services. in afghanistan, the un is warning nearly 9000000 afghans of facing famine this winter. rosalind jordan is following the story from washington d. c. the fact that some 9000000 people are facing the prospect of famine, which is of the most serious level in a country that is suffering from food insecurity, is very much the impetus. but this decision by the us treasury department, is a very narrowly crafted decision. people here in the united states can send money to individuals in afghanistan, and they can do so through us banks, which then may be engaging with financial institutions controlled by the taliban, or the ha connie network for the express purpose of putting that cache in the hands of individuals inside afghanistan,
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the money can't be used for rod non profit organizations, humanitarian a, our charity, a groups for example. it also cannot be used to give to people who were trying to set up businesses. this is strictly to give people the ability to buy food and medicine to acquire of fuel to heat their homes as winter is closing in in afghanistan. ms. chombo havi is the founder of rise to piece piece building policy organization. he's also a former us counterterrorism adviser enough gone this time. he says there's still a lot more work for the tale bomb to do before it's recognized by the us. there are options in terms of the us as discussing and i think from our we listed perspective, we're looking into the us, his interest at the end and the actions that a tall and not the fancy wars. but it's a hard decision. i think kind of the pulling out of an honest on it was
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a big decision to make before buying ministration the same way, recognizing the tall one. i don't think it's going to happen soon if it, if it did that, think it's going to take a whole, international or collateral will take different nations and regional efforts. but the tall one has to 1st deliberate actions that you are a little quieter, and they're not going to use an honest on to attack the u. s. soils and allies. i think that is the 1st question that needs to be 1st resolved in order for the us to make a decision. but we're talking about millions of africans are uncertain about the future of their country and do ask ones who are, who are able to exit. i've honest on your little path limbo, do or just for example, we had interviewed one ask when family that it did well, i was able to get out of honest on but how can i help my family at this situation? i think this general license 16, this exact, that afford
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a will allow that person to wire money to his 74 and i washed on. right now under this protection protest this man, mom held a silent strike against military rule. and the ousting of the democratically elected government businesses were closed and streets and markets deserted across the country. on friday, me and my was plunged into crisis following february's military coup. united nations is accusing the mas military of crimes against humanity. still, i had an al jazeera investigation is underway in mexico offices before my goose was killed when they're over crowded fun. who turn world's leading nuclear in. spencer says iran needs to do in order to bring the 2016 nuclear deal back to life. ah
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hello there. let's have a look at the weather across north america remains rather stormy. across both the west and the eastern areas of the us and canada. but we still got lots of warmth around those central areas and we are going to see more exceptional heat come back in next week. but let's have a look at that northwest corner. we've got more snow storms blowing into british columbia. so sleet, snow, and rain. there we are going to attempt to come down in vancouver and seattle as that winter weather moves further down to the u. s. west coast. now as we head to the east coast, we have also got quite a wintry weather plaguing eastern parts of canada and the maritimes have got snow across the great lakes once again. and as that warmer weather moves up from the u. s. gulf coast and hits that cold air. we are seeing severe storms roll across the southeast for places like georgia and the carolinas behind it. we've got want ahead of it. we've got want to look at the temperatures in new york and washington dc.
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but by the time you get to sunday and that moves through, we are going to do a lot of that warmth kicked out new york at 7 degrees celsius, washington dc at 9. but it is going to dry up nicely for many areas and we are going to see that exceptional heat come back in across those central areas. we could see some record breaking warmth. that should weather update. ah, it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's mother's home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder, $11.00 east investigate crimes. and those settings behind the analogy 0 me be the hero, the world needs right now. i was, ah ah
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ah, welcome back here watching out just there a time to recap our headlines now. the high colton landed as rolled wiki league found that julian, the songs can be extradited to the united states. the 50 year old could now face trial in the u. s. charges including publishing classified military donkey us, president joe biden says he's very concerned about the supreme court decisions to keep abortion curves in place in taxes, by the hail the ruling that allows abortion by this to challenge the state law. filing procedures are 6 weeks. people in the u. s. can now send money to family members in afghanistan through financial institutions,
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otherwise subject to american sanction. the move does not apply to charitable donations. in mexico and investigation is underway into the death of 55 migrants. as many as 200 were crammed into a trunk when it overturned in the southern states of jap us minute. apollo is following developments from mexico city. a small roadside vigil in southern mexico residence from the city of dukes them in chiapas state paying their respects to at least 55 central american migrants who were killed in a vehicle accident on thursday. rescue workers a see the outpouring of support for the survivors of the crash has been massive. his last night it was known. we had 34 injured migrants here. and there are people who are only guarding where they are wearing. unfortunately, right now, not even their clothes are in good condition due to the accident,
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locals joining to the night, healing materials, groceries and food authorities and southern mexico say the accident occurred when a truck carrying as many as 200 people crammed into its cargo space flipped on its side scattering men, women and children across the road. more than a 100 people were injured many seriously. although others say it could have been much worse at us on the on him. thank god, nothing serious happened. i only have a broken arm, but at least i am fine immigration policy experts say the accident reveals a clear case of human smuggling and is directly linked to the ongoing migrant crisis. playing out on mexico's southern border, international observers are calling on regional governments to do more to protect the rights of migrants, the u. n, saying more than 4400 have died in mexico this year teen. and if this latest
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incident isn't a reminder for the world and for member states to agree on controlled and managed migration, i'd ask unclear to see what is law enforcement from the state of chiapas, say the driver of the truck carrying the migrants fled the scene. they say an investigation into the fatal accident is underway. manuel, that apollo al jazeera mexico city, the world's leading nuclear and spanks hotel al jazeera, more access to ron's program is needed to establish trust as talks continue in vienna. the atomic energy agency chief says the organization wants to reinstall its cameras. profile. mariano grossi says iran needs to be more transparent about his nuclear program. the ages he and iran are trying to come to an agreement on or basically 2 things. one is the capability or the ability of the
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agency to return to one facility, one specific facility in iran, where we need to reinstall cameras that need to be there. and it has been difficult to do this. so we have been talking about this and the other thing is how to address a number of issues which need to be clarified. the agency found traces of nuclear material in places that had not been declared before. and you can see our full interview with i a, a chief profile grosse, and talked to al jazeera at 430 jim t on saturday. an explosion in the lebanese paul said he saw as injured about a dozen people happened late friday evening in the palestinian camp. in southern parts of the country, videos show a number of small, bright red flashes followed by a large explosion. security forces are launching an investigation. the
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e. u is warning russia to scale back its military, build up on the border with ukraine threatening more sanctions. if troops invade european commission president sullivan. the lion made the comments during a joint news conference with germany's new chancellor. she says the block wants to improve relations with russia, but it's hostile sounds towards its neighbors is undermining europe. security via of our move, we want de escalation from russia and the cessation of all aggression against its neighbors. it should respect the sovereign rights of nations. otherwise, the european union would be looking to intensify its sanctions and also to take other measures across economic sectors and financial sector. nato secretary general yann's dalton bug has rejected russian demands to revoke a commitment to ukraine. the country would one day become a member of the western military alliance. ukraine is not the natal member,
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so the security guarantees does not apply for your train. but at the same time, you're praying this a highly valued partner over a thought on all it all eyes support your brains, territorial integrity and sovereignty. and nathan made one also provide support and political support and practical support. german lawmakers have overwhelmingly bank the bill that requires a health work is to get vaccinated the games, covey 19. it's the 1st of 2 vaccine mandates being considered in the country. a 2nd . more contentious bill. make covey 19 vaccines, compulsory for all adults that's being prepared. it could be debated by parliament as early as next month. south african scientists say there's no sign the current a virus very and tommy crohn is causing more severe cases of cobra. 19 hospital data shows admissions arising sharply,
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but patients spending less time in care and deaths remain low. south africa reports more than 22000 new cove at 900 cases on thursday. that's a record during the current 4th wave of infections. very promising sides, but largely bare visions, even those who had in husband a mile, many of them at incidental, they came into the hospital for other reasons. other illnesses. and because when you have to be admitted, you have to be tested 1st. and many of those who had come for other reasons have tested positive the president of the king of fafsa, his name de geo physicist, to be the country's new prime minister. last seen as a bo will replace joseph marie debbie who was dismissed on wednesday off the protest called for his resignation. the country has seen the surgeon violence by armed group killed thousands of people for convening. 2 days of ethnic fighting is
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false. more than 30000 people to cross from northern cameroon, into chad. the magic hurd, as fishermen and farmers are attacking each other over dwindling water supplies, the united nation says at least $22.00 people have been killed and 10 villages burned to the ground. thought a higher art reports, the sheltering from the sound in china capital in germany. hometown ca, sorry, is just 20 kilometers away in northern cameron. all were forced to cross the border off the seeing what they say with some of the worst fighting yet between fishing and hurting communities, access to water supply as him. and the fighting and cush area has been very while and we had to cross the river at night to find refuge here. now that we are safe, i faced the cold weather and lack of food and our children have not eaten since yesterday. we asked the champion of 30 to help us. otherwise, our situation here will be worse than the conflict we have at home. on wednesday,
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you set fire to a cattle market, longing to arrival community is retaliated. several people were killed, and many others were wounded. until we left in a rush, cross the river at our own risk without taking anything. now we are exposed to the elements, the dust and the cold. the children are at risk of becoming ill. we ask for urgent help. help is what chance president is calling for. he's tweeted an urgent appeal for the international community to send data as soon as possible child struggles. coke with an influx of more than $30000.00 refugees from both cameron and neighboring sedans. un refugee agency said violence last month in sudan has dis, base thousands of people. the majority of the half a 1000000 refugees in charge of from to done the ongoing fight. little rain and pest infestation have all disrupted the farming season in the dark for region. that's increasing concerns of worsening food shortages which are threatening to
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force more people to flee into chad. thought a height of algebra. the win is that this is nobel peace prize, calling for better protection of journalists in the face of all for a tarion government's journalists. maria rest from the philippines. and dmitri merante from russia. reco recipients of this year's award. if you recognise for the bravery and independence of their journalism pull brennan reports, yeah, this year's peace prize laureate maria reza and to me 2 more to tell them of rest everything to uphold the principles of truth and trust and freedom of expression word reza is co founder of the philippines news website, rap la, working in a country, ranked 138 in freedom of the press, and were more than 20 journalists have been murdered for the work since rodrigo deterred he became president. 5 years ago. her acceptance speech was powerful and passionate railing against the digital giants,
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which she said are twisting democracy with what she described as that surveillance capitalism. going back without facts, you can't have truth without truth. you can't have trust without trust. we have no shared reality. no democracy for a co lawrence dmitri motor tough has been one of russia's most prominent independent journalists since 1993. when he established the newspapers via ozetta, fearlessly criticizing the kremlin and exposing human rights abuses and corruptions . ema, sick of its journalists, have been killed since the year 2000. they went, tears in the audience as he list of the names of the dead was used, an old proverb to explain why. his newspaper catastrophe is 1st come here on greece . come even get he is a car. when the dogs bark the caravan keeps walk and government, sometimes derisively say this about journalist that we box, but it doesn't affect anything about the caravan drugs forward. because the dogs bone, they savage, the predators,
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and the caravan can move forward. not only with the dogs around it, and after the presentation the to laura sat down with, i'll just to discuss the impact of the price and the democratic importance with the news media both. my gosh, how can we do our jobs if trust is broken down? the people watching, do they believe us? that's, that's the core of the problem. i think that we're facing today. natalie. poor her . we are in the middle of a post truth period and everyone is concerned about his own ideas and not the facts . social science shows that in around 75 percent of people, even when they know the difference between truth and lie. if they liked the law better, they will treat the lie as truth. we're trying to do something about that, and this is rather not a tell for the 1st jealous to receive the peace prize since called on as yet the one in 1935 for revealing germany's secret postwar rearmament program. their award consists of a diploma, a gold medal, and a check was just over
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a $1000000.00 to be shared between them. that prize the chance to highlight the importance of the truth. full brennan, i'll just here. i'll just there as follow bato and diplomatic. get it to jane's base, spoke exclusively to both the ward recipients and the special no bell interview. maria, what do you think the international community should be doing about this? not only to protect journalists and to ensure that they're not killed, but when there is a crime to ensure that the real perpetrators to masterminds a brought to justice it. one of the things i said is that when states target journalists, they should be held accountable. we have a mechanism in place to do that, the united nations, and yet what we've seen in some instances is that, um, it's faltered a. m. and again, we've seen a gauge volt. part of what we're looking at is really power in money. and it's how
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journalists find the weakness, the weak points, but it is also how governments, in some instances work. and i think one of the big calls we should do right now is, since this moment matters, democratic states should stand up for the values should demand accountability. you leave little journalists alone. it's not enough so that that's one. the 2nd is journalist news organizations, right? we must collaborate and help each other, because the days when we used to compete with each other, i think those days are gone. we're now on the same side fighting for facts. and you know, who i know is that who i, who i call out on the other side is in many ways what has watered down facts are the new gatekeepers, the technology companies that have abdicated responsibility for the public sphere. many people, it's clear from our discussion, do not believe, fact based, proven information. and it's not just a problem for journalists. we're in the middle of a pandemic, and scientists and doctors people are believing them. are you surprised by all this
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information that surrounded covered 90? nasty l a t i poor, we are in the middle of all that per unit of time that is pulsed through spirit to purify holland till now every one is concerned about his own ideas and not the facts. social scientists and the food shows that during 75 per cent, only be ball or even knowing this is truth and this is a, this is line sure that battles they alike, the lie better. they will concern i consider lie. as truth are you, this is happening already when we are at the very bottom really asked manipulation all me human mind. ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here now jazeera now the high cause and long.


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