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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] a guest ah ah, ah, this has been the most devastating tornado of van in our state's history. catastrophic tornadoes and storms ripped through kentucky and 5 other us states killing dozens of people. ah, hello. hello robin, you're watching al jazeera like. well,
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headquarters here in denver, also coming up. britain house, the g seven's top diplomats telling them to stand up against global aggressors. as they discuss russia's military buildup on ukraine's border. iran's president says he's serious about reviving the nuclear deal, but insist that us sanctions must go 1st. a new gun laws, an indian administered gosh, me were threatening the tradition of hand crafted firearms. ah, welcome to the prego. we begin in the us where a series of tornadoes and severe storms has brought catastrophic damage and deaths across 6 states. president joe biden has called it an unimaginable tragedy. the governor of kentucky, the worst here it says, more than 70 people have died in his state, and the death toll could be much higher. katia lopez had a on reports,
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tornadoes rip to entire neighborhoods and can causing widespread damage. one of the towns badly hit as mayfield, where emergency crews are sifting through flat and holes. the governor has declared an emergency fearing dozens of people, possibly a 100 or dead. you say parts of industrial buildings, roofs, or sightings, entries trees are lucky enough to stand huge metal polls then and half, if not broken, buildings that are no longer there. huge trucks that have been picked up and thrown . and satellite bar to many homes. the people were likely and entirely devastated as well as kentucky. several storms and tornadoes hit, at least for other states. everyone's kind of paying on the phones, the alerts. yeah. and they got down there. 15 minutes for storm. it said it sounded
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loud. you know, deafening. almost in southern illinois, the roof partially collapsed in this warehouse for the joy and retailer amazon trapping. doesn't the workers families waited outside for updates. he was returning to the warehouse dropped and ran off. and i haven't heard from him since i'm worried sick. i just want to know if he's ok, we can't get a hold of anybody. no managers, nothing. i. we have no idea what's going on. most of the tornadoes hit overnight, are speed and proximity hit him by the darkness and heavy rain. now forecasters predict more extreme weather may strike over the weekend with potential storms. heading east castillo priscilla young al jazeera, puffy gall have joined us now lie from our washington bureau. i shall undone, struck by the images, which is why i was slightly hesitant. patsy, as we continued to look at them, it's an unpredictable scenario, uttered
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a very unfortunate time of the year. a very unusual time of the year when it comes to tornadoes for the people who live in tornado alley. as it's known, they know that they need to be on the lookout fortune needed for tornadoes for out, for march, till about june and july. after that you kind of let your guard down because this is extremely rare. it's supposed to be cold in that part of the country, but what we are seeing is the sort of a heat wave and a cold for coming in. hence the storms was also really unusual about the storms is how long they stayed on the ground. usually when you cover tornado, you can see them coming and you know that they're going to come down and then they're going to bounce back up in the. and that's, that's why they're so unpredictable. that's why sometimes you'll see one house here is perfectly fine and the next 12 doors down is actually devastated and gone this, these tornadoes and we think there maybe as many as 30 of them seem to just get down and stay down causing destruction for up to 300 kilometers and again, we've seen tornadoes like that,
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but they're very unusual. and also just how powerful these were. if you, you can pretty much withstand an f one tornado, which is the lowest. this is the damage that i've seen. i think they're probably going to come out and say these were at least 4 or the highest and 5 with wind up to 200 miles per hour. this is devastating. what we're seeing is it's not just the candle factory and mayfield where 110 people went in for the night shift and they think as many as 70 people didn't make it out. they haven't had a successful rescue, meaning they haven't found a living person since around 3 am. and it's now about noon. the governor, very emotional, as he talked about it. he said, looking at the scene, it's amazing that anyone got out. so what we're seeing now, because it's not just kentucky kentucky, seems to be about the hardest hit, but it's arkansas, illinois, and also missouri and tennessee. the one thing is they did have warning, we think in some cases up there half an hour, which is likely it's going to have saved a lot of lives. also, it happened before. most people were in bed. that is usually when tornadoes are the
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deadliest because they can't here the warnings so they can't get to the shelter. and homes and businesses in this part of the country tend to have tornado shelters where you can safely stay inside. so what's happening now is the national guards been called up, we heard from some of the fire chiefs and the police chiefs in the area. they're having a problem because their facilities were completely wiped out. so what you're going to see now is the police that can function the fire department that can function the national guards are going to go door to door. try to see if anybody is still alive and can be rescued. that's going to take some time in the meantime, president joe biden has directed the federal emergency management agency to start getting the equipment into that area. first thing they're gonna need, they're gonna need like heavy equipment that can lift up all of that debris. more than that they're going to need housing. fema has trailers that people can live in that provide them with water and heat. normally in a natural disaster such as a hurricane fema knows hey, this is coming. we've got days, they put those,
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those trailers on trucks and they get them to a staging area. tornado. that's going to take a little bit more time for them to ramp up. they have these equipment, basically staged all across the country. so what they're going to be doing in the next hours coming days is tried to search as much as they can into that area. busy because it's going to get cold and they're not going to have water, and they're not going to have communications unless the government steps into help for the update. thanks so much practical. have for us in washington bureau 15 seni, his professor, meteorology at northern. in the universe. you know, he says the devastation is the worst in recent history. we are probably looking at one of the most historic tornadoes in united states history. you have to go all the way back to march 18th. 1925. the infamous tri state tornado. that crossed 3 states, the terrain last night crossed 4 states and started in arkansas, clipped portions of missouri, tennessee, and probably did its most prolific damage in kentucky as we just heard with,
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with potentially upwards of over 50 fatalities. this path length, i believe, when it's all said and done, we're waiting for the numbers to come in. will be a near 400 kilometer path length and very likely that this torina will be rated violence, which means e f, or e, f 5. i'm expecting winds peak wind speeds to be well over 200 miles per hour with this particular tornado pinpointing. i think you know, more than a couple days in advance where we're going to experience these advance is, is, is extremely challenging a couple of days in advance. the storm prediction center, which is the agency task, was forecasting severe weather here in the united states. had convective outlook, which basically means you know, heads up, the environment might be favorable. we had tornado watches out, hours in advance last night. and the warnings, which means you know, the tornado has been spotted or detected by radar. those were out in some cases. well over 30 minutes in advance, before the tornado says top,
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diplomats from g 7 countries have been urged to show unity against global aggressors as they meet in the u. k. city of liverpool, british foreign secretary list trust, made specific mention of tensions with russia, china and iran, but other pressing issues include, including covered 19 vaccines and dealing with the ongoing cost of the pandemic on the agenda. the g 7 countries as well, leading democracies and economies need to come together to advance the front as a freedom, we need to show a positive, proactive approach in making ourselves safer, more competitive, better able to stand up for the values. we believe it. we need to defend ourselves against the growing threats from hostile actors. and we need to come together strongly to stand up to aggressors who are seeking to limit the bounds of freedom and democracy. while rowing challenges, as in liverpool,
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he says russia has been the main focus of the talk so far amongst all the issues and the threats that the delegates have been talking about here relating to china. wrong nuclear ambitions cove. it of course, but also other crises like what's going on a near and mom and none have dominates to think like the issue of russia in the real fear, amongst the foreign ministers gathered. that it might perhaps be about a lot, some sort of evasion once again into ukraine. and liz truss, i think, is trying to position herself as a kind of unifier of the free world as a she might see it. and she has said that we have to deter russia from taking that course of action. i being very clear will be a strategic mistake for russia to do that. and what the g 7 meeting is about this weekend is a show of unity amongst all like minded nations. but i've to say uniting the free
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world is easier said than done. and an example of that is the north stream to gas pipeline projects, which is between russia and germany. now. interesting, lee, germany's new foreign minister from the green party adelina is against the north stream to pipeline project. but her boss from the social democrat party of shells is more in favor of it. and germany is not yet willing to say as the u. s. and the u. k. would like it to that it will threaten russia with pulling the nord stream to pipeline. if it went into ukraine, so that's the kind of example of how yes these countries may be friends, but they don't always agree. as abraham racy says, iran is serious about the latest round of negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. and it will, powers are willing to remove sanctions that agreement can be reached through television, reported those comments says tools go on in vienna. now the head of the international
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atomic energy agency has been speaking to our correspond dosage of ari in vienna. rafael grossi outline to be contentious issues under discussion. well, it was a wide ranging discussion we, i specifically talked about the role of the i, e. but then we of course, talked about this, j. c, p. o, a and raphael grossi was very much adamant that it is a deal that is very, very important and critical for their war. and they are not involved in the politics of this nuclear deal. they just want to verify what has been agreed to. he also talked about the issues that remain with iran. he admitted that iran is one of the, it's the country that as the most inspections of his nuclear program in the world. but despite that, he said there are still issues that they are discussing with iran. that is a cause for concern for the i. e a. and this is what he had to say about that specific those issues the ages he and iran are trying to come to an agreement on or,
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or based on 2 things. one these the capability or the ability of the agency to return to one facility, one specific facility in iran, where we need to reinstall cameras that need to be there. and it has been difficult to to this. so we have been talking about these and the other thing is how to address a number of issues which need to be clarified. the agency found a traces of nuclear material in places that had not been declared before they facility he's talking about. there is kara shuts out just outside of to ron, it's a workshop that produces central futures for around nuclear program. and add iranian said that they have the i. e, a had 4 cameras in that facility. and in june, there was an act of sabotage which destroyed one of those cameras and they blame israel for that. they said at that time that they are going to take all 4 cameras off line until there is an investigation. and there is some kind of
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a statement issued by the united nations and the i e. until that happens, the ranges are not willing to open up again, inspections to that workshop. and the director general mentioned that this is one of the points of contention because they cannot determine what is happening in iran nuclear program. if they don't know where the central features are going and how many are actually being made. and you can watch dosage of always fall into the with the i a e h e raphael grossi on top 120830 gmc on sunday. still had here on out. there is china spying on its neighbors? the chinese, they know, but the philippines and others are worried. the whole story coming up. and we look at why subgroups in one south african province of pushing the independence stories after the break. ah,
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ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored by capital airways. hello, hope your weekends go and well right off the bat, i want to put the colors on this, not for the middle east. so the darker the blue, the lower the temperature. and that's because we've got some chilly air here during the morning. so talks about that in a sec. first, here's your daytime, high temperatures on sunday, q, weights at 21, re add at 22. but here's what i wanted to point out. 22 average temperature during the day, but look at night time 7 degrees, you should be dipping down to 11. so that's for that chill year is across area that saudi arabia off the pockets start not much to report full on sunshine here, right across the country. temperatures pretty well where they should be off to turkey and we've had some rounds of storms here comes the next one on sundays, stretching along that west coast of turkey. want to show you a flying situation right now and south sedan nearly a 1000000 people impacted by this. and it could take over
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a decade for these flood waters to fully recede. then it is about the heat through a job at 40 degrees bungie at $36.00. if we go further toward the south, we'll trace out some that what, whether through southern and gola through botswana. and it's really once again that eastern portion of south africa and for cape town, 20 degrees, that's below average. and we've got some rain risks as we had to work monday, sir. ah, the weather sponsored by katara always. ah, mother nature of colorful landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish, with even supplied by tradition into where beautiful possibilities are offered
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with ah, welcome back to watching all desert with me said he'll rob the reminder of all top stories. dozens of people having killed after storms and tornadoes talk through 6 us states. the governor of kentucky says more than 70 people have been killed in his state alone. emergency crews are trying to rescue people who are still tramped . the british foreign secretary has called for western unity against authoritarianism and threats from russia and china. the u. k is hosting the g 7 foreign ministers in liverpool, along with delegates from r c. m. nations and talks to revise. the 2015 iran nuclear dealer continuing for another day in vienna. according to state television, iran's president abraham rice,
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he says to her on is serious about the negotiations. and if well, powers are willing to remove sanctions and agreement can be reached. the philippines says it seriously concern, but allegations that it's one of several countries being spied on by china as jerbill. allen. duncan reports from manila, the chinese are denying research by a u. s. group of an espionage campaign against countries involved in the dispute over fishing and mineral rights. this south china seas territorial dispute is seen as the next security flash point in asia. be genes, illegal reclamation, and growing military expansion have angered other claimant countries like indonesia, vietnam, and the philippines who are the q split of blatantly violating international law. but china's stands accused to once again this time by
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a global research group which says it found evidence that the chinese government may be sponsoring espionage operations on several governments across se, asia. the group recorded future says it's been able to identify what it describes as 400 online servers located in southeast asia. communicating with an online infrastructure connected to chinese state sponsored actors by using a custom malware to attack governments and private organisation websites in the region. among the targets, our malaysia's ministry of defense and the royal militia, police, as well as vietnam's ministry of environment and central office of the communist party. also described as victims of cyber intrusions or the philippine navy. the department of foreign affairs in manila and the presidential management staff, recorded future says all those con, she is,
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may be vulnerable to china's intelligence gathering operations. we be seriously, and it, this gives us some situational awareness. we have measures in place to ensure our security, the security of our vital systems. china is dismissing the report as politically motivated, don't guar, thank the chain that bosses and crafts down a little gain. so parker at that. in accordance with the law, one this bushy shirley, so loose clear, he just at the same time be firmly opposed to spreading false information, her political process for what misleading the international community and instigating the relationship between other countries. the response to cyber attacks that the analysts say should be regional too. as long as me don't have each anal 3 work on securing our cybersecurity. definitely, china will take advantage of diesel narrative when he, after we trun, i see an should that forge a stronger cybersecurity to boost and bake with these shrines to work hard sabre
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attack from or in a restless this by china's denials. their research highlights beijing's growing strategic interests in government and private organizations across se, asia, and winds that the cyber attacks are likely to increase in line with growing political tensions. over control of this south china sea. to melinda, again, al jazeera manila. now the one thing stepped up for fighters hiding in the thick forest of eastern congo. soldiers from uganda's army recently crossed into democratic republic of congo to track down the allied democratic forces. though the joint military operation says early successes include enemy camps destroyed fighters captured on hostages freed malika web. how's the story? ah, over the last 10 days, the people of this small board of town in democratic republic of congo have seen
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thousands of you. camden troops crossing canada's army says it's in congo to hunt down an armed group called the allied democratic forces or a p f, which is blamed for killing thousands of civilians in this area. over the last 7 years. government army has been accused of meddling and looting minerals in congo several times since it 1st invaded 25 years ago. i mean, to be honest, we did not celebrate the arrival of began to troops crossing a border, but we hope they can help deal with the insecurity that we've been facing for a long time. the adf fighters hiding out in forests for the guns and tanks and armored vehicles as struggled to advance on the muddy road. so they brought in greatest repair them. uganda and major general clan jim hanger is commanding the operation come we the only we pointed to the if you don't have machines to look for void, we don't have machine is the route for day one is we don't have machine is cut by
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the only thing we have is our guns fight radio. you can the government claims the adf for 3 suicide bomb explosions in the capital can paula last month. the adf is reasonably from uganda, but his fighters have been hiding in the forests of congo for more than 20 years. you can then opperation is the latest in a series of failed attempts to defeat the armed group. since some of the roads are impossible, uganda commanded to walk to meet that congo lease counterpart. they say it's a joint military operation, component of component. good news. so more commonly, as people need to understand that we're facing a situation of terrorism in which we must unite our forces with others. adf is part of an international terrorist movement. some of their tax are claimed by isolated in the presence of fighters from different countries, like you conduct somalia and townsend. he confirms this and the investigators said
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the adf has been in contact with iso and other regional armed groups. the extent of any collaboration isn't clear that up the abs, political and business, interesting congo. and had been more apparent, including cocoa and tim, the export, congolese soldiers, repairing the waves to it's just the start of what you can, the on corners army say, will be the end of the adf. every one of his tried before has failed malcolm web out, his era the flooding and south to dawn as hit 70 percent of the northern states of unity affecting as many as 850000 people, even as warning. but the flood waters could take years to evaporate. naturally. some groups in south africa, western cape province, are pushing for independence. support for the governing parties dropped in recent years. mallos behind the calls, the secession. say the african national congress is dragging the provincetown.
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others argue it's racially motivated for me, the miller reports now from western cape province. ah, colleen penny hasn't had a job for more than 5 years. he runs an advocacy group for the unemployed. here in south africa's western cape province, about 29 percent of people don't have jobs. the national average is nearly 35 percent aaliyah's unhappy with the government's policies, the liberals addressing the issues that covered exactly, unemployment. there were a lot of those who are in bed wetting and bubble outside. the, with the forum has thousands of members who support a call for the western cape to secede from south africa. the province has the 2nd largest economy in the country, though supporting an independent cape say, a corrupt national government is draining its resources to aid poor provinces. so effectively the people of the western cape never get the democratic will are always
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excluded from the system. they never get the government, they vote for and, and the consequences of that are all quite significant because the so africa is being badly managed and running to the ground. the people of the western cape are then suffering the consequences of a government. they didn't elect. i'd want they can remove the ballot box. south africa is made up of 9 provinces. 8 of them are governed by the african national congress. the opposition party, the democratic alliance has run the western cape since 1999. all the parties not supported the call for secession. it has pushed for a federal system. the cape independence party says recent polls suggest 58 percent of western cape voters. support the move for cape independence. but that fick has been disputed. those opposed to the idea, say it's racially motivated and a script against the largely mixed race and black, often poorer communities in a province where they will prosperous white's minority. i cannot support anything which seeks to create a forks that would have been efficiencies of
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a part that will still own the land and over leave us, we cannot get on the control. can't be allowed to happen. these people are seeking to do. things must be subservient, save race, i'm not a slave. i cannot support the cool position is a very good idea, but not, not in terms of the fact that they using cape john the capital of the western cape . as great economic disparities often defined by race. critics say the chances of secession a low, many of you, the call physician by those living in the western cape, has little merit and will go nowhere and that it lacks constitutional backing. but this isn't the 1st time they've been called from groups of people for their own nation states with in south africa. and rather than being viewed as wishful thinking, it means they'd be an expression of anger against the governing african national congress. read them aloud, 0 south africa, tied to rules on gun ownership in indian administered kashmir. her push traditional
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farley manufacturers to the brink of closure. only 2 factories remain open in the region, which used to be a thriving hub for hunting rifles. elizabeth per annum ripples nazena, missouri was one of just 7 gunsmith left an indian administered cush me. he works in this factory started by his father and 1953 when cush media guns were famous for the workmanship. they were mostly bought for hunting and sometimes self defense. but decades of violence in the region lead to the indian government, limiting the number of guns manufacturers are allowed to produce. and more recently, a van, a new license is being issued to gun owners, miserable more than 25 workers were employed in this factory. but now the only tool, we hardly make new guns, but most people come for repairs. our children aren't willing to carry forward the family legacy because there's hardly any money in the trade disease by the federal looks as trademark wooden bats like this made cush,
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meaty gans famous overseas yonkers, illinois just it takes 10 to 15 days to make a gun gun making needs a great deal of experience. most of it is hand made the rifles, but is made of walnut wood with a fine finish. and it looks beautiful hawk wrote, historian, say the once thriving industry has become another casualty of worsening security in the region. dr. turner, why give you the uncertain situation here? gun me goes, have come under tremendous scrutiny. you were, they were subjected to jackson, harrison by the authority. this guy, but they got scared and as the armed conflict raised, they abandoned their profession. the violence has led to the decline of many traditional will cations in the kashmiris shall have off mothers, one of hundreds of workers who have lost their john. he now makes electrical equipment for a living. i says you are god that unguarded, for generations. my family was making guns in this neighborhood, there were 15 factories and all of the men here used to work and is fetches 13 of closed because of stuck to rules. so i had to open this workshop to provide for my
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family than making as in my blood. and it will never die. as he dartmouth owns one of the last 2 factories and is asking the government to lift its ban on gun licenses. or that is i was on the street as dying every passing day. the government excuses that the security situation in the region is not good. but what have you got to do with that? the guns manufactured here have never been misused. they are used for hunting and not for what are god forbid for any militant activities. as the 0 brothers put the finishing touches on their guns, they say they hope they won't become the last of the regions gunsmith, elizabeth per annum al jazeera. you deli, ah, the audio to 0 me sell rama. reminder of all top stories. dozens of people have been killed after storms and tornadoes, tor through 6 us states. the governor of kentucky says more than 70 people have
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been killed and is states loan emergency crews are trying to rescue people who are still trapped. this has been the most devastating tornado of van in our


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