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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm AST

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move 4 months later, i feel much quiet and i feel much more calm and really focused with my life. let us love one. your little love doesn't close to once it makes your heart happier. my heart, if you he doesn't bring any last foot into simple. let us practice this. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome i and peter w. you're watching the news, our life from coming up in the next 60 minutes. dozens of a dead after more than 30 tornadoes tear across the central us rescue workers combed the wreckage for survivors. we live in one of the worst areas you case,
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our secretary ones, russia will phase quotes, massive consequences of any ask escalation in ukraine as the g 7. top diplomats means a 3rd and final referendum versus in the pacific territory of new caledonia overwhelming . you choose to keep ties with france and tourists, back in the united states, but will it be enough to help businesses recover from the pandemic? and i'm far as small with the fort from our special studio on the doe how waterfront will have the latest mass for strapping and new hamilton battle it out in formula one close it title rates in decade and algeria beat morocco on penalties to set up a show down with house caps and the feedback that we fine ah, dozens of people are dead in the us for
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a series of tornadoes swept across 6 states. the extreme weather system has been active since friday, leaving a trail of destruction. stretching around 370 kilometers, president joe biden says it's likely to be one of the largest tornado events in us history. the state of kentucky is the worst. it will speak to heidi joe castro, shortly from the city of mayfield. but 1st, her report and we are trapped. please give us some help at the candle factory in may. you please bring us this woman is among the few to get out alive. after a tornado flattened the candle factory were she and more than 100? others were working, it's unclear how many people remain trapped somewhere beneath this rubble. but as the search and rescue effort stretches in today to the governor of kentucky says, finding more survivors is unlikely. this is the hardest tornado event we've ever
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been through, and it's not just because of the property damage, but we lost a lot of good people and we gotta do our best as it gets dark and through the next days to make sure we don't lose anymore mayfield kentucky has lost more than just the factory and it's workers. it's also lost a church of fire station, a police station. and of course, so many people's homes. and it wasn't just kentucky, an amazon warehouse in illinois, a nursing home in arkansas, destruction in missouri and tennessee states that expect tornadoes but not usually in december. this path length, i believe when it's all said and done, we're waiting for the numbers to come in. we'll be a near 400 kilometer path length and very likely that this tornado will be rated violence, which means e f, or e, f 5. i'm expecting winds peak wind speeds to be well over 200 miles per hour with this particular tornado. president joe biden spoke to the nation,
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calling for unity, promising the full support of the federal government. imagine if, if you're home to the pat waiting a home to what do you worry about? i mean, everything's gone from that from, from that baptism photograph to the wedding picture to the picture of your oldest daughter in a ballet. i mean it's is profound. it's just profound. a federal emergency has been declared in kentucky with other states likely to follow. and the national guard has been called in to help clear roads and search door to door looking for survivors. knowing the death toll is likely to rise. and heidi joins this live now from mayfield in kentucky. heidi, any update on the search for victims? peter will these work crews were working throughout the night,
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but there is no good news to report. no further, survivors pulled out of the rebels of that destroyed candle factory in the last 27 hours and still some 40 workers remain missing the workers. there were more than a 100 of them were putting in a night shift, trying to meet the holiday rush before christmas. when the storm hit. you heard from that woman who was one of the few who got into a storm shelter when the tornado came down upon them, she and some 40 others did survive, but still just as many remain missing and is feared that the recovery will turn into one of human remains rather than of survivors. now of course, this is a town where it's a small community. almost everyone knew someone who worked in the mayfield candle factory. and here in the middle field sees that
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did by the storms that hit on friday night. there is little that and i think we're having clearly problems with the line that to heidi joe castro, we will go back to heidi if and when we can before the end of this news. our well staying with that still developing story will stephane is the climate change specialist at the australian national university. he says the u. s. tornadoes are the result of global warming. well, we shouldn't be surprised because they are being fueled by climate change by the increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which track more heat and energy. but even knowing that it's pretty amazing to read about these very ferocious tornadoes in the usa in december. that's well outside of the normal season, summer time in the northern hemisphere, when these teenagers occur. so not only are they, are they very destructive, very, very severe, but they're occurring way outside the normal season. once again,
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this is a sign that the planet is heating up. it's extending, extending the seasons of extreme weather and increasing their intensity even with better air coming glasgow we would see were snow conditions for the next couple of decades. that's built in the system of glasgow did achieve some things. we're still falling short of what we need to do to stabilize the car that we have to get the net 0. and if we don't, we will not stabilize the quantity. i think we can do it, it will require a lot of changes, not only technology, lifestyle changes, and all sorts of other changes to the way we live. and the way we view our role on the planet, we really have to reassess basically who we are, how we organize our economy and so on. that's the only way we're going to stabilize the climate. and if we don't, well, we just saw what happened in the usa, and we had massy fires here a couple years ago. massive flooding in europe a year and a half ago. we'll see more of that unless we can get to stabilize. we got the line
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back to heidi joe castro, the in mayfield kentucky. heidi. so you are taking a through whether this is a search for survivors or search for victims. now that's right. and the governor of kentucky said yesterday that it would be a miracle to find any one else alive underneath the debris of that candle factory. not only are there meters of concrete and steel on top of those very people, but there's also corrosive chemicals that have filled. so it is a terrible situation there. the local authority, se hope is still alive, that perhaps someone still may be trapped and may be rescued. but some of the rescue effort is impeded by the lack of how we're here. the lack of water communication lines are difficult or difficult connection to use evidence of that as well. and so there are resources coming in to try to get those the infrastructure back up to aid in this rescue and recovery effort. the heads of the
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fema and homeland security are coming here from washington today as well to be on the ground in kentucky and overseas is massive search and rescue operation. heater id. thank you very much. how did your pastor there talking to us from kentucky? plenty more head here than use are for you including swimmers taking the plunge as a popular cross harbor res returns to hong kong. i'm the focker in london. this year is rapidly becoming one of the worst years for t homicide. where following one groceries organization is spent on taking a deadly weapon, history and in sport, another game. another goal for rinaldo action from the english premier league coming ah. g 7 foreign ministers to date, warning of quotes,
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massive consequences for russia if it invades ukraine. the statement came on the 2nd and final day of meetings between delegates of the world's richest countries in the u. k. city of liverpool, u. k. foreign secretary, hostings as g 7 nations are united in calling for moscow to end its aggression. she also said, this is the last chance for terran to save the 2015 nuclear deal. the world's largest economies, all united. we've sent a powerful signal to our adversary's and our allies. we being clear, the jenny incursion by russia into ukraine would have massive consequences for which there would be a severe cost. this is the last chance for iran to come to the negotiating table with a serious resolution to this issue, which has to be agreeing. the child is a j. c, p o, a. this is
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a last chance, and it is vital that they d say we will not allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. let's go live to re challenge. who's in liverpool, so worried to the g 7 position on russia, change the dynamic at home? well, i think we've heard lots of talk over the last few days about cost and consequences . russia, if it does invade ukraine, very little in the way of specific. what are those costs and consequences going to be, for example, is germany prepared to use the nord string to pipeline as leverage, threatening to cancel it? if there isn't invasion, is the us willing to give ukraine serious, defensive or offensive weaponry? is the preparation to get russia out of the swift financial system, which would be
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a big, big penalty for the russian economy. you have to assume a thing that they're all specific because they do exist and that they have been conveyed. somebody may put them in some way need the white house is saying that in the recent call between buy and and pete and bite and said that the things that they didn't do in 2014, in regards to economic sanctions for the u. s. is prepared to do now if there is an invasion. and there is also an assurance from the west, from biden, the white house. the red lines that russia has articulated, namely that ukraine is never allowed to join nato. those songs being granted that ukraine is essentially a free and suffering country and is able to choose its own way in the world. now russia says that its troops are not threat to anyone in the bag on maneuvers within russian territory. so therefore, russia is being on fairly vilified, and why all this joking guys on the world weight,
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how much unity is there amongst the g 7 foreign ministers when it comes to the other 2 big issues they were talking about china and iran? one thing it said from the, the faces of if they communicate that we understand at being prepared, they can come out in an hour. so the draft has been leaked. and so we know what's, what's broadly in it. yes, there is a unified message on iraq, which is the, this is ready to kind of last chance for it's come back to the negotiating table regarding it. sneaker ambitions with china. there is a feeling amongst g 7 nation. that's the way the country is in the g 7 of dealt with russia before, which essentially monitoring chinese actions around the world, the globe that's going to change or it should change and they should be much more active and responding properly to chinese activity. that what does that mean? i think what they're concentrating ready is chinese development funding in
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developing countries and g 7 nations want to provide some sort of alternative to that, to be able to say 2 countries that are at the moment of cutting to russia for development and cash. actually we can provide that so we will do it with with better terms. we'll re, thanks very much. so john's, the in liverpool libby as election commission says it won't publish a list of presidential candidates until it can settle legal issues. the announcement comes less than 2 weeks out from a vote scheduled on december the 24th. the poll is seen as a major step towards ending a decade of instability, but the process has been undermined by disagreements on voting regulations and who should be allowed to run. malik traina has more for us from tripoli. librium have mixed feelings about the upcoming elections. i mean, libyans, in general, across the entire country are sick and tired of the political divisions. they're sick and tired of the violence and the conflict, and they want to,
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they want the country to move forward. now, the un, the international community have painted these presidential election as something that will unify the country. but what we're seeing on the ground is that the political atmosphere is extremely divided, more divided than ever before. were 12 days away from the schedule of elections. and the high national electoral commission has yet to publish a list of final candidates. so who's running? who so maybe i need a chance to be able to, if these presidential elections move forward, need to know what kind of policies, what kinds of positions do these candidates have? and that's yet to be clear who's running for president. and we have to also look at the front runner candidates, right. so you have prime minister object need to be the current prime minister, who when he got into the position, signed a promissory note, that he wasn't going to stand in the election. you have called me for have to the work for have to and he's been sentenced to
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a military court in western libya to that you have safe and good. that's good duffy's 2nd son who's wanted by the international criminal court. so, i mean, you have. 5 these candidates, you know, 33 candidates that are the front runners that shouldn't even be standing in the election with, with the issues in terms of the political atmosphere. terms of the legal conditions that would allow these, these electrons to move forward. it's looking more and more like these electrons are going to be postponed. israel's prime minister enough taliban as is expected in the united arab emirates later today. it's the 1st official visit by an israeli prime minister since the 2 nations established diplomatic ties. last year, the trip comes as israel is urging key international players to oppose nuclear talks with iran. the french pacific territory of new caledonia has voted overwhelmingly to stay part of france. this was the 3rd and final time they voted in a referendum to decide whether or not to become an independent country. it narrowly
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rejected a breakaway in 20182020. the main independence parties appear to have boycotted the vote concerned. it was being held during a cupboard lockdown. this may have contributed to a low voter turnout. the mayor of theo, a pro independence district, reinforced the fact that the turnout was low. he said the pro independent side will assess how they approach the issue moving forwards. what our local comalla commer due to us theories are bro independence district pro independence officials are concentrating on ensuring the smooth running of the election. we didn't have any problem finding officials who could ensure that we'd owe you all. who do the number of brian dependence motors has been respected, but there are still some voice to be counted. we will take stock of the situation this evening at the moment. it is to be em, and we are a 20 per cent of participation. we'll fall genius now from sam alo and francis jack
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raylon. he's a senior research fellow at the global policy institute. jack, great to have your company again here on the news out. what does this do to the independence movement there? its stored independence movement for quite a while. as you said, it was a fed referendum. this time there would be 0 days, striking 96.5 percent against independence. but the turnout was only 44 percent wired into 2 previous referendum. the turnout was above 80 percent and devote against the bananas at foreign from 56 percent to 53 percent in 2020 ads. this time to the fact that d d, but us both to referendum instead the for the day to be question is when they accept this result, what will be their strategy now?
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because the french government considered as a clear vote against dependence and that you could do and yeah, we remain france. and as michael said, france would be even more beautiful because you could, it is now a different part of it. as far as the votes concerned, did you get the sense that people voted with their hearts or their heads? because there are significant nicole deposits in new caledonia, the chinese government has been eyeing up that as a resource in it already has a footprint with mineral resource manufacturer in this area. yes it did. you get the 1st word, producer of 75 percent of nick is exported to china and you can represent close to 20 percent of the g d p. so it's quite an important than you booked on fact. but at the same job does other aspects to you don't?
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yeah. it could be as strategy at the fact that the, the people know in the, in the program is that the certainty of a boat about the future of new could it on yeah. lead to drop in investments to a lot of insecurity, and it was a very bad product. going to be situation. now that independence has been full store. we can expect you get it and i can expect to see investors investments growing. and it's true that people voted when their sub, with the hard to, but when the, with the head, because there are sort of covey tries to sen reprises as showed that the importance of having the backing of the french government, which you can do with vaccines as well, as the old to do so short, it could be measures and to boost the economy during the crisis of so
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let yes years voted this. so beside the bread is better dog and voted accordingly. briefly jack, let's just explore the cobra dynamic here. usually when a small country or a protect threats or a principality, votes against independence, the critics of the independence movement always say the same thing. they always say, look, it said, generation get over it, move on. but can we say that this non vote for independence because of cov, it's so when cobra is no longer a pressing issue for the people of new caledonia, say in 2 years or 5 years, might it come back sooner than the next political generation? i didn't hear all your questions because that a technical problem, but you think that may be the issue. you're asking me whether that could be processed. the shipping balance will come back. yeah,
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i'm not sure we will see all the independent react. there are some issues which will be needed, but i saw that i think the able to show the job situation in the area with the tension between china straight so on that that would probably feel bo secure being a french french territory. a seeing what happened was up into all the items around them, which have been the oldest, which have become, be, couldn't be dependencies more than that of china. and as a result, i just said job defense. government will be obliged to address some of the shoes which were feeding the, especially the distraught inequalities in that population. and michael mentioned that as one of the the basic issues that we have to have a dialogue with the independent around that to proved
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a lot of the connect as the same time is talking about bitter institutions for the country. how do countries already set its own government or an assembly and see whether it is, you know, a way to find it true dialogue, a way to improve the representation of the connect. it could make social and political life. zachary and all the in some a little thank you very much. pleasure. protest expense it in austria, over current iris measures a partial lockdown for vaccination. people has been lifted by those who haven't received the job still aren't allowed into many businesses or venues, but as those protests grow, there is some good news ahead of the christmas holiday season. the christmas market indiana is reopening. it was shot for 2 weeks to help control rising cope with 19 infections and dosage. battery is in vienna. this market has over a 150 stalls. and one of the business owners here that i was speaking to earlier
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said he is now a 3rd generation of pastry maker who is at this christmas market. and he remembers what his grandfather had saw here. and this is really something he's never seen before. he was talking to me about how they were close for the 1st time completely last year because a covered this market usually goes from november 12th until december 26 this year. they close to from november 22nd until today. so they had about 10 days earlier in november they were open. but today, this business owner was telling me that even though they reopen, there is not a lot of people here and that's because they are not there either vaccinated or they don't have a p c r test. they cannot enter or they're just not vaccinated. and that's one of the issues that government is having here the far right party, the freedom right party has said that they are holding protest and demonstrations
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every weekend for the past 3 weekends. they're against the mandate that the government wants to put in place making vaccinations mandatory for everyone above the age of 14. as of february 1st, that still has to go through the parliament, but it's likely to pass the opposition to that is that people don't want to be told what to do here. they feel that it is not the government's position in place to do so. from monday the stores will reopen. and then from next week, the restaurants will also reopen as well. but of course, all of that will be for fully vaccinated people. and they're hoping that that will increase the number of vaccination in this country as it stands now. 67 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. sunday protests have been held in several of australia's biggest cities against cubic 19 vaccine mandates. the demonstrations in sydney and melbourne. follow the government announcing an acceleration in booster shots. 3 quarters of australia. 26000000 population is fully inoculated. but around 1500 new infections have been reported as the new micron variant spreads.
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international tourists have begun to return to the united states now the travel restrictions have been lifted, but in many cities, office employees are still working from home. and that has led to less foot traffic and bacon store fronts and what were once considered high rent district, such as midtown manhattan in new york. as christian salumi reports, things do seem though to be improving. one vanderbilt, a new high rise named for its address, rises directly above grand central station in midtown manhattan. some of the most expensive real estate in the world. the $93.00 story office tower offers this spectacular view to the public from summit one vanderbilt plus all the latest amenities for corporate clients who according to senior vice president jason hacket, have flocked here despite the lingering pandemic. from an office building
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perspective, we've got the premier address in new york, we went into the pandemic at about 76 percent leased and are coming out of the panoramic. now what about 91 percent leased? so really proving that there's demand for class a high quality office space which we have here at summit one vanderbilt. of course, not everyone can afford the rent here. no doubt the view is much different down there at street level where office vacancies remain up. rents are down in this part of town, and 2 thirds of office workers have yet to return to their death not has an impact on the entire neighborhood. fewer office workers means less foot traffic and less business for cover. one of 3, mid town restaurants, owned by any batek. she says her business is back to about 80 percent of pre pandemic levels. the neighborhood people carried us over, but to get us back to 100 percent level of the numbers we need to see to, to be open. ah, it is office workers and tourism to combine it's. it's really everything. nearly
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a 3rd of retail store funds here in manhattan are vacant. these mid town partnership represents local property owners who are faced with more demanding as well as fewer tenants. many commercial offices want to shrink the footprint they have. debt is lisa turns. as far workspace goes, expand the open space, the amenities space in the offices. so there's more room for of, for flow. so people aren't on top of each other. more and more workers are expected to return as the delta various feeds and vaccination rates continue to inch higher . but colvin may have changed this landscape forever. kristin salumi al jazeera new york, an annual swimming race across hong kong, iconic victoria hava is back on off to being suspended for 2 years. only half of the usual $3000.00 swimmers were allowed to compete and they all went
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to be fully vaccinated. resumed off to the city reported 0 local infections for months. the king's yeah, that's the, it's the 1st time we can participate in this sporting events is the pandemic started, which means we are ready to recover from pickup time for you whether his car hello there. let's start in north america and we've seen devastating tornadoes cause tremendous destruction across 5 states of the u. s. the worst of that was in kent's hockey. now that storm system cleared very quickly, pushing off to the east coast, leaving behind a much clearer picture. now we are going to see some exceptional heat in central areas of the u. s. over the next few days, but it's going to remain rather settled for much of the weather action. we have to head to that west coast. we've had a winter storm blow down from british columbia, edging into north western states of the u. s. by the time we get into monday, it's going to be very wet and wintery for northern areas of california. very heavy rain expected. here we could see a month's worth in just 24 hours or more,
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and we are likely to see some flooding from that. so a very wet week for san francisco, the rain arrives in los angeles from tuesday, but further east this is, is a much finer, dry a picture. it's cleared up along that east coast and we are seeing temperatures in new york and washington dc recover. now as i said, we are going to see an exceptional want creep up from the south temperatures in kansas city. expected to reach 23 degrees by wednesday, and that's well above the average for december. we usually see it at about 6 degrees celsius. still ahead here on al jazeera calls room to india, to kill more of the security forces gone. go 14 civilians by mistake. i'm jessica washington. it's a causal indonesia, for fear the ongoing gold rush is putting children's health and in sport algeria celebratory. dramatic known to differ from election coming
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joined the debates, not.


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