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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2021 4:00am-4:30am AST

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in launched the whole pressures in india each was pay $5000.00. yes. dollars to name elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah. hello, i'm darren jordan in doha with a quick reminder. the top stories here on al jazeera, the british prime minister barak johnson, has announced what's believes to be the world's 1st confirmed death from the army cron variant of coven. 19 cases in the u. k. are spreading with alarming speed and is expected to be london's dominant strain within 48 hours. for brandon reports. the queue trailed out of the hospital gates and down the street. the stark warning of an imminent tidal wave of alma kron prompting a massive search of vaccine uptake at hundreds of vaccination centers across the u . k. the prime minister visited
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a vaccination center to see the work 1st hand and broke the news of the you case. first on the con, related death on the con is producing hospitalizations and se one patient has now been confirmed to die with all the crew. so i think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus. i think that's something we need to set on one side and just recognize the sheer pace a which it accelerates through the population. the mission to offer millions of booster jams by december 31st. we'll see $42.00 military planning teams deployed across every health region, extra vaccine sites and mobile units extended clinic opening hours to allow people to be chapter round the clock and that weekends and the training of thousands more volunteer vaccinate us. hitting the government's target would mean $1000000.00 jobs being put into people's arms every single day between now and the end of december.
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and that's never been achieved before. currently the, any chance is managing around half of that. but the importance of trying has been emphasized by new modeling, which shows that in some circumstances on the chronic could cause double the number of hospitalizations. the delta did a year ago. and the booster jap gives 70 percent protection against infection. new rules on wearing mass and working from home of now also come into effect in england . passenger numbers on public transport dropped significantly in many businesses are cancelling the end of the parties. but there are determined pockets of political and public resistance to new restrictions. hobbins feeds her last people . i don't think that the compliance will be as high as it has been impossible to us simply because we've had this tinted that basically no restrictions with the christmas holiday. less than 2 weeks away. it's going to be a race against time to avoid even more stringent restrictions. paul brennan, al jazeera london, and the 1st case of alma crohn has been detected in mainland china. authorities in
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the city of chan. gin say the infected person had recently entered the country and is not displaying symptoms. they're being treated in the hospital in isolation. beijing will host the winter olympics in february, and organizers say the variant will pose challenges the governor, but you are state of kentucky says at least 74 people there have been killed by friday's tornadoes. another 109, still missing the powerful storms, tore through his state and fight others. president biden will visit kentucky on wednesday. yes, defense secretary lloyd austin, has decided against punishing military personnel involved in a drone strike that killed 10 civilians. not gallus, dance, capital, cobble. and aid worker and 9 members of his family, including a 2 year old child, died in the operation on august 29 and investigation found the strike didn't violate the laws of war. it happened 3 days after and i slept jacket campbell airport following the taliban to take over. in denmark, a former minister has been sentenced to 60 days in prison for her policies,
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while in government. in gestalt burg ordered the separation of under age, refugee couples. when she was immigration minister, 23 couples were spit up upon arrival. to me, as president has called a constitutional referendum for july 25th. exactly a year after he suspended parliament dismissed the prime minister and seize broad powers case said also announced parliamentary elections to be held at the end of next year. incident protest as were once again back on the streets of the capital. khartoum, on monday, there's anger. last month's deal between the prime minister and the military security forces use tear gas to disperse the crowds. the political agreements saw abdullah humbug reinstated as prime minister weeks after the military detained him and seized power. so those were headlines. the news continues here now does era up to witness? thank you and thanks for watching bye for now. ah
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a course at the nasa mid quarter when poor. so my car off which year cuz 8 and the fluid is averted. i have written one opinion me, as i said before, the same but it was eaten and wanted to submit in order to call non g m to sky id for more than of it. just a moment, a mini mushroom did she call markovich bye . the, the, the leah, not those go long to had the threat hotel for the year. i will give you
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will be blue t could think the dues or mac, so laura, mezzo see you natalie gonna fiedler dunaway. dunlab. tony, february it 60200. no, i get i said l that add on and smoke so hot and the fact that i think we're going to meet in for me but seekers to learn to summer. so let me present ok. you know the works of log l o to fear for to who the man for 1000000 or for all of these thing is lou
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god i know she knew she good fine after this will come for you martha be now dr. busy joshua. busy was my no, no, was another birth record. oh for college, almost in here. i mean he had a far economy farm claim from barbara. mom. this is all caught up, all the numbers kind terminal to them come quite like ash carter palmer knowledge come back to go. i know they show kind of daily. not stumpy. we're missing is
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a cup as common, but not to put mercy. don't. what is anti virus? at school, she cannot sean kitchen with who said, look, you know, so on carlo was now the one of the from con, look additional mobile john class on or the near term or that model that for college, up in the stories of determination. enjoy when i'm can be la. got thou and the key though jane, if you are, you make a listing v. i don't get a look at the cup. short documentary by african filmmakers from miley wanda and cameron desert libraries,
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the young cyclists and happy africa direct on al jazeera talk to al jazeera. we are asked, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies 90. it is not all 4 of 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human stories that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera roster clearings and now taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees one stood tall and cheap quincy use roll conservation to say the areas swarming with nico timber lockers. and borges 4 years ago, the government due serially on eastern ban on the timber trading. i thought decision only open a league looking sierra leone is home to more than 5000 was to possess more than 1500 of them. i found them the normal to regional and the prophecy.
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because the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of walking on the return of lu. hello, i'm down jordan. tow the headlines here on al jazeera, british prime minister bars johnson has announced, must believe to be the world's 1st confirmed death from the alma kron veterans of cupboard. 19 cases in the u. k. a spreading with alarming speed and it's expected to be london's dominant strain within 48 hours. i think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus. i think that from.


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