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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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good al jazeera, these are all top stories sold around the world. countries now seeing coven, 19 infections and deaths rising again to record numbers. governments are also trying to tackle the new on the con variant. their delta remains dominant in most places. for now, the governor of kentucky in the united states says at least 74 people have been killed in the region by fraud. a series of tornadoes with more than 100 still missing. and the u. s. secretary state antony blinkin says the asian pacific region needs to be free of coercion. lincoln's in indonesia, the 1st leg of a tour of southeast asia. washington trying to counter the influence of china. us defense secretary lloyd austin has decided against punishing military personnel who were involved in a drone strike, the kill 10 civilians in afghanistan. that operation on august 29 in cobble killed and aid worker and 9 members of his family, including 7 children. an investigation found the stripe didn't violate the laws of war. but the military made mistakes. my cana with more from washington,
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the counted on, commissioned a report from what he called an independent observer, the inspector general of the air force. he produced a report acknowledging that with snakes were made in the drone strike describing it as a tragic mistake. he then recommended that no action be taken. however, that decision should be left to the commanders. the top command is in the line of command. that is a general in the military central command and the head of the military special forces unit. so these 2 then looked at the circumstances they had now reportedly reported back to the defense secretary recommending that no accountability be held against any of those involved in the trial and strike now the inspector general of the air force and also recommended that certain methodologies be changed in terms of conducting these drone attacks. the pentagon says this is now being carried out . they are not giving any further details and did not even directly say that nobody
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is being held accountable for the strikes. this is what the spokesman for the pentagon had to say. the recommendations were more about procedure and process and the secretary, we reviewed them as accepted them. and again, most of them are of classified nature. so we won't be talking about the specifics, but there was no overt recommendation made by either specific to accountability. the secretary of defense has ruled according to the spokesman there that there is no accountability. he accepts the report from the 2 senior officers who investigated specifically whether accountability should be established and to whom . but you hear the key word there and that is that they do not want to give clear details about how this decision was reached. saying that this is a national security issue. all details of this investigation cannot be made. public
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brides kidnapped, forced marches, wife, beating murder. women in kurdistan of suffered decades of violence in the male dominated country. international observers say not likely to get me better, which has been reflected in parliament, refute female and peace were voted in in last month's election. same bas ravi has more on this from the capital, bish tech, and just a warning view as may find some of the images used in his report to study what's in a name for alden couple over an artist, single mother and survivor of domestic violence, legally giving her children, her last name was a chance to bring her family closer together. 3 marriages left her with 3 children and 3 absent fathers. she says it felt like the natural thing to do. oh my dear to 7, my children, especially my eldest son, was very disappointed to have some one else's last name, a person who is an absolute stranger. so for all of us, it was about having the same last name. it was just cozy family happiness,
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some joy, and i never thought that it would become a big fight. a month after posting about it on facebook. alton received a court order to appear before a judge, the summons or response to public complaints. in kyrgyzstan, children take their father's name and alton had violated longstanding legal tradition in a system that overtly favours men. public attacks on women in broad daylight, brutal beatings in the street. even incidents of humiliation and torture of viral videos like this have become a near daily occurs. shocking examples of the abuse of women rights workers say it's common to the extent of being normalized. still get the notion. there was a case when a representative from a law enforcement agency said it, of course a woman will be beaten if she has a long tongue. can you imagine that a police officer is saying that what will happen? how can we think that victim should and can make a statement, and law enforcement will act on it? that it is an indicator of how such cases go. at one of the only organizations of
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its kind, lawyers work free of charge with women involved in broad kidnapping, enforced marriages. raven domestic violence, as well as narcotics and people trafficking. some lawyers have represented the families of victims of the most brutal murder scene here in recent memory. this guy, so he didn't even stop at kidnapping that girl. he killed her where all human beings shouldn't women not even be protected against murder? shouldn't they feel anxiety? if the future is about young girls crush and fear that to morrow, they could be treated this way. forced marriage is a crime why? it is vital work but only scratches the surface of a nationwide problem. raising public awareness about women's rights and gender based violence in kurdistan is a challenging task to say, the least. activists are often threatened and have even come under attack, hulu. crudest non civil society, though vibrant, has to a degree, been forced underground activists. academics, filmmakers, artists, musicians,
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meeting behind closed doors at invitation, only events in undisclosed locations. alton says so many women have asked her for help. it's overwhelming for just one person. so despite threats, disruptions and violent assaults by counter demonstrators at a women's march last year, she will continue raising her voice to stay in the public. i know civil rights activists like her say violence against women is a nationwide concern that demands a government response. but with fewer women in the next parliament, the uphill climb has just been made steeper. zane basra v o 0 biscuit. a un bags report is found. colombian police were responsible for 11 dead steering protests last year. at 2 rallies against police brutality. over one of the officers involved those still on the job, alessandro ramp. yeti reports from bochita over 2 nights of unprecedented violin protest. 14 people died in columbus capital. latino september 2020
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demonstrations erupted across the city. after a viral video showed the police spinning down and repeatedly tapering and unarmed taxi driver have yet or don't yes. who later died in police custody. an independent investigation requested by the mayor of buttah and supported by the united nations, found officers responsible for 11 of those deaths. look, you're curio not really. what happened then cannot be called any other way. it was a massacre, a massacre to happen before. any oper, tape or political order to stop utilizing firearms against the demonstrated mother . the report details how officers repeatedly disproportionately and indiscriminately used live rounds and the protesters and how the national government and police failed to order them to stop. holding back tears the mayor of bullet i asked for forgiveness calling, i'm president. even duke to reform the country's police and recognize the gravity
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of what has happened. all fresco order is mass i once again asked the forgiveness from the victims and the city. yeah, i totally see my part of political and institutional responsibility and were fulfill the reports recommendation thoroughly. the report blamed the countries justice system for failing to prosecute and punish the officers involved in the killings all but one still patrol the city at the time president even duke called the protesters urban terrorists. he hasn't responded to the report, but as pledged to reform and modernize the police in the past. yet, protest in columbia continued to be met by violence in april this year, the police response to anti poverty demonstrations was again brutal, killing at least 20 people, according to human rights organizations and making the need for real reform. ever more urgent. allison, the impurity al jazeera border, or
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u. s. medical company once owned by martin shrek lee is recovery has agreed to pay $40000000.00 to settle allegations of price gouging. butcher crowley is sounding trial in new york on related charges. the former hedge fund manager, gained notoriety back in 2015 after he height, the price of a life saving drug from $17.00, a tablet to $750.00. rosalind jordan has the story. martin scrambling will always be known as pharma, bro. the brash young hedge fund investor, who shot to infamy by selling like saving medicines at stratospheric prices at this price. their premise still actually on the low end of what orphan drugs costs, all of this attention, and doctors and patient groups saying they can access this drug or egan, and change the price. now, the u. s. government says squarely went too far. on tuesday,
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he goes on trial on charges. he raised the price of a common h i v drug by 4000 percent and then try to block competitors from offering a cheaper version to patients. federal regulators have just reached a $40000000.00 settlement with his former company's involved in the scheme. surely is already in federal prison, convicted in 2017 of using his hedge funds to steal millions from investors. he was unrepentant after the guilty verdict. this was a which haunts of epic proportions, and maybe they found one or 2 broomsticks. but at the end of the day, we've been acquitted of the most important charges case. i'm delighted to report that along with his freedom squarely has lost his expensive toys. in july, the justice department announced squarely had sold the only existing copy of a wu tang album to help pay his 7000000 dollar fine. even in america,
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there are limit to being a capitalist, rosalyn jordan, l j 0 washington. time magazines named the entrepreneur ellen muskets person of the year for 2021. the magazine says the chief executive of tesla and space x is the best example of a massive shift in society. credits the 50 year old with creating solutions to global crises and embodying the possibilities and perils of the age of tech titans time. so that gives the war to someone who affects the news, all the world. and the biggest way for better, for worse. still i don't out is here. the light is sports news with foreign thanks. yes. rely from our arab studio here. endow how i have the latest from the tournament and manchester united next, i'm really game has been postponed. you recovered 19 outbreak at the club. the league is dealing with a record number of cases. ah
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ah lou. a welcome to al do there is special coverage, other fee for arab the tournament to doubling out of the major warm up event for the counter world cup next year. hello. on fire is small. plenty of sports news for you, including matchers united are facing up to a cove with 19 outbreak among players and staff. and a $380000000.00 settlement has been reached between victims of disgraced former dr . larry nasir and usa gymnastics. and we have a visit from former premier league star in belgium, defender toby, elder vo,
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all the english premier league is facing a record number of coded 19 cases. 42 premier league players and staff have tested positive in the past week mattress united's march against brentford. later this choose day has been postponed due to a corona virus outbreak at united. the lee said the decision was made following guidance from medical advisors due to the exceptional circumstances of the outbreak, brightened. tottenham lester aston, villa, norwich, have all confirmed cases, united's opponents. branford have had their own corona, virus troubles. one player is still in quarantine while star striker ivan tony has also just come out of isolation. tottenham had to postpone their match with brighton and a european fixture against ran after 8 players and 5 staff members tested positive, asked him though in brighton are tightening their coven 19 protocols following outbreaks in their squads. mattress city manager pat warranty always urging all his
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players in stock to get their coven 19 booster vaccination cities game at leads. later on. tuesdays set to kick off as plans. whisper with a place is almost every day. be careful. be careful. see, save the healthy mask. social distance, because now in the christmas time is the tendency to rush baris to go out and do something extra to normal. and afford to divide was, is still here, the new varian and ovarian, so hopefully 95 percent of the people is already by said here in the lily. you know, you can get it, but i think they don't allow you to suffer much. andrea, but of course, concerned with associated you still are suffering you are so in tennis champion m erratic. hannah has withdrawn from a turn meant and i'm a darby after testing positive for the virus. a 19 year old was due to play belinda bennett church on thursday. the acquisition event features players from the men's and women's game, including anti murray and raphael and the down. now to an incredible error at the
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draw for the champions league, round of 16, a tactical mistake allowed the teams to be drawn together incorrectly. for european footballs, governing body wafer were forced to re do it. as a result, the original sets of fixtures were declared void. after that, all the external independent, the auditory informed you effort that they could not guarantee that the problem with the i'd, this is to lead not exist from the start and does it as a result of the food grow and needs to be redone. so this is what the round of 16 looks like after the redraw rinaldo and mattress united had initially been drawn against paris. st. sharon will now play at medical madrid as repairs she they now face round the dread juergen club might feel unhappy as well. liverpool had drawn a red bull salzburg in i'll have to get past italian champions, inter milan, or he spoke to sportswriter gavin hamilton about the fallout from the redraw that has to be a degree of human element involved because the,
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the software has to be programmed and the information has to be put into the computer for the computer to have to do the draw. so an element of human error, a lowest state only is positively don't oppose mistake or which is something that they've never previously done. but there will be unfortunate incidence of, of fans who really book flights for games that have been canceled and, and what's out so, and there will be clubs who will be disappointed. i think we did are talking to feel disappointed because they had a much easy jewel in 1st draw. so there is full ap when this and there will be clubs who will be disappointed. but so i think you, i will try and, and move on and comes to the close to half a 1000000 tickets had been sold at the fee for arab kept so far. counselor is
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hosting a tournament of the country, steps up its preparations for next year's world come on wednesday counter play algeria and the semi finals, and as you play egypt and the other last game. let's talk now to one of the players who set to start next year's world cub toby out of barrow has made more than 100 appearances for the world's number one rank side belgium and now plays club football for country club. i'll do hello. thank you very much, toby, for joining us on our program. new left taught plate for tottenham for quite a while. you left tottenham to play here. this season was the fact that the world cup was coming to catch her. a decision, a major factor in your decision to come play her for that? well, that was one of the reasons that i came here. i think it's, it's an unbelievable opportunity to, to get the country to know what will be better for, for sure to be to be involved in next year. what are been the major differences between playing and the premier league claimed here?
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of course the premier league is a permanent i think it's the best competition in the world. i'm very happy that i update around 78 years. but it was time for something new. and that's why i took you to the venture. how i talk about the world. can you play the last 2 world caps, brazil, and russia to very big countries. and the world cup here, next year is and kept her it's, it's, it's going to be a very comp act kind of world's cobb. and the fact that players don't have to get on planes in between games. do you think that is an advantage for players playing here next year? yeah, for sure. i think it's it's, it's the less travel, the less you have to be in planes or buses. i think it's for the players is going to be unbelievable. everything is very close, so travel time is going to be very limited. so yeah, i think for the players and for the staff it's very positive. now belgium are the number one rang teen at. you guys only made it to the semi finals at the last world
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cup in 2018. how much pressure are you and your teammates feeling heading into the world cup next year? i think as a few, if you are number one, the world is always pressure. not only the pressure from outside of your conchee, but we put the pressure on ourselves as well. i think that's that's, that's what's, what's normal. but a lot of country feel the pressure and want to win. so i think we really want to win. but we're not the only ones, of course, we're going to do everything that's you know, power to, to try to, to be the one. do you think the world cap is still the pinnacle of football? yeah, for sure. i think that's this the high stage. i think to 1st of all it's always a big honor to represent your country and to be presented on the world cup and. and hopefully when it's, i think that will be the biggest achievement i think of will play, can, can, can achieve or fever are talking about holding the world cub every 2 years instead
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of 4. what do you think about that? and do you think it's going to take away anything from it? i think who am i to say something about that, but then you see the, the year and the seasons are getting totally full. you know, to put another competition in there for 2 years. it's maybe takes a little bit to sparkle away from it, but yeah, again, who am i to, to say something, but i think it's very special to do it every 4 years. because if you, when it's, it's something, it's something that doesn't happen a lot. what about your, your teammates? what do they think about it if you talk to anyone and now because i think we're going to talk about when, when it's official and again, no one else to play us. so we just follow, follow and follow. and unfortunately, the way that okay is, is that all for now and i guess so. okay, tobey,
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thank you so much for joining us and good luck next year. thank you very much. or one of the most high profile sexual assault cases and sports has come to a close us gymnastics, has agreed to pay $380000000.00 to victims of the disgraced former team doctor and larry nicer. leah harding has more. no 1st gymnast train their entire lives to make it to the olympics. now many american champions say they will spin the rest of theirs, recovery from the sexual abuse they endured to get there. they no longer a victim. i'm a survivor usa gymnastics, and the u. s. a lympics committee have agreed to pay $380000000.00 to victims of former gymnastics team, dr. larry nasser. hundreds of athletes accused nasser of abusing them in the course of his career and theirs under the guise of medical treatment. he is now serving a 300 year prison sentence, but after his conviction,
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the victims began an uphill battle to hold usa gymnastics accountable. in september, many of the sports most high profile gymnast testified to a senate committee saying the sports organizing body and the f b. i didn't do enough to protect them. they asked if he used gloves. i said no, he never did. they asked if this treatment ever helped me. i said no, it never did. this treatment was a 100 percent abuse and never gave me any relief. i then told the f b i about tokyo, the day he gave me a sleeping pill for the plane ride to then work on me later that night. that evening i was naked, completely alone with him on top of me, molesting me for hours. not a limbic champion, simone biles is the last of nascar's victims to still be competing. she's consistently criticized the very organization. she represents a competition. i don't mean to cry,
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but it's just it's hard coming here for the organization in having them feel the so many times. and we, we had one gold, we've done everything that they asked us for even when we didn't want to. and they couldn't do one and damn job. you had one job. you literally had one job and you couldn't protector. and it is really sad because now every time i go to the doctor or training, i get worked on it like i don't want to get worked on in a statement. the president of the sports organizing body said usa gymnastics is deeply sorry for the trauma and pain that survivors have endured. as a result of this organizations, actions and inactions, rachel den hollander was the 1st woman to go public with allegations against nasa her in 2016. and she welcome the news of the settlement on twitter. writing this chapter is finally closed. ah, while these athletes are known for defying gravity, they've also been praised for flying high,
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despite efforts to bring them down. leah harding al jazeera england, craig, a captain, jo, rude admits he has some big decisions to make ahead of this 2nd ashes test in australia. roots team were heavily beaten in the series opener, the action now news to adelaide for a day night task. australias travis had was man of the match in brisbane. after scoring a big 1st innings century. i still feel like a movie really good patton's to accessible really, really well, it just all go up to mrs. born as i would like them. and if that guy event presents itself, i'm gonna throw on, it's like that. it doesn't then of oil for luck. what techniques are going spice to, to go the opposite? why? by any chance, much naples school on the boat, regardless of what the level is, where you are in the world, need some rooms to work with. so focus will still be the discipline the 1st and it showed in the 2nd and is it not for long enough that we
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can make the partnerships? we can pull those bows into a bit. pressure avenues. road to margin. tina is football all time. great. sergio. where i was said to announce his retirement from the game striker during barcelona this year after 10 successful seasons with manchester city. the 33 year old has struggled with injuries and health problems since moving to spain during a game and october guerra with substitute in and taken to hospital after experiencing chest pains. aware as fellow argentinian lino massey is still going strong. an artist in his home town of resario, his celebrated massey's career with a 69 meter mural on the side of an apartment building massey played junior football for new olds, old boys, a club based in the city of hogan called for. now reminder of our top a sports story match with united next premier league game has been postponed due to a co 19 outbreak at the club. the league is dealing with a record number of cases,
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42, primarily players and staff, and tested positive in the past. week will be back in a few hours time for another sports updates. at 1345, g and t. stay with us here on al jazeera after the break. we've got another news updates. ah cities have always been in motion. they have to be, to evolve and adapt of all the sad cities, all the greatest work of all shooting time out in a huge city. you kind of get this sense of how the world around you behaves. and
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the way you cannot see with the naked eye, you can feel the has on the back of your neck standing up when you reach the top of that building and get that great view. metropolis on al jazeera, on this week's thrice a new method of cremation, is helping him to tradition become more environmentally friendly. and we visit a danish community into a taken sustainability to new heights just over. ready there on the horizon is some so island where they are officially 100 percent renewable. wow, look at that. and so this is it, that's the energy right. generated ways of change on al jazeera. there's a lot more to al jazeera than t v with our website, mobile app, social media, and podcast. elders. they are a digital world award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best that they're trying to brighten the people to leave it to go
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somewhere else. but the truth is that they've got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me sandra gartman on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks, governments in the region are using security forces to climb down on protests. instead of protecting their countries against armed attacks with detailed coverage in the absence of any hard data on how widespread or virulent velma calling variant is scientists urging caution from around the world. political observers argue his government has letty dismantling of democratic institutions. this city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and this is another change to get used to. and one that's boss from easy about a situation to now it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and
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girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes. everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling their way forward into their new reality. ah, we're the only con variance and coven magazine gaining grounds in many countries, governments are again weighing their options. ah, hello there i'm how am i here? dean? this is al jazeera life, and doha also coming up on his 1st stop of an asia pacific tour of the u. s.
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secretary of state reaffirms america's commitment to push back against chinese influence at least 70.


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