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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban, and about to return to queen punishments for certain crimes. everybody will be safe . nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from rats. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into the new reality. ah, we're the only con variance and coven 19 gaining grounds in many countries. governance are again weighing their options. ah, hello, i'm hello, am i here? dean? this is al jazeera life, and doha, also coming up on his 1st song of an asia pacific tour. the u. s secretary of states reaffirms america's commitment to push back against chinese influence at
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least 74 dead on a 100. still missing in the u. s. after dozens of tornadoes tear through sick states and international observers. sound the alarm about the record levels of violence against women in kyrgyzstan around the world, countries are seen call that 19 infections and deaths. wising again to record numbers governments. we're also trying to tackle the new omicron variance. but delta remains dominant in most places. for now, let's take a look at some of the latest news lines coming in. this are, so korea has had its worst day of the pandemic recording. 94 deaths on tuesday. the career disease control and prevention agencies set
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a record 906 people were also in a serious or critical condition. the medical system is reaching its limits with the delta driven spread, leaving some people dying while waiting for a hospital beds petitions in the u. k of questioning sciences about the owner, con variance of coven. 19 i minister at boris johnson announced towards believe to be the world's 1st confirmed death over patience with the new variance. on monday, in the coming hours, the u. k. parliament is expected to discuss and votes on possible new restrictions . well, let's get more from poll brennan. he joins us live from london and paul, just talk us through the corona virus situation in the u. k. right now. what's happening yeah. situation at the moment is that the official figures appeared to be lagging behind what the health authorities estimate, the real figures are. at the moment. according to the most recent figures of
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yesterday, there are 55000 new throne of ours cases, infections. however, the health sector recently javits stood up in the comments on monday and said the real finger, according to the u. k. h, a 100000 pieces every single day. now that's a real concern because by the more of large numbers, even if i'm a con, proves to be less damaging than the delta variant, say, just one percent of those hundreds of those 200000 need hospital seen, for example, as the doubling of the on the con, variance in infections proceeds that is going to put extraordinary and extreme pressure on the u. k. national health service. so there is grave concern among governors. exactly how to get a lid on the infections at the moment. they then actively researching muscular and for example,
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working from the recommendation to work from home. they're not going further than that with a full lockdown at the moment. and there is going to be a vote later on this evening in parliament about this. but i think the government is caught in a real dilemma as to how to get people boosted. i'm gather a little on the, on the con, infections in time for christmas. no christmas is obviously looming large there. paul, where of course, since it's just a few weeks away for those that celebrate the holiday as a so i was the government reacting to this water they planning to do when they are hold this food later this afternoon. well for example, i mentioned the booster program which shut ramped up from monday and i'm start next . and thomas is hospital is the sites of one of those vaccination centers in the queue of the honda of my shoulders actually reduced significantly since we 1st arrived earlier. this morning when the queue was actually half way down the streets, half way across western the bridge leading toward the house,
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the columns. so there has been a massive surge and people willing to take it with the 33rd shot, although of vaccine. but at the same time, there is a significant backlash against the government from within their own ranks in parliament. but as a sizable minority of conservative back friendship, they call who are gravely worried about the government's restrictions that they're imposing and specifically about the recommendation as well. would that be in possession of that the government wants to put in a vaccine half course kind of scope. it's certificate. it's not likely that the government will lose this evening's vote, but it's very likely that's gonna face a sizable rebellion. so it's gonna be a close run thing and interesting to watch. it will be interesting to watch indeed po brandon, they're reporting live from central london for ny paul, thank you. or the president of the democratic republic of congo as urging people to get vaccinated as infection rates sore. this comes as health officials confirmed
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cases of the armor con variance in the country. so far congolese health officials have administered fewer than 5 percent of the vaccine doses. it's been given that the r c has reported nearly 60000 infections and more than 1000 corona virus related deaths. since the pandemic began, markham web has more from nairobi. and why the congo these government are struggling to contain these infections? firstly, the reason affected all of africa, much of, of other continents as well, was just a lack of doses. which countries, of course, almost all of the available debt is at the beginning of this year. and it was only when donations started to trickle into, into poor countries, that governments were even able to start those vaccination programs. but that's something that affected all of this continent. and of course, if there aren't enough doses for government to give out to many people,
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then they're not in a position to start running public. a public awareness campaign to coach people to come and get that connected. but say that congo situation is worse even than the other countries in this content, countries around it because of a reluctance because it hasn't been expressed by the political leadership by president felix typically and other health officials. we themselves were very slow to publicly take the dose of the vaccine. one of the 1st donations that congo received the 3000000 doses of the vaccine. and many of those ended up being sent to other countries because they weren't used before. they were due to expire. so this is mobilized very slowly, although now the well bank says that congress ministry of health has started to organize a program to distribute vaccines to the problem, to the provinces, to rural areas. but this will happen very late, which is what explains why the vaccine rate is indeed very far behind. other countries. us secretary of state entity blinkin,
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says the asia pacific region seems to be free of caution. lincoln as an indonesia on the 1st flag of a tour, a science station in if it's a cancer, china's influence the in a growing standoff between beijing and other countries in the resource rich region . in recent years, phones louis has more and i phone, call them for the u. s. is trying to reset its relations in southeast asia. this region was largely overlooked by former us president donald trump. but the biden administration fee, se asia, as vital to its efforts to push back a rising china. now, in his speech outlining the u. s. as in the pacific plans, secretary of state, antony lincoln, that the us will work with its allies and partners to defend the rules based order . he was forthright in his remarks saying countries are concerned about china's actions. and he listed some of these which include china using his, its economic strength to punish countries as policies. it disagrees with,
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and china laying claims to large parts of the south china sea countries across the region. want this behavior to change. we do to that's why we're determined to ensure freedom of navigation in the south china sea, where beijing's aggressive actions there threatened the movement of more than 3 trillion dollars worth of commerce every year. think and stressed that the u. s. is not trying to make countries choose between the us and china and for many countries in the region. there is a balancing act involved. china is a very important trade partner. but many of also traditionally looked to the us to provide security in the region. some analysts say that for the us to deepen its ties in the region, it has to have an effect his economic strategy and lincoln seemed to acknowledge this. in his speech, things the us will identify opportunities for u. s. companies to operate here, as well as for more foreign direct investment to flow into the region. the governor
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of the us state of kentucky says at least 74 people had been killed in the region. on fridays series of tornadoes that ripped through the united states will 100 people were still missing. the powerful storms laid waste 2 entire towns. president joe biden, who's due to visit the state on wednesdays. i'll just here is how did your castro is in the hard had time of may field of where she met some of the people who are picking up the pieces. this house is among the few still standing in mayfield kentucky though it's missing a roof doors and windows. the cato family lived here for 11 years. now they're seeing what they can say. this is where the front door was. and then of course the upstairs. we won't go upstairs if that's okay. um and then our dining room, not every home in this region has a basement,
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but this one, fortunately did, and the cato family had the foresight to offer shelter to some friends who live nearby. they came over just in time and a rush down the stairs likely saved everyone's lives. as soon as we got the basement, you just heard this huge bow. and that was just the, the whole house going up. so you were still in transition. we were still in transition as a mother, what was your, what were you thinking at that? at that point in time i was mentally counting heads. you know, i was like, are we all down here? all 12 people inside the house were unharmed. it's one of those things were just very thankful that everybody's alive and well. this stuff can be replaced. you know, cars can be bought, houses can be done in, but people can't. it's fear the death toll from last week's tornadoes will surpass . 100 people died in illinois, tennessee, and missouri. but kentucky had the greatest loss of life. 18 are still on
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identified of the ones that we know the age. the age range is 5 months to 86 years. and 6 are younger than 18 at the ruins of a collapsed campbell factory in mayfield. emergency crews continue to search for signs of life. this woman made it out, her boyfriend did not. the fact that i should staff should be right there with him is eating mill. i because he was right there. and i don't know what happened. hell, i got out and hayden, and i was donna as communities across the region begin the difficult work of recovering dozens of families are struggling with the same grief. heidi joe castro al jazeera mayfield. kentucky still heads on al jazeera,
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a un reports flames felice for the deaths of the people doing contest in columbia last year. desperate scenes in mexico was the government changes tactics to relocate sizes. michael ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, thank you for joining in. here's your weather report for asia, we're keeping tabs on storm ry as it tracks closer to the philippines. central areas of the philippines. it has been days of rain, the ground incredibly saturated, so just cannot hang on to any more moisture. so land sides and mud slides. a big concern here. then the ne monsoon doing quite a number on malaysia, just steering bouts of heavy rain here, call them poor, picking up or then half
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a month's worth of rain over the past 24 hours. a batch of some showers running cross seeing see river valley into shanghai. so a few shower days ahead about your temperatures. specifically, your overnight temperatures, while above average is, should be at 5, and you're still in the double digit says you dipped down through the overnight hours colder air. gonna punch across northern in northeastern portions of china show the 3 day for beijing in a 2nd. some showers for western honju, a winter mix for western hook hydro, and as promised her as a 3 day forecast in beijing, down to just a high of one degree on friday. but hey, at least it's sunny off to the sub continents and we still got that ne bond soon given us those bouts of wet weather for tam on the do. but the heaviest rain really for sure longer and the mall div bali has a high of 29 on wednesday. that sure weather report see again soon for the weather, sponsored by catera always. ah,
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mother nature ski of cultural landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish, were great, even supplied by tradition. do where beautiful views are offered with a this is al jazeera, quick reminder, all the top stories. this r u. k prime minister has announced towards believe to be the 1st confirmed death of a person who had tested positive for the oma covariance coming errors. parliament is
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expected to discuss unfolds on possible new corona virus restrictions. u. s. secretary of state antony blinking, the says the asia pacific region needs to be free of coercion. lincoln is an indonesia, on the 1st leg of a tour of southeast asia. washington is trying to counter china's influence. and the governor of the state of kentucky in the us since at least 74 people have been killed in the region by friday. see these have tornadoes. 100 people are still missing. one of the most high pool vol, sexual assault cases, and sports, has come to a close years. gymnastics has agreed to pay $318000000.00 to the victims of the disgraced former team. doctor larry nasser the harding has more, 1st, has tear gymnast train their entire lives to make it to the olympics. and that's
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a champion right there. now many american champions say they will spin the rest of there's recovering from the sexual abuse they endured to get there. and no longer of that. den i'm a survivor usa gymnastics, and the u. s. olympics committee have agreed to pay $380000000.00 to victims of former gymnastics team. dr. larry nasser reform touched him in september, many of the sports most high profile gymnast testified to a senate committee saying the sports organizing body and the f. b. i didn't do enough to protect them. they asked if he used gloves. i said no, he never did. they asked if this treatment ever helped me. i said no, it never did. this treatment was a 100 percent abuse and never gave me any relief. i then told the f b i about tokyo, the day he gave me a sleeping pill for the plane ride to then work on me later that night. that evening i was naked, completely alone with him on top of me,
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molesting me for hours. not a problem, some o miles olympic champion simone biles, is the last of nascar's victims to still be competing for that. this mout hosting. i don't mean to pry, but it isn't. it's hard coming here for an organization in having them filled out so many times. and we, we had one goal and we've done everything that they asked us for even when we didn't want to. and they couldn't do one damn job. you had one job, you literally had one job anyway, protector. and it is really sad because now every time i go to the doctor or training, i get worked on it like i don't want to get worked on in a statement. the president of the sports organizing body said usa gymnastics is deeply sorry for the trauma and pain that survivors have endured as a result of this organizations, actions, and inactions. ah,
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while these athletes are known for defying gravity, they've also been praised for flying high. despite efforts to bring them down, we are hurting al jazeera women in kurdistan, have suffered decades of violence in the male dominated country. international observers say it's not likely to get better, which is being reflected in parliament with fewer female m. p. 's voted in in los mon selections, same as ravi has more from the capital. bish carrick and a warning that viewers may find some of the images used in this report. distressing . what's in a name for alton? couple over an artist, single mother and survivor of domestic violence, legally giving her children her last name was a chance to bring her family closer together. 3 marriages left her with 3 children and 3 absent fathers. she says it felt like the natural thing to do. a bow all my
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dear as having my children, especially my eldest son, was very disappointed to have some one else's last name, a person who is an absolute stranger. so for all of us, it was about having the same last name. it was just cozy family happiness, some joy, and i never thought that it would become a big fight. a month after posting about it on facebook. alton received a court order to appear before a judge, the summons or response to public complaints. in kyrgyzstan, children take their father's name and alton had violated longstanding legal tradition in a system that overtly favours men. public attacks on women in broad daylight, brutal beatings in the street. even incidents of humiliation and torture of viral videos like this have become a near daily occurs. shocking examples of the abuse of women rights workers say it's common to the extent of being normalized. the get the emotion. there was a case when a representative from a law enforcement agency said to them, of course,
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a woman will be beaten if she has a long tongue. can you imagine that a police officer is saying that what will happen? how can we think that victim should and can make a statement, and law enforcement will act on it? that it is an indicator of how such cases go. at one of the only organizations of it's kind lawyers work free of charge with women involved in bright kidnapping, enforced marriages, raven domestic violence, as well as narcotics and people trafficking. some lawyers of represented the families of victims of the most brutal murder scene here in recent memory. this last year, he didn't even stop at kidnapping the girl. he killed her where all human beings shouldn't women not even be protected against murder? shouldn't they feel anxiety? if the future is about young girls crush and fear that to morrow, they could be treated this way. forced marriage is a crime. why? it is vital work but only scratches the surface of a nation wide problem. raising public awareness about women's rights and gender
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based violence in kurdistan is a challenging task to say, the least activists are often threatened and have even come under attack. ah, goodness non civil society though vibrant, has to a degree, been forced underground activists. academics, filmmakers, artist musicians, meeting behind closed doors at invitation, only events in undisclosed locations. well, alton says so many women have asked her for help. it's overwhelming for just one person. so despite threats, disruptions and violent assaults by counter demonstrators at a women's march last year, she will continue raising her voice to stay in the public eye. civil rights activists like her say violence against women as a nation wide concern that demands a government response. but with fewer women in the next parliament, the uphill climb has just been made steeper. zane basra v o 0 biscuit. at least 7 people had been killed after a car with the serbian license plates crashed into a house in hungary. and he said the vehicle was carrying migrants across the border
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. the driver refused to stop for a police point, checkpoints for others for injured. yes, defense secretary lloyd olsen has decided against punishing military personnel evolved on a drawn strike, had killed 10 civilians in afghanistan. operation on august 29th in kabul, killed and aid worker and 9 members of his family, including 7 children. an investigation found to strike didn't violate the laws of war, but the military lead mistakes philippine president rodrigo deterrent a has dropped his candidacy for his seat in the senate to 30 announced his bid in november. president's term ends in june next year. and the constitution prevents him from seeking a 2nd term. soon as he is president, is calling for a constitutional referendum on july 25th. that's exactly a year after he suspended parliament,
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dismissed the prime minister and expanded his powers. i say it says it will follow public online consultations starting in january. he also announced new parliamentary elections to be held at the end of next year. yup. colon, musty suddenly abbey. parliament will remain suspended until the election in 20. 22 is held. done. you must, the shot that we will organize our popular consultation on the 1st of january. preparations have already started with electronic platforms and for the questions that will be asked, which will be clear and short minutes. gulf corporation council leaders gathering and saudi arabia for their annual summit. the iran nuclear talks in vienna. the pandemic can the taliban take over in afghanistan. are expected to talk the agenda . their last summits held in january, saw the ends of the blockades of cutter. after 3 and a half years. the mayor of the town of convolt saw in ethiopia some horror region,
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has accused to grind rebels of destroying more than 200 factories. the ethiopian government says its forces. we captured these strategic towns of dessie and con boettcher a week ago from the te gray people's liberation front, speaking exclusively with al jazeera, a 100 yourself said. every efforts is now being made to restore basic services with the support of the local population. both towns are located on a key road from t g, ride to the capital at isabella, and were seized by rebel forces. just over a month ago. the congressional committee investigating the january 6 capitol hill riots as voted to hold former white house, chief of staff, mark meadows, in contempt. the votes was unanimous, but still be approved for the full house of representatives. meadows refused to attend a committee meeting last week. despite being subpoenas. authorities
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in mexico are trying to reduce the number of migrants headed north to the united states. many are being moved to various cities with a promise of temporary jobs until their cases are herds in u. s. courts. but as manual wrapper, the reports from mexico city, the long wait is often leading to frustration. and in some cases, violence ah, a migrant camp in acapulco, mexico, disoriented and exhausted. many seem unsure of why they're here or where they might be sent next. when we shuttle many, that early mid hillock on i was brought here and they told me they would give me a job. they promised me a dream, but it wasn't delivered. welcome. many, at this camp or from central america, haiti, and elsewhere on the american continent. they were brought here by immigration authorities enforcing a strategy of relocating migrants to various mexican cities. relocating migrants is
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one of the most recent policy changes by the mexican government. mexico is also re adopting old policies like the controversial migrant protection protocols, which force us asylum seekers to remain in mexico while their cases are heard. in u. s. port, mexico's president has defended the changes. i'm saying he's focused on ensuring a more orderly flow of migration on rama. is it? it's a program that will allow us to continue to care for migrants. that's what we're going to do. but experts argue the mexican governments strategy of containing migration is unsustainable. ah, violent confrontations are becoming more common like this one in the outskirts of mexico city on sunday, where riot police tried to corral a migrant caravan and incidents involving large scale people. smuggling are also on the rise. last week, a truck carrying as many as 200 migrants crammed into its cargo space,
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flipped on its side in southern mexico. at least 55 people were killed. those me can understand. brown is those boys. those asked that les rasul, because migrants have always been exposed to dangers, like sex trafficking, organ trafficking, etc. but what is happening now? the government's rhetoric is about protecting migrants and creating order. but the reality is they are leaving migrants to fend for themselves under vulnerable circumstances. i would say the government is re victimizing migrants with o. u. s. and mexican officials see they're committed to addressing the root causes of migration and to protecting migrants. but international human rights organizations insist countries in the region must do more to guarantee that migrant rights are not violated. manuel rap below al jazeera mexico city. chillers 2 remaining presidential candidates who taken part in their final d. v. debates before sundays one off election. conservative candidates,
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jose antonio casters promising to be tough on crime and immigration. left us gabrielle boric, wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and expand social services. cast came out on top after the 1st round of voting in november. more than a century after british troops stole their treasure. the people of been in city have a reason to celebrate to been in bronzes are heading home and have received a royal welcome. andrew chappelle has more good signing on behalf of his people, the traditional ruler of the kingdom of beneath puts pen to paper to write a historic wrong. oh my goodness. i was unable to open, which we removed from his brother's in nigeria as president mohammed who
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bihari has issued a directive to his government. oh ah, a bronze. cockrell and a king's bust. the 2 works of art whose return is being celebrated. they once decorated beneath palace commissioned by ancient kings to remember their predecessors. the city was attacked and the palace ransacked in 18. 97. the king had refused to recognise britain's claim on west africa. while 2 items are being returned, 900 pieces remain in the british museum in london. and the people have been in city or waiting for their return. and chappelle al jazeera ah.


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