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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm AST

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the years, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. ah, mm mm. this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is louise. i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, bill roost jails. the husband of opposition lead us for atlanta to come up, sky of 18 years, saying he provoked mass on rest. and social hatred will speak to slightly shortly. with the electron variant gating ground in many countries, the u. k. government debates were that of type restrictions ahead of the holiday season. like scientists prepared to release new data on the fast warming arctic.
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just as the un confirms a he recorded siberia of the blocked canal, that starving crimea of water are becoming the latest flash point points between ukraine and russia. and i'm far as my with the sports news lie from our fever era for cub studio on the tao. how waterfront matches united next, primarily game has been postponed due to a coven 19 outbreak at the club. english football is dealing with a record number of cases. ah, a cotton battle roost the sentenced. sa, hey, ticket off to the husband of bella luce, his opposition, leader, to 18 years in prison. he was found guilty of organizing mass on rest, at inciting social hatred. to cut off ski deny is the charges. he's been detained since last year, as he prepare to run against alexander lucas shanker. had
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a presidential election in august and here his wife's atlanta taken up sky up ran in his place in the election and slept longer to get up. scott joins us now live from brussels. svetlana, thanks for being with us on what must be a particularly distressing day. what was your reaction to this verdict? everyone, you know, i was sure that i was prepared for such a tough sentence. but as a matter of fact, it was really stressful for me and the whole day because i feel devastated by it doesn't mean that i'm going to cry the whole day long. i understand that only difficult and ready to jo. we'll make a future release. forcible for my husband for congress, thousands, awfully bill or since have you been able to speak to your husband since the verdict or even during the trial last time i told her she
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14 months ago for and then we can communicate through the we have for sent small messages about children, about what are thinks to him and how and your how you and your family coping with his incarceration. you know, to leave mother rather old when she was in prison today. she wasn't alone, but of course she's afraid that she will be able to see her son in law. i'm really sorry that i can't hug actual because i'm in different country. my children don't know about the sentence and i'm not going to tell them. my younger daughter she seeks she receives presence, the latest from godaddy,
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thinking to some business trips. my oldest son level understands why his father, but i don't want to ruin his home because i want to believe that we will be able to meet their daddy in the future. what do you intend to do now for atlanta? no, be continued our height. there is snow like a magician bottom, you can press and in a miracle happen and we will get rid of dictatorship. it's ever the hard top. joe, you have every day, make small steps, or in a, one of the ground and on the international arena to cause the day or for to release a lot of the up person. so i'm continuing to be active or in democratic countries, updated information about barrels version your piano countries
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to work together with the u. s. t. c united kingdom to put pressure crate, multiple corns of pressure on the regime economically. politically. i'll come in a key, it will continue to compete with people on the crowd, which of them to step into work and all went into plan a victory and so on. it's invisible at every day, joe, that feel a feel boss to and get rid of this was you and what is your message to your supporters in belarus? today? i want to remind you once again that everything is in our hands, our beloved people sacrificed with the freedom sam really lies to give us at united to continue, we can betray our credit, the whole world can betray people who are fighting for the common values. so be tough, be strong, and to lead to bear that build new country. does your husband do not have
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any legal rights to, to appeal the sentence? was there we'll be continuation. oh, the so called try out there and i will away and we will work on the next steps. i know michelle read the site. she had practice in say no one's no one sentence. it is changed especially about her prisoner. so just a couple here, chris said, you are certain i really appreciate you talking to us to day. many thanks. indeed for being with us. svetlana to can of sky of them around the world. countries are seeing coven 19 infections and deaths rising again to record numbers. governments also trying to tackle the u, omicron variant, but delta remains dominant in most places. for the moment, at least politicians in the u. k. a been questioning scientists about the omicron
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variable cove at 19 prime minister boris johnston announced what's believe to be the world's 1st confirmed death of a patient with the new variant on monday parliament is now discussing hospital new restrictions ahead of a vote later out as eras pulled brennan joins us now. live from london. we'll talk about to the parliamentary debate. an amendment, paul. but 1st i'm a crohn expected to become the dominant strain of the virus in london in the very near future. the government urging people to get a 3rd boost of vaccine. those. what's the latest? the latest is there were in day 2 of this big booster jams drive by the government and a so far they're not hitting the 1000000 a day that they predicted or hoped for. at the start of it, i around 5500000 jams were administered on monday. so clearly that's lagging way behind the 1000000 a day. the forest johnson wanted to see that said though there are still massive surges of interest in getting the booster. i was at a vaccination center
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a little earlier that you may have seen, and there was a large q there, and there are reports of large kuza vaccination centers all around the country with people wanting to get the 3rd booster jab. the reason why is because the booster jav appears to give 70 percent protection against on a cron, a level of protection of the 1st 2 jobs don't. and the other thing is that the alarming frankly terrifying reports of exactly how fast or mac on is spreading. as you mentioned, it's likely to become the dominant strain here in london, where i'm sitting around 50 percent of cases by the end of today. according to the government, it's around 20 percent in the wider country, but that said, the acceleration of alma crohn over delta is alarming the health professionals. and the reason why is because even if our micron proves to be less virulent at less deadly, the large number of people who are going to be catching it,
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even if only one percent of them regard needs hospitalization. that is still a risk to the national health service of a overwhelming hospital admissions. and that debate that's going on in the house of commons. at the moment the u. k. prime minister potentially facing a big rebellion of a plan, new coven restrictions. that's right. i mean, some of the restrictions have already been implemented, said, for example, the need to wear masks in enclose spaces. what's happening today is that there is going to be 4 votes in the house of commons. are we've got the house secretary shout the sergeant javert who is currently seeking to persuade a large number somewhere in the region of 70 of the m. p. 's on his own side from his own conservative party who are threatening to rebel and vote against these tight restrictions. the biggest thing that they're objecting to is the is the concept of. busy vaccine passports, cove, it's certification that would be introduced under this new plan b to make it
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a requirement for people if they want to go into restaurants. cafe. busy cinemas and, and places of that type to actually have not just at to vaccines, but eventually to also have a booster jab. it's essentially saying you can't come in unless you've been properly vaccinated. and this idea of having to show papers to show your vaccinate vaccine status sticks in the throat of, of some of these m p 's and, but the government is adamant that is absolutely necessary and they're working on the basis of the scientific advice that they've been given al jazeera paul brennan live in london, paul and he thinks indeed the governor of the us state of kentucky says that it could take a week or more so know exactly how many people died after friday's tornadoes. so far, 88 people are known to have died across 5 states. but more than a 100 people are still unaccounted for. workers volunteers, and members of the national guard have been searching for survivors. and looking for bodies live now to out 0 hydro castro, who's in dawson springs, kentucky,
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kentucky. of course, the worst hit state heidi recovery efforts underway right across the region. i mean, we spoke to yesterday in may field, which was significantly damage just how wide spread is the damage from these are these tornadoes across the state. an adrian that is what makes us recover efforts. so mass has because the storm is cause more than 30 tornadoes. the biggest one perhaps more than one kilometer in width and traveling on the ground for more than 300 kilometers and lives. this is what it left behind. this is dawson springs kentucky. another hard hit community, once a picturesque valley town with home surrounding it. now you can see it's just a gash in the earth. and it is difficult to imagine how the people who once lived here survived this event. we have overturn vehicles. the people fled from this home so quickly. you can see incredibly, the storm left the clothes. so hang on the,
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on their hangers in inside the closet, but the rest of the home is utterly destroyed. this home has already been searched over by the rescue worker. you can see that by the green sign next to the door, the number on top seeing how many people were rescue the number on the bottom in case there were any bodies found in this home 0 on both counts. meaning the people got out of here on their own and are live. but this is just one of the thousands of homes that have been leveled because of the storm. and that search and rescue effort continues today with national guard troops and others on the ground going through that painstaking work with so many dead here in kentucky. the governor who is going to give us an update in a few hours time, says he is still fearful that that death toll is now more than 70 will only rise. adrian, as we've been saying highly, since the storm hit this december, pretty unusual time of the year for tornadoes in kentucky with
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a warming climate to people think this is the new normal right, that's the biggest fear here. but the difficulty is because tornadoes are so complex, they require multiple ingredients. we know for a fact it was unseasonably warm here on friday before the storm hit. that is one requirement for generating a tornado, certainly impacted by climate change. but another in another ingredient is wins that are strong, that rapidly changed directions and the researchers are transparent and same. they simply don't know whether that is impacted by climate change as well. in the us they, we get a $1200.00 tornadoes a year on average that has health study in recent years. but certainly this type of cluster tornadoes that covers such a wide area of destruction that is making history here in the u. s. and whether or not this is the new normal as so many fear the best data on that will be whether
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this happens again. adrian out is is how does your caster reporting live there from dawson springs, kentucky. heidi many effects here with it is, are still to come on the program on his 1st stop of the asia pacific tool. the u. s . secretary of state reaffirms america's commitment to pushing back against china, signed and sealed, and celebrated the traditional ruler of an old african kingdom formalized as the return of stolen treasures. and in sport of $318000000.00 settlement has been reached. between victims of the disgraced former dr. larry nasa and usa gymnastics ah, bureau scientists are preparing to put out another report card on the arctic. it's likely to set off more alarm bells about all warming climate. earlier the u. m. confirmed a new record temperature in the arctic over summer when
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a siberian town saw 38 degrees celsius. the world meteorological organizations as the arctic is heating. ringback at more than twice the global average or satellites keep track of each melt season from 1981 to 2010. this was the median ice edge. that's the area still frozen at the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. last year, however, at the 2nd lowest amount of ice cover in the satellite record that level of melting has enormous effects on permafrost along the arctic coastlines. we'll talk specifics about climate science shortly with our guest. but 1st, let's speak to al jazeera oliver vonny in london. he's the producer of the environmental program planet. s o s. he had a crew were in greenland at the start of september or on about what did you actually see there? when we went over to greenland ahead of the climate, some of the things that i was go there was a little talk about rising temperatures and the effect that was having both on the
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tech and specifically on the green line. the guy she so we visited eastern greenland, the very remote area. there were a number of small hunting and fishing communities dotted along the edge of the ice cap and it's dead. the warming well is really being felt. the anyone who live in the area have a very deep visual connection to the land, the sea, and the and it's bad that really feeling the effects of the rising temperatures. we spent a lot of time with more man called been able to and he was the man, one of the villages. and he came from a long line of hunters that stretched back generations. and he goes out on to the ice to hunt for the field. and the seal meets provides for his family and his dogs over the harsh winter months. but the sea ice that he goes out on is getting thinner and its not lasting for his long. in some cases, the feel i stopping for me at all. so he has to go much further afield to find
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viable sea ice and the seals that live on it. the hunting season is much, much shorter. he needs to work much harder to get the feel meet that he needs. and in some places, it's just too dangerous to go out on to the ice, because the weights of a sleigh is likely to go through it. so everything that is changing the way that he live is changing. and people in those villages spoke in very emotional terms about the effects that was having both on their families and on that communities. one village we went can see was called could a. so that's a population about $200.00 people there. but a decade ago there was 400 people that the population in 10 years, the hall, and that's future number of reasons. but the one that kept coming up time and time again was the lack of sea ice and the lack of hunting opportunities. and so there were roads that is that how this village, which is estimate the amount of people that have moved away. and it's the fear of a lot of people in those communities that the,
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the rising temperatures cool thing. a lack of sea ice is making a lot of people look elsewhere for opportunities and it's having a huge effect on those, those small community. so the melting ice has political and not just environmental consequences. yes, that's right. i mean, as the temperature is rise, the c i smoke ice in general retreats, and that's meaning that things have been buried for a long time, becoming more accessible and green and has vast quantities. all gemstones deposits of minerals and of rarer metals. and if those rarer metals that people really want to get hold of, they used in a variety of things from the manufacturer of mobile phones to wind turbine and in lots of mit transportation. so in radar systems and combine across that makes them really valuable. and as the ice is retreating, a lot of these deposits are becoming more accessible and the local people that have
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that the connection to the land. a worry, the large mining companies are going to come in, possibly exploring the land. and it's also getting the attention of countries as well. china has invested a lot of money in greenland recently. and you'll remember that donald trump, when he was president, tried to buy greenland. so for a lot of people, the warming climate is having a profound impact on them on that communities. i'm on the next generation of how they're going to live in the region. all of the many facts down to zeros, all of avante, the producer of planet, s o. s. many, thanks indeed, let's speak then to what it is. okay. who's the president of the institute for governance and sustainable development in washington dc. he joins us now live from that good to have with us. why is the arctic so important to our climate and why is the climate changing their faster than anywhere else on us? well in fact, the arctic is warming closer to 3 times the global average and the central arctic.
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and what happens in the arctic does not stay in the arctic. there are tele connections from that part of the world throughout the global weather system. and the arctic is out right now, losing its reflective sea ice. and that is adding a tremendous amount of additional solar radiation to the global weather system. and when we lose the rest of that c eyes, which is a great white shield reflecting heat back in the safe and the space safely, we'll add the equivalent of 25 years worth of warming. and that will d stabilize the entire global system. so we need to go from this great report card that the u. s. is put out on the arctic every year for the last 16 years to a report card that also includes solutions. what should we be doing to
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save the arctic and thus save the global weather system? can and there are strategy. yeah, i was good off. can the optic be saved or is it or is it too late? well the 1st thing we need to do is slam on the brakes for global warming. and this man's cutting methane, this is the super pollutant and the single biggest and fastest way to slow warming in the world. if you cut the other super pollutants which include the hfc refrigerants, black carbon and troposphere goes on. that package can cut the rate of arctic warming by 2 thirds, and still not going to be enough. we need to do arctic repair. and there are several strategies being looked at around the world, including at cambridge university by sir david chang and others. and that includes a nuclear in low level marine clouds. that can be more reflective. it includes the work of dr. leslie fields to test silicon beads. basically made of sand,
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they can answer the reflectivity c i so you can grow stronger multi, your ice is, is the real danger. we're down to just a few percent of the strong multi or eyes. and when the psychologic wins and wave action of the arctic get even stronger, that ice will break up and melts even fast. you, you mentioned finals, you mentioned the word repair that this it could, could the sea ice parapet or glass is even once glasser is gone? surely it's gone forever. well the, when we lose the, the greenland ice sheet that is gone forever. but the arctic sea ice can be repaired, at least. that's what scientists, thanks so far. now we may have to go to the extreme measure of solar radiation management, where we would actually shoot reflective particles in the space to reflect more sunlight. now we would expect that to be
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a temporary solution. we would expect that we try to do that on a regional or more local level. and then we'd have to test it very, very carefully. because we do not know if that would be, say, if we do the solar at asian management, will that affect the monsoons in india? for example. it's got to be very careful with that riggers took, she said fascinating towards. okay. the in washington gulf corporation council lead has a gathering in saudi arabia for the annual summit. the iran nuclear talks in vienna . append demik on the taliban takeover in afghanistan are expected to top the agenda, the last summit held in january. so the end of the blockade of consol after 3 and a half years. meanwhile, taekwan's nuclear chief has rejected demands by the u. n. 's international atomic energy agency to gain access to one of its sites. and we'll go to like him, well,
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i got a ticket. the talks we had with the un nuclear watched of chief was sent it on the allegations. in addition to the issue of carriage nuclear facility, we're still negotiating these issues which are governed by other political considerations. let alone the psychological aspects under the maximum pressure policy. the issue of carriage facility should be resolved within a broad, a package that includes other allegations on, on this, from out there as dorsal jibari who's in vienna. not only these talks here in vienna, between iran and the remaining signatories of the 2015 nuclear deal. and the united states who is indirectly, as speaking with the iranians via the you. but it's also an issue with the i am the nuclear watch soccer at his policing. what is left of that nuclear deal? according to rating officials, there was a sabotaged attack ads. this workshop encouraged us outside of to her on where the iranians produce centrifuges in june. and at the time there were 4 i. e. cameras
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installed there as part of additional protocol of the nonproliferation treaty, which iran abided by after signing the j. c. p. o, a since that attack to place the iranians have taken off all those cameras. so they, i, e says they're virtually blind there. and as a result, they are not aware of how many centrifuges iranians are making, and where those centrifuges are going. we've also heard from the u. s. secretary of state anthony clinton earlier on tuesday in the area where he said that they are you, the americans are considering all alternatives in case these negotiations go nowhere in this j. c, p o is no longer intact and cannot be revived. but there is a sense for the rainy's at least that the talks are progressing, although slowly and that is somewhat of a good sign and that this issue of the carriage workshop will be resolved as part of the larger picture when they feel this negotiation is settled to our case, foreign minister has announced steps are being taken to normalize ties with armenia,
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a boot camp covers hulu. so the turkey at our media will appoint special envoys and restart charter flights between the 2 countries. the relationship has long been strained over the mass killings of armenians under the ultimate empire in the early 20th century. turkey rejects all media and claims that it was genocide, time magazine, this may be entrepreneur, illinois mosque. it's 2021 person of the year. the magazine says the chief executive of tesla and space sex is the best example of a massive shift in our society. it credits the 50 year old with creating solutions to global crises and embodying the possibilities and perils of the age of tech titans. the magazine says it gives the award to someone who affects the news, all the world in the biggest way for better or worse. well, get a weather update next here on out 0, then the fight for women's rights. international observers sound the alarm of the record levels of violence encourages stung at a footballing giant is given
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a super sized tribute. it is home town, fara, here with that, and the rest of the day schools, little laser, ah, with hello, thank you for joining an we'll begin in the middle east and eventually get you to africa. hang tight. first got to talk about disturb weather in the levant, around the red sea. both sides is energy will pivot further toward the east stand. so there is the risk of seen some showers in kuwait, even power up some thunderstorms on friday. believe your temperatures well above average, you should be 8 degrees overnight, but we've got you in for 70 off the pakistan right now, things are settled, save for a few showers and snow showers to the foothills of the himalayas. we do have some snow showers and cobble with the high of 3 degrees after turkey. really unsettled
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here cyprus in the levant, which we are speaking about. but really soggy weather pattern for is stumble over the next few days windy as well. could see those winds crank up to about 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. through the tropics of africa, we got our storms closer to that west coast. we were talking about congo into gab bon and camera room. and we're going further toward the south and some really organized bands of rain here around bill, away. oh, stretching into eastern portions of south africa and for now or cape town on wednesday has a high of 23 degrees, but wait for it. some hers on the way your temperature shoots up to 32 just in time for the weekend. sounds good. enjoy sir. ah. it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's brother's home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder. one 0, one east investigating the crimes and those settings behind them on al jazeera
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ah al jazeera. with who can you hear? anticipation, these rising excitement is growing as a cattle anyways. brings your favorite teen to cut off for the fee for arab called 2021. greatness is in the air, late sore is one and to reach new heights. join as in cat, on from november the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package. now at canton, airways dot com. ah
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ah, hello again, adrian for the good a here in doha, with the usa, from out sierra headlines, a quoted by the rooster sentenced. say hey, to canada. keith, the husband, old fellow, uses opposition later. the 18 years in prison. he was found guilty of organizing mass on the rest of inciting social hatred. to run off ski says the charges are politically motivated. bouquets prime minister has announced was believe to be the 1st confirmed death of a person who tested positive for the all mccomb variant. parliament is currently discussing possible new cobit my team restrictions ahead of a vote. lisa of the u. n. has confirmed the new record temperature at the arctic over the summer when a siberia.


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