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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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on the grass, so and then the national community should kia it, bowed. zillow, civilians ukrainian civilians and cranium to us who he may incur mia and who are suffering from the persecution of the russian ascetic day on state. many cray meals, 1st of all, cranium tass, are now in prison, and they are in crimea reasons, but also in rational broker. so irrational reasons that are many crimea does. and one of the scenes, how to improve the sedation is to keep international attention to what's going on in crimea regarding human rights, the rights of crimea, to us, and to prevent zuraw, some military escalation in green me, ross. she's trying to find an excuse to death. okay. ukraine not only even
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crimea, but also even don't boss and another place. ok, professor, we're going to leave it that many thanks. anti professor alexi. i think whether update next here on the usa, then on his 1st stop on an asia pacific tor, the u. s. secretary of state reaffirms america's commitment to pushing back against china at a footballing giant as give it a super sized tribute in his home town. son, i will be here with that and the rest of the day sport ah, with hello, thank you for joining us. we'll begin in the middle east and eventually get your staff. erica, hang tight. first. got to talk about disturbed weather in the levant, around the red sea, both sides. it's energy will pivot further toward the east stand. so there is the
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risk of seeing some showers in kuwait, even power ups and thunderstorms on friday. but look your temperatures well above average. it should be 8 degrees overnight, but we've got you in for 17. off the boxes sound right now. things are settled safer, a few showers in snow showers through the foothills of the himalayas. we do have some snow showers in cobble with the high of 3 degrees off to turkey. really unsettled here cyprus in the levant, which we are speaking about. but really, saki weather pattern for is stumble over the next few days windy as well. could see those winds crank up to about 40 to 50 kilometers per hour through the tropics of africa, we can storms closer to that west coast. so we're talking about congo into gap. bon and camera room. now we're going further toward the south and some really organized bands of rain here around bill, away oh, stretching into eastern portions of south africa. and for now keep town on wednesday has a high of 23 degrees, but wait for it. some hearse on the way your temperature shoots up to 32 just in time for the weekend. sounds good. enjoy sir.
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ah! the stories of determination and joy, he will allow you to be luck, though indeed kiddo jane. if you have remained a listing v, i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries. the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera in a world where remote is become the norm. it's never been more vital to build strong connectivity between your home and the office as hell sense cutting edge beef app services allow companies unprecedented scope to protect the bonds they have grown amongst their corporate. so they are ready to face the future. united. however,
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they choose to well as sales sat space to deliver your vision. ah ah, hello again, adrian for the get the hearing though, how with the diesel on al jazeera, the headlines, the world health organization says the only cron corona virus. various is spreading faster than any strain before it warns that even if its symptoms proved to be mild, unprepared health systems could still be overwhelmed. the cotton baylor roost was sentenced to say, hey, to kalonski. the husband of beller, roosters opposition, leader to 18 years in prison. he was found guilty of organizing mass on rest,
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and inciting, social hatred. charges he says were made up. the gulf corporation, counsellors finished its summit in saudi arabia with leaders declaring that an attack on one member is on a tackle. all gcc has stressed cohesion at a time of regional concern. meanwhile, iran's nuclear chief has rejected demands by the u. n's, international atomic energy agency to gain access to one of its sites. talks continue in vienna to try to salvage the 2015 nuclear agreement. m o. gov, to global i again to get the talks we had with the un nuclear watchdog chief, was centered on the allegations. in addition to the issue of carriage nuclear facility, we still negotiating these issues which are governed by other political considerations, let alone the psychological aspects under the maximum pressure policy, the issue of carriage facilities should be resolved within a broader package. that includes other allegations that more from out here as dos of jabari who's in vienna. this seems to be
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a very crucial point. and not only these talks here in vienna, between iran and the remaining signatories of the 2015 nuclear deal. and the united states who is indirectly, as speaking with the iranians, via the you, but is also an issue with the i am the nuclear watch sog that is policing. what is left of that nuclear deal? according to rating officials, there was a sabotage attack ads. this work shopping carriage dots outside of town, where iranians produce centrifuges in june. and at the time there were 4 i. e. cameras installed there as part of additional protocol of the non proliferation treaty, which iran abided by after signing the j. c p. o. a. since that is hacked to place, the iranians have taken off all those cameras. so they, i, e says they're virtually blind there. and as a result, they are not aware of how many centrifuges iranians are making, and where those centrifuges are going. we've also heard from the u. s. secretary of state, anthony lincoln earlier on tuesday in asia, where he said that they are you,
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the americans are considering all alternatives in case these negotiations go nowhere in this j. c. p, o is no longer intact and cannot be revived. but there is a sense for the rainy's at least that the talks are progressing, although slowly and that is somewhat of a good sign and that this issue of the carriage workshop will be resolved as part of the larger picture when they field this negotiation is settled more than a century after british troops stole that treasure, the people have been named city and so the nigeria have a reason to celebrate to bonnem bronzes, a heading home to a royal welcome. under chappelle report, lou signing on behalf of his people, the traditional ruler of the kingdom of beneath puts pen to paper to write a historic wrong ah you know, with i oh,
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which will move from his brothers in nigeria as president mohammed who bihari has issued a directive to his government. oh, ah, a bronze cochroll and a king's bust. the 2 works of art whose return is being celebrated. they once decorated beneath palace, commissioned by ancient kings to remember their predecessors. the city was attacked and the palace ransacked in 18. 97. the king had refused to recognize britons claim on west africa, while 2 items are being returned. 900 pieces remain in the british museum in london, and the people have been in city or waiting for their return and chappelle al jazeera. with returning to the pandemic,
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the president of the democratic republic of congo hopes that a vaccination push will help to control serious infection numbers that they've also confirmed. the 1st cases of the on the crone variant. so father government is administered, fewer than 5 percent of the vaccine doses that it's been given. officer, as malcolm webb has more from my robi on why the congolese government is struggling to contain the right of infections. firstly, the reason affected all of africa or much of, of other continents as well, was just the lack of doses which countries, of course, brought up almost all of the available. this is at the beginning of this year, and it was only when donations start to trickle into, into poor countries, that governments were even able to start those vaccination programs. but that's something that affected all of this continent. and of course, if there aren't enough doses for government to give out to many people, then they're not in a position to start running public. a public awareness campaign to coach people to
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come and get that connected. but say that congo situation is worse even than the other countries in this content, countries around it because of a reluctance, because it hasn't been expressed by the political leadership by president felix difficulty and other health officials who themselves were very slow the publicly take the dose of the vaccine, one of the 1st donations that congo received the 3000000 doses of the aster then vaccine. and many of those ended up being sent to other countries because they weren't used before they were due to expire. so this is mobilized very slowly, although now the well bank says that congress ministry of health has started to organize a program to distribute vaccine to the problem, to the provinces, to rural areas. but this will happen very late, which is what explains why the vaccine rate is indeed very far behind other countries. tens of thousands of people in eastern china have been placed under some
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form of isolation. 44 of the countries, 51 domestically transmitted code. 1900 cases reported in jang province where a mass testing campaigns been implemented concerns a high over new outbreaks in china. beijing is preparing to host the winter olympic games in just under 2 months. austria won't be sending any high ranking politicians to the beijing to ruin picks, but insist that it's nothing to do with the us led diplomatic protest. jossla called there hummer says that it's because of china's corona virus restrictions which will prevent delegates from meeting their countries athletes. the u. s. canada britain of australia, a staging a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 went to games, citing china's human rights record. he was secretary of state to enter. the blinkin says the asia pacific region needs to be free of coercion. lincoln is in indonesia, on the 1st leg of a tore of southeast asia and a bid to count a. china's influence that there's been
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a growing stand off between beijing and other countries in the resource rich region . in recent years, florence louis reports now from cornell and put the u. s. is trying to reset its relations in southeast asia. this region was largely overlooked by former u. s. president donald trump, but the biden administration, si se asia as vital to its efforts to push back arising china. now in his speech outlining the u. s. as india pacific plants secretary of state antony lincoln said the us will work with its allies and partners to defend the rules based order. he was forthright in his remarks, saying countries are concerned about china's actions. and he listed some of these, which include china using his it's economic strength to punish countries whose policies it disagrees with. and china laying claims to large parts of the south china sea countries across the reason why this behavior to change. we do to that's why we're determined to ensure freedom is navigation in the south china sea,
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where beijing's aggressive actions there threatened the movement of more than 3 trillion dollars worth of commerce. every year, lincoln stressed that the u. s. is not trying to make countries choose between the us and china and for many countries in the region. there is a balancing act involved. china is a very important trade partner. but many of also traditionally looked to the us to provide security in the region. some analysts say that for the us to deepen its ties in the region, it has to have been effective economic strategy. and bring can seem to acknowledge for us in his speech, sayings us will identify opportunities for us companies to operate here. as well as for more foreign direct investment to flow into the region. the president of the philippines, rodrigo, to 30, has scrapped his candidacy for a season. the senate says and i was just been a vendor. after abandoning the idea of running for vice president. it's not clear why he's drunk down to the senate race. the president term ends in june next year.
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and the constitution prevents him seeking a 2nd top. the u. s. medical company, once owned by martin skelly, has agreed to pay $40000000.00 to settle allegations of price. price gouging. scrolly is starting trial in new york on related charges. the former hedge fund manager gave notoriety in 2015 after hiking the price of a life saving drug from $17.00, a tablet to a whopping $750.00 onto cirrus rosalind jordan reports. martin scrambling will always be known as pharma, bro. the brash young hedge fund investor, who shot to infamy by selling like saving medicines at stratospheric prices at this price. their premise still actually on the low end of what orphan drugs costs, all of this attention, and doctors and patient group saying they can access this drug or egan, and change the price. now the u. s. government says squarely went too far. on tuesday, he goes on trial on charges. he raised the price of a common
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h i v drug by 4000 percent and then try to block competitors from offering a cheaper version to patients. federal regulators have just reached a $40000000.00 settlement with his former companies involved in the sky. surely is already in federal prison, convicted in 2017 of using his hedge funds to steal millions from investors. he was unrepentant after the guilty verdict. it, this was a which haunt of, of epic proportions, and maybe they found one or 2 groups next. but at the end of the day, we've been acquitted of the most important charges case. and i'm delighted to report that along with his freedom squarely has lost his expensive toys. in july, the justice department announced squarely had sold the only existing copy of a wu tang album to help pay his 7000000 dollar fine. even in america,
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there are limit to being a capitalist. rosalind warden al jazeera washington sent us here next to where all the schools. thank you very much, adrian. well, yes. who are alive from our campus studio here in doha? we'll have the latest from the tournament and we'll have more on the 380000000 dollars settlements about has been read between victims of this great former dr. larry now saw and usa gymnastics. ah
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a hole for for
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bomb dollars. is there a special coverage of the fee for our cup? the carmen doubling up as a major warm up event that for the cutout won't cover next. headphones on, homeless plenty of sports news for you, including $380000000.00 a month has been reached between vixen self disgraced former dr. loud enough and usa gymnastics. i think the united are facing up to a coven 19 outbreak among plays and staff. and a post mortem study on the brain of an nfl player who shot 6 people find that he had a brain disease possibly caused by hits that he took on the field. one of the most high profile sexual assault caught cases in sports has come to a close usda. monastic that has agreed to pay $380000000.00 to victims of the disgrace to form a team. a dr. liar nasa. b, a harding has more, 1st, hust hears,
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gymnast train their entire lives to make it to the olympics. and that, that's a champion right there. now many american champions say they will spin the rest of theirs. recovering from the sexual abuse they endured to get there. and no longer a victim, i'm a survivor usa gymnastics, and the u. s. olympics committee have agreed to pay $380000000.00 to victims of former gymnastics team. dr. larry nasser reformed to touch him in september, many of the sports most high profile gymnast testified to a senate committee saying the sports organizing body and the f. b. i didn't do enough to protect them. they asked if he used gloves. i said no, he never did. they asked if this treatment ever helped me. i said no, it never did. this treatment was a 100 percent abuse and never gave me any relief. i then told the f b i about tokyo, the day he gave me a sleeping pill for the plane ride to then work on me later that night. that
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evening i was naked, completely alone with him on top of me, molesting me for hours. not a problem. simone pyle olympic champion simone biles, is the last of nascar's victims to still be competing for that. this mout, hosting double back. i don't mean to pry, but it is it's hard coming here for an organization in having them filled out so many times. and we, we had one gold, we've done everything that they asked us for even when we didn't want to. and they couldn't do one damn job. you had one job, you literally had one job, any wouldn't protector. and it is really sad because now every time i go to the doctor or training, i get worked on it like i don't want to get worked on in a statement. the president of the sports organizing body said usa gymnastics is deeply sorry for the trauma and pain that survivors have endured as
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a result of this organization's actions and inactions. ah, while these athletes are known for defying gravity, they've also been praised for flying high. despite efforts to bring them down, we are hurting al jazeera dr. studying the donated brain of former nfl plan. phillip adams have found out he had the chronic brain disease when he shot a dead 6 people and then himself, in april, this year, adams brain, that was donated for research. and on tuesday, dr. said he had stage to city eat when he died. the brain disease is common among and a fell players who suffer repetitive had trauma on the field, an a can lead to paranoia aggression and all the disorders before my san francisco . 49 as cornerback killed himself a day after the shooting. in carolina, on april, the 7th, the english premier league is facing
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a rack or number of coven 19 cases. 42 plays and staff a half tested positive and the past week. i to say night is match against brentford . later on tuesday has been postponed due to a corona virus outbreak. united. the league said the decision was made following guidance from medical advisors due to the exceptional circumstances of the outbreak . and the city manager pet. guardiola is urging all his place and staff to get their coven 19 boost of vaccination cities. game at leads that later on tuesday is set to kickoff. as planned, whisper with ablaze almost every day. be careful, be careful. stay safe. stay healthy. mask social distance. because now in the christmas time is the tendency to organize parties to go out and do something extra . it's normal. and unfortunately, the virus is still here, the new guardian and ovarian, so hopefully 95 percent of the people is already vaccine
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here and delivery, you know, you can get it, but i think they don't allow you to suffer much andrea, but of course i am concerned it is so sad, you still are suffering ah, close to half a 1000000 tickets have been sold at the fif i ab cup cutter is hosting the torment as a country steps up. its preparations for next year's woke up. oh is they cut out play algeria in the semi finals? and it was spoke to andy gray has gotten gray to who is currently a b in sports presenter. he told to far a smile that he's decade in katara has taught him a lot about the football culture. well, the 1st thing is that a lot of people who don't let them know cut off on a psycho hasn't got football culture. you know, they seem to forget that the q f e foundation f association was formed in 1960 had been playing football,
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organized football here for over 60 years. so that in itself is as is enough to say . and i think i agree with everyone who said that every region in the world should be tempted to host the woke up. and this will be the 1st woke up in the out of region as deserving of one in facility. so my can efficient is good to be an unbelievable woke up for footballers. i hope the funds make it equally as good. but i think if you're a football and you're coming to catch up with woke up, you read for something special and they will find that like italy, people here of just as passionate about the football sometimes even more so that anyone, anybody else to the woke and what about the team that has her football team? how do you think they'll do what the walk up? i think they'll do well. i mean, i've been really impressed. i have to say because 2 years ago i watched them when the asian cup and it was fantastic atmosphere in the city was, was just amazing. and i was able to watch the games. sadly, because i've been doing premier leak during that up cup. i've not been able to see much of the guys, but that in this every fatal play against algeria. that would be tough. a really tough game and, and algeria will be the tough say, the played sofa,
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but they've got some really good players. and then when he doesn't know about it gets out, he won't get surprised. i think that she a because i think the cupboard with confidence going to play and the confederation company america, and then playing all these ladies in europe as have been doing over the last couple of years or so. i think we'll give the guys great experience and as like, coming into the woke up there, be absolutely ready for it. now you just missed out on me. don't know my well, during your career and you are a scotland team. i'm are playing are in a playoff against the ukraine. do you think they'll get through? i think we can beat you clean without home. and, and i think we can beat them. i think the atmosphere at hand and will be absolutely sensational. i'm. i'm pretty, i'm, i'm hoping my fingers across everything scores matter. we have enough ability to get through and what a long overdue coming back to will cut 1990. alas, woke up my country was, was an, as far too long for a country like scotland not to be in the world, i have the teams that have already qualified. who are you most excited that oh,
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you know, that isn't i do think i understand the national site, the some really good national sites and i think as about 8 will probably feel we can win it. you know, the big boys and, you know, actually germany, england will think france, belgium, you know, but the, know, standing you and then you have to throw in argentina, brazil, countries like that. and then you think, wow, who is outstanding will no one is really outstanding. so i think what we're going to get next year as an unbelievably competitive woke up, and i really could throw up an unusual, went out and hope it does. i have stripped stars play. i pair, i'm rake over me out of the captain's on bank. the move holes, what the london club, coal, his latest disciplinary breach. the gunners also said that the 32 year old won't be in the squad for them. i guess west palm on wednesday. of my own punishment comes with the play at and not in the best of form. he scored only for gold in 14 li
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games this season. not to news about 2 argentine as old time. great says your where is set to and now his retirement from the gain. the strike i joined barcelona this year after 10 seasons with manchester city. he said 3 old have struggled with injuries and health problems. aguiro substituted and taken to hospital in october, after experiencing chest pains, buckley and l messy is still going strong. an artist in his home town of audio has celebrated mrs. korea with a 69 meta mutual on the side of an apartment building. so that's all for now. remind of our top 4 stories man to see. united next remedy game has been postponed due to coven my teen outbreak at the club. for 2 premier league plays and stuff i have tested positive and the past week with the back in a few hours time for more for that 21. 45 gmc. stay with us here and i'll be there
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after the break. got another news update. the news news, news, news, news, doing the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now. this is not our responsibility to please give a lot concrete response and believe it, we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do. to get back,
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we must build all the paper. this stream on al jazeera, ah showcase is the best documentary films from across the network. on al jazeera musician, performa visionary teacher. ah, how's is there a world meets the man bringing traditional arabic sounds to a whole new audience, being a woman and being american, playing i looted already is something new from boston to palestine. the land of his birth. he noticed the next generation of musical talent. simon shaheen. musical journey on al jazeera al jazeera sets the stage, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global lex bags and discussion color. something about the impact on the climate change is having over fall is that you work with voices from different corners. when the whales are empty,
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people fight for programs that open your eyes to an alternative view. i them have collaging for. i have my voice on al jazeera. ah, ah, if we end in equity, we end the pandemic. global healthy does take aim wealthy nations vaccinating people for a 3rd time while all micron spreads and millions are left without their fuss, job blue . hello, i'm sorry, i'm to my z in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. i feel to the see it doesn't mean that i'm going to pry the whole day.


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