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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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ah al jazeera, what ever you, ah, ah, ah, a grim milestone as the united states marks 800000 cove at 900 deaths, and the w h. o warns on the crown is spreading faster than any earlier covert very . ah, hello and have them seek this is alive from da. how also coming up, the wealthy nations are criticized for giving cobra 1900 boosters to their citizens, while millions in poor countries are yet to get a 1st worker say they were prevented from leaving a factory before
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a deadly tornadoes struck in kentucky. the us secretary of state is in malaysia. china remains the focus of his talk to southeast asian ah, the world health organization says the covered 19 on the kron variant is spreading faster than any strain before it. the agency is criticizing wealthy nations for offering vaccine boosters, while millions in poor countries are yet to have their 1st dose. it says there will be no end to the pandemic. if this continues, the world's worst affected nation has now seen more than 800000 deaths from covered 19 members of the u. s. congress held a moment of silence on the steps of the capital to honor those in america who have died so far. during the pandemic, and the united kingdom of kron infections are now doubling every 2 days. poor brennan has more from london in europe. the jobs are going into people's arms as
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fast as they can be unpacked. more than half a 1000000 booster shots who are administered in the u. k. in just one day fall short of the 1000000 a day, the government's aiming for. but the race to reinforce immunity is gathering pace. it's the extraordinary infectiousness of the con variant though, which is really worrying global scientists and health experts. we have learned by now that we underestimate this by us at our period. even if or micron does cause less severe diseases, the sheer number of cases could once again overwhelm unprepared. health systems. in the u. k. m, a kron cases are now doubling every 2 days. and with more than 200000 possibly infected every day, the number could pass a 1000000 within a week, long queues again at vaccinations, centers up and down the u. k. as the government's booster jap program continues
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apace with the dilemma facing the politicians on that side of the river is whether the jobs alone will be enough to slow the progress of the on a cron variance. scientists have never seen. never seen a coven 19, very is capable of spreading so rapidly. so we have to look at what we can do to slow only cons. advance down. that level of alarm was reinforced in testimony to a u. k. parliamentary committee. we are concerned with a large volume of individuals who are being infected every day in the population. that we're going to have very difficult for weeks ahead with castes in the community, which will, of course, cause individuals to need to still work in school. and then for those cases to transfer into admissions tonsils, the world health organization has, again raised the issue of vaccine hoarding and warned the world's wealthy nations that giving boosters to low risk groups while others are yet to have even one dose of vaccine is dangerous. w joe is not against boosters. we are against
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inequity. if we end in equity, we end the pandemic when it comes to deciding which options to reduce the infection rate. the advice from the w h o. do it all, pull brennan, al jazeera, london, a british m. p. 's have approved new restrictions in england to cab the spread of coven 19 but 98 politicians from prime minister bars. johnson's own party voted against it. face coverings will be compulsory and most indoor settings and we changes to sell fi, selection rules. cobra passes will also be required for launch venues. of the south african medical research council has released its 1st on the current study. the data was gathered in the 1st 3 weeks of the veins appearing in southern africa and found the 2 doses of the 5 vaccine we provide. 33 percent protection against infection, from a con, but 70 percent against hospitalizations. the president of the democratic republic
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of congo, hopes of vaccination push will help control rising infection numbers. their countries confirm the 1st cases of the crime variance. so far, the government has administered fewer than 5 percent of the vaccine doses. it's been given the d r. c is reported nearly 60000 infections and more than 1000 corona virus related deaths. since the pandemic began, malcolm web has moved from nairobi on why the congolese government is struggling to contain infections. firstly, the reason affected all of africa or much of, of other continent as well was just the lack of doses which countries, of course, brought up almost all of the available debt is at the beginning of this year. and it was only when donations started to trickle into, into poor countries, that governments were even able to start those vaccination programs. but that's something that affected all of this continent. and of course,
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if there are enough doses for government to give out to many people, then they're not in a position to start running public. a public awareness campaign to coach people to come and get that connected. but say that congo situation is worse even than the other countries in this content, countries around it because of a reluctance because it hasn't been expressed by the political leadership by president felix typically and other health officials. we themselves were very slow, the publicly take the dose of the vaccine. one of the 1st donations that congo received the 3000000 doses of the aster vaccine. and many of those ended up being sent to other countries because they weren't used before. they were due to expire. so this is mobilized very slowly, although now the well bank says that congress ministry of health has started to organize a program to distribute vaccines to the problem, to the provinces, to rural areas. but this will happen very late, which is what explains why the vaccine rate is indeed very far behind other
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countries. the u. s. government has ordered enough fires is covered 1900 pills to treat 10000000 americans find the says it's almost 90 percent effective in preventing death or hospital admissions. in high risk people, the drug called packs loaded was tested on unvaccinated people. it must be given within 3 days of symptoms appearing 5 says the drug also works well against the on the chrome variance staff at a candle factory in the us state of kentucky. se bosses threatened to fire them if they left work as a toll p as a tornado approached, management denied this, at least 8 people were killed when the factory was hit by the storm. the state governor says ill investigate the allegations. agidir's heidi joe casto reports with christmas approaching worker as of the mayfield consumer products handle factory were rushing to fill holiday orders, despite fridays,
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ominous skies. 20 year old elijah johnson says he felt nervous when he clocked in for his shift. and worse, after a tornado alarm sounded an early warning. the 1st alarm came all around saving and going on eighty's. and we could have been gone. we could have been gone. everybody could, i guarantee you could have been less people that died at the facility, then what it was, if he would let them go, he says he and 14 other workers asked a manager if they could leave. we went to and we was like, we need to leave me and we got kids and stuff at the house. we got, we got to take your family and he was like, well, you can leave what you going to be terminated and was like what? even with the weather like this and heels i yes, we even with the weather like this is going to be terminated when the 2nd tornado alarm sounded about an hour later, the $110.00 workers present were directed into a hallway and told to brace. then with a roar,
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everything came crashing down the walls. the ceiling. johnson found himself trapped in debris. then came the screen. it was a security officer. it was on my leg and it was grab my leg, a cable say it helped me help me help me. and i couldn't help by the time because i was stuck myself. it was touching my leg i 1st and they just stuck. a female supervisor was pinned with her feet against a collapsed wall. johnson says she pushed the wall back, allowing him to escape through a narrow opening. so when i made it out, when i made it out, she was still down there, holding up the wall. kentucky governor has pledged to investigate whether the company was negligent in the way that handled the storms, but he emphasized the state has not verified the workers allegations. representative for the candles factory says workers were not pressured to stay. if we believe that we could do anything differently, you know, in hindsight, of course, i think all of us would do something differently. that is such a gamble to say leave. because the last thing you do says don't get in your car,
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you know, that's what experts say more than 100 people remain missing in kentucky and in surrounding states. and it's feared the death toll will. ra johnson says after emerging from the collapse factory, he could think of only one thing. i thought a crime because i thought my brain is at all my phrases. he is still not sure of the woman he credits with saving his life. survived. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera mayfield kentucky, while the us house of representatives has voted to hold. donald trump's former chief of staff in contempt of congress, mar meadows failed to appear before committee investigating the capitol hill rights of january 6. it's now up to the attorney general to decide whether to formally charge meadows. she returns, he reports the full version, the house of representatives, finding mark meadows and contempt. the congress was a foregone conclusion. and the democratic control chamber into it has become clear
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that the committee is offering to main questions. did the president try to impede congress and certification of the election results? and why was the old trumps? are slow to criticize the protests, as of the seriousness of their assault on congress became clear. it took several hours for trump to release this message. this was a fraudulent election, but we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace. so go home meadows have given the committee thousands of documents, they said that if trump himself wasn't taking the right seriously, at least some in his circle were potent, has to come out firmly and tell the protesters to dissipate. someone is going to get killed. indeed, a number of members of the press, a number of members of this body member, a member of the president's own family, all urged the president take action because they understood that the president of the united states had
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a responsibility to call off the mob. despite handling over so much information, meadows refuses to give an in person deposition to the committee. he claims executive privilege arguing as the president's chief of staff he should be allowed to withholds of information. otherwise, how could any presidential adviser give honest advice that the president republican was back, that arguments had accused democrats of engaging in a witch hunt? i hope the american people are paying close attention. i hope they see what happens when democrats get total power. they abuse it, they intimidate, they threaten, and they harass it will not be up to the department of justice, decide whether the file charges it did so against the environment open. he was found in contempt by congress. but bannon was a private citizen during january. the 6th, not an official white house adviser, and he's given no corporations to select committee. the penalty for being found guilty of contempt of congress, but in a month and a year in prison. but even that wouldn't force meadows to hand over any further
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information. donald trump, meanwhile, is fighting the committee subpoenas in the courts, and there's an assumption that the committee will be disbanded if the republicans retake the house of representatives in next november's mid term elections. she advertise the al jazeera washington. the u. s. secretary of state says his country remains committed to a multi 1000000000 dollar fighter jet deal with the u. e. despite threats by the m rockies to hold off on the purchase. on tuesday it was reported the united arab emirates wanted to drop the deal because a stringent security requirements washington had laid out against chinese espionage . we've been tension between us and us over abilene, always growing cooperation with basing and the us secretary state is in malaysia on the 2nd leg of his tour of southeast asia. anthony blink and trying to firm up ties in the region to count to china's influence on tuesday. he was in indonesia capital jakarta way, criticize beijing ports,
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aggressive policies in the region. he hit out of china again, press conference alongside malaysia's foreign minister. when we're thinking about the free and open into pacifically. we talk, we throw those words around, but they actually have meaning and ashley bell for us to give the meeting countries the opportunity to choose their own partners and to choose their own path and for the region as a whole. it's moving forward in a spirit of visual respect based on collaboration, cooperation, not on tours. so i, st. louis has more from the malaysian capital balcony, blinking in his press conference with the malaysian foreign minister. now really, the points he was trying to get across is very much similar to what he outlined in a speech. i'm talking about the u. s. his vision for the indo pacific region. he stressed the importance of keeping this region prosperous and stable and peaceful,
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and part of that really or large part of that is about keeping this region free of corrosion and intimidation. now we heard him speak in indonesia. i'm accusing china really aggressive actions listing some of those actions as china, claiming large parts of the south china sea, conducting illegal fishing, punishing countries using the economic might are punishing countries was policies. it disagrees with. so very much what he said was really just an extension of what he said at the policy speech outlined in jakarta on tuesday. now, the u. s. is strategy really is about using south is asia to, to keep a rising china at bay. the biden administration has said it sees it's rivalry with china as it's biggest joe political test of the century. and this visit is very much about deepening ties and engagement with the region of the lead on has 0
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strong rhetoric from iranian, and u. s. diplomats on the 2015 nuclear dealers, they tried to revive the agreement. katie saw for this was tragedy since its fuel crisis began. house rules are overwhelmed and the death always rises. ah hello, thank you for joining in. we'll begin in the middle east and eventually get you to africa hang tight. first, got to talk about disturbed weather in the levant, around the red sea, both sides. it's energy will pivot further toward the east stand. so there is the risk of seen some showers in kuwait, even power up some thunderstorms on friday, but look your temperatures wall above average. you should be 8 degrees overnight, but we've got you in for 70 off the pakistan right now. things are settled,
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save for a few showers and snow showers to the foothills of the himalayas. we do have some snow showers and cobble with the high of 3 degrees after turkey. really unsettled here cyprus in the levant, which we were speaking about. but really soggy weather pattern for is stumble over the next few days windy as well, could see those winds crank up to about 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. through the tropics of africa, we got our storms closer to that west coast. we were talking about congo into galvan and camera room and we're going further toward the south and some really organized bands of rain here, our brow bill away. oh, stretching into eastern portions of south africa and for now or cape town on wednesday has a hive 23 degrees, but wait for it, some hearse on the way your temperature shoots up to 32 just in time for the weekend. sounds good. enjoy sir. ah, the listening post cuts through the noise,
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we're talking about competing now with the monday to being used to perpetuate there's competing separating spin from fact, all 3 versions of the story and some element of the truth and different story needs and contain unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post, your guide to the media on a just 0. ah, the hello again. you're watching. i just did a reminder of our top stories. the world's worst affected nation has now seen more
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than 800000 deaths from covered 90 members of the u. s. congress held a moment of silence on the steps of the capital to honor those americans who died during the pandemic. the world health organization says the covered 19 con variance is spreading faster than any other strain in wounds. they'll be no end to the pandemic. if wealthy countries also vaccine boosters, while millions in foreign nations wait for a 1st stop at a candle factory in the us state of kentucky said bosses threatening to fire them if they left work as a tornado approach. management denies, at least 8 people were killed in the factory. once the storm hit, the un is calling on the united states sandy ron to move faster to restore the 2015 nuclear deal. ambassadors at the security council called a situation grave. kristen salumi reports from the united nations. a stern warning from the european signatories of the iran nuclear deal to ra needs to act fast. if
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it wants to salvage the agreement. even the us to choose between the cut ups of the g. she buey and the fear and comprehensive deal for the benefit of the iranian people. a nation, iran's continued nuclear escalation, means that we are rapidly reaching the end of the road. talks of resumed in vienna after a 5 month hiatus. but western nations say iran is backtracking on earlier agreements and adding new demands. the u. n. has expressed concern about the countries refusal to allow inspectors to make unannounced visits to, to nuclear facilities. the u. s. left the deal in 2018 under then president trump, under president biden, washington wants back in, but only if tehran upholds its commitments mixed were convinced that if iran pro approaches talks in vienna, with urgency and good faith, we can quickly reach and implement an understanding on mutual return, we cannot,
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however, allow iran to accelerate its nuclear program and slow walk. it's nucular diplomacy, ron's ambassador blame the us. vienna talks can succeed only through genuine political, real, and good faith negotiations. engaging in blame game or flying artificial impatience is not constructive. the rhetoric in the council chamber was strong. both iran and the united states say they want to return to the deal. and the un says that's encouraging. but clearly, members of the international community are concerned that iran is closer than ever to a nuclear weapon. and time may be running out. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations hades prime minister has announced 3 days of national morning after the explosion of again thank of which has killed more than 60 people and with an overwhelmed hospital in the coast. coastal city of cap haiti and the number is
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expected to rise. gillian wolf has a score. yeah, one by one victims of monday's gas explosion are loaded on to truck. as own workers is watching shop. the. there is little comfort for this mother who weeps at the loss of her child. the wide sheets cover the victims as they lay sprawled across the street. some too badly burned to be identified. i heard a loud noise around midnight. i asked one of my boys, what is it about why he said it was a large truck filled with gasoline right away. i left the place with my family and with the other way, the bridge. that's all i can say. a truck carrying gasoline overturn monday. exploding into a fireball and golf in cars and homes in its path. 6 pedestrians reportedly rushed
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to the scene, collecting spilled gas as the country suffers from a severe fuel shortage. i received many calls, informing me about the fire and immediately firefighters and police and alert, so they could interview. unfortunately many people died. but i want to congratulate our 1st responders because they put their lives at risk to control the fire and prevent any further debt. on monday, prime minister ariel on re expressed his condolences declaring 3 days of national morning with the local hospital stretch, then he has deployed field hospital to the area. it is the latest tragedy in a country that has already experience so much this year. gillian wolf, al jazeera of the u. s. his condemning the conviction of the husband of bella, reese's opposition, leader as politically motivated, say, a see for new ski has been sentenced 18 years in prison for organizing mass on rest,
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and inciting, social hatred. the last campaign to unseat president alexander lucas shanker, for last year's election, but was arrested. his wife set line ran in his place but lost though many observers say the vote was rigged. france is reducing its military presence in molly's north amid government accusations of abandonment. the french flag was lowered at a ceremony in tim buck to the loss of 3 french bases in the south region. they were deployed in 2013 to help stop attacks by rebels linked to al qaeda. an eyesore, molly's prime minister has said the threat is still there and you report on the arctics says alarm bells about warming. planets should be ringing loud. findings show last year, summer was the longest snow free period in the arctic ration region in more than 20 years. it also saw the lowest recorded sea ice volume in
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a decade. all of this is crucial because changes in the arctic have an impact on weather climate, an ocean resources worldwide, or the un confirmed record temperature in the arctic this past summer, a town in siberia hit 38 degrees celsius the world meet you all the organisation says the arctic is heating, add more than twice the global average satellites keep track of each season's melting ice and snow from 1981 to 2010. this was the median ice edge. the areas still frozen at the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. the 2nd lowest volume of ice cover was recorded last year. scientists say that rate of melting has significant effects on permafrost along the arctic coastline. what doug delcy is the president of the institute for governance and sustainable development in washington. he believes the arctic report card needs to shift its focus to solutions. what happens in the arctic does not stay in the arctic. there are tele
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connections from that part of the world throughout the global weather system. and the arctic is right now losing its reflective c eyes. and that is adding a tremendous amount of additional solar radiation to the global weather system. when we lose the rest of that c eyes, which is a great white shield reflecting heat back into safe and the space safely, we'll add the equivalent of 25 years worth of warming. and that will be stabilize the entire global system. so we need to go from this great report card that the u. s. is put out on the arctic every year for the last 16 years to a report card that also includes solutions. what should we be doing to
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save the arctic and thus save the global weather system? and there are strategies. but the 1st thing we need to do is slam on the brakes for global warming. and this means cutting methane. this is the super pollutant and the single biggest and fastest way to slow warming in the world. if you cut the other super pollutants which include the hfc refrigerants, black carbon and trump is very goes on. that package can cut the rate of arctic warming by 2 thirds. hundreds of gymnasts in the us, including sri olympic gold, medalist have reached a multi $1000000.00 settlement over sexual abuse usa gymnastics and the u. s. a limbic committee will pay $380000000.00 to vixen victims of the disgraced former team. dr. larry nasir lee harding has more, 1st, hast here through gymnast train their entire lives to make it to the olympics. and
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that's a champion right there. now, many american champions say they will spin the rest of there's recovering from the sexual abuse they endured to get there and no longer a victim. i'm a survivor usa gymnastics, and the usaa olympics committee have agreed to pay $380000000.00 to victims of former gymnastics team. dr. larry nasser reaffirmed to touch him in september, many of the sports most high profile gymnast testified to a senate committee saying the sports organizing body and the f. b. i didn't do enough to protect them. they asked if he used gloves. i said no, he never did. they asked if this treatment ever helped me. i said no, it never did. this treatment was a 100 percent abuse and never gave me any relief. i then told the f b i about tokyo, the day he gave me a sleeping pill for the plane ride to then work on me later that night. that evening i was naked, completely alone with him on top of me,
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molesting me for hours. not a problem. simone pyle olympic champion simone biles, is the last of nascar's victims to still be competing for the dis mount. i don't mean to pry, but it's it's hard coming here for an organization. having them filled us so many times. and we, we had one god, we've done everything that they asked us for even when we didn't want to. and they couldn't do one damn job. you had one job, you literally had one job anyway, protector. and this is really sad because now every time i go to the doctor or training, i get worked on it like i don't want to get worked on in a statement. the president of the sports organizing body said usa gymnastics is deeply sorry for the trauma and pain that survivors have endured as a result of this organizations, actions, and inactions. ah,
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while these athletes are known for defying gravity, they've also been praised for flying high despite efforts to bring them down, we are hurting al jazeera or you can find much more on our website. the address is edges era dot com. mm. ah. all right, around up at the top store is now on al jazeera, the world's worst affected nation, has now seen more than 800000 deaths from co, with 19 members of the u. s. congress held a moment of silence on the steps of the capital to honor those americans who died during the pandemic. the world health organization says the cupboard 19 oma cron variant is spreading faster than any other strain. it's warning there'll be no end to the pandemic if wealthy countries offer vaccine boosters while millions in poor .


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