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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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making a healthy, a world for you. ah, everyone ah, how long has a c k in the how would the top stories on edge of the world's worst affected nation has now seen more than 800000 deaths from cobra? 19 members of the u. s. congress held a moment of silence on the steps of the capital to honor those americans who died during the pandemic. the world health organization says the code 19 oma cron variant is spreading faster than any other strain in the united kingdom. infections are now doubling every 2 days for brennan reports from london in europe. the jobs are going into people's arms as fast as they can be unpacked. more than half
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a 1000000 booster shots were administered in the u. k. in just one day, fall short of the 1000000 a day, the government's aiming for. but the race to reinforce immunity is gathering pace. it's the extraordinary infectiousness of the on the con variant though, which is really worrying global scientists and health experts we have learned by now that we underestimate this bias at our peril. even if or me cron does cause less cbs, this is the sheer number of cases could. once again overwhelm unprepared. health systems. in the u. k. m. a kron cases are now doubling every 2 days. and with more than 200000 possibly infected every day, the number could pass a 1000000 within a week, long queues again at vaccinations, centers up and down the u. k. as the government's booster jap program continues apace with the dilemma facing the politicians on that side of the river is whether
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the jobs alone will be enough to slow the progress of the on a cron variance. scientists have never seen. never seen a coven 19 very capable of spreading so rapidly. so we have to look at what we can do to slow only cons. advance down. that level of alarm was reinforced in testimony to a u. k. parliamentary committee. we are concerned with the large volume of individuals who are being infected every day in the population. that we're going to have a very difficult for weeks ahead with cases in the community, which will of course cause individuals to need to still work in school. and then for those cases to transfer into mrs. thomas, the world health organization has again raised the issue of vaccine hoarding and warned the world's wealthy nations that giving boosters to low risk groups while others are yet to have even one dose of vaccine is dangerous. w joe is not against boosters. we are against inequity. if we end in equity,
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we end the pandemic when it comes to deciding which options to reduce the infection rate. the advice from the w h o. do it all, pull brennan, al jazeera, london, a british m p. 's have approved new restrictions in england to curb. the spread of covered 19 face coverings will be compulsory, and most indoor settings covered passes will also be required for large venues. an employee at a candle factory in the us state of kentucky has told us here the bosses threatened to fire him and others if they left the building as a tornado approached management denies this. at least 8 people were killed at the factory. when the storm hit is sad because so many people have passed away. so maybe we're still engine to this day. and i'm not saying just injure like a scratch or in the day some people are missing legs. some people paralyzed for their life and they got to say is that that denied they've just denied everything
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that we try to tell the news, which i tell the social media. they did not every situation. i'm not saying it's covered or they but, and that's it. but i'm just saying that if that that they are doing this a lot of over all the things they just have the un security council has met to discuss salvaging the 2015 iran nuclear deal. ambassadors say the situation is grave at iran nuclear program is more advanced than ever. the u. s. house of representatives has voted to hold former white house, chief of staff, mark meadows, in contempt of congress. he failed to appear before a committee investigating the capitol hill rights of january 6. it's now to the attorney general to decide whether to formally charge meadows. those are the headlines witness is next. ah,
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but i must go or my son, she 0 mental 0. see if you don't work in the filters just here and last night and in a couple of long further nickel, lou approve you on me. i must negotiate the not so nice a we were and to show it on it along the summer. i shall go short amount, rossimer earthen point more. right. and then they put the mot from us that power back. what got there can i did this guy. i showed me what i thought, what did you do the now this had me to move them closer. more to say i got home
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i the boonies say no, much a jo, portion, oak, dudley, should be an event the at the end of it. they should be in the ocean. some kid she comes on and she does do bomb by a gun shoot. i'd either just mom composed food or they do you put me in for boring sham kitchena kentucky quick actually what it is we're here in coroner called her claire wounded because
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taylor who sits in there submit quote unquote poor so my car off would she or could aid and the fluid is a bit in the region. one of the been, the me is us for the same what i did was even more to the submit in order to call non g m to sky it. but more than of it, just a moment of mini mushroom. did she con markovich. bye the the, the leona from school lambda had hodges for the year i will be
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ah, i got, you're still here with me to knock look, cannot do at this with can she'll connect those should i be cautious with before long i was i was focusing on the new york man. i see says a strong or the new york a fast a
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i know she knew she good for you after was looking for a martha b now dr. joshua was you no, no. was another birth record. oh for college, almost in here. i mean her economy probably wouldn't bother mark. this is so caught up on the discussion terminal to them become quite quite cash cochner. pulmonologist come back to go. i do show show kind of deal is not
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something we're missing is a couple of common but not to put mercy. don't what is emptied by sites world. she tonnage sean kitchen with mr. new hook in the room. hello, carlo was now and, and one of the from con, look a dish of a mobile chunk class on the near term or that model the for college up in america held up a mirror to itself. what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera
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is not a guess with em, mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investors are waiting to flourish were greeted. even flied by tradition,
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where beautiful possibilities are offered me. ah, i've had them seeka and oh, how would the headlines on our dcea, the world's worst affected nation, has now seen more than 800000 deaths from covert. 19 members of the u. s. congress held a moment of silence on the steps of the capital to honor those americans who died during the pandemic. the world health organization says the coven 1900 on the crown very, and is spreading faster than any other strain. its warning? they'll be no end to the pandemic if wealthy countries off vaccine boosters while millions in poor nations wait for a 1st dose.


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