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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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wait for water has only just begun. nicholas hawk algae 0. malta has become the 1st european country to allow limited possession of cannabis for personal use. the law allows adults to possess 7 grounds and grow maximum of 4 plans. but smoking cannabis in public will remain illegal now, so has confirmed at parker solar probe which is orbiting the sun has touched it for the 1st time on a recent fly by the prob, dipped into the upper atmosphere also called the corona. astronomers learned for the 1st time the corona has spikes and dips, and the prob will continue until 2025, a. hello again. the headlines on al jazeera hong kong, felice. i've just confirmed that more than a 1200 people have been rescued from the cities world trade center after a fire broke out in the building. at least 13 people have been sent to hospital
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freight clinic as a journalist and hong kong that has more from the sci fi broke in a be room. i met from that a 5, but it's not clear exactly how that sorry i was ignited in the 1st place in the mail room. what we didn't know is that there are reservations on the way you might see some of those renovation take place. they would be filled by officials that there will be a large scale investigation into what happened is that the chinese and russian leaders are holding a virtual summit. she jump things, meeting with one reputed, comes at a time of rising tension between both nations on the west. the world health organization says the coven, 19 ami kron variance is spreading faster than any other strain before it. it's war and there'll be no end to the pandemic. if wealthy nations continue offering boosters at the expense of poor countries, un security council has master discuss salvaging the 2015 iran nuclear deal. baset
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are say, the situation is grave and the nuclear program is more advanced than ever. the us secretary state and city of lincoln says his country remains committed to a multi $1000000000.00 fighter. just deal with the united arab emirates, despite reports of w. once out, the wall street journal reported the united arab emirates wants to cancel the purchase of f $35.00 and drones because of security requirements. workers at a u. s. kansas factory where 8 people were killed in a tornado. say they were told they'd be fired if they left management denies this. us politicians have voted to raise the federal debt limits within hours of the treasury's deadline. the vote avoided a major credit default and it raises the borrowing cap at by 2 and a half trillion dollars. you're up to date with the headlines on al jazeera africa
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direct is coming up next. from the world's most populated region. in depth stories from across asia and the pacific diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah ah ah, with
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with from the paper when i was in the flesh i went to hunt him to sima guitar, wendy quito. janet you have remained a cul de cindy. i lost you to connect that occur. yeah, he said more unto mecca, inca nearing, i should look aside. your di, accounting, she been yeah,
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coriso a guy, jamie, due to me too, as it can be. teddy, i yeah, go ahead. i already bundis a syndicate. when i go to the guy, you felt that when you in the manuscript, you gently foreigner, i don't on a very good in jama lunch a suit, any glue to keep you know, runs it, but us it contin for food. we so st.
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louis they will know who it was. he was so se. pull this one day as it i'd go under. he wanted to pose with leah, but mostly ski boat siggler. see nothing. oh not a bit ago. a lot with a bunch of you know, well yeah, no keanda a
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i know a general way when i say to you guys he hung up with a guy, jerry. darcy, good. do i want to follow me? and mister kaywood, amy inca, dwelling out, far medical. glinda. i wonder why did you duke? i mean, you're quite idle. i thought 20 liquor, i think in dinner, hey, do case as well. okay. maybe the 16th of june of us and i do when i'd like to have, i should have been able to tools, but he had to know. i think the answer to shout is he machine? no, we don't want to. we're a husband view and i wouldn't have to do a put a screw up on what time it amount. i mean easier them up. you know, the modern yet what am i in a cause? i your bottle tumble to can did he get it in his own cocoanut community counseling?
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don't community you call them it could to did. we'll do that deliberately. a tech using a program to kill me. of course you also said, you know, in america, tell you that hubbard you wanting to madison to live without that. men died, locals have indic avoid. dec i l l. so what they should, i shouldn't be got to look on the cut is the guy of what you can either call see say i said i hadn't got one thought it all got to be. it was in what thought can become a whoop when i got what a bundle. you got me, what can become a will have you mean when i got which i want to go with
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it, we will will see that then that i would have seen the one that she will do i'll let you launch was on i will much with enough with the following little including with as long as you, we have one in the it's amending a young look. we're liam oakley. i was on. was in under
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with a look. yeah. little boy. oh . that i have in mind with with that and even the thought that i had been in logan, i knew when i go i know about that. i even hunt and i was hosing denellin name only when he had under would williams of oh i wonder why. oh, why don't work? i mean, want it more, a god blessed each innocent. good. it wasn't until the mazda does at a i don't like a day. i was actually, i don't blanket wrap ogle enough,
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but it's gonna be able to go to no, for them to get the couch onto good. you, i'm going to hide it. oh, how much do i want to work on the board? what do i want to do then? i'm going okay for i'm a go ah, a. 1 customer with a
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new student in chicago and water and come with us when the williams a boy to go. oh, adam took what i said with a met online because it was you seem who receives sudan, you still full of soda, assisted unavoidably. as guy when i show he took a day last oh i see see to see and understand the terrible guy
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there will now be a woken amongst and will kill jumper dash no worries, go karate men with to maria can take a get a good include him when the new, when you go new, go because in the kind of income you are listed within on when well about it and i conditioned as a melody i see, but us to come by blue, please. yes, we will. they will move on to the resales one of the the but that will occur if this could send
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you clues. obama
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a shania in yoga community, lumina and jim like to watch a game, a game in gym with colin doing in georgia.
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a banana marinez. are you still mazata zane? i would like to get in a let him go to those or when julian, i'm on the screen a little a little nidia. i'm in nevada. ah, a no. no. i will call knowing going on g as a copy, as you would a near discrete. i'll go by dickie guiding on that. if for sure, i'm going to monday jasmine younger. my dear my, to go when you know gen sitting on the whole class doing from, with quite
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a natural asian girl in by, you know, quick caught up in hiding in john july, log through the hook. i couldn't, rosie nimble m offered our lunch. nobody got in the wall yet as i get in the water lock. what are the key and you're still, i need to read beyond you the shit i will handle klingon beach quality in most in your moves at standard. what an estimate on moral gandhi channel. that's rosa, to bring it because removing it as you turn it in. now, when actually should and i'll put all of to me and i was will learn who has done all the launch loop when i try to
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do anything. and then we're done. i done a good a ah, galle, hold on long go off of the god in no way way a club is ready galley. elaine galbraith, publish it had come monday through the and i you call for shock when gladys. come for sure. look, one, i'll get there isn't very langley i don't want if they do i love you loading. i am
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ready for the policy call not only monday and what i'm getting well when you use cheap fish. now again the lankin with your name blue. honda, wendy, we are good. i will call john betty now again now from the law. lang, amelia, i'm member gambling z as in mary, may she shamal our old one now again to one year keepin noah
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with the generals again and they were in full gay daily commercial mission over the full of formalism . oh good. thank ah with
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is a fair pause level. she don't sound pretty cheap. is a fit and wanted to see more fish really. your met who's in city was damage on the he's not on the bar. yes. receipt. or you wouldn't use your boss plan to call it almost m o u r e. i law that dumb it down. she me or she's a dumbass, it'll got those numbers on my own. was a song a say a fucking treatment. what he's asking for is a she got up with my us,
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you are the one is on a walk through that i don't go monday, i don't want to go to somebody to sit down. so i did visit to get done in the new soon as you can was i don't see how much i don't see how i am. i think some of it in book actually the a, a, a lag is it goes is focus out the most that you said the shop for shop for cellphone. pc comes with a did a little pony. it is always a political big if you've found here
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over the years to study today is to do a a good thing with
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ah, with
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betsy missiles. it may be so piece of up. what is of jensen by over to does it? it won't face bowl bulk acoustic you sold when you say the bill. you know, i want to do zim onto the movie to go easily book with. 6 6 im going to assume you know when it for me, oh, come on. that is just you that day you i made i'm sorry. you for a bid for me yet. don't don't do number just don't don't be when they call it don't you don't get it. don't, don't get,
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don't some fake. i did my that is like other this will need a boss is all with a disease, or did you wanna fix last when it was or not, when a bullet stuff. i mean, we keep up with it all in it, but it is a family stella committee. it would have been not emit full to fun in it, but it suffer me saturday, you know to, for me to call me on ticket number one, emily. yeah, no, but i would love just to follow up with her a little while you might wanna get it. get out to the bar. no, you're good to go nervous. i've gone by joel to long if you do it tomorrow. yes. don't do that. well, now that you did vacuum is on configuration with us. you will get it, we'll get it to you on a him. otherwise it won't bother you, but didn't need that stuff. could you barajas? you bobby, it,
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ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, african narrative from african perspective now, but now we're about his big daily my shift, a short documentary by african filmmakers from the democratic republic of congo. and wanda, there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. that is
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what made the intimate connection between myself and join the diggers and merchants, and certainly africa direct on al jazeera with a musician, performer, visionary teacher. ah, how's is there
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a world meets the man bringing traditional arabic sounds to a whole new audience, being a woman and being american, playing it already is something new from boston to palestine. the land of his birth . he nurtures the next generation of musical talent. simon shaheen. musical journey on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera oh, ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is the news, allan live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. vladimir putin and she gin, paying the hold virtual talks, while western nations pressure moscow over it's true build up on ukraine's bought
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on. new beginnings, germany's chancellor olive shoulds sets out his government's 4 year plan,


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