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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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they find that out. a lot of new babies were dying. i did not think it's neglect them, babies to death, people and power invent, again, exposes and questions. they used to be of our around the globe on out there. ah. hello, i'm emily anglin, in the top stories on al jazeera has been a breakthrough at the iran nuclear talks taking place in vienna. around foreign minister says you in cameras will be allowed to film at a sensitive nuclear side. the issue has been a speaking point in talks about the possible resumption of the 2015 nuclear deal. the president of china and russia have held a virtual summit. they grade their relations have reached unprecedented positive
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levels. let me put in and she's in pings, meeting comes at a time of rising tension between both nations and the west. yes, and, you know, the close coordination of russia in china is actions on the world stage. and the responsible joint approach regarding resolving current world problems became a significant factor in the stability of our relationship. germany's new chancellor love shoulder has urged everyone to get vaccinated to ensure the country when the fight against the corona virus. he warned his administration will have no red lines when tackling coven 19, adding they had no time to waste. allays in hong kong have confirmed more than 1000 . 200 people have been rescued from the cities. will trade center after a fire broke out in the 1st floor, at least 13 people were taken to hospital. the u. s. house of representatives has voted to hold former white house, chief of staff, mock meadows,
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in contempt of congress. the mostly party line vote came one day after the committee investigating the january 6 capitol hill right, recommended the measure. the us secretary of state antony blinkin says he's country remains committed to a multi 1000000000 dollar fighter jet deal with the u. a, despite reports, abu dhabi, once out, the wall street journal reported the united arab emirates wants to cancel the purchase of f $35.00 and drones because it's security requirements front is reducing its military presence in northern molly as the government accuses of abandonment. the french flag was lowered at a ceremony in tune, but to the last of 3 french bases in this region. and nasa has confirmed its pack a solar probe which is opening the sun has touched it for the 1st time. the pro dipped into the upper atmosphere also called the corona. those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin. the news continues. he on al jazeera, after our 0 world,
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ah, with oh, oh, oh, oh, really for a student american musical, maestro simone shaheen is based on america's east coast. from there he shares his expertise in arab, oh, oh, fun, simon. does india?
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mm hm. also certain pattern. oh certainly can she id search it? my shanta mike, i found a yeah. nea. i cathy, andy, she, while the he did, has sharla know he had any, a handicap, look and she left him my food, messiah murphy, she lost a job, and they put out a hay and asia. i keep flying to forever sooner doesn't sit all this i i me i
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what we've been uttered in the any mind to forgive keep our la, hey charlotte, here savvy and robin, i'll assure none. he command could it be any fair fluffy on the red. she needed the music here a year. thought it, can she been? he got a certain he passion, annie. hello, annie. hello, lenny. hey, shann here here been a hit and how i oh, i
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deal with we have to do this from egypt, from lebanon, from jordan,
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from west bank. and one of things us, i know enough about the world to cite. i how did you get from ramallah? what, where did you audition, how did you get here? how did you get a passport? how did you get permission? but our students are so resourceful. everyone has a different story. and i'm a lead medina. hm. huh. it's a hoard. and it's a whole minute move. donnelly took on a month at midnight and but even then i'm a little bit low. hm. oh, i shed 2 bits a whole a freeman, sabotage of center, out to me about us and it had jazz the less than selected the roster. so jazz little to suffer jemma about hosted up to 10 years of the home theater. i had to start for the stay in hulu and the wait for who i
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am in him. i had the number to help him. i had any other problem i have as if it can, must been canada and the father can father, daniel was david cameron, can as you know, be 30 saturday. that kind of thing with a man men our maslick cello and add it into a chill when the end of the deck and the total cello is sort of in here. how do you i, i am on that. i said it was if out of the me see him a com if mom can the chair look at a different command would like if you had the telephone keep going to him. i, william was out of the,
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the on i couldn't by the was if on the on, on hold on here. why are best in the mark when the reception could i could the master wonder because our mac are slow, but ours will auto be okay from can and top quality cello. i i me, i mean, when the tenants and the 3 been suffering for his id, the project been berkeley a all we're going to hurt your feel to me years lost ball. most likely. and i let me you,
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with a lot of them will see the whole way in makin a luxurious talk to a mass b r that give you to you, then be my field concerts. we my fi. imagine added most of the music
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festivals, that jazz almost who caught the eye. let me fab cabins, robert dot already done in, nor in half a law the i bit old. would it fat? it did affect care, been so it to be ensure a ladder big music retreat. and he wouldn't want his uncle city a lot of ah, ah, ah, with musicians of all ages take part in master classes. held at shahim's retreat in rural massachusetts. it's a unique opportunity to learn the essentials of middle eastern musical structure quickly to learn their mother's animosity heavy at retreat away at the top most of
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the year in ms. jamie on high like the rest of them mostly collado b shakin. mckethan lewis were cam, it was school harder below the madeleine. mad it's a true oxer fee, a mob more suki in law. listen, i hadn't looked at johnwooten lucifer. an odd and we'll see if can mother review bishop collection that if there was the mainland florida. aha. ana, and most of the english that a key and cannot in orm be mislead me. that years training out is temporary in las samar for i had an ear training camera injured den law, alamo subpoena and long leg small ma hom, a message and we'll pick cra on less sought in more may yes, we will see a lot of be and you will learn sort of submission on the microphone us la la la la la la. busy
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the news the when the moon shaheen arrived here in started to live in new york. and he made contact with dr. ha, rossi of of u. c. a lay who was a well known afternoon ecologist and multi instrumental performer. the 2 of them struck up a friendship as a result of this friendship of dr. rossi and simone. the idea developed that if we create a retreat, then we can develop not only an audience for this music, but also cadre of teachers, educators, professional musicians, and composers and scholar
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ah, started him on 5th kia on the door and asked him to be modal academia, sci fi in the late anthem was that he knew if his mother anthropology k, if you possibly will see a ha, okay, enough time and we'll see how will they fit have i tell and be thinking about art. gave him a call back with keith, another lender, but keith to stop and we'll see a kind of got eef i shall see if i li hi on the
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in the news when fall asleep when he left the bucket out to be i'm worried about partial sunny oh, well i would certainly well, i mean okay, but how much was that for me? and that was, i live at the feel. i don't i didn't i, i very good for him, right?
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i should leave the news of the fall. know the see if you are going to system now a lot of cars, g, l o the, in the, in under them, if we did, they work in the low cost would be more fish for how about when she or to louis bow, which of currently she feel free, l. hi you. i locked jani. my load the on the heck and i one foot tallow. danny zane law motion. it could mean how you did the mileage deal. it will spawn, what is the bus thought it'll walk in an hour. oh,
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sure. in macias, colorado b. b, i did my form a form, a leisure meal in my dross, lockhart sanjay muted them in that mid kam, k sharp m. re key chide move factor with a combined a must have caught la la b. e b's myakea ah, with studying with seaman which is really unique, is that he has figured out a way to explain these huge and deep rich concepts to the foreigner. i'm not here to perfectly copy what's already been done. i want
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to make something new a
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with us, but for you to wasn't more cd auto b and that these are the only had that one to john figure me out. how america few opal fees are holbert america, head stuff ill. do a lot of b got here mostly in a doorstop headquarters off, blah, blah. i'm looking to move out to be my did i see my son who have been good, adorable, superior were suddenly alyssa, i am a former enough seeker to him. son will see carlyle visual fee, shaft left out of items the part to do the hi, this is johnny and all and i'm in and out of i don't have that. i don't know. our w a from her, had told me when me last minute look at him,
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you can do about him and the stuff that i was on whenever you can in this mr. caught my eye by the human jama. over there, the other half finished, and i'll be happy with was him any manhattan low in her country? selim, when the hull cullen had a for us who had had a son, who is the one shaheen in our brain center? and i'm a little confused on when they would live further than i had for us was and then i'll put them in and let mr bar or miss russell and had a little fuzzy made him feel took off to be was how beautiful. but the,
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i use it mostly in hysterical if you hadn't want a job where mazetti or said he couldn't the, as for all film or see can, after was the helical her fee. there must be a do feel measured about my car for the month. the gene will see a lot of the oper full saw lamb will need in no use of some the limit the state school has the high school i did ask feel is parked in the, in the
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in the address. anyway, i know this my bottom of this book, oh, i got it had been floating a switch to either america, sean or henry cash on a. tell them with you out of yes. fair. hi. there can been the spelling slide them and all that. and now marketers i laggy and mechanical le fee, malibu mud, mud the decimal and it was called terry and was going to be a it and i like it and that he can move that because, well, i mean the loop and how will it seem? let's see, got on. how will that pressure a sequence as a examine bypassed tommy and we'll see a call. she bellowed alexander my son of old and we'll see how mosley will sequel.
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so you see how false to me it mostly hello many and mostly somebody be mostly proceed adoptee and know the bond fee of human must have cut down the heavy and mostly cog were lacking for fuel hot. oh, after the retreat, shaheen switches focus students on the performance. it's to be fronted by sonya barrack renowned tunisian classical singer, a b. what's in lucy?
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cut a lot of b. o nika lucy got shall kia will neck, and lucy cut and de lucio will necka lucy arcadia were in my food in. no, i've never been wagner let their bed then let their bed let cool has the hum. hulahan la la a thought out and we'll see if he was shared. he will. will it kite after mile as us may been bothering them or not of so we'll see. cut wagner. oh, not a fuck up in all. and was he cautiously at the abandon here, monsieur clement? miss mo. couldn't and her boy, it will be made the coon he above the eye labinski and lucy caught raina. you national lab would the and not that i had the today. hm. ah. the lack of who we what that denise. her mother, you then will seek a lot of
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b. i let it that the nurse hip mar, eluded, put toward a wooden ball soon and we'll see if closing. yana le mcintosh head. the 4th or the mac loon. dubois moon . mina o z o n hardy. ah, in oh no, oh, oh,
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[000:00:00;00] i alone. no. oh, oh, oh, i machines musical impact has been immense, constantly innovative, a never standing still. ah, he continues to cross cultural boundaries by introducing his arab musical heritage to new audiences. eager to understand the complexity and beauty of traditional
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arabic user, ah, ah, news. news. news. ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored by capital airways. too much rain to fast. hello everyone. that's lead to scenes like this month slides in california. this is in orange county and rescues had to be carried out here and we have another round of brain. but for northern california, snow for the cascades, the sierra nevada, and right through to the rocky speaking of the rockies, i want to show you this call. they're rushing off the rockies meeting up with this
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warm gulf of mexico moister. that's going to spark some severe storms, upper midwest right down to the deep south. and i think for the upper midwest, we could see some tornadic activity here. it would be the 1st time some states like minnesota would see a tornado in the month of december, after these disturbed weather across the great lakes region. some see and do snow for cape breton island and westbound. we go again. i think this is our madeline going to duck and dodge this system. it's mostly for the pacific northwest into northern california. as we were chatting about central america, then we do have some bursts of rain, southern mexico beliefs and doris nicaragua for the caribbean as well. but plenty of sunny spells to be found south end of south america, some stormy weather, rio de janeiro rate into by yes, state where we have seen some flooding and around the river plate region, disturbed weather for both months of dale and by no sorry is but give it some time, the weather will improve in by no sorry's coming up. oh,
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the weather is sponsored by cataract ways. ah, each and every one of us has got a responsibility. to change our personal space for the mirror, we are, we could do this experiment and if biodiversity could increase just a little bit, that wouldn't be worth doing. had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in constituent assembly year. getting these people begun to collect the segregated sales. re saying this extremely important service that they provide to the city. why do we we need to take america to trying to
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bring people together and trying to deal with people who can look beyond the stories of determination. enjoy. ah, we like to be luck though in the kiddo gina, do i remain a short documentary by african filmmakers from miley wanda and cameron, desert libraries, the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera ah, to this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anguish this is the news al, alive from joe, coming up in the next 60 minutes. there's been a breakthrough at the iran talks in vienna,
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which aims to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement. i'm dorsey


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