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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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ah algeria with no news, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sammy zaden. this is the news al alive from dell. how coming up in the next 60 minutes, u. s. president joe biden is set to visit kentucky, west search and rescue efforts. go on days off. the tornadoes killed more than 80 people i'm john handwritten live in front of a warehouse in evansville. india, illinois, where safety rules have come under fire. after 6 people have been killed. a
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breakthrough, the iran talks in vienna after weeks of negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement, ukraine's president vladimir that ensco meets e u. leaders as concerns grow about russian troops, a mass that the border and saving the bees in africa. sciences say it's not too late. and i have he dissimilar the sport coming up. we'll focus on today's era cup semi finals, and as a major story brewing between european clubs and african football ahead of january's cup of nations tournament all the details later in the news our ah, we saw this news out in the u. s. way of president joe biden is on his way to kentucky the worst affected states by fridays, devastating tornadoes,
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at least 88 people is being killed. more than a 100, a still missing across 6 states. biden is expected to meet some of the victims and state officials. tens of thousands of people are without power, as volunteers and emergency workers clear debris and didn't. illinois, an investigation is underway into the collapse of an amazon warehouse that killed at least 6 people will speak to john henry, who's outside that amazon warehouse in edwards vill, illinois shortly. but 1st let's bring in hydro castro. she's life for us in mayfield, kentucky. so what can we expect from jo biden's visit there? heidi sammy, the president will be here 1st doing an ariel tour of the city of mayfield where we're standing now. he'll then meet with survivors here as well as in other devastated communities. and this is the sea that will greet president joe biden. it is utter devastation here in downtown mayfield with friday nights, tornadoes,
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flattening, everything. the i can see 74 people are confirmed at in the state of kentucky aid people having died in a nearby factory as they were at work on friday. and now allegations surfacing from workers there that bosses had told them they would be fired if they left ahead of the store with christmas approaching worker as of the mayfield consumer products handle factory were rushing to fill holiday orders despite friday's ominous skies 20 year old elijah johnson says he felt nervous when he clocked in for his shift, and worse, after a tornado alarm sounded an early warning. the 1st alarm came all around, saving going on, ada's, and we could have been gone. we could have been gone. everybody can. i guarantee you a good have been less people that died at the facility, then what it was. if people would let them go,
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he says he and 14 other workers asked a manager if they could leave. we went to and we were like, we need to leave me and we got kids and stuff at the house. we got we got to take care of family. and he was like, well, you can leave what you going to be terminated and was like what, even with the weather like this heels i yes it with the weather like just going to be terminated when the 2nd tornado alarm sounded about an hour later. the $110.00 workers present or directed into a hallway and told to brace. then with a roar, everything came crashing down the walls. the ceiling. johnson found himself trapped in debris, then came the screen. it was a security officer. it was on my leg and grab my leg a cable say it helped me help help. and i couldn't help by the time because i was stuck myself. it was touching my leg i 1st and they just stuck. a female supervisor was pinned with her feet against a collapsed wall. johnson says she pushed the wall back,
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allowing him to escape through a narrow opening. so when i made it out, when i made it out, she was still down there, holding up the wall. kentucky governor has pledged to investigate whether the company was negligent in the way that it handled the storms, but he emphasized the state has not verified the workers allegations. representative for the candles factory says workers were not sure to stay with. we believe that we could do anything differently. you know, in hindsight, of course, i think all of us would do something differently. this is such a gamble to say leave, you know, to the last thing you do says don't get in your car, you know, that's what experts say more than a 100 people remain missing in kentucky and in surrounding states. and it's feared the death toll will rise. johnson says after emerging from the collapse factory, he could think of only one thing. i thought a crime because i thought my brain is at all my phrases that he's still not sure of the woman he credits with saving his life survived.
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and there have been multiple stories of heroism shared with us. and we've been on the ground here. neighbors helping each other escape strangers, also credited with saving lives. in fact, yesterday speaking with a 9 year old boy and his grandmother, just in the brief moments we spent with them, a person donated a bike to the young boy who was so thrilled that his christmas might have a little silver lining to it. then just moments later, another person with a brand new left her generator for that family, and that is the type of community. this is sammy where people are coming together faced with this just devastating loss. really unimaginable how the cow will rebuild, but they bow, they will, and they say they'll do it together. hot warming to hear that people are coming together. thanks so much heidi joe castro. let's go over down to john henderson and edwards vill, illinois. how is the investigation coming together there?
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well, just in the very early stages, the occupational safety and health administration of federal organization that looks after workers safety has begun a probe that will last as long as 6 months. and that is because they do this anytime workers are killed in a large employment center. but here, this is an unusual situation and in which 6 people were killed in that amazon warehouse behind me, one was injured, 45 were rescued when the walls came down on the far end of this building here near me, the walls crushed in on the side and so did the ceiling and there were 6 people inside that portion of the building, really a small number of the hundreds who worked here. and the girlfriend of one of those workers has told reporters that at her boyfriend had written her that they were told they could not leave the building. so there has been another workers hired a de tourney. rather,
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the family of that worker who was slain has hired an attorney to look into possible wrongful death charges. so amazon is looking into that. meanwhile, that osha investigation continues into whether there was anything in this workplace that was not up to code. so as investigators continue that very long prob amazon has to rebuild this building behind me and pick up operation is under. and of course this is the high time of the season. this is a christmas season when everybody is shipping things. so here's one center that is going to be out of commission for a while. and meanwhile, amazon is had a bit of a visual issue in that jeff bezos. the head of the company has been sending a bunch of rich people, including a broadcaster, am from ab seats into space while this was going on. so there's a bit of a disjunction here visually between a company that on the one hand was trying to celebrate something of
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a gimmick. and on the other hand, is dealing with a real tragedy in which families are grieving the loss of their workers at amazon. and so that investigation will look into whether anything was done wrong here. as you are talking that john was saying, we could see a crane in the background. how is the recovery effort coming together? absolutely, i don't know if you, if you can see the crane right over there, but what's happened is these power lines, they've gone down when this happened, there was some, there was a lack of communication in the area because of the power went out phone lines. i believe went down for some time, so the workers are out here. they've closed the road that we are on, but kindly allowed us to stay here. and meanwhile, they're trying to replace those power lines. and this is the northern most part of that spate of tornadoes that began in mississippi, swept up through tennessee, arkansas, kentucky. and then finally here to illinois and its northern most point. and really,
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the devastation has been very limited because tornadoes are so selective, it really just powered through this little area and then left most of this area alone. unlike what you see in areas like kentucky, where multiple tornadoes, tor, through one of them ripping through about 330 kilometers of territory. here, what we're seeing is far more limited, maybe some power line problems. the bulk of the devastation has been inside that amazon center behind me. i think so much john henry. now there's been a break through the iran nuclear talks in vienna. iran foreign minister says un cameras will be allowed to film at the sensitive side. the issue has been a sticking point during discussions to revive the landmark nuclear deal find in 2015 to have quoted above. last night we reached a good agreement with the i a that could address some of the alleged concerns about
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who runs peaceful nuclear program and leads to continued mutual cooperation with the i a 2 series of texts of being discussed in vienna. the 1st, as a result of 6 rounds of talks at the same time, other parties have agreed to have iran's newly proposed texts on the table. so as to achieve a single, concise text from discussions and combination of all of these. all right, let's bring and also javan, as he joins us now from vienna with more on this. so does this put the relationship between iran and the i. e a now back on track. well, it certainly will help the situation. sammy, the iranian foreign minister made the announcement earlier in teheran, and we also have heard from the director general of the i e. a raffle grossi who tweeted those statements from his agency saying that they will reinstall their cameras. they have 4 cameras at this workshop in carriage by the end of the year by
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the end of december. this of course, is a very critical point for the nuclear watchdog, because in june, the iranian said that one of the cameras was at the results of sabotage. they were taken offline and the one of the agency and the un to condemn this attack had the when years accused israel of behind. at this attack on the i. e, a has been trying to reinstall the cameras in that facility since they were indians did not allow it. and they said that now they will. and they, the, one of their conditions that they have for the agencies that they're in. we'll inspect the cameras that will go into this workshop in carriage, where it renews or making advanced centrifuges, according to many. and the agency has said that this was a cause for concern, because they did not know how many centrifuges and where they were going were being how many centrifuges were be made in this facility and where they were heading. so this was one of the main points here that at these new york negotiations was one of the main points in world powers. the europeans,
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signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal, said that unless they were on is complying with the agency and, and really more transparent these nuclear talks. we're not going to go anywhere. now. it appears that the rain is decided to allow the i 8 cameras to be installed again at this workshop which leads us then to the question, given what you're just saying the door. so what alternately does it mean for progress in those iran nuclear deal talks melvin it means one of the main obstacles in these negotiations have now been resolved. the issue was that the remaining signatories to this nuclear deal, the europeans were saying that iran was a non compliance, that there was issues with the i am the director general reference grossi had said that they were very concerned that iran was advancing his nuclear program at a rate that the agency was not able to monitor it. now, it appears with this latest developments. there is progress and the i,
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8 will be more inclined to understand where these centrifuges are going. and that iranians will be more in a better position to demand that the u. s. who had left the nuclear deal in 2018 to lift some of those sanctions. the array new wants lifted it so they can return to for compliance. and that really these negotiate those will move at a much faster pace, which was a cause for concern for all parties. earlier saying that their talks were going very slow, they were going nowhere. the europeans were concerned about the lack of cooperation by the iranians. and now this appears to be a step in the right direction for all parties involved. right, thanks so much. don't have jabari. the agreement has to do with iran's current complex, which makes centrifuges that are used to enrich uranium. one of the cameras belonging to the international atomic energy agency at the site was damaged in june. iran
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blamed israel for the cold, a sabotaged attack to her, and then removed all the cameras and their footage. it hasn't let the agency replace them angering the u. s. in signatories to 2015 nuclear deal in september the i a cold for to her on to find the missing footage and replace all the cameras . i thought a graph is a nuclear arms control specialist who has previously worked in senior positions at the i. e a. he explains why the nuclear watchdog ones camera to be placed inside the site. well, in a practical sense, it means that the i, a e, a again, will be able to monitor the production of centrifuge components. this is what the current facility does. and the reason for doing this is for the i a e 8, you have a better handle on whether any centrifuge component might be taken away from garage to be assembled into centrifuges at some secret sight. iran was being threatened
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with a special meeting of the board of governors to be convened either this week or next week to censure iran or lack of cooperation with the i. e a. so in keeping with iran, the previous moves just before such an event. you ality will take place. iran ended up making an agreement, small concession to the i. e a. so this is part of best strategy of dragging things along. and then when that becomes really crucial, you then make an agreement. i, it's not a party to the j. c. p. o. a. however, iran does have a safeguards agreement, verification agreement with the i, a e, a under its commitments to the nonproliferation treaty. and therefore, regardless of the faith of the j. c. p. o, a iran does have an obligation to make available the 3 enrichment facilities that pass to aetna, dance and one at for though for regular inspections by the i to ensure that
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any enrichment is as declared and all your nuclear material is made available to the i e to verify that it is not being used for in nuclear weapon. plenty marcella had on the news our including the leaders of china and russia made as the west pressures moscow for its troop build up on new cranes, border aid agencies or warning the drought and somalia could lead to a serious crisis. and one of argentine as all time grades, goals scores announces his retirement because we're heart condition. we'll hear from sergio aguiro later in sport. ah, the ukranian president is meeting with his german and french counterparts to discuss rising tensions with russia. followed them is that an skis in brussels for
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the use eastern partnerships summit, france and germany are the main brokers for peace between ukraine. russia. moscow has amassed a 100000 troops on its borders stoking fears of a possible invasion. natasha bartlett is live for us from paris. so have these 3 marries to work out some kind of deal that can avert conflict in the region. well, i certainly something they would like to do. we understand that the ukrainian present ramirez lensky is currently meeting with the french president, emmanuel mac raul. the to will then be joined by the new german chancellor left shoals for a meeting, which comes at a time in which both ukraine and the you are increasingly concerned about. russia's intentions on the border that troop build up, their tens of thousands, military personnel, a mass there, also u. s. intelligence warning that the kremlin could be looking to attack ukraine. now
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are both the french leader and the german leader. both expressed a to ukraine and they are expected to do so in this meeting to zalinski that are the e u. a has called on the kremlin to respect the territorial is sovereignty and integrity of ukraine. and i certainly the message that was put across by the french president emmanuel mcgraw when he had a phone call a with the russian leader vladimir putin on tuesday. but what they are really looking to do during this meeting is to try and revive the so called norma d format, p stokes. now, these are peace talks between russia and ukraine that have been broken in the past by germany and france. ukraine so far says that it would be a willing to take part in those talks, rushes indicated that it might be, but only on certain conditions and whether or not those conditions would be acceptable to the others isn't clear. i thanks so much. latasha barbara.
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germany's new chance of allah shalt says used his 1st speech to warn russia it will pay a high price if it invades ukraine. the obliquely decent time of the security situation . the russian ukrainian border worries us. we'll discussed it intensively if the european council and today's council of eastern relations, let me repeat in case not everyone understood what my predecessor said for any why lation to toil your integrity will have its price a high price, and we will speak with one voice on this, together with our european partners and our trans atlantic allies on dominate cane says charles has been keen to emphasize a smooth transition. the point that mr. shots is trying to make here to a certain extent is continuity. continuity of german government policy, foreign policy, certainly as it regards all things to the east of europe. and that's why you heard him talking about the any potential violation of territorial integrity. having to
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be marked by the international community in the way that he suggests he's also sets to parliament that he has spoken to the polish prime minister. and he is conscious of the situation in belarus as well. so he's got a very clear sense coming from mr. shots that he wants to lay down a mock to the world and to let me push in what his government really stands for. and as a say, this is a transition from mccaul to shots. the, the policy seems to be relatively hard in so far as it, it concerns moscow. the leaders of china and russia have held the video conference, the 2nd this year. she's paying a lot of putin a pledge to increase cooperation in trade, energy and security. but it's katrina, you reports from aging, some in the west view that deepening ties with suspicion. this is it is a virtual summit and show of solidarity the presidents of china and russia. she
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didn't ping and vladimir putin spoke for more than an hour on wednesday, hailing their close ties. voltaire, the wall, has undergone unprecedented changes and a pandemic in the last entry saw no rotten relations. how we do the terse, a verse storms as low as the deep historical traditions of friendship and a mutual understanding have allowed us to take our relations to the next breakthrough level. trade between china and russia exceeded 115000000000 dollars this year. a new high, the leaders pledge to increase corporation on energy paging already relies on moscow from much of its minerals. oil and natural gas plans are underway for nuclear power stations. they're also coordinating on efforts to further space exploration and scientific innovation. chinese analysts say the relationship is now stronger than it's ever been, they'll milan was ads or that the 2 countries support each other in their core interests. for example, when it comes to china's core interests,
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those are territorial, integrity and sovereignty development and security. the meeting comes as both nations face mounting criticism for their policies at home and abroad. russia for a mass build up of troops on its border with ukraine and china for increasing military activity. new taiwan, a self, rhode island, dating claims as its own, common interests as well as calling grievances have brought china and russia closer together. both face rising tensions with the u. s. and its allies, as well as accusations of human rights abuses, and birth hadn't re supporting each other on the international stage. officials in washington have under schooled a growing military threat from birth, russia, and china, putin. and she, you say they'll work more closely when it comes to security. they have conducted several joint exercises this year. moscow provides bating advanced weaponry, including fighter jets and missile defense systems. the u. s. is now completely
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focused on great powered competition after they left afghanistan. so there's a short window of opportunity i think that both moscow amazing see before the u. s . military kind of gears up for this great power competition. and they are trying to explain that the leaders are known to share a good personal bond. several countries have declared diplomatic boycotts of dating 2022 winter olympics. but vladimir putin has confirmed his attendance. the only major leader to do so, so far. katrina, you al jazeera, they jing france is reducing its military presence in northern molly as the government accuses it of abandonment. the troops for deployed in 2013 to help prevent attacks by fighters linked while high. the and i saw molly's prime minister says the threat is still there. i'm of all has more ceremony to mark the departure of more french troops from northern molly. this is the 3rd military base in the
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region to be vacated by french troops during the last few months. the bases into the solid and couldn't have already been handed over to marlene troops, france has decided to withdraw more than 2000 of it. folger from this i have region by early next year. but it's not because the so called war on terror has been won, or domestic peace has been maintained. armed groups linked to al qaeda and isis have stepped up their attacks across the region. the latest of those targeting un peacekeepers in northern molly? earlier this week, this morning and molly, 7 totally un peacekeepers died and 3 others were certain seriously injured when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in the bondage yara region of central. molly. the peacekeepers were part of a logistics cardboard, travelling from whence to savari. interpretations differ as to why france has decided to reduce its military footprint in a region that for long remained part of its strategic presence in africa. i was
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standing, however, is the level of unease between parties and bummer coal since the overthrow of molly's democratically elected president ibrahim, go back up tita in a military coup. last focus. france along with the a you and other regional bodies to them. the takeover of power by force attempts to persuade the new leaders to restore power to civilians have failed. so half attempts to speed up a process that could lead to an election in the next few months report. the qu, leaders are in secret talks with a russian private security force, known as the wagon group has worsened political tensions with france and molly's allies within the group of 5 neighboring countries. france began re deploying, gets military after a surge of attacks in marty borkin, a fossil agony, cher french troops, however, continue to operate in the city of gout, one of the hot spots in north, and molly france says they provide support to you and peacekeepers in the region,
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2000 of those peacekeepers remain in tim back to after the french withdrawal both day and marlene troops in the area are facing frequent attacks by armed groups. after 9 years of french and you and military intervention, a situation in molly is, is still as precarious as ever. mohammed one, i'll just yell will still have an al jazeera, more than a 1000 people are rescues from hong kong world trade center. and in the n b, a steph curry and his the record books, all the details coming later in schools. ah and away we go with your weather story for the middle east. hello, everyone. good to see you. we have a bit of activity rolling across the levant areas of the rock,
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and we may see some showers across saudi into kuwait. and another area we're watching is back that we show you the 3 day forecast, the risk of some showers thursday. i think the better bet will actually be on friday and your temperatures all above average for this have the year. next stop, we're going to pakistan plenty of sun here, a bit of instability rolling across some parts of the country, but nothing major. where we are seen a lot of disturbed weather is for turkey, really ra conditions here, low temperatures is stumble, 6 degrees. we have got the rain and we've also got the wind and we're seeing that spread further toward the east tribes on had a beautiful day on wednesday. that changes on thursday. equitorial countries through africa no surprise or storms here. round lake victoria through democratic republic of congo, congo, gab, on rate through into camera, and actually a bit more dry and camera room on thursday. and then we've got a lot of what weather botswana inches in bob way that eastern portion of south africa. i want to show these temperatures could take you a few days out because it's a different story. temperatures going down in johannesburg. this is by saturday,
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cape town all the way up to 27 degrees. so feeling it more like summer. ah, the 20th century 1st genocide, thought you have set the believe print to the holocaust is too often overlooked. this then will come in very everything. but for some reason, the sand refused to bury these people. they want this story to be taught over a century on the injustice until i came down that generation on the path to reparation is nelson e v one namibia, the price of genocide. people and paula on algae era. ah, mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish with even supplied by
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tradition noon, where beautiful fossil fuel are offered will move ah, welcome back here watching out. is there a time to recap? i'll headlines. u. s. president joe biden is on his way to kentucky the worst affected state by fridays, devastating tornadoes and in illinois and investigation is underway in the collapse of an amazon warehouse that killed at least 6 people. iran's foreign minister says un cameras will be allowed.


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