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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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a police we are seeing and power and passion. we tell your story. we are your voice. your news, your net back out his ear. ah, you as president joe biden is due to arrive in kentucky where search and rescue efforts go on days after tornadoes killed more than 80 people. ah, i'm sam is a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up a break through the round talks in vienna after weeks of negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. ukraine's president vladimir that ensco meets e u. leaders as concerns grow about russian troops,
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a mass that is border and saving the bees in africa. scientists say it's not too late. ah, us president joe biden is about to arrive in kentucky the worst effected state by fridays, devastating tornadoes, at least 88 people have been killed, a more than a 100 is still missing across 6 states. biden is expected to meet some of the victims and state officials. tens of thousands of people are without power, as volunteers and emergency workers clear the debris. and in illinois, an investigation is underway into the collapse of an amazon warehouse that killed at least 6 people. i'll speak to john henry, who's outside the amazon warehouse in edwards village, illinois, shortly. but 1st let's bring in hi, be jo castro. she joins us from mayfield in kentucky. so heidi,
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what can we expect to hear from biden when he visits the state? well sammy, he will be visiting with the 1st responders and also with the survivors of this devastating tornado that happened on friday. he'll be touring this town of mayfield and we are in downtown, and you can see that destruction rock stretches as far as the i can see. this is one of many communities that were simply leveled by this disaster. the death toll here in kentucky at 748 of whom were people trapped inside of a candle factory nearby. and now there have been allegations from workers there that their bosses said they would be fired if they went home before the storm. with christmas approaching worker as of the mayfield consumer products candle factory were rushing to fill holiday orders. despite fridays,
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ominous skies. 20 year old elijah johnson says he felt nervous when he clocked in for his shift. and worse, after a tornado alarm sounded an early warning. the 1st alarm came all around saving and going on eighty's. and we could have been gone. we could have been gone. everybody could, i guarantee you could have been less people that died at the facility. then what it was. if people would let them go, he says he and 14 other workers asked a manager if they could leave. we went to and we was like, we need to leave me and we got kids and stuff at the house. we got, we got to take your family and he was like, well, you can leave what you going to be terminated and was like, what, even with the weather like this and heels i, yes, we even with the weather like this is going to be terminated. when the 2nd tornado alarm sounded about an hour later, the $110.00 workers present were directed into a hallway and told to brace. then with a roar,
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everything came crashing down the walls. the ceiling, johnson found himself trapped in debris, then came the screen. it was a security officer. it was on my leg and who's grandma leg cable said helped me help me help me. and i couldn't help by the time because i was stuck myself. it was touching my leg i 1st and they just up a female supervisor was pinned with her feet against a collapsed wall. johnson says she pushed the wall back, allowing him to escape through a narrow opening. so when i made it out, when i made it out, she was still down there, holding up the wall. kentucky governor has pledged to investigate whether the company was negligent in the way that it handled the storms. but he emphasized the state has not verified the workers allegations, representative for the candles factory says workers were not pressured to stay with . we believe that we could do anything differently. you know, in hindsight, of course, i think all of us would do something differently. it is such a gamble to say leave, you know, the last thing you do says don't get in your car,
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you know, that's what experts say more than a 100 people remain missing in kentucky and in surrounding states, and it's feared the death toll will rise. johnson says after emerging from the collapse factory, he could think of only one thing. i thought a crime because i thought my friends at all my phrases that he still not sure of the woman he credits with saving his life, survived. and there have been so many stories of heroism shared with families who have been here, people running into the rubble fishing out and neighbors, families, and friends. and the way that this community has come together in the wake of the tragedy has been remarkable, with volunteers coming in from all parts of the state and surrounding areas as well . donating christmas. yes. for the thousands of kids who are now going to be suffering perhaps without christmas, without presence, i will say that this community is one that has been so leveled here. mayfield just
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imagining the rebuild is difficult, but the people who call this place home, they say they are going to rebuild, and they will do so together. all right, thanks so much. hi to jo castro as go over now to john henderson. he live for us from edwards fill in illinois. how. how about the investigation? there was heading me 11 minutes. that's how long workers had between the time authorities. at this amazon warehouse facility got word that there was a tornado, possibly heading their way and the time that that tornado hit. and when it did, it swept through a parking lot and crashed through the front of that building behind me. by that time, most of the workers were able to go to a designated tornado shelter, which had been partially hardened with cement, in an internal part of that building. but several were not able to do that. and
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they hunker down in the front of this building. and that is where the devastation and the loss of life occurred. 6 people were killed in that building. one injured 45 were rescued afterwards. and it was just a matter of seconds before that tornado tore through the investigation. is a standard thing that the occupational safety and health administration does. it could take up to 6 months for them to come up with any conclusions they're going to look at whether anything was done wrong here by the folks at amazon who run this facility already. one of the families of those who of one person who was deceased, his hired famous lawyer, bon crump, the civil rights attorney, to look into whether there was a possible wrongful death in this case. and whether they might want to file a civil suit. crump is also been talking to other family members, but for many people, the question is not really whether amazon failed to obey the existing laws, but whether the existing laws are strong enough because they don't require
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a hardened tornado shelter in areas like this much beyond what you might have in your own home. so there is some interest factoring about whether the laws need to be changed that osha investigation will go on looking into whether this company did anything wrong. but meanwhile, there are 6 families grieving, one injured person, and all for a tornado that tore through here in a matter of seconds. sammy, i, thanks so much john henry, the now there's been a vague through the iran nuclear talks in vienna. iran's foreign minister says you and cameras will be allowed to film at the sensitive site. the issue has been a sticking point during discussions to revive the landmark nuclear deal signed in 2015. so i'm quoting us off last night we reached a good agreement with the i a e a that could address some of the alleged concerns about iran's peaceful nuclear program and lead to continued mutual cooperation with
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the i. 8 e. 2 series of texts are being discussed in vienna. the 1st is the result of 6 rounds of talks. at the same time, other parties have agreed to have around newly proposed texts on the table. so as to achieve single, concise text from discussions and combination of all of these are corresponding dasa. jibari has been following developments from vienna, hey, are on, is now in a position to tell the parties that are here in vienna negotiating how to return to that nuclear deal. that it's done, everything they've asked of them. that's been asked of them by the international atomic energy agency. the i. e. a said that since june, they have not been able to access for cameras that they had at this workshop in carriage, which produces centrifuges for iran's nuclear program. they ran in said there was a sabotage attack on june 20th and damage one of the cameras. and since then they've taken all for offline since then for nearly 6 months now the i. e,
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a director general has been trying to get the iranians to allow i e to replace those cameras. now, iranians were asking the agency to condemn the attack, and that is what's happened now after this all this time. the agency has finally acknowledged that this was an act of sabotage and the radius of certified will will allow you to replace those cameras. but there is a point or that is going to be important here. and that is that the video that they will be recording of everything that happens in that workshop will not be handed over to the agency as is procedure. now since february of earlier this year, a, the rain in parliament passed the law that iran will reduce his commitment to the agency because nuclear, scientists, moss, and factories other was assassinated in november of last year. they said these acts of sabotage are aimed at trying to get iran to come to the negotiating table in a weaker position. and they would, they have actually managed to do is really put iran in a much stronger position according to the officials there. so now the main issue
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here has been that there was a lack of access, according to this agency and carriage at this facility was one of the sticking points that was stalling, these nuclear talks. now we reach a point where i, we will see really what the main issues are if there are any other than the technical aspects of returning to the j. c. p. away until now, all the parties were saying, including the americans that to the iranians were not being forthright with giving the right amount of access to the nuclear agency, which polices the nuclear deal of 2015. so now with this announcement which was made in terror on it, we will expect it to be some kind of movement along these talks which resumed after 5 months break on november 29th. due to the fact that there was a new administration in town on after abraham bracy was elected in june. so now we're going to see in the coming days what this means for the negotiations moving forward. and certainly, the iranians will not be in a position to say, we have given you everything you've asked for. now,
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it's time for you to do the same. the cranium president has met the leaders of france and germany to discuss the rising tensions with russia. followed me as the skis in brussels for the use eastern partnership. summit, france and germany are the main brokers for peace between ukraine and russia. moscow has a mass to 100000 troops on its borders stoking fears of a possible invasion. natasha butler has more from paris, both the french leader and the german leader, both expressed to ukraine and they are expected to do so in this meeting, please, and landscape that the e u has cooled on the kremlin to respect the territorial sovereignty and integrity of ukraine. and that's certainly the message that was put across by the french president, the manual micro, when he had a phone call with the russian liter vladimir putin on tuesday. but what they are really looking to do during this meeting is to try and revive the so called norma,
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the format piece talks. now these are piece talks between russia and ukraine that have been broken in the past by germany and france. ukraine so far says that it would be willing to take part in those talks. russia is indicated that it might be, but only on certain conditions. and whether or not those conditions would be acceptable to the others isn't clear. still had an al jazeera find out why a ship building project is under threatened garza, what it means for palestinian families. ah, ah, look forward to brighten sky's the weather sponsored point ways. or can see your worlds weather update. we're going to begin in the sub continent. hello everyone and no major weather alerts across sandy except for the potential to see some fog through punjab state rate toward the northeast of india in
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a san otherwise just a few scattered showers for tamela. do really those heavy burst, the brain can be found through longer, but the bulk of the energy staying towards the east of shalonda. here's where we do have some concern. that's for the philippines. we've god's high food ry moving in clipping eastern portions. and it's going to cut rate across a central area. so at landfall, i think those winds will be up to a 190 kilometers per hour to at $300.00 millimeters of rain and the potential to see some more. now for southeast asia, that ne monsoon just steering relentless rain into a lazy i call in the poor. 32, concentrated rain across as marcia and java. we may power up some thunderstorms in jakarta with a hive 33 degrees, some rain running across the yangtze river valley out toward the east, china see that slamming into southern sections of japan. so we'll take it there. this is plaguing our q shoe southern sections of honshu western honshu into whole cato. then we've got some cold air rushing in. it will make its way all the way toward japan. so just a high of 8 degrees in tokyo on saturday. that's it,
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sir. for the weather sponsored by katara, always swan, i will be part of the greatest global gathering in history, the expo 2020 dubai woods, wanda will be there to showcase hope investment opportunities are unique culture and heritage, economic diversity and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out what woods wanna at the expo 2020 do by spectacle, where we will unleash our potential botswana, all pride, your destination. ah ah,
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welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines now. u. s. president joe biden is in kentucky. the was the fact that state by fridays, devastating tornadoes and in illinois and investigation is on the way to the collapse of an amazon warehouse that killed at least 6 people. bronze foreign minister says un cameras will be allowed to film at the sensitive nuclear site. the issue had been a sticking point during negotiations in vienna to revive the 2015 landmark agreement. the ukranian president has met e u leaders in brussels at the eastern partnership summit. moscow has a master 100000 troops on its borders stoking fears of a possible invasion. the leaders of china and russia have held a video conference their 2nd this year. she ging ping and vladimir putin pledge to increase cooperation in trade energy and security. but it's katrina,
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you reports from badging some in the west view, their deepening ties with suspicion. but it is, this is a virtual summit and show of solidarity the presidents of china and russia. she didn't ping and vladimir putin spoke for more than an hour on wednesday. haylock that close ties. voltaire, the wall has enter, gone unprecedented changes and a pedantic in the last entry sign or russian relations. how we stood the terse of various storms as low as the deep historical traditions of friendship and a mutual understanding have allowed us to take our relations to the next breakthrough level. trade between china and russia exceeded 115000000000 dollars this year. a new high, the leaders pledge to increase cooperation on energy. beijing already relies and moscow from much of its minerals, oil, and natural gas plants underway for nuclear power stations. so they are also coordinating on efforts to further space exploration and scientific innovation.
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chinese analysts say the relationship is now stronger than it's ever been fail, malone was ads, or that the 2 countries support each other in their core interests. for example, when it comes to china's core interests, those are territory integrity and sovereignty development and security. that the meeting comes as both nations face mounting criticism for their policies at home and abroad. russia for a mass build up of troops on its border with ukraine and china for increasing military activity, new taiwan. a self, rhode island dating claims as its own common interests as well as calling grievances have brought china and russia closer together. both face rising tensions with the u. s. and its allies, as well as accusations of human rights abuses and birth hadn't divorced supporting each other on the international stage. officials in washington have under schooled a growing military threat from birth, russia, and china putin. and she, you say they'll work more closely when it comes to security. they have conducted
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several joint exercises this year. moscow provides bating, with advanced weaponry, including fighter jets and missile defense systems. the u. s. is now completely focused on great power competition. after they left afghanistan, so there's a short window of opportunity. i think that both moscow amazing. see in for the u. s. military kind of gears up for this great power competition. and they are trying to explain. the leaders are known to share a good personal bond. several countries have declared diplomatic boycotts of ladings 2022 winter olympics. but vladimir putin has confirmed his attendance. the only major leader to do so, so far. katrina, you are the 0. they ging, germany's new chancellor. although schoultz has used his 1st speech to warn russia, it will pay a high price if it invades ukraine. dominic came, has more from berlin, in terms of foreign policy priorities. mister schultz is pretty clear for him right
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now. it was important to stress that in eastern europe, and specifically with a message to moscow that any violation of ukraine's territorial integrity will be challenged by his government and by the rest of the european union. this is what he had to say to german politicians in parliament. he defended from terry to any violation of territorial integrity. we'll have a high price and we will speak with one voice here with our european partners and our transit atlantic allies. domestic policy is also very important for mister schultz and his colleagues around the cabinet table. but the one pressing issue is move that covey is and how to deal with cove is. we know that mr. schultz, his preferred resolution is to get as many vaccines into people's arms as possible, whether that be 1st and 2nd vaccines or the booster vaccine. but we also know that mister schultz believes that there should be some form of mandatory requirement. he's going to give members of parliament of free vote,
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not on party lines of free vote about what they should decides and that should come in the next few weeks, months he wants whatever measures are agreed on to have teeth may be people who don't have vaccines might be find that's for the future, but so now it's pretty clear he thinks coded and dealing with his top priority in the u. k. health official say in the sanctions are doubling every 2 days. it's removed 11 african countries from its red list. people must now show proof, they are double jab to end to certain venues. the restrictions were approved by parliament despite dozens of politicians from the routing party, opposing them. prime minister bars johnson is dismissed calls for his resignation. the british public, a looking for a prime minister with the trust and the old clarity to leave britain through the crisis instead way burdened with the worst possible prime minister at the worst possible time i believe and the liberties of people. but i believe that the
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approach that we're taking is balanced at proportionate and right for this country . police in hong kong of confound hundreds, have been rescued from the cities world trade center after a fire on its 1st floor. at least 13 people were taken to hospital brit planet is a journalist in hong kong. she says the blaze broke out in an electrical room. her she is rescue operation. the more than 1000 people sat in the world trade center have been rescued. some take into hospital with injury with smoking, elation issues as well. we understand that the fire broke out in a meter room on the 1st floor and from then a scaffolding pull to light. although it's not clear exactly how the fire started. there are renovations on the way. now this happens in one of the busiest areas in hong kong is a popular shopping area. and many of the people would have been out for lunch with a fully in the lead up to the holiday season for this has a lot of having and
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a lot of the stress now ship building projects in garza aimed at supporting 15 low income families is on the threats, but so it causes raw's blockade is preventing materials and equipment from getting through them. let's say it reports from garza in the war to ship the garza c haul it in his team are putting their final touches to a ship. they began building for a month to go. they're tired, yet excited. it's nearly ready. but there are obstacles to navigate higher than love cuba with deborah, this boat is going to support 15 families when it sails. but israel doesn't allow the import of any of its parts, were forced to manufacture every part locally with our own hands, which takes huge effort and time with israel's locate of the gaza strip. and it's 40 of here, highly in his team have been forced to use simple tools and local had made parts to
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construct their boat. they gather dozens of eucalyptus trees from around the strip to build the hall after a tapped to import would failed. after israel eas, restrictions in july to allow fishermen to sail up to 15 nautical miles from the shore college decided to speed up construction. but he says he was shocked to quite was not allowed to import an inch in ant generator to crate it, nor flashlights in new fishing nets, fiberglass used to fill spaces between planks his foot was also denied. all this fled to the coast of building the vessel, increasing threefold. that ship is 6 meters wide and 21 meters long and is designed to revive the boat making industrial because this trip that was destroyed as fishing decline after israel impose restrictions on the in clay including its
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seat at bank, the imports of equipment needed to repair and launched vessels on the shores of gaster light, dozens of tassels that were wrecked or damaged by fire. in shells from israel, gun boats over the past 15 years. this area is known as the graveyards with boats. most fishermen are reluctant to go to sea. oh no claypole carmela, mikka molecular, alyssa alia ala bahama. there is a total control by israel on the garza sea, and the fishermen, there's constant shooting towards them. regular arrests and bolts were confiscated . now this is all, in addition to the continuous closing of the sea are much threatened, the livelihood of the people here and the economy. a guardian harlot has been building ships for a day, kate, but this is his 1st in 15 years. and he says, despite the obstacles he's determined to put it to see in the thing it, al jazeera garza from a south african president,
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jacob zoom. his lawyers are appealing a ruling setting aside his medical parole, and ordering him back to jail. the 79 year old is serving a 15 month sentence for contempt after defying a constitutional court order to give evidence at a corruption inquiry. the allegations day back to his time in office and us politicians are voted to raise the federal debt limits within hours of the treasury . the deadline, the vote avoided a major credit default. it raises the borrowing camp by 2 and a half trillion dollars. republicans offered just one vote in the house and no vote in the senate. nasa has confirmed its park a solar probe which is overpaying. the sun is touched it for the 1st time on a recent fly by the prob, dipped into the upper atmosphere also cold. the corona astronomers learned for the 1st time the corona has spikes and dips. it's
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a discovery that could help further understand. so the whether the probe will continue until 2025, habitat destruction climate change and growing past the side view saw threatening african bees. that's according to scientists in kenya, who say that crucial role as pollinators of crops and wild plants is at risk. but there is hope africa could avoid the destruction of fees seen in north america and europe. welcome web reports from miranda in kenya. the other caught a trees on james worries, farm we're under producing by about a fish. he says he didn't even know until he joined the research program here in kenya disorder. that's when he learned about pollination and about the crucial role of pollinating insects and become more numerous awards like having a 100 kaos but only one book. it can't handle all the skulls if you have what kind of trees. but without enough pollinators,
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the flowers will be there. minimal pollination will take place, so your produce will be reduced. as part of the research project, james started keeping bees on his farm and then not visiting the cottage flowers, they're busy making honey. james cells expert say the pollination short food shows there's something wrong with keeping peace. can help scientists say that the pollination gap has been effectively closed and that the because the trees and now producing their maximum harvest, they're right next to the beehive. the research is say that the bees themselves facing some grave threats the un program of spraying locust that is played east africa over the last 2 years, added to an already increasing use of chemical pesticides. farmers use them to help me growing populations, demands of food, be the rule,
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so threatened by destruction of their natural habitat to make way for farmland and growing cities. changing climate posies, new threats. the scientists working here at africa, the leading insect research center say there's a lack of data compared to other continents. samples of pollen grains from be hives can help filling some of the picture as can samples of food crops. in them they found pesticides that a band in other continents and signs of over year. they're also keeping in studying dozens of species of wild bees which play a greater role in pollination, but more vulnerable than the bees that a cap to make honey. they will let in scientists, michael lat, or says the destruction of bees caused by intensive agriculture in europe, in the us. or it could be avoided in africa to that we would be able to learn from the mistake that have been done before, and use more agro ecological approaches to sustain these ecosystem services. and to
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have a sustainable production and also a sustainable increase in production. and i think there are, there are lots of solutions. many small hold farmers are already practicing them. james is one of them. the scientists say, be keeping on a farm can offset the destruction of natural pollinators. protecting the rest of the ecosystem will take more malcolm web al jazeera miranda can. yeah. ah, let's take a look at some of the headlines here now just they are now us president joe biden is in kentucky. that was the thing to state by 5 days. devastating tornadoes and it illinois investigation is underway and the collapse of an amazon warehouse that killed at least 6 people. john henry has more from outside the white house. the.


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