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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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ecological approaches to sustain these ecosystem services and to have a sustainable production and also a sustainable increase in production. and i think there, there are lots of solutions, many small hold farmers already practicing them. james is one of them. the scientists say, be keeping on a farm can offset the destruction of natural pollinators. protecting the rest of the ecosystem will take more. malcolm web al jazeera miranda can yeah. ah, let's take a look at some of the headlines here. now. just are now us president joe biden is in kentucky. that was the thing to state by fridays. devastating tornadoes ended. illinois investigation is underway and the collapse of an amazon warehouse that killed at least 6 people. john henry has more from outside the white house. the investigation is
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a standard thing that the occupational safety and health administration does. it could take up to 6 months for them to come up with any conclusions, and they're gonna look at whether anything was done wrong here by the folks at amazon who run this facility already. one of the families of those who of one person who was deceased, his hired famous lawyer, bon crump, the civil rights attorney, to look into whether there was a possible wrongful death in this case. and whether they might want to file a civil suit. crump has also been talking to other family members, but for many people, the question is not really whether amazon failed to obey the existing laws, but whether the existing laws are strong enough because they don't require a hardened tornado shelter. in areas like this, iran's foreign minister says you and cameras will be allowed to fill me with a sensitive nuclear sites. the issue had been a sticking point during negotiations in vienna to revive the 2015 landmark deal.
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the ukranian president is meeting e u. leaders in brussels at the eastern partnership summit. hill also meet with the french president and german chancellor to discuss rising tensions with russia. the chinese and russian leaders have held a virtual summit, she ging ping's meeting with me of food and comes at a time of rising tension with the west brushes. they de says, these nations ties with china are stronger than ever. health officials in the u. k. say, infections doubling every 2 days. 11 african countries have been removed from its red list. people must now show proof. they are double jab to enter certain venues. the restrictions were approved by parliament. prime minister boss johnson has dismiss calls for his resignation. as the headlines, the news continues here. now there after studio b unscripted ah
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ah, i cannot easily accept sums. it is not political because really means society. i need choice of a being not political as, as political choice. my name is iowa away. i'm mom artist. and activist, i'm rider, i'm documentary maker. but 1st a human being, the poetic act had such power to drive millions of people to certain kind of conclusions about the stay to be that we occupied. i'm in asia poor. i'm an artist. my alt isn't overtly political in any obvious way. i'm much more
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interested in isa, terry poetic. whatever else all difficult stuff. okay, well i want to start by reading a small passage from charlie chaplin, the great comedian, the great palmer performer in his film. ah, the great dictator from 1940 he gives his big speech and i'm just going to read a little passage from it. greed, he says, has poisoned men's. souls has barricaded the world with hate. has goose stepped us into misery and bloodshed. we have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in technology. i changed the word, it was machinery,
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technology that gives us abundance has left us wanting. our knowledge has made us cynical. our cleverness is hard and unkind. we think too much and feel too little. more than technology, we need humanity, more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost. it is the most beautiful, beautiful speech, clear short and very poignant and an indescribable. alrighty titian! perfectly perfectly are. we think we're so technically advanced based on career, so smart of his sickly up very well educated, but we don't know what to be missed and the rest. so it seems to me that there are 2 fundamental things missing wisdom. we live in a world almost without wisdom,
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and the other is compassion. wisdom come from not just the, the library or a box, but a rather from are using your hands, the hands of teachers who are heart and they are your mind and so slow they, they don't use their hands in more or they use hands for some other purpose so i think because they have been gold too far from the so called the wisdom because wisdom is about how do you survive your soul and the, your body and the now we don't see really. so why would it be in a hurried so much they have been given by the via nona, appreciate and the very taking with on all to whom we will take him from. yes and her, i think of this as to the from are the post colonial lism and also is a so called the globalization. it's a new form of law or colonialism correct. that corrupt or
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a whole human condition. i like very much what you've just said about the hand traveling in so much of the world, perhaps specially in china. what we see is what i see is that people are being moved off the land and put into great big skyscrapers. they lose the hand and it's contact with this wonderful earth. that is all that is the basis. so when you were talking about exile in the 1st part of the show here, you talked about being an outsider, but really you talked about losing your home. and one of the things perhaps we could discuss is how important is this idea of home? well, i am a personal fool not perfectly punk. come on
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a want his home because you venue, man. nation one now was born. my father was eggs out, so i'm 2nd generation of eggs out person. and i, we lost something awfully quick to be think belongs to us. familiar, annoying. we know if we close our i, we can still go back to lad safety corner. save in all the guys you have or familiar smile or, or you know that corner little light in communist society. nice and be allows to individual the snotty, this material doesn't belong to individual. you don't have a private feeling. you don't have a memory because all those fun memories has being changed in our history book tells you really difference from the one to really happened. so the sense of a home are sole altered. who it is it that also as artists
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we sit outside or is it that the search for home is something that, that is a continuing poetic philosophical law of confusing problem. my mother's a jewish or was jewish. i, father's indian. so in india we were always the jewish boys, my brother and i. then we went to israel because that's what jewish kids do. go to israel, they said, ah, but your dock. so somewhere was a darky, sorry, utterly confusing, utterly confusing. and britain was much better at this, but many of our audience i could see all over them from all over the world. many of us will suffer this question of being an outsider of what is home. where is how key is home to the activity that we say we want to perform, which is reconnect if you like, with our deep psychic in
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a world and thank her your wrists up are very serious question. as an artist, we are by nature, they are person who are lost. when we choose to be lost, we choose to be lost. so it's our choice. i like that he cause we choose to be lost . yeah, that burns back to the fundamental question. why are they belongs to originally? so now to me, i have to answer doesn't matter where you come from, what kind of religion or language or a habit with meters, and then tim fi us ourself as a human being a same times, we struggle for identity. it, oh no artist na struggle for identity. so this to are so conflict cielo. but it links, of course, also to the other thing, which is that i can only be an artist if i'm fragile. yes,
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i once i a sad them in the future may may be the most power or false as being fragile. yeah. because it's not, there's no crawl. the powers of phrases is for jonas. correct. my fragility is my humanity. it is my ability to identify it is that part of me which can break down in tears and b if you like, open or vulnerable. and yet we also carry this other side as artists of great bravado. i can, you know, make a counter and then shoot him to the corner or whatever variation on such a thing. meaning, foolishness, stupidity, for agility and stupidity are quite close, sisters like this. and they are, it's a very interesting problem of dairy. so it's both fragile and daring and
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a hall to leave your life. that sort of question. how do some live formula, fragile it nurse, and also to be provocative. my in chinese facie thought them is the way. so the way has to be, leave us a one he why do you act? and the why do you think about the language has come to one that's most difficult may be and that part can be called an artist. and that's very beautiful. there's one other really important subject, it links to all the things we've been talking about, that we educate our young people as slaves to the capitalist economic machine. society is not interested in the individuality, the freedom, the spirit,
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the of the young person. what we want is automaton ins and walk society does not want is young people who feel who think, who are fragile, who are unable, who don't know. we'd say no, you go and stand on the corner. i don't want to see the dark side of you. we have taken all a dark parts of our environment, every dark valley, every dot chasm, and cut it down and turned it into a nice little if you like, forgive me. but a nice little christian place in which everything is good. everything is well, but actually it's the death i want your dog so i don't want your good self here. i am. and that is the reversal if you like that turning education the other way up, if you like. i totally agree that education is the big problem because we designed
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this system to kill as a young generation. i look at my song, i think, or he has to do this. 20 years of education is now the more weight of the best time of your life. yeah, then you come to the road. you've cynthia, been trend, you just become a use for piece of it. are a machine or a tool correct to be efficient or tool tool have or so called the security? i think of capitalism uses the connoisseur craig. he to spare everybody to see because you're doing that, you're safe under, you're in better position. and this is crazy because you don't act. you only think your northern knowledge or you some keep has structure some kind of knowledge. but to you later, since about each has become a doctor or, or
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a lawyer or a wall street treater or you know, whatever is a profession. i think that his biggest loss of humanity, i've always said to my children, don't get a job. but i think we have a question from someone. my name is john packer, i'm a professor in law. you both raised the idea of language, arts and language. and of course has also been said that music or the arts in general are a universal language. but not necessarily as just codification of images and sounds. there's something else happening and i'm interested to know what you believe in your experience is happening universally through the arts and doesn't require to be universal. that everyone is an artist. an artist make some work if in the process of making the work, the artist has been able to remove enough of themselves and not getting
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away in other words and leave space for the viewer for you and me to come and watch and look. then you and me complete the work we make the works. and what that assumes, as you quite rightly say, is that there is a code that we share of color of sound. there are various languages that we share, almost in spite of ourselves. now is that true? is that not true? is it culturally specific or is it not? so for example, i mean just off the top of my head, is there an african for example, notion of the sublime, that i know nothing about is indifferent if you like from the classical western or whatever variation on such a thing. so is it truly universal?
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you know, does the color red mean the same thing in london that it does in beijing? i doubt it. i think in raising a means i'm a good, certainly different how we codified these things. it's complex, but i do believe the main question is, get the artist out of away meaning too much to say gets in the way in fact and makes the less good art the understanding of value about her art. it's really very much like taken our drug. hinton, it's a, it's not a natural on, you know, we, we appreciate sense, but as you said, the african people are preciate differences for mom, the white people and i was away. they understand the more meant the sound, the light. no, it's very different. i don't see any modern sculptor car rich the same kind or
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language as african did as soon they are blot in. i'll be only come provide the other experience which often as they may not even send cough as high sink. hello, my name is penny, and i wanted to ask supervisor the internet, our social media brady are being made and need that ever before on it. ok, so a rain, what you thought about the surplus of production and consumption of outlast, and it is a threat or an opportunity for to bass artist, creativity. certainly, ah, internet to our tech technology mom provide us human society. some somebody never experienced that before. and also we don't know how it would affect or, or understanding of value and, or exchange of values and,
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or even just to own some saying, you know, and, but certainly because see mason's been changed. so surveys use social media and off i phones, the film become, are in crisis. you know, we don't most people very hard even to go to a theater to look at the a film and you more because we are used to easily together cream formation, embarrass short on time and a big cannot have the same kind of patients to see the film i developing or less a story, but we, i, i mean i take your point about film, you're absolutely right. film has but there are many arts that you have to experience. you know, you can't, tom, just have music if you like online in whatever 4 of it is.
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um it's especially with classical music. let's say you have to be there and it's the same with painting. it's the same with sculpture. i'm perhaps very old fashioned in this way of eating wound never be the same dumb tool even just like a conversation we had said to they're, they're a big guy and knowing charles irons either. but if we were doing this online, it would be such a different conversation. wouldn't it could be a good faith that, oh, how do they have to realize that's another reality? yes, we read all sorts of signs some each other gentle, subtle little signs that tell us things that screams just cult. so i accept it's a different reality of our different i, i'm genevine, i'm a student in london. i have always felt the extraordinary arch macy more than just a consumer in masses. you completely and my question is, how do you meet your audience more than just consumers and,
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and person is it for you is artists that people really experience and are fully masked in iraq? i've been for many, many years in zen practice and ins. then my teacher used to say to me all the time she would say, give yourself truly give yourself into what is being done at this moment right now. and something happens, you know, when you're truly involved in something, something happens to time. time go somewhere else. it becomes something else. it's as if it doesn't exist. so all job is artists is to be watch full beauty in other words is everywhere. right? that's right, that's right. that's right. that duties everywhere. all we gotta do is grab it right now, way way would in fact, i think it's very hard to rational described from now about the art
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practice because it is a mess. ology is what do you believe? and so what do you believe an artist can re he lou street or sense of time under under place? i think that as, as a minimal effects of art makers of forget or make us are being conscious about some, some been, never been conscious that moment as they forget it. oh, so it's a, it's an art a should be a dangerous sent to do, you know is not the is never safe. but of course 99 percent. art is not in the category i. my name's emily balance and that my question is that we should pieces that you've made the think have had impacts and why or how i would say none for my work. i did that, which i'm
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a cited fine or i was and could create some kind of real impact and narrow kind of really think that can be called a work in most time. but the rather to have a life to grab some values i think is very important. which to which doesn't really belong to me, but to the, to every human being. and i think of those values, so ord, protector or society. yeah. more desirable way. yeah. you know, being a bit unfair to yourself, you had one work which had a very particular perspective, the one where you took the steel balls from earthquake and you put them out. and you spoke in that work without saying any words about an
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uncaring, unable state. tell us about that. is that true? and that is true that the works i knew mar, would me bizarre ours creek on, which are killed over $5335.00 students. yeah. so i asked as a simple question, who are they on the, what's their name by the inserting environment. this is our national secret. you cannot really asking those questions. so i made this so called the since is a my station we made a very simple for his back life. now i forget. and this is very essential, but to make that effort is difficult and almost finished in my life because i had a confrontational, ah moment face the police. ah, yes,
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if you name on to the work that is have some kind of language and form and peacefully actually is very of bowel and work. but i have this kind of contradiction about state violence and about how our memory being erased or, but also from a formal book point of view. it's something which i imagine and it's all about the imagination. all that steel was kind of mangled in like that and then you straighten it and you turn it into a kind of minimalist, perfect calm. seen. where is everything? it saying is about the un com about death. this contradictory, that's what makes it art, of course, to take one situation, twisted or straighten it. but i another situation i suddenly thought, and this is a very interesting problem, is it, 1st of all, to, for all,
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and they all do any so says form go art or, or school for artist. but the most difficulty is what is after? because so i did a film about the refugees, but her as we all know, those problems become even much worse. there's silence people bad in the ocean and basically euro ping and not only european but as they want to reach europe. but the hero pin, they push them away, let them die. thought so. ah, yes, i made the film i made many works but. but so what? and in all this moment those, those cases and the women still leave in the darkness. the most important sent about the artist, honesty besides all the skills yet because honesty relate to our own identity, but a lot is the most difficult. yes. agreed. totally agree. i mean though, i say,
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yeah, because as an artist i reserve the right to contradict myself to say this and that and do both together without losing integrity, all honesty. because if we become to wholly about ourselves to wrapped up in the idea that we have some great message for the world with the it's the end. while we must not have agreed mildly to the world. but we have to give ourselves for a gift. law means may ride. can nies ourself in the miro to say, hey, this is the me so that the moment is very hard to establish. you not to keep going with us? i think so continue. yes, thank you away. thank you so much. thank . mm,
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we're going to make sure that we secure this planet for future generations. we need to learn to love the people who voted for things that we might disagree with. everything as it toxic mass, what we want as a transition out, but you know, what we have is an addicted society in the fossil fuel industry continues to push those addictions. this is a moment for us not to just to things that are so fundamentally unjust. ah ah, a
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a with a i've come back to san diego to revisit the fascinating part to pulse me in history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lester, not realistic. i was them as a child during and just pops into people still love them. it was basically too bad to be true. what they were predicting can comedy he'll ethnic divisions,
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a national tension exist in both of you today. once upon a time in sarajevo on al jazeera, ah, us president joe biden arrives in kentucky where search and rescue efforts go on days off the tornadoes killed more than 80 people in the region. ah, i'm sammy say that this is al jazeera alive from the hall. so coming up a break through iran talks in vienna, off the weeks of negotiation to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement, ukraine's president follow me at the landscape needs.


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