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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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and push back against perceived aggressors, russia and china from around the world. a database is being established to make sure they have the details of the sympathize of the supporters and the fighters, which belong to the group. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm sammy. a dan, this is the news out alive from coming up in the next 60 minutes. us president joe biden arrives in kentucky way. search and rescue efforts go on days after tornadoes killed more than 80 people in the region. there's been a breakthrough at the iran talks in vienna after weeks of negotiation to revive the 2015 nuclear agreements, ukraine's president needs the leaders as concerns grow about russian troops, a mac,
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and it's border. i'm devin ash, with board. we've reached the semifinals at the fee for our cap, where to put their place in saturday. find the last name trauma against egypt. stadium 974. ah, us president joe biden has arrived in kentucky. the was defective state by fridays, devastating tornadoes, at least 88 people have been killed, more than a 100. a still missing across 6 states. biden is expected to meet some of the victims and state officials. tens of thousands of people without power, as volunteers and emergency workers clear the debris. and in illinois and investigation is underway into the collapse of an amazon warehouse that killed at
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least 6 people will speak to john henry, who's outside that amazon warehouse in edwards fill in a noise shortly. but 1st, let's head over to heidi joe castro. she's in mayfield, kentucky. so how is the biden visit, unraveling family. the president has already done an aerial tour of may field kentucky where i stand now and from the sky. the level of destruction is just impressive. you can see it here on the ground to home. utterly got it is not flattened. it's amazing. the things that do survive, though there's still potted flowers, standing inside some of the shells of these homes. there are 74 concerned can confirmed a death in kentucky for people having died inside of a nearby factory as they were at work and allegations from some of those workers are surfacing saying that bosses there would not allow workers to leave before the
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storm with christmas approaching worker as of the mayfield consumer products candle factory were rushing to fill holiday orders, despite fridays, ominous skies. 20 year old elijah johnson says he felt nervous when he clocked in for his shift. and worse, after a tornado alarm sounded an early warning. the 1st alarm came all around saving going on, eighty's, and we could have been gone. we could have been gone. everybody can i guarantee you a good have been less people that died at the facility, then what it was. if people would let them go, he says he and 14 other workers asked a manager if they could leave. we went to and we were like, we need to leave me and we got kids and stuff at the house. we got, we got to take care. our family and he was like, well, you can leave what you going to be terminated and was like what? even with the weather like this. and he'll say, yes, we've been with the weather like, just going to be terminated when the 2nd tornado alarm sounded about an hour later,
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the $110.00 workers present or directed into a hallway and told to brace. then with a roar, everything came crashing down. the walls, the ceiling, johnson found himself trapped in debris. then came the screen. it was a security officer. it was on my leg and grab my leg. a cable say it helped me help help. and i couldn't help by the time because i was stuck myself. it was touching my leg i 1st and they just stuck. a female supervisor was pinned with her feet against a collapsed wall. johnson says she pushed the wall back, allowing him to escape through a narrow opening. so when i made it out, when i made it out, she was still down there, holding up the wall. kentucky governor has pledged to investigate whether the company was negligent in the way that handled the storms. but he emphasized the state has not verified the workers allegations, representative for the candles factory says workers were not pressured to stay. if
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we believe that we could do anything differently on one side, of course, i think all of us would do something differently. this is such a gamble to say leave, you know, to the last thing you do says don't get in your car, you know, that's what experts say more than a 100 people remain missing in kentucky and in surrounding states. and it's feared the death toll will rise. johnson says after emerging from the collapse factory, he could think of only one thing. i thought a crime because i thought my brain is at all my phrases that he's still not sure of the woman he credits with saving his life survived. and there have been so many other stories of heroism as people haven't responding to these tornadoes, neighbors pulling each other out of the rubble. stranger stopping by to see if there was anything that these people who lost their home need. in fact, yesterday, family, just spending a few moments with a 9 year old boy and his grandmother who were devastated by the last the losses
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that they have suffered. we had a person come by a man who just gave this child a bicycle that child's face just lit up. and then a few minutes later someone else came by with a brand new generator for the family. so it's the small moments that people are holding on to the okay, thanks so much. hi, the joe castro there. let's take this over now to john henderson. he's in edward's phil illinois, people trying to pick up the pieces that to amid an investigation as to what happened at that amazon warehouse. right? that's right, sammy, the federal, occupational safety and health administration is looking into whether amazon violated any worker safety rules as it prepared in the short time it had for this tornado to sweep through. what we do now is that they got alerts between $8.06 p. m,
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that a tornado might be coming toward them. they told employees to hunker down in a designated tornado. shelter it then that tornado just 11 minutes later, at 827. touched on in the parking lot back there and swept through the front of that building. the designated tornado shelter was back farther in the building and was harden with concrete, but not all of the workers could make it. their amazon has previously had no phone policy, but in this case it had allowed people to have phones because it covered and some of them use them to call home. one of them was a man named jordan cope. he told his sister he was going to go out and warn the other workers about the coming tornado. those you might be outside and didn't hear the warning. he was among those who were killed and don't know they always. so the construction cranes out and about behind you, how is the reconstruction effort going after i did your nato swept through the field right in front of that building. apparently knocking
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down some power line. so power went out there was a, a phone, a cell tower that was knocked down as well. so some people weren't able to communicate for a while. but really this was a very limited storm of the series of storms that sweat through this whole region. 6 states from mississippi all the way up here to joy. some of them were as long as 330 kilometers raking up half through the ground. this one was very small. you can see it just touched down to that parking lot struck that building. and then went up into the air again. it was just unfortunate for the workers in this particular plan that is where it was located, otherwise, there seems to be very little damage up here. all right, thanks so much john henderson. now there's been a break through those iraq nuclear talks in vienna. iran, the foreign minister says un cameras will be allowed to film at a sensitive fight. the issue has been a sticking point during discussions to revive the landmark nuclear deal. and in
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2015 but above last night we reached a good agreement with the i a that could address some of the alleged concerns about who runs peaceful nuclear program. and lead to continued mutual cooperation with the a 2 series of texts of being discussed in vienna. the 1st as a result of 6 rounds of talks. at the same time, other parties have agreed to have iran's newly proposed texts on the table. so as to achieve single, concise text from discussions and combination of all of these will the agreement has to do with iran college complex, which makes centrifuges. they are used to enrich uranium. one of the cameras belonging to the international atomic energy agency at the site was damaged in june . iran blamed israel for what it called a sabotage attack to her and then removed all the cameras and their footage and hasn't let the agency replace them angering the u. s and signatories to the 2015
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nuclear deal. and september the i a, a called for to her on to find the missing footage and replace all the cameras correspondent, dosage of our is been following developments from vienna. hey, are on is now in a position to tell the parties that are here in vienna negotiating how to return to that nuclear deal, that it's done, everything they've asked of them. that's been asked of them by the international atomic energy agency. the i. e. a said that since june, they have not been able to access for cameras that they had at this workshop in carriage, which produces centrifuges for iran's nuclear program. they ran in said there was a sabotage attack on june 20th and damage one of the cameras. and since then, they've taken all for offline since then for nearly 6 months now the i e, a director general has been trying to get the iranians to allow i e to replace those cameras. now, iranians were asking the agency to condemn the attack,
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and that is what's happened now after this all this time. the agency has finally acknowledged that this was an act of sabotage and the radiance of certified will will allow you to replace those cameras. but there is a point that is going to be important here, and that is that the video that they will be recording of everything that happens in that workshop will not be handed over to the agency as is procedure. now since february of earlier this year, a, the rain in parliament passed the law that iran will reduce his commitment to the agency because a nuclear scientist, moss, and barclays, other was assassinated in november of last year. they said these acts of sabotage are aimed at trying to get iran to come to the negotiating table in a weaker position. and they would, they have actually managed to do is really put iran in a much stronger position according to the officials there. so now the main issue here has been that there was a lack of access, according to this agency and carriage at this facility was one of the sticking
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points that was stalling, these nuclear talks. now we reach a point where i, we will see really what the main issues are if there are any other than the technical aspects of returning to the j. c. p. away until now, all the parties were saying, including the americans that to the news were not being forthright with giving the right amount of access to the nuclear agency, which polices the nuclear deal of 2015. so now with this announcement which was made in terror on it, we will expect to be some kind of movement along these talks, which resumed after a 5 month break on november 29th. due to the fact that there was a new administration in teheran, after abraham bracy was elected in june. so now we're going to see in the coming days, what this means for the negotiations moving forward. and certainly, the iranians will not be in a position to say, we have given you everything you've asked for. now it's time for you to do the same
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now the u. k. has reported a record number of daily corona virus cases. since the pandemic began, health officials have confirm more than 10000 infections from the army con variant . people must now show proof, they are double job to enter certain venues. the restrictions were approved by parliament despite dozens of politicians from the routing party, opposing them. prime minister boss johnson has dismissed calls for his resignation . under simmons is following developments in london. as the army cronner rate of infections skyrockets at boris johnson's reputation is diving rapidly. and it's not just at the public health situation that's done that it's a, it's a quite a long story. all of a series of scandals known as sleaze, which is involving a allegations of corruption and also at the bought shop over the parties during last christmas, which apparently have according to many sources,
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a breached cove in regulations. but during that prime minister's question time, boris johnson was tackled by the labor leader. and i'm told that you are too weak to lead. and there is a reason for the allegation simply because of a 100 are members of his party in parliament, a voted against his government on tuesday night over these moves are to actually cause more restrictions. and. and now the question is, can he, can he be trusted at when this situation gets worse, to actually introduce the measures than a nick that are needed when his policies are so reliant upon the triple booster jap, the booster jap, being the way he is planning to try and control this outbreak of infection. the u. s. secretary of state has cut short the 2nd leg of his se asia tour after
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a journalist accompanying him. tested positive the coven. 19 anthony blinkin has been trying to firm up ties in the region to count that china's influence. he has criticized beijing for its aggressive policies in the region. lincoln and senior officials tested negative in kuala lumpur. plenty more still to come on the news hour, including the leaders of china and russia, made as the west pressures moscow over its troop build up on ukraine's border bangladesh marks 50 years of independence from pakistan. we look at the remarkable progress. it's made. the challenges del ahead and one of our agents is all time gray goal score is announces his retirement because of a heart condition. we'll hear from sergio guerra later in sport. ah. the ukranian president is meeting is german and french counterparts to discuss
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rising tensions with russia. one of them is the landscape in brussels for the ease eastern partnerships summit, france and germany are the main brokers for peace between ukraine and russia. moscow as a master 100000 troops on its board stoking fears of a possible invasion. natasha butler has more from paris. well, according to the ally, say the french present. a manual. mcgraw met with ukrainian president voted me as lensky on the sidelines of summit in brussels. the 2 leaders discussed the situation in ukraine and their concern over russia's military build up on the border. we know that us intelligence officials have warned that the criminal could be looking to tack ukraine. micro also brief lensky about a phone call that he had had on tuesday with the russian lead vladimir putin. well, the 2 leaders within joined by the new german charles the old f scholes. the 3 then
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committed to trying to find a durable and peaceful solution for the crisis. they all said that they were committed, of course, to safeguarding ukraine's territorial sovereignty. and they will say that they wanted to try and work to revive peace talks between russia and ukraine. along the lines of the normandy format, in which france and germany would act as mediators. the leaders of china and russia have held a video conference their 2nd this year. she ging ping and vladimir putin pledge to increase corporation and trade energy and security. but as katrina you report from badging some in the west view. they deepening ties with suspicion. but it is, it is a virtual summit and show of solidarity the presidents of china and russia. she didn't ping and vladimir putin spoke for more than an hour on wednesday. hailing their close ties until the wall has enter, gone unprecedented changes and
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a pandemic in the last entry sign. a russian relations. how we do the terse of versa. storms as low as the deep historical traditions of friendship and a mutual understanding have allowed us to take our relations to the next breakthrough level. trade between china and russia exceeded 115000000000 dollars this year. a new high. the leaders pledge to increase corporation on energy paging already relies on moscow from much of its minerals, oil, and natural gas plants underway for nuclear power stations. so they're also coordinating on efforts to further space exploration and scientific innovation. chinese analysts say the relationship is now stronger than it's ever been to the o. malone was outdoors as the 2 countries support each other in their core interests. for example, when it comes to china's core interests, those are territorial, integrity and sovereignty development and security. that the meeting comes as both
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nation's face mounting criticism for their policies at home and abroad. russia for a mass build up of troops on its border with ukraine, and china for increasing military activity near taiwan. a self, rhode island dating claims as its own common interests as well as calling grievances have brought china and russia closer together. both face rising tensions with the u. s. and its allies, as well as accusations of human rights abuses, and both have been re supporting each other, o slash the state. officials in washington have under schooled a growing military threat from birth, russia, and china, putin. and she, you say they'll work more closely when it comes to security. they have conducted several joint exercises this year. moscow provides bating, with advanced weaponry, including fighter jets and missile defense systems. the u. s. is now completely focused on great power competition. after they left afghanistan, so there's a short window of opportunity. i think that both moscow amazing see before the u. s
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. military kind of gears up for this great power competition. and they are trying to explain that the leaders are known to share a good personal bond. several countries have declared diplomatic boycotts of ladings 2022 winter olympics. but vladimir putin has confirmed his attendance. the only major leader to do so, so far. katrina you out a 0. they ging place in hong kong of confirmed hundreds have been rescued from the cities world trade center after a fire on its 1st floor. at least 13 people were taken to hospital. brits planets has more a p cal, a panic in one of hong kong, busiest districts, dozens becoming trapped in a well known shopping center after a fire broke out during lunch time rush. wow, there was thick smoke billowing out of the world trade center in causeway bay. fi fight is trying to reach dozens of people stuck on a podium and the roof of the 38th story. skyscraper,
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hundreds of others becoming trapped inside, while fumes filled a dining area. eventually, all 770 were rescued. all firemen discovered a heavily smoke lock. the fire scene was heavily look, look at time of arrival. so to a fireman of we, we found it or it is one of the reason may need to the distress through the occupants inside the building authorities say the fire started in the meter room on a lower level of the building. an investigation is underway into exactly what caused the fire. the manual alarm and sprinkler systems had been disabled on the 1st 5 floors because of renovation works. the fire department said it was only alerted to this after the fire had broken out. this all happened at a popular shopping area in the run up to the holidays. some of those who were trapped would have been out with their colleagues for christmas lunch. it's caused
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plenty of chaos in distress. and there will be many people demanding answers. rick clinic al jazeera hong kong bangladesh is celebrating the 50th anniversary of it's victoria with pakistan on thursday. it's fine for independence. was one after 9 months of war, the government estimates around 3000000 people were killed in the bloody conflict. but the for now wants to tell the world of 50 years of progress and development and their chandry reports from docker, monet. ah, me do so mom. this landmark speech in march 1971 by shak maggio berman popularly known as bongo bundle inspired the bengali people. and what was, than is pakistan to rise up and prepare for a war of independence. look like any of your t o. since we have given blood will give more of it, but in charla will free the peoplesoft,
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his land. the struggle this time is for emancipation. the struggle this time is for independence. soggy, dot r o. when bangladesh became an independent country, 9 months later, longer bundle became its fast precedent and later prime minister or you bali now in his late seventies and a farmer, freedom fighter visits the bangladesh liberation war museum with his family. he does not want the next generation to forget the sacrifices that were made, one longer than i am, otherwise, we love the bang and do, and he is the one who inspired us to go to the war and fight for our independence with our life. so that we can live in a free country. we have a sheed many things and we're happy about it. but deal are long. another farmer fighter survived several bullet once 50 years ago, but says his disappointed bangladesh is still not fully self reliant. love what are older, fidel managers, hello. we went to war to liberate ourselves from domination and become independent
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. since then the nation has developed a lot and has changed a great deal, but so much more needs to be done with that. we are truly a self reliant country. during the 9 month conflict in 1971, nearly 10000000 bengalis took refuge in india. suffer a lie, young physician left the you care to join the liberation war and set up a field hospital in india who fought for democracy. but equally t. l. e. we have a cheaper hutchins who lead you who live longer? who do i suffer from honda? but we have no democracy, we have no vote. we had so to cities and disease or took whiskey, who donated delmore, chris, he will to freedom of his speech without the equality. a country is bending.
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las once termed a bottomless basket case by farmer u. s. secretary of state, henry kissinger, bangladesh now has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is scheduled to officially become a developing country in 2026 bangladesh as that's a much over the past 50 years. but the nation is still very polarized between 2 main rival political parties. for many desperation, for democracy, free and fair elections still remains a major challenge. bangladesh has defied many expectations since it's about 50 years ago, but it's facing more obstacles on the political front. it's over population and the effects of climate change. tanveer children al jazeera dhaka still had an al jazeera saving the bees in africa. why scientists say it's not too late. and in the n b a steph curry enters the record books all the details coming up later in school.
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ah and the way we go with here are whether story for the middle east. hello everyone. good to see you. we have a bit of activity rolling across the levant areas of iraq and we may see some showers across saudi into kuwait. and another area we're watching is voc that we show you the 3 day forecast, the risk of some showers thursday. i think the better bet will actually be on friday and your temperatures all above average for this have the year. next up, we're going to pockets on plenty of sun here, a bit of instability rolling across some parts of the country, but nothing major. where we are seen a lot of disturbed weather is for turkey, really raw conditions here. low temperatures is stumble, 6 degrees the got the rain and we've also got the wind and we're seeing that spread further toward the east tribes on had a beautiful day on wednesday. that changes on thursday, equitorial countries through africa. no surprise are storms here. round lake
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victoria through democratic republic of congo, congo gab on rate through into camera, and actually a bit more dry and cameroon, on thursday. and then we've got a lot of what weather botswana inches in bob way that eastern portion of south africa i want to show these temperatures. could take you a few days out because it's a different story. temperatures going down in johannesburg. this is by saturday, cape town all the way up to 27 degrees, so feeling it more like summer. ah, the stories of determination and joy when i'm too busy luck though. when the cutover gina, do i remain could missing v. i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries,
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the young cyclists and happiness africa direct on al jazeera al jazeera sets the stage, lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half global lex bugs and discussion color. something about the impact from the climate change is having all the fathers that you worked with voices from different corners where the wells are empty. people fight for programs that open your eyes to a low, tentative view. i them have collaging for i have my voice on al jazeera. oh, a.
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come back here watching out. is there a time to recap? the headline us president joe biden is touring. the areas was affected by friday, devastating tornadoes in kentucky, states, and in illinois and investigation is underway and the collapse of an amazon warehouse that kills at least 6 people. iran, the foreign minister says un cameras will be allowed to film as a sensitive nuclear side. the issue had been a sticking point during negotiations in vienna to revive the 2015 landmark agreement. the ukranian president is meeting you leaders in brussels that the eastern partnership summit will also meet with the french president and german chancellor to discuss the rising tensions with russia. well, back now to our top story that devastating tornadoes in the us. steve clements is editor at large at the hill. he joins us from washington, dc via skype. good, happy with us. so how do you think americans are viewing biden's handling of the
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tornado disaster so far? well, i think so far so good in the sense that they see a president who is really good at talking about grief. i mean, he's had so much personal grief in his own family that when, you know people are lost, it's one of the areas that joe biden is, is, you know, often lauded that he can connect with real people in their time of great stress. so i think that's going pretty well. i think, however, you know, he's in kentucky which is a state that supported donald trump. overwhelmingly, only one of the kentucky came to congressional delegation traveled with him or a republican, but only one congressman to get the sort of glimpses of partisanship in the midst of tragedy. and we don't know, i mean, president barton has not been able to overcome all of that, but i think he's, he's, you know, from the rest of us are watching what's going on. you know, i think the president is saying and doing the right things. you think now in america a lot of things highly politicized. did you think this will help turnaround.


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