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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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you're a pain bass players are not available, and i have been some concerns amongst those who follow cast off. what will closely that since winning the asian cup? phil sanchez, the coach, has stayed somewhat su, loyal to the score of players and hasn't changed things up. now he said a defeat like this will not derail the plans. he's had in place the last 3 or 4 years. but plenty to think about for him and his team as they build up to playing in that 1st world cut next year and trying to achieve stay today of getting out of the group stage into the knockout rounds. ah, let's get around up now. the headlines on jesse and a us president joe biden has pledged to do whatever it takes to help communities hit by severe tornadoes. last week. he's been visiting the worst hit state of kentucky, 88 people died across 6 states, and 100 more are missing. i've been involved in responding to a lot of disasters and you can see people's faces,
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what they're really looking for. and look around, i say, to the press, what they're looking for is just put their head down on the pillow. be able to close their eyes, take a deep breath, go to sleep and make sure the kids are ok. that's people looking for right now. a lot of hard work is going to happen the next 2 and 3 months to bring it all the way back. the government's going to cover 100 percent of the cost, 100 percent of the cost for the 1st $30.00 days. for all the emergency work from clary and everything. for every single costs, the federal government's going to take care of the u. k has reported its highest number of daily cove it infections since the start of the pandemic. more than 78000 cases were confirmed on wednesday. scientists say oma crohn will be the dominant variant in europe by the middle of january. south korea is bringing back social distancing rules as record inspection rate threatened to overwhelm hospitals, they're from january. second gatherings will be limited,
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and restaurants and bars must close. early a ron's foreign minister says un cameras will be allowed to film at a sensitive nuclear slide. if you had been a sticking point in negotiations in vienna to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal ukraine's president volunteer, ms. lensky is urging the european union to impose new sanctions on russia to help ease a rising tensions between the 2 countries. are 100000 russian troops on the border with ukraine smoking fears of a possible invasion. a former south african president jacob zoom as lawyers are appealing a ruling setting aside his medical parole and ordering him back to jail. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court. those are the headlines right now and i just hear it's african direct cities have always been in motion. they have to be, to evolve and adapt of all the sad cities,
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all the greatest work of all shooting comments in a huge city. you can get this sense of how the world around you behave in a way you cannot see with the naked eye. you can feel the hairs on the back of your neck standing up when you reach the top of the building and get a great view. metropolis analysis era. ah a
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widow guy, them come behind to yeah, you, when you have a bigger a a, a uncompleted guy, but i wanna see what a younger we can get you in the waiting my going to say quito. we do need your income condition. do you gone to get that one? or would you can look it up? i know joe and complete for, for sunday to look i a but until the modem that i can with,
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from the paper. when i was in the flesh. last week i went to hunt him to sima a towel, wendy quito. janet you have remained a color cindy. i looked into konica that occur. yeah, he said more unto mikka ink at the nearing i said, look aside your diet. i want him to see been
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yes, coriso a guy jamie do to move to a security and yeah, go ahead. i would he bundis a syndicate when you're typically a guy, you felt that when you, when the manuscript you didn't, you know, i don't on a very good in general manager, sued emily blue with his, you know, guns it, us, those kind of didn't put goofy. so say
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lou you know flu or see a pull the sunday or monday he wanted to point with leah, but mostly lisky better cigna the oh on that was a better the impossible for you to do a lot with you. yeah. well, yeah, no keanda a
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i knew a general way when i said you guys he hung up with a guy, jerry. darcy, good, do i want to follow me? and then mister kaywood, amy ink, i dwell in our far medical window. i went out, why did you duke? i need your quote. i do. i thought 20 liquor. i think indiana, hey, do case as well. okay. maybe a general idea. when are the hub? i should have been able to talk, but he had to not be a secretary. he machine? no, we don't. i the we're a husband view and i wouldn't have to put a screen up when we're tired of it. a mean easier them up. you know,
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the model you're for, what am i in a cause? i your bottle tumbled to going to get a tim, its own government. community counseling. don't come in to tell you chrome, it could, it could google deliberately, a tech using a program to kill me. of course, you also said it went to my like say, you the hubbard you wanting to madison to live without that? men died, locals have indic avoid. dec i l l. so what they should, i shouldn't be got to look on the cut is the guy of what you can either call c c. i said, i think i will call it all got to be of them was in what thought can become a whoop when i got what a bundle. you got me, what can become a would have you mean when i got, which i want to give you a little
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and we will will see that then that i would have enough of you to know that she will do. i'll let you launch was on i will much with enough with the following little including with with as long as you lay how windy it's amending a young lady mostly i was on was in under
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we look. yeah. little boy. oh that i have in mind with with that and even though i been in logan, i knew when i go i have to know what i even hunt and i was hosing denellin name only when he had under wood williams of oh i'm like oh, they want well, what i mean, what it more, what did not people wanna go was going to change isn't good. it wasn't until the
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mother does at a i don't like a day i was actually doing the home blanket wrap all good enough. let us get it. maybe even got to put them to get the couch onto good you. i'm to move on to higher . oh, how much do i wanna work on the board? what do i want to do then? i found one. okay. for a got go. oh, a. 1 got to play with
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a loops in the st. louis didn't she won't go in water and come with us. well, no, williams, if you didn't do that, they're doing that would go oh, damn, took what i said were you in with i can make up that you don't think i don't, i must get this on the met online because it was you seem who receives sudan you still suda this histidine and avoid a great as guy. well actually sir, could you tell us, oh, i see see, to see and understand. to live underground job will go out
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there will may be a walk in among the town will could go gilbert dash don't worry, let's go quality met with to maria. could i get a get a good morning or when you go go big mckayden? can you do it within a window? well, about it and i conditioned as melody i see. but as to combine those, i'll play you go, we will, they will move on to that re sales one of the the but the venue would occur if this could, then you
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could lose a ball.
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a shania can yell could communicate lumina and jim like to watch a game. a game in gym with colin doing in
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georgia, a banana more english. one more example, missouri zane with georgia getting a young lady and go go to those. when julian, i'm up the screen with a little a little mediate, i'm in need of a no, no, i will call knowing moving on g as a visual coordinate, covey as you would, a near discrete. i've got by dickie guiding on that if for sure,
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i'm going to monday joe younger. my dear my, to go home when your normal gen sitting on the phone with quite a natural easily or in by you know quick. what am i doing in john denied. log through the whole guy. couldn't rosie nimble number for lunch? nobody got in the wall. yes. was already in the why the? yeah. what are the key and you're still, i need to read beyond you the shit i will handle klingon beach quality in most in your moves at thunder. you had an estimate on hold each other that's rosa to bring it. cuz reminding you there's a change in my condition and i'll look to me and i was will
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log in as i go for the launch loop when i try to do anything. and then we're done. i done a good a ah, i'll go later what? hold on long go off of the god in no way way a club was ready. deli elaine galbraith, publish it had come monday through the and i you of course for shock. green. been glad i'm come for sure. look, wanna get there isn't very langley,
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i don't want if they do i will let you know. i'm ready for the policy call. not only want i do i what i'm getting well when you use cheap fish. now again the lankin with a kitchenette glue. honda, wendy, we are good. i will call john betty. now again now langham usa, our member campbell. this is in betty macy shemelle. i called once
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again, giovanni keeping noah gardner with the gym, zagging in and they were in the more full day. i vidalia commercial mission over the night before formulas. oh good. thank ah, the with
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is stuffy postcolonial novel. she was she don't sound pretty cheap. is of it. and wanted to see more for israel as your met who's in city was damage on. he's not banded buff. yes, receipt on you wouldn't use your boss plan to call it almost did amaya e. i know that dumb it down to me or susan boss it up if number is on my almost made it over a say that it was the 1st one. so you get your fucking treatment,
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what he's asking for is a was going to say she got it with my as you run it. the one is on the walk, a walk through the monday, the one about. and you can just go to the, my interest in that don't show that there's a to go get on in the new soon. erica was and i was almost, i don't say i am. i think some of them are even looking actually a couple moments. you did a job, a good day that i give them that goes is focus out a shop for a t. m a did a
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little bit. if you don't here, only just to say a a thing with ah, a with
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best to go back mr. wants it still piece of up. what is of jensen by able to does it? it won't face bowl bulk acoustic you sold when you say they bill, you know, i want to do zim onto moving could easily book with. 6 is it going to assume or not when it said me, oh, come on. that is to you that day you i made um so you for a bit for me. yeah. they don't do. do you know just don't,
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don't be when they call it? don't you don't get it. don't, don't get, don't some fake. i did my that is like a killer. this will need a boss is all will do the rest on dish. i'm on a few last one. it was or not on a pull this off. i mean, we keep up with on it, but it is a family law committee. it would prefer not to emit full to fun in it, but it suffer me. sas it you know to, for me to go on to get it on their point. emily? yeah, no, but i would love just to be in a far as with buddha, a little molly. my them will get it. get up to the bull nose. good. physical nerve. is up going by, john will to long if you do it tomorrow. yes. don't do that well. now that you have a vacuum is on configuration with regard to still get it will get a bit honor him. otherwise, it won't bother you about the letter in the dennis up. could you biology, bobby,
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is o m a ah, her african narratives from african perspectives now, but now we're about his big daily white shift blue, short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and wanda,
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there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. e flat is what made the intimate connection between myself and wonder, diggers and merchants and certainly africa direct on al jazeera, we town the untold stories. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a police, we have fin, sir guy, and power impartial. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net al jazeera, the 20th centuries 1st, genocide thought to have set the blueprint for the holocaust is too often overlooked. the sand will come and bury everything. but for some reason, the sand refused to bury these people. they want this sorry to be taught over
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a century on the injustice still echoes down the generations and the path to reparation is not an easy one. namibia, the price of genocide, people and power on al jazeera. ah, the scope and scale this destruction is almost beyond belief. joe biden promises to help communities devastated by some of the strongest tornadoes ever seen in the us . ah, alarm has seeker, this is al jazeera life and our house are coming up. the u. k. report's a record number of code cases with the government warning, the only crime variant is set to drive a staggering search. there are several things we don't know, but all the things that we.


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