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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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services, this magnificent desolation is just tv with life music. so the remote is walters or antarctic sanctuary on al jazeera ah, tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes. is typhoon re makes land full in the philippines. ah, hello, i am emily. angling. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up for the scope of scale. this 2 structures is almost beyond belief. joe biden promises to help communities devastated by some of the most powerful tornadoes ever seen in the us. the army con variant and tensions with russia high
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on the agenda as european latest mains in brussels and bangladesh celebrates 50 years of independence. baptism is split from pakistan, remains a painful memory. ah, we begin the program with some breaking news and one of the strongest storms in the world. this year has made landfall in the philippines. tens of thousands of people, a being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central parts of the country. officials say about 10000 villages or in the projected path of the typhoon . let's get more in the system with whether presented jeff harrington at. jeff, tell us more about what's happening. this is going to be bad. emily. there have been a few storms quite like this in the western pacific. in fact, this is only the 4th storm to be a category 5 equivalent. so as you mentioned, making that landfall as we look towards the eastern philippines, let me get you the numbers. great. now,
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so those winds sustain 260 kilometers per hour. that's what puts it at that cat 5 equivalent. so here's what we're up against over the next little while this is going to be just catastrophic when you consider a storm surge, 3 to 5 meters. so think along those coastal sections. anything under 5 meters will be buried in water than rain. 2 to 300 meters. let's remember this is a mountainous area, so that range is going to fall high above and then gosh, rate down to the ground mud slides and line slides. a big concern. there is those winds, again, 260 kilometers per hour. so that's only on thursday. we're still going to be in the thick of this storm as we head toward friday, cutting across central areas rate toward the west. so this area also going to get inundated with rain more than $300.00 millimeters. and those winds will back off just a bit to about a 175 kilometers per hour. but emily, the next 24 to 48 hours in this area is going to be very dire, so we'll continue to track it out. thank you very much for that update, jeff hancock for us. all right, let's go straight down to jamila alan jogan,
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who was live for us in manila, jim, and what more do we know about the system? well, what we know at the moment, emily is that, you know, thousands of already been evacuated and place in temporary shelters. it has made landfall about a little over 2 hours ago in an island called shirt gough, which is a known tourist destination. of ports have been close out there are. those have been reported have been stranded and flights have been cancelled on classes. although some of them have returned to face to face classes, even those online have been completely canceled over the next few days. if you actually look at the map type, the type when actually covers a huge part of the menda. now the eastern part of the, besides in the mid in our regents and these are actually coastal and agricultural communities at this point. usually in the philippines, traditionally, all the supplies emergency supplies have been re position because this is indeed an archipelago. so what the government is waiting for now is news about how much of
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this will impact many areas and the responses in terms of age will be given 2 areas that are severely hip. so it's more of a waiting game at this point where the philippine government and local government units and responders on the ground in many areas of the eastern and mended outages . to mill, you ever put it on many typhoons, including super tie for and hi anne, is the philippines more prepared than it was back then? well, what we've seen since 2013 since the typhoon hit the philippines. of course, the same area that it's been hit and battered. now, bye bye. this particular title. we've seen how responses emergency preparations have been institutionalized in the, with thousands of people dying and still missing to stay. in fact, from taking a young but the context of this disaster landscape at this point since last here has completely changed. we're looking at the pandemic where, you know, those residents who are evacuated and placed in temporary shelters cannot really stay in temporary shelters for too long because of the pandemic,
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because of the minimum health, political and requirement of the government of the past 4. so that's one, we're talking about an economic recession, the worse in decades. so many of the areas battered by the tide ones are already dealing and bearing the brunt of this recession, which means agriculture communities, farmlands. coastal communities are going to be worst off, you know, worse than they are already been since last year when thank when vanquish yet. so there is a, there has been an improvement over the last few years, but this pandemic, this recession has made this, in a way completely changed the way government response has been as well. okay, we'll make sure you keep us updated as to how it unfolds. and stay safe jamila alan dorgan live for us in manila to the us. now where a new storm system is sweeping across the midwest. tornadoes in the states of nebraska and iowa, have cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes. high wind warnings are in place from new mexico to upper michigan. gusts have already whipped up just in kansas,
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making it dangerous to drive the storms come as president joe biden visited communities here to buy last week's devastating tornadoes. hardy ger, castro has more. this street in bowling green, kentucky once rang with the sounds of children playing young families lived here. but then on friday the tornado came and some neighbours sheltered together. they decided to get in the 1st house together. and unfortunately, the house was just demolished for the ground. 11 people died here. 8 of them were children or i don't know what to say, man is retired when somebody's gone and you're shot. you know what happened to visual as recovery worker. sift through the debris left in 6 days all last week. super storm,
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leaving the landscape of devastation. authorities fear the final exam will be staggering. 9 year old aniston rack, lee climbed into a bath tub with her younger sisters and her doll. this photo taken by their mother . 15 minutes before the tornado hit. aniston was killed. her sister survived one recounting to nurses what she'd endured. she said yes, i was flying around in the tornado, and i prayed to jesus to take care of me. and he spit me out in the tornado spit out into the mud. president joe biden comforted, stricken families, and toward the disaster area. wednesday, i intend to do whatever it takes as long as it takes, as long as it takes to support your state. your local leaders and friends, you recover and rebuild because you will recover and you will rebuild. jarrett thompson and his family survived by hunkering in their basement, got positive added to large,
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can't be replaced with profit can you can rebuild. but it might take a while, which we have family friends and other people in the green that are setting up center system with thousands of homes wiped away. the rebuilding process will be long and difficult. the healing even harder. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera mayfield, kentucky in france's banning non essential travel from the u. k. to store the spread of the only con variance that's in the u. k. records, it's highest daily case counts. since the start of the pandemic prime minister barak johnson's warned, the highly transmissible very. busy many very and rather could overwhelm hospitals . let's see at the latest now from natasha butler, whose life for us in paris. hello, natasha. you late is a meeting in brussels. no doubt. the pandemic will be high on the agenda.
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yes, the panoramic high on the agenda and it comes as this news comes from from putting more restrictions on travel between the u. k. and frogs, all known essential travel effectively found the french government have been watching the situation in the u. k. very closely, cuz it cases rising rapidly that the spread of the on the con, very, and also of great concern. and those issues will be on the agenda for you leaders that there's something today they are looking at. what restrictions they can put in place as we come in to the end of year holidays here, the christmas festivities, there's a lot of concern about the rapid spread of co. 19, we think cases in many countries really saw over the past few weeks for you lead to say that it's possible that by mid january, the only problem very could become the dominant very and in the blog. now, leaders are expected to discuss how they can try and stem the spread the virus they
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are looking at things, as i said, is more restrictions we've already seen from putting those in place, but also how to speed up the rollout of the booster vaccine program. and also measures to try and tackle vaccine skepticism, acute concern in many parts of the blog, particularly eastern countries, where just as a half the population have been vaccinated that far less than countries in some parts of western europe. certainly going to be a busy summit. what else is on the program in brussels and will you lead us? we'll also talk about migration, particularly in the context or better worth. they will also look at energy prices as gas prices continue to saw, causing a loss of concerns for consumers. as we go into these cold winter months in the block, but ukraine will really be at the top of the agenda for you leaders. they discussed
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ukraine as a special summit. on wednesday, they met then with the president of ukraine's law to meet the landscape. they are expected at the end of this summit today to pledge once again that support ukraine to cool on the kremlin, to respect the sovereignty territorial sovereignty of ukraine. because there's a lot of concern about russia's intentions on the a cranium board with the build up of russian military personnel that they are also expected to say to should russia attacked ukraine, then they would be punitive economic functions. that would be rolled out rapidly. thank you. very much for that update natasha about butler live for us in paris. still head don't al jazeera vaccine hesitancy and logistical problems. we find out what other factors is slowing down inoculation campaigns in africa. and a school fair in australia tends to tragedy, as a children's bouncy castle is blown away.
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ah hey, there your world's weather update begins in australia. we got some active weather round brisbin, some rain and storm look at toward the south. he to adelaide at 37, but at southerly bought, stir is moving in. so this is what happens. adelaide will go from $37.00 down to $27.00, but at the same time the heat is building towards the northwest, bacon in the heat port headline $43.00 degrees on saturday. check out what happens on sunday. 47, by the way, the darker the red, the higher the temperature off to new zealand. it's been, it's soggy. weather pattern here, but the worst of it over still some periods of heavy rain to be found across the south island on friday. lot to talk about for the philippines. super typhoon ride made land fall towards eastern philippines, now cutting across central and western areas. so piazza, princess, i could see about 300 more than 300 millimeters of brain. and those winds howling
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at a 175 kilometers per our land sides and mud slides. a big concern here. now for china, korea, we've got cold air rush in, and we'll talk more about that in a sec. but some see effect snow for western areas of honshu and whole kado. and the next 3 days for sol in south korea is showing us steps years well below average share and we could see some snow as we wrap up the weekend on sunday. that sure weather update c as in ah, in the country with an abundance of results. right? lauren was indonesia, his terms booming. we move pool to grow and frog. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs,
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investment. let people going to lose his growth and progress in eden here. now. ah, the me. hello, what she, i'll just 0. i'm emily angry stories where following the one of the strongest stones in the world has made landfall in the philippines. tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central part of the country. in the us, the new storm system there is sweeping across the midwest. tornadoes in the state of nebraska and iowa have cut power to hundreds of thousands of people. high wind
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warnings are in place from new mexico to up in michigan. and france is banning non essential travel from the u. k. to slow the spread of the only con variance, that's as the u. k. records, it's highest case count. seem to the, started the pandemic. meanwhile, the african continent trials as the law was vaccinated region in the world, it's struggling to get doses into countries through the u. and back to carfax game, there's also the issue of vaccine hesitancy with some people choosing not to get the shots for a variety of reasons. for more on this story, let's cross live now to nicholas hoc who's in synagogue, capital deka. hello. they make why people in africa not getting the job because well, only the fear of the vaccine it's spreading faster than the virus itself. so well, there aren't many cases or at least known cases of amik chrome. there's been the 1st one announced just last week. it's this fear that's being spread through
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misinformation, through social media. in fact, i spoke to a doctor yesterday who worked at emergency center in a hospital who just did not believe in these vaccines. and one of the reasons he gave his, one of his arguments, is that if this vaccine actually works, then the pharmaceutical companies and western nation should waive the patent of those vaccine to make it readily readily available. and so that africans produce, can produce their own vaccine. so that was one of the arguments put forward. but this has real consequences on people in the area. there's only a 1000 people being vaccinated a day in a country of 200000000 people. emily and here in senegal, because there are not enough people getting backs unaided. i please 2 100000 doses, have been disregarded and another 200000 doses are set to be expired and destroyed . at the end of the month, emily, nick,
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they asked some staggering figures. busy what is the government doing about it all? well, in certain areas of west africa such as light barrett, they've taken drastic steps, which is to force the government officials and the government being the biggest employee liberia to be vaccinated in order to go into offices and to work. but in other parts of the world, there's the fear of putting restrictions in place. remember there was this anxiety of the economic fall out of the coven pandemic. this has really badly affected populations. and when there was measures put in place or trying to get people to get vaccinated, while the population responded badly with protests, there's also this problem of trying to get vaccines into the most remote area. so in capitol, in urban areas like the car or lagos, or big cities like b, joan,
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the vaccine is readily available, but imagine transporting a vaccine vial that has to stay at a temperature of minus 2 degrees in area where it's 40 degrees celsius, where there's all already a form of, of mistrust towards health authorities in remote areas. so that's one of the biggest challenge ahead for the government. so your secretary of state anthony blinking a couple of weeks ago came to the car and allocated millions of dollars to combat mis information. it's, he's as, as, as a keen to get more people vaccinated in the country. so 2 big issues here. the vaccine hesitancy, tried to tackle misinformation and getting those vaccines here on the continent in remote areas where people need it. the most, only 6 percent of the population here in africa are vaccinated. so more needs to be done so that people can be protected against the coven, $119.00 virus, and the new on the kron variance. emily,
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thank you very much for that update. nicholas hunk live for us in the car to his trailer. now where 4 children had been killed after a gust of wind swept a jumping console, place safe for more kids aged about 11. are in a critical condition. after being thrown from about 10 meters high. they was celebrating the last week of classes at a school in the island state of test mania. a number of the children had been taken to hospital and some are in a critical condition. this is a very tragic event in a thought with the families and the ward school community. and also at 1st responders. there is no doubt that this has been a very confronting and distressing sign. bangladesh is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence from pakistan. earlier prime minister shake his st, presided over a victory day parade and deca, where india's armed forces took part for the 1st time. you deli helped bung with
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issue. guerrilla fighters, defeat pakistan's army, back in 1971, and estimated 3000000 people were killed in a 9 month conflict. leading to independence. tandy chandry has this update from dot com. well, it's a national holiday that this started with $31.00 gun salute and the parade started around an hour ago. aside from the indian military contingent, there are military contingent for 6 other countries, including the u. s. turkey, indonesia, baton. so all of them have actually signed a military contingent to celebrate vocation due to pandemic, not many other dignitaries could make at this time. it's a year long celebration, celebrating the 100 year centennial, the father of the nation for ship would uber, a man 50 years independence day, and a victory day of the day when the pakistan army surrendered to that allied force that his indian and bangladesh. she guerrilla fighters to nation,
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was instrumental in supporting bangladesh during the cold. why was russia and india now there's also a remarkable journey for the country within the last 50 years facing various kinds of challenges, natural disaster, economic challenges, yet it as able to manage a 6 percent g d, p growth late. now it is one of the fastest growing economy in the wall. it is a middle income country and set to graduate j developing nation by 2026. and this is what the government wants to highlight in its 50 year celebration. yet there are the challenges still remains. opposition says there is no free and fair election, either diminishing a space for democracy and freedom of speech. while pakistan's government has congratulated bangladesh on its golden jubilee, the mixed reaction from bangladesh she's living in pakistan. thousands were left state list state las rather once their homeland became independent. and for many
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life remains of daily struggle. as i've been jervey reports from crunching. my pcp chart was a teenager have been what is now bangladesh split to be from pakistan. some of his family members died in the violence and he blames pockets on government for actions that gave rise to bangladesh. nationalism. v had taken the larger portion of focus on actual what subjects our slaves, a lot of subtle and that's it. that's it. on december 16, 1971 bucket. funny. generally ozzy signed a surrender document and pockets on begin by the dash after a 9 month long violent uprising indian soldiers in the lori, hundreds of thousands of people were killed. but those who called for independence and those who wanted to stay part of the united part fun for this, the many pockets bunny hold india responsible. when bengalis of the allies back
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west ferguson is not going to ship and indians realised it more than the been goalies. dunden intervened politically, socially monetarily de established the office of motley by me and tell cut out that sentiment is fueled by political speeches by indian leaders. visiting bangladesh for bangladesh, his freedom, the desire here was matched to their pakistan forces carried out atrocities. there . in sprawling suburbs of karachi, the 10s of thousands who were forced from their homes have mixed feelings about the split of 2 buckets sun, 50 years on this place, bangs issues in both countries have struggled to find the state many and bugs on feel abandoned, and left with no legal status sticklers bangladesh, she cannot get an education go to hospital or earn a living because they lack proper documentation. despite government promises,
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nothing has changed for thousands of families here about a number. you know what i will look. this is our country. we are historically been goalies, we should we go, our generations have been born and we demand identity cards. so we can at the living in the last 5 decades, buckets on and bang that they have developed mutual ties. the government has been regulated bangladesh on the golden jubilee and invited the prime minister to visit pakistan. but when it comes to the war of independence, there are some wounds that even time can not heal. from a job down to the ra karachi coalition has been announced in the netherlands after the longest negotiations in the country's history. but the new government has been formed with the same parties. this is just by the previous administration being blamed for a childcare benefit scandal that beth and explains from the hank dutch photos have
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to wait 9 months to see the same faces from the same parties, announcing a new government acting prime minister, margaret of de santa right favored a party promised a new start with the democrats, christian democrats, and a small christian party. no longer the exact same correlation was forced to step down earlier this year after almost $50000.00 parents were wrongly accused by tax authorities of child care benefit fraud and investigation found that some were victims of racial profiling natasha. d by was forced to pay back nearly $120000.00 and lost her job, her house and suffered from strokes. horn on mentally ex not need. i think it's in, you mean, i don't understand how this is possible. they have done this to us and not only to us, but to so many people. how is it possible that the same people who did this can still be there? so it's not that how long it in their coalition agreement to parties acknowledge the 1st thing they need to do is to restore trust. a recent survey showed at only
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16 percent of dutch people still have confidence in the government strategy to tackle the gulf. it been demick, riots broke out and several cities in response to restrictions. why didn't you decide if we want a new government with a new face? this is not my, i should not run. i should not, of course i'm, i'm always responsible for everything which is not going well and is absolutely your crenshaw with the child benefit scandal. of course it happened on my watch. it was not my personal doing, but absolutely true. i was prime minister when that happens, so many, so don't understand you're, you're here again, you're the new prime minister. yes. but we step down as a government in january, we 40 elections in march of my party, one after 9 month and at times painful negotiations. the new government looks very much like the old one. and although the 50 page agreement promises ambitious plans and a new approach, many wonder if it will be enough to restore confidence in politics. the new
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government has allocated billions for far reaching climate policies to build new houses and improve the education system. i would say we have a leader as ship problem in the netherlands. or, for instance, our prime minister positions himself explicitly as her political manager, an he declined to show any moral leadership on important issues. say what the rule of law is, what the significance of loneliness is in the cove, it's been demick. and so it's only managing pressing problems, but no vision, but the router will most likely lead his forth cabinet is optimistic, the new government that took so long to build will bring change. although some worry it might not live long enough to fulfill its promises. step fasten elsie's 0 . the hake ah, arab cap host caught her, have been beaten to one in the semi finals by algeria cut. i nearly took the semi
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final match 2 extra time with an equalizer but it wasn't enough, found jerry is seal victories, scoring from a penalty. in the 17th extra minutes they'll now face to nicea in the final on saturday, al jazeera is andy richardson has more on the now biting semi final at our the mama stadium. well, this our cup semi final between algeria and could produce the very confusing phonology has to be said. algeria looked to be cruising into the the cup finals, they were winning one nail 19 minutes, the polish referee decided they will be 9 minutes if it's on the spot, the not being very many delays during the game. in the 7 minutes of that injury, time mohammed, i'm sorry, look to have become something of a national hero, if a castle scoring a late late equalizer, but it was still time even us about for and even late to go from algeria of a school in the 17 minutes about
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a time the referee kept on adding more and more time. the end result was that algeria $1.00 to $1.00. and they will goes through to the final where they will play unique earlier in the day to be egypt for the very late goal of their own practice. it was an own go in the 5th minute stuff, which is time in again, hassle left with the not entirely satisfactory outcome of playing in the 3rd place, playoff against egypt on saturday. they freaked 3 consecutive semi final cattle in solomon since winning the asian cup. they got to the semi find in the gulf couplets from that year and 2019. earlier this year, they got to the last 4 in the gold cuff, in a competition that answered as a guest in know from central america and also reaching semifinals in itself. something of an achievement, but tests are really would have fancy that chances of winning this tournament. they've got their full strength team available. unlike countries like algeria is,
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european bass players are not available and the have been some concerns amongst those who follow cas off will closely that since winning the asian cup. philip sanchez, the coach has stayed somewhat su, loyal to the quote of players and hasn't changed things up now. he said it a defeat like this will not derail the plans he's had in place for the last 3 or 4 years. but plenty to think about him and his team as they build up to playing in that 1st well cut next year and trying to achieve stated aim of getting out of the group station in the knockout rounds. ah, hello, are you watching out a 0? these are the top stories 1st to breaking news and one of the strongest storms in the world. this year has made landfall in the philippines. tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in southern and central parts of the country. officials say about 10000 villages or in the projected path.


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