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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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unlike countries like algeria is european, both players are not available and the have been some concerns amongst those who follow cancer football closely. that since winning the asian cup, felix sanchez, the coach, has stayed somewhat so loyal to our score of players, and hasn't changed things up. now he said a defeat like this will not derail the plans he's had in place for the last 3 or 4 years. but plenty to think about for him and his team as they build up to playing in their 1st world cut next year and trying to achieve a stated aim of getting out of the group stage and into the knocker rounds. ah, hello, you're watching out a 0. these are the top stories 1st to breaking news and one of the strongest storms in the world. this year has made landfall in the philippines. tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in southern and central parts of the country. officials say about 10000 villages are in the projected path of the
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typhoon jamila, ellen, dog, and has more from manila, thousands of already been evacuated and placed in temporary shelters. it has made landfall about a little over 2 hours ago in an island called shirt. gough, which is a known tourist destination. our ports have been closed out. there are those have been afforded to have been stranded and lights have been canceled on classes. although some of them have returned to face to face classes. even those online have been completely canceled over the next few days. if you actually look at the map type, the table actually covers a huge part of the member. now the eastern part of the desires and amend and our regents. and these are actually coastal and agricultural communities in the u. s. meanwhile, and new storm system there is sweeping across the midwest, tornadoes in the states of nebraska and iowa of cap power to hundreds of thousands of people. i wind warnings are in place from new mexico to upper michigan. frances banding,
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non essential travel from the u. k. to slow the spread of the army kron variant that says the u. k. records it's highest daily case count. since the start of the pandemic, u. k prime minister barak johnston's warned, the highly transmissible variant code overwhelm hospital for children have been killed in australia after a gust of wind blew a bouncy castle into the air place. say another 4 children are in a critical condition. after being thrown from about 10 majors high and bangladesh, celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence from pakistan. earlier prime minister shake his sienna, presided over a victory day parade in dhaka, where india's armed forces took part for the 1st time, new delhi helped bangladesh gorilla fight his defeat pakistan's army, back in 1971. those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera, up to people in power. for a year, capital host, the middle east, 1st will come in preparation. the country is
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a major, one with 16 nations going head to head in thick purple stadiums, but 2022 will keep you across the action. as council prepares, the region's biggest ever sporting events that be for our cup on algebra. the in may 2021. the german government acknowledged responsibility for colonial era genocide against the may be as herero and them of peoples over 100 years ago. that activists have long campaigns. reparations say the compensation of doesn't truly reflect the appalling suffering of the thousands who died. we've been to find out why i
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ah, you see on the bed run over here thus did nami desert, the sand will come and bury everything. but for some reason, the sand, the dunes refused to bury these people because their spirits are strong and they want this story to baton. when this will go one cemetery in that background is the people will died in the concentration camp in the desert and across namibia between 9 to 94 and 19
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o. 8 german colonial forces displaced and killed up to 80 percent of the around tribe, some $80000.00 people, other ethnic groups like the nama and the san also suffered grievously at the hands of the colonists. 10000 nama died half the population, as well as an unknown number of sam. this was the 1st genocide of the 20th century, but by no means the last. in many ways, imperial germany's treatment of the indigenous people of namibia foreshadowed the barbarity of the nazi holocaust against the jews and other groups. during world war 2 there was a duration castaway. really that's why almost a lot of people perish from ma nutrition, and a lot of them were forced to work on the railway. and they basically worked them to death, rarer activists, jeff, to karima,
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to spend most of his adult life fighting for international acknowledgement of the genocide and restitution for the descendants of the victims adjourned district go based on the stories that i recall. my grandmother told me, and then when i started as an adult, i started learning more and learning ball and ever since i've never breasted finally this, you, the activism of people like shifter appears to have paid off in may. the german foreign minister hika mark made a ground breaking announcement to the city it besides the hoisted desire. mister yet of it, sir. it's thus let's see. give isn't. and folk, ahmad, if it can on stem it off to ones that i, his dollars and for and for them. and him listed is a historical event of morales and fine thought of deutsche lance weird and vienna me bow and did not come. the oprah winfrey gave on bitten a few months later,
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namibian germany announced a draft agreement which say both sides will bring closure to this dark chapter of history. if it goes ahead, germany will formally apologize to namibia and pay 1100000000 euros in compensation spread over 30 years. but for shifter and many other hero agreement is deeply problematic. in september, when the bill was presented to the namibian parliament, protest has travelled from near and far to oppose it. wow, it's a busy march, but quite a very important march because it is raising a number of issues. rejecting the 1100000000 of quantum that the germans was to pay us the very same amount of money that the germans have already given to. not even for the last 31 years is the same amount they want to pay us. gift has traveled from the united states where he now lives to campaign against the agreement. he
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visits nearby as parliament, the site of the protest. it was built using forced labor of captured herrera with norma genocide survivors. this is a very painful moment for me. ah, standing on this ground as simply because this area there used to be a concentration camps where i insist as were kept and were forced to work a slave labor. my grandmother used to tell me, told me about the generous head it began in 91 or 4. after the rarer nama rebelled against german colonists were aggressively seizing their land. in response, the head of the military administration. what was then german south, west africa? general lots of on trotter should an order to his troops, to exterminate all herrera men, women, and children after defeating the herrera. militarily,
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the germans heard the survivors eastward, into the indisputable or my hecky deserts, intent to kill them through hunger and thirst. the flight to the east in how are people perish in the disposition of the land? a disposition of their cattle and all those in the experience in the concentration camps. my grandmother's mother were captured by the germans and said to neutral patchwork, eileen, in concentration camps and from their, their work of slavery. but some of them died and the fuse it was survived. ah, basically that's where i am here today. but his grandfather's mother wasn't so lucky. my great grandmother was too old and tired to walk and she was left behind. they left her under 3 to die. and that's actually the story that really spoke. my interest is like how she died. a death with our dignity
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knowledgeable that it almost every rare a person has a story like this to tell you that he knew. that's why jeff does documenting a rarer opposition to the agreement. oh, he travels from the capital van took to oak hunter to meet the acting chief of the rear of the heroes were sent to this remote areas to serve as the us of labor poor for the white community. so while industrial industrial is the present in the past, it's hard to distinguish be as been particularly in these areas. oh, jeff, to meet the poorer cool. currently, the acting chief of the over herero traditional authority, which represents most to rarer namibia though the chief war is official, uniform in honor of the moments that are un would he a garage,
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80 noah was busy which are on remainder double that to go la globin that in body with ya, there was some new blood that when she did a urine for the wooded old ha, wrongly man that normally wouldn't a he wanted to go over a 1000000 buddy. they would agree. concordia duty, you know, we have a clue, but hold on. lehman done, yolanda will they? um put us to repress collins, germany's chief negotiator. he says that under international law such negotiations can only take place between states. i not individual groups or there are many groups. so say unfortunately were been not part of the negotiations. and if i would start to count these groups, i come easily about 101520 groups who are complaining not to have been included. but argues kapoor after the holocaust. germany didn't only negotiate with
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the state of israel. it also negotiated directly with many jewish groups on and others yelp, but i o w y, you don't know media. well, i had a rough idea that it won't matter which one, whether the outcome says kapoor is that the namibian government has failed to secure direct compensation for the rarer. instead, the $1100000000.00 euros which germany plans to pay will be administered by the namibian government and the e. money guy on budget as g. d. and dry your he'd only she could buy a new one on india to run a maybe a year. what did you wound rogers you to the with the america? a drug? i've been in it and you know women, it not always all the month long now, but they don't ye. even on the 90 pilgrim run, i really none below you and i made it in the name of to come. when did you get
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a little? the woman rouse, fidela, she'd almost all another to let it a man woman for your won't all gander. the ones prosperous sererow having lost the land and a much prized cattle after the genocide now lived for the most part in abject poverty. shift visits vin vanny curry was one of many, a rarer, struggling to survive a making, ready cleaned it than the rang and aim when it was fully cooling. it is equal, collect wooten, w o. good audi deal, man. i got the sooner. colder sula, you'll get another to do full always. yeah, yes, it's under now. and when grady will i need to know metal or not yet coline that faded away. oh, there were we know you would only seen any with will own will of if will. i know you may, she may have been as you know it, india burnett dinner. when i hear with again douglas global myself could escalate
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be deemed any got been i seen that yet. i got a benet bay maddie to their dinner garden, as you know, she knowing how to run an audit of amendable maddie rumble, did the moment been what, what of the lumber given that randall that who do not understand as you do is you don't have you go wrong with nicki, then global. i'm getting ready to he's and it's not only been a vein, his generation, her suffering, barring some kind of intervention. her children are unlikely to escape the cycle of poverty and making life even harder. the government has recently decreed. davis moved to an even more remote location and i did i to i got iowa lascola query moore. mother let them know that what been durable that vehicle that up on that should have been dropped on daniel bullied in the mac, angelina betty mccloud. i was calling me and my new scalia heat estimate is too emotional for me and was going to have been
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them taking child sled far away in the kids. and that means the kids have to work another 2 hours to school and the kids have nothing to eat. the government has abandoned them. and it's not just the villagers, the poverty amongst herrera, was rife. it's the same and urban areas. jeff travels to swap government, a picturesque coastal town, popular with german tourists, but on the outskirts of the town where people live in bleak, informal settlements. jeff, to mince lawrence and dury, move from the country side to the city where, you know, search of a better life. he has been here for 9 years now at this place. and there's a way his lives. no electricity, no running water or the kettle died of drought. and so there is no work. so the best they can come is come here. tried to force some food from when the city,
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torrance and fights shifter into his shack. in are you still is a hand with effect and in a settlement with it, why is that a genocide woman lawrence tells us to make ends meet as girlfriend must sell these genocide dolls, eating to german tourists before the can i say i wasn't more for in the class with what is it with concentration. yeah. 2 teenagers, you know, 498. so what do you think about the germans today? celebrity they have to pay for the tra grandma
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grandparent was that $1.00 is the one that take long in our lifetime. money is the, is the only thing that can make changes again by our lin beck's in our bow, any measure then we settled her family eggs roses. yeah, we live in a solution can was the life. and he is not as good as these young people over here. you see running industries over here, they will have nothing to lose but to demand their land back. and that's exactly what's going to happen. this situation is unacceptable, and it's acceptable. the sense of economic and political, marginalization among the rarer, has heightened the mistrust of swapper, the ruling party in namibia since 1990. it's amplified the feeling that the government must handled the genocide negotiations with germany. we tried to put us
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to the namibian government, but to spite numerous requests, no government official granted us an interview. we did, however, manage to speak to professor faneuil could palmer, one of number be as chief negotiators. he himself is a rarer my great grandmother was a brother of samuel miley rule. let the right people during the war of colonial resistance. the agreement ca, palmer told us was the best. the namibian government could achieve. given germany's tough negotiating tactics. they have voice shade away from even mentioning the word genocide. but the, the bigger challenge was her own, the current to which it has to be maint. very key issue to the point that he took almost the route. then no,
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there is no difference to the word reparation wise germany, son, logic to the term, reparations. the negotiations in our view have been for political and moral reasons. there are no, this was not a legal question. we avoided illegal speech to avoid this kind of misunderstanding. and reparation is illegal term. and therefore we spoke about healing the wounds. which means in a sense, probably the same but not in the legal term, but says palmer, the negotiations were less about healing wounds than they were about avoiding legal liability. what was a, a very heavy debate later on, they came around and said to that, okay, if we agree to pay the partition, then we will do, are we with development it? and we said, no, those are good. different things for their victim. community is good reason why
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germany's keen to avoid any payments being labeled as reparations says, heading melba and m a. be an academic, an activist there where war crimes during world war 2. committed in italy, increase in poland and in other eastern european societies. we are local courts there, ruled that the german government should pay reparations to the descendants. germany refused to accept liability for such claims. but says melba, if reparations were paid to namibia, that might sit a legal precedent. then these rulings would be seen in another light, and then it would become a really expensive for germany. so with direct reparation seemingly off the table, what about the rear? a demand that i should get the land or at least some of it returned to them. but
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any discussion about the return of land must involve its current owners, mostly white, namibian farmers who possess vast tracts of it. gift visits, heard vall, billing a german namibian, who speaks fluent to rare a. he owns a 15000 hectic farm and the water burge region, which used to be inhabited by the rarer until the germans began the campaign of annihilation against them in 19 o 4 miguel. yeah. oh god, my great great grandfather came here in 19 o 7, which was just after the german air rule and farming here and living in close relationship with the wire communities bordering to all offends. and it's very much a farming related. but of course, it brings together our different cultures as well. but when it comes to addressing the past, warbling like other white german namibian farmers in the region denied that this
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land used to belong to the rarer this land was a 100 years before that. it was it not inhabited by or is speaking people to the knowledge i, i do have well touring the farm shift to raises the land issue. i don't think it just buying land and given a given it back will, will improve the situation dramatically. i, i doubt that when i think we have to develop the area, we have to develop the people in investing in a better tomorrow, like education and infrastructure, schools and hospitals that people really feel that their life is improving. shift to also wants to know if they can reach a common understanding about the past. do you deny that there was a general said or you don't deny? i mean, you, i, i don't question the harm which was done to, oh, i had
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a people how they lost many of their land. they lost almost all the kettle, and i most have, let's say, half of the population yet is vol bling. he doesn't believe the mass murder of berrera was sanctioned by the government of the time. if there would have been the initial thought of eradicating a certain tribe, but that was not an intention and the relationship to the holocaust is, is for me it is far fetched. but shift is next visit. illustrates that for many a rarer historical links between the genocide and the holocaust on far fetched at all. he travels to shock island, which used to be a notorious concentration camp guerrero. nama who survived death in the desert approach. yeah, and used to slave labor. this said is where our ancestors were kept and
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the gym and set up. this goes the dresser income, and they used to call historians, florida. the desk him my great grandmother was at this side, and likely she later when the people that are complaining, the she was transferred to sort of mood. but most theory ro nama were held here, didn't survive. a lot of lot of people. perry's death and starvation was what killed a lot of people over here in the when they die, their body were thrown in the sea and those who went worked to death was subjected to the horrors. and this is where they did their medical experiment on the now my unhealthy medical expense based on my grandmother. they were fascinated with her. some of them of her pupil, we have like a black. the gums are like dahlgren palace, so there was great that is great that until it bleeds to find out what is the cause
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of that? i don't know what was the whole point, but the bottom line is, this was their biggest fear was to go to that medical center. they knew that was, you go there, you are not going to be alone. in that medical center, prisoners were subjected to many forms of systematic abuse, but being injected with diseases such a small pox, typhus and tuberculosis of poisons like arsenic. they were also used as human material for you genic research. in order to conduct the pseudo scientific research, german doctor sent the skulls of the seas, prisoners back to germany. aiming to scientifically prove the racial inferiority of africans. so since of human remains cults, skeletons. and so on, we're transported back to the german empire, those human remains,
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ah, in sherman basements of museums of hospitals, and only in 2011, i think, for the 1st time, a few of them were returned to namibia, the men overseeing these inhumane practices. but she genesis dr. eugene fisher. he and other colonial officials later became prominent leading figures in the race ideology of nazi germany, businesses our shores. but unlike germany's ash fits this no official recognition of shock islands of the crimes which were perpetrated here, there is no mention about the head arrows at all. it's not a can being said, so we'll show a lot of germans. they come here and camp and the movie as they come in camp as if this is just a normal place to where to now the rarer and his struggles for justice and
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reparations. what do you say to german americans? he said there wasn't a genocide here. that's not fair. what do i say to them? nothing. we are going to get our land back and how we're going to take it. i don't know. but we, our i'm said in just a way i was said in that one did gemini, will be willing to apologize probably just the way or sit in the germany one day will pay reparation. even though they are saying we are going to give you like a, just a or development. and it just, this will happen. who harold, people are resilient. people from what we have gone through, what met, people have gone through from jenna said, disposition concentrated income. and for my father and my great pride in grand paris to regain i'm to reconstitute themself and send me to school and they
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walk straight. they didn't were with your head dumb. and so that's the way i'm going to work. i'll walk straight as my head up. ah ah. is done with
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a move in hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched vice really forces at times shot up and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted for the skies above hebron. a witness documentary on on jesse era fully. okay. she to says he will bring a new form of capitalism. what does this mean? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera? as soon as the sun goes down, a is a very challenging place to work from. as
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a journalist, we are always pushing on boundaries. part of the central, though is under a lot we are the ones reveling the extra mile. where are the media those goals? we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello sir robin. you watching the out there in user life, my headquarters here in dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. fleeing for their lives, tens of thousands of people are forced to leave their homes. as typhoon roy makes landfall in the philippines. be amr cranberry and intentions with russia or on the agenda is european leaders meet in brussels and bangladesh celebrates 50 years of independence but for some.


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