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for countries why is counting the cost on al jazeera? as soon as the sun goes down to the shelling a is a very challenging place to work from. as the journalist we are always pushing on boundaries. part of the central must always ongoing love. we are the rambling the extra mile there are the media, don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i am so robin watching the out there and use our like my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. fleeing for their lives. tens of thousands of people are forced to leave their homes. as typhoon roy makes land full in the philippines, be all micron barian intentions with russia or on the agenda. european leaders meet
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in brussels and bangladesh celebrates 50 years of independence. but for some, the split from pakistan remains a painful memory plus from trash to treasure. the artists in garza who turned a rubbish dump site into a leisure center for all and i'm he to same it with you. a sport. australia's cricket captain is ruled out of the 2nd ashes test of the close contact the coven, 19 case, and very late drama. as the fee for arab cup, as algeria school in the 17th amended stuff, it's time to reach the final at the expense of hosts cutter ah, welcome to the knees. are we begin with some breaking news and one of the strongest storms in the world this year has landfill in the philippines,
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not tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central parts of the country. official say about 10000 villages in the projected path of the ty think. well, let's get more on the system where the present to jeff harrington got the very latest force. so hale, we have seen a few storms quite as powerful as this one. so again, it's made that landfall toward eastern areas of the philippines. it's, we can slightly, as it's now passed overland. so those wind sustain 240 kilometers per, that means it's equivalent to our top and category for hurricane. this is going to be catastrophic. so let's look at some of the impacts that we're going to see over the next 24 hours for that eastern portion storm surge. this is big concern. think about up to 5 meters high. so a long coastal areas up and down. anything below 5 meters will be under water, then add in the water of the rain, $2.00 to $2.00 to $300.00 millimeters, falling high, above gushing breakdown to the ground. and those winds again about 260 kilometers
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part of the storm has. now why didn't so more in the path of it will be impacted some way, some house and over as we head toward friday, it's moving across central areas into the west. so p o 2 princess, looking to pick up $300.00 millimeters of rain. those winds will back off some but so hail over the next 24 to 48 hours. the situation will certainly be dire. it is we'll keep on cool. thanks very much, jeff. well jeff, having to force that cost over to jamila alan, doug correspondent in miller with the very latest. and you will, you are really seeing it, you might say from the heart of the scenario. what do we know about the landfill hit of this high food at the moment? well, what we are seeing basically, whatever days that are made available at this point, i just snippets of what's actually happening at the moment. arm, you know, typhoon remains land for unshared. go island in. i don't to his destination on the eastern part of them in, in our region. if you look at, you know,
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the scale of this title in it is coverings. we are something you're quite familiar with it besides in the menda. now regents and it is a slow moving typhoon, which means that it's going to batter a lot of the causal and agricultural communities in this part of, on of, of, of, of the philippines. and we know that a lot of the age usually are already pre positioned in a country like the philippines, with more than $7000.00 islands. but again, the succeeding arm resonant uber operated, there will be an additional response teams that will be coming from different areas . will really depend on areas that are here. the most of this is quite a waiting game for the national government is going to be sending aids from manila and the regional networks acquisition to help. i'm with emergency response here. m jamila, the philippines is no stranger to typhoons, and you are no stranger to reporting them. he touched upon mindanao and i know that the, that the area quite well having reported myself parts of
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a hilly summer flat. and that sort of is, is quite familiar. familiar territory for the philippines, depending on where you are, you can get protection, or in some cases you have to flee somewhere else to find shelter. and that's the biggest problem for the authorities, isn't it? it is the biggest problem and as you know, the strongest storm to ever had a global record is stifling high on in 2013. and since then we've seen efforts to institutionalize i emergency preparations, disaster response. but as you see at this point, as mentioned previously, the big issue here is that now there is a difference when he comes into disaster landscape because of the pandemic. you know, i'm, when we, when the government conducts unrest, lenny are evacuating efforts. that means that residents are evacuated in temporary shelters, like public schools and you know, on open the government facilities, but then they can't really say too long because of the mini mom health protocol required like the philippine government. so what happens when do residents have
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lost their homes in many of these areas? so, so that, coupled with the economic recession, which means that, you know, a lot of these areas are rural areas that are already badly hit by bike when bank or a last will with more will most likely suffer again. so this us mean on, you know, disaster response. quite particular was a lot more difficult than it used to be. that will keep an eye on what scale certainly in the philippines over the next few days. certainly as eddie from that she allows to will under gonna force in manila the to the us. now we're a new storm system is sweeping across the midwest. tornadoes in the states of nebraska and iowa have cut powder hundreds of thousands of homes. high wind warnings are in place from new mexico to of michigan. gus have already whipped up dustin, kansas, making it dangerous to drive. now the storms come as president joe biden visited communities hit by last week's devastating tornadoes. ha, castro has mall this street in bowling green. kentucky once rang with the sounds of
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children playing young families lived here. but then on friday, the tornado came and some neighbors shelter together. they decided to get in the 1st house together. and unfortunately, house was just a mileage for the ground. 11 people died here. 8 of them were children or i don't know what to say, man is retired when somebody's gone and you're shot. you know what happened to visual as recovery work or sift through the debris left in 6th grade all last week. super storm, leaving the landscape of devastation authority sphere. the final exam will be staggering. 9 year old aniston rack, lee climbed into a bath tub with her younger sisters and her doll. this photo taken by their mother
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15 minutes before the tornado hit. aniston was killed. her sister survived one recounting to nurses what she'd endured. she said, yes, i was flying around in the tornado and i prayed to jesus to take care of me and he spit me out in the tornado spit out into the mud. president joe biden comforted, stricken families and toward the disaster area. wednesday, i intend to do whatever it takes as long as it takes, as long as it takes to support your state, your local leaders and friends, you recover and rebuild because you will recover and you will rebuild. jarrett thompson and his family survived by hunkering in their basement, got positive added to life can't be replaced with profit can you can rebuild. but it might take a while, which we have family friends and other people in the green that are stepping up in her sister knows, with thousands of homes,
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wiped away. the rebuilding process will be long and difficult. the healing even harder. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera mayfield, kentucky well fed that all in illinois officials are investigating 6 deaths at an amazon warehouse till hendrick explains a federal investigation is looking into what exactly happened in the minutes before a tornado tore through the front of his amazon warehouse center what we know is that between 8 o, 6 and 8, 16 pm on friday night, managers at this plant were alerted that a tornado might come through at 827. that's just what happened. twist or touched down in that parking lot in tor, through the front of the building, killing 6 people and injuring one. the occupational safety and health administration is looking into whether anything amazon did contributed to those deaths. over here you can see the on damage side of the building, that's where 45 workers huddled down in a pre designated tornado shelter. osha will be looking into why those who died were
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not among them. some drivers also complained that they were asked to shelter in their trucks is one said that just turns this van into my casket. osha says it will take 6 months to complete the investigation. countries around the world are recording the highest cove in 1900 daily infections star since installed to the pandemic. it's largely driven by the delta and of a con variance. now a rush to administer booster shots. south korea is re imposing a series of restrictions as the number of critically ill patients. it's a record high. one doctor we spoke to describe the calles in hospitals. i think it's almost a situation like a mass casualty event that's happening day after day after day. as some verses are describing what they're seeing as almost a warlike situation. i in terms of the number of admission that are coming in every
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day critical care directors are now talking with medical emphasis about which patients to lead into their views and which patients they have to allow to basically die because they're just simply is not room in ideas to absorb all of the critically ill patients. right now you have been leaders in brussels or talking about the threat posed by the new variance from says it's now banning all non essential travel from the united kingdom across africa. both the dell turned on the constrains have driven up the cases by 83 percent of the fosters surge anyway in the world this year. meanwhile, the african continent trails as the lowest vaccinated region in the world. as you can see from the lighter colors, it's struggling to get doses into countries through the un kovak scheme. there's also the issue of vaccines hesitancy, was some people choosing not to get the shots for a variety of reasons?
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well, nicholas sac, joys me now live from dot com in senegal. and of course very numbers on the continents are worrying medics including where you are. that's right. it's worrying because right now here in senegal, we've seen our 1st case of our micron. but this could just be the tip of the iceberg. it might be many more that are going under texted. and many more that just are simply are not going to get tested or not making their way to their health centers. there's the added issue of people not wanting to get vaccinated. i mean, the fear of the vaccine is spreading faster than this new variant, and this is having that disastrous consequences. while a couple of weeks ago, we saw heads of states, the south african president, president, senate go and others calling for more vaccines to be delivered in africa. the biggest challenge yet is to get those vaccines into those arms. there's this spread
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of miss information and we met a doctor who works at an emergency ward and set a goal here who does not want to get back to needed. doesn't believe in the vaccine . simply because the patent that these pharmaceutical companies, the producers have, has not been waived. he says, as long as there's no vaccine produced in africa, i'm not going to get vaccinated. that's as a result. there's more than $200000.00 doses here in senegal, that have been destroyed, $200000.00 more that are going to expire by the end of the month and a 1000000 in the year that has been destroyed already. so nicholas says you touched the vaccine hesitancy. there's also the issue of the distance people have to travel to try and get the vaccine and also the availability of the vaccine. it's a total order for the government where you all want me, what i'm actually doing physically to distribute what they have got i mean there's different measures in place depending on which countries you want to see light barrier, for instance, they just made it mandatory for government officials or government workers to have
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the vaccine to in order to work now measures like this in countries where there has been protest in the past against the measures that were in place to stop the spread of a virus. well, that's going to be difficult. there's a lot of the fall out of the economic fall out of the coven pandemic has had, has build this mistrust between the people and government officials. and as you mentioned, getting those vials that was doses that have to be kept at that below 0 temperatures . in countries where it's 40 degrees celsius and remote areas is a challenge in areas where already health workers are dealing with other outbreaks . here in senegal, the ministry of health has started a polio vaccination campaign. remember, polio vaccine is, it's been out since 1950, but many people are still not vaccinated against polio. there is in kenya, an influenza a outbreak at the moment. so cove, it is one of many viruses or many academics,
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or infectious diseases that people here have to deal with. and that's the biggest challenge for the government, not just getting the vaccines, but getting those doses to people that need it the most. so they can come forth and talk to thanks so much for the update. let's join natasha butler correspondent in paris. natasha. it's just begin with this breaking news coming out from paris about the relationship puts a little bit more strain with the u. k. yes, that's right. the french government has announced a new restrictions on travel between the u. k and france. effectively, all non essential travel will be found from saturday. now, people, french citizens who are in the u. k will be able to return for frauds, but there will be extra restrictions on their movements. all people will have to have a p, c, r test before they leave the u. k. and then again, once they arrive in france and then they'll have to corn scene and the length of
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the quarantine will depend on whether or not they all vaccinate is. of course you can imagine this is going to cause a lot of disruption schools and from spray. come on friday and we're going into the end of year holidays here. the new year holidays, the christmas festivities. a lot of people on both sides of the english channel. we're hoping perhaps to spend that time with family and friends. but what the french government is saying is that they are asking people to really postpone anything that's not essential till later to make their trips later part of the se. for point they say they are watching the situation in the u. k. very closely. indeed. and they are very concerned, particularly by the on the cons of variance local to you, a company meeting as they normally do before the christmas break. the got a lot on the agenda, issues that are bothering the iran ukraine, russia. but it really is the pandemic that's taking priority. it seems
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yes, once again, covert overshadowing another use summit in brussels. it is the story that a you leaders will be really focusing on because what they are looking at is the situation in which many countries across the block are seeing new infection cases, riser daily. in some countries, those infections are simply soaring also, or the owner con variance has been detected in many countries of the you leaders are aware that that will be spreading fast. they are concerned the e commission head this live on the lion says that she expects that new variant to be the dominant one in the block. in mid january, we're ready seeing hospitals in some countries are putting into place emergency measures cancelling non essential surgery in order to free up hospital bed. so what a leaders will be looking at doing is really trying to see how they can curb this spread, particularly as we go into this winter break, they'll be looking at imposing paps more restrictions suggesting more restrictions
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on travel between countries that also be looking at trying to speed up the vaccine booster program and pull measures in place to counter vaccine skepticism because that is still very high in some countries, particularly in the east of the block, the center bottle of a force in paris. thank you for the update. welcome to more had hail in the out there and these are including vaccine hesitancy. i'm logistical problems on most other fact. the slowing down collection contains in africa and in full action from the 2nd i should test between england, australia coming up with pizza. ah, it says it depresses calling on the government to immediately release. a freelance video agenda is detained 2 weeks ago. a mere amana cattle was arrested in the capital,
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addis ababa accused of promoting terrorism. the associated press called allegations baseless. 2 of the journalists were also rest and on a face up to 15 years in prison, if convicted of violating the emergency laws brought in last month. well, it's been a tough year for journalists around the world. reporters without borders says at least $46.00 journalists have been killed this year because of the stories that they were reporting on. a nearly 500 are being detained. that's a 20 percent rise during the past year because of crackdowns on the media in me. and mo, barriers and hong kong and 65 are being held hostage. the most dangerous countries for media workers have been mexico and i've done it on, followed by yemen. and india, let's bring in our no for shack, he's the head of the african scott reporters without borders. join me now from paris. thank you very much for joining us. africa, we just focused, there is perhaps one of the most difficult continents to report from logistically and geographically how difficult
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a year has it been in general terms before we look specifically at a few examples from the i says it's africa. the situation never goes pretty much as it sat in the rest of the world. we've seen many waves of journalists, arrests, writing, age lee, many journalists being detained in the future in life, getting killed as well as 6 in africa. 2 of them were killed in somalia, 2 of them were killed in d r. c. and 2 of them were killed in burke and i. so and dog 3 regents really that are the most dangerous places for a generalized, a natural gas b, a guy with the situation very poor in terms of security in somalia, for example, a press redone that sold the non existent in g, b, g, or etc. and the situation is your p r, as you mentioned, slightly deteriorating, including for generalized grant likes as well. region is many, a rest of general is just getting killed and the south region as well. where the
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situation is very of for journalism is very stepping back and the security situation is to targeting as well. and just tremendous consequences on the, on the journalist us, let's just focus it on the theory to them. because conflict between the government and the northern to guy region has dominated the news over year now, with the area often cut off by government full series. so how accurate is the story coming out from the country? well, it's, it's very hard to read it. you can say that there are still awfully a few journalists were here to, to report. but how long the situation will. ready last every day, that's the question we can ask ourselves today we've, we've missed over to years with arrest a chip. yeah. a few journalists are still being detained. media outlets have been suspended the correspondence of the new york times as been kicked out of the country, which was unprecedented, says be to office in that 2018 there is this communication block out in the
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northern part of the country and now you're just not able to do independent journalism anymore because only the official narrative about the war is a load for journals. let's move to asia now and to me and more because obviously it's nearly a year now since the military coup that the removal of the democratically elected government were getting news that, that a journalist has also died. something that you can pumps us a little bit more about well, this is still under investigation, obviously, but what i can tell you is that a has been one of the worst country in 2021 for journalists. we've seen, i've just seen many generalized being detained, and one of the reasons why they are so many journalists detain these here up to 20 person is mainly because of the deterioration of the situation in 3 countries,
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including young mark, china, and the levers. oh no, felicia, thanks so much for joining us for updating us from reporters without boldest. thank you. no one with us is celebrating the 50th anniversary of independence from pakistan. earlier prime minister, chicago siena presided over victory day parade in dhaka, where india's armed forces took part for the 1st time. now india helped bangladesh guerrilla fighters, defeat bach, histones army in 1971. an estimated 3000000 people were killed in the 91 conflict leading to independence. tomba chandry has this update from dhaka. well, it's a national holiday that there started with $31.00 gun salute. and the parade started around an hour ago. aside from the indian military contingent, there are military contingent for 6 other countries, including the u. s. turkey, indonesia, baton, for all of them have actually signed
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a military contingent to celebrate vocation due to pandemic, not many other dignitaries could make it this time. it's a year long celebration, celebrating the 100 year centennial, the father of the nation for shit, would uber, a man 50 years independence day and a victory day of the day when the pakistan army surrendered to that allied force. that is india and bangladesh. guerrilla fighters to nation was instrumental in supporting bangladesh during the cold. why was russia and india? now there is also a remarkable journey for a country within the last 50 years facing various kinds of challenges, natural disaster, economic challenges, yet it as able to manage a 6 percent g d, p growth rate. now it is one of the fastest growing economy in the wall. it is a middle income country and set to graduate j developing nation by 2026. and this is what the government wants to highlight in its 50 year celebration. yet there are the challenges still remains. ah,
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the opposition says there is no free and fair election, either diminishing a space for democracy and freedom of speech. well, because all government has congratulated bung with ash on its golden jubilee. there is a mixed reaction from bunger that she's living in pakistan. thousands were left, his faithless was the home and became independent. and for many, life remains a daily struggle. something chavez has moved from karachi. basically your chart was a teenager been what is now bangladesh split away from pakistan. some of his family members died in the violence and he blames pockets on government for actions that gave rise to bangladesh. nationalism. v had taken the larger portion of focus on actual subjects. our slaves are settled and that's it. that's it. on december 16, 1971. bucket funny. general new jersey signed a surrender document and each pockets on begin by lavetia, after a 9 month long,
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violent uprising indian soldiers in the lori, hundreds of thousands of people were killed by those who called for independence. and those who wanted to stay part of the united part fun for this, the many pockets on hold india responsible when bengalis of the allies back west ferguson is not going to shave. and indians realised it more than the been goalies. dunden intervened politically, socially monetarily de established the office of mac b by me and tell cut out that sentiment is fueled by political speeches by indian leaders visiting bangladesh for bangladesh. his freedom, the desire here was matched to their pockets. don forces carried out atrocities there. in sprawling suburbs of karachi, the 10s of thousands who were forced from their homes have mixed feelings about the
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split of 2 buckets sun, 50 years along this place, finding that she's in both countries have struggled to find the state. many and bugs feel abandoned and left with no legal status sticklers bangladesh, she cannot get an education go to hospital or earn a living because they've lacked proper documentation. despite government promises, nothing has changed for thousands of families here about a new movie, a martin will look. this is our country. we have just only been goalies, we should we go. our generations have been born and we demand identity cards. so we can at least earn a living in the last 5 decades pockets on the bank that have developed mutual ties . the government has been graduated bangladesh on the golden jubilee and invited the prime minister to visit pakistan. but when it comes to the war of independence, there are some wounds that even time can not heal from a job down to 0, correct? you still had all now just for to hear is welcome for the new formula. one champion
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meant the shop and he had back home to ah, hello no sir. here's her headlines for europe and africa. we've got high pressure for northwestern europe. normally that means we're carving out sunny skies, but this is a dirty high. so we've got plenty of cloud cover associated with it, but here's what it is doing. this area is ducking in dodge in any what weather there it is off to the west. so that means several days of dry conditions. just dealing with that cloud covered after the star met. this is where the bulk of the action is over turkey. we've got gloomy conditions. rain will turn to snow for sun . so that includes anchored by the end of the weekend could have a few centimeters of snow on the ground and temperatures. here are below average.
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next up are going to italy, the balkans cloud draped over this area as well. and from the black sea eastern portions of bulgaria and romania, we got some wet weather and snow over the higher ground. best weather by far across the continent can be found in iberian. fact we're still hanging onto some 20. so seville at $21.00. and we're going to keep it going over the next few days by the end of the weekend, up to 23. it's not record breaking the warm to be sure. well, in this weather report in northern africa, we've got some showers northeastern portions of libya toward northern egypt. but, you know, congress is going to stay dry on thursday with a height of 900 degrees. that's your update. see again soon. ah, the frank assessments this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that it looks thankful for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from
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their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. wants that inside story on al jazeera, co cater culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism, world wide eyed to reward, merits and excellence and encourage creativity. the shape, tomato, ward for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening the bones of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. lou lou ah ah
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