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think right, it's a really simple question. let's give me a child. want inside story now jazeera, the co creator, culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism worldwide, and to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. shay tomato, ward, a translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged their road and strengthening the bones of friendship and cooperation, between arab islamic and world cultures. for all the ah,
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welcome back here watching all to 0 with me to hold on the reminder of our top stories. one of the most powerful storms in the world this year has midland full in the philippines. tens of thousands of people are being new to merge the shelters, and the southern and central parts of the country. countries around the world are also recording the highest cove at $900.00 daily infections driven by the alma chrome berry and south korea's re imposing a series of restrictions. while finally vandal non essential travel from the united kingdom and the associates. apprentice calling on the open government to immediately release a freelance video journalists to take 2 weeks ago. mankato was arrested in the capital out of sava, accuse of promoting terrorism. artisan gaza highlighting the need to protect the environment by turning a dub site into a ledger center. now the initiative allows people to enjoy the beach for free, as long as they clean the show you and also it has more it was his dream come
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true. 6 young people who live, he wrinkled, they got together and built the fonts center near the beach. but what makes this place unique is the material used to built it recycled waste and their hi la hannah and their friends. they're all artists. they say not only did they want to keep their feet in short, lying clean, they also wanted to create a place where people can have fun. why learning about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. whether it may apply level s, s r initiatives based mainly on the methodology of joint leadership and community organization through which we employ the arts as a tool to educate people on maintaining the cleanliness of the seaside. and because we don't have any funding, at 1st, we turn to use solid waste found in warehouses of companies and municipalities that represented a burden on them. this place was built by around 300 tons of recycled waste because they had no funding for their project. they began by collecting solid waste,
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such as wooden planks broken power poles, huge garbage cans, rocks and lots of tires. they recycle them all to build this entire place. to project the coal, c is hours. you can sit here and enjoy your time free of charge. as long as you clean around the shore. i let and that and their friends invite people to bring whatever is broken or not needed their homes act that it should been may have been mccann. and what distinguishes this place is that it brings together all groups of the society ages and different arts. and because it is free of charge, you can enjoy every part of the place in exchange for volunteering and any field you want, or even in exchange for old or broken tools and objects, have no value for you anymore. at the start, the idea was difficult for people to accept, not to throw garbage or even clean the short. but now we have impose this fact and
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it has become an example for many people. and it wasn't easy to find a place where they can build this leisure center. boeing causes municipality heard about their plans. it granted them this piece of land near the beach. it was originally a dump site for garbage and other waste was up in the north, wholesale and what we found the details of the seas. ours initiative intersect with many of the municipalities goals, whether from community participation, community interventions in preserving the environment, reusing environmental materials. we found they played an exceptional role in creating a role model for young people, volunteers, and community activists to make sustainable interventions in community and environmental service. since this project was founded, it has become an example for others to do the same. but these young people say it's only the beginning of
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a bigger dream and the hope to show the world how beautiful garza can be given to c l g 0. got them look you up to what top. so he's been with us celebrating at 50th anniversary of independence from buckets on let's bring it in p. m. and he's a professor of international relations at the university of duncan in the capital and joins us from that good stuff with us on the program. it is quite a milestone for nation that was under the british rule. and then after that fight with bach is found to gain its own sovereign independence to exist as itself. i mean for the public. what sort of time is this? now it's time to reflect or time to take stock of the countries achievements since $971.00. i guess the boat of the lord be reflecting on it, no doubt, and also take a stock offer where it is heading up. and the reason i see in or even from a personal story, i was just the past 9 stood and left. my parents went to india,
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literally slept on the pavement. ah, saw the genocide saw millions of a few years. ah, what are they for you? life is all about, and then when you say now, web holiday, she has been now in all, not a people who say it has done relatively well. it's now a model. so in all it's, it's her a normal journey. but at the same time, as i said, people would also be looking into some other things, at least where it is, hadn't how good it will be in next 20 to 50 years. that the struggle for independence can be a tough one and a bloody one for many countries. so before we look at the positives of bangladesh has been beset with political problems. being military, coups party rivalries, environmental disasters, and a general perception of poverty. in your opinion, where has see improvement been at all during the last 50 years. has that been any development in any of these areas that makes people's lives better?
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all definitely on the, on the, in the very word that he have used up were, were to look at in 7 to one. ah, it was over 82 percent people lived bill up already level and now. well, i'm talking about pre pandemic, but it was less than a 20 person. that's a enormous development to look at her. even the life expectancy it was that on 40 years of 46 or 7, it is. it's now more is modern a 70 years. $73.00, i think it's, it's better than even pakistan and even india, ah, even if you look at in the park, happy income, which was less than $100.00 in an to $71.00, but it's now over 2 $1000.00. so if you look at all those of figures and, and which were not coming in all suddenly it was coming quite gradually and, and some of the noted economics were effecting on it and talking about it intruding on what the sin and now it looks, it looks that, you know, it is, it is a reality, but at the same time i said, you know, i must say that there are challenges any,
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don't, you will have challenges in it's not like, you know, that all countries are, you know, having all good life. now let me just jump in there cuz are watching pictures of chickens seen to take to the stage or she takes a special oath for the country that brings me quite neatly on to the country really has a very young aspirational generation. i mean, can they do, do they feel they have a future in a country that is often described? and i'm quoting from transparency internationals report of 2021 as being the most corrupt in south asia. it's worse in pakistan to pull me and mass for language india. and this is why there was a young brain drain, leaving the country, looking for a better, more honest way of life. how to politicians have to change in a way that allows the brains of the country to stay where it is. i think people need to understand and even am nesting to actually have to understand it. the more corruption you have in bundle dish, the developed countries benefit from bad because the cut off money actually ends up
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either in canada or united states. are you gay on australia? they don't stay here in bangladesh. if the caught up money would have stayed in by live, it's probably bundled, this would have developed even faster. so i was not hulu. that option? yes, but option is a big issue. but as i said, i, you know, it's, it's, it's something that we need to work. but now the developed countries a developing now, how far, how quickly bundle dish would be able to change. that would depend on what i call that we need to have a bundle of their dream. i can. death is what is lacking. so the young people probably would get fussy. did bill look in the looking into more into the negative than not into the fault? because we have to create the one that there's dream in the spirit with that is infrastructure or agriculture, or did you cation or help? and, and that is what i think we need to give close attention. hopefully. now we 50 years, maybe believe this dream will be able to bring the you and the production that
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you're referring to. probably would i get that you did a little bit, which is what happens for about the or 7. thanks for joining us. and we were sure on your country well on its 50th anniversary. thank you. now let's return to our coverage of crone of ours and africa. the continent itself trails as the lowest vaccinated region in the world, as you can see from the lighter colors here on this graphic. and it still struggles to get doses into countries through the un backed kovak scheme. dr. theater, val day is the instant manager of the k with 19 emergency response at the w. h o in africa. he's always been out from brazil in the republic of congo. good. have you at this on the program, sir? we've been having a great deal of the problems faced by europe in the americas in recent days. but can you just give us an overview in general about the situation across africa, or where the really difficult parts are to try and get people vaccinated?
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if you are you for? no, what do you teach? yes. indeed. that in terms of any, what are you currently when you're doing in the unit number of could be 19 due to the home economy. does that mean? and then all of the different countries which are in south africa, there were countries of south africa. but as we ask, you know, the world of do a beach in the west, gosh, so we are really seeing, again, not made your search on a. and this is happening, or just the context where we have the title of the nation that are rate the region . and how is the variant actually presenting itself to patients at the moment. and we're, we're hearing again from europe and also from south africa that it's, it's very mild. but what does mild actually mean?
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miles mean like the visions which are coming. i mean, i mean, i mean for the reasons and why it was the r b, i mean they can have the best and then they can discuss what they are positive. i me to the could be my g. i mean that more so you can see the proportion of people who are the major folk of imagined reasons. i mean, the admiral community being part of the house or the, i mean, did you do services though? this is what have been seen in south africa. but also this is also what we are starting to see, you know, and i got our countries and i think it's important to mission that we are learning from most of the order we've been different, but we're not waves fiancee nafrica lee be. so the trend of harvey dallas is shown in different africa counties. so i want you to give us a wish and then i mean you've got some change by talk are over the next few days or next week. well, thank you very much for the update. attainable data from the w h o julia some
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braswell. thanks for your time. my question. now carolyn has been announced in the netherlands after the longest negotiations in the country's history, but the new government has been formed with the same parties, not this is despite the previous administration being blamed for child care benefit, scandal steadfast and repulse. now, from the hague, that photos had to wait 9 months to see the same faces from the same parties, announcing a new government, acting prime minister, margaret of the santa right favored a party, promised a new start with the democrats, christian democrats, and a small christian party know the exact same coalition was forced to step down earlier this year. after almost $50000.00 parents were wrongly accused by tax authorities of child care benefit fraud and investigation. found that some were victims of racial profiling natasha dpi, was forced to pay back nearly $120000.00 and lost her job, her house, and suffered from strokes. horn on mentally ex, not need. i think it's in,
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you mean, i don't understand how this is possible. they have done this to us and not only to us, but to so many people. how is it possible that the same people who did this can still be there? so it's not that how long it in their coalition agreement to parties acknowledge the 1st thing they need to do is to restore trust. a recent survey showed at only 16 percent of dutch people still have confidence in the government strategy to tackle the golf. had been demick, riots broke out and several cities in response to restrictions. why didn't you decide if we want a new government with a new face? this is not my, i should not run. i should not. of course i'm, i'm always responsible for everything which is not going well and as absolutely you're quit showed the child benefit scandal. of course it happened on my watch. it was not my personal doing, but absolutely true. i was prime minister when that happens for many jordan understand you're, you're here again, you're the new prime minister. yes. but we step down as
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a government in january. we 40 elections in march of my party, one after 9 month and at times painful negotiations. the new government looks very much like the old one. and although the 50 page agreement promises ambitious plans and a new approach, many wonder if it will be enough to restore confidence in politics. the new government has allocated billions for far reaching climate policies to build new houses and improve the education system. i would say we have a leader as ship problem in the netherlands. or, for instance, our prime minister positions himself explicitly as her political manager, an he declined to show any moral leadership on important issues. say what the rule of law is, what the significance of loneliness is in the cove, it's been demick. and so it's only managing pressing problems, but no vision, but the router will most likely lead his forth cabinet is optimistic, the new government that took so long to build will bring change. although some
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worry, it might not live long enough to fulfill its promises. steadfast and al jazeera the hake. oh, coming up in the news, i old sports news with tito. yes, we'll have the latest action from the 2nd ashley. the taste of the straight is captain, is ruled out for being a close contact with 19 days and very, very late trauma. here at the fee for erica of hosts covered, knocked up by algeria in the semi form, the base the we actually coming up with with
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with full ah ah,
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welcome to elders, special coverage on the fee for arab cup. the tournament doubling up as major warmer event for the casa will come next. yeah. hello, i'm he to same. it's will bring you all the late trauma from the arab cup. semi final says host cover a pizza in the 17th minute of stop. it's fun also on the way action from the 2nd actually fast as a straight, a make progress despite missing they catch them because of covert 19. and the heroes welcome to hear from the new for me, the one champion max for stuff. in fact, at the red blue headquarters of the tension, the title in abu dhabi but we start with some very, very late drama here at the fee for arab cup. algeria made it into the final, at the expense of host cutter, after a game, which somehow had 19 minutes of stoppage time. $40000.00 fans were at ultima
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stadium to watch, and although they are playing a we can the team in the tournament. it was algeria who took the lead through jamal a ben lam, read the referee from poland. they decided to add an extra 9 minutes to the game, much to the shock of the algeria coaching stuff. they would have been even less impressed when 6 minutes and to stop her son cutting equalizer. the header from substitutes while hubbard when tardy, but incredibly the match kept going, and algeria within a ward of the penalty use if billy missed but scored the rebound in the 17th extra minutes. it was still 2 minutes after that because i couldn't find a way back into the game. so it's algeria who progress. so the final on saturday, we are the only to better be begin with their motto with vick. i thought it's a job. you know, to play 16. 17 days is very, very hot. and are very good. all right with you about doing pretty good. about good
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night. needed extra time. something amazing. want 20 minutes again is miracle. one, i did it 10 minutes. a months what it was i and so time we make one. but if you can, the people on the stage before you get the penalty on this, it cost us 2nd row was this creepy because we go to extra bang out 30 more minutes . but hopefully we'll learn from that. i think the players, they make all a great therefore joel, i cannot say anything to them. so just how to like we're going over to mixing. algeria will now play to nicea for the trophy in the final on saturday, which to does he beat egypt in the other semi final not quite as much added time in this one. but the games only go came with virtually the last play of the game and own goal by egypt, captain, amir al soleah, deciding things in the 4th minute of stoppage time. how we watch football games
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could be about to change rhythm al jazeera is leading the way in developing new technology here at the arab gap to enhance the viewing experience of fans both at home and in stadiums. and he richardson reports. this is a trial match with the difference. technology is being judged rather than play as al jazeera is. one of the broadcasters leading a project aimed at pushing the limits of the viewing experience. where at the dawn of a whole new a, the global rollout of 5 g broadband networks is one of the keys to making this all work. what is the possibility of 5 g to revolutionize how remote production, how broadcast production from events like this are being done? can we be more mobile? we can see someone running with their camera along the field that's getting content over 5 g and being live streams to our applications to our t. v 's. for one night's only parents watching their children at this game in doha
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can also follow the action from multiple angles on the phone. the stated aim of this project is to give everyone the best seat in the house, regardless of whether or not they're actually at the match. so for authors will be able to access and share footage in real time, bringing those at home close to the action, a new viewing options to everyone in the stadium. it's a different different engagement and different view for the people to see as well. because all we see now is, is the 6 cameras round and you see what's happening the much with the camera. but the individuals been able to put their feet in because of the 5 g network and the band with choosing it is different. the players involved in this game working on the idea of having more than just their eyes to rely on while it's a live match. i think having something on the phone would add to the other insurance. it's helpful. yeah. like let's see. you want to see how individual players doing, you can truck them through the much. it's really smart. how like you can like watch
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one game and then like the power of like the internet can like make you like help you to watch another game. like if you fall like a penalty less than a penalty, and you, mr. you can watch your phone and see if the actual penalty the options that could soon be an offer for families or seemingly endless revolution. discard them. if you see there are some white papers that suggest that you can have a hologram of the match itself or minimize version of that at home. or you may have some different kind of aspect impulse by virtual reality and everything would be possible. you may watch the game as if you were in the stadium without going no longer will support have to live in the moment. instead, they'll be choosing the moment they were serious. and the richardson she's here at the world's board is increasingly being affected by the omni cron variance of covered 19. 1 of the english primitive managers is now called for all of this. we
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can fix just to be postponed. bent fi light is match. branford, with cooled off on monday, due to an outbreak at united branford, also have 13 infected players, and they manage a thomas. frank said on thursday, a believe needed to break the chain of infections to ward off the total shut them in more, less the request for thursday's game again, taught them to be called off, was turned down by the will taurus he's we, we've still obviously got a number of players. oh and total, what we've always she with at 9 players on available through and obviously covered and other medical issues. we weren't granted a dispensation. so we're just obviously disappointed. but maybe when you need a little bit support, i will see extreme situation that we ran with them. we weren't able to together arsenals match against west ham. went ahead on wednesday night. the gunners willing to know gabrielle martin, l e got the openness just before half time it moves arsenal above the hammers and into the full champion. covert mighty little to heed crickets, ash,
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a series of australia having to play england without the captain. pat cummins has been ruled out because it was deemed as a close contact of a coven 19 case. he dined in the same restaurant as the positive case on wednesday night, and must now isolate for 7 days. meaning he has to set up a night match in adelaide. steve smith takes charge in his absence, australia, lee, the serious one though, but they didn't make the best start of the deciding to bad 1st. marcus harris brilliantly called by just buffalo steered boots, bowling and home team were full for one. but things are now looking up thanks to strong partnership between david warner manas lever. shane and warner was eventually out for 95 lavish shane who was dropped by but they still out. they. he's on 94 and the australians or 212 for 2 in adelaide. u. s. a. is another country also being hit hard by the corona virus, the nfl commissioner roger, good. dell says he's confident they can work they way through the leads worst
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outbreak since the pandemic began. goodell was speaking at an nfl owners meeting in dallas with several items on the agenda, but none more pressing than corona virus with roughly 100 players testing positive since monday. it's a challenge and you know, i think the things that have made us successful is keeping safety 1st, 2nd, being willing to adapt at all times. and you know, we adapted several times last year. we've had to do that coming into the season. we work closely with the players association on those changes. and it's clear even in the last couple of weeks, that the changes are pretty significant and different than they were before. i think it calls for modifications to our protocols in general and we're working with the players association on that. we have some obviously steps that we feel are necessary to take, but we're confident we can work our way through. max for stephan has had the chance
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to say thanks to the people who made his will. championship winning, called the dutchman, was dropped off at the red blue factory in the u. k. a few days off the deciding racing abu dhabi fest often denied louis hamilton a record a title on sunday. in the last few minutes, the sadies have withdrawn the repeal over the result following the controversial ruling and allowed hamilton to be overtaken on the final lap. for me, it's amazing to be a part of this theme. and like i said already there, when i was very emotional, i hope i can do this for another 1015 years altogether because there's no reason to leave. and i have such a good relationship with everyone that you know, this is really where i want to be for a long time. so that's all for now, a reminder about thought, spoke story algeria a through to the final of the fif arab down to place to move yet any tougher in the semi finals will go the 17 minute stuff. it's time we'll be back in a few hours time. for another sports update at $1345.00 gmc, but stay with us, you know 0 after the break. we have another use update for you. we'll see you then
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. thank ah ah mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. where creativity even supplied by tradition. indonesia where beautiful possibilities are offered.
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in hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons, but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also closely watched vice railey forces at times shot up and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted. the skies above had brought a witness documentary on our jazeera ah, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from our london, bro casenita. on angie's, ina killing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now this is not
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a lock can get this completed back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get the master build this page. this team on out lou, tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes, is typhon re make to land full in the philippines. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up the micron variant and tensions with rush hour only gender is your pain laid.


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