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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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ah, ah ah, ah, france is restricting travel from the united kingdom to carved the spread of the armor crumb variant ah, gloves, the harmony watching of his era life. my headquarters here in doha. tens of thousands of people in the philippines are forced to leave their homes as typhoon ry makes landfall. also press freedom at risk reporters without borders says at least 46 journalists have been killed this year just for doing their job. plus from trash to
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treasure, the artisan garza, we've turned the rubbish dumpsite into a leisure center for all. ah, welcome to the program. countries around the world are recording that highest cove at 19 daily infections. since the start of the pandemic, france has band non essential travel from the u. k to cab the spread of the armor, chrome variant. that's as the u. k. c's, a record number of infections, not south korean hospitals are also being overwhelmed by a surgeon. the number of critically ill patients, there are warnings that the system is on the brink of collapse and on the african continent, the delta, normal kron variants, have driven infections up by nearly 83 percent. that's the fastest search anywhere in the world. this year. natasha butler is lying for us in paris, sir, keeping an eye what's going on across europe. and of course there is this news about france timing it's borders,
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especially when it looks towards the u. k. yes, that's correct. fraud. the french government have been watching the situation in the u. k. very carefully indeed, and they've decided to improve further restrictions on travel. essentially, all non essential travel between the u. k and frauds will be banned. as of fact today, now french residence and citizens will be able to return to fraud, but they will have to have p c all test before leaving and all the arrival and have to self isolate the french government. very concerned by the high concrete numbers that are being seen in the u. k. and of course, the spread of the call variance more than a 100, more than $200.00 cases of that variant of already been detected in france. but of course, the french government is saying, we know that it's likely to be much, much higher. and that's why they are urging or non essential travel to stop between
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the u. k. and frogs and also just calling on people to be a lot more careful. and of course, there is a meeting of european officials in brussels. it's one of you might say the last before the christmas and new your holidays. it was expected. but while they talk about ukraine and russia and china, there is this issue at the top of the agenda, the pandemic, the restrictions, and the inevitable pushback as well. yes, he leaders have been talking about that. in fact, they've just wrapped up that section of discussions on the agenda was the main focus of the summit in brussels because the infection rates are for and in so many countries across the block and governments are trying to find ways to stop the spread to cover the spread of this virus which is causing so much devastation, obviously not any just in terms of health, but also for the economy. now what you leaders have decided in the confusions that
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they have adopted off to the fair discussions is to speed up the rollouts or the vaccine, please the program to try and also put in place some measures, find some ways to try and persuade people who don't want to get the vaccine to go and get a job. they need to counter vaccine skepticism, particularly in some of the eastern countries of the blog where faxing skepticism rates are very high. indeed, they also talked about having to try and export more code vaccines abroad as part of the kofax program. so the governments across the very aware that it will, in words, as the greek prime minister, it is another race against time. they seen this before. we've been in this pandemic for a while. they are aware that many citizens across europe as well, or just simply fed up with the situation they are pushing back on things like the covey policies on these restrictions. but the governments are saying that unless we
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tighten restrictions now, unless everyone plays the game, if you like, we could be looking at more waves in the future of this far as which are, which have proved to be a deadly natasha butler in paris. thanks for the update. well, it's a cross over to really challenge who has moved from london, the infection ready? all right, of alma kron. this new variance is estimated that the moment in the u. k. to be between $3.00 and $5.00. that means that infections are doubling every 2 days. a quarter of new infections are in london yesterday. wednesday. there was the highest number of infections of the whole pandemic so far in the u. k. 78000. that previous record was back in january of 68000. so you can really see the pace at which omicron is ripping through the u. k. at the moment. but the
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government's so far is avoiding to avoiding re imposing strict restrictions. what it is doing in the bowman's, it's trying to urge people to change their behavior at a press conference on wednesday for us. johnson said that he wasn't going to be closing restaurants and bars and cafes, et cetera. he was just going to ask people to think about whether they really needed to go out to them. professor chris witty, who's the government's chief scientist, was said that he heard that people are going to change the way that they are mingling with others over the christmas period of really think about whether they actually have to be doing that now rebellious and peas in the conservative party or calling this i think are locked down by stealth. they're not very happy with it. but i have to say that i really have the mood with a country at the moment because people are listening to the advice and they are changing their behavior. the african continent trails as the lowest vaccinated
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region in the world that struggling to get doses into countries through the un backed kovak scheme. nicholas hack is in docker and says the lack of vaccine take up is causing concern. it's worrying because right now here in senegal, we've seen our 1st case of armor crohn, but this could just be the tip of the iceberg. there might be many more that are going under texted, and many more that just are simply are not going to get tested or not making their way to their health centers. there's the added issue of people not wanting to get vaccinated. i mean, the fear of the vaccine is spreading faster than this new variant. this is having that disastrous consequences. while a couple of weeks ago, we saw heads of states, the south african president, president, senate go and others calling for more vaccines to be delivered in africa. the biggest challenge yet is to get those vaccines into those arms. there's this spread of miss information. we met a doctor who works at an emergency ward in senegal,
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here, who does not want to get back to needed. doesn't believe in the vaccine, simply because the patent that these pharmaceutical companies, the producers have, has not been waived. he says, as long as there's no vaccine produced in africa, i'm not going to get vaccinated. that's as a result, there's more than 200000 doses here in senegal, that has been destroyed 200000 more that are going to expire by the end of the month. and a 1000000 in nigeria that has been destroyed already. we reported that south christine a record hi, case counselor in asia, indonesia because vaccination children. jessica washington has moved from jakarta in town. grown on the outskirts of jakarta, there was nervous laughter and even a few tears. as these children became part of it. please just covered 900 vaccination. dr. watson. this one think it was a little uncomfortable when the needle push to my own, but after that i felt ok. hundreds of students in greater to counter received the
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shot as the government's campaign to vaccinate those in the 6 to 11 age group begins this week because i feel a bit more brave to go and meet my friends now. when the delta various spring through indonesia, from june to august, the nation experienced a surgeon child deaths. now with the situation more under control and vaccines available for children, parents say they feel reassured. i feel it is safe and now it is like preparing an umbrella for the rain doctor. say it is an important step in making schools safer on the bottom, but the parents are very encouraging for their children to get vaccination. some children are brave, some cries, but we managed to vaccinate all these children with the many countries in the asia pacific were hit hard by the delta there. and now in the face of the army, chrome variant, they're trying to scale up their vaccination. dr. philippines is in the mid to the
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2nd mass vaccination drive, and i don't think people are now afraid of dividing stop, so they come here voluntarily. the philippine government wants to have at least $54000000.00 people vaccinated by the end of the year. monk, them children aged between 12 to 17 authorities in south korea. the walls say they have no choice but to re introduce restrictions after weeks of soaring infections and calls from health workers to a pressure on overburdened hospital. we've seen a huge spike in the number of daily new cases, but also we've seen a significant increase in the number of critically ill patients. now authority say they will focus on administering booster shots and targeting beyond vaccinated a similar strategy for many countries in the region. to see washington al, jazeera dakota. doris corporations underway and parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the most powerful storms in the world. sure. tens of thousands
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of people are being moved to emergency shelters. and the southern and central parts of the country, officials say around a $100000.00 villages, saw in the projected path of the typhoon davila and bergen is in manila. with more on the rescue efforts is the most powerful storm to hit the philippines this year. a 100000 people have already fled their homes. typhoon re made land following thursday, and continues to batter the regions of his science and men de now, on coast guards are rushing to evacuate. hundreds of residents, after incessant reigns flooded their communities. the young and old men are forced to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs. residence carry what they can with many hoping any damage will be limited and they'll be able to return home soon. the philippines is no stranger to natural disasters. it is constantly
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battered by storms and volcanic eruptions. dave, when a young in 2013, holds the record as the strongest anywhere in the world. it killed at least 7000 people and displaced millions more. since then, the government has institutionalized emergency and disaster response. but even in a country long affected by around 20 storms each year safe when right comes at the most precarious time. those evacuated can stay in temporary shelters for too long because of cobit 19 restrictions. while those in coastal and farmland community say they are already bearing the brunt of an economic recession and fear that the typhoon could obliterate whatever livelihood they have left. the full of government has pre positioned aids and military as 1st responders across the country. but the
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typhoon is expected to impact so many proven says it is wind local officials to prepare for the worst jim l as in dog n. i'll jazeera manila. and in the u. s. one person has died in a new storm system sweeping across the mid west. extreme winds in the state of iowa, blue over a truck and trailer killing the driver. i wind warnings are in place from new mexico to up a michigan. gusts have already whipped up, dusting kansas, make it dangerous to drive. while still had here on al jazeera floris and mexico hoping for booming sales more than 20000000 pounds at his bloom in time. the christmas. ah hello, nice to see you. here's her headlines for asia, not
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a whole lot to report for india seems quiet, no major weather alerts except toward the northwest where we've got some fog for roger st on and also been job a but no major rain that's really reserved toward sri lanka and the mall div smalley has a high of 3 degrees. we have seen few storms like this in the western pacific. now cutting across the philippines. this will be an issue for western areas of the philippines on friday, $2.00 to $300.00 millimeters of rain. those wind still howling at 175 kilometers per hour. let's truck out where right is going to go sliding into the south china sea as we get toward the weekend. and we will look toward vietnam to see another landfall. so we'll go in here for a closer look. i think this will be late sunday into monday south. if to name north of hope you mon city. next we're going into northern china, also korea, coal blast of air here. we'll chat more about that in a sec. some see and do snow western horseshoe into hoko. now i'm going to put the colors on a bit of easier way to see it. so the darker the blue,
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the lower the temperature sol, just high of minus 3 degrees on friday. and we look at our 3 day forecast. yep. that's below average. that sure weather update. thanks for joining in soon a bit. ah. ah, mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance . arising were investments are waiting to flourish with even supplied by tradition. noon where beautiful possibilities are offered. movie.
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ah, welcome back. you're watching, i'll just say with me. so robin, reminder of all top stories. the aldacon barry and his driving record cro virus cases in many countries around the world, france has banned all non essential travel from the united kingdom and of the african continent. the dealt with all become variance of driven infections up by nearly 83 percent. the rise of could be done in cases is set to feature highly in a meeting of european leaders in brussels, pensions with valerie about migration place, as well as the security situation with ukraine will also be discussed. breski operations all the way in parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the strongest storms in the world, a share official say about 10000 villages or in the path of the ty food. now the associated press is calling on the ethiopian government to immediately release
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a journalist to take 2 weeks ago. the statistics from reporters without borders show that dozens of journalists worldwide have been killed. assure victoria gayton because we'll a mere monkey r i was arrested in the ethiopian capital, addis ababa accused of promoting terrorism. he was working as a freelance journalist for the associated press. the us base news agency is called the allegations basis to other journalists will also arrested. they face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of violating the emergency lose brought in last month . the annual global round up by report is without food as paints a bleak picture of media safety and freedom, particularly in ethiopia, a correspondent of the new york times, as been kicked out of the country, which was unprecedented since abbey took office in 2018. there is this communication lot out. i am the northern part of the country and now you're just not able to do independent journalism anymore because only the official narrative
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about the work is to look. ready for in general's it's been a tough years. a journalist around the world report is without buddha's says at least $46.00 journalists have been killed this year because of the stories they were reporting. and nearly 500 are being detained. 65 are being held hostage. the most dangerous countries, the media workers, are mexico and afghanistan, followed by yemen and india. one of the reasons why there are so many journalists detain these you're up to 20 person is mainly because of the deterioration of the situation in 3 countries, including jamar and china, and glovers report is without buddhist says, its findings are alarming bought. remarkably, the number of journalist till this year is the lowest since it began counting 25 years ago. but the number of journalists being detained is the highest. and in their absence, it says vital voices remain silent. victoria gate and be al jazeera oracle,
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love. juris has released all migrant families from its detention facilities and is not tracking them through ankle bracelets from long distance or bringing a white house correspondent, kimberly how could he is following the story? detention facilities were always the subject of a lot of controversy when president biden took over or took off. it should i say i, kimberly says quite an important move. it's an important move because it delivers on a campaign promise for this president who said that on day why. and he would undo a lot of the what he called in humane trump immigration policies from his predecessor. and so, as a result, this is something that the president pledged to do on the campaign trail has taken almost a year to do it. and we should point out the other problem with this is it really just applies to families. but what these detention for says facilities are going to do now is instead house individuals. so it's not a change in policy, per se,
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but one that will at least allow for an end to the separation of families. now here's the statement from the immigration and customs enforcement agency. it says ice is committed to ensuring that all those in our custody reside and safe, secure and humane environments. and under appropriate conditions of confinement. ice is continuing to make nimble operational changes at its facilities. in response to shifting conditions along the southwest border, it's chosen to shift its usage of the dilly facility to focus on single adults, so no longer families. consistent with the administration's goals of addressing irregular migration while supporting a system of border management, that is orderly, safe and humane. once again, the feeling of the by the administration that that was not the case under the previous administration. so it says it's effort in to try and make changes even in the absence of a massive reform package that congress has been stymied by for the last 20 years.
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but it is not southern border, isn't it? kimberly remains the big headache for the administration and it's vice president carmella harris who's been tough with trying to find a solution to it. so what progress fur not a lot of progress. and that is the challenge for the vice president who we should point out has been delivered a pretty tall order in terms of a mandate to try and resolve this issue. given the fact that congress hasn't been able to for a generation. having said that, she certainly did go down to central america, were many of these migrants originate. matt, with leaders there, including the president of guatemala, but has been criticized from the president of walla walla for the fact that they haven't had a conversation in roughly 6 months. the white house defending this, saying look, that we're having high level engagement. it may not be at the level of vice president and president, but certainly the lower level government officials are still working on what they
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call the root causes of migration northward from central america caused by corruption, high crime, lack of employment. so the white house maintains is still working on all of this. now the problem is there haven't been any substantial changes so far. * and the other problem is when it comes to another policy that the, by the ministration was attempting to undo by the trump administration. one that force migrants to stay in mexico, which is the shared border of the united states and mexico at well, they asked for their claims of asylum to be processed. the bite administration wanted to allow people into the u. s. will. they waited for their day in court, if you will. the trump administration didn't allow that. and the effort by the biden administration to change that trump policy was challenged in court. and so far they've suffered a setback legally. that has not been reversed. so we haven't seen significant changes in the by to ministrations immigration policies thus far, even as they are attempting to make those changes. and again,
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the headline families, no longer detention centers, but that means that single adults still will be held in those detention centers that were heavily criticized under the previous trump administration. it's good to get the update can be how can our white house correspondent the turkeys present regime type over one plan to raise the minimum wage by over 50 percent next year work as well. now, at a minimum of $275.00 a month and is in that category, will also be exempt from paying income tax, but the turkish layer has lost more than half. it's nearly this year alone with annual inflation around 21 percent bank employees in india has begun the 2 days trying to protest against the privatization of public sector banks. demonstrations took place in the capital, new delhi, and the cities of the bar and v. j. water and all india bank officers confederation, which is a union, says the privatization of 2 banks would result in job losses and branch closures.
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artisan garza highlighting the need to protect the environment by turning a dump science into ledger center. now the initiative allows people to enjoy the beach for free, as long as they clean the shore. human site has more on story. it was his dream come true. 6 young people who live hearing cars, they got together and built the fun center near the beach. but what makes this place unique is the material used to built it? recycled waste? jaila, hannah and their friends. they're all artists. they say not only did they want to keep their feet in short, lying clean, they also wanted to create a place where people can have fun. why learning about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. whether it may apply level s s, had our initiative is based mainly on the methodology of joint leadership and community organization through which we employ the arts as a tool to educate people on maintaining the cleanliness of the seaside. and because
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we don't have any funding, at 1st, we turned to use solid waste found in warehouses of companies and municipalities that represented a burden on them. this place was built by around 300 tons of recycled waste because they had no funding for their project. they began by collecting solid waste, such as wooden planks broken power poles, huge garbage cans, rocks and lots of tires. they recycle them all to build this entire place. it's a branch of the coal, c is ours. you can sit here and enjoy your time free of charge. as long as you clean around the shore. i let and that and their friends invite people to bring whatever is broken or not needed their homes act. that issue been may have been mccann and what distinguishes this place is that it brings together all groups of the society ages and different arts. and because it is free of charge, you can enjoy every part of the place in exchange for volunteering in any field.
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you want, or even in exchange for old or broken tools and objects have no value for you anymore. at the starts, the idea was difficult for people to accept, not to throw garbage or even clean the shore. but now we have imposed this fact and it has become an example for many people and it wasn't easy to find a place where they can build this leisure center. boeing causes municipality heard about their plans. it granted them this piece of land near the beach. it was originally a dump site for garbage and other waste was up in the north, wholesale and what we found, the details of the seas hours initiative intersect with many of the municipalities goals, whether from community participation, community interventions in preserving the environment, reusing environmental materials. we found they played an exceptional role in creating a role model for young people, volunteers, and community activists to make sustainable interventions in community and
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environmental service. and since this project was founded, it has become an example for others to do the same. but these young people said only the beginning of a bigger dream and the hope to show the world how beautiful garza can be c l g 0 goddam. among other she celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence from pakistan. earlier prime minister, shaken unseen, presided over a victory day parade in the capital, darker where india's armed forces took part for the very 1st time. the india helped bangladesh. she guerrilla fighters, defeat parkinson's army in 1971, and estimated 3000000 people were killed. in the 9 month conflict leading to independence talks to revise. the 2015 nuclear deal are continuing indiana. it follows wednesdays of element that iran will now allow you and cameras to film
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at a sensitive site. the she had been a sticking point during those negotiations. now the pon setting flower is synonymous with christmas in mexico. it's known there as the nazi winner and millions, a grown every year. and this holiday season produces the hoping for bumper sales after business suffered in the pandemic. john hallman has more from mexico city. christmas is approaching him mccardle there her micah, one of latin america's biggest flower markets. and one plant in particular is the star of the show. the not ship when it takes its name from the spanish for christmas eve is endemic to mexico and its color means its become synonymous with the festive season. the government estimates that about $20000000.00 plants are grown a year for a deep christmas isn't the same without it. we met her as she snapped up more than 10 bouquets. when appleautomotive, apart from the fact that it's pretty and joyous,
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it helps the people that grow it. to me it's a really important falla, that means a lot at this time of year. the us takes, could it quit, le thought you to and used it to control fevers and heart conditions. but it was when the us ambassador joelle point set fell in love with it took several plants back to the u. s. that it really became popular now in english, the flowers cool poinsettia after him. and it's all over metzger, city as the cap to comes back to life off to the worst of the pandemic. this is the city's main artery paseo de la reformer. and this is, it's hard, this is the most iconic monument, a mexico, the angel of independence. and it's a mark of how important the nazi boiler flower is. it is a blanket of them all around the foot of the start to and this is where they produced in the green houses of the such a mill called the strict on the outskirts of the city. perhaps it was inevitable. the egg of florida is that they got flowers in english,
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is dedicated his life to them from may when their 1st planted, his livelihood rests on these plants, doing well, economic eslinger. practically, it's a year's income. a lot of families depend on this. more than one half 1000 families, just insult you milk over from work. and they're hoping for big bounce in sales as met could continues to open up. and christmas comes. john hohmann out to cedar mexico city. ah. they want you all to 0 with me, said hill robin in doha, reminder of our top stories. the amazon variant is driving record crone of iris cases. in many countries around the world, france has bound all non essential travel from the u. k. and on the african continent, the dance from amazon barrens have driven infections up by nearly 83 percent. the rise of cave 19 cases is set to feature highly at a meeting of european leaders in brussels tension.


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