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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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ahrens long denise, yes. firms for me we move to grow and fraud. we balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let to be part when the this is growth and progress in indonesia. now. ah, this is al jazeera ah, here waterman is our life from our headquarters in dow heim, daddy, and i will get that coming up in the next 60 minutes. frances restricting travel from the united kingdom to curve the spread of the army kron variance. the u. s. releases all undocumented migrant families from it to detention centers and trucks
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. them remotely. tens of thousands of people in the philippines are forced to leave their homes. as typhoon roy makes landfall and business and bloom, mexico's christmas flower that is bringing some cheer this holiday season. i'm devin ashwin, sports mercedes at withdraw their appeal against the result of f. one title, deciding, abdominal ground free, and the cave in $1000.00 drama and the premier li is worsening with wargames. kudos as the army con variant effect, sport and wildlife. we begin this news hour with the corona, virus pandemic, and countries around the world are recording their highest daily infection rates. since the start of the outbreak, france has banned non essential travel from the u. k. to curb the spread of the new army corps on variance, and that's as the u. k. c's, a record number off infect. since south korean hospitals are being overwhelmed by
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a surgeon, a number of critically ill patients. there are warnings the system there is on the brink of collapse and on the african continent, the delta and army kron variance have driven infections up by near the 83 percent dots. me fast, the serge, anywhere in the world this year. we have a team of correspondence covering the story for us will speak to natasha butler in paris just a moment, but 1st let's go to the streets of london. that's where we'll re, challenge is standing by for a so we're how read are authorities in the u. k. over the raising infection rate. well, they're worried enough to be pushing the booster vaccination program. very, very hard. they're worried enough to be advising people to stay inside for work from home to think carefully about that. chris with mingling plan, social plan,
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but they're not worried enough to watch the bring in lockdown measures properly. i guess. now that may be for many political reasons, it probably is for many reasons bought so far. the steps that you guys taking are, may need to do with a vice on people's behavior rather than telling them what to do. now i have to say that anecdotally, i'm statistically, cobra is everywhere at the moment. i know more people in my group of friends and family who have cove it at the moment that i have done at any other point in the panoramic and yet. so he said in your introduction that a record number of new infections on wednesday, 78000. that be the previous record of 68000 new cases by the date, which was back in january of this year. and the t scientists are expecting those records to keep on calling again and again over the next few days. they are saying that there is much that they don't know about the homework on very into the moment
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. but the things that they do know, all the reproduction rates is between 3 and 5. that means that it is doubling every 2 days. and that is why they are urging people to change their behavior back bench conservative m p 's off fracture. if they are saying that boris johnson is bringing in, locked down by sell, when i say that i really have to move to the country on that's a good deal of people all listen to the government and they are changing their plan . what about businesses, rory? presumably this is making businesses quite jittery. i mean, what is the economic impact of all of well, i think it's going to be severe. suddenly starting to emerge, how a pain from the hospitality sector, the entertainment center. i'm in the middle of london land, this is shar wrapped me right in the heart of the west. and you can see the faces down the street behind me. a number of big performance is big production or having
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to cancel performance. as a moment, the lion king being one of them, the new ticket, encountered the moment. cabaret of the club that's having to cancel some performances better. many more doing so as well. sure. like tom carriage is a well known chef and restaurant here in the u. k. a say that over 600 people have cam. so tables, cancel bookings, his restaurant over recent days, that pointing out. that's where is earlier in the pan demik when it was in for locked down from the government. there was a great deal of financial support that was helping theaters, restaurants, etc. companies that are having to shop by doing, helping them through that process, making sure they didn't get one done. as this is just advisory for people to change that behavior. there is no financial support at the moment, essentially is restaurant cafes that are on their own at the moment. okay,
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thank you so much for a challenge reporting from the streets of london. let's now get an update from paris and natasha butler is joining us from there. so obviously france is concerned about the infection rates over in the u. k, because now they've signed up it's border and what we know about that yes, the french government, banning all non essential travel between a france and the u. k. a starting from saturday that of course is going to be a big blow to any one on either side of the english channel that we're hoping to spend. perhaps some of the upcoming holidays with family and friends. the christmas festivities the end of a year, plans are possibly collapsing for many people. so very disappointing for them. but what the french governments are saying is that these restrictions are necessary. they are looking at the situation in the u. k, which they deem extremely worrying. they are particularly concerned by the micron, a variant which is spreading in the u. k. there are more than $200.00,
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a cases registered of micron in frauds. but of course, the government to saying, look, it's likely to be much, much higher than vast and restricting travel between these 2 countries is one way of trying to stop the spread in france. already we're seeing hospitals in many regions of the country, activating their so called emergency plans. what they are doing is canceling all non essential surgery effectively to free up beds. so natasha, the e u. countries are also meeting as they do just before the christmas break. we do expect the, the, on the cron variance in the corona writes pandemic to be high on that agenda. top of the agenda you leaders have been talking about cov 90. they've been talking about the, as spikes in a new infection. cases that we've been saying in many countries across the european union, fueled by the delta veteran. now we've got the over kron variant. there's a lot of concern on how to try and stop the spreads,
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and they've come up with their conclusions after their discussions on covey. what they are saying is that they need to speed up the booster vaccine program across the block. they also have to try and counter vaccines skepticism because what they're saying is that in some countries in the east of the bulk, for example, there are, there's a very high rate of vaccine skepticism that is stopping people from being vaccinated. vaccination rates a lot lower in some of those countries than in others. and are the european union leaders also saying, well they need to do is also export more vaccine. because of course, this is a global health crisis. they need to export more with the kovacs program, particularly to africa, a lot of concern and they, you, they know that national governments will probably put more restrictions in place over the coming weeks. they know that it can be very difficult for many people as they do go into this a holiday and festive season, but they say it is necessary to save lives and protect the economy. okay,
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thank you. natasha butler reporting from paris. so as we reported earlier, south korea seen a record high case count elsewhere in asia, indonesia has begun vaccinating children just to washington reports from jakarta in tongue room on the outskirts of to carter. there was nervous laughter and even a few tears. as these children became part of the teacher's coven, 19 vaccination drive. listen, it was a little uncomfortable when the needle pushed to my arm, but after that i felt okay. hundreds of students in greater to count who received this shows as the government's campaign to vaccinate those in the 6 to 118 group begins this nichol sunday. i feel a bit more brave to go and meet my friends. now. when the delta various spread through indonesia, from june to august, the nation experienced a surgeon child deaths. now with the situation more under control and vaccines available for children, parents say they feel reassured. i feel it is safe and now it is like
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preparing an umbrella for the rain doctor. say it is an important step in making school safer on the bottom, but the parents are very encouraging for their children to get vaccination. some children are brave, some cries, but we managed to vaccinate all these children with the many countries in the asia pacific were hit hard by the delta variant. now in the face of the army, chrome variant, they're trying to scale up their vaccination drives. the philippines is in the midst of the 2nd mass vaccination drive, and i don't think people are now afraid of dividing stop. so they come here for the entire really the philippine government wants to have at least $54000000.00 people vaccinated by the end of the year. among them children aged between 12 to 17 authorities in south korea. meanwhile, say they had no choice, but to reintroduce restrictions of the weeks of soaring infections and calls from
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health workers to a pressure on overburdened hospital. we've seen a huge spike in the number of daily new cases. but also we've seen a significant increase in the number of critically ill patients. now authority say they will focus on administering booster shots and targeting beyond vaccinated a similar strategy for many countries in the region to washington out 0 to counter fancy morehead on the i'll just renew our, including tricky currency dropped to another all time low. but there's good news for a minimum wage earners from trash to treasure, the artist in garza who have turned to rubbish, dump site into a measure center for all. and then sport england where their own worst enemy on day one of the 2nd half against australia. ah,
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but 1st the u. s. has reportedly released all migrant families from its detention facilities and is now tracking them through ankle bracelets for more or less. we'll bring in our white house correspondent kimberly hopkins joining us from washington dc. so kimberly detention facilities were the subject of a lot of controversy when president biden 1st took office. so what's behind this move? well, this is a campaign promise that the u. s. president made that he would deliver a more humane immigration policy. certainly he set out to make some changes, but a lot of the admin, a great him immigration policy under the trumpet, ministration remains in place. you mentioned those ankle bracelets. those are new. those have been used for a while and will continue to be used. now, the administration biden administration emptying out those detention facilities that were so heavily criticized for families, but they're still going to use them for individuals. so not
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a lot has changed now in terms of the statement coming from the agency task with overseeing all of this is known as immigration customs enforcement, our ice. i says in it statement, it's committed to ensuring that all those in our custody resided safe, secure, and humane environment. and under appropriate conditions of confinement. ice is continuing to make nimble operational changes at its facilities in response to shifting conditions along the southwest border. now terms of those shift and consist conditions, that means sharp increase in the case of one crossing in yuma, arizona where the southwestern states there is an increase of illegal immigration, or undocumented migrants entering the united states of about 2500 per cent from one year ago i'm add to that what we should also point out is when it comes to the conditions of confinement. the media hasn't been allowed to see these conditions and they were heavily criticized under the trumpet ministration,
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accused of keeping people in cages. the early pictures under the biden administration didn't look any different, i and so they just stop letting the media go in to take tours. and so we don't particularly know how much this is differing from the previous administration to. now, what we do know, however, is that there are at least try to keep families together. so that's what this announce it is, is that families will no longer be held in these detention centers, but they'll still be used for individual. and here's the thing. kimberly the southern border still remains an issue for, for this administration. and we know the vice president is supposed to be heading that efforts to solve the crisis. but has any progress been made so far? well, in ferris to the vice president, ah, she's been tasked with solving a problem that congress hasn't been able to do in a generation. so progress,
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you know, is incremental, and this is certainly bigger than one person. and so this has been the challenge. now. we should point out that she has been intent on addressing what she says are the root causes of immigration northward, namely that in central america were many of these migrants originate. there's corruption, there's high crime, there was a lack of employment. and so that's what propels people to the north and so, and this is going to take time to resolve and what we've been hearing and where there are some criticism of the vice president is that there hasn't been the highest levels and get of engagement since she made her trip to guatemala some months ago. now the white house is defending this, saying look at we have been having lower level engagement and we're still working on this. but the other sort of blow to the biden ministration terms of immigration reform comes in a legal setback that has happened recently. and that is, is that the biden administration really attempted to undo the, what's known as were made in mexico policy put in place by the trump administration
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. in other words, those that wanted to come across the border to seek asylum. they wanted to wait for their cases to be heard in the united states that changed under donald trump. and while the, by the administration, the day one tried to undo that policy, the courts up held it. so in terms of efforts, certainly good intentions. i in many respects, but in many ways the policies have not changed that much at all. okay, thank you. kimberly how can reporting from washington i'll say in the us and a new storm system is sweeping across the midwest. tornadoes and the state of nebraska and iowa have cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes. high wind warnings are in place from new mexico to upper michigan. gusts have already whipped up, dusting, kansas, making a dangerous to drive. and the storms comes president joe biden and visited communities hit by last week's devastating tornadoes. how did your castro has more
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this street in bowling green, kentucky once rang with the sounds of children playing young families lived here. but then on friday, the tornado came and some neighbors shelter together. they decided to get in the 1st house together. and unfortunately, the house was just demolished for the ground 11 people died here. 8 of them were children or i don't know what to say ma'am. i guess it's hard when somebody's gone and you're shot. you know what happened to visual as recovery worker. sift through the debris left in 6 days all last week. superstore leaving the landscape of devastation. authority spear the final depth hold. go be staggering. 9 year old aniston rack, lee climbed into a bath tub with her younger sisters and her doll. this photo taken by their mother
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. 15 minutes before the tornado hit. aniston was killed. her sister survived one recounting to nurses which she'd endured. she said yes, i was flying around in the tornado. and i prayed to jesus to take care of me. and he spit me out in the tornado spit out into the mud. president joe biden comforted, stricken families, and toward the disaster area. wednesday, i intend to do whatever it takes as long as it takes, as long as it takes to support your state. your local leaders and friends, you recover and rebuild because you will recover and you will rebuild. jarrett thompson and his family survive by hunkering in their basement. got positive added to large, can't be replaced with profit can you can rebuild. but it might take a while, which we have family friends and other people in the green that are setting up dinner system with thousands of homes wiped away. the rebuilding process will be
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long and difficult. the healing even harder. heidi jo, castro al jazeera mayfield, kentucky. rosco. efforts are underway in the philippines after one of the most powerful storms in the world. this year it lands titled rye blue from the pacific ocean into about c. r go islands. forcing nearly a 100000 people to flee their homes, jemila and dog. and as a manila with more on the rescue efforts is the most powerful storm to hit the philippines this year, a $100000.00 people have already fled their homes typhoon. why made land fallen thursday? and continues to batter the regions of his science and men de now little coast guards are rushing to evacuate. hundreds of residents after incessant reigns flooded their communities. the young and old men are forced to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs. residence carry what they can with many
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hoping any damage will be limited and they'll be able to return home soon. the philippines is no stranger to natural disasters. it is constantly battered by storms and volcanic eruptions. dive when a young in 2013 holds the record as the strongest anywhere in the world. it killed at least 7000 people and displaced millions more. since then, the government has institutionalized emergency and disaster response. but even in a country long affected by around 20 storms, each year siphoned right comes at the most precarious time. those evacuated can stay in temporary shelters for too long because of coping 19 restrictions. while those in coastal and farmland communities say they are already bearing the brunt of
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an economic recession and fear that the typhoon could obliterate whatever livelihood they have left. the philippine government has pre positioned aid and millage as 1st responders across the country. but the typhoon is expected to impact so many provinces. it has warned local officials to prepare for the worst jim eileen dorgan. i'll jazeera manila turkey as president reggie play bird along plans to raise the minimum wage by more than 50 percent. next year. workers will now earn a minimum of $275.00 a month. earners and not category will also be exempt from paying income tax, but the turkish lira has lost more than half its value this year alone with annual inflation at around 21 percent. let's speak to our correspondence in, okay, so glue is joining us from istanbul. so turkey has really been struggling with the currency crisis, which has led to high inflation rates cinema. so what does this move by president
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or tuan mean for the regular turkish citizen? well there in the, this current crisis a means for the regular turkish citizens that they can, they are, income is less so they can buy less things with the money they have in the head. so the government decided for a 50 percent increase on the minimum wage, which is up to $4250.00. but when you compare it, when you convert it to dollars a, despite the 50 percent increase turkish people, regular citizens, low income people, are going to receive $100.00 less. and this year, and it's as just in one year, as you said to the turkey, sir, i'll, we can against the dollar and other foreign currencies. i mean a, the reason behind this is the government's low interest rate policy,
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which the president believes is the main cause of all the economic problems in the country. but the, the global trends show that developing countries like turkey, like brazil, they have all increase their interest rates last month. but the government today again and lowered the interest rates 100 basis points. so at many expect that the turkish lira is going to weaken more against the dollar in other foreign currencies . and inflation is ex, except the sore in the coming 3 months. so for the regular turkeys citizens, it's me, it means their money is going to be much less because despite the increase in many experts said that they will not be able to buy the things they used to buy a couple of months. they go so, ah, in, in a few months, many expect to see more problems for the turkeys citizens movies for him on that no food or how is it again, 2 more expenses? well, grade it, that's what i wanted to ask you. how is this actually going to affect their day to
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day life? what are some of the challenges there? well they're in, let me say this just a few minutes later or less than an hour later, the government announced this minimum wage increase, which is 50 percent, which was more than expected in the market. they. it also announced that increase on the gas prices because gas prices are rising every day and they increase the water price is 20 percent just in the last 2 days. even brad, you know, in turkish culture, bread is the main part of the turkish cazin. and also it's appraised a lot it is seen as holly a, but the bread prices are increasing. and now people are in the big cities like a stumble they are attending towards to subsidized spreads. ah, but says turkish economy is based on imported goods despite its strong production
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infrastructure. since turkey doesn't have raw materials, it tests the import. many, many things. prices are based on dollars, so even wheat for instance, right. they are, it's is more expensive right now, and people expect more increase even on the breadth prices. okay, so in a couple of months, as i said, there will be more inflation as for x percent more difficult phase for the regular citizens, but just one thing during on the other side, turkish exports are on the rise. turkey turkey is giving budget surplus in the last 4 months, so one side, there's the earning exporters reduction in dusty, but the regular citizens are losing okay. sounds like a thank you so much to know because of our glue reporting from istanbul. artisan, gaza, or highlighting the need to protect the environment by turning a dunked site into a leisure center. the initiative allows people to enjoy the beach for free, as long as they clean the shore human and say it has more on the story. it was his
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dream come true. 6 young people who live hearing cars. they got together and built the fun center near the beach. but what makes this place unique is the material used to built it recycled waist high? la hannah and their friends. they're all artists. they say not only did they want to keep their feet in short, lying clean, they also wanted to create a place where people can have fun. why learning about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. whether it may apply level s, s r initiatives based mainly on the methodology of joint leadership and community organization through which we employ the arts as a tool to educate people on maintaining the cleanliness of the seaside. and because we don't have any funding, at 1st, we turn to use solid waste found in warehouses of companies and municipalities that represented a burden on them. this place was built by around 300 tons of recycled waste because
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they had no funding for their project. they began by collecting solid waste, such as wooden planks, broken power poles, huge garbage cans, rocks and lots of tires. they recycle them all to build this entire place. to project they call this c is hours. you can sit here and enjoy your time free of charge. as long as you clean around the shore. i let her nat and their friends invite people to bring whatever is broken or not needed their homes act. that issue the may is helen mccann and what distinguishes this place is that it brings together all groups of the society ages and different artists. and because it is free of charge, you can enjoy every part of the place in exchange for volunteering in any field you want. or even in exchange for old or broken tools and objects that have no value for you anymore. at the start, the idea was difficult for people to accept you not to throw garbage or even clean
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the shore, but now we have imposed this fact and it has become an example for many people and them. it wasn't easy to find a place where they can build this leisure center. boeing, gases municipality heard about their plans. it granted them this piece of land near the beach. it was originally a dump site for garbage and other waste. woodland know the whole scene were well a little bit, but we found the details of the sea as ours initiative intersect with many of the municipalities goals, whether from community participation, community interventions and perceiving the environment, reusing environmental materials. we found they played an exceptional role in creating a role model for young people, volunteers, and community activists to make sustainable interventions in community and environmental service. uh huh. since this project was founded, it has become an example for others to do the same. but these young people said
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only the beginning of a bigger dream and the hope to show the world how beautiful gods they can be. c, l 20. god. phil had only, i'll just renew our press freedom at risk reporters without borders say at least 46 journalists have been killed this year for doing their job. bangladesh celebrates 50 years of independence, but for some, the split from pakistan remains a painful memory. and in sport, a hero's welcome for the new formula. one champion, mac 1st happened as a mercedes team decides to drop its appeal over title when ah hey there, good to see. we don't often say this,
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but we're chatting about some cloud and rain through the middle east, so we'll pick up the story. there are some showers through the vans moving across iraq into western iran, and that's going to drop down some what weather for a q wait. so we show the 3 day forecast here. really the next several days we've got that risk. we could even power up some thunderstorms as so we'll certainly be watching that carefully off the pockets thought seems a bit cool here for the hor, at 18 degrees that is below average for this have the year off to turkey. really gloomy conditions here. low temperatures breezy in some spots that rain will turn to snow for people like places like opera over the next little bit. we have seen flooding across the congo, so this is force of thousands of people from their homes as that flooding intensifies and still more wet weather in the forecast for the democratic republic of congo, spilling into congo on friday, further toward the south, some bursts of heavy rain can be expected zambia right through to the bob boys southern sections of most and be great through to eastern areas of south africa and
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a bit of a temperature divide here. they're going down in johannesburg, but temperatures are on the way up in cape town.


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