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south africa and a bit of a temperature divides here. they're going down in johannesburg, but temperatures are on the way up in cape town, getting up to a high of 26 degrees on friday. cea. ah, there's a lot more to al jazeera than t v. with our website mobile app, social media and podcast, al jazeera digital is a world of award winning online content. and portal brings to the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to levy to go somewhere else. the truth is that they've got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online to catch up here with me, sandra, got them on our designer. and less than a year. capital will host the middle east. well, come in preparation. the country is staging. a major theme nation is going head to
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head in thanks purpose bill stadiums but 2022 will keep you across the action as council prepares for the regions biggest ever sporting events that the for our cup on algebra. oh i hello again. from the new dower, the only crohn variance is driving a record number of infections in many countries around the world. from some grounds, all non essential travel from the use case and cases in africa had surgery by nearly 83 percent. the u. s. has reportedly released all micro families from its
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potential facilities and val tracking them through ankle bracelet, according to internal government data obtained by ac fields. the last facility in texas is now only being used to hold single adult. that's through operations are underway in parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the most powerful storms in the world. this year. officials say about 10000 villages or in the hyphen . let's returns to our top story and the rising cove and 19 infections from the new variance. as we mentioned, the continent of africa has seen in cases rise sharply. it also has the lowest vaccination rates and of any region in the world's african countries who are struggling to get doses through the us back kovak scheme and growing vaccine hesitancy is also a concern, as nicholas hoc reports from the car a precious and life saving vaccine. free of cost, and yet no one at this cobra. 1900 vaccination center in downtown to car. wanted to take it. some pass her buys. ask nurse been to jello if the vaccine will make them
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steroids. others wonder if it will give them a heart attack or if they'll go blind just by her assurances, the vaccine is safe and could protect their live. people don't trust her. there's so much misinformation so much nonsense. talking about vaccine, just like talking about politics has become an issue that divides people. let's make this clear. we need to get vaccinated to protect ourselves and our loved ones . it's the only way among those refusing to get vaccinated is t. v, pundit, an emergency dr. bob walker and young while he treats patients infected with coven, 19 young is famous for his postings on social media. near argues that as long as a western pharmaceutical companies refuse to wave patents so that vaccines can be produced locally. they should not be trusted or used on africans, on a new cuz it's not a vaccine. it's a product being tested on people. that's why people are getting sick despite to
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vaccine, too much fear misinformation and not enough vaccines means that only 10 percent of africans have been vaccinated. nigeria, home to 200000000 people is only inoculated. an average of a 1000 people a day. in senegal, more than 200000 expired doses, have been destroyed, is where the coven vaccine is being stored. it needs to be kept between $2.00 and $8.00 degrees celsius. the challenge is to get those vaccines in remote health centers, where the ambient temperatures is around 40 to 30 degrees celsius. also, it's a race against time for health workers to get as many people inoculated before these doses expire for nursed yellow, the new variant is spreading faster than we think, partly because of widespread misinformation. this vaccine hesitancy has a cost, perhaps barely visible for now, but she fears a wave of infections lies ahead. nicholas hawk al jazeera de car thought her mother
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come al jani is a senior policy advisor at the people's vaccine lions. she blames richer nations for africa, lack of vaccine supply. the problem in which son is particularly gum g, left, 3 key decisions on the pharmaceutical company. and that is how when you go this to produce, whether those are going and the right. and therefore, the don't, it was produced according to the company capacity. they would prefer to give them to rich market because that's where they must. why that profit and you know, it's expected that they couldn't find them. they would, they would have made $100000000.00 billions with the b 1000000000 dollars next year. that never happened in terms of companies in states. this is what we've been asking people. others alliance have been asking for an expectation,
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even before we have seen is diversify production. and maximize production all over the world that are so many companies. just publish a report yesterday about the number of companies in developing countries that could have made the vaccine. that was made more dorothy and made them available to you. we still have the option with them can do that if the company's share the knowledge about the vaccine, that is an m r n a. how been up and then not doing that. they want locally perkins president raj, a paper, one plans to raise the minimum wage by more than 50 percent. next year workers will now earn a minimum of $275.00 a month. earners in that category will also be exempt from paying income tax, but the turkish lira has lost more than half its value this year alone with annual inflation at around 21 percent. since because we're good how's more from a stumble turkish government decided for
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a 50 percent increase on the minimum wage levels on boarded up to $4250.00 turkish, the rest, which was quite above what was expected in the market. however, experts are warning that the inflation is going to sort more and more in the coming months because of the week turkish iraq. and because ever a many of the things are imported in turkey, now they're questioning whether this increase will be able to meet the gap in their income caused by the inflation. and just a quick description will bid this at the beginning of this year, the minimum wage level before the increase was around $380.00. but now despite this 50 percent increase, it is down to $280.00, which we have at least $100.00 less. and this means this 5, this increase the minimum income people can buy less every month at the food prices are soaring,
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gas prices are soaring. there is an increase even ended water prices. just even after the announcement of the minimum wage increase, there was an increase on the gas prices. so many are suspicious. while given that there's an expectation of high inflation in the coming months, how will the low income people will be able to sustain their lives in turkey? bank employees in india have begun to they strike to protest against the privatization of public sector banks. demonstrations happened in the capital, new delhi and to other cities. the all india bank officers confederation, which is the union, says the privatization of 2 banks would result in job losses and branch closures. bangladesh. celebrating the 50th anniversary efforts independence from puck. a son earlier prime minister schafer has siena presided over a victory day parade and data where india is armed. forces took part for the 1st
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time, india help bangladesh. a guerrilla fighters defeat pakistan's army in 1971. an estimated $3000000.00 people were killed in the 9 month conflict leading to independence. time via child re has this update from dhaka. well, it's a national holiday that this started with $31.00 gun salute. aside from the indian military contingent, there are military contingent for 6 other countries, including the u. s. turkey, indonesia, baton. for all of them have actually signed a military contingent to celebrate vocation. due to pandemic, not many other dignitaries could make it this time. it's a year long celebration, celebrating the 100 year centennial, the father of the nation for a ship when jibber amman, 50 years independence day. and the victory day of the day when the pakistan army surrendered to that allied force that is indian and bangladesh. she guerrilla fighters to nation, was instrumental in supporting bangladesh during the cold. why it was russia and
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india. now there's also a remarkable journey for the country within the last 50 years facing various kinds of challenges, natural disaster, economic challenges, yet it as able to manage a 6 per cent. judy big growth late now it is one of the fastest growing economy in the wall. it is a middle income country and set to graduated developing nation by 2026. and this is what the government wants to highlight in it's 50 year celebration. yet there are the challenges still remains. ah, the opposition says there is no free unfair election, either diminishing a space for democracy and freedom of speech. while pakistan's government has congratulated bangladesh on its golden jubilee is mixed reaction from bangladesh. hayes, who are living in pakistan or some and bon jovi, reports from karachi and pcp is shot was a teenager when what is now bangladesh split to be from pakistan. some of his
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family members died in the violence and he blames pakistan's government for actions that gave rise to bangladesh. nationalism. we had taken the nitrogen portion of pakistan, and i shall let us have gets our slaves, our son. that's it. that's it. on december 16, 1971 bucket funny general new jersey signed a surrender document and each pockets on became by the dash after a 9 month long violent uprising indian soldiers in the lori hundreds of thousands of people who were killed by those who called for independence and those who wanted to stay part of the united part fun. for this, the many focused on you hold india responsible. when bengalis of the allies back west ferguson is not going to shave. and indians realised it more than de been goalies. dunden intervened politically, socially, monetarily de stablish the office of mac
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b by me and tell cut out that sentiment is fueled by political speeches by indian leaders visiting bangladesh for bangladesh. his freedom, the desire here was matched to their pockets. don forces carried out atrocities there. in scrawling suburbs of karachi, the 10s of thousands who were forced from their homes have mixed feelings about the split of 2 buckets sons. 50 years on this place bank, she's in both countries, have struggled to find the state, many and buckets on feel abandoned and left with no legal status sticklers bangladesh. she cannot get an education go to hospital or earn a living because they lack proper documentation. despite government promises, nothing has changed for thousands of families here about a number of yeah, what i will look, this is our country. we have historically been goalies. we should we go,
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our generations have been born and we demand identity cards. so we can at least earn living in the last 5 decades, barcas on and bang the there have developed mutual ties. the government has been regulated bangladesh on the golden jubilee and invited the prime minister to visit pakistan. but when it comes to the war of independence, there are some wounds that even time can not heal some a job down to the ra karachi. the point such a flower is synonymous with christmas in mexico. its own there is no chip went off, and millions are grown every year. this holiday season producers are hoping for bumper sales after business suffered independent make john home and reports or mexico city. christmas is approaching in mccardle. there micah, one of latin, america's biggest flower markets. and one plants in particular is the star of the show. the no chip winner. it takes its name from the spanish for christmas eve,
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its endemic to mexico. and it's color means it's become synonymous with the festive season. the government estimates that about $20000000.00 plants had grown a year for a deep christmas isn't the same without it. we met her, she snapped up more than 10 bouquets. one appleautomotive at heart from the fact that it's pretty and joyous. it helps the people that grow it. to me, it's a really important falla, that means a lot at this time of year the us takes, could it quit, le thought you to and used it to control fevers and heart conditions. but it was when the u. s. ambassador jo, point set fell in love with it. it took several plots back to the u. s. that it really became popular. now in english, the flowers cool poinsettia off the him. and it's all over mexico city as the cap to comes back to life off to the worst of the pandemic. this is the city's main artery paseo de la reformer. and this is, it's hall. this is the most iconic monument, a mexico, the angel of independence. and it's
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a mock of how important the nazi boiler flower is. it is a blanket of them all around the foot of the start ga. and this is where they produced in the green houses of the so chimerical district on the outskirts of the city. perhaps it was inevitable. the egg of florida is that they got flowers in english, is dedicated his life to them from may when they 1st planted his livelihood rests on these plants. doing well, recommend this healing goodies, practically, it's a year's income. a lot of families depend on miss more than one half barrels and families just in such a mil coker from work. and they're hoping for big bouncing sales as mets could continues to open up in christmas comes john holman. out is eda met screw city there with us on the news? our all these what this is coming up. a gentleman. yes, he got plenty on the way, including the latest on the cave it dramas. taking hold of sport across the wild. where live from a fee for our cup studio in doug?
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ah ah
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oh ah ah ah thanks for your company. we're alive from our our cup studio in de ha ha on down the nation. plenty of sports coming up, including the latest on the emerging cove. it crisis in the premier league with another 2 matches and cooled off australia. cricket team also affected by cave if they take you up a hand. they've england off a day, one of the 2nd ashes test and mercedes withdraw the repeal over the race result from the championship poseida in abu dhabi cove at 19. it continues to wreak
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havoc on the english premier league with 5 matches now called off in a week. the latest a fall was thursdays fixture between lester and taut necessities gain between manchester, united. i'm bryson, in i said, had to 7 plays available for that match with cases among scalds spiraling brentford keisha, thomas frank is urging the league to pause the season and prevent a full shut down. we think that we ship his bone, the full round of premier games this weekend, coming up the the code cases going through the roof in all the primary clubs, every one of dealing with it. every one have a have a problem. this moment time am to postpone this round and also the cow co. brown will give everyone a week at least a to all these i don't know exact the know before 5 days to, to clean and, and, and do everything in the training ground. so everything is fine. yeah. so you break
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the chain. and in every club, when i joined by rob harris from the associated press, rome, how close is the premier league from pulling the season to deal with this latest outbreak? well, we now know that half of this weekend's matches won't go ahead in the last minute or so i just received an announcement from the premier league that full more games . in addition to that manchester united writing game show that they have now been called off of this weekend half of the program. we know south hampton against brentford, that was due for saturday as well as for crystal palace, west ham know rich as well on saturday as well as ever and less on sunday. they've all been cooled off g to provide a virus outbreaks at the clubs. which means that will in total, have had 9 games in a days or so postponed due to the provide a virus case is spreading across primarily clubs. and that's just the states as now on 1st day to day out from this round of games and really reflecting
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a worsening corrosion of our situation in the u. k. the fact is there's been a record, 88000 cases recorded in the last day. that was an increase on yesterday's amount, which is also a record and ready reflecting the and the spread of the on the chrome fabric which is causing so much concern and leading to try new grounds being closed. and the calls for a complete shut down even temporarily of the league. so much concern across clubs. indeed. ultimately, of course of the help the players coming 1st and foremost absolutely. do you think the leader of the thought it took us very much. you just, you just break a minute due to the pressure from just such as from the frank. yeah, exactly, and he is really, i think, reflecting a lot of the uncertainty over how these decisions are being reached as well. we had less originally off the primarily on wednesday to perspire tonight's game against
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them. that request was turned down. it was only this morning when that request was fulfilled and less time to close the training ground. and we discovered a bit more detail from the premier league, what they take into consideration when assessing a game should go ahead and it's not only the outbreaks within clubs, but also the risk of wider infection. 2 of these people coming into contact with others. so the grounds that playing go oppositions and there are new strict corona virus regulations in place from this week daily test players, they have to take the actual flows in their cars before even getting into the access to the training grounds and they're twice weekly pcr test as well, so the most ever seen joined the pandemic testing at primarily clubs and of course, as it stands now, the 5 games that will be played this weekend will have full stadiums because there are currently no restrictions on the capacities unlike say, we've seen in germany despite the fact, the government is
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a vote using people generally to avoid contract isn't deemed essential social contract. and it's not just football in england being a factor so badly as it were, hearing more positive tests around madrid. what's the latest that? yeah, we've had that 6 plays that testing positive, including garris bio luca moderates as well as want to call the ones a lot of the systems. and that's really showing how the situation a spreading was quite interesting in spain is there is a high take up of vaccinations. the play is just some details the game today. the fact that actually was around 93 percent to play it in league off for the vaccinated another 4 percent of the antibodies. compare that with english football and we discovered from the f l. today the company knows 3 leagues delay the primarily only 2 thirds of play as a fully vaccinated. and one for say, they're not going to get jobs. the latest primly figures we have on vaccinations
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are actually still from october, which was also saying that only 2 3rd supplies were fully vaccinated and no update since then. yet the premier league is encouraging plays. now when you get vaccinated, but to get that booster shots as well, something you can cooperate, particularly being pushing at a message or site from the way to present allas on the schaeffer and speaking today . encouraging plays to get jap saying he believes in the science while accepting it is still a personal choice from her that from the associated press a thank you very much for your insight that rob just mentioned that the president view a for play as across europe to get vaccinated as quickly as they can. european football is a governing bodies set to launch a video aimed at players which features doctors expanding the benefits of private 19 job. i think that they should get vaccinated as soon as possible, but i still believe for now it's a personal choice. and we have to be smart. we have to explain things. people are not stupid. people understand when you explain in a nice way, not judging them,
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but to explain why vaccination is good. us bolt is also being hit hard by current virus. the nfl commissioner roger del says he's confident they can walk away through the lease. was that right? since the pandemic began good out by the nfl owners meeting in dallas with several items on the agenda, but none more pressing them. corona virus with about a 100 players testing positive since monday. it's a challenge. and you know, i think the things that have made us successful is keeping safety 1st, 2nd, being willing to adapt at all times. and you know, we adapted several times last year. we've had to do that coming into the season. we work closely with the players association on those changes. and it's clear even in the last couple of weeks, that the changes are pretty significant and different and they were before and i think caused for modifications to our protocols in general. and we're working with
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the players association on that. we have some obviously steps that we feel are necessary to take, but we're confident we can work our way through. private 19 is also affecting crickets. ashley varies with australia having to play england without the captain. pap come in with rude out to the 2nd test because he was deemed a close contact of somebody with coven 90. he dined in the same restaurant as a positive case on wednesday night. i'm just now isolate for 7 days for the captain . steve smith is taking charge in his absence. the set back and leaving the skipper the nothing to shake off the radio on day one byte losing one of the ripening batsmen early. thanks for a brilliant catch from your butler bill. the school to 221 runs just gets david want to continued his recent good form. but once again, he was dismissed. joshua for century mana love, shane finished the day on beats and online t 5. but he should have been out late in the day for the shopping and dropped caps
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from butler australia leave the series on, they'll say the last tuesday roof that says louis hamilton will never get to the controversial end to the abu dhabi, growing pretty and can't guarantee if the british driver will race in formula one, again, the flight feeling that hamilton was robbed of the title, the team aren't going to pursue their appeal against the result. because the governing body has agreed to review the rules need a he must want to win. why championship in the culture. but on the other side, we would be wrong to sunday, and it wasn't just, wasn't just the case, it's a book bad call. it was free style. reading of the ruse to less and less lose. legacy thing that say the driver dominated at the season finale lost out to max the staff and he was crowned champion for the 1st time to stop and won the race off the invitation. hamilton on the final lap that was after officials allowed him to catch
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up to the brit during safety ca, protocols following another dr. crash. the dutchman visited the red full factory in england on wednesday to say thank you to the people who made his title when income for me, it's amazing to be a part of his theme. and like i said already there, when i was very emotional, i hope i can do this for another 1015 years old together because there's no reason to leave. and i have such a good relationship with everyone that you know, this is really why i want to be for a long time, say that soil sport for now, before we go, a reminder of our top story. multiple games in the premier league have now be cooled off as current of ours cases among teams continue to spiral and will continue to monitor that ever changing situation in the premier league and bringing the latest at 2145, gmc, the stay on al jazeera off the right, we've got another news update from our london studio.
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a ah and a shilling the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8 now. it's not our responsibility to people lock can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get back with
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a patient. this screen on al jazeera, i've come back to san diego to revisit the fascinating power to pulse me in history . they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lesta naturalists. i was them as a child during and just opposite. people still love them. it was basically too bad to be true, but they were predicting can comedy. he'll ethnic divisions and national tensions that exist in both here today. once upon a time in san diego, on algebra, the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades. and this is another change to get used to, and one that's boss from easy umbrella situation to now it's not clear that all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls. despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes,
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everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality. aah! france balance. most travel from the u. k which is reported a record number of infections for the 2nd day in a row. ah, norton tina, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up thousands free their homes as super typhoon rice slams into the philippines. the strongest storm to hate it this year. police in haiti say all the american and canadian missionaries kidnapped in october, now been released and artist.


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