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for certain crimes, once everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be killed that again for ransom. now together, they're feeling their way forward into their new reality. france bands most travel from the u. k, which is reported a record number of infections for the 2nd day in a row. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera life from london. also coming up thousands free their homes as super typhoon rice slams into the philippines. the strongest storm to hit it this year. police in haiti say all the american and canadian missionaries kidnapped in october. now been released. and artists in garza turn and rubbish dumpsite into
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a beach from. it's free for all using recycled waste. governments around the world, a scrambling to contain the spread of the omicron variant of co, 19 several countries of recorded their highest daily infection rates. since the pandemic began france as band non essential travel from the u. k. by any one who isn't a french citizen or resident to curb the spread of the new variant. the u. k is reported a rec number of infections for a 2nd day in a row, and more than 88000. the france isn't far behind reporting almost 61000 cases. south korea is reinstating the stricter social distance ignores just 6 weeks. after determining that it would be able to live with coven 19 and on the african continent, the delta and omicron variance have driven infections up by nearly 83 percent.
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that's the fastest serge, anywhere in the world this year. the world health organization says there are a few deaths than in previous spikes, or a chance begins our coverage in london. the 1247 year a staar from london brought its usual bustle to paris. but soon, these trains may be most the empty from saturday, france is limiting, travel to and from the u. k. so only those with compelling reasons. french nationals, residents and their families all arrivals have to weiss late truck drivers. they are exempt. it'll say general cubic plastic damage. this is the framework that will be put in place, which will allow us to further type in the net to slow down and reduce as much as possible the arrival of on the con, various cases in our territory. so much during this time we vaccinated the booster shots, but for the 2nd day running the u. k. has logged a record breaking number of new cases, 88000 on the cronies, spreading through this country faster than any previous various forest. johnson's
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government is focusing on vaccine boosters, as it principal weapon that and urging people to think about where they go and who they see. we don't want to make your choices for you about your social life. well closing things we all saying is people should be cautious and they should think about their activities in the, in iraq to turn, to christmas on the streets of london's west end. those i spoke to didn't seem overly concerned. just got off the tip project. i get it, i get, i may not get in. you just go to the room. you can't shut yourself a wife forever. have you any plans for it? no, i haven't. i may just go to the states and ask mammy pop in trying to stay safe. but still trying to live a normal life. but plenty of others are changing their plans at this to star
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shortages because of infection when business is suffering again. it is canceling performance. if restaurants, cafe in nightclubs, losing booking. and like before, when they have government financial assistance to help them cope with this, this time, their own their own, sorry say one and 5 hightail cancellations at the moment. it's people that ship against their christmas parties is people working from home or not traveling. james bainbridge runs the white heart hotel in well, in north of london. he wants the government to think again. we've had a lot of help and it's been, it's what kept us going and it's been well worth it if it was to stop. now not happened. that's a wasted. what's the point of getting his foot as far as we have for that's all be taken away to businesses to them fail? it's all so very familiar. another wave of infections business is in trouble again . another christmas in dance cove, it is the unwanted gift we can't get rid of rory, talents out 0 london. south korea is limiting gathering this to
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a maximum of 4 people. as long as they have accelerated amid the surgeon cases and hospitalizations, restaurants and bars were also be forced to close at 9 o'clock each night. the restrictions come a warning as the countries hospitals are being overwhelmed by critically ill patients. 81 percent of intensive care beds are in use nationwide, or the 81 percent of the population has been vaccinated. africa trails is the lowest vaccination continent in the world. as you can see from the lighter colors here on the graphic, and still struggling to get doses through the un back to kovak scheme, only 20 african countries and managed to max it more than 10 percent of the population going. vaccine hesitancy. it also concern is nicholas huck. reports from deca, a precious and life saving vaccine, free of cost. and yet no one at this coven 19 vaccination center in downtown to car, wants to take it. some pass your buys? asked nurse, been dead yellow if the vaccine will make them sterile. others wonder if it will
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give them a heart attack for they'll go blind um, despite her assurances the vaccine is safe and could protect their lives, people don't trust her. dad, so much misinformation so much nonsense. talking about clothes and vaccine, just like talking about politics has become an issue that divides painful. let's make this clear. we need to get vaccinated to protect ourselves and our loved ones . it's the only way among those refusing to get vaccinated is t. v. pundit, an emergency dr. barker and young while he treats patients infected with coven. 19 young is famous for his postings on social media. near argues that as long as the western pharmaceutical companies refuse to wave patents, so that vaccines can be produced locally, they should not be trusted or used on africans. no, with it, it's not a vaccine. it's a product being tested on people. that's why people are getting sick despite to vaccine, too much fear misinformation and not enough vaccines means that only 10 percent of
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africans have been vaccinated. nigeria, home to 200000000 people is only inoculated. an average of a 1000 people a day. in senegal, more than 200000 expired doses, have been destroyed, is where the coven vaccine is being stored. it needs to be kept between $2.00 and $8.00 degrees celsius. the challenge is to get those vaccines in remote health centers, where the ambient temperatures is around 40 to 30 degrees celsius. also, it's a race against time for health workers to get as many people inoculated before these doses expire. nursed yellow, the new variant is spreading faster than we think, partly because of widespread misinformation. this vaccine hesitancy has a cost perhaps barely visible for now, but she fears a wave of infections lies ahead. nicholas hawk al jazeera de carr
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ah. rescue operations are under way off to parts of the philippines were hit by one of the strongest storms in the world. this year. i've been right. strengthened to a category 5 storm before making landfall in the southern philippines. the tourist island shall go in, sir, regarding not a province was hardest hit sustaining winds of up to a 195 kilometers per hour. close to 100000. people fled their homes and as it moves to the central philippines, official say around $10000.00 villages or in the projected part of the typhoon. terminal indoor gun in manila has more on the rescue efforts. is the most powerful storm to hit the philippines this year. a 100000 people have already fled their homes typhoon. why made land falling thursday and continues to batter the regions of his science and men did now look on coast guards are rushing to evacuate.
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hundreds of residents after incessant reigns flooded their communities. the young and old men are forced to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs. residence carry what they can with many hoping any damage will be limited and they'll be able to return home soon. the philippines is no stranger to natural disasters. it is constantly battered by storms and volcanic eruptions. dive when a young in 2013 holds the record as the strongest anywhere in the world. it killed at least 7000 people and displaced millions more. since then, the government has institutionalized emergency and disaster response. but even in a country long affected by around 20 storms, each year i would write comes at the most precarious time. those evacuated can stay
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in temporary shelters for too long because of cobit 19 restrictions. while those in coastal and farmland communities say they are already bearing the brunt of an economic recession and fear that the typhoon could obliterate whatever livelihood they have. left. philippine government has pre positioned aids and military as 1st responders across the country. but the typhoon is expected to impact so many provinces. it has warned local officials to prepare for the worst gym, eileen dog, n. i'll jazeera manila. the governor of the us state of kentucky says the number of deaths from friday's tornadoes has no reason to 75. with 16 people still missing for the west in iowa, a truck driver was killed over night in fresh storms. high wind warnings are currently in place were an area stretching 2000 kilometers. right across the
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country from mexico to canada. on wednesday, more than 20 different tornadoes were reported. a figure meteorologist say is abnormal for this time of year. 6 the last 12 american and canadian missionaries kidnapped by a criminal gang in haiti have been released. the group was abducted in october after visiting an orphanage near porter press. 5 others who were taken with them were freed in the last few weeks. the final 12 were discovered by the authorities on thursday, on a mountain north of the capitol, the gang $400.00 moser, and demanded $1000000.00 per person in ransom. it's not yet clear if this was paid . it will promote she ever tansy in washington dc. what, what do we know about the release you have we've been trying to piece things together from reports, from haitian authorities, haitian media as well as, as well as those in the us. you know, the missionaries and the picture we have is around 10, 10 am g m t. the remaining hostages were found in
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a mountainous area about 2 hours south of puerto prince v. they were found by locals who alerted the authorities haitian media as they went then they were taken in, they were given medical tests the haitian haitian media se, subbing, i'd always experienced weight loss in that time and incompatibility. and then we switch to the reports. we got from the u. s. at least these, these missionaries came from all over the over the us. they were organized by an ohio based mission regroup. and their report stay that those who knew the missionaries and were part of the congregation of the missionaries from michigan received a call from someone or a text message rather early this morning from quite someone connected to the situation. telling them that all the, all the missionaries were now free. and we have this interesting quote from michigan congressional member or a member of congress saying, i want to thank the members of the hostage negotiation team for the diligence and securing the safe release of all the hostages. so this was apparently than
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a negotiated release. we don't know whether, whether that $17000001.00 for each $1000000.00 for each hostage was actually paid. but this was a release that was negotiated. apparently we knew that the f b, i was helping facilitating in negotiations as well. and she have is quite rare for foreigners to be can not but not for haitians. haiti has the highest per capita kidnapping rates in the world. but yeah, as you say, the statistics we have are about off the face kidnappings. it's usually about 5 percent. all foreigners, often businessmen and others who are, who are in town and it often it's been reported that the end of our ransoms that are paid to, to get them up. but it's very read, especially for, but this many foreign is to be taken in one go, but i was a spike that hasn't been a spike. and in general, kidnapping in haiti this year, we have, we have statistics up to the 1st 8 months of the year. and the police are recording $328.00 kidnappings. up to that up to a month with
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a big spike. 300 percent spike just in july and august. and that's about capacity 234 all year in 2026. that has been the spike in kidnappings. as i was, the general chaos is increased in haiti since there's oscillation of the president in july. since the earthquake in august, there's also been a huge up surgeon, gang violence. we've seen and actually, you know, rival malicious fighting between those who, who kept up as a court in some bushes. and they are fighting against kidnappers and trying to get up and trying to change the system. yes, it is. it is pretty casualty. but this is, this is a pretty rare instance. comparatively. when you think about it, or the haitians that have been kidnapped figure she ever times, you thank you very much. still to come this half hour tragedy in tasmania, after a gust of wind lifts about us in the air, killing 5 children and end of school year celebration and jail for doing their job quarters without borders. doesn't record number of gender to current entertained
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worldwide. ah, hello, great to see high pressure continues to be the driver of the school bus for northwestern europe. so let me show you sure we have dry conditions, but wow, we have a lot of cloud around, but that high pressure, it's deflecting system. so this toward the west, not going to impact you. we have several dry days ahead. we also got to talk about temperatures. i'm gonna put the colors on here. so the darker the blue, the lower the temperature london at 9 degrees. this actually bang on where you should be for the sound of the year. but wow, it's a high temperatures. best weather on the continent, iberia. look at this warm pocket here. seville 21 degrees. we're going to keep it going over the hex few days, up to $23.00. not record breaking, but warm to be sure that to the other side of the mediterranean. this is where all
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the active weather is over turkey, gloomy conditions, and for sun, that rain is going to turn to snow. so on. kyra, here's your next 3 days. nothing major. a few centimeters accumulation, but your temperatures here are below average for this have the year or an endless weather broadcast right now for the top end of african, we got some showers trying to sneak into northern parts of libya here. same goes for egypt. but you know, cairo, you're going to stay dry with a high of 18 degrees. now come saturday, you'll see full on sunshine. so those conditions are improving. ok, that's a look at your world. weather will see you soon. ah. ah, co cater culture of knowledge, openness, imperialism worldwide, and to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity. the shape come out. award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation on a translators,
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and acknowledged that road and strengthening the bones of friendship and cooperation. between arab islamic and world coaches, hulu. oh, i reminded tough stories, 0 frances band, most non essential travel from the u. k, which is reported a record number of infections per 2nd day. south korea is also reinstating stricter social distance ignores author, surgeon cases rescue operations are on the way in parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the most powerful storms in the world. this year, the officials say about 10000 villages or in the passive typhoon ride and 12
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american and canadian missionaries kidnapped in october by a criminal gang. and haiti had been released. the gang $400.00 militia had demanded $1000000.00 per person in route, and it's not clear that was paid the u. s. has reportedly released all migrant families from its detention facilities and is now tracking them through ankle brace. it's a white house correspondent, kimberly how it has more. this is a campaign promise that the u. s. president made that he would deliver a more humane immigration policy. certainly he set out to make some changes, but a lot of the immigration policy under the trumpet ministration remains in place in terms of the statement coming from the agency task with overseeing all of this is known as immigration, customs enforcement, our ice. i says in it statement is committed to ensuring that all those in our custody resided safe, secure, and humane environment. and under appropriate conditions of confinement. ice is
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continuing to make nimble operational changes at its facilities in response to shifting conditions along the southwest border. now terms of those shifting consider conditions, ah, that means sharp increase in the case of one crossing in yuma, arizona. when a south western states, there is an increase of illegal immigration, or undocumented migrants entering the united states of about 2500 per cent. from one year ago. i'm add to that. what we should also point out is when it comes to the conditions of confinement, the media hasn't been allowed to see these conditions and they were heavily criticized under the trumpet ministration, accused of keeping people in cages. the early pictures under the biden administration didn't look any different. ah, and so they to stop letting the media go in to take tours. and so we don't particularly know how much this is differing from the previous administration to. now, what we do know, however, is that there are at least try to keep families together as well. that's what this
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announcement is, is that families will no longer be held in these detention centers, but they'll still be used for individuals. in australia, 5 children had been killed after a gust of wind swept up a bouncy castle. they were jumping on really say 4 more are in critical condition or to fall into the ground from about 10 meters in the air. the children aged around 11 were celebrating their last week of primary school in the island state of tasmania. on a di, when these children were meant to be celebrating their last, our primary school in state were all morning their loss. your hearts are breaking for the families and the loved ones. school mites. teachers of these young people who were taken to soon a thought so also with those emergency services persona who attended to troy inside these cables lives. the events that have occurred to die in davenport in tasmania
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are just chattering. they, they are just unthinkable the heartbreaking and young children on a fun die out together with their families. and it turns to such horrific tragedy. at this time of year, it just breaks your heart residence and moving out of a town in southern ecuador, where a large sink hole has opened up. a house collapsed in a rumor late on wednesday. now to the ground beneath it gave way local say, it's not a 1st i'm a st. colors opened up in the heritage town. they blame illegal mining and fear more buildings could collapse. reporters without borders, as their number of journalists detained worldwide, is searched your record 488, including 60 women. 46 journalists have been killed this year. among them is a photographer, believed to have died in custody in miramar. this week, after being detained for reporting on an antique who protest,
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3 others recently been held in ethiopia, accused of promoting terrorism during the government's campaign against rebel fighters. victoria gave me, has more a mirror mankey or i was arrested in the ethiopian capital, addis ababa accused of promoting terrorism. he was working as a freelance journalist for the associated press. the us base news agency is called the allegations basis to other journalists will also arrested. they face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of violating the emergency lose brought in last month . the annual global round up our report is without food as paints a bleak picture of media safety and freedom, particularly in ethiopia. the correspondent of the new york times as been kicked out of the country, which was unprecedented since abbey took office in 2018. there is this communication block out in the northern parts of the country and now you're just not able to do independent journalism anymore because only the official narrative
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about the war is a look for in general's. it's been a tough years for journalists around the world report is without borders says at least $46.00 journalists have been killed this year because of the stories they were reporting. and nearly 500 are being detained. 65 are being held hostage. the most dangerous countries for media workers or mexico and afghanistan, followed by yemen and india. one of the reasons why there are so many journalists to time these you're up to 20 person is memory because the deterioration of the situation in 3 countries including jamar, a, china and glovers report is without buddhist, says, its findings are alarming bought. remarkably, the number of journalist hill this year is the lowest since it began counting 25 years ago. but the number of journalists being detained is the highest. and in their absence, it says vital voices remain sign rental,
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victoria gate and b al jazeera goal, goal. turkey central bankers cut interest rates for the 4th month in a row in line with president rich uptight bad ones. unorthodox policy should be criticized by most economists. the bank whose leadership at a one replaced with like minded officials this year, a slashed interest from 19 percent. his timber to 14 now. but officials say they'll stop the cuts for now to monitor effects. inflation is rocketed to more than 21 percent. experts predict it will rise to 30 percent next year and say the bank's credibility with the markets is now in tatters. the turkish nero dropped as much as 5.6 percent to another record low $15.00 to the dollar. after the latest cut was announced, it's more than half in value against the dollar. this year. with households battling soaring prices and one has announced a rise in the minimum wage of 50 percent next year to $280.00 a month. but a cynical carrier explains miss tumble. it's unlikely to help turks who are
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struggling to buy food and pay their bills. a government decided for a 50 percent increase on the minimum wage levels and boarded up to $4250.00 turkish . the rest, which was quite a ball what was expected in the market. however, experts are warning that the inflation is going to store more and more in the coming months because of the week turkish iraq. and because ever, and many of the things are imported in turkey, now they're questioning whether this increase will be able to meet the gap in their income caused by the inflation. and just a quick description will bid this at the beginning of this year, the minimum wage level before the increase was around $380.00. but now despite this 50 percent increase, it is down to $280.00, which we is at least $100.00 less. and this means this 5, this increase the minimum income people can buy less every month at the
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foot, prices are storing gas prices are storing. there is an increase even ended water prices. just even after the announcement of the minimum wage increase, there was an increase on the gas prices. so many are suspicious allowed, given that there's an expectation of quality and inflation in the coming months. how will the low income people will be able to sustain their lives in turkey? a group of young artists in gaza highlighting the need to protect the environment by turning a dump site into a seaside leisure club. beach girls can use the facilities for free in return for cleaning the surrounding sands. you'll notice i it has been to visit it was his dream come true. 6 young people who live hearing cars. they got together and built this on center near the beach. but what makes this place unique is the material used to built it? recycled waste and they're holla,
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hannah and their friends. they're all artists. they say not only did they want to keep their feet in short, lying clean. they also wanted to create a place where people can have fun, why learning about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. whether it may apply level s, s. r initiative as based mainly on the methodology of joint leadership and community organization through which we employ the arts as a tool to educate people on maintaining the cleanliness of the seaside. and because we don't have any funding, at 1st, we turn to use solid waste found in warehouses of companies and municipalities that represented a burden on them. this place was built by around 300 tons of recycled waste because they had no funding for their project. they began by collecting solid ways such as wooden planks broken power poles, huge garbage can rock and lots of tires. they recycle them all to build this entire place. it's a branch of the coal. see is ours. you can sit here and enjoy your time free of
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charge. as long as you clean around the shore. i know that and their friends invite people to bring whatever is broken or not needed their homes act that it should been may have been mccann. and what distinguishes this place is that it brings together all groups of the society ages and different arts. and because it is free of charge, you can enjoy every part of the place in exchange for steering in any field you want. or even in exchange for old or broken tools and objects that have no value for you anymore. at the starts, the idea was difficult for people to accept you not to throw garbage or even clean the shore. but now we have impose this fact and it has become an example for many people and them. it wasn't easy to find a place where they can build this laser center bowen, gases municipality heard about their plans. it granted them this piece of land near
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the beach. it was originally a dump site for garbage and other waste was juggling north of often were while we found the details of the sea as ours initiative intersect with many of the municipalities, goals, whether from community participation, community interventions in preserving the environment. reusing environmental materials. we found they played an exceptional role in creating a role model for young people, volunteers, and community activists to make sustainable interventions in community and environmental service. uh huh. since this project was founded, it has become an example for others to do the same. but these young people say it's only the beginning of a bigger dream and they hope to show the world how beautiful garza can be in c, l g 0, got them. bruce springsteen is reportedly $500000000.00 richer. after setting his
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entire back catalogue of songs too soon, the music of legendary you a singer songwriter joins the likes of bob dylan and poor simon caching in on compositions from his glory days. deal includes 15 times platinum albums, born in the usa, as well as 19 more studio albums, dining more than $300.00 original springsteen songs. ah, reminder the top stories on how to 0 governments around the world are struggling to contain the spread of the micron variant of code. 19, several countries are recorded the highest daily infection rates since upon them. it began. france has banned most non essential travel from the u. k, which reported a record number of infections for a 2nd day in a row. at more than 88000 situation in france isn't much better though. it's reported almost $61000.00 k.


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