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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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newheights join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canton, airways dot com. ah hello norm tainer, nuns with the top stories for now to 0. governments around the world are scrambling to contain the spread of the omicron variant of coven 19 several countries recorded their highest daily infection rates. since the pandemic began. frances band, most non essential travel from the u. k, which reported a record number of infections for a 2nd day in a row, at more than 88000 situation in france isn't much better though. it's reported almost $61000.00 cases. it okay, so to calculate noblesse, can you come into oh city. this is the framework that will be put in place,
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which will allow us to further type minette to slow down and reduce as much as possible the arrival of our micron variant cases in our territory. and during this time, we vaccinate with the booster shots, going forth into huddled south careers, limiting gatherings to a maximum of 4 people. as long as they're vaccinated, amid a surgeon, cases and hospitalizations. restaurants and bars will also be forced to close at 9 o'clock each night. restrictions come amid warnings, the countries hospitals are being overwhelmed by critically ill patients. breski operations are underway and parts of the philippines that have been hit by one of the most powerful storms in the well, this year typhoon rise, strengthened to a category 5 storm before making landfall in the southern philippines. official say around $10000.00 vintages are in the projected pass restore. in australia 5 children have been killed after a gust of wind swept up a bouncy castle. they were jumping on. but he say 4 more are in a critical condition. the children waged around 11 and celebrating the last week of
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primary school. the events that have occurred to die in davenport in tasmania are just chattering, though they are just unthinkable the hot breaking and young children on a fungi out together with their families. and it turns to such horrific tragedy. at this time of year it just breaks your heart 12 canadian and american missionaries kidnapped by a criminal gang in haiti, have been released. the group was abducted out of visiting an orphanage in october . 5 others had already been let go in recent weeks. those are the top stories. do say with us out there a correspond continues. next. more news for you straight after that. my finance. ah,
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it says that bosnia is the land of storytellers. and with top has to naturally sta, life often imitated. oh, if we need the joke for the political aspect point of view, i am the one who will make it. if we made the joke of something crazy, certainly stick a story about our country, men or our our, you know, people in the magazine. if i was society, then it was a brilliant ritual, does offer you more echo to or no matter what to do or sure who the kosovo were them all night when it was. if i remember i came in and he was laying him in his bed, his room was full of smoke. and he gave me a piece of paper on which he wrote the screenplay, but the screen play was just once in the group of people are giving
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a bull to each other. talking funny words, i'm like, oh i'm in the moment when some of them say hook jewish. he is the the winner and the young hip thing that dad is a is a loses, you know? and it's amazing joke. it's a joke about mentality without any word of mentality, which is the best way. how to paint something i particularly remember very, very struck by was the sketch about where the family is getting divorced of a to class or is that right? yes. yeah, it's my specialty to right, a a,
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you know, but it's not good. you know, very got so about about getting that. so what i did go pal does not go back. you go no one, not given them for that. it was shopping for it was 6 or 7 months before the they are doing exactly the think what we show them in our joke. you know a sketch. i put one on it on a vehicle when you spend a child with somebody, it's a biggest gift and then it is a part of the most beautiful part of my life. a
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yeah. i think what i've done with the last night stands with 3 times. yes. larry, actually that i'm searching for every young girl that's involved. i watch tv shows when you get a very funny and with something said, when you realize what she's talking about, our country, you will need that show me.
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ah ah, i want it that prompted you to leave a luncheon like i have to go out because i did not agree with the rules that history made during the century that in the top that system, that nationality and religion has to be the thing that that i mean, a think i remember an early stage when i met senate and my k inside a for that they were talking a lot about a tv interview that you gave to belk tv when you arrived and they were asking you about all the bosnian serb refugees who came to serbia?
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you made a joke, you said it's good every now and again to have a mixing of blood. i just wanted to encourage 200000 serbs who left you. that is the point because a friend of mine, they do not talk to you that 200000 serbs left. sorry. they took that. i said something for, for a new blood in belgrade. yeah. it will be new blood in belgrade. i was born in sara . you so if i have to move from there, i the only think what those people who, who, who sold me out from my hometown, the only thing what they have to give me as a, as, as opportunities to choose enough. my, my, you didn't say you was 3. you said you chose to leave your own town because you didn't, you know, no, no. i said, i said i choose of course. so i think it was thrown out i, i, i'm throwing out because because i notice that another $19999.00 persons of same religion or whatever
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lived a town on the same way as i did. if 200000 serbs decide to go back to set a let's say 2nd of november, 2021. i will be the 1st on the all. i will be the leader. because i think that saturday is a town where subs has to live. but unfortunately, it is not possible. so anyways, just a fiction is that you, you, you top in idea and it was a great idea. but unfortunately we failed that a new mexico in 97. and i know because i sent him, it was a project for the school. and when he met you, he said he didn't recognize you. he said that you had changed and he had remained the same. oh, no, no, no i. he made a big mistake. she came at the moment,
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but i was very angry about them. came about everybody inside of their mother, because i told them 1000000000 times that you'll be rewarded and they made, they chose the way to do the work. and he said no, no, no, no, but it's not me. our friends, we are no, no, no, we are not friends. bishop to double check who was right. and that is why is in it than me, we can do that misunderstanding. and i was, i was very sad after that because of 245 years later i noticed that the only problem was that he came to build it too early. you know, because i was hot of it. we saw a few days ago and he's very came to meet up with you and he wants to see you again and he knows my telephone number here. he knows where i am. what is the problem? are you willing to meet him in? or if we arrange, you know, of course, why not, john, we have a look. we have
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a nice bar in belgrade. we can see each other, and we can kiss each other, cry, whatever you will should that. but maybe if you will be a lie, i believe in the, in the, in the all the forgiveness between them to me. absolutely. but not in front of coming rosita noon. so why has they not already been reconciliation or forgiveness? i don't know. maybe it will be, i live if you my book i waiting for his gone, we have a different interpretation of the war. i say that it is civil war and i don't owe any thought whoever, on another side thinks that it was aggression. it cannot be 2 truths, it can be only one. and i know that my interpretation is right because
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the future will show them. they will see how deep i am, right. i think giving a lot of thought to the time i spent with nelly yesterday still processing really the conversations we had. what shot may i have from that on the faith and was that in nelly's mind that he was right and everyone else was wrong. and it was just this inability, it seems to accept the idea that he wanted the serbian people, could there any kind of responsibility for what happened either in terms of his personal story or in terms of what happened country ah, was in it to me. we should only one big mistake, both of us the place of birth. we are just the mistake of history. so why
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we need to pretend that everything is fine when it's not, ah, with my hopes fighting of getting these one time friends to meet. i go back to, sorry, i thought to talk to sent it again in the hope of reaching a compromise. ah, hetty, for her. i thought it was a kind of surreal place. close to the long terms of the rear malaysia except in we're well here. so look, we've been talking to nelly trying to figure out if this meeting is going to be possible. and the only suggestion we have now is that they've apparently got this book. it's not his book, it's a book about every low print sit that's going to be launched in this monastery
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somewhere in the serbian country side. a chance of us dragging you to the sir pin code to sewed with you. in any other circumstances, it will be quite okay for me to go there. but is it at the moment? do you know some political issues, real political? are we talking about? no later than politics. this is the politics like talking about right? we are, i don't know, i mean, unfortunately, we are parked off of some official politics. so even if i don't want to be part of that, i really don't want to be part of that. we sat up with nellie till about 2 30 in the morning. we suggested tim lip liana budapest, we suggested to him the montenegrin coast because all of those would be fine for sure. you longer go on pay on the funds in japan, somethings looked like if you came with us, if we didn't even tell him that we were coming, we could kind of spring
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a surprise when i was trying to persuade me or i am afraid she's an am i that transference, so i'm do. rick has not come on. come on. i'm not but i think this story actually i'm, i'm not do i'm who don't want to go somewhere in all i all of the been in bill good . i met him and i asked him about it smoked my turn differently. my last hope of getting everyone together is jerome. he still lives in louisiana, the capital of slovenia, where he fled to during the war of all the original members of topless, to he's been the most successful. he started an oscar when he movie, no man's land about the bosnian war
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i know a surreal entry. i wouldn't expect, i think i, jackie, nice to meet with the closure. my. how are you? i'm good. all the better for seeing you and this interesting a contraption. can i have a go? whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, we do this a 2nd to pull from? it will not know more. there we go. yes, we're on a roll. let's go. so, are you very nice to me too. what a pleasant day it is to come here often. we must stop meeting like this one. so tell me jerome, how did you get involved and toughness to naturally stuff? oh i, i was actually, i was very hands. we were, i'm
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a 1st we were younger and furious and relive really how can i say fast lives? it was kind of magic was kind of kind of chemistry in those times because we were really group of young people who stick together and go over there. we just try to, to make something, what we like to do, you know, it was so naive and, and so spontaneous, you know, when was it exactly that? you left sarah over there in august 22. i was almost 6 months or so. what was it that prompted you to leave until most heavy question for me always, you know, i'm from mixed breeds. my mother's, she's a muslim my father. he was sort of,
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i was in the middle of something, you know, and i never divide people like, like serbs and muslims. my, my grand father. he was, he died 2 months after that. but he, he gave me the most difficult question. when we were in cedar cerebral, he asked me, who were those guys who bombed us? i said, i don't know, it's kind of bed guys. and he said, but i heard the serbs because he he was so i said, yeah. and, and he asked me the most difficult question, who are ours? and i said, i don't know in this war, maybe we don't have hours for hours and nobody. so that was one of the reason that i decided to move summer. maybe that's why you find me healing blan,
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i'm not in belgrade. i'm not inside of them here. and i'm, if you know the movie, no man's land. so i'm, i'm kind of nolan smith, his that great scene isn't there where he points to. candice hale, you started yet. no, he started this, hold on to quote a fellow that i forgot all your presumably you'll be on with us. you'll deal with us. i mean us to read us to the apathy in is ludmilla but news tommy pill and i saw them on ebay but, but not in all of those. not still us on them. okay. to be pushing it up. is there a particular a approximately not quite what you're not quite sure not nasal but that for sure. that's because that seems to be something that still people won't agree on. i mean, in your view, how did the war start? was it a civil war? was it an external aggression? don't ask me about that because you won't have answer for me about it because i
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don't know, maybe you can ask nearly he's, he's always better in that kind of stuff. and so for you, that doesn't matter. it actually doesn't matter how they had an idea about working together again, didn't he came with a proposal to visit you in who piano? can you tell us about what his proposal was? we were talking about maybe let's do something again with this. and then i said, maybe we can do more, you know, but now i said, we have to do that stuff in belgrade. them said we should do it in several. and i said, we should do it in belgrade, and cetera, or banner, or barry's, or copier, or area that was my statement and to my state, and maybe does the main main difference between us. so you would be willing to meet up with nellie again and discuss possible not really no, not really. why not? how do you said when you warm or cold dish again, you know,
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why warm called dish. if you can do a new one, do you feel that it's not relevant to your life anymore? you've moved on? i really don't think about that kind of, you know, i understand you're doing a story about top police and all that. but this is one of the 1000 project i have in my life, and we are not quite friends. i can say we didn't see each other for 20 years, so everybody has his own life. good . well, that com shell dotted on is wood federal review committed some here with some of these, with student via credit. you know they can, i can summarize with yog south mode as it is sauced emilia. if,
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when you see with water chocolate, which is east. alastair, come on abroad. no, i will. i me. oh no, no, no way. so it was with me. yeah. i'm immortal. star wars school you and i said well, yeah, so you know i was gonna that's it. awesome. 0, one good need for that. it was, it was probably, you know, there was a job with i guess i'm facing up to the fact that i was overly optimistic may be of little naive and thinking that it was possible for these 3 guys to come together. the fact
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that they won't even come together to talk about old times to talk about all or humor refund about possible future collaborations is very disappointing. sarajevo is at peace now, but the ethnic divisions that lead to the war still alive. the whole system of government in policy is organized along ethnic lines. what was once a single language has not been transformed into 3 separate ones, the latest can't even agree on how the national museum should present history. the country is paralyzed. it's hard for people to see a way forward. but with we've asked senate to make a new version of the famous wall sketch to reflect how he sees the situation in sarajevo to day. he's recruited 2 of his old top this to friends who still live in the city. their meeting at tito's cafe was to be included in the sketch. listen to
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the crowd to schedule a call a buster about us to get along, so to speak. with almost all the pros done with others. honestly, it was super. we said we wanna talk with the shopping trip to buy. props was also part of the comic performance. they even recruited an al jazeera camera man to film with to nobody really, to be dirty. i mean, they're not digging in their tv with us
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o b o a o b o n me her, we are meeting again after the 25 years and he's asking me, oh, what's up, what's new or so i'm not the new everything role. you know, in the, in the garbage bag, you know, my son in law mother to the 5th of the mass, mass mites nested china huddled miranda, molly ammunition, fortuna, cooper, yard. we'll i nikita called out now and your last us fully your chief lockout. milky mall or not through milwaukee supposed don unknown. oh, us guns in our lease that word on on us means something different on or not. what do you think about us player? yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. and then he said anacio know about does nobody care days,
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no money. they're only ranada, israel election center and us, we spent summer could cut the burg. what's that to cut the bond is to plot euro we go now, is that who is a, is a sharpie about those to did so little the fools you will to plus a know i forget mother more than you. so i see a job on a pro love to rebut through her. oh, well, we're with, i worry, i am all even though me will you still, when i set out on this journey, i wanted to find out whether the personal stories of zen, it's nearly into around reflected what has happened to their country. and i think those stories due to a large extent, mira recent history, the question is whether bosnians can in the future discover once again that what they share, including that sense of humor is more important than what divides them pretty
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thought. ah ah a guest with
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hello, thank you for joining in. we have seen few storms like this in the western pacific ry is now cutting across central and western areas of the philippines. so for a pure fil princess, you're now in the line of fire here. more than $300.00 millimeters of rain and those winds will still be blasting to about 175 kilometers per hour. mud slides in line slides. a big concern. let's track out where right is going. slipping into the south china sea. we'll go into the vietnam now because this is going to make a landfall there is we probably head toward late sunday, monday at this point, looking to be south of denying and just north of switching been city. going to have
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to rental rain here. and powerful winds, but of course nothing like we've seen in the philippines and for northern areas of china and korea, coal blast of air, some see effects, snow for western areas of font you and talking about those low temperatures. got to talk about australia. look at this, adelaide 37. keep that in mind. we'll come right back to it. some active whether it's storms around brisbin. ok, so there we are. 37 checkout saturday for adelaide. you're down to $24.00, but the heat is building toward the northwest. some spots here could see 50 degrees by the time we and the weekend. and that rain is dying down across new zealand, but still a few bursts of heavy rain for the south island on friday. that's it. see you soon . ah, it was supposed to be a refuse, but south korea's brother's home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigates the crimes and those set to be behind them on al jazeera.
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holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sorry, i'm to my z. welcome to the news. our lie from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. france to buy most travel from the u. k which has reported a record number of infections for the 2nd day in a row.


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