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all it he heard about their plans, it granted them this piece of land near the beach. it was originally a dump site for garbage and other waste was juggling nor to fulfill walter thought we found the details of the sea as ours initiative intersect with many of the municipalities goals, whether from community participation, community interventions in preserving the environment. reusing environmental materials. we found the clate and exceptional role in creating a role model for young people, volunteers, and community activists to make sustainable interventions in community and environmental service. her. since this project was founded, it has become an example for others to do the same. but these young people say it's only the beginning of a bigger dream and they hope to show the world how beautiful garza can b u. c l g 0. got them ah,
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equate. look at add lines this out. now, governments around the world, a scrambling to contain the spread of the amik on variant of cove at 19 several countries of recorded their highest daily infection. right? since the pandemic began, france has been most non essential travel from the u. k. which reports a record number of infections for a 2nd day in a row at more than 88000. the situation in france isn't much better where it reported over 60000 cases. and then you as president joe biden has been speaking how he urged americans to get a booster shots as quickly as possible. warning that army cromwell spread rapidly do stuff to take him home. a crown is not good spread as fast as it would otherwise done. and as happy new year, but it's here now it's ready, and it's gonna increase for on vaccinated. we're looking at
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a winter of severe owns and death unvaccinated for themselves, for family and the hospital real soon or well. but there's good news. if you write a booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death period. and are the headlines rescue operations are underway, parts the philippines hit by super typhoon ry. it strengthened to a category 5. stone before making landfall in the southern philippines. close to 800000 people have fled their homes and 12 american and canadian missionaries kidnapped by a criminal gang in haiti, have been released. the group was abducted after visiting an orphanage near port a prince in october. was the headlines one 0 one east is coming up next. this is a region that is rapidly develop thing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. political ups,
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the rules. we've tried to balance the stories, the good, the bad, the abbey, and leave the people who allow was into their lives, dignity and humanity asked me to tell their stories. mm. south. korea's brother's home was assigned to one of the countries was peace, time atrocities, or north of julia trumpet all went oh, hung a good inmates, weren't slaved, raped, beaten, and even killed, cooperating from cooper. cooper you're brought to court. martial image has gotten sequentially decades later survive is, is still fighting for justice in this 2nd part of our investigation, one 0,
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one east exposes those allegedly, behind the atrocity. recently marianne jolly from al jazeera living, thousands of kilometers away from his elijah victims. we tracked down one of them here in australia with the lim ah . 6 6 celebrated by the self green government as a refuge from the homeless. the high walls of the notorious brothers home concealed grotesque greed and criminality. operating during the 19 seventies and eighties under a government policy to read the streets of vagrants. the more people it took in the more money it would receive accused by survivors of kidnap an illegal confinement at the pinnacle of the brothers, whom was the church. here its head form,
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a military man. parking can held so called people's trials with those who tried to escape were mercilessly beaten, or one of them was li chase chic online. you also are the call to the mckesson palo tree toggle with which i got you in on for me, for her work with annette. noah financing for longer, i was following up on her caching asher watson lucel's orange was on at the end. ready of the beatings parks, brother in law lame young soon, who was both the director of the home and a newly ordained pastor would take over. according to survivors like choice on lou immune from mccullough, i saw a survey them had only made or more. yeah, good. later, mom, good you plenty of use or some impaired did really clear the monitor under the hoodie chevelle north voice when you can survive is accused parking limb of using
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religion to justify the horrific abuse and to then profit from their pain to cause a lot of it are some a lot more. chung other unions is house. i will it cuz i'm gonna manage. i'm going to look on jungle awesome. new horner. eligible lee was made to copy drugs to thank you. letters to thing to donors put in there is a shows hinge and push clinical joke clinicians from which i will ask me ah, what do they want to type in that article more peers, attrition, elijah mo, kill you. the whole money turned him also to wanted to see his in august in mid i. hey eva and tamika in the minutes on the tomorrow. in sunday, the brothers home had a share in the lucrative international adoptions business sourcing from its baby and infants plus 2 for national and international christian adoption agencies. made
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regular visits to the home or children like one young book who was 10 when he arrived at the home will need to perform for the guests. christmas, a repository the other day, i'm younger, will haile hundreds or more karen can? will. mackay, will the woman go convo children and i'm, we're john kind of golden corral tucker, whom do i and i run to europe for your policy. number one man is also could i was in google. hell can they tagging in a book to wellness over a combo? pastor lim oversaw a highly publicized campaign, supposedly, to rewrite children at the facility with their families. but survivors say it was a sham amelie to bring in more donations or were willing or more only did she was avoiding the other daughter's only can come to another doctor. neither could you tell them all,
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could you move on to their own funds to the attorney? one was one of those kids printing an antique to her chocolate tipped raggedy. it also already was talking to leslie gar credit got oregon to cooper in the old one. pamela in our tongues improved us all on to wanting to will tell you on one bill and survivors suspect this wasn't the only sham. she told me their portal wasn't there to talk anymore. oh, they wound really. oh mothers haven, a la carte, and we're young. we are more shouting at your own china, on to nice. we believe they were stock, paul for profit, and it appears from our investigations that pastor liam, and parkin can had criminal form when it came to clothing donations. we found in 1976 newspaper article reporting, the 2 were arrested and charged with embezzlement. so at that time,
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there were running an early version of the brother's home and profiting out of don't down to clothing, selling thousands of dollars worth 2 retail stores. and then just a few months later, part changed his name from park song hoc to park and gin. and they set up a new version of the brothers home with him as the hand and limb young soon as a director. and this is after they were charged with embezzlement. but in the governments 1981 brothers home promotional film. it's the inmates who portrayed as the criminal whistle. nod your head on parks, wife lim, sung soon makes a cameo appearance as the victim of a violent assault, but survivors a leg. she was anything, bosh, a victim. like a husband and her brother passed her name. she used religion to will power even
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against boys who when they bid a survivor, hon jong son tells us, i don't know because you're probably gonna or, or to will you some real apple tree are missing the items off budget or to time that i'm good on things where you don't what the real i'm to my go come the hub and we'll get quoting on own and they're absolutely amazing my will jr. ms. me lebron regional community or how so did linen ada? don't go about doing it to the good great grandmother. honda accord enabled on a jimmy smith richard spoken to. ready internationally respected human rights activist parkway, gun labels, her actions criminal. you home. you. i want to do good. go. good. you want enjoy golden milestone room. don't don't update. the film also shows parks, family eating with the inmates. but this too was the shirad. say survivors like yon
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thing, mo, and what, what top to bottom one clue, no tongue would shoot, tongue your pick up chip of place, and then do she just or would on the one thing that a woman pop, total morton, who thorough mark more of circle cord to gay grove had killen, young hon, so should know. when she was 14, she says she was forced to work in the family compound as a nanny and cleaner. the pastor limb sister limb in soon, and her husband brothers home director ju john chon, who she says was abusive was home would come to any time. can you talk over the atlanta home to source? but for young been robbed of an education, was even worse before she was snatched from the streets. she lived with her family and was in year 3 at school at the brothers home. the close that she got to school
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was observing. parks youngest daughter park thing, go to your pool or her co had the whole walk, how good home and that had. so i think that hometown kid couldn't get through it. so i think i can see this on her. her good, more low when you can do r go both of the, grew your room to room. the finger will good tempo. in 1986, the family sent her back to the platoon they were on the move. shortly afterwards passed a limb left the country to set up a new life for the family in australia. it was a timely exit in december 1986, acting on a tip off a bazaar prosecutor photograph men with clubs guarding workers at her brother's home construction site. a few weeks later, the home was rated more than 5 and
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a half $1000000.00 worth of foreign currencies in today's value was sees from the safe life. i imagine that on the home table you unplugging, but in january 1997 with cameras rolling parking can was arrested and charged with the embezzlement and a legal confinement. but he was ultimately acquitted of a legal confinement and never held to account for the cruelty and abuse despite a pile of affidavits from victims, including counting room to room board. you from her room. oh no. tom po, number control pattern of hunting go wrong wrong. even google to younger logan shooters law in the early 19 eighties. the korean government had presented park with 2 metals for his work at the brother's home and had even
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recruited him as an advisor on social welfare. going to go under window or door or present, she saw you melinda. forgot your new tongue. good roy, he meant to build a new will only to ego for england. pollute, as it did a play, certainly toners up until drew up boat or war according to prison. counselor, parkman, song, the government was terrified of having the spotlight turned on it. i only could go who told her, you know, this is sitting in the hut auto who got all tunnel degree. buckingham zillow, who eva me, google toys, all who go to, to warren number would all, who i would is hunger even had to had to rattle her own cricket kangaroo retrieval . crew into told her hebrew. mm hm. no, they don't know the social leadership. when it came to the embezzlement charges, the prosecutor found that over just 2 of the 12 he is that operated the home
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received government subsidies worth more than $11000000.00 today and all that a 3rd was embezzled. on top of this, it's estimated that tens of millions of dollars in today's value that should have been paid to inmates for the label was also stolen. despite the large scale fraud, park was sentenced to just 2 and a half years in prison. garage john carter, lukewarm who pounds of mushrooms meanwhile in australia, brother's home director limb young soon was trying to find a foothold and from el investigations he was without funds. according to this document, from the prosecutor's investigation in just the 2 years before the facility shut down, almost $800000.00 in today's value,
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was embezzled through lim young soon. and other family members accounts lou sydney coupled. peter, you and margaret song were oblivious to the family's dark past. with a shortage of korean pastors in australia, when limb young soon approached, they suburban korean church in 1986, it was more than happy to sponsor him for a permanent residence. fraser had i woke said he got her to get her okay. off your hotel is so thin. tenant her clinic only got one little took tom was hang our head ti. the couple say they helped him settling to sydney even finding this house for him to buy lim, paying more than a $100000.00 for it in 1988. but they say they became alarmed when he began to exert his pow physically can name oak. san antonio, mom did all the coil and the guy pens. i is also the paid to hulu. now gone,
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gone this only. what is sale? comox her probably the appeal guard yagi certainly go ahead. so tongue to the charge, will you miss howard? i will as soon as his permanent residency came through, lim left the church. the couple say they regret helping him. cricket. i'm here with you. i'm with the model and i'm gonna go with them with us vakio. so back in career by the end of 1989, parkin coon was out of prison, an extraordinarily back in the social welfare business owner. nobody. well children, you hug it totally different to teacher mother fo touch. and despite his criminal record, park managed to convince the strain authorities to give him a visa. he and his wife began traveling regularly to sydney to visit their children
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and in laws in 1990 park and his brother in law lim, young, soon by known astray in resident, set up their own church. limb was a pastor, and park became an esteemed elder nigger consultant in the may of 70 korean. i'm in oak chunk. i'm a former member of the congregation. yon shim understands park finance. the church with funds from korea. tony put over more certain palm of seneca from the apple journal. ponder is upon its ridge. he says, part bought the church property for retreats outside of sydney, in picturesque kangaroo valley, but later sold it. and in garden community it was thought had to go. though there well, and the que human there, her tongue, william was sick girl, country vision, hunger and according to prison, counselor, parkman, song, money from park, also flowed further afield. hortshoi,
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a new toyota in napoleon going in to muscle woman tour hunter. some were put into the go cru, punky little via julia, alaska. and it appears the connections benefited limb young soon to over the next couple of decades. the former pastor and director of the infamous brothers home became a thing you figure in the st. radian korean press, korean church featuring on youtube and in local christian magazines. after establishing a family church in 1995 park set up a family company in australia, the directors were himself, his wife limb, sung soon, her impostor, limb sister li. mean, soon married to former brother's home director, ju, john, john, a new son in law. alex mean, just a few months later, the company bought this gulf driving range and sports complex for $1400000.00,
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hulu in to corporate or hassle to 100. held able children toy into into partnership to hunter valuable. who are you did or didn't? she don't do really short term medical motion, plug it in there. and according to these 2003 accounts sees from one a parks. bruce on wolfy centers, funds continued to flow to the family in australia, including to buy a car for more than $40000.00 on a boat for almost $35000.00. but not it seems to pay employees. hon. who are you this year most. now living back in bu san limone, kuhn had been an inmate at the brothers home before being shipped out to australia on non work visit visas and put to work a legally at the family's driving range. he says he worked from dawn until after
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midnight, 6 days awake, only to be beaten by park when he visited from korea. overtures had those you off, wound up pre mo, woodrum to job linda law while never thought on board or the longer with the full work a claims he was promised he'd be paid. but his he only ever received a $160.00 plan dingle from the $134.00. no one to lutheran from the hub to wall in 2013 parks. criminal ways will back in the spotlight in korea. he and his son parks. hong kong were charged with embezzling money from this now abandoned social welfare center in bison. his son was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail, but because park now had dementia, his charges were suspended for more than 30 years,
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survivors had suffered alone in silence. but hand young son could no longer contain his anger, focus total. more than that on the touch will always through magnum konica. i losing the milwaukee of seneca. from the day i'm going to go in and brown and again little containers on there. and it looks like a pursuit causing where you got too much. people are nowhere in 2012, he started a loan protest in front of the national assembly and wrote and illustrated a book about his time. at the brothers home. capturing the media is a nation's attention, and also to coaching one. no, well, oh, yay. can settle some concluding uterus from new york to lecture and you call these or who are you? go alter to the, are you going to come in pinch mcdonald was the one with all the news fellow
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survivor choice on woo hoo. together with his younger brother spent 5 years of his childhood dropped the brothers home. join hands fight for justice. okay. okay. so then on this one, okay, then, right. oh no, no one is on auto pay, fee punching move on. could you mo, cancelled it on. finally in november 2018 came powerful support. the countries then prosecuted general moon move ill making a t a full apology to victims your 3rd period as it is said europe, i turned it in more trouble than the you did in one hour. you post them if they are bomb dp. how are they ended up in may 2021 koreans truth and reconciliation commission began for years of hearings
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into the brother's home with his death in late 2016 park will once again avoid facing interrogation over abuses. but survive is a calling for his family and in laws in australia to be brought back for questioning, as well as to have their asset sales. where could the corners of hutches have ordered legal cut? but she put it on call. jr, lorenzo. she bonner pedo to publish upon former brothers home pastor limb young soon is at the top of the survivors list again, going on with the auto group and did all the trouble report they did. you hang them out and you could will put king shuttle. i will door morgan on good problem did on 0 good tom cook and clara wall teaching or a walk on on and on. the moon bowl is from the main. dora, we'll get a cookie once and that and on my info my color too. i'm not, i will count our future now retired. we observe leave young soon at
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home after a game of golf and doing chores. when we approached him for in each of you, he initially agreed, but then call back to cancel for a meeting to return your call telling my colleague susan kim, his reason was the family's church. they don't want to negatively impact the church . i'm more concerned about the church then the victim passed. right. and when i said to him, do you have any intention of apologizing to the victims? he laughed and he said, apologize for walked. we visit the number one asset brother's home survivors won't seized. so he, we tommy's golf driving right. the sprawling sports complex is now in the hands of park's youngest daughter g. he, anthony law, alex mean, poorly maintained. it's been listed for sale since 2019 for more than $11000000.00
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. the real estate page, post rental income of more than $300000.00 a year, quarter or put on the spot into this. we only had a e g kept or what about ingual her? the off the how to that all you can, you put you to move in will typically go to leader 100 mill passenger court. he's a punitive he till noon tang any deep, huge other p s a c o 2 tougher party. he's public. social media site is plastered with photographs of their families overseas adventures. when we track her down at their family church after dawn service, she's not keen to talk with ha, very, i'm only from al jazeera. we just like to ask you about accusations that your family had both the driving range with embezzled money from the brothers home. what
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do you say to that? why want to answer our questions? you were, i told at the brother time, what do you say about abuse in a phone call? her husband told us there were only obliged to answer questions in a court of law. the last to leave the church young soon finally appears. recently marianne dully, from l. to 0, i really like to ask you about brothers home sick today saying that you completed in horrific abuse at the brothers home. or do you say to that recently, why won't you sit down and speak with us and, and to the allegation recently in the survivors are in pain and suffering. why won't you speak to us? ah, god oh, you're come to me and i'm from shamir. hors yoga min, let me do chasm album to,
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to look good m r m g m e customer know up a bit chilly donation and i that area. but it's a little targeted. she probably jeremiah it's been a long, difficult journey for the survivors of her brother is home, most struggle emotionally, physically and financially. lou, many like choice song, worries, brother, have taken their lives, didn't just had on singing. to phantom all middle turn go name got them on on you could get when your head can plug in. good me rather than do immune from all sort of good could years in the lead. all got back to the republican conscious abuse from the atrocities may have happened decades ago. but for those who endured them,
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the nightmare will continue, at least until justice is done. stories of determination and joy ah will not be luck though. indeed, kito gena, do i remain calistin v i looked into the cup, short documentary by african filmmakers from molly wanda, and cameron, desert libraries. the young cyclists and happiness, africa direct on al jazeera, the 20th centuries 1st, genocide, thought to have set the blueprint for the holocaust is too often overlooked. the sun will come and bury everything. but for some reason, the sun refused to bury these people. they want this story to be taught over
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a century on the injustice still echoes down the generations on the path to reparation is not an easy one. namibia, the price of genocide, people and power on al jazeera ah, france bands, most travellers from the u. k, which has reported another day of records go with 19 infectious ah flu. i'm fully vacaville, you're watching al jazeera live for my headquarters in doha also coming down 1000 slee their homes as a super typhoon, a battery. the philippines believe in haiti say all the american and canadian missionaries kidnapped in october have been released and campaigning.


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