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perhaps it was inevitable. the egg florida is that say good flowers in english. his dedicated his life to them from may when they 1st planted his livelihood rests on these plants. doing well, recommend eslinger practically. it's a year's income and a lot of families depend on this more than one half 1000 families, just insult yamil coker from work, and they're hoping for big bounce in sales as met. screw continues to open up in christmas comes john homan out to cedar mexico city. ah, there again, i am fully back to bo with the headlines on al jazeera, frances banning, most non essential travel from the u. k, which has reported a record number of covered 19 infections for a 2nd day. and on the african continent, the delta, an army con variance have driven up infections by nearly 83 percent. the un secretary general says flawed vaccine policies have contributed to the threat posed
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by the new variant, the strep, the g vaccine horribly, the step that g, a vaccine nationalism, or the step, the g eviction net diplomacy and phase. these new veterans is demonstrating his failure. and so my hope is that companies understand that for i'm not one, we need to have an equitable way to address the pandemic, or we will all be victims of it. rescue operations or underway after a super typhoon. ry made landfall on the eastern side of the philippines. tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central part of the country. officials say about 10000 villages are in the projected path of the typhoon. the remaining 12 american and canadian missionaries kid now to buy a gang in haiti have been released 5 others were free to the last few weeks. the grove was abducted in october after visiting an orphanage near the capital portal
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prince. in chile, official campaigning is drawing to a close ahead of sunday's presidential runoff. far right candidate, jose antonio cast finish on top. in the 1st round, his overtaken his left swing opponents, gabrielle borage, but only by a slim margin. in australia, 5 children have been killed after a gust of wind swept up a bouncy castle. they were jumping on police. if 4 more are in a critical condition. after falling to the ground from about 10 meters in the air and the associated press news agencies calling on ethiopian government to immediately release or freelance video journalists detain 2 weeks ago. a mere mankey arrow was arrested in the capitol at his harbor accused of promoting terrorism. the p says the allegations are baseless, and those are the headlines coming up next on al jazeera, it's earth rise there with this moving hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watch
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twice. really forces at times, shaw thought and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted for the skies above hebron. a witness documentary on, on jesse era, ah name since the industrial revolution, humans so says of polluting gases have been growing cause machines, feed, production, construction these and mall all contribute to the high concentrations of pollutants
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in the atmosphere, including carbon and other greenhouse gases, which are the biggest drivers of climate change. but there are choices people can make to help drive emissions down. and brazil read and denmark, tamir community and birth thing in their own green society. and i'm go constructor within india where a new method of cremation is helping hinder tradition become more environmentally friendly. ah, green energy is total is the future if we want to stop global warming. but plating a commitment to renewable energy is one thing doing it is another for just over there on the horizon, a south. so i'll it now they are officially 100 percent renewable. that means we get all of their energy for renewable sources. so we're going to go over there and
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meet the community, find out how they did it. i've heard that the system, the island is have set up be so efficient that it produces more power than they need. not only does this enable them to be carbon negative, but also to make a profit by selling energy to the danish mainland. i'm meeting saw in hermanson who heads up the some so energy and environmental organization i saw. and finally i learn the year rosalia with was nice to the beautiful it electric car accident. he's taking me in a private to of the island. so when they say it's a 100 percent renewable, i mean is that true? like 100 percent by me, we still have some fossil fuel consumption. tractors are driving. we have combustion engine cas also still. but we export about 80000 megawatt hours every year. well now that's incredible. there are 4000 people on the
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island over the past 20 years. they've moved from a reliance on fossil fuels to wind solar and bio mass technologies from wind alone. they produce enough energy for themselves and the usage of 20000 other homes . ah. so why? why was it set up and why here on some so i didn't know that the beginning of it was very interesting because it was a top own decision. we had a very ambitious minister of the environment and he announced that they would cut down 21 percent of the of the preston c o 2 emission, which was really interesting because i was the 1st person know, hired to do this project. and i remember the feeling that i was sitting down and having the office in one place in the telephone and said, how, how are we all the community here had come
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a long way and no boast a carbon footprint of negative 12 tons per person per year getting to this stage wasn't easy, people were concerned about the impact of all these big installations on this little island and to convince people that this was good. we started thinking about using the old, her corporate have ownership model where people kind of buying they buy a she a small chair or allowed because yeah, depending on how much money they have. and thereby invite them to participate in the ownership so that you feel like i'm, i'm, i'm the proud owner of the wind turbine. so therefore, it is because of me, it's death guys. now if you get so close to these things are quite imposing. i boys it know, spinning them all this one is there's a service on it can legal off and yeah, you can really, you want to go at? yes. i of hood. right.
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ah i be in the both of a battleship and what they don't tell you when you're on the ground, this is actually stories a little bit too, which is a little bit unnerving. and you know, interesting is how can i know oh hey, i renewed my 3. okay. those days. okay. mm mm wow. oh oh my gosh. and susan laser are wearing no i mean look the team are about to
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check the generator. look the wind speed. okay. and like interest, oh, okay. oh my goodness, good. wow, exactly. so this is n, as the entity right? generated a p, m climbing is can plaster faster and this is joe 09. a wind power is particularly productive on some so because of its location in the car to get straight up there. 11 turbines on land and more on sea producing all the
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islands, electricity needs. oh my goodness, i care is incredible. when the project started in 1997 turbines cost more than $1000000.00 each to $400.00 locals got together most buying 5 shares costing about $2000.00. ah, so it's taken me to meet some of the investors. i nicely, i'm russell, i'm soren. so nicely, as i mentioned, to sort of give us a sense high school in a big tournament. tell them this is a, you know, how the season starts. i'm in there. yes, ma'am. okay, so a little red ball is a paper trying to get as close as possible and come on with go on
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a, on a higher number. i'm russell. can you give us a sense of how the community i have responded to this shift, to 100 percent renewable or really trick me was the fact that people who didn't really speak to each other before i got together or anger office. and so i talk to each other and to have her have a common goal it. oh, what brought it to the island? did it have something to do with the whole kind of 400 percent renewables? is that something you're proud of? definitely super proud. that's great. is it yearn? yes. hi, i'm russell. and so how do you fit in with this kind of energy landscape that we've been learning about? i have been way parts in involved and i've spent a lot of money also. the 1st that was
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a wind turbine. on my farm and everybody could see that would be awesome. and so how things progresses. so now and so tree is laid, i via half wind turbines, undersea. so you know how to save the world. this is a, is, is visit gas. forces in frustrates me is that everyone here has their own reasons for buying into the project. oh, and ultimately their investment is as good for the planet as it is for their wallets, but is their willingness to collaborate on? a common goal is led to some ingenious solutions ah, come to the local biomass heating, trying to find out more. this is not why specter, oh, this is the fuel. this plan is one of 3 on the island. all the straw he is produced locally and fuels
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a heating system that allows locals to spend 40 percent less on her bills than the used to. the bottom floating on is bring bales of hay. each one is about just less than a ton. so they're going on to convey about the end and they're getting dragged in and in here the gang shredded up and then fed into a blast furnace. so can you tell us? is it efficient? so a hercule. hello, lee, in the lower, really, i mean like say 10 green or 1st room pain, presumption, it early law more. fir sandra m 0 alicia bowl. if not with the, with a short ohio or the retreat to make one off in order here where the water is it? yeah, yeah. florida,
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it's around in the water. heated here circulates via a network of underground pipes, connecting to radiate is in india, ju homes in the surrounding area happens to this is a byproduct this, i did route 3 pro, sent home a, carry the michael, nutrients to the plants need to survive. maybe it's really a much more efficient system than is practically carbon neutral as well because the emissions that are created on burning, but the same as the emission that says the carbon is the atmosphere when it grows in the 1st place. so it's a pretty neat, consistently. ready ready ready ready samsung island success are creating not only a green society, but green economy hasn't be lost on the rest of the world. and these days they receive $5000.00 energy to us per year. so many that the set up an energy academy.
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and so what is the big idea that draws people from all over the world? yeah, i think everybody has some kind of intuition that this is the way to go. this is where we want to be at, in the future. but a lot of places they don't know how to handle this. how do we do that? how do we, how do we get started in the meeting here is kind of confirming that this is possible. we can do this since the project started soren and his colleagues have advised 29 countries. alexis, the project manager, has invited me to sit in on a call to a community organizer in hawaii. huh. can i ask, what's the most important thing that you get of communicating with the residents, you and some so i think the most important thing we get is inspiration support and to hope for something better for the future is saying, yeah,
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that's all we're doing. yeah. so that's the idea to help communities and realize their potential and their options and slight ah, i mean, it's really quite simple when you think about it, you know, these guys don't have access to something that the rest of us don't. is just the fact that they've managed to get everybody together, sit around in a circle, listen to each other, just make it happen. mm ah, around the world there are a vital regions like oceans and dense forests, where the earth naturally absorbs and store was carbon. which many of these are under threats drastically reducing the amount of c o 2. they can sequester forests,
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for example, a being los g to looking land clearances and pollution. an area around half the sides of england vanishes each year. in southern quebec, research is monitoring the woodlands to learn how far is destruction is impacting cop and storage. so trees through photosynthesis, take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn them into bio mass into wood where they're stored as carbon, the more carbon. now we have stored in biomass in the forests, the less carbon dioxide we have in the atmosphere contributing to managing this or such can help guide local conservation strategies and influence town planning to mitigate impact on vital areas. ah,
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for thousands of years in those are been performing the last funeral rights according to specific religious guidelines including burning the dead. see mation is the traditional method of disposing of the disease. but with $8500000.00 hindus dying each year. funeral pyres exact, a huge environmental tool, felling over 50000000 trees, emitting 8000000 tons of carbon dioxide into the air and adding to india's already critical air pollution problem. but here in delhi, a team of environmentally conscious engineers has adapted this age old tradition of cremation, to today's needs to protect the environment. ah, nigga booth crematorium is the oldest and most sacred of day least 375 open i have cremation sites or got. it's also the busiest cremating about 70 bodies
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with it. sinking him now, looking at all these burning bodies am immediately reminded of for my own grandmother's passing last year, brings up a lot of roy motions that go with the buzzing of a little bit is a difficult time for families and not particularly a moment in the environment is of primary concern, but an organization called mazda is trying to change all that you must be unco. yeah, i go co until god is an executive officer at the n g o. one for my son is about bizarre. they have just then and we'll targeting the initial lighting above the buyer. and how long does it keep? ah, it takes about a minimum 5 to 6 hours, 5 to 6 hours. i can see our eyes are watering. yeah, because of the volition. and you can see it stored li dogs smoke. yeah. really
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ducks. and so this is the actual volume and i see that is a little bit more activity now. see now the chief more not the son. he will do the most important part of the emission process. he will take this bamboo and he will hit the head of the dead person there, destroyed caballo korea to give salvation with a deceased person. everything is part of this time on a tradition. to god cindy, open air, the mourners gathered around the body. even the use of wood is significant, but it's also a major contributor to the environmental problem. all of this is the wood that they've gathered here, which gets chopped up into smaller pieces. as the day goes on and as they get
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orders and as bodies start coming in, they have this massive weyerhaeuser which is full avoidance is carried. yeah. does not get charged. so give you a family, just add with the deceased and i'm told they purchased the car load full of wood, which was $400.00 cages. the 400 is here and then this is the change. i didn't make it philippi, diane, who don't put it in moody bodies or through them nevada, around 200 quintiles, which is 20000 kilos of wood, goes through this area. i just cannot begin to imagine the magnitude of the problem facing us. when you extrapolate this to the rest of india, no wonder forest disappeared. as early as the 1960, the indian government recognized the environmental impact of cremation. and they
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tried to address the problem by introducing an alternative method. so this is the c and d, or gas based against mr. williams. this is for leads to port the body and say, this type of cremation only cost $10.00, which is less than half the cost of a traditional $1.00. even still, there are few takers. the main problem is the people you cannot perform the read to us. there is no use on board. and one of the parties inside you can do anything. you just have to say like this. and after 2 hours or 3 hours, you've been big the ash and then you can go back. i mean, i have to say, this place looks really grim, an industrial. there's nothing absolutely nothing traditional about this. even with the best government subsidized intentions, guess and other forms of more environmentally friendly methods of cremation. haven't caught on dr. harvey sing?
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a sociologist of funerary rituals has some thoughts on the subject. very, why is cremation? that's an important element in hindu tradition. it comes from the scriptures, ah, one of the most important and central ways to sort of think of cremation, is to begin to think about the dead person himself or herself participating individual eyes or sacrifice we've seen would being used in the cremation of this site is that an important an integral part of commission as well in the end. yes. up. so would john to vicki is very significant to fire ease and s headache that is seen with a certain degree of grace. so that would explain the reluctance that hindus exhibit in trying and adopting alternator ways of, okay, maybe i would think that it is part of a certain kind of or 2 tracks that you,
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you do what you have been doing. and this is very difficult to said. in case of dead circles, university indians might be resistant to change when it comes to saying good bye to loved ones. but the environmental impact of cremation can no longer be ignored. as india's population approaches a staggering 1300000000 more debts and more promotions only spelled further and learn mental problems for the living. ah, this is why more stuff and shows organization has come up with a more ecological friendly system. which balances the environment with tradition. so what's going on here? are they're preparing a fire for me and beside water when i go to audio about
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a 150 to 200 videos. one reason, instead of $400.00 gauges in the garden, was using less would also means this system cost less than a traditional cremation. this method allow for the traditional rituals to be performed the same way as a conventional fire, right? yes, definitely with you guys. and this system we are using on the board and whatever things people generally use in a vanessa system only. so there is no reason in that it was which we follow. now that the body is in there and they have number, oh it, we're gonna do basic principles of science. we have increase the combustion efficiency by providing proper it. that is through the, to me and the hood. for when more oxygen is coming in the combustion,
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inpatient increases. food in please go to heat energy in this dr. mason process yet . so within 2 hours, most of system has been around for 15 years, a tiny amount of time when it comes to taking on a centuries old tradition. what mourners are now beginning to considered seriously promote has just cremated his father. you do, you have to have no more duck or if a thing has a year offer, but they are getting up elephant, a pious buddy, a travel with a child. so total and of color key. if you want us to locate rosters out there, you better look click on the view or upload this open will say that it is equal commission pious, currently host up to 7 cremation the day at this site. it's still much less than the traditional ones. but until lance,
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to open 60 more sites in 10 in the incident it's really brought it home to me that the balance between sensitivity to death, loss and tradition and the immediacy for the need to protect the environment is a rather delicate one. as someone who cares about the environment deeply myself, i know we have a long way to go. however, it also hardens me to find groups such as much that we're finding alternatives that are starting to have a real impact. now she, that's a choices hold the key to reducing global emissions in spain as a company. how can the owners of cause passes and lori to cancel out their
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emissions by growing gardens on the top of that vehicle? and the northern hollands a pilot project to turn 70 meters of bike paths into solar roads is creating enough electricity to power 3 households for one year to purchase light is offered different options so that individuals in communities can reduce the impact of human activity on our planet ah ah co cater culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism, world wide,
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and to reward merits and excellence and encourage creativity. the shake ahmad award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged the road and strengthening the bonds of friendship. and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches, lou frank assessments this crisis is continued to weaken a look a shall go up, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that he was thankful for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most hopeful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think it a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swans that inside story on al jazeera. ah,
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al jazeera, great with no. i. blue frans spans most travelers from the u. k, which has reported another day of record covered 19 infections. ah, flow, this is al jazeera alive from doha. i'm fully back to bore also ahead thousands flea their homes as a super typhoon batteries the philippines.


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