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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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let's get samuel tom swanson. inside story on al jazeera. ah, knowledge is 0. 3. with oh . fran spans most travelers from the u. k, which has reported another day of record cove 19 infections. ah, hello, this is al jazeera alive from doha. i'm fully betty bore, also ahead thousands flea their homes as a super typhoon batteries. the philippines police in haiti say all the american and
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canadian missionaries kidnapped in october, have been released, and campaigning closes in chiles. presidential run off with polls suggesting it's so very tight place ah, governments around the world go scrambling to contain the spread of oak. the omicron variant of covered 19 several countries have recorded the highest daily infection rates. since the pandemic began, france has band non essential travel from the u. k. by any one who isn't a french citizen or resident. the u. k has reported a record number of infections for a 2nd day in a row. at more than 88000 france has recorded almost 61000 cases. south korea is reinstating strict to social distance in laws just 6 weeks after saying it's able to live with covered 19 and in africa, the delta and on the con,
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variance have driven infections by nearly 83 percent. but the world health organization says there are fewer desk than in previous spikes or challenge begins . i coverage with this report from london. the 1247 year i start from london brought his usual bustle to paris. but soon, these trains may be most the empty from saturday, france is limiting, travel to and from the u. k. so only those with compelling reasons. french nationals, residents and their families all arrivals have twice late truck drivers. they are exempt. it'll say general cubic plastic damage. this is the framework that will be put in place, which will allow us to further type in the net to slow down and reduce as much as possible the arrival of on the con, various cases in our territory. so much during this time we vaccinated the booster shots, but for the 2nd day running the u. k. has logged a record breaking number of new cases, 88000 on the cronies,
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spreading through this country faster than any previous various forest. johnson's government is focusing on vaccine boosters, as it principal weapon that and urging people to think about where they go and who they see. we don't want to make your choices for you about your social life. well closing things we all saying is people should be cautious and they should think about their activities in the, in the run up to turn to christmas on the streets of london's west end. those i spoke to didn't seem overly concerned. just got the mouth to project. i get it, i get, i may not get in. you just go to the root. you can't shut yourself, weiss or wherever have you can with any plans or no, i haven't. i just got to say it's an app. so maybe pop in trying to stay safe, but still trying to live a normal but plenty of others are changing their plans at this to star shortages
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because of infection. and business is a suffering again. it is cancelling performance. if restaurants cafe in night clubs losing booking, and unlike before when they have government financial assistance to help them cope with this, this time, their own their own. sorry say one in 5, hightail cancellations at the moment. it's people that ship against their christmas parties is people working from home or not traveling. james bainbridge runs the white heart hotel in well, in north of london. he wants the government to think again. we've had a lot of help and it's been, it's what kept us going and it's been well worth it if it was to stop. now not happened. that's a wasted. what's the point of getting his foot as far as we have for that will be taken away to businesses to them file. it's all so very familiar. another wave of infections business is in trouble again. another christmas in dance cove, it is the unwanted gift we can't get rid of rory,
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talents out to 0 london. us president joe biden has a americans to get their booster shots as quickly as possible is one that only kron will begin spreading rapidly and says that the best protection against the new variance do steps we've taken round is not yet spread as fast as it would have otherwise done, and that's happening in europe, but it's here now, it is spreading and it's going to increase for on vaccinated. we are looking at a winter of severe illness and vaccinated for themselves, their families and the hospital will soon overwhelm. but there's good news if you're raxon, a 100 booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death period of the un secretary general says flawed vaccine policies have contributed to the threat posed by the new variance. the step, the g vaccine hoarding, the step, the g,
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a vaccine national. these are the step, the g eviction diplomacy. these new value is demonstrated by you. and so my hope is that companies understand that from not one, we need to have an equitable way to address the panoramic or we will all be victims of its africa is the lowest vaccinated continent in the world. as you can see from the light of colors here on this map map and it fills trunk, struggling to get doses through the you and backs. kovacs came on a 20 african countries of lavished vaccinate more than 10 percent of their population. but growing vaccine hesitancy is also a concern, as nicholas high crepe or some the car synagogue, a precious and life saving vaccine, free of cost. and yet no one at this cook at 19 vaccination center in downtown to car wants to take it. some passer buys, asked nurse,
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been to jello if the vaccine will make them sterile. others wonder if it will give them a heart attack, or if they'll go blind up despite her assurances the vaccine is safe and could protect their lives, people don't trust her. why do they look so much miss information, so much nonsense? talking about clothes and vaccines is like talking about politics and has become an issue that divides people. let's make this clear. we need to get vaccinated to protect ourselves and our loved ones. it's the only way among those refusing to get vaccinated is t. v, pundit and emergency dr. barker and young while he treats patients infected with coven. 19 young is famous for his postings on social media. near argues that as long as a western pharmaceutical companies refuse to wave patents so that vaccines can be produced locally. they should not be trusted or used on africans. lucas. it's not a vaccine, it's a product being tested on people. that's why people are getting sick despite to vaccine,
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too much fear misinformation and not enough vaccines means that only 10 percent of africans have been vaccinated. nigeria, home to 200000000 people is only inoculated. an average of a 1000 people a day. in senegal, more than 200000 expired doses, have been destroyed, is where the coven vaccine is being stored and needs to be kept between 2 and 8 degrees celsius. the challenge is to get those vaccines in remote health centers, where the ambient temperatures is around 40 to 30 degrees celsius. also, it's a race against time for health workers to get as many people inoculated before these doses expire for nursed yellow, the new variant is spreading faster than we think, partly because of widespread misinformation. this vaccine hesitancy has a cost perhaps barely visible for now, but she fears a wave of infections lies ahead. nicholas hawk al jazeera de car. in other world
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news rescue operations are underway in part of the philippines that have been hit by one of the most powerful storms in the world. this year, tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central parts of a country. of a shall say about $10000.00 villages are in the projected path of the typhoon. jemila alan, dog and reports. it is the most powerful storm to hit the philippines this year. a 100000 people have already fled their homes. typhoon roy made landfall and thursday and continues to batter the regions of his science and men de now on coast guards are rushing to evacuate. hundreds of residents, after incessant reigns flooded their communities. the young and old men are forced to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs. residence carry what they can with many hoping any damage will be limited and they'll be able to return
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home soon. the philippines is no stranger to natural disasters. it is constantly battered by storms and volcanic eruptions. dave, when a young in 2013, holds the record as the strongest anywhere in the world. it killed at least 7000 people and displaced millions more. since then, the government has institutionalized emergency and disaster response. but even in a country long affected by around 20 storms, each year siphoned right comes at the most precarious time. those evacuated can stay in temporary shelters for too long because of cobit 19 restrictions. while those in coastal and farmland communities say they are already bearing the brunt of an economic recession and fear that the typhoon could obliterate whatever
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livelihood they have left. the philippine government has pre positioned aids and military as 1st responders across the country. but the typhoon is expected to impact so many provinces. it has warned local officials to prepare for the worst jamila alan dorgan al jazeera manila. the remaining 12 american and canadian missionaries kidnapped by a criminal gang in haiti, have been released. the group was abducted in october after visiting an opening near the capital portal, prince 5 others who were taken with them were freed in the last few weeks. the final 12 were discovered by the authorities on thursday on a mountain north of the capital. the gang known as $400.00 my was or had demanded $1000000.00 per person in ransom. it's not clear if this was paid. she everton d as more from washington we've been trying to piece things together from reports, from haitian authorities haitian media as well as,
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as well as those in the us. you know, the missionaries and the picture we have is around 10, 10 am g m t. the remaining hostages were found in a mountainous area about 2 hours south of puerto prince v. they were found by locals who alerted the authorities haitian media as they were then they were taken in, they were given medical tests the haitian haitian media, se subjects, i'd always experienced weight loss in that time and in captivity. and then we switch to the reports. we got from the u. s. at least these, these missionaries came from all over the over the u. s. they were organized by an ohio based mission regroup. and their report stay that those who knew the missionaries and were part of the congregation of the missionaries for michigan received a call from someone or a text message rather early this morning from quite someone connected to the situation. telling them that all the, all the missionaries were now free. and we have this interesting quote from
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michigan congressional member or a member of congress saying, i want to thank the members of the hostage negotiation team for the diligence and securing the safe release of all the hostages. so this was apparently then a negotiated release. we don't know whether, whether that $17000001.00 for each $1000000.00 for each hostage was actually paid. but this was a release that was negotiated. apparently we knew that the f b, i was helping in facilitating in negotiations as well. hit a head on al jazeera, a tragedy in tasmania, after a gust of wind leaves bouncy castle high in the air, killing 5 children. at the end of the school year celebrations. and a group of young artists in gonna turn a dumb side into a c 5 leisure camp. how is the lesson in recycle? ah, ah,
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look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways. hello, nice to see you. here's our headlines for asia, not a whole lot to report for india seems quiet, no major weather alerts except toward the northwest where we've got some fog for roger st on and also bun job. but no major rain that's really reserved toward i, sri lanka, and mall div molly has a high of 3 degrees. we have seen a few storms like this in the western pacific. now cutting across the philippines. this will be an issue for western areas of the philippines. on friday, $2.00 to $300.00 millimeters of rain, there was wind still howling at 175 kilometers per hour. it struck out where rye is going to go sliding into the south china sea as we get toward the weekend. and we will look toward vietnam to see another landfall. so we'll go in here for a closer look. i think this will be late sunday into monday south, if denying north of coach him in city. next we're going into northern china, also korea cole blast of air here. we'll chat more about that in
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a sec. some see and do snow western horseshoe into hole kado. now i'm going to put the colors on a bit easier way to see it. so the darker the blue, the lower the temperature sol, just high of minus 3 degrees on friday and we look at our 3 day forecasts. yep. that's below average. that sure weather update. thanks for joining in soon. a bit. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. ah in hebron boys breathed slight pigeons, but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watch twice really forces at times shore thoughts and often arrested a delicately told tale fumed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is evidently restricted, her disguise, above had brought a witness documentary on her chest 0. ah
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ah, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. reminder of our top stories from says banning most non essential travel from the u. k. we chose, reported a rec, number of covey, 19 infections for a 2nd day. south korea is also read, stating strict his social distancing laws after surgeon case in the philippines rescue operations are underway after super typhoon and made a typhoon. ry made landfall on the eastern side. tens of thousands of people are being moved to emergency shelters in the southern and central parts of the country . and the remaining 12 american and canadian missionaries kid now to buy a gang in haiti have been released. 5 others were freed in the last few weeks. the
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group was abducted in october after visiting an orphanage near the capital portal fates, to chile now where official campaigning is coming to a close ahead of sunday's presidential run off election. the voters polarize the country and polling suggests it'll be an extremely tight race. all right, candidate, jose antonio cast, finished. on top. in the 1st round, his overtaken his left wing opponent gabrielle burridge, but only by a slim margin at speak to our latin america. joe luciana newman, who's in santiago loose here. so how unexpected was it that some of my cast could actually be within striking distance of winning the president in chile, where traditionally, voters are favored. monro candidates are certainly hasn't been surprising analogy room, but it does have an explanation because with the really polarized last 2 years, it's been on a political roller coaster. there was a social uprising that completely paid the political map of. humphrey,
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i think it's fair to say that the political center has practically disappeared, and so that, that has given a lot more in the far right. and i don't you hear me? well, i had been, we need by an officer didn't violate rob trafficking a had arm to rebellion with julie. and of course, with violence in those people that they want over current law in order. and that they want people pay for the people. a lot of them are supporting hospital you're i south as the man of the future despite the fact that me a
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j. and by the way, mad, his wife died earlier this afternoon and some people to see that at the age of 99, that is a kind of an old one or a bad a if you are sitting on a permanent sub with kind of like a i simple back here at garden here with head so it's a very festive or ending to campaigning there. in santiago, lucille talk to us about gabrielle burridge, the left wing candidate. he came in a close 2nd in the 1st round. how is he trying to to win over undecided voters with body has his has had to cut out for him. he ran with alliance with ib, with him,
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a lot of criticism. and a lot of people concerned that he was convicted of them in the math and he has been making a great effort. the central illinois shore gillian voters, particularly the war and decided that he had gone mad rateable. but rather let me have somebody guarantee i was just with the up on the point that right concert. and in fact, the day a came out with a lever side. also my other internet of a lot of us in this afford open gabby and wanted to also an attempt to fly to is concerned about what mandate would be like a 35 year old any with this year. thank you for
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that. lucille human life was there in santiago the u. s. has reportedly released sole migrant families from his detention facilities. they are now being tracked with uncle brace fish. how white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has the details. this is a campaign promise that the u. s. president made that he would deliver a more humane immigration policy. certainly he set out to make some changes, but a lot of the immigration policy under the trumpet ministration remains in place in terms of the statement coming from the agency task with overseeing all of this. it's known as immigration customs enforcement, our ice, i says in it statement is committed to ensuring that all those in our custody resided safe, secure, and humane environment. and under appropriate conditions of confinement. ice is continuing to make nimble operational changes at its facilities in response to shifting conditions along the southwest border. now terms of those shifting
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consider conditions. ah, that means sharp increase in the case of one crossing in yuma, arizona where the south western states there is an increase of illegal immigration, or undocumented migrants entering the united states of about 2500 per cent from one year ago. i'm add to that. what we should also point out is when it comes to the conditions of confinement, the media hasn't been allowed to see these conditions and they were heavily criticized under the trumpet ministration, accused of keeping people in cages. the early pictures under the bygone administration didn't look any different. ah, and so they just stop lighting the media, go in to take tours, and so we don't particularly know how much this is differing from the previous administration to. now, what we do know, however, is that there are at least try to keep families together. so that's what this announcement is, is that families will no longer be held in these detention centers, but they'll still be used for individuals. in australia,
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5 children have been killed after a gust of wind swept up a bouncy castle. they were jumping on. police say for more i in a critical condition after falling to the ground from about 10 meters in the air. the children aged around 11 were celebrating their last week of primary school in the island of tasmania. the events that it occurred to die in davenport in tasmania are just chattering, though. they are just unthinkably hot breaking and young children on a fungi out together with their families. and it turns to such horrific tragedy. at this time of year, it just breaks your heart. the associated press is calling on the ethiopian government to immediately release a journalist, detained 2 weeks ago. new statistics from reporters without borders show that dozens of journalists worldwide have been killed this year. victoria gayton be has
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more a mirror mankey. yarrow was arrested in the ethiopian capital, addis ababa accused of promoting terrorism. he was working as a freelance journalist for the associated press. the u. s. based news agency is called the allegations baseless to other journalists will also arrested. they face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of violating the emergency lose brought in last month. the annual global round up our report is without food as paints a bleak picture of media safety and freedom, particularly in ethiopia. the correspondent of the new york times has been kicked out of the country, which was unprecedented since abbey, to office in the 2018. there is this communication like out in the northern part of the country, and now you're just not able to do independent journalism anymore. because only the official narrative about the war is the look for in general's. it's been a tough years. the journalist around the world report is without buddhist says at
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least $46.00 journalists have been killed this year because of the stories they were reporting. and nearly 500 are being detained. 65 are being held hostage, the most dangerous countries for media workers or mexico and afghanistan, followed by yemen and india. one of the reasons why there are so many journalists to turn these you're up to 20 person is mainly because under deterioration of the situation in 3 countries, including jamar, a, china and glovers report is without buddhist says, its findings are alarming bought. remarkably, the number of journalists killed this year is the lowest since it began counting 25 years ago. bought the number of journalists being detained is the highest. and in their absence, it says vital voices remain silent. victoria gate and be al jazeera goal. facebook has been 7 companies, which it says we're operating as surveillance for higher it sending warning notices
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to 40000 people who took who the social network believes or targeted by malicious activity. facebook says a surveillance companies enable their clients to collect intelligence on site users . facebook says politicians, journalists and human rights activists were affected. the speaker of teenagers, parliament has rejected the president's decision to extend a parliamentary freeze for another year. guy said called for a constitutional referendum earlier this week. he said parliament would remain suspended until new elections in 2022 at bonham and speak a warn. the only way out of the political crisis would be an immediate cancellation of the president. so called exceptional meshes, bangladesh is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his independence from back his son, early a prime minister. she has seen her, presided over a victory j parade in dark are where india's armed forces took part for the 1st time, india held bangladesh. she guerrilla fighters,
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defeat pakistan's army in 1971, and estimated 3000000 people were killed in the 9 month conflicts leading to independence. now our group of young artists seem garza is highlighting the need to protect the environment by turning a dumb side into a c side. leisure clamp. beach go is can use the facilities for free in return for cleaning the surrounding sands. you know side has been to visit it was his dream come true. 6 young people who live hearing cars. they got together and built the fun center near the beach. but what makes this place unique is the material used to built it? recycled waste and they're holla, hannah and their friends. they're all artists. they say not only did they want to keep their feet in short, lying clean. they also wanted to create a place where people can have fun. why learning about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment?
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whether it's a mobile s s r initiative is based mainly on the methodology of joint leadership and community organization through which we employ the arts as a tool to educate people on maintaining the cleanliness of the seaside. and because we don't have any funding, at 1st, we turn to use solid waste found in warehouses of companies and municipalities that represented a burden on them. this place was built by around 300 tons of recycled waste because they had no funding for their project. they began by collecting solid waste, such as wooden planks broken power poles, huge garbage cans, rocks and lots of tires. they recycle them all to build this entire place. it's a branch of the coal. see is ours. you can sit here and enjoy your time free of charge. as long as you clean around the shore. i know that and their friends invite people to bring whatever is broken or not needed their homes act that it should been may have been mccann. and what distinguishes this place is that it brings
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together all groups of the society ages and different arts. and because it is free of charge, you can enjoy every part of the place in exchange for volunteering in any field you want. or even in exchange for old or broken tools and objects that have no value for you anymore. at the start, the idea was difficult for people to accept you not to throw garbage or even clean the shore. but now we have impose this fact and it has become an example for many people and them. it wasn't easy to find a place where they can build this leisure center. bowen, gases municipality heard about their plans. it granted them this piece of land near the beach. it was originally a dump site for garbage and other waste was ignored. the whole feeling were walter thought we found the details of the sea as ours initiative intersect with many of the municipalities, goals, whether from community participation, community interventions in preserving the environment,
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reusing environmental materials. we found the clate and exceptional role in creating a role model for young people, volunteers, and community activists to make sustainable interventions in community and environmental service. her. since this project was founded, it has become an example for others to do the same. but these young people say it's only the beginning of a bigger dream and they hope to show the world how beautiful garza can b u. c l g 0. goddam ah, hello. yeah, and i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera france is banning most non essential travel from the u. k, which has reported a record number of covey, 19 infections for a 2nd day on the african continent. the delta and army con variance have driven up
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infections by nearly 83 percent. the un secretary general says floor vaccine policies have contributed to the threat posed by.


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