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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm AST

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to make sure they have the details of the sympathisers, the supporters and the fighters, which belong to the group. ah, this is al jazeera ah film. so rahman you watching the out there a news on life, my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. health officials in the u. s. sideline, the johnston, johnson crone of iris jar, over rare cases of blood clotting. also the un says all sides in ethiopia were guilty of committing severe human rights violations and calls for an end to the conflict. 11 years since the arabs spring to millions of back on the streets, calling for greater change in china 1000 to respond after the u. s ban on impulse
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from sheen. jane region at om he december to the a sports cove at 19 as once again effecting leads and competitions all over the world. liverpool lead. newcastle 31. but 3 of the players test positive and a total of mine for emily games have been called off. ah, welcome to the news as g. 7 nations are warning that the amok on barry enters the biggest current threat to global public health. it's calling for better coordination amongst countries to fight the crew of iris pandemic. president joe biden says the spread of the variant in the u. s. will accelerate into the new year . he says the unvaccinated will be the worst affected it's here, now, it is spreading, and it's going to increase for own vaccinated. we are looking at
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a winter of severe illness and vaccinated for themselves, their families and the hospital will soon overwhelm. but there's good news if you'd rather than a 100 booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death. so the u. s. centers for disease control is recommending americans choose the pfizer or medina vaccines instead of the johnson and johnson's job night says the single shot is less effective and in rare cases can lead to a fatal blood clots. but south africa says it'll then a $22000000.00 doses of the j and j vaccine of african countries over the course of the next year. well, mike, hannah joined the symbol from washington. d. c. the president saying, a winter that will be quite severe. how bad is it really across the country for the moment, mike? well, the statistics are exceedingly stock at the moment. there's been an increase of
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some 48 percent in the number of cases over the past month. the average is now in the region of 120000 new cases. the day the debt told to is rising at this particular stage. now with a massive increase in the terms numbers of fatalities. $1300.00 americans are dying each day. now this is a massive uptick in numbers. health experts warning that what is happening here is that the plague is being driven by a pair of barons both the delta and now the ami kron is prevalent throughout much of the united states in new york. for example, the rate of infection is doubling every 3 days. this is a statistic that we see in south africa in parts of europe, which had been the 1st to experience to cranberry. and so certainly deeply concerning and in terms of social impact, a number of states, particularly the democrat ones that we introduced at mosque mandates indoors.
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broadway, for example, a number of shows happening close because of cobra cases among the cost. so certainly as the country approaches the festive season, a very bleak outlook. mike earlier in the algebra day we spoke to south africa. so correspondent and gas talking about the mixed messaging coming from the white house about don't take the j. j vaccine. have the other ones sold very well, isn't it for the advanced western societies to say you have a choice of vaccine, but continents like africa, don't the do? does president biden realize what he has said of the impact that could have now on countries that only really have the choice of the j and j drap? well, president biden was reacting to guidance offered by the cdc, acting on advice. all experts have been investigating this to make this very clear, the cdc has recommended that if the 3 vaccines are available,
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then rather take the ones that are not johnson and johnson. the reason for this is that some cases of, from bosis have been associated very rarely, particularly among women. however, that being said to the cdc still says that johnson and johnson is an acceptable vaccine that it is not recommending it's not used. it is recommending that the other 2 vaccines should be preferred, but the question you raised this is a very important one. south africa, for example, has just the native a number of j and j vaccines to other parts of the continent. the continent, only some 7 percent of the whole of africa had been vaccinated. so this a very important point, and this is a matter for the world health organization to look at africa. and those and africa been arguing very strongly that they are being dealt with has 2nd class citizens using the, the crumbs from the table from the more advanced countries. this is another example
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that they are going to be pointing to. is that countries that do have an option will recommend against the j and j? yes, that is the vaccine that is increasingly available within africa. it's a major issue and one that is going to develop, overcoming days and weeks. and so my kind of force in washington dc. thanks mike. well, for me, the miller has more from johannesburg. experts in south africa saying that while they do recognize global daughter, that this recommendation may be premature in that south african daughter shows no adverse effects based on studies in south africa. we're currently health workers are taking part in a study around a booster shot of the j and j vaccine. and they say that we know adverse effects and there aren't any alarming signals to indicate that perhaps they should put j and j on hold. in fact, health experts say that in the coming days, they may make an announcement around allowing booster shots of join j and j to the
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general public. they've also said they've always known that there are certain risks around vaccines, not just j, a j, specifically blood clots, but these are very rare. and that essentially the benefits of the vaccine, even that one shot of j j outweighs the risk. and so still urging people to get back to the, to even with j and j while america, the cdc specifically may be saying, let's rather look at an alternative instead of using j and j. so for the moment, so the african saying all experts house authority saying that they are confident the data they have at hand and will continue using that vaccine in this country. be human rights council is calling for the establishment of an international commission to monitor alleged abuse as an e. c, a p u and says it's receiving credible reports at all sides. anything is conflict on committing severe human rights violations. up to 7000 people have been detained
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since last month under emergency measures. the nation wide state of emergency announced onto november is leading to significant human rights concerns on a very broad scale. no, to believe the state of emergency authorizes the arrest search and detention of anyone suspected of supporting that degree people's liberation front and the aroma liberation army designated paris groups in may 2021. this excessively broad provision has led to mass arrests and detentions of thousands of if your parents, including united nation stuff, and according to the committee to protect journalists at least 14 journalists, most of those arrested are ethnic to grants. let's bring in ravenna, shanda, san a. she's the specs woman at the you and human rights office enjoys you now via geneva. could have you from the program. how did you actually manage to collate all
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of this information? what access to the area? you might say, non ethiopians. it's a very difficult to get i know the question and have been severely damaged for human rights monitors and also for humanitarian access. particularly in the t great region, we're seeing, you know, 90 percent of the population in need and unable to receive monetary assistance. we collect information, what we've been in for a while, or we have courses across the country. so we do manage to collect information, but it's becoming more and more difficult to corroborate and verify it. ok, so the conflict in the area has been going on for a year. now. why does it take the you and have the all this long to suggest to commission or monitoring? no, in fact you may be aware we put out a report last month where we need. ringback the kinds of horrible allegations of human nations and of its special humanitarian. both committed by all parties to the
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european forces, the every tree and forces on the degree in forces. do we said that some of the physicians may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and we did call on the government? so it is always the duty initially to ensure that allegations of such violations are investigate. the government reacted positively. and of course, to, to carry out medication. now, it remains to be seen how much progress on this task force will make in the absence of progress by domestic mechanisms. we do believe that there is a need for an international my mission, the sunny. i appreciate your position and i appreciate your respects woman full of the human rights office, but it doesn't give us my question. why does it take a year to actually in the us have to actually push ethiopia to even consider a monitoring group. you should have been doing that 6 months ago. just to clarify
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your talking about the u. n. h c r i commission, which is not really a trustee, my abbreviations, the wrong way around. i apologize. un human rights council, which is currently a special session on here. and this is about members. date we as the un, human rights office could out a record last monday, as i said, alleging that war crimes and crimes against humanity may have been committed the country. now the human rights council has now decided you need to think about what they would like to do, what kind of steps should be taken next, and that is an intergovernmental body, and the discussions are ongoing. so how do you then assess, you might say, where e, c o, p is in allowing the you and see to formulate a commission or allow working group into the country to investigate well, the situation is highly politicized. and as you may be aware of, the government is against the creation of any such commission,
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what we are insisting on 1st of all, the stuff we have brought to light alarming violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that are continuing. we're continuing to see arbitrary detention just as we go. we documented 83 people and people who are being targeted on the basis of the asian. we're seeing continued war rhetoric and have speech against the minority, particularly the grains. this is ongoing and calling for to stock 1st and foremost and secondly for there to be accountability for those who have a legit had committed these horrific violations. now the human rights council meeting to discuss this, the government is not keen on having a commission of inquiry and the other thing that they will not contact. but it is crucial that a comfortable place which participating in the session. and again, bringing for the facts about the situation on the ravine ish and is only thanks so
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much for bring is up to speed for joining us from geneva. thank you. thank you. no dozens of people said dad, after a fire, at a psychiatric clinic in japan, police in a soccer investigator with the blaze was started deliberately. tor gave me ripples ah fire crew shield from v one of the $28.00 victims of a fire at a psychiatric clinic in osaka. the fire department says all that one had a heart attack. look going to be poorly. this little thing, a woman was left behind on the 6th floor and was asking for help. when she got off the ladder, she collapsed probably because she felt faint. but immediately the rescuer took her away. the fire started in an 8 story building which houses medical clinics and english language school and other businesses. many of the victims are thought to have been visitors to the psychiatric clinic on the 4th floor where the blaze took hold. one you whom i saw the news and there sank possible. awesome, it's not confirmed, but i am shocked and wondering why someone would do this yet in what in
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a will. only only that i am glad this didn't happen in the evening. it's a friday and the could have been so many more people around it could have been much worse. the injured were taken to nearby hospitals and the government issued its condolences. it wounded to the golden doodle. peggy was unaware that a fire broke out in a building located in kitty corsica city after 10 am to day. and 20 people were transported to hospital details are occurring the being confirmed, but many have died. and we have received reports of cardiopulmonary forests, but like to express our deepest condolences to the families of those who have passed away, you are it took more than 6 hours to extinguish the blaze. fire high to say people on the other floors were safely evacuated from the building. detectives are investigating how the fire started and where the arson is involved, victoria gate and be al jazeera. well, plenty more had all the news are including rescue operations on the way in the
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philippines. after was slumped by one of the most popular storms, a sheer vice johnston, the parties ada pressure grows on the british prime minister as as parties up as a crushing defeat in the bi election and in sport australia. bill dave x hor against england and the 2nd ashes test. peter, one of his details later. ah, not people in tennessee, out on the streets to mark 11 years since the arab spring high unemployment still persists in the country a decade after the start of the revolution. crowds have been protesting both for and against the president. at the sweet i said, called a constitutional referendum. the next july, a year after he seized broad powers and moves, his opponent called a qu, elisia, vault when joe's been out from tunis and of course, as the day has progressed, elite sir,
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at more more people have come out on to the streets. how would you assess the numbers i've been hearing that there are thousands who ares are protesting outside avenue heavy bull gibber, which is the, the central avenue in tunis. these are the am t crew anti kites protesters. there's a small number of supporters. okay, side, actually on the main part of the avenue, which is the traditional stomping grounds for demonstrations and protests, including the, for the final protests that lead to the ousting of the authoritarian president, ben i, lee, what, where, where hearing is that's now been politician, served the democratic artes searches as a co and a come on democratic who previously had super shortage. the precedence moves on july 25th and they've been trying to answer the avenue. but the,
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the both ends of the avenue all blocked by police vans. and there is some hundreds of police who all add it is security full for 2 days. protests, of course is what we are also saying is this, this movement calling itself, sorry, i interrupted, i was in a, even a feeling itself. so the, the movement, those calling itself citizens against the cou, i have told, is that there aren't she planning to stay. i the, the main organizes and sad that they will to hold to sit in i, this is actually been previously paneled when i spoke to them either this week. but they've decided because they haven't been able to get on to the main avenue and protest that they will stay and they will hear it remain over the weekend. but they're saying that they will have a stitching until cosigns and the crew ends. at the moment we don't know whether
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that is a definite promise, but this is what they're saying. they're planning to do well, while approaches continue the l e c. i mean it's not really beat easy, has it is past 11 years by politically or economy cli now it's been a very turbulent time. i mean, yeah, 11 years to transition froman authoritarian dictatorship to fully fledged democracy was never going to be easy. but what is your anger? the people is the behavior of parliamentarians in the house of assembly. they've just seen you fights and even violence is broken out in recent years, prior to july 25th. i one of the big problems as he says, essentially cannot make it any fights this year. i can employment unemployment has risen to 80 as a result to the cambridge troy fish teenagers. so
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a massive waivers. the delta vary in the country. i'm. this is the damage business . here there's a serious problem when we 1st know that more and more people all being categorized is living in poverty. so what people want all result say they want political leaders to make a commitment to change. what was the, what does monitor those demonstrations actually be through the day, i think got to leave it that release yet. thanks very much. lucy, ultimate 4th in to this. so the nuclear watchdog chief is dismissing allegation that his equipment was involved in an act of sabotage at one of or on nuclear science. the i a e, a has struck a deal to reinstall cameras inside iran garage plant surround, had denied monetary access that since june. now that was after the site face was iran, described as an active sabotage which saw the agencies,
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cameras damage the cars over to dosage of ari. he's been following events for the past few days and also, you know, the meeting is adjourned for the christmas and new year holiday. so just bring us up to speed on where we actually stand so far. and when decides will meet again. well at the joint commission is meeting behind me right now as we speak there, wrapping up this latest round of talks between your own and the world powers. and of course, the united states was not directly in discussions with her on about how to return to the nuclear deal of 2015. the i. e director general, held at this media briefing earlier today in the austrian capital, were he put on display? what will be heading to to her on, on sunday, these cameras by the nuclear watchdog will be reinstalled as the carriage workshop where they were damaged in june. now, the iranians are about to wrap up their investigation about what they believe took
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place and sources of told us in iraq that they believe one of the i. e cameras may have been part of what caused the apps of sabotage. and that was the question i put forth to the director general. and this was his response city so served to believe or to say that the i e, a congress will be part of some sort of software. that is number one, number 2, this commerce will not have any transmitter, any beacon that can be used in the way that he was alleged. so i, you know, i tried to restrain myself because that you reteach me enormously. the idea that somebody can be say that yeah, yeah, on the part of something like this, a clearly agitated director general after that question, but he did say that these cameras will be put in front of various security officials in the waiting capital on sunday,
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where iranian officials and exports will be taking them parts, inspect them, before 4 of them are installed at carriage were iran is producing its own. it bounced centrifuges, and this will be part of about 60 cameras that are, will be recording iran's nuclear activities. of course, the i. e, a won't have access to those footage unless the talks here every time you come to some kind of a conclusion and that the parties all returned to the nuclear deal of 2015, they will be wrapping up this latest round. that is the 7th round of negotiations since they began earlier this year, and they are expecting to return back here to vienna on december 27th. does jabari in vienna? thank you. no, the u. k. prime minister boz johnson is unable pressure after a crushing by election defeat. the conservative party has lost the north shropshire seat for the 1st time. it was 2 centuries to the liberal democrats. earlier this week, a 100 and peace. johnson's own policy voted against his plan. for stricter cro virus measures opposition accused the government to playing politics with public health.
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8 a testing times that contain an 8 chassis we nights you are having structure is teaching . on the brink, i will economy is in a precarious state with people's livelihoods at risk. our country is crying out for leadership. mr. johnson, your name eda, instead of taking action to support structures, farmers, you spend your time misleading the nice. now how you and your office party during lockdown to night the people have no structure have said enough is enough. fair said the era and fits late, and they want to change. andrew simmons reports now from the town of when in shropshire there was 823000 conserved majority in the 2019 general election. now that's been lost and helen morgan, the liberal democrat candidates as one by 96000 votes. it's really, it's so colossal. but boys johnson because he's been surrounded by scandals
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recently and they've made the most of it here in a really deep in a tory heartland. through blue is the, the color, and here right now, there is a complete shock actually amongst many people at the level of insistence among tory voters. some of them who've been conservative voters, all of their lives. most of them in fact. and looking at the situation where, oh, in patterson, the former employee who had to resign a last month because of a sleep scandal as it's known in the u. k. basically, he, he'd been being paid by lobby in government for private companies and indeed got to the stage were always, johnson was trying to actually lift an inquiry and keep him in place. that was a bought job. he had to do a u turn on it. and there was a really big scandal then other scandals that beset bars. johnson, all of them not just local issues here, but major national once
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a played their part in this decision. the philippines is counting the calls of typhoon roy, which killed at least 12 people and left a trail of destruction, 195 kilometer. and i went down the power lines and destroyed homes, forcing hundreds of thousands to seek safety and dagon reports from the capital manila. more than 24 hours since stifled right 1st made landfall in the philippines, and many areas remain cut off. government leaders admit they are struggling to get an accurate picture of the typhoons impact in their gross and sir ego provinces. in the town of mary bo hawk, if the whole province rescue operations are still underway. local government workers there say at least 20000 families have already been evacuated from their homes. and many more are in desperate need of rescue. evacuees can stay in
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temporary shelters for too long because of cove 19 restrictions. social distance sing, impact evacuation sites is difficult to implement. many say there are more worried about the long term impact of this devastation. millions of filipinos are already bearing the brunt of the economic recession. they fear the latest typhoon disaster could obliterate whatever livelihood they have. left. the government has pre positioned aids and military as 1st responders across the country. but many communities remain cut off that the officials and even age groups are still struggling. how and where to send aid to those who need it. most. typhoon ride, devastated huge parts of the desires and the men to now regions. these pictures show extensive damage of the international airport in civil power and communication
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lines are down, and some hospitals are reported to be damaged even for a country often yet by natural disasters. this damage is being seen as unprecedented with jamil. alan dorgan al jazeera manila over more on typhoon roy. his dra hi there. thanks for joining in typhoon rice. certainly did a number on the philippines, but the disturbance now making a clean sweep of the country's fighting in to the south china sea. we take this story a few days ahead, over the course of the weekend saturday into sunday. brushing up against that coast of vietnam will track where it goes, in effect, but also, you know, areas of east java. we had a tornado here. damage destroy at least $500.00 homes. ok. back to right now as it veers further toward the east sunday. looking to go raid over a high nan and then slam into southern sections of china. so it's a story we're going to continue to keep tabs on in the days to come northern areas
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of china right now that cold blasted air making its way through korea as wall. and then that snow certainly piling up the western side of horseshoe and hook kado. so has a high of one degree on saturday, but your temperatures, they will rise in time by the start of next week, high of 10 degrees. i take you to the sub continent right now we're going to focus on india, you know, for the northwest. we've had a foggy start, so we're talking punjab and roger sun tipters a bit below average, shareable chat more about that in effect. but look at this band of rain over sure long colombo has a high 30 degrees. and as for those chile temperatures in delhi, you're just a few degrees below average for this sum of the year season. ready well, still have the news. we look at how 11 of the economy crisis is leading to a dramatic rise in child abuse. and we'll hear from nadine, refugee who went on to have a felon football career about women. ah,
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ah. ah look about you're watching the al jazeera news hour with me. so romney, reminder of all top stories. the you and human rights council is calling to the establishment of an international commission to monitor alleged abuses, meet the opiate that's receiving credible reports at all sides in the conflict all committing severe. she been rights violations. dozens of people are fed dead in japan after a fire to psychiatric, a psychiatric.


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