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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries. the young cyclist and happiness, africa direct on al jazeera ah covered 19 infections and death surge in the us and europe as the army con variance prompts government to tighten restrictions. ah, you're watching al jazeera ally from doha with me fully valuable also ahead. the u . n. human rice council is to investigate abuses committed by all sides in ethiopia
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as war. at least 12 people to kill them. thousands of homes destroyed by a typhoon in the philippines. i remember yelling, teaser teaser teaser and the former minnesota police officer who killed black malter is donte right. break sound as she takes us. ah, we begin in the us where corona, virus cases and hospital admissions are rising at an alarming rate. as the winter search continues, the number of infections as increased by 40 per cent compared to last month, while hospitalizations have risen by around 45 percent. many universities across the country are reverting to online teaching and towards events have been canceled or postponed. it comes, as experts predicts the only con,
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very into will soon become the dominant strain there. i'm a crime is increasing rapidly and we expect it to become the dominant strain in the united states as it has in other countries. in the coming weeks, we've seen cases of armor crime among those who are aboard, vaccinated and boosted. and we believe these cases are milder or is symptomatic because of vaccine protection for the un vaccinated. you are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families. in the hospitals you may soon overwhelm live till alan fisher in washington and so on. what seek center of the increasing case is in the us, and where is the greatest concentration of case? well, years ago we're worried about the delta vivian, and in july, joe biden confidently predicted that the united states had kicked the but all of the corporate virus. and here we are just a few days before christmas in 2021. looking at huge searches and hospitalizations
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right across the country. the midwest in the northeast are the areas that seem to be most impacted. 18 states including and washington d. c. have seen arise and hospital admissions just the last few days of more than 5 percent. let's take connecticut for an example. we've seen the rise of 24 percent. no, for some small places in some rural communities. that's simply too much to bear. and there is a real worry among health experts and the white house that some hospital systems are going to be overwhelmed. there are ging, people as quickly as possible. if you've already had the double jobs to get vaccinated with the booster as soon as possible. and if you haven't been vaccinated, then they're seeing really you've got to do that. otherwise they are predicting that there could be what they call a viral blizzard in america over the next few weeks. as you say, the messaging from the white house alan is get vaccinated or get the booster shot.
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is any of that getting through? are people hitting that whole? of course there was a big surgeon, vaccinations, just as the vaccination started to come on to the market. and america was very happy with the way things were going. but no, it's just less than 40 percent that aren't vaccinated here in the u. s. that still quite a significant number. and if you break those figures down, you will find that most of the people who aren't vaccinated identify as republicans . so it really doesn't matter what joe biden or the white house says. there are a lot of people out in the united states who say, we're never going to listen to what this guy's got to see. even though he seeing this could actually save your life. and if you break down the figures even more, you will see that the number of people who are dying tend to be in read states that is republican states. and the majority of those who are dying are republicans. and so that is a real what a know add to that. the fact that we're coming in to the christmas and new year
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break. remember a month ago we were talking about thanksgiving. how is a big travel day of people we're going to big family gatherings. nothing compared to christmas and new year. in fact, from to night, people are going to start heading off on their christmas and new year vacations. and that is a real worry for the white house and for the health experts, because they believe that this will lead to a search, which of course then leads to increased hospitalizations, which means that joe biden isn't kicking the but of the or micron variant any time soon alan thanking father abdullah alan fisher in washington d. c. the u. k. has seen a rec number of coven 19 cases for the 3rd day in a row. more than $93000.00 infections were registered on friday, around 4 percent off on the con cases. total numbers nationwide have increased by about 39 percent in just a week, but the death rates remains relatively low. france, meanwhile, has a mound set major public parties and fireworks will be banned on years. eve,
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as corona, virus infections rise prime ministers, younger fixes, all citizens even if vaccinated should take a self test. before attending social events, he said the only con strain is likely to be the dominant strain from january. france has been reporting an average of $50000.00 new infections each day. natasha, but last, more from paris on how new restrictions are, are affecting travelers. pull the french government's decision to pan, all non essential travel between france, me, u. k. from saturday, has caused a lot of disruption and disappointment for people in both countries who are hoping to spend some of the holiday season with family and friends. so lot of people have had to cancel their trips, others have been scrambling to try and get a plane or a train before those restrictions come into force. and we've been speaking to some of them here at the cross channel train terminal in paris. lot i would have made it work anyway. had i booked to train it was late like this. i got this train by
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chances i missed that district. i'd probably i would undermine way to make it work anyway. wouldn't quickly change my train, or maybe i wouldn't want to, i wouldn't want to spend christmas by myself for people that i have to take the train to come to paris, whatever. and it's unfortunate and inside, but the same how many people are just trying to get a hold of what's going on and kind of have to have empathy for that. even though if it comes to the point of impacting people's lives, you know, negative way. but it's been 2 years up, this has been dragging on so you know, it sucks, but it is what it is. well, the reason for these travel restrictions, according to the french government, is because they say they've been looking at the situation in the u. k. with a lot of concern, they're seeing the high number of cov infections there, and particularly the spread of the army con a very now even though there are registered cases of on the corner here in france, the government says that what they need to do is try and slow down is transmission
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in this is just one of the ways they are trying to buy time time for people to get their a booster, a dose of coven vaccine. they are all they've also approved vaccination for 5 to 11 year olds across france. that will help to they say the government, a warning, the next few weeks ahead could be very difficult. indeed. we know already the doctors are saying that i see you beds already filling up in avenues. united states has called on all sides in ethiopia, here, long war to renounce an end to violence against civilians. the united nations human rights council has agreed to set up a commission to investigate a lecture abuses in the country. the line says it's receiving credible reports at all sides and the conflicts are committing human rights violations. the estimates are shocking. according to information at our disposal. from november 2020, to june 2021. over 2200 survivors reported sexual and gender based
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violence to health facilities across the gray region. one of the one stop centers reported that the victims in over 90 percent of cases were miners and estimated the visits to the center had quadrupled since the complete iraq a year ago. it is important to keep in mind that this figures are most probably an underestimation of the true extent of the sexual, engender res vines being perpetrated. while if he'll be a, has dismissed accusations of abuse and has rejected the resolution establishing an investigation. we hold our own council members who who form bruce have been stand against us, shows cited in those. and the refuse bill is additional human rights by video being, this is always you. i will leg to eat,
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tell you that my go live. we not operate with anyone, can assume that maybe in good or he al jazeera is malcolm web has more from nairobi . some average breast concern is european union. the code for this extraordinary session of the un human right council. we've heard that some of the biggest economies in the you have actually been quite reluctant to other members of the you that are the driving force behind this. the u. s. state department has been outspoken about this issue as well. just last week. he was saying it was concerned about report that to gray and forth is committed abuses in the holla region to be a piano, the government itself, and some of the allies. it's very much against the setting up of an international commission to investigate right to be described what it says in the neo colonial takeover of the human rights commission of human rights council to try and
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interfere with it with its own sovereignty. it says that it's capable of investigating the, the duties and delivering justice domestic, leave it right. say that in spite of promising to do that before it's failed to do so. today the philippines is counting the cost of tie phone righ, which has killed at least $12.00 people and destroyed thousands of homes. the storm hit, the central and southern region is forcing hundreds of 1000 to seek safety. it's now heading towards vietnam and china jamila and doug and has more from manila who is in 24 hours a sin stifle dry 1st made landfall in the philippines, and many areas remain cut off. government leaders admit they are struggling to get an accurate picture of the typhoons impact the net. gross and sir ego provinces. in the town of murray, bo hockey ball province. rescue operations are still underway. local government
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workers there say at least 20000 families have already been evacuated from their homes. and many more are in desperate need of rescue. evacuees can't stay in temporary shelters for too long because of coven 19 restrictions. social distancing impacts evacuation sites is difficult to implement. many see there are more worried about the long term impact of this devastation. millions of filipinos are already bearing the brunt of the economic recession. they fear the latest typhoon disaster could obliterate whatever livelihood they have left. the government has pre positioned aids and military as 1st responders across the country, but many communities remain cut off that the officials and even aid groups are still struggling. how and where to send aid to those who need it. most type would
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ride, devastated huge parts of the desires and the men to now regions. these pictures show extensive damage of the international airport in civil power and communication lines are down and some hospitals are reported to be damaged even for a country often yet by natural disasters. this damage is being seen as unprecedented. hello, jim l as in dog n al jazeera manila, coming up after the break, kowager 0 speaks to iran, chief negotiator about grace that talk to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. and you k prime minister boys johnson react, rushing, bi election d as members of things at home already place she was i, i look forward to parameters,
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guys with sponsored by capital airways. your weather is story for asia right here, right now we're going to begin in india, where toward the northwest, no major weather alerts right across the country, but that northwest corner we do have alerts for but fog and a bit of a cold snap going on. so we'll show you the 3 day forecast in delhi, your temperatures a bit below average. dip and down to 6. but as you head out of the city, the temperatures are even lower. now for the most part, typhoon ry has made a clean sweep of the philippines is the strongest storms we have seen in the western pacific. and it is quite a number on the philippines. it's now in the south china sea, so we'll trace where it goes. is it brushes up against that coast of vietnam over the weekend? i don't think it's going to make a landfall here, but still enough to cause some damage. it will veer toward the east, go over, potentially. hi, nan before slamming into southern portions of china. so this is a story we'll continue to keep tabs on over the next few days to northern china.
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right now we do have that blast of cool air coming down also into korea as well. and that snow piling up for western portions of honshu and whole cargo. so i mentioned that cool air soldiers, high of one degree on saturday, but give it time. those temperatures will rise back to double digits on monday. we do have a cloudy day. however, on monday, that's your weather fear. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on i'll just era. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to plate that others and not as far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference with
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them. they're like ah, flow again, a recap of our top stories on al jazeera us grown of eyes cases and hospital admissions are surging. on average, more than a $120000.00 infections are being reported each day. an increase of 40 percent on last month. the u. k. seen a rec number of covered 1000 cases for the 3rd day in a row. more than $93000.00 infections were registered on friday. the booster program is accelerating. half of all adults have received a 3rd job. and the un human rights council has agreed to set up a commission to examine abuses in ethiopia, conflicts investigators say they're received, credible reports at all sides are committing violations against civilians. in the u
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. s. former minneapolis reese offers that came potter has apologized in court for shooting and killing 20th black man, dante wright. she's facing 2 charges of manslaughter, but claims she meant to draw her taser instead of her gun video of the shooting set off protests across the u. s. john hendern has more from chicago. the fate of kim potter, a white police officer accused in the racially charged killing of a black man will soon be in the hands of a jury. members of the jury in highly anticipated testimony in minneapolis, courtroom potter took the stand in her own defense, breaking down, saying she meant to pull out her taser. but the former police officer who was a 26 year veteran says she accidentally drew her gun instead and fired, killing 20 year old dante, right. as he drove away from police, it's just one chaotic it
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and then i remember yelling, teaser taser taser and nothing happened. potter was supervising another officer when he pulled right over for offenses. she says probably did not merit a traffic stop. right. had expired registration tax and an air freshener dangling from the rear view mirror. both technical violations that are often overlooked. an air freshener to me is not just an equipment violation. and during the cove at times of the high cove at times the departmental motor vehicles were so offline that people were getting tabs and we were advised not to try to enforce a lot of those things because the tabs, we're just not in circulation. then the stop went wrong, right?
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pulling away with an officer still dangling from his car. potter says the officer had a look of fear on his face and she wanted to save his life. potter is charged with 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. legal experts say that the prosecution probably has to prove that she acted with some degree of consciousness. if the jury decides that she acted unconsciously and didn't know that she was using lethal force, that's probably not enough for a conviction. the shooting came when public interest in police killings of black men was at its peak in the midst of the racially charged trial of the white police officer who killed george floyd in neighboring minneapolis drawing protesters to the scene of the brooklyn center. shoot over and over in a tearful cross examination, potter who had never fired a weapon in an arrest. apologized, you are focused on what you had done because you had to tell somebody
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you knew that gently force was unreasonable and unwarranted or anybody like you said, i'm going to go to prison. i don't remember whether that happens and whether dante writes life ended in an unfortunate accident or a criminal act. a jury will decide. john henderson, al jazeera chicago, the 7th round of talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal have ended in vienna. the used coordinator says if establish good relationships with new delegates, some tave on and agreed upon. some of the wants, key demand store sit jibari vapours from vienna. an unprecedented display by the united nations nuclear watchdog. this is one of the cameras, the international atomic energy agency has been trying to get reinstalled in a workshop outside to her on since june. that's when iranian officials say an act
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of sabotage was carried out damaging these cameras. the reigning officials are about to conclude their investigation. some in iran say these cameras could have played a role in the attack and a charge the director general denies it is, are served to believe or to say that the i e, cover us women part of some sort of solvent. that is number one, number 2, this commerce will not have any trust meter in beacon that can be used in the way that it was alleged. as the issue of iran's compliance with the i. e a seems to have been resolved for now. the european signatories of the deal, france, germany and u. k. along with russia and china and the united states, wrapped up their 7th round of talks in vienna. now it's cleared, the clock is ticking. we don't have much time. the reason polish sense of urgency in every pin we do here. so we will resume,
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we will resume whom we will be, i hope hub in the final thrones of these negotiations. the leader in, in negotiator and deputy foreign minister ali bowery. connie is more hopeful than ever before. that's because the 2 proposals are on put forward at the start of this round, which began on november 29th, have finally be agreed on by all parties to be part of the day log in the upcoming talks. and the most important developments so far the americans are talking specific sanctions really for iran was my last, as we are making provisions about sanctions, relief and have gone back and forth with the americans. and they've accepted a series of our demands and we are in the process of negotiating the details of the whole year. iran and world power signed a nuclear agreement in 2015, which curved its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief and economic benefits. but the united states withdrew from the deal in 2018 and imposed
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sanctions on iran. and iran then reduces commitments to the nuclear deal in retaliation. this was the 1st round for iran, new nuclear negotiating team under president abraham bracy. the had a new list of demands which slowed down these talks and frustrated. many of the other parties involved. but the state has finally been said to begin the hard part of the negotiations. as all parties involved was agreed, the time is of the essence to try and get all those parties to revive the nuclear deal. doors such avari al jazeera vienna. the you case, prime minister says he accepts full responsibility for a crushing by election defeat. we can serve a party last, the north shop, share seat for the 1st time in almost 2 centuries. earlier this week, a 100 m. p 's from boys johnson's own party voted against his plan for strict zacharon of ice meshes. and her ceilings reports from when in shropshire country life in north shropshire has been synonymous with conservative voting for
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nearly 2 centuries. but not any more. morgan, helen, margaret, lillian, liberal democrats, 17000. 957. o helen morgan is now the m. p from centralized opposition party smashed at 23000 majority for boris johnson's conservative party. the people have no structure, have spoken on behalf of the british people. they said loudly and clearly phones, johnson, the party is either. johnson responded by saying he took full responsibility. i totally understand people's frustrations. i, i hear what the voters are saying in north rupture. and oh, humidity, i gotta accept over that verde the liberal democrat party with its battle ground headquarters and the grounds of a stately home brought in activists from all over the country
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a mile down the road. they quickly conquered the market town of wim. the conservative club, a desolate place in defeat, talking to people here, and it's plain to see that this isn't just about public unease midway through a government term. it's about trust, political leadership, and one person. the prime minister dennis prince, voted liberal democrat, not because it might be better for his business. he had been outraged by a christmas party in downing street a year ago when his mother was seriously ill in her care, home. not being able to visit her for a year and had a very detrimental effect on my mother's well being. and now we find that the people that were telling us to stay at home, social distancing, et cetera, et cetera. when you find that they've been having parties at downing street and a conservative h q, then that's pretty hard to take. this bi election was called after the m p. o. in
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paterson broke rules on lobbying, he'd been paid by 2 private companies to try to influence government policies. madison quit after borrows. johnson botched an attempt to save him from a suspension from parliament. what's also we can johnson's authority is a rebellion by a 100 conservative m. p. 's voting against the use of coven passes. john murray is a former conservative mer of when he says johnson is now a liability, basically hasn't got when packing the party anymore really was an awful lot against him. says one thing, one day and those totally the opposite elect day. the conservatives are likely to review the way they govern when parliament returns from the christmas recess in the new year. there's little political cheer for boris johnson right now. andrew simmons al jazeera women, shropshire chili's next president will be elected on sunday in was being described as the most unpredictable vote there in a long time. the runoff is between
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a far right, conservative and a progressive social democrat. and the deciding factor may well be how they plan to solve unprecedented levels of crime and social unrest. a latin america editor lucio newman has more from santiago after 2 years of constant protests that too often end in violence, especially on fridays, guided or cd is closing. what is arguably santiago's oldest and most famous sandwiches. hurry her here everything has been vandalized. he took out the furniture and destroyed it. same thing with the pizzeria, the pharmacy that was here. on the 2 of the 18 businesses on this block have survived. he complains that thousands of jobs have been lost since chile social uprising began, and the public order has been abandoned. on this friday, protesters are already gathering nearby these riot police are expected to soon move in to crush
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a demonstration that's just about 50 meters from here. they believe that it will soon get violent and destructive. and although it's usually only a very small group that take part in acts of vandalism, many julian say that these kinds of protests have gone too far. and they blame the chaos that they believe is taking place in this country. on the left. why left him center left wing politicians condemned police abuse, neglect, and to show support the victims a more so called revolutionary violence by protest? years lacking that, but it assume their interpretation was wrong, and you actually does not want a revolution. he didn't kill, he wants reforms, change improvements, but done with moderation in peace and tranquillity. many are also afraid of the current upheaval in south central chile, where armed indigenous my poacher groups, who are claiming ancestral lands are carrying out constant attacks. all this explains why extreme conservative cosentino cast until
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a few months ago considered an outsider was being seen as a savior by chileans who yearn for law and order. oh yeah. oh, the terrorists, some consider men extremist, but to persecute terrorism is not extreme. no, where is the violence worst? and in low income neighborhoods were organized, crime and drug trafficking have taken over, especially since the pandemic, millennial 11th, and a 26 year old mustang castiel gives us a short tour of lloyd mila, where ordinary citizens are too afraid to go out at night. and they are blanket during the day, looks more normal, but at night this is a no man's land. every day people are selling drugs on every corner or waiting to my get home. the knock was set off fireworks to cover the noise of the gunfire. or to announced arrival of drugs one possibly, if indeed, monica bastions, mother says that those who sleep downstairs are less likely to receive stray bullet . but that it's more dangerous for her daughter who sleeps upstairs. at the 60
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children have died from stray bullets in the last 3 years. i as left when canada w bought each would he do about it. i'm a little girl, martha gamma will be ruthless with drug traffickers will strengthen arms control laws and redistribute police to where they're most deviate when they're not reduced . more money. whether with a harder or softer touch, ever when sundays elections will be expected to make julians feel more safe again. lucy newman, al jazeera santiago. ah . clare again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera us grown of iris. cases in hospital admissions are surging, on average. more than a 120000 infections are being reported every day. an increase of 40 percent on last month. i'm a crown is increasing rapidly and we expect it to become the dominant strain in the
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united states as it has and other countries in the coming weeks. we've seen case.


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