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ah, al jazeera, when i me kind of 19 infections and death search and the us and you are with the french prime minister warning the on the con, very spreading at lightning speed. ah, no, on the ottoman this is al jazeera and live from dog. ha. also coming up reports of severe damage, destruction in the philippines officer, a super typhoon kim, 12 people that us human rights council will investigate abuses committed by all
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sides and the war and how young musicians in south africa, of reclaiming jazz. ah, corona vars cases and hospital admissions in the us are accelerating as the one to serge continues. the number of infections has increased by 40 percent compared to last month. while the numbers in hospital have risen bar around 45 percent. many universities that going back online teaching and sports events has been cancelled or postponed. experts predict the on the con variant will soon become the dominant strain there. mccann is increasing rapidly and we expect it to become the dominant strain in the united states as it has in other countries. in the coming weeks, we've seen cases of armor crown among those were about vaccinated. and winston, and we believe these cases are milder or asymptomatic. because of vaccine
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protection. and alan fish has more from washington d. c. of course there was a big surgeon, vaccinations, just as the vaccination started to come on to the market. and america was very happy with the way things were going. but no, it's just less than 40 percent that aren't vaccinated here in the us that still quite a significant number. and if you break those figures down, you will find that most of the people who aren't vaccinated identify as republicans . so it really doesn't matter what joe biden or the white house says, there are a lot of people out in the united states who say, we're never going to listen to what this guy's got to see. even though he seeing this could actually save your life, and if you break down the figures even more, you will see that the number of people who are dying tend to be in read states. that is republican states. and the majority of those who are dying are republicans, and so that is a real worry know, add to that,
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the fact that we're coming in to the christmas and new year break. remember a month ago we were talking about thanksgiving. how is a big travel day of people we're going to big family gatherings. nothing compared to christmas and new year. in fact, from to night, people are going to start heading off on their christmas and new year vacations. and that is a real worry for the white house and for the health experts, because they believe that this will lead to a search, which of course then leads to increased hospitalizations, which means that joe biden isn't kicking the but of the, or macro variant any time soon, and frances announced major public parties and fireworks will be banned on new year's eve. as corona, virus infections rise prominence, john caustics, as all citizens even vaccinated, should take a self test before attending social events. he said the on the cross strain is spreading at lightning speed. france has been reporting an average of 15000 new infections each day or flights trains and fairies between the u. k. and france sold
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out on friday out of the french government drastically, was trying to travel. natasha butler has moved from paris, pull the french government's decision to pan, all non essential travel between france, me, u. k. from saturday has caused a lot of disruption and disappointment for people in both countries who are hoping to spend some of the holiday season with family and friends. so lot of people have had to cancel their trips. others have been scrambling to try and get a plane or a train before those restrictions come into force. and we've been speaking to some of them here at the cross channel train terminal in paris. i thought i would have made it work. 7 anyway, had i got to train it was like this, i got this train by chances i missed. i'm probably i would have found that way to make it work anyway. wouldn't quickly change my train or maybe i wouldn't want, i wouldn't want to spend christmas on herself. her people that i had to take the train to come to paris, whatever. and it's unfortunate and inside, but the same how many people are just trying to get
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a hold of what's going on. and you don't have to have empathy for that. even though if it comes to the point of impact people's log, you know, negative way. but it's been 2 years up, this has been dragging on so you know, it sucks, but it is what it is. well, the reason for these travel restrictions, according to the french government, is because they say they've been looking at the situation in the u. k. with a lot of concern, they're seeing the high number of cov infections there and particularly the spread of the omicron a very now even though there are registered cases of on the corner here in france, the government says that what they need to do is try and slow down his transmission in this is just one of the ways they are trying to buy time time for people to get their a booster, a dose of coven vaccine. they are all they've also approved vaccination for 5 to 11 year olds across france. that will help to they say the government, a warning, the next few weeks ahead could be very difficult. indeed. we know already the
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doctors are saying that i see you beds already filling up and the u. k. has seen a record number of clothing 19 cases for the 3rd day in a row, more than 93000 infections were registered on friday. total case numbers nationwide have increased by about 39 percent and just a week, but the death rate remains relatively low. and bush research is say, the risk of reinfection would, the on the kron variant is more than 5 times greater than delta. the study suggests protection for those who already had coded 19, maybe as low as 19 percent. the researches at imperial college london, se booster shots can provide up to 80 percent protection and a curfew comes into effect an ard and from sunday to try and reduce on the calm, spread palm restaurants. and all of the hospitality venues will have to close by 8 pm until the end of january. the government is planning financial support for those affected denmark with impose new restrictions as it to see the record day,
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the case numbers, theater, cinemas, entertainment, parks, and conference centers will all clothes from sunday. the government will also limit the service of our call. now tie authorities are inspecting a damaged prison after it was set on fire by hundreds of writing inmates. the corona was outbreak at the facility provoked. 2 days of unrest. prisoners had been demanding better access to medical care for those with severe symptoms. ty presence on towards the overcrowded and have struggled to curb to spread the virus. more than $87000.00 inmates have tested positive for the fall. but moving on to other news down thousands of soldiers and emergency personnel adjoining search and rescue efforts in the philippines after it was hit by one of the strongest storms in the world. this year least 20 people were killed. as typhoon rise swept to cross southern and central region on thursday and friday, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes. the storm is now
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easing and has moved into the south china sea. jimmy darling build on the miller and says the level of devastation is only now becoming clear. we are starting to be able to be in touch with our contacts on the ground. those who are in the provinces of city go, behold, province in late the province. and the situation really is quite desperate people. we've spoken to say they are in desperate need of water medicine shelter, you know, basic blankets and sleeping meds. many of the areas also have their hearts, but those spartley damaged some of the patients. there are also in need of basic food medicine and supplies. but again, the major issue here is that the traveling point, the transport stops the airports and the ports of largely been destroyed to civil international airport is non operational. same with the other airport in city gall problem. so a lot of the operations are moving eastward in the city,
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and this is where a lot of the recon flights are coming out. we've spoken also to the emergency response officials here or is the course. so trying to figure out exactly what the death all is, there are conflicting numbers coming out and they themselves admit that this is really the most critical part. getting this information very bite and making sure that help gets to those who need it most. but the, you know, it is a communication and transportation issue at this point. authorities in indonesia have raised the volcanic inert level on java island feeling yet another devastating eruption. 48 people were killed when mount summarily erupted. earlier this month, 36 people are still missing the countries. the geological agency says it's picking up more activity which could trigger an avalanche of lava and gas or flash floods in northern iraq have killed at least 12 people, an injured hundreds more. one person was killed after being struck by lightning,
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while others drowned inside their homes. and dozens of houses in advance have been damaged and bosses and trucks have been swept away and more heavy rains for cost over the next few days. now the un human rights council has agreed to set up a commission to examine alleged abuses and ethiopia. investigators say the received credible reports that all sides of the conflict can missing human rights violations . the united states has called for an end to the violence and the year long war. the estimates are shocking. according to information i our disposal from november 2020, to june 2021. over 2200 survivors reported sexual and gender based violence throughout the city. these across the gray region, one are go. one stop said this reported that the victims in over 90 percent of cases were miners and estimated that visit's to the center had quadrupled since
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the call dropped a year ago. it is important to keep in mind that this figures are most probably an underestimation of the true extent of the sexual and gender race vines being perpetrated. while the he'll be in government has dismissed the accusations of abuse and says it won't cooperate with an investigation. we hold our own council members. so a stunt gave us short sighted in those and the refuse blessed additional human rights by rejecting this ownership, i will leg to tell you that my government will not operate with anyone can resumes or maybe in or he or alex the while as executive director of the world peace foundation and he says, the government's lack of corporation makes it difficult to assess the scale of the situation and to gray. it hugely complicates the matter of course,
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if the field and government were as innocent as it is claiming to be would have no problem in lifting censorship. allowing of ethiopian mediator report freedom, which it's not an allowing international journalists and human rights investigators . in the very fact that it is not doing that is implicitly admission. the terrible things are going on. and the, the figures and the, and the reports that we are getting from the ground are really just the tip of the iceberg. the every to grown who might speak to, for example, every single one has lost a family member to, to violence. and it, it, and the, the undocumented extent of the abuses is really quite horrifying. found saddam rally organized by the opposition coalition, forces of freedom and change was disrupted by tear gas. the group was part of the government until a military takeover in october from mr. abdullah humboldt was reinstated after
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a political agreement with the military last month. the protest as have rejected the deal. still ahead on al jazeera. i remember yelling, teaser teaser teaser and nothing happens in the fall and minnesota police officer who killed black mountain was dante wright breaks down as she takes the stand. and thousands of people have gathered and catherine capital to celebrate its national day. ah hello, nice to see a we have a big drop in temperature is come in for europe more on that in his heck. hello everyone, good to see you. but 1st, so here and now high pressure, the driver of the school bus for northwestern sections of europe. so what does that mean? we go in for a closer look at needs. it's deflecting systems acting as
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a shield up in around the republic of ireland and the united kingdom. we've got a feed of rain while precipitation into western areas of scandinavia. now on to those temperatures, i don't know if you're ready for the 3 day for paris, just a high 3 degrees on tuesday, but that overnight low minus 5, that's well below average. we still have some high temperatures, though, further toward the south, seville at 21 and i think we'll nudge up over the next few days for the balkans cloud cover, some rain and also a shield of snow as harry eva could pick up about 2 to 5 centimeters of snow breezy through the not only adriatic, but also the g n and the easter met. and that's where we're locked into this saki weather pattern . look at that, went through the boss for assist, amble 6 degrees and disturbed weather across the levant. next up are going toward the top end of african, we got some showers, sneak in in across the northern coast of libya. same goes for egypt, but look at this. i think it may impact places like alexandria, but cairo will stay dry with the high of 18 on saturday.
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ah, with an abundance of resolve. lauren was a woman. we move to grow and fraud with economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create jobs. invest might be part of his growth and progress in indonesia. now. oh, the me
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watching. i'll just bear with me and provide them a reminder of our top story, the falla corona virus cases and hospital admissions in the us are federal racing. the number of infections is increased by 40 percent compared to non mom, while the numbers in hospitals have risen by around 45 percent. fall announced major public policies and fireworks will be banned on museum. as colonial august infections continue to revive the countries reporting an average of $50000.00 new infections each day. more than 800000 san jose and emergency personnel adjoining search and rescue efforts in the philippines. the country of cleaning up off to tie from by what the cross southern and central region on thursday, killing at least 20 people. now the united states says it's prepared to talk to russia about its demands to curve nato activity in eastern europe. moscow wants nate host limit new membership and restrict activities and former soviet countries
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. us president, jo biden's, national security advisor says consultation with european partners is underway. the u. s. is increasingly concerned by washes military build up of the border with ukraine. we have been clear as the united states and just yesterday, the 30 nations of the nato alliance were clear in a statement that came out of the north atlanta council. were prepared for dialogue with russia. we've had dialogue with russia on european security issues for the last 20 years. we had it with the soviet union in for decades before that that has sometimes produced private progress, sometimes produced deadlock, but we are fundamentally prepared for dialogue. russia has now put on the table, its concerns with american and nato activities. we're going to put on the table are concerned with russian activities that we believe harm our interests and values. but russia's, deputy foreign minister was quoted by news agency and the facts saying the u. s. in nature was so far rejecting the ideas and that their response was not encouraging
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the toner. you will say you, washington and a nato allies need to immediately stop regular hostile actions against our country, including on scheduled war games, st with encounters maneuvers, military ships and planes, and entered the military absorption of ukrainian territory. while european diplomats calling the adjournment of nuclear talks with iran, a disappointing pause the party. se negotiations will resume quickly though no date being said. they hoping to revive the 2015 agreement that sees the wrong limits of nuclear activity and exchange for sanctions relief that use delegates of progress has been made, but they're still a long way to go. we have found a lot of work ahead, a very complex task i had to say difficult push because decision to be taken. now it's time to take to focus on priorities to focus on what is the most important for
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each litigation to take decisions accordingly. and to go ahead because again, we don't have much time. there is an obvious sense of urgency in everything we do here. so we will resume, we will resume soon or we will be, i hope javion the find out french of these negotiations. now thousands of tennesseans have been rallying on the 11th anniversary of the uprising which triggered the arab spring revolution. crowds gathered both for and against president guy's side. he recently announced a constitutional referendum for next july. that will be a year after he seized widespread. pallas is been widely criticized for the move many a calling a qu now form of minneapolis, police officer kemp porter has apologized in court for shooting and killing 20 year
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old black man. dante wright, pato, who is facing 2 charges of manslaughter as, as she mistakenly fired, had gun instead of her taser video of the shooting set off launch protests across the us. john handwritten has moved from chicago. the fate of kim potter, a white police officer accused in the racially charged killing of a black man will soon be in the hands of a jury. members of the jury in highly anticipated testimony in minneapolis, courtroom potter took the stand in her own defense, breaking down, saying she meant to pull out her taser. but the former police officer who was a 26 year veteran says she accidentally drew her gun instead and fired, killing 20 year old dante, right. as he drove away from police, it's just one she had. okay. it and then i remember yelling taser taser,
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taser. and nothing happens. potter was supervising another officer when he pulled right over for offences she says probably did not merit a traffic stop. right had expired registration tags, and an air freshener dangling from the rear view mirror. both technical violations that are often overlooked. an air freshener to me is not just an equipment violation. and during the cova times, the high cova times, the motor vehicles were so offline that people were getting tabs and we were advised not to try to enforce a lot of those things because the tabs, we're just not inflict elation. then the stop went wrong, right? pulling away with an officer still dangling from his car, potter says the officer had
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a look of fear on his face and she wanted to save his life. potter is charged with 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. legal experts say that the prosecution probably has to prove that she acted with some degree of consciousness. if the jury decides that she acted unconsciously and didn't know that she was using lethal force, that's probably not enough for a conviction. probably the shooting came when public interest in police killings of black men was at its peak in the midst of the racially charged trial of the white police officer who killed george floyd in neighboring minneapolis drawing protesters to the scene of the brooklyn center. shoot over and over and a tearful cross examination, potter who had never fired a weapon in an arrest. apologized. you are focused on what you had done because you had just killed somebody. sorry. you knew that deadly force was unreasonable and unwarranted? anybody?
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that's why you said, i'm going to go to prison. whether that happens and whether dante writes life ended in an unfortunate accident or a criminal act, a jury will decide. john henry and al jazeera chicago, now better socialize again, maxwell has declined to testify in her sex trafficking trial. maxwell told a judge that prosecutors hadn't proven the case beyond reasonable doubt. her lawyers west their defense following 2 days of testimony ahead of closing arguments on monday. they argued her for accuses, went, credible because of memory lapses, prosecuted say maxwell recruited teenage girls on behalf of her former boyfriend jeffrey epstein. now national day celebrations are underway in cutter. thousands packed door has water fun to watch the traditional parade of fireworks, and the spectacular light show will illuminate the capital laser to honor
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unification, 143 years ago in 18. 78. well, let's get more on this with george by mohammed vall, he is live for us here in doha, a lot happening in cash at the moment mohammed the 1st national day since the end, the blockade of cut by neighboring countries was trying to convey with today's events ah, oh, that's right lisa, we have seen the celebrations since it's part of many days ago. but to the peak was this morning when the emir of cut off was attending there. and we have seen that air show display of her, of military aircraft, even though this year they decided not to not to have that parade of military vehicles. and i understandably the message. there is not, this is a year of peace. this is a year of reassurance as to the world, not only about the fact that a cutter has come out from a very tough experience when it was on the blockade for years by its neighbors and
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bad situation has ended. a peace prevailing in the gulf region, but also the fact that this is the year of the, of the world cup and cutter is preparing for that or so. remember that today is the closing day of the fee for our cup. not final match is going to be watched across the world, especially in the region today. so lots of good news, good coincidences for katara. and basically the message is that cut our e is in charge. cutter is able to receive the world cup to organize, woke up in the best conditions. they focused on art exhibitions. they focused on cultural events during this celebration. remember that it's been more than a 140 years when cover was celebrating. the states called the national day as it is different from the cutter holes colonial independence day. a few years ago, the government, a couple decided to focus on the national day because this is the day when cup are
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actually it existed as a unified country or in the deserts. many tribes came together, fully defined. what has what had been going on there in, in terms of national unity in the country. so, and you, spirit today for katara and reassures us for the world. is that that's basically the gist of it. all right? mm hm. and thank you very much for that for now. that's mohammed van live in. tell her. thank you. now the do case top civil servant investigate in christmas parties and government buildings due and locked down has stepped down from the roll. it turns out one of those parties was held in his own office simon case isn't said to have attended the party, but knew what happened. prime minister boss johnson ordered the prose off to a video, emerged of his officials, joking about a christmas party last year. in breach of corona virus rules. now, finally, the 3rd bulletin, musicians in south africa are on
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a mission to revive jazz culture. music has been used for decades to tell the world of the struggle against racial segregation. but fans of the genre founded hard to access an artist will arrested or fled the country during the apartheid era farm. the miller reports from cape town, a sunday afternoon in the township of cook, who let you in cape town in informal fittings like this one back yards. the jazz musicians are reviving genre of music that has a long but sometimes forgotten history. ok, todd is a very divided and back in the days, musicians used to travel across the railroad lines closer. it was because the lines are the ones that separate communities and they were, they were bought from playing together and just need to bring back the culture and
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actually dream music back to where it belongs. in the town. the both local and international artist perform at these events that the organize and say bring together people from all walks of life, racial segregation during apartheid for self african grades. like up to abraham, you must kayla and maria mckay about into exile abroad that they performed in europe and the united states using their music not just to entertain, but also to protest against the party government today till the african job has both local and international influences. south africa has developed its own so full style of jazz, creating a unique sound and form part of its history and culture. and now younger generation is working to make sure that side of music stays haven't the
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ship. it was 1st exposed to jazz is a 5 year old mother who worked in the industry, always firmly believe that you know, you, you, you play the sound of your immediate environment. you know, if you really through and in tune with what's going on. so it's absolutely natural to play this and sound this way. the kyle didn't play classical music but tend to jazz in his late teens and plays all over the world. he says he finds the youngest audiences attending jazz events. and so africa as a young musician and especially, you know, sort of knish jaw there is such as jazz even let's call it what it is i think, you know, constantly trying to at, on one and, you know, battling with, with, with a question of relevance. but then also to stick side not, not to really not, not to engage with that question of being relevant or not, but producing music that in many ways can be timeless if, if, if needed. you know,
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the judge is also popular at up market. been using cape town, but it's that venue like this one that jazz enthusiast say there's a renewed appreciation and support for the genre, which ultimately pays tribute to south africa history. let me the mila all 0 cape town. ah . hello again, i'm elizabeth brought them in doha, with the headlines on al jazeera corona, virus cases and hospital admissions. in the us accelerating the number of infections is increased by 40 percent compared to last month, while the numbers and hospitals have risen bar around 45 percent. i'm a crime is increasing rapidly and we expect it to become the dominant strain in the united states as it has.


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