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and death use, of course, ah, subscribed to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah. ready coles go louder and britain for the government to impose more restrictions as college 19 cases increase again. ah, i am elizabeth braun am and this is al 0 alive from doha also come enough. soldiers during the major clean up in the philippines, the skate of the damage and destruction from super typhoon dry becomes clearer. russia lists, demands to ease tensions with beta over ukraine. the us says it's prepared to talk
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. as we look ahead to the fee for arab cup final here in doha, where algeria take on to nicea the last major run through before the cutter. 2022 world cup. ah, we begin in the u. k. where a record number of calls in 1000 cases have been recorded for the 3rd day in a row calls from across the political divide. growing for the british government to bring in more restrictions. 9 to 3000 infections were registered on friday. case numbers nationwide have increased by about 39 percent in just a week or let's get more on this. we're joined by me barker in london. so how authorities their coping with the rise in cases me was also trying to figure out how to best protect people. also the economy is really a delicate balance,
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isn't it? and that is one that could potentially politically be harmful for a prime minister, boys. johnson as well. only a few days ago, a 100 ruling conservative party m. p. 's voted against the british government's decision to introduce mandatory policies for people attending major events. if horace johnson moves too quickly to introduce restrictions in light of these rising omicron figures, he could well face an even bigger rebellion from members of his own party at a time which in his leadership authority be weakened by a number of scandals forcing bars. johnson to rely upon votes from the opposition labor policy so that it's not like you look good for him. there's also rising concerns from businesses that if restrictions are introduce, forcing them to close or forcing fewer people to be able to attend restaurant so balls than it could well, lee to thousands of businesses going bust in the new year. the cool, some businesses are growing louder, louder every day for the government to reintroduce financial support measures that
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at a time in which the financial covers of the country already pretty stretched as well . so what the government is doing is doing what it's left when it's only choice is to turbocharged the booth to drive encouraging tens of thousands of people to get their 3rd doses in big stadiums like chelsea's ground on saturday, and also wembley stadium on sunday. but big concerns to this drive needs to reach 1300000 people just in the capital alone, who haven't had a single dose, and that translates as many millions of people across the country. the impact is sobering. we're already starting to see hundreds of medical staff off sick from a hospital just next to where, where based in the shot and london, the implications off many people suddenly foil would cove. it. the national health service can be on the significant strain, very quickly. a wine situation in the u. k. at similar situation and you at the case is rising there and more countries there contemplating more restrictions. me
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yeah, it's really, really difficult to, to decide which lever to pull and how many to pull potentially at the same time. but across the european union, some of those crucially was already started to be pulled island, introduce an 8 p m curfew. imagine this only a few days away from christmas. a city like dublin, normally that has a rich night life tumble wheat, as people put aside that christmas plans and celebrated home with limited numbers. a germany also mulling the possibility of introducing quarantine on people traveling from the united kingdom. we know that france and denmark are on a high risk list. so travelers from those countries could well be affected very, very soon. a portugal warning that by the end of the month, 80 percent of cases, they're likely to be on a chrome, spain saying that $500.00 cases are being reported per 100000 people. meaning that the company has now passed,
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the very high risk threshold and more measures will be needed that the netherlands, health officials, putting pressure on the government to introduce restrictions. these are difficult decisions to be made. but it appears as if they may need to be made soon to bring this situation under control. may thank you for that for now. that certainly voc over the latest live in london. while all of this is going on in the u. k and europe. korean of ice case is an hospital admissions, and the usaa accelerate in to the number of infections is increased by 40 percent compared to last month. while the numbers in hospitals have risen by around 45 percent. many universities going back to online teaching and sports events have been canceled with his fund. experts predict the amazon variant will soon become the dominant strain death. i'm a con, is increasing rapidly and we expect it to become the dominant strain in the united states as it has and other countries in the coming weeks. we've seen cases of armor
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chron among those wearables, vaccinated, and we're still, and we believe these cases are milder or asymptomatic because of vaccine protection . or alan fish has more from washington d. c. of course there was a big surgeon, vaccinations, just as the vaccination started to come on to the market. and america was very happy with the way things were going. but no, it's just less than 40 percent that aren't vaccinated here in the us that still quite a significant number. and if you break those figures down, you will find that most of the people who aren't vaccinated identify as republicans . so it really doesn't matter what joe biden or the white house says, there are a lot of people out in the united states who say, we're never going to listen to what this guy's got to see. even though he seeing this could actually save your life. and if you break down the figures even more, you will see that the number of people who are dying tend to be in read states. that is republican states. and the majority of those who are dying are republicans,
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and so that is a real worry know, add to that, the fact that we're coming in to the christmas and new year break. remember a month ago we were talking about thanksgiving. how is a big travel day or people we're going to big family gatherings? nothing compared to christmas and new year. in fact, from tonight, people are going to start heading off on their christmas and new year vacations. and that is a real worry for the white house and for the health experts, because they believe that this will lead to a search, which of course then leads to increased hospitalizations, which means that joe biden isn't kicking the but of the omicron variant any time soon. living on to other news now and thousands of soldiers and emergency personnel adjoining search and rescue efforts in the philippines all through hedge, while one of the strongest storms in the world. this year, at least 31 people were killed in time for advice, swept across southern and central regions on thursday and friday. hundreds of thousands of people have been full from their homes. the storm is now easing and
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has moved into the south china sea island bogan as a miller and says the level of devastation is only now become unclear. we are starting to be able to be in touch with our contacts on the ground. those who are in the provinces of city go, behold, province in late the province. and the situation really is quite desperate. people we've spoken to say they are in desperate need of water medicine shelter, you know, basic blankets and leaping mads. many of the areas also have their hospitals partly damaged some of the patients. there are also in need of basic food medicine and supplies. but again, the major issue here is that the traveling point, the transport stops the airports and the ports of largely been destroyed. the winter national airport is non operational, same with the other airport in city gall problem. and so a lot of the operations are moving eastward in the city. and this is where
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a lot of the recon flights are coming out. we've spoken also to the emergency response officials here or who are still trying to figure out exactly what the death toll is. there are conflicting numbers coming out and they themselves admit that this is really the most critical part. getting this information very fine and making sure that help gets to those who need it most. but you know, it is a communication and transportation issue. at this point. sal slash lance in northern of ark, have killed at least 12 people. hundreds more have been injured and it seems no relief is inside has more heavy rain is forecast over the next few days. victoria again be reports in the suburbs of a bill, a clean up operation is under way to rent your way enclosed flash floods. here in people's homes and businesses are badly damaged. cameron a more says flood water swept through his property in the middle of the night, had been via harbor my son called me last night and told me to come here because
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there was a flood. thank god, we're fine. the most important thing is that we're safe. everything else can be fixed. the water level reached around one me to 80 is that the flood started around 1 am local time when most people were asleep. but every one got out alive. molly puma, this is my aunt's house. 2 people lived here and they had 2 guests who were disabled when the house was flooded. one of the residents tried to save the disabled people . the force of the water meant he wasn't able to and they drowned. we removed 3 bodies from half a matter of mud. iraqis have been hit by a succession of extreme weather events. they've enjoyed repeated droughts in recent years, but have also experienced intense floods made worse when torrential rain falls on sun baked earth. the government's accused of being too slow to adapt to climate change and that widespread corruption has led to years of under investment in the cities infrastructure. it's left areas like this ill prepared to deal with flooding
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. this is happened because of government neglect and the absence of a solid plan. this is the 3rd time this has happened to us. there's no sewage system or anything that can save us from danger. it will take weeks if not months, the homes to dry out and be repaired. many say they're worried about move floods in the future. victoria gates and be al jazeera. now the united states says is prepared to talk to russia about its demands to curve nato activity in eastern europe. russia announced proposals on friday, calling for legally binding guarantee that nato would seize its military activity in eastern europe and central asia. the u. s. remains concerned of russia's military build up of at least $80000.00 soldiers on the ukraine border. washington described some parts of the draft proposal as unacceptable and once they will be massive consequences over any aggression on ukraine or theresa fallon,
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as director at the center for russia, europe, asia studies. and she says the us would never agree to some of russia's demands. the 1st read of all of this who has been shocked. these are massive, asks that moscow the kremlin once so many of them. of course no one could agree to . for example, no further expansion. any countries that were included nato. since 1997 with nato would have to ask with us would have to ask permission from the kremlin to do any sort of activities. so i think that there are a lot of red lines there that the u. s. has agreed to discuss some of these issues, but these are big asks and it was like a sphere of influence. again that, that put in wants to put in place that they just completed the summit. this kind of might give you a barometer of how some of the europeans, not all member states are members of nato, but they had said that there will be sanctions if russia continues to increase military activity in ukraine. so there are
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a lot of tensions. it's quite interesting the timing of all of this because who tin has we're coming up to the 30th anniversary of the demise of the soviet union. so be december 25th. and it seems to put his putting a lot of things, you know, lining up all his ducks. he has in the shade that he published a statement saying how he worked as a cab driver in the aftermath of the collapse of the soviet union. so these anniversaries are very, very important to him, and it's almost laying out these incredible red lines that he knows nato and the u. s. cannot agree to it's kind of beefing up his domestic support. back back in russia, still head on the bulletin. how chillies wave of undocumented my guns could determine the outcome of sunday's presidential elections. i remember yelling, teaser taser taser and nothing happens. and the former minnesota police
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officer who killed black motion was dante right, breaks down. she takes the stat ah look forward to brita scully's, the with sponsored play cattle at ways. hello, thank you for your company. here's your weather story for asia beginning in se asia where we've got some tropical energy throwing rain around the top end of sumatra, the risk of seeing some flooding there. but hey, let's get you up to speed with typhoon ry as it's just off the coast to vietnam, brushing up against it. have you? israel will be south of denying north of hostem and city pockets of more than $100.00 millimeters of rain. and there was winds howling at more than 100 kilometers per hour, sunday and monday, veering toward the east. i don't think it's going to make a landfill over high now, but it is creeping closer to southern china. so it's something that's on our radar
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for the days to come. now cross areas of japan, it's just been heavy snow over the last few days. western whole kado western central parts of han shoe, so it's probably going to pile up to about 50 centimeters over 12 hours and about 30 centimeters of snow. temperatures are rising across korea. you'll be into double digits by the start of next week. now we're temperatures are going down, is that northwest corner of india, we do have weather alerts in play for a cold snap. and so this is places like delhi, so you get outside of this city and those temperatures really fall just the low of 5 degrees in new delhi, monday into tuesday. that sure weather update enjoy your weekend. we'll see again soon. the weather sponsored by katara always do you want a bank that puts the expert back into expertise? need bank business banking strives to give you a team of specialists who provide extra advice and relevant solutions for your business to guide your group during these unprecedented times. though in an ever
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changing business world, do you want to bank that take your money or a bank that takes your money seriously? need bank bigger picture business banking? ah, ah . the elizabeth, autumn, and reminder of our top stories. the fella record number of quoted 900 cases have been recorded in the u. k. for the 3rd day in a row. 93 infections were registered on friday. case numbers nationwide have increased by about 39 percent and a wage thousands of soldiers and emergency personnel adjoining rescue efforts in
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the philippines. the southern and central region by one of these from the storms and the world is here at least 31 people were killed and more heavy rain and over the rock as expected to have for rescue as the following flash floods. 12 people died and deluge but you went home and was counsel has overridden objections from ethiopia to launch, and international investigation and to potential war crimes. investigators say they received credible reports that all 5 committing violations of the year along the fence of against to grant rebels. more than a 1000000 people have escaped heavy fighting with reports of mass killing, rape, and other atrocities. if the o p s government says it was corporate with the investigation and accused, the un body is being used as an instrument of political pressure. we pulled up on college members, so visible stance against us, short sighted in those. and those blues additional humor, right?
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by rejecting this is always you, i would like to tell you that my daughter will not operate with anyone. can assume that maybe it was all he went to the us now where a former policewoman has apologized in court for shooting a black man who's killing spunk. protests can potter says she accidentally fired, had gun instead of a taser closing arguments in the trial than chicago expected on monday. was john henry reports the fate of kim potter. a white police officer accused in the racially charged killing of a black man will soon be in the hands of a jury. members of the jury in highly anticipated testimony in minneapolis, courtroom potter took the stand in her own defense, breaking down, saying she meant to pull out her taser. but the former police officer who was a 26 year veteran says she accidentally drew her gun instead and fired, killing 20 year old dante, right. as he drove away from police,
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it's just one chaotic it and then i remember yelling, teaser teaser teaser and nothing happens. potter was supervising another officer when he pulled right over for offenses. she says probably did not married a traffic stop. right had expired registration tax and an air freshener dangling from the rear view mirror. both technical violations that are often overlooked. an air freshener to me is not just an equipment violation. and during the cove at times saw the high cove at times. the pearl motor vehicles was so off line that people were getting tabs and we were advised not to try to enforce
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a lot of those things because the tabs, we're just not in circulation. then the stop went wrong, right? pulling away with an officer still dangling from his car, potter says the officer had a look of fear on his face and she wanted to save his life. potter is charged with 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. legal experts say that the prosecution probably has to prove that she acted with some degree of consciousness. if the jury decides that she acted unconsciously and didn't know that she was using lethal force, that's probably not enough for a conviction. the shooting came when public interest in police killings of black men was at its peak in the midst of the racially charged trial of the white police officer who killed george floyd and neighboring minneapolis drawing protesters to the scene of the brooklyn center shoot over and over in a tearful cross examination, potter who had never fired a weapon in an arrest,
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apologized, you are focused on what you had done because you had just kill somebody. you knew that gently force was unreasonable and unwarranted. i didn't want anybody laugh why you said i'm going to go to prison. i don't know whether that happens and whether dante writes life ended in an unfortunate accident or a criminal act. a jury will decide. john henderson, al jazeera chicago. now jeffrey, abstains alleged partner in crime won't be giving evidence in her sex trafficking trial. glen maxwell told the judge in new york that prosecutors hadn't proven their case beyond reasonable doubt. she's accused of recruiting teenage girls for her former boyfriend, epstein to have under age sex with maxwell's lawyers argued that her for accuses, want credible witnesses because of memory lapses. now the current wave of
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undocumented migrants in chile is one of the key issues that could determine the outcome of sunday's presidential election. far right. candidate jose antonio cast was proposing to dig a ditch along the country's 1100 kilometer northern border. you see a newman report from a key kidney a chiles border with bolivia. there's no electricity or water yet. land grabs and makes shift camps like lemuel le are springing up like mushrooms all over chillies at the camera. desert area of outdoor spatial. the newest arrivals are undocumented. venezuelan migrants, like angie who came here with her 4 children and no money at the thought. god thought i've been here for 2 months. we've been living in the shack, made of cardboard, and a sheet on the top. there are no toilet and little food or wood to build better shelters, yet spaces for more families are already reserved. but there is trouble in the air
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. last month's julian camp dwellers set a barricade to prevent more migrants from arriving the latest in a series of protests that often end in violence. one was highly chilion, pastor lilian's heel or soil, and his venezuelan wife are concerned about growing xenophobia. if you are larry good often, if some of them are criminals, put them in jail, but the majority here want to work in legalized immigration status in in the nearby city of a kick it newly arrived. venezuelans have set up camp along the sea side promenade nelson supposedly that is the president of this areas neighbourhood association, or you will apply, you know, they occupy up clauses, beaches parks, including our most respected pancreatic symbols. at 1st we welcomed them, but then the migrant trafficking started bringing them in waves. it's turned into a nightmare. despite the unprecedented influx of undocumented migrants from heavy
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columbia peru and specially venezuela, the government has provided emergency food and shelter. and it's become a major issue headed sundays presidential election. new left candidate, gabrielle bought each promises to protect migrants, human rights, but target human smugglers. but his opponent has gained popularity. his get tough policy along chili's 1100 kilometer northern border. far right wing presidential candidate or sampling jocasta's not only proposing to expel undocumented migrants, but also to dig a ditch along chili's poorest northern border with bolivia to keep them out. the ditch would be 3 meters deep and 6 meters wide. and it's the closest thing yet to former you as president in donald trump's wall along the us mexican border. except the cast is not proposing that bolivia paid for it. at v barrett, i came from columbia 6 years ago, legally, and has been working ever since. she shows us how she's built her small house on
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another land grab, but she's worried ill. the amana it the by no, was to morrow. they could throw us all out of here, like they didn't venezuela, to the colombians. and what happened now, the venezuelans are the homeless ones. no one knows when they might become a migrant. and i've been like these venezuelan children cross the border into chile just this morning with their parents. what happens to them will depend a lot on who wins sunday's election to see and human al jazeera it kiki. now national day celebrations are underway in cutter. thousands packed door has water fun to watch the traditional parade fireworks and the spectacular lights show when illuminate the cabinets will later to mark unification. 143 years ago. an 878, mom of vaal has more from dog. ha, the move these up up beat here at the cornish, and that has been going on for days now, but the climax was this morning when the amir attended. and when we saw those are
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those displays of a air force or fighter jets sent or so vehicles, military vehicles on the ground was a, a big parade. a however, the outstanding aspect of the celebrations this year is about piece it's about tranquillity. it's about normalization of the situation of political situation in the gulf. remember, this is a 1st national day celebration. after all, since the a blockade and cutter was lifted, katara came out successfully dead from that situation which lost for her for some time, blockaded by its neighbors. but now it's a mood of peace in the gulf region and cut our would like to use this opportunity also to project an image of prosperity as the, as it, as, as the fact is carries the country the economy is doing well at the time when, when cattle is moving ahead to words the that that deadline of the, the world cup in less than a year from now. so the message ease,
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people should be at ease. people should be, i should know that car is ready for the sir international event. and also the other happy. coincidence is that today is the final day of the fee for our upcoming. the final match at us going to take place of the same time fireworks and lots and lots and lots of cultural events and artistic her expositions and so on. so it's actually an aspect of peace and aspect of our, of certainty in a country. you know, the 1st arab country, the 1st country in the middle east to holster, the fall world cup. now algeria take on to museum the arab cup final nation on saturday. the tournament has been used as a major test event ahead of the world cup next year. joanna rosco reports ah, for 19 days cattle has hosted 16 teams in their fans from asia and africa in
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a dress rehearsal for the 1st middle east. well cup in 2022, but now it's come down to just to teams, algeria and nicea in north african darby to decide who will win the arab cup at al bite stadium. both sides had dramatic semi finals. the algerians knocked out hosts cattle in a nail biting finish, which controversially saw 19 minutes of stoppage time added on at the 70 minute algeria were awarded a penalty use of belly mis it's got the rebound sitting and reverse the final to one. i'll cheerier hibler me a band for 7 days final. although algeria the current african champions, they're missing the european bay stars who weren't released for this arab cup algiers. 18 though have so far done a convincing job of mikey at this fall or are in finance abuse. he come her. a
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darby in the far knoll is like the previous match. it's about who wants it more than the speech about the state of mind. it's about wanting to make an extra effort . it's about not giving out. so dispatch is about having more gorilla their opponents to nicea, edged into the final thanks to a last gasp win over egypt, when their rivals, captain scored an own goal in the final minutes. it kept up to his hopes of ending, of $5080.00, a wait for now, the arab cup. title having one the 1st tournament all the way back in 1963 shall to remove goblin sharla blue. i hope you enter this game between spirit and solidarity between us, with lots of strength and courage will put lots of intensity in operation into it, touches he. i'll bait stadium hey behind. we will host this final at the course a final stage, a record breaking, 63002439 fans. what cas, i'll play here and another set out crowd is expected on saturday. i'll bait which
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means the house in arabic was inaugurated on the opening day of the arab cup. after saturday's final, it's next big test will be as the home of world football as that host, the 1st game of the world cup. in 2022. joanna gets raska al jazeera al bait stadium. ah, hello again. i'm an as of a broadman. doha, with the headlines on al jazeera, a record number of coven 19 cases have been registered in the u. k. for the 3rd day in a row with 93000 new infections on friday, or case numbers nationwide have increased by about 39 percent in a week me barca has moved from london. it's only choice is to turbocharged the booster driver encouraging tens of thousands of people to get.


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