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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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ah ah, over back here, what you'll have to do with me. so he'll run a reminder of our top stories, thousands of soldiers and emergency personnel in the philippines are joining search and rescue efforts are to super typhoon dry. one of the strongest storms in the world, the shirt has killed at least 31 filipinos on thursday. that more friday rain, a heavy rain, pardon me, in northern iraq is expected to hamper rescue following flash floods. 12 people who died in the deluge. and in the u. s. k, with 19 infections of search by 40 percent compared to november with hospitalizations up by 45 percent. and there's been a record number of cases in the u. k for 3rd day in the row. 93000 infections registered on friday. let's bring and jeff lazarus sees head of the health systems
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research group at barcelona institute for global health. joy's me now from copenhagen. good. have you with us, mr. lazarus on the program? before we get into the nitty gritty of the army, chrome very and you've been commuting between spain and denmark, you see the situation in 2 countries that we are reporting from. but sort of 1st hand. what are you noticing when i was in barcelona, madrid, and copenhagen over the last 4 days, i am trying to reduce my travels. i don't expect that to happen any time soon again . and what i'm seeing is a strong reliance on the vaccination. the authorities trying to control the situation and communicate to the public that vaccination, and particularly the 3rd dose is the key to controlling the pandemic and, and addressing the alma khan very and, but the same time i'm seeing as i walk or bike along people and jims without masks
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on, on cinema is open. the danish newspaper said this is the last weekend to go out a for control measures kick in this weekend and sunday. so people are going out and i'm seeing differences also between spain, where the coed certificate is being used in one region, catalonia and not another region like madrid. so really mixed bag, but i don't think any of the authorities are, are handling it very well and the key, the population is quite confused and often very worried. well, we'll get that in a moment as well. so let's, let's come back then to the very, the comparative sweeping across the globe, not just in europe. if it's not brought under control. is there a danger of yet another mutation appearing there absolutely is. that's what happens when there's high levels of transmission. we get mutations and then some of those become buried some interest and then a declared variance of concern that the case with with ami. com. so we saw, you know, the, on the con, very, and probably a marriage from south africa though,
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when they announced it later, we found out it already been discovered and in the netherlands to there's a real fear of more variance. we don't know if there will be more severe or less severe. earlier this week we heard from president biden, who, on the advice of the c, d. c, was talking about the efficacy of the johnson and johnson, johnson, and johnson and johnson vaccine, over others. those mixed messaging issues are becoming a bit of an issue now, whereas in some countries, only one type of vaccine is available to all it. it's a major issue. i'm right now, you know, w h o has approved half a dozen vaccines. so issue is, is we need to get the numbers of people fully vaccinated up and for those who are vaccinated over 4 and a half months, or depending on the guidance in that country to get them. the 3rd, the 3rd dose, we talk about vaccine hesitancy because this does lead to vaccine hesitancy. and
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then all of the conspiracy theories attached to it about the, about what the vaccines are, how they were produced. and all of those questions asked by a very small minority of the global population. that must be a concern as well. you noticing that is still raising its head wherever your so to doing your research. i am, we been conducting global research in looking at 23 countries. the numbers included of the general population, but also even among healthcare professionals. and what we're seeing, you know, at least here it with the icon variant. and this is more from, from when i'm reading on line and, and in different groups on line is that people are saying, well, you know, the 1st dose didn't work, the 2nd dose didn't work. so why should we get a 3rd graders? but in fact, the 1st 2 doses are working phenomenally well. we're seeing viewers, severe symptoms, fear hospitalizations, and fewer deaths among those who are fully vaccinated. and now we've learned unfortunately that we're going to need a 3rd dosed for most of the vaccine. so it's on to get the 3rd dose. it's just like
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every year we need a new we need a new flu shot it jeff, we already got to tom and just have a quick caught up and get your opinion. are we looking at a life of locked downs and travel vans? if we can't get this under control, i hope we won't have travel bands because they've proven to be very ineffective, and i hope we won't have locked downs instead. i think there's a lot of basic measures we still need to take on particularly scaling up vaccination all around the world. use of the kobe to 9 t certificate to floss or thanks so much for joining us from the boston institute for global health. joining us from copenhagen, thanks for your time. thanks for having me. that turkey has held a summit for african leaders to discuss boosting trade links. 40 countries participated in the talks. president rich type odor. one says, a roadmap has been agreed upon, but will deepen relations between the continent and turkey. one is hoping to triple turkey's $25000000000.00 a year, trade links with african nations,
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and it comes as the value of the turkish lira sank to another new low and stock market trading was suspended on friday. some conseula shows me now from istanbul, and there has been a final communicator sent me a press conference. what was said. well so hell both are turkish and african leaders plays very commitment for further improving ties in every field, including trade, health, education, humanitarian aid, and encounter terrorism, operations, or trainings, let me say for took it is important to have ties of. it's a african countries because 6 of the 10 fastest growing economies are among the african countries, according to the i, m, f, and turkey claims its approach to the continent is a very different serves an alternative model compared to what it calls the old and exploitive method. of the western countries along with turkey,
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many other countries are also seeking a markets in the african continent. and at the end of the a joint press conference today, we know that the next meeting is going to be held in africa in 2026. and before that ministerial level evaluation meeting is going to be held in 2024. so here, so that thanks very much for the updates and consider they're in a stumble for us. now the spanish constitution says all citizens have the right to adequate housing, but that hasn't prevented years of housing shortages. the government in the canceled linear region is trying to solve the problem by introducing rent control of any families face eviction. just before christmas. latasha gonna has more from barcelona initially, carlos barrel cow thought he and his mother would leave quiet leap as his neighbors had. for 25 years, they've called this 4 bedroom flat in barcelona home. that he realised finding another apartment anywhere in the city for the $685.00
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a month they've been paying is impossible. he's been fighting eviction for the past 4 years. i me. when the police are expected to forcibly remove him and his mother from the apartment, the week of christmas ethic thou, by the day this is affecting me emotionally. i my mother, even more. i've had to distance her from all of the struggle because we're illness . but it's impossible to do that completely. it'll get in the ag throughout the you, the average supply of affordable housing is 9 percent in spain is just 2 and a half percent according to government data. in the last 20 years, the rental market has only grown because of a lack of jobs and low wages. the brookings institution estimates the government needs to provide at least one and a half 1000000 rental homes to low income earners. the catalonia region which includes barcelona, implemented a rent control policy last year. the 1st in spain,
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the conservative popular party is now challenging it in court. the city is in the process of building $8000.00 affordable rental homes and forging public private partnerships to build more. i come in full and that we have to bear in mind that 40 percent of people in barcelona renting. let's think about young people who have normal jobs and can't afford to pay market price housing that so it's a structural problem and doesn't affect only a specific sector of the population. the tenants union of catalonia says, decades of feeling to provide affordable housing has altered spanish society. i think it is mostly breaking relationships in neighborhoods, m, and c dears, and towns. because we, we argued that the right to housing is not only to have a shelter, but also to have a neighborhood to have a community to be barred up instead of christmas decorations at the barrack. how's home moving boxes or at the ready?
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but after contacting the un commission for human rights, carlos is feeling hope for the u. n. is asking the government to suspend eviction or offer him and his mother, alternative housing. while the keith is reviewed. natasha, her name al jazeera, barcelona girth from a sewer pipe has exploded in bucket fans big a city killing at least 10 people. another 13 were injured by the blast in karachi . please say the explosion was likely caused by accumulated gas in the sewer. underneath a bank building, fire damages being inspected as a prison in thailand's at a blaze by protesting prisoners cells were set on fire during 2 days of riots because of a corona virus outbreak. prisoners demanded better access to medical care for inmates with severe symptoms. time prisons are notoriously overcrowded and struggled to curb the virus close to $90000.00 inmates have tested positive so far . china's 2nd largest real estate developer has been officially declared. in
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default by credit agencies have grown that crisis will be felt by home buyers and the millions who work in the property market as katrina, you explains, there are fears about how the worldwide economy will be affected. it's called fairy land, but it feels like a ghost town. the ever grand project is just one of the hundreds in china stalled because of the real estate giant financial troubles. it's more than $300000000000.00 in debt and has defaulted on to or received bonds. okay. yeah. retired father, mr. song, lives close by and has brought a granddaughter here to play, to the host with see that it's such a shame. it looks like it's a nice place building began in 2017, but no one knows if it will ever be finished. this theme park is meant to be the highlight of a sprawling new development called ever grand cultural tourism city. the grand plan involve luxury apartments, hotels and restaurants. lot of the companies,
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bills started piling up, construction ground to work stopped in august, abandon materials and machinery, a left where a grad castle entrance was supposed to be. the security guard says he hasn't been paid in months. a familiar job. what can i do? i just wait and hold. my salary will be paid. he's one of the thousands of employees, contractors and customers, or money by ever grad chinese creditors are suing the developer for or would you learns? the government has stepped in to restructure the company's debt, but a bailout looks unlikely. now fears about the help of other heavily indebted developers, including kristen shamal, have gripped financial markets. yeah, a lot of it is that it is just building building, building, taking out, you know, taking on as much credit as possible. i'm and did the leverage at the early day of these are developers. i was just astronomical. i'm and you know,
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it wasn't matched with the potential. do you actually megan or sales out into the future? ah, to be able to pay this back slumping property sales around the country are adding to china's already slowing economic growth. they didn't introduce tighter relations to control the mounting debt. last year. analysts say it's trying to teach property, develop his lesson while also trying to shield the sector and broader economy from the crisis. a will affect the international economy, but not a, not in a disastrous way. so i think with the slow down chinese housing marketing, there is a weaker demand for commodities. and so that will put a damper on commodity prices. and china's economy slows down. doug can, has a brother impact for our the global market, but that matches little to the families who have put their savings into every grant
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investments. like this unfinished park. there's little to be done. but wait, katrina, you al jazeera hutto. the shoulder celebrations underway in carto thousands pack dollars water front to watch the traditional parade fi works and a spectacular light show will illuminate the capital later to mark unification. 143 years ago in 1878. mohammed vow has more from the capital, doha cut out of national celebrations, come at a very special moment this year. it is the 1st to be organized since the blockade was lifted. that lovely belt was imposed on cut up ice gulf neighbors. so it's the time for this country to project an image of certainty, to project an image of peace and also economic and political prosperity. and thus very crucial, because this is the 1st are up and middle eastern country to host the fi file, world cup that's going to be in less than a year from now. the other happy coincidence to day is that it is the final day of
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the fee for our cup. the final match will be organized this evening, and it will be accompanied here on the colonies by huge fireworks and other celebrations, including lots and lots of cultural events and artistic exhibitions. full sales come on out there. we'll have all of the sports news with peter. as rights will have the dramatic penalty shoot off as cotton take on egypt in the 3rd place, play at the arrow cut close all the build up to the final and cut a 2022 chief executive muscle alternative talks to us about what they've learned over the past month ahead of the week of next year. ah, do you want to bank that puts the pro before the product. you see products don't see the big picture for businesses expert steve. this is why need thank business banking up as
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a team of experts settling this themselves in understanding your business needs to guide your growth during a time when product, the loan, cynthia, antenna. so in an ever changing business world, do you want a bank that takes your money or a bank that takes you money? seriously? sneered bank, big picture business banking. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think. have agencies fail. hayden, the situation is, was them, it was before the digital found bites and digging into the issue is a military advancement. going to stop the family ticket i is under a company supervisor. now people are debating how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lots of countries say we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there. a park with me, mark lamarr hill on out 0. lou .
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ah welcome to elders, ears, coverage of the fee for arab cup from our special studio in doha. hello, i'm pete estimate of the 19 days of competition. we've reached the final of the arab cap cutter. we're hoping to be in that decider. but the host nation did at least finish food on saturday or to pendleton shootout against egypt. we got all the build up to the final 2 nicea versus algeria at another of next year's world cup stadiums o bait cutters 2022 chief executive nasa alcott. it talks about the lessons learned ahead of next years, feet, the world cup, and steph curry leads the way for the warriors over the celtics, who had 5 plays out of action. as coven 19 continues to hit world sports, the nfl has also coast bone games.
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arab cup hosts console have finished in 3rd place of the beating egypt in a playoff. it finished no nell after extra time. and things look bad for cousin when hassan, i'll hate us miss the very 1st penalty of the shootouts a kick was ordered retake. indeed, to keep an infringement. and he missed that on to the rest of the team, held a nerve. and when bahamas sheriff was the 2nd b gyptian to miss a bronze medal belonged to cut it very nice game to watch very long this they do little but the show is difficult, but i think display as a show medical meet man on break fight to learn on i think we will get out of way. we only lose one game in all the competition in the extra time. so the minimum that really set up at west is the, the number 3 in the me, algeria take on soon as you're in the final in just over an hour's time. the
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tournament has been used as a major test events ahead of the world cup makes. yep. jana gusher, oscar reports, ah, for 19 days cattle has hosted 16 teams in their fans from asia and africa in a dress rehearsal for the 1st middle east world cup in 2022. but now it's come down to just 2 teens. algeria antonia in north african darby to decide who when the arab cup at al bite stadium, both sides had dramatic semi finals. the algerians knocked out hosts cattle in a nail biting finish, which controversially saw 19 minutes of stoppage time added on at the 70 minute algeria, we're awarded a penalty use of believe miss gould, the rebound in reverse. the final to one. i'll cheerier table area bound for 7 days final. although algeria, the current african champions,
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they're missing the european bay stars who weren't released for this arab cup. algeria is 18 though, have so far done a convincing job of making this fall. or are in fernando abuse, he come her a darby in the fall and all is like the previous match. it's about who wants it more than the speech about the state of mind. it's about wanting to make an extra effort. it's about not giving out. so dispatch is about having more grip. oh, their opponents to nicea, edged into the final thanks to a last gasp win over egypt when their rivals captain scored an own goal in the final minutes. it kept up to new z, his hopes of ending in $5080.00, a wait for now. the arab cup. title having one the 1st tournament all the way back in 1963, shall to remove goblin sharla, blue. i hope you enter the skin between spirit and solidarity between with lots of strength and courage,
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but put lots of intensity and admiration into it touches as young. he al bait stadium. hey, behind me, we'll host this final at the course a final stage, a record breaking 63002439 fans. watch cat. i'll play here. and another set out crowd is expected on saturday. i'll bait which means the house in arabic was inaugurated on the opening day of the arab cup. after saturday's final, it's next big test will be as the home of world football as that host, the 1st game of the world cup. in 2022. joanna gets raska al jazeera al bite stadium. let's go live now see joe, who's gearing up for that? fine. let albedo. sure. you mentioned the to news you have not 116 or girl 2 and all the way back in the early sixty's. but i'll jerry or will they could we may 1st ever tournament with a weakened teen. yes, that's right, pizza. for algeria, this is a very important title that could be won later in the next few hours. or they
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haven't won an hour cup before. and they'll be feeling confident because the last 2 times these teams met in the last 2 friendly, in fact, the last one being and june, and algeria one on both occasions. but we must remember that this is not the same algerian team as the african champions. that we all know they're missing that european stars, but they are a young team that's relatively inexperienced. but that also means that these young players will be hoping to earn their place in the africa, combination squad for next year. if they can perform very well on this stage, mountains to nicea well, they are well known on the world. foot will stays, they've made it to 5 world cup finals. but when it comes to winning titles, they all really under achievers because apart from that arab cup title in 63 that you mentioned there. the only other title that they've won on the world stage is the african nations back in 2004, nothing since then. so this title would be also very important, one for them. and they are with the tournament highest score, a sacred injury,
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who will be keen to add another goal to his for goal tally so far. all right, joe, thank you for that. a little earlier in this studio, my colleague snohomish spoke to marcello hutton, the chief executive officer for the cost of 2022 world cup. she started by asking how arab cope had gone and what they had learned for next year. it surpassed all our expectations in every sense, whether it's from the attendance of fans, whether it's the learnings that we've had from the 5th, our cup, whether it's in the stadiums, public transport with stress test, a lot of our operations, which have been very good. i mean, i can give you a few examples 20 to 25 percent of all fans who attended the games use the metro and public transport, which is something that hasn't happened before, even in our previous events. the other thing is we've tested defined id. we had 200000 as our target to test and we've reached the target of 200000 fund ideas,
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obviously with the fund ideas. there's a lot of key learnings there and we're moving into the next phase of testing. prior to the world cup. i mean, that had a lot of benefits in terms of testing it, the physical fun id, the digital phone id, and we're confident now that we're going to get it right. so i mean, even in terms of the broadcast, the viewership was, were really good. i think everybody surprised by the success of the tournament and there's because for the tournament to continue in its current format, nasa, you must agree with me on this that our main concern now is the i told cove with $900.00 now it's hitting all the sports what is the plan? i was still going to have a full capacity stadium. we're hoping and quite confident that when the world cup, as we will have full capacity stadiums, we've seen that now we've seen that the the group stages were at 75 percent capacity. then when we moved into the later stages, they went to a 100 percent capacity. and this is also part of the test. all the data that's
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coming out from the ministry of public health are quite good. i don't want to say positive, but they're quite good. so we're confident we have strong protocols in place. so now as you know, we're the 1st country to have hosted games with fans. during the pandemic. our protocols have been, we find and improved. we've shared our protocols with other governing sports, governing bodies. they've implemented the weather in whole or in part and we have our protocols and policies for the world cup ready right now that have been shared so we are as ready as we can be. now the rest is for making sure the world is able to keep covered and check. if things get worse, do you think you will be likely elim picks in tokyo and debating games like that? we're not going to accept any fans. look. i mean, i'm not a scientist, but in the medical world, they hopefully say that the worst is behind, i mean,
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whether it's on the, on the mutations and the vaccines and the effectiveness of these vaccines. i mean, we're hoping that it'll only get better from here. strange football is dealing with another episode of the fan violence that is increasingly becoming a theme of the season. the latest trouble flared at the french cup. batch was in paris, f. c and leon on friday night, it comes a day off of the government announced measures to abandon games due to violent incidents, which is exactly what happened here. leon had already been doctor point after marcell player dmitri po, yet, was hit by a bottle thrown from the stands last month. another english premier league match was cancelled on saturdays football. and indeed, sport around the world struggles with the spread of the omicron variance of coven 19 the boston celtics had won their last 5 against the golden state warriors, but were without 5 players ahead of this game due to cova protocols. steph curry took advantage of 30 points in
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a 114109. when the nfl has had to postpone games for the 1st time. the season 3 have been moved to next week. pending further developments in the outbreak around 20 cleveland browns. players have been placed on the corona bar, a side line list, no less than 2 matchers into the series and england look like they'll lead a sporting miracle to have any chance of winning the ashes. they took more punishment against australia on day 3 of the 2nd test. england lost 6 wickets for just 54 runs before being all out for 236. if strangers had a 237 run lead, when they started they 2nd innings and finished the day, 45 for one. so often um, a reminder about soccer sport story cutter when a penalty shoot out against egypt to take 3rd place at the arrow cup before algeria take on to new zia, for the trophy in just over an hour and will be back in a few hours time. with an arrow cup final special at $1500.00 gmc,
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but stay with us here in al jazeera. after the break, we'll have another news update for you. we'll see you then take a informed opinion. there is a need, fabulous federal government to take action to really facilitate aid, right. in depth analysis of the data, global headlines inside story on al jazeera, the year is always of interest to people all over the world. this has been going on for a number of hours with a report included i think perspective, we try to explain your mobile audience and why it's important. how that could impact their life at the height of the storm. water would still high. would it be the pub? bye. hey, this is an important part of the world. people pay attention to work with is very good at bringing the news to the world. from here, the listening post cuts through the noise,
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we're talking about competing now. seeing monday, tools being used to perpetuate there's competing narrative separating spin from fact all 3 versions of the story and some element of the truth. but the full story of the news and unpacking the stories you're being told. it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics, the listening post your guide to the media on a just 0 with
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a. ah . colds grow louder in britain for the government to impose more restrictions as cove 19 cases increase again. ah, hello. hello. this is al jazeera life, my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next half hour, soldiers joined the major cleanup of the philippines, the scales up, and helps in the damage and destruction from the super typhoon. ride becomes clara . russia list demands to ease tensions with nato, the ukraine.


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