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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, ah cause grow larger in britain for the government to impose more restrictions as cove 19 cases increase again? ah, hello. hello. this is al jazeera life, my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next half hour. soldiers join the major clean up at the philippines,
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scales up and helps in the damage and destruction from the super typhoon ride becomes clearer. russia less demands to ease tensions with nato. the ukraine. the says it's prepared to talk. i remember yelling teaser teaser teaser in the former us please woman on trial for shooting a black man breaks down saying she fight her gun by mistake. ah, but don't read. the article invariant has now been confirmed in 89 countries. the world health organization as warding that, it's also spreading in countries with high levels of population immunity and significantly faster than delta. the u. k. is seeing another record number of cobit 19 cases for the 3rd day in
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a row with 93000 nationwide. there's been an increase of at least 39 percent in just a week. france has been major public events and fireworks for new year's eve. the health minister says the spread of armor. com prompt prompted a vaccine passport scheme. in the u. s. the number of infections is also increased by 40 percent compared to last month, while the number in hospital have risen by around 45 percent of micron is predicted to be the dominant strain by january. let sir cross over to our broadcast central london. when the barker is standing by a neve rarely in a the holiday season lube is very closely. we're in this new waiver in the u. k. and set the across most of europe. and certainly the british government wondering what to do next. yes, the british government is in an extremely difficult position because the prime minister boyish johnson knows that if he backs new restrictions that he could well face a major rebellion from m. p. 's within his own routing, conservative party only
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a few days ago. a 100 m p 's rejected the government's plans to introduce covert passes for people attending large scale events or storms and how to rely on opposition and peace or support instead. so on top of that, they have also been a series of mounting concerns raised by a business leaders as well. you have said look, if you do introduce new restrictions, going into christmas. thousands of businesses could go bust by january. if there isn't a financial support in place to do that, we've gathered that the chancellor's exchequer re, she seemed like the finance minister is now on his way back from holiday in california for further talks of business lead as possibly talks about financial measures. a, if a decision to time restrictions goes ahead. so the only thing with any certainty, the british government can do is push ahead where these booster ro, loudon is. turbocharged up program. there are mass vaccination efforts taking place in football stadiums this weekend and chelsea's home ground of saturday, wembley stadium on sunday. there's
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a 24 hour vaccination center opened in north london. and people are being invited to come along and, and do their bits for the why to good. but we've also learned from the mayor of london, or study con, there are there as many as 1300000 people in the capital alone, that haven't had a single job. that translates as many millions more across the country. and it's those people that are also being targeted and they say, ag, this vaccination drive as well. and of course, is not just the british government that's facing this dilemma administrations across the european continent. i've got the same problem. that's right. and getting the balance rights is incredibly difficult for all these different governments across the european union. of course, they want to balance the health of their economies with public health as well, but leave is already starting to be pulled in islands. a 8 p. m curfew was coming to place only a few days. of course, before christmas bars in dublin, restaurants in dublin will find themselves having to shut up shop way earlier than they would hopes during this is what is usually a very,
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very busy time for them. spain and portugal of both sounded the alarm there. portugal saying that 80 percent of cases by the end of the month, will be on the chron and germany has, puts france and denmark on its list of countries of concern. and is also mulling the possibility of introducing mandatory quarantines on people coming from the united kingdom to germany as well. and we also gather that possibly by the end of the day, the dutch government may have an announcement to make on new restrictions their new parker in london forest. thanks very much for the updates now. and fisher is in washington dc, following the elements from across the u. s. for infections on hospitalisation have searched. of course there was a big surgeon, vaccinations just as the vaccinations started to come on to the market. and america was very happy with the way things were going. but no, it's just less than 40 percent that aren't vaccinated here in the us that still
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quite a significant number. and if you break those figures down, you will find that most of the people who aren't vaccinated identify as republicans . so it really doesn't matter what joe biden or the white house says. there are a lot of people out in the united states who say, we're never going to listen to what this guy's got to see. even though he seeing this could actually save your life. and if you break down the figures even more, you will see that the number of people who are dying tend to be in read states that is republican states. and the majority of those who are dying are republicans. and so that is a real wanting know, add to that the fact that we're coming in to the christmas and new year break. remember a month ago we were talking about thanksgiving. how is a big travel day, or people we're going to big family gatherings? nothing compared to christmas and new year. in fact, from to night, people are going to start heading off on their christmas and new year vacations, and that is a real waddy for the white house and for the health experts. because they believe that this will lead to a search,
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which of course then leads to increased hospitalizations, which means that joe biden isn't kicking the but of the omicron variant any time soon. fair damage as well as food and water shortages are being reported in some areas of the philippines. devastated by super typhoon roy around 18000 soldiers have been mobilized to help emergency personnel reach stranded communities. the number confirmed killed has risen to 33 with many missing in flood areas. 300000 filipinos were falls from their homes to seek shelter as 195 kilometer an hour wind struck southern and central regions on thursday. to will alan dugan has moved from diver with the latest on the recovery and repair operation. we're talking about, aside from that, hit the philippines on friday. and until now there are still many areas that remain cut off. now the government is able to conduct reconnaissance flights to get out led by the philippine military, but reconnaissance flights is not enough enable to be able to fully assess the
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situation on the ground. personnel needs to be on the ground. they need to be able to clear the debris in order to be able to send the most immediate supplies and that would be food, water, and medicine. we're getting reports of people who have died in many areas, that it's very hard to verify because even the government themselves be themselves admit that those work in the emergency response cluster of the office of the president did themselves say that it's very hard for them to verify information. so like i said, there is that they bought it hit the philippines on friday. it covered a huge swath of area to regents in the philippines and yet many communities remained cut off. at this point, we are in davos city. this is one of the main major drop of and jump off points of those who are doing reconnaissance. and you know, the situation is quite dire. here. resources are stretched as well because it covers a huge area here in the southern philippines. this is the country that is no stranger,
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the natural disasters, but the fin damage i laying out a has actually created a completely different kind of scenario, one that, that has made suffering even worse. the level has been raised indonesia way volcano threatens corrupt again. 40 people were killed earlier this month and 36 people remain missing on mount cemetery. everyone's been urged to avoid the danger zone on java island as experts report more activity, which could trigger an avalanche of lava and gas. more heavy rain in northern rocks, expected to hamper rescue efforts following flash floods. 12 people died in the deluge. i made up the what had his life for us in a bill a dreadful scenes behind you and across the area by mood. ah. will taylor, this is a, one of the neighborhoods in southern builders is circled up customer neighborhood.
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there was a severely hit by the floods on a friday, as you can see right behind me, the floods were very strong, that it demolished up, demolished this fence right behind me if you can see. and also some properties of civilians have been swept over by the floods. if you can see here in the back ground furniture of you can see over there. it civil defense teams have been a trying to help civilians are draining their houses and their properties and also rescue teams had been deployed to other areas to look for a missing victims. as you know, this area last one, at 12 months, infant in there that were swept over also by the flood. there are people here are very angry and they're questioning the government for what they call, not doing enough to protect it. is them, especially at,
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with their reports about drainage system is not working in some parts of the city. you say that the authorities are trying to help those in terms of the rescue and recovery operation. but where, how quickly have they been able to get to the affected areas that is more help coming in? well, the government has located 1000000, excuse me, 1000000000 iraqi dinars for rehabilitation of the areas affected by the floods for compensating people. and also for helping for helping people and districts for relief and for support that is estimated at about $700000.00. and meanwhile, the government of the prime minister could stand rigid mushroom burrows and he is studying or is trying to open an investigation. and what it calls and negligence
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and mismanagement, because some parts of the drainage system are not working in some parts of the city . as you know, this bill has been hit by civil floods in the past, and especially during the cold seasons moment of the had the in and we'll thank you see that he'd say it says it's prepared to talk to russia about just about to curb meter activity in eastern europe, the kremlin, and i was proposals on friday, calling for legally binding guarantee that nato would cease its military activity, eastern europe, and central asia. the u. s. remains concerned over russia's military buildup of at least $80000.00 soldiers on the ukrainian border. washington described some parts of the draft proposals as unacceptable and was they will be massive consequences of any aggression on ukraine. theresa fallon is director at the center for russia, europe, asia study. she says the u. s. would never agree to some of russia's demands. the
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1st read of all of those who has been shocked. these are massive, asks that moscow the kremlin once so many of them. of course no one could agree to, for example, no further expansion. any countries that were included nato, since 1997 with major would have to ask with us, would have to ask permission from the kremlin to do any sort of activities. so i think that there are a lot of red lines there that the u. s. has agreed to discuss some of these issues, but these are big assets and like a sphere of influence, again that, that put in, wants to put in place just completed the summit. this kind of might give you a barometer of how some of the europeans, not all member states are members of nato, but they had said that there will be sanctions if russia continues to increase military activity in ukraine. so there are a lot of tensions. it's quite interesting the timing of all of this because who tim
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has come in to the 30th anniversary of the demise of the soviet union. so be december 25th and it seems i put in putting a lot of things, you know, lining up all the ducks he has in the shaded. he published a statement saying, how he worked doesn't have driver in the aftermath of the collapse of the soviet union. so these anniversaries are very, very important to him. and it's almost laying out these incredible red lines that he knows nato and the u. s. cannot agree to it's kind of beefing up his domestic support. back back in russia. well, still had held al jazeera, find out how a wave undocumented immigrants in chile might affect the outcome of sunday's presidential royal downtown deepening debt. so some of china's launches property developers helping to build fee as of a financial crisis worldwide. the stories after the break. ah,
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oh. hi there, hope your weekends going well, we've got a cold stop for northwestern sections of india. really cool pool of air here. so that is impacting new delhi. we'll look at the next 3 days and over night, temperatures look at this 5 degrees is should be about 8, but head out of this city and those temperatures are even lower. okay, here's an update on typhoon ry right now, is it's moving up that coast of vietnam, heaviest, rain south of didn't ang, north of human city. look into scoop up about a 100 millimeters of rain. and those winds will be howling at about a 100 kilometers per hour. sunday into monday it's veering toward the east. i don't think it's going to make a landfall over a high now, but it is creeping closer to southern china. so of course, this is a story we're going to keep tabs on in the days to come. as they look toward northern areas of china, we've got that cool pool of air, but things are on the way up. we'll chat more about that,
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some heavy snow western honcho into hawkeye dose over the next few hours. 50 centimeters of snow are for western ho cato and for western honcho into central areas. could pick up about 30 centimeters of so. okay, we're talking about that cooler air also in korea, sol, 3 degrees, but give it a bit of time by the start of next week. we get you back into double digits under sunny skies on tuesday. that sure weather up. they will see you soon. ah. the political, the base show that's challenging the way you think have agencies fail hate. the situation is, was in before the different found lice and digging into the issue is a military advancement. going to stop the family ticket i is on that have company to divide. some people out of die. how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lots of countries, we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there up front with me,
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mark lamond hill on al jazeera. all the the me look about what channels is there with me. it's a whole rom, the reminder of our top stories. they record number 19 cases of being recorded in the u. k for the 3rd day and the ro, 93000 infections were registered on friday. and in the u. s. k, with 19 infections of search by 40 percent compared to november with hospitalizations up to 45 percent. severe damage as well as food and water shortages are being reported in some areas of the philippines, devastated by super tight food. right. the number confirm killed is now 233 with
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many more missing in the flood hit areas and the rain and all that. iraq's expected to hamper escripts following flash floods told people have died in the deluge. the ethiopian government says the federal army has regained control of 5 new cities from the growing rebels. one of them is the strategic city of wealthier, the last stronghold of the people's liberation front in the northern region. and if you're a p and government spokesman, it's forces laws and unexpected large scale attack piece that it calls the heavy loss of life and equipment. not even human rights counselors also overwritten objections from ethiopia to launch an investigation into potential war crimes. investigators say they receive credible reports at all sides committing violations in the offensive against growing rebels. 2000000 people have escaped heavy fighting with reports of mass killings, rape and trophies in 10000000 face food shortages ethiopians. government says it
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won't cooperate with the investigation and accused the human body of being used as an instrument of political pressure. we call it our phone council members. so visible stunt gave us shows cited in those. and that he feels bliss as if you know, humor right? by rejecting this is alicia. i would like to tell you that my government will not operate with anyone. can assume that maybe it would only be for me. you as police woman has apologized in court for shooting a black man who's killing spunk. protests kim potter says she accidentally fired her gun instead of a taser closing arguments in the trial in chicago. expected on monday, as john 100 reports, the fate of kim potter, a white police officer accused in the racially charged killing of a black man will soon be in the hands of a jury. members of the jury in highly anticipated testimony in minneapolis,
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courtroom potter took the stand in her own defense, breaking down, saying she meant to pull out her taser. with the former police officer who was a 26 year veteran, says she accidentally drew her gun instead. and fired, killing 20 year old dante, right. as he drove away from police, it's just one chaotic it and then he remember yelling, teaser teaser teaser and nothing happens. potter was supervising another officer when he pulled right over for offenses. she says probably did not merit a traffic stop. right had expired registration tags and an air freshener dangling from the rear view mirror. both technical violations that are often overlooked. an
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air freshener to me is not just an equipment violation. and during the cove at times, the high cove at times the departmental motor vehicles was so off line that people were getting tabs and we were advised not to try to enforce a lot of those things because the tabs, we're just not in circulation. then the stop went wrong, right? pulling away with an officer still dangling from his car. potter says the officer had a look of fear on his face and she wanted to save his life. potter is charged with 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. legal experts say that the prosecution probably has to prove that she acted with some degree of consciousness. if the jury decides that she acted unconsciously and didn't know that she was using legal force, that's probably not enough for a conviction. probably the shooting came when public interest in police killings of black men was at its peak in the midst of the racially charged trial of the white
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police officer who killed george floyd in neighboring minneapolis drawing protesters to the scene of the brooklyn center. shoot over and over in a tearful cross examination, potter who had never fired a weapon in an arrest. apologized, you are focused on what you had done because you had just killed somebody you knew that natalie forest was unreasonable and unwarranted, or anybody. that's why you said, i'm going to go to prison. whether that happens and whether dante writes life ended in an unfortunate accident or a criminal act, a jury will decide. john henderson, al jazeera chicago fire damage is being inspected at a prison in thailand at ablaze by protesting prisoners. they set cells on fire during 2 days of riots because of a chrome virus outbreak. prisoners demanded better access to medical care for
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inmates with severe symptoms. i prisons are notoriously crowded under struggle to curb the spread of the virus close 290000 inmates of tested positive so far. the current wave undocumented migrants in chile, there is one of the key issues that could determine the outcome of sunday's presidential election far right. candidate jose antonio cast is proposing to dig a ditch along the countries 1100 kilometer northern border. this in newton reports now from it kiki near chillies border with bolivia. there is no electricity or water yet. lang graps and makes shift camps like lamar la are springing up like mushrooms all over chillies at the camera. desert area of outdoor spatial. the newest arrivals are undocumented. venezuelan migraines, like angie who came here with her 4 children and mil money, esther thought godfather,
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i've been here for 2 months. we've been living in the shack, made of cardboard, and a sheet on the top. there are no toilet and little food or wood to build better shelters, yet spaces for more families are already reserved. but there is trouble in the air . last month, chilion camp dwellers set a barricade to prevent more migrants from arriving the latest in a series of protests that often end in violence. one with halley chilion pastor loans, heel or soil and is venezuelan wife are concerned about growing xenophobia. if he already got one of them, if some of them are criminals, put them in jail, but the majority here want to work and legalize their migration status in in the nearby city of a kick it newly arrived, venezuelans have set up camp along the sea side promenades, nelson support that is the president of this areas, neighborhood association. i go who will apply, you know, they occupy up clauses, beaches parks,
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including our most respected patriot. ec symbols at 1st. we welcome them. but then the migrant trafficking started bringing them in waves. it's turned into a nightmare. despite the unprecedented influx of undocumented migrants from havi, columbia, peru, and especially venezuela, the government hasn't provided emergency food and shelter. and it's become a major issue ahead and sundays presidential election, new left candidate, gabrielle body. each promises to protect migrants, human rights, but target human smugglers. but his opponent has gained popularity with his get tough policy along chili's 1100 kilometer northern border. far right wing presidential candidate or sampling jocasta's not only proposing to expel undocumented migrants, but also to dig a ditch along chili's poorest northern border with bolivia to keep them out. the ditch would be 3 meters deep and 6 meters wide. and it's the closest thing yet,
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the former you as president in donald trump's wall along the us mexican border. except the cast is not proposing that bolivia pay for it. at v barrett, i came from columbia 6 years ago, legally, and has been working ever since. she shows us how she's built her small house on another land grab, but she's worried. ilia montana is the bane of ways to morrow. they could throw us all out of here like they did in venezuela, to the colombians. and what happened now, the venezuelans are the homeless ones. no one knows when they might become a migrant. and i've been like these venezuelan children cross the border into chile just this morning with their parents. what happens to them will depend a lot on who wins, sundays election to see and human al, jazeera e, kiki try the 2nd largest real estate developer has been officially declared in default by accredit agencies. and the grounds crisis will be felt by home buyers and millions who work in the property market. that's katrina,
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you explains their affairs about how the worldwide economy will be affected. it's called fairy land, but it feels like a ghost town. he ever grand project is just one of hundreds in china stalled because of the real estate giant's financial troubles. it's more than $300000000000.00 in debt and has defaulted on to overseas bonds. okay. yeah. retired pharma, mrs tongue lives close by and has brought a granddaughter here to play to the hey kristie that it's such a shame. it looks like it's a nice place. building began in 2017, but no one knows if it will ever be finished. this theme park is meant to be the highlight of the sprawling new development called ever grand cultural tourism city . the grand plan involved luxury apartments, hotels, and restaurants. lot of the companies, bills started piling up, construction ground to a home work stopped in august abandoned materials and machinery, a left where
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a grad castle entrance was supposed to be. the security guard says he hasn't been paid in months a summer. your job. what can i do? i just wait and hold. my salary will be paid. he's one of the thousands of employees, contractors and customers, or money by ever grad chinese creditors are suing the developer for or did you learns? the government has stepped in to restructure the company's debt, but a bailout looks unlikely. now fears about the health of other heavily indebted developers, including kaiser and shamar have gripped financial markets. yeah, a lot of it is that it is just building building, building, taking out, you know, taking on as much credit as possible. aah. and did the leverage at the early day of these are developers. i was just astronomical. i'm and you know, it wasn't matched with the potential. do you actually megan or sales out into the future? ah, to be able to pay this back. slumping property sales around the country are adding
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to china's already slowing economic growth. they didn't introduce tighter reg lation to control the mounting debt last year. analysts say it's trying to teach property developers lesson while also trying to shield the sector and broader economy from a crisis. a will affect the international economy, but not, not in a disastrous way. so i think we go slow down trying to how the market, there is a weaker demand for commodities. and so that will put a damper on commodity prices. and china's economy slows down. that can have a brother impact for the global market that matches little to the families who have pulled their savings into ever grad investments like this unfinished park. this little to be done. but wait, katrina, you al jazeera pseudo national day celebrations all the way hearing cancel,
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the hot water fun to watch the traditional parade by work sunday spectacular. like sure, it will eliminate the capital later to mark unification. 143 years ago in 18. $78.00, mohammed's owl has more from total cut out of national celebrations, come at a very special moment this year. it is the 1st to be organized since the blockade was lifted. that blockade was imposed on cut up ice gulf neighbors. so it's the time for this country to project an image, offset a t to product, an image of peace and also economic and political prosperity. and that's very crucial, because this is the 1st up and middle eastern country to host the fi, fall world cup that's going to be in less than a year from now. the other happy coincidence to day is that it is the final day of the fee for our cup. the final match will be organized this evening, and it will be accompanied here on the cornish, by huge fireworks and other celebrations, including lots and lots of cultural events and artistic exhibitions.
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