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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah ah ah ah, 1700 hours g m t 8 pm here in doug how welcome to al jazeera alive from my waterfront studio, here in the country capital. it is the final day of the fee for our company. the big warm up tournament for the world comp being stage right here next to here. hello, i'm come all santa maria, welcome to our continuing coverage on the final of the fee for arab up. more on that to come. but 1st, the days news headline,
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and more than 90000 new coven cases have been confirmed in the u. k. on saturday, as the mayor of london declares, a major incidence also struggling to clean up in northern iraq, which torrential rains caused a flash flood disaster for many an undocumented migrants race to cross into chile before sundays, presidential election stoking concern among some boats. ah right, let's start with the arab cup. final. it is to nicea against algeria. full time has been and gone and went on to extra time. no goals, sofa mill mill, between a sorry, tennessee and i was your, i'm just keeping half an hour and the game is all waiting to say when they actually start up again. but outside the stadium. it bates,
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north of da. how about 50 kilometers away from where we are, is around joanna. gotcha. raska has been jo. well, the atmosphere inside has even had between these 2 north african teams and it has been on the pictures. well, sometimes it's been hostile between the 2 teams, but there's been very little to split them in terms of the actual performance of both sides. now, as you said, the goal, 19 minutes. no, no, they all going into extra time now. and then of course, possibly the dreaded penalties which neither team will want, but as a fine with no skin in the game, of course we will love to watch penalties for jerry. this could be a 1st hour cup title. there are young and inexperienced team, they'll be looking to prove themselves to win places in the africa. combination squad, multi msi, it will, they'll be hoping to end a 58 year. wait for another hour, cup title and the last big title, but they one was the africa company,
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nations in 2004. so although there are big name on the world stage, they've made 5 world cup of parents is not very good actually winning title. so if they do in tonight in council, it will be a big event for them as well back home. you know, this is a big event here in castle. we have the president jenny, and pacino's back in the stadium, sitting a lot sony and a k. i'm having a few technical problems, perhaps the sin. i'm not sure if it's me or joe, but i'm going to carry on. so that was generic or catcher, upset anyway at the i'll bait stadium and al cause stunning venue designed to look like a great big arabian tenant. and carter has for the last few weeks, really been ramping up efforts to test almost all of these 8 stadiums as it years up to hosting the 20. 22 woke up next year. sort of hide it as this report. ah,
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it's been the biggest tournaments yet. held in cattle with most of the 8 purpose built world cup stadiums fully put to the test. hundreds of thousands of football fans afford in and out of the arena's in the last few weeks to watch the fee for arab cup a glimpse of what to expect at next year's waltz. ha, while i every one want to come i you received many message? well, they, they won't even think in photo, inside the video, the effort that has been done to the investment, the organization. it is something you cannot imagine is better than the premier league at some time. behind the scenes, it's all systems go to ensure one of the world's biggest tournaments runs smoothly from new pitch technology to a newly built metro system. everything is on trial. the fees are of help is being seen as a test to caps or as to whether it's ready for the walk up in less than a year, or even 3 things of fans have been attending this tournament. and overall,
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their experience has been very positive thoughts. no one else's issues, ticket availability and a new man that she find id system is some of the problems that caused confusion and delays the fall. i'd be sure to be delivered at all. so we can avoid the line on to for, for the 2 people. oh, coming out of the country that defeats all entry to the stadium was hard for me. it is. let me come in with my medication and the only entrance disable people is at the far end of the stadium via cuts off supreme committee for delivery. and legacy says hosting the arab cup has been a good opportunity to make improvements ahead of the world cup and in collaboration with fi fi. you have completed our constructions and we're focusing more to the fun experience. so we get actually the opportunity of engaging with the public, indicating them with some of the new features that you will be introduced in the world cup. for example, the fan id, we will be introducing a new version of it,
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an improved version of it for the public. so everything has the test. it says this is was actually one of the biggest us with a population of less than $3000000.00 people. katara, security forces aren't used to dealing with large crowds, double the amounts of spans a g to arrive from all over the world will kick off next year, which is exactly why castle has signed agreements early this week for turkey and kenya sent thousands of security personnel to assist other countries will also be helping out to me. it's taken more than a decade to prepare for the world cup and castle is getting closer to the finishing touches and even closer to hosting the biggest sporting event the region will ever has seen soda heights al jazeera, now ha. andy richardson back with me here in the year in the favorite cup studio. i mean, the lovely stadiums aren't, i mean a sparse. they go visually and then technologically and all of these things,
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but it's gonna be about the fan experience and there have been some teething problems. our talked about the fan id, fan id, it, spain, it talking to fans dealt though this. the 1st thing i want to talk about was the fan id. ok estimate. let's tell people what it is. first of all, it's something that was brought in by faith head of the russia woke up, and it's an additional form of identification she physic at the hang around your neck. when you go to games. the idea is it's in lieu with a visa for visiting fans to get into the country. oh, so to make fans it make ease of offense against russia. they were given this fan id so they could go straight in. ditto for katara as well. it also was hopefully gonna cut down on the legal re seller tickets because your fan id should correlate with the name on your ticket as well. and it also gave, he gives you free access to public transport. in theory, a great idea at $200000.00 fun i days were handed out during this arab cup, but a lot of fans complaining that it was taking a long time there were queueing up hours and hours and the basically the system when it is kind of
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a meltdown and the fans were very upset about it. so it was decided to half way through the tournament and get rid of the fan id and you could answer the stadiums without needing it. but that is the point of the arab cup. that is the point so that they can stress test that system work out what sir needed ah, next year because i would imagine some form of family fan id bit digital physical will be needed next year just quickly would we need van i days as well as people who may have people okay. for doctors for people come everybody. that's right. yeah . okay. right. so need to get that one you to i and out and we ok and eat more with andy later still. nope. um. so we will turn now to some of the other top stories of the day. we've heard the ceo of the car to 2022 world cup organizing committee. now thorough carter talking about covered a little bit earlier in his interview. the world really pricing for a new wave of corona, virus infections. as the army kron variant spreads, the u. k has confirmed more than 90000 new cove in 19 infections on saturday in the
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mayor of london. has now declared the serge as a this is what it's called a major incident. nations across europe are now scrambling to administer as many coven booster doses as possible. this report from london with ne fucker turbo chosing england's booster drive. chelsea football clubs, home ground stamford bridge has become a makeshift vaccine hub. oh microns now dominant to the british capital. this is a race against time to protect people from serious illness and safeguard the national health service and businesses bracing for new restrictions. it's really important londoners understand how serious things are the best thing lenders can do is to get both vaccines and the booster. they provide extra layers of protection. the really bad news is those in hospital, the vast, vast majority unvaccinated. that's why it's so important to get both the vaccines
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and the boost the job with cases doubling every 2 days. health experts warm the vaccination effort. nice to reach people who haven't had a single dose. that's an estimated one point. 3000000 in london. many millions more across the country analysis shows poor younger, more, ethnically diverse communities. our lease protected, the more people to get sick. the more critical services could soon be in trouble. there. currently somebody stop at this one london hospital trough through a down we covered and away from work that they've had to drop in extra help from elsewhere. just a mom, the hospital's accident and emergency unit. and so that's a possible risk of a certain number of people ending up in hospital suffering with the omicron variant . and the country's national health service could soon be overwhelmed. and it's a darkening pitcher across europe. islands introduced at 8 p. m curfew and dutch health experts were advising tougher measures there. germany, meanwhile, designated france, denmark of the u. k. high risk zones,
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with the possibility of mandatory quarantine for travelers in the french capital. children as young as 5 are now being given a 1st dose of a coven 19 vaccine. the government there is said to be considering making vaccines mandatory. we're starting to know more about alma crohn and the details a. so bring a study from imperial college london finds no evidence of omicron having lowest severity than the delta variant. the risk of re infection is 5 times higher than delta. and the variant can evade pri immunity given by previous infection or vaccination. but we do know that serious illness can be averted with the 3rd dose, making this our 1st and vital line of defense. he's barca, al jazeera london, more heavy rain in northern iraq has expected to hamper rescue efforts following flash floods. 12 people died in the deluge. one of them struck by lightning,
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while others drowned inside their homes. dozens of properties in her veil were damaged, and buses and trucks swept away. my uh bill was it has this update from abil. this is one of the neighborhoods in southern bills. this is the called the push to neighborhood that was severely hit by the floods on a friday. as you can see right behind be the floods were very strong, that it demolished up, demolished this fence right behind me if you can see. and also some properties of civilians have been swept over by the floods. if you can see here in the background furniture, if you can see over the civil defense teams have been a trying to help civilians draining their houses and properties and also rescue teams have been deployed to other areas to look for missing victims. as you know, this area last one at 12 months,
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infant and that was swept over also by the flood. the people here are very angry and questioning the government for what they call, not doing enough to protect them, especially with reports about drainage system is not working in some parts of the city. the government has located 1000000000 iraqi dinars for rehabilitation of the areas affected by the floods for compensating people and also for helping for helping people and distress for relief and for support. that is estimated at about $700000.00. and meanwhile, the government of the prime minister, because the same region must rule burrows any is studying or is trying to open investigation and what it calls negligence and mismanagement. because some parts of the drainage system are not working in some parts of the city. now the
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vote of in chile are preparing for a presidential run off on sunday. current wave of undocumented migraines is one of the key issues that could determine the outcome. now latin america edison, the sea, and human now live from a migrant camp on the outskirts of santiago highlands. the years this round going to be as close as the last one. i think about, well, 1st of all, let me correct you. we had to move from the camp because unfortunately we had a very, very bad signal. but we are in a place in downtown seattle, which is full of migrants. probably at least half of the people usually behind to be are. and yes, 1st of all about the the closeness of the selection, the short answer is i don't know, nobody really knows because that's what happened. julians voted in the 1st round. the question is, will more now come out now that the, the 2 choices are absolutely clear. and so different one from the other. there have
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been polls, but they are not allowed to be published until after the voting end. from what we've seen, the sneak preview of one, it would seem that gabrielle burridge is leading by a slim margin. so it is really much too tight to call right now. and as you mentioned, migration is one of the key issues in the selection. why? because truly is a country that from a geographical point to views, absolutely isolated from the rest of the continent and the world. it has the driest desert in the world, the comma in the north. it's called the antarctic in this house, in the east, the andes mountains, when in the west, the pacific ocean. and it's not used to having a large influx of my goods. certainly not at the level that this country has experienced over the last 10 years. and what fact done is really called a backlash, particularly because of the way that it is taxing public services. and the large
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number of migrants that are coming in through undock undocked demented. so illegal entry points and that are really, really causing a lot of anger in some parts of the country. there's no electricity or water yet. land grabs and makes shift camps like le moolah are springing up like mushrooms all over chillies at the camera. desert area of outdoor spatial. the newest arrivals are undocumented. venezuelan migrants, like angie who came here with her 4 children and no money at the hall, got $30.00. i've been here for 2 months. we've been living in the shack, made of cardboard, and a sheet on the top. there are no toilet and little food or wood to build better shelters, yet spaces for more families are already reserved. but there's trouble in the air. last month's chilion camp dwellers set a barricade to prevent more migrants from arriving the latest in
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a series of protests that often end in violence, one was highly chilion, pastor lilian's heel or soil, and his venezuelan wife are concerned about growing xenophobia. if you are larry going often, if some of them are criminals, put them and joe, but the majority here want to work and legalize them. migrations that awesome. in the nearby city of a kick it newly arrived, venezuelans have set up camp along the sea side promenade nelson. supposedly that is the president of this areas neighbourhood association, or you will apply, you know, they occupy up clauses, beaches parks, including our most respected patriarch symbols. at 1st we welcome them. but then the migrant traffic started bringing them in waves. it's turned into a nightmare. despite the unprecedented influx of undocumented migrants from haiti, columbia, peru, and specially venezuela, the government has him provided emergency food and shelter, and it's become a major issue. a head is sundays, presidential election, new left candidate,
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gabrielle bought each promises to protect my grants human rights. but target human smugglers, but his opponent has gained popularity. his get tough policy along chillies 1100 kilometer northern border. far right wing presidential candidate hosanna. colonial cast is not only proposing to expel undocumented migrants, but also to dig a ditch along chili's poorest northern border with bolivia to keep them out. the ditch would be 3 meters deep and 6 meters wide. and it's the closest the yet to form, were you as present in donald trump's wall along the us mexican border? except the cast is not proposing that bolivia pay for it. at v barrett i came from columbia 6 years ago, legally, and has been working ever since. she shows us how she's built her small house on another land grab, but she's worried ill. the amana is the bane of ways to morrow. they could throw us
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all out of here, like they didn't venezuela, to the colombians. and what happened now? the venezuelans are the homeless ones. no one knows when they might become a migrant. and i've been like these venezuelan children cross the border into chile just this morning with their parents. what happens to them will depend a lot on who wins sundays election and you know, to credit erotic chillies. one of the few countries in the world come out that actually allows migraines to vote in a presidential election after leaving it for 5 years. that's something like 500000 migrants that are here right now. most of them don't even know they have the right to vote. but what this means is that sooner or later, they are going to become a strong political force in this country, which is something that all presidential candidates are going to have to take into account.
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oh we've got some news when they are cap final. finally and ish, we've got a go algeria in the lead, amir sa, you'd with the goal in the 1st period of extra time while we still got about 50 minutes to play in the font size for a chance for music come by. i think we were just desperate to have is not to go to penalties. and mill mill, algeria, the african champions and $29.00 seen writing african champions. it's not their full same overhead in cattle. a lot of their european based plays haven't been released for this form of anomalous chance, than to pick up a 2nd trophy in quick succession. they've fur, they've never won. miss sir. time will be full, a bit of an unofficial arrow cup, but so they've never got around. so when you get it just in terms of positive mental attitude coming into the well connected, if they qualify. what a great sir, what a great sort of opportunity and experience these plays about if they can come in a trophy and a stadium is going to host 1st game of the wilcock in lessons hormones time i'll
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tell you who will be very excited right now on a hammer sure address thing where she is, where she's watching so. so you were saying that this is, you know, we've been focusing on this being a build up tournament for the organizers for the coverage 2022 organizes. but actually just as important for these men out on the field, it is really the phone was taken on life of itself. and i think johnny cantino is talking about the fact that this is the 1st missing brand. that is the 5th, the arab helping our cups in the past. but now it's under the space of faith and i think he can see the potential in the region. there's hundreds of millions of football fans here and not just in castle, but the amount of big screens that are up into new z and algae or mon offsite would indicate that perhaps it will become a regular fixture on the international football and calendar. a 105 minutes going, so that's the 1st half of extra time that so 15 more minutes to go. 15 more minutes for today to try to equalize. then we're going to penalties. my goodness. thank you,
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andy for now. andy richardson, a very busy man. he's been out doing a lot of reports for us during the fif our carpet in the build up. so we're going to look at another one of them now with the ar cut playing a role in, in rolling out a new service for the visually impaired fans have a look at us. the final has loved football all his life losing his sight at the age of 12 has done nothing to dim that passion or reduce his desire to attend matches in person and between 60000 persons. and he had very actions of every person. so that's something that you can discover 20 are watching football much and the television audio here to canada. so this is one of the most excited points of it. a fish or a cup final has an added tool to increase his enjoyment of the game. using an app on his phone. vital can listen to audio descriptive comment tree. a specialist form of comment tree. the blind and visually impaired fans providing details which,
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which is the, give us exactly how the player, how was the ball move? not only, for example, that's a specific plans for the guys that was then putting some experience spinning against this book. audio descriptive comments refers to pay a fee for tournament to the 2014 world cup in brazil, animated w at the women's world cup in 2019. but this is the 1st time in a faith or event that an arabic service has been available in t stadiums at this hour of cup and is set to be available at all 8 venues by the time of next year as finals. a lot of the time that we're in preparation for the arab cup and next year's world cup castles had been kelly for university, has been organizing training programs in both arabic and english. the would be commentators the launch is tell us they want to follow the bull constant and they want to follow even when it's around the back doing very little. perhaps it being
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played back between the defendant. but it allows them to keep building the picture of what's about to happen. you're allowed to switch off watching the tv you're allowed to kind of ignore what's being said by the comments. because the images a doing their job for those who are blind and envisioning pay, they have the ability to have the images, do the work for them. so this is about learning how to describe what's happening in front of you, so that you can give back the images that you see into the list. this is, this is kind of something very rewarding to be able to do something that matters to society. and you don't always get to do that. i sometimes i feel i can do that in my normal life. maybe this is a little thing that can, can help me fulfill that feeling. this is a project that's heightening the much day football experience for all involved your without of they are on free fat arab cup final night, algeria versus tennessee. the score is one mill. at the moment. it was
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a mere to say who scored for algeria and the 99 minutes. that is into extra time, the 1st half of extra time. another extra time to come. the plays must be at full exhausted epithets, more coverage of the arab world cup final and the rest of the day coming up ah hello, welcome to your world weather update will begin in the middle east and right off the bat. we've had some torrential rain in our bill leading to these devastating scenes. this flash flooding has turned deadly and that energy is move him further toward the east. so this becomes a story for western areas of the dawn, dropping down somewhat weather into kuwait as well. and we may power up some
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thunder storms after bach assign a cool pool of air here. temperature is below average islam above the hor, and same in the south. his wall karachi, a hive 24 degrees, disturbed weather across turkey and da levant. we've got some periods of heavy rain come natur for leopard on. so the 3 day forecast in beirut will show us wet and windy conditions on monday, in your temperature, while below average central africa for eastern portions. that's where we find the bulk of the activity, the wet weather and more so toward the west stains have dried out quite nicely. we do have some heavy periods of rain to be expected through zambia, also central areas of mozambique and that eastern corner of south africa in sound like a cape town, 30 degrees in the sunshine and we're going to keep it going. so show the 3 day forecast right now. for cape town, you're shoot up to 34 degrees on to say that's almost a good 10 degrees above average. that's it. enjoy season. ah
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frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that what's been informed opinions . i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people . that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not choke it, right? it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. wants that inside story on al jazeera lou. with your with al jazeera on free for our cup final nights coming to you live from our
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special feed, the arab cup studio on doug. how's waterfront this event? of course a big lead up to the woke up coming to cost at this time. next year. we're looking at other news of the day as well, and the u. k. has confirmed more than 90000 new coven 19 infections on saturday. at a 125 related deaths, the mayor london has declared the search to be a major incidents and more heavy rain in northern iraq is expected to hamper rescue efforts following flash floods. 12 people died in the deluge. right, well let's move on. severe damage as well as food and water shortages are a problem in some parts of the philippines. this is after super typhoon right around. 18000 soldiers have been mobilized to help emergency personnel reach stranded communities. number confirmed, killed is risen to $33.00. many are still missing in flood had areas as well.
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300000 filipinos were forced from their homes and had to seek shelter as the 195 kilometer. now winds struck southern and central regions on thursday. we'll get an update from jamila alan dugan. she's in debate, city syphon right 1st made landfill in the philippines on friday. but until now there are still many areas, many communities in at least 4 provinces that remain cut off. we've spoken to military officials here in diversity who told us that they're doing the best they can providing assistance, security, transport, and reconnaissance flights. the local government officials who need to assess the damage in many areas. they cover president rodrigo, the therapy himself also surveyed the devastation through a reconnaissance flight over the province of city. go and he himself admit that it's going to be very difficult for the government to provide that much needed 8 to many of these areas. before that i phone struck over
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a 100000 people were able to evacuated from their homes and to look for safety. but men here believe that millions more have been affected. we also spoke to civilians who survived to say they were grateful. they were able to connect and recharge their phones to tell their families in many other communities that the survive. but they are much more fearful about what the future holds. that's because many of them have not just lost their homes, they have lost their livelihood as well. well, the alert level has been raised in indonesia, where a volcano is threatening to erupt again. 48 people were killed earlier this month and 36 remain missing on month sen. everyone's being urged to avoid the danger zone on java island as experts report more activity, which could trigger an avalanche of lava or gas to china. now we're the 2nd largest real estate developer has officially.


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