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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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while the water in which we listen design is our making theory, a separate team and his talk, the term that we need to store on the hello, i'm marianne. minimize in london. look at the main stories. now, the dramatic rise in current of ours case is linked to the on the corner where it is pushed european authorities into an action. the government in the netherlands is announced that it will impose strict lockdown measures from sunday, non essential stores, bars and restaurants as well. as other public places will be closed until january 14th, at the earliest means in some of the thoughts summarize one sentence, the netherlands will go into locked down again from tomorrow. the netherlands will be locked down again. that is unavoidable because the 5th waves coming at us with
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the on the kron very. and the mrs. meanwhile, in london, the city's mayor is declared a major incident. governments across europe on al, scrambling to administer as many vaccine booster doses as they can leave bunker ports from london. the children, england's booster dr. chelsea football clubs, home, graham, stamford bridge has become a make shift vaccine hub. only cons now dominant to the british capital. this is a race against time to protect people from serious illness and sake of the national health service and businesses bracing for new restrictions. it's really important londoners understand how serious things are the best thing lemons can do is to get both vaccines and the booster. they provide extra layers of protection. the really bad news is those in hospital the vast, vast majority and vaccinated. that's why it's so important to get both the vaccines
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and the boost. the job with case is doubling every 2 days. health experts warm the vaccination effort. nice to reach people who haven't had a single dose. that's an estimated 1300000 in london. many millions more across the country. analysis shows poor younger a more ethnically diverse communities. our lease protected the more people to get sick. the more critical services could soon be in trouble. there are currently so many staff that won't london hospital troughs through a down we covered and away from work that they've had to drop in extra help from elsewhere. just a man, the hospitals accident and emergency unit. and so that's a possible risk of a certain number of people ending up in hospital suffering with the omicron variant . and the country's national health service could soon be overwhelmed. and it's a darkening pitcher across europe. islands introduced an 8 p m curfew. germany, meanwhile, is designated france, denmark of the u. k. high risk zones,
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with the possibility of mandatory quarantine for travelers in the french capital. children as young as 5 are now being given a 1st dose of a covey 19 vaccine. the government there is said to be considering making vaccines mandatory. we're starting to learn more about all the chrome and the details the so bring a study from imperial college london finds no evidence of omicron having lowest severity than the delta variance. the risk of re infection is 5 times higher than delta, and the variant can evade pri immunity given by previous infection or vaccination. but we do know that serious illness can be averted with a 3rd dose, making this or 1st and vital line of defense. move boca al, jazeera london migration, and violence to the key fact is driving chillies. presidential run off election on sunday if i can do it. jose antonio cast has a very narrow lead in the polls over his left when rival gabriella porridge,
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the vote that's completely polarized opinion in the south american nation. more than 30 people are now feared dead after typhon ry hit. the philippines on friday rescue ac is, is starting to reach remote areas where dozens of people are missing. 18000 military and other security forces have joined the efforts in the was effective regions. hundreds of thousands of people have enforced from their homes. the ethiopian governments, as the federal army, has regained control of 5 more cities from tick ryan rebels. one of them is the strategic city of well dia, which is the last stronghold of the tick white people's liberation front. in the northern region of am horror. and we have next al jazeera well goes back stage with palestinian american musical virtuoso simon shane ah
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ah ah, i'm with this is on believe so along with your lovely mot. won't you send me a lot of the g. 0. shaheen. musician,
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performer, visionary. from his base on the east coast of the united states. shaheen shares traditional arabic music with performers seeking to create a different sal. it's a style that has attracted followers across the world. cody, it does she ha, she's really militia, maddie, the ability and the only 340 on my hot battery in it for many in a voice machine, while the can either hold more of be well i am well hold this thought a valet. couldn't. and marcia colorado, b. u. because ha at monte i'm mattie cannot couldn't him. and it has small see if he won't as a swallow, jim nearly behalf. joe lesher it or cannot have you been pellets and
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in a willy law. an estimate. and could hear min, honey and men 60 the happen. see cause of a plot and we'll see a few minute heifer but that dennis did come and see how it will be done by the father and he command dilution. we'll see in a minute. let me clean sophie who helped him in half fee. is it mean jama? columbia fee, manhattan, the arc who are min geminus theory and manhattan school of music. i wonder if manhattan will see the
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b. mickey, either away from any net and i cut the lawn, beckon's fuel a them feel is the will mostly a lot of me the canton will say a lot of a cell. the feed that he had our simian nightclub willock in the alamo stillwell in missouri. alamo, still as sat in the most is t americans fuel at them feed, been mostly caught in auto assess alford car. a lot of the year louis minute used to music on some of them will see a car show. cool. so you can say what on the eyes if he and middle of nam and muscle when follow fee in minnesota, you are the fema ebay, my years injured is that as you either me at that when the numbers up on the local
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news to you that there's hours mom, i love shut the law minimal city lee as you thought eve, every can should because be pulled and well a fearful daddy formula. a lucy collateral with the month of it and at able to assist her attending it was my physical alcantara ah, with home of comfort, i can ignore demons. how that often looking, bob shook and all the way is bow one. mamma with fick, that kind of toys. and he will see at the law most you can remove form, ill at hand, feel a form while this little more see calabi,
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one will see a little clean and leave it corrupt late in home. and it hasn't been patched fickle in will, safety. so i will, this is called mit other autonomy or a given jew fee. national mostly. she auction will see. she feared ramos with e. oh, oh, i like in a few her command performing the hot money. be shaquille yet they message it then mo, mo, for that, how you will see, you call
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a lot a, ah, ah, i believe that the arts, especially music and poetry and song, are the heart beat of the arab world of arab culture. and if you don't understand that, i mean you're, you're not getting the whole picture. and the world needs to hear that as far as simone goes, he is the consummate teacher and performer and composer to be able to share those skills. you need the right setting. oh
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no to boston, i'm feelin boards in the most. okay. min mother, this was my berkeley college of music. when that happened, we couldn't get them. so can you fly them to boston? fair dowdy today tomorrow? oh castlewood besieged them while they're in. no. you re dawn and no i didn't. mostly through that, i happened to go to a concert where simone shaheen was performing. he was playing violin, mostly a little bit ood, but mostly violin, and i heard him play. and i knew what i wanted to do with the strength department at berkeley. i wanted string playing as it exists around the world, which is mostly improvisational genres, not all, but mostly, ah, even classical music has improvisation in its roots. not so much now, but it used to. so when i heard him on play and i understood that this was the
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vision i wanted for the strange apartments. i started to pursue him to see if i could get him to come see a
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i have to confess. when i took this job 14 years ago, i didn't know what a qu noon was. and i met this young man who played canoes, and he told me all about it. and i was fascinated, but he was a student. and then started noticing more people playing mood, more people playing various percussion instruments from the arab world. and i realized something was happening and independently i had known about simone, shaheen and in fact had helped encourage him to come teach here. but i didn't really know about. so marcia, he just knew he was a really good musician and a really good person. and, but i didn't realize that the 2 were connected is when simone came here, that all these amazing musicians started coming to us from all over all over the,
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the middle east. and he's been an enormous magnet for talented students. and he's strong enough and capable enough that he can teach. he can help a commune player. he can help renewed player, he can help a violinist. so he's a, he's like a swiss army knife of talent and magnetism. ah ah, part of what i try to focus on in my play is bringing traditional music to a wider global audience. her living music is very deep and esoteric and has all these layers, but it's pretty much reserved to the, to the hoodies. so i come to berkeley called your music and i start spending a lot of time with simone and seeing how he's kind of created a community in
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a world outside of the region that he's from in the style that place specifically very inspiring ah, usual, if you will listen to what the secret in know now me now to hold and some yellow additions. shabamo i in recent years, simone. sure he has looked to palestine. the land of his birth, to seek out a new generation of young musical town. ah, with
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a were herb it? yeah. be mostly classical about with who did it? i the instructor. no, i mean something in the it was i eat with my catalog. okay. yeah. i yeah. now dispatch, about 4 or 5 years ago, we started to open up opportunities for students to audition with us online because we know, you know, the world's a big place and we can't be everywhere all the time. and it gives us the opportunity to reach that young musician see what they were doing, come from ah, instrumental and performance perspective. um and, and give them an opportunity for consideration um through the process. and we found tremendous musicians through the online audition process that have come to berkeley
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and have successfully graduated. i'm at berkeley at this point. you know, that otherwise we would not have found. so i think it's a very valuable process. if you want to play for us about. busy another piece or something that you worked. ready on i'm getting to that. 6 me ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, i ah, ah ah ah, ah ah, the me ah in i think there is something very important about auditioning
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students in their own culture and seeing how musicians in there are most natural state if you will, come in under most comfortable, straight doing what they do that with it's really beautiful to find musicians. all musicians, no matter where you go. oh ah,
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a dish will go on in philosophy and rely on them. a lot of you well, half is ali had it. i lost all busy at all till day. me love philistine b. a massage to nash? great ma'am. the restaurant, most of the allah in canada to rec, today e in canada was still a cost of a twat. oh, it was still a german dentist and we'll see about my husband. we see buffy from adventure farmer and i'm a da da. so i just need to buy this marathon. and auditions minnes does the same, which i ain or the mcdonald auditions. when i bought it deliberately about them to charlotte mon. hi. comely. went about it. oh, she thought a bit. alma didn't philistines took off my what am as yet? no one thought i thought of other. and how the,
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the lead knows that i use, ah, the college, the tradition of arabic music we had some here but not much. and certainly not at the depth. and the high level that, that simone brings to his music making and berkeley students are very focused on improvisation, but they knew nothing about and propagation in arabic. music. what do you want to play the upper or lower anything? ok. how about if you do the lower one and you do both? ah,
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ah oh yes, would be nice to bravo. and e. oh, a blunder, shahim's watchful eye. students are encouraged to play in the arabian musical pattern, known as mc. com. fee had the wrong sort of lab. ah, then we'll see. and looking at the a lead 20 ben mom. what model ma. com feeler. it had the
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medium by ross and t, or typically shockey was his symbol says hello dog, fat by number, and we'll see if color ought to be my fish head him off home and my home will bother ducky hook. we're lacking to muffle maha a little we a a matter in webmail how to morning from or c call i'll be able to do a brought in, marcia call him hi, debbie carr malcolm. ian, we're lacking bethia board board jimmy justin law me ah, for ah, ah, a
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ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, impaired to a musical retreat. the sounds of the middle east come to rule massachusetts ah, the cretan, the montage on, we'll see the heavy retreat away as the thought muscle can. new jimmy tyler live the rest of the calabi. shakin luca, surf worker. ah,
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weighs the airlines you can rely on ah, i'm marianne noise in london. look at the main stories now. a dramatic rise and current of ours cases linked to the on the chrome variant as pushed european authorities into action and the leather lens. the governors announced little imposed tough lockdown measures from sunday, with no essential stores, bars and restaurants as well as other public places closing until january 14th at the earliest, an ancient, some of the faults summarized in one sentence, the netherlands will go into lockdown again from to morrow the netherlands will be locked down again. that is unavoidable.


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