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one down there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you . you thought is what made the intimate connection between myself and rhonda diggers and merchants and settling africa direct on al jazeera ah government's ramp up efforts to contain the spread of army cross. the netherlands is going into locked down in london, declares a major incidents. ah, no, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. i'm fully back table also coming up more than 30 people enough here to have been killed by typhoon rye in the philippines rescue workers are starting to reach remote areas hate by the store. struggling to build a life in the desert. how the debate over chiles migrants could help decide who
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wins, sundays presidential election hang down. julia ground arab champions for the 1st time after they beat denisia with 2 goals in extra time. thank you for joining us. the surgeon corona virus case is linked to the ami con variant has pushed european governments into urgent action. the netherlands will impose tough lockdown measures from sunday, non essential shops, bars and restaurants, and other public traces will be closed until mid january at the earliest. and ends in some of the thought summarized in one sentence, the netherlands will go into lockdown again from to morrow. the netherlands will be locked down again. that is unavoidable because the 5th wave coming at us with the army, kron very endlessly missing. a u. k. has confirmed more than 90000 in your call the
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19 infections. meanwhile, london's mayor has declared the search a major incident may vakari for some london turbo chosing england's boost to drive. chelsea football clubs, home ground. stanford bridge has become a makeshift vaccine hub or microns now dominant in the british capital. this is a race against time to protect people from serious illness and safeguard the national health service and businesses bracing for new restrictions. it's really important londoners understand how serious things are the best thing lemons can do is to get both vaccines and the booster. they provide extra layers of protection. the really bad news is those in hospital, the vast, vast majority unvaccinated. that's why it's so important to get both the vaccines and the boost. the job with case is doubling every 2 days. health experts warm the
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vaccination effort. nice to reach people who haven't had a single dose. that's an estimated one point. 3000000 in london. many millions more across the country analysis shows poor younger a more ethnically diverse communities. our lease protected the more people to get sick. the more critical services could soon be in trouble. there currently so many staff at this one london hospital trough through a down we covered and away from work that they've had to drop in extra help from elsewhere. just a mom, the hospital's accident and emergency unit. and so that's a possible risk of a certain number of people ending up in hospital suffering with the omicron variant . and the country's national health service could soon be overwhelmed. and it's a darkening pitcher across europe. islands introduced an 8 p m. curfew and dutch health experts were advising tougher measures. they're germany meanwhile, designated france, denmark of the u. k. high risk zones with the possibility of mandatory quarantine
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for travelers in the french capital. children as young as 5 are now being given a 1st dose of a coven 19 vaccine. the government there is said to be considering making vaccines mandatory. we're starting to know more about alma crohn and the details a. so bring a study from imperial college london finds no evidence of omicron having lois severity than the delta variance. the risk of re infection is 5 times higher than delta. and the variant can evade pri immunity given by previous infection or vaccination. but we do know that serious illness can be averted with a 3rd dose. making this our 1st and vital line of defense heath balk al jazeera london. several people have been arrested during rallies in germany against schofield. 19 restrictions have placed in france for 10 dusseldorf on saturday. the country approved the vaccine
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mandate for health work as early as month. and the government is considering expanding this to the general population. thousands in spain have been demonstrating against the government's decision to introduce vaccine passports. spain began using the european union digital cove in 1900 vaccination certificates, and then after the curve rise and infection, people are required to show the document has been used by 5 and night gland in the us present, joe biden is considering further measures as cases rise, hillis resonation on tuesday, and he's expected to take steps beyond his so called winter plan. hospitals are under significant pressure. new york state has recorded its highest number of infections in a single day. alan fisher reports, it's the start of the biggest trouble window across the us for millions christmas and new year holidays start here. and the threat from the con variant hasn't kept people home,
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but has given them some warning. i'm very concerned about it because the flights of food inside the lobby is full on the plains of full cobra testing lines or back to some people waiting hours to get checked out. my brother woke up not feeling good with a fever, and i got a text during lunch saying that he got it. so this place is always open. the variant is no and at least 40 states, places like connecticut and michigan are seeing significant surgeries and hospital admissions. new york state has seen its highest single day reporting of infections since the pandemic began 21000 new cases on friday. a record experts are predicting will soon be broken. all here is going to start to spread much more the beginning the year. and the only real protection is to get your shots. meanwhile, a federal court to reinstated the bytes administration's vaccine mandate for big companies. that means workers at companies with more than $100.00 employees will
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have to either be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing an appeals court saying the government must be allowed to respond to cover dangers. as the evolve. some republican states oppose the idea. it's a measure which is now almost certainly going to end up being argued at the supreme court. for the white house though, it's a small victory in a sea of much bleaker news. alan fisher. i'll just, you know, washington and other world news more than 30 people and now fear dead after ty, phone ry hit. the philippines on friday. hundreds of thousands of people have been for some their homes rescue workers. they're starting to reach remote areas where dozens of people are missing. 18000 military and other security forces have joined the efforts in the worst effected regions. jemila allan doug has been following developments from devout city siphoned right. first made landfall in the philippines on friday, but until now there are still many areas,
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many communities in at least 4 provinces that remain cut off. we've spoken to military officials here in diversity who told us that they're doing the best they can providing assistance, security, transport, and reconnaissance flights. the local government officials who need to assess the damage in many areas. the cover president rodrigo, the therapy himself also surveyed the devastation through a reconnaissance flight over the province of city. go and he himself admit that it's going to be very difficult for the government to provide that much needed to many of these areas. before that they fall in struck over a 100000 people were able to evacuate from their homes and to look for safety. but men here believe that millions more have been affected. we also spoke to civilians who survived to see they were grateful. they were able to connect and recharge their phones to tell their families in many other communities that the
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survive. but they are much more fearful about what the future holds. that's because many of them have not just lost their homes. they have lost their livelihood as well. slash floods in northern iraq has killed at least 12 people. hundreds more have been injured. and it seems no relief is inside with more heavy rain forecasts for the next few days. victoria gates and b has the details. in the suburbs of her bill, a clean up operation is underway. torrential rain caused flash floods here in people's homes and businesses are badly damaged. cameron, a more says flood water swept through his property in the middle of the night, had been via a recall, but my son called me last night and told me to come here because there was a flood. thank god, with fine. the most important thing is that we're safe. everything else can be fixed. all the water level reached around one me to 80 is that the flood started around 1 am local time when most people were asleep. but every one got out alive.
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molly puma? this is my aunt's house. 2 people lived here and they had 2 guests who were disabled when the house was flooded. one of the residents tried to save the disabled people. the force of the water meant he wasn't able to and they drowned. we removed 3 bodies from half a matter of mud. iraqis have been hit by a succession of extreme weather events. they've enjoyed repeated droughts in recent years, but have also experienced intense floods made worse when torrential rain falls on sun baked earth. the government's accused of being too slow to adapt to climate change and that widespread corruption has led to years of under investment in the cities infrastructure. it's left areas like this ill prepared to deal with flooding or garcia huffman. this has happened because of government neglect in the absence of a solid plan. this is the 3rd time this has happened to us. there's no sewage system or anything that can save us from danger. it will take weeks if not months,
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for homes to dry out and be repaired. many say they're worried about more floods in the future. victoria gay to be al jazeera and al jazeera mahmoud abdel, what had is in our bail, where this update. this is one of the neighborhoods in southern b as this is the called, the coastal neighborhood. that was severely hit by the floods on a friday. as you can see right behind be the floods were very strong, that it demolished up, demolished this fence right behind me if you can see. and also some properties of civilians have been swept over by the floods. if you can see here in the background furniture, if you can see over the civil defense teams have been a trying to help civilians draining their houses and properties and also rescue teams have been deployed to other areas to look for missing victims. as
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you know, this area last 112 months, infant and that was swept over also by the flood. the people here are very angry and questioning the government for what they call, not doing enough to protect them, especially with the reports about drainage system is not working in some parts of the city. the government has located 1000000000 iraqi dinars for rehabilitation of the areas affected by the floods for compensating people and also for helping for helping people and distress for relief and for support. and that is estimated at about $700000.00. and meanwhile, the government of the prime minister, because the reader must rule, bernie is studying or is trying to open investigation and what it calls and
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negligence and mismanagement. because some parts of the drainage system are not working in some parts of the city still had on al jazeera, ah, how young musicians in south africa reclaiming jazz. and as the fee for our rob, something cut out, we'll look at the lessons that can be learned one year ahead of sports. biggest competition. ah hello there, let's have a look to north america. and once again, it's coastal areas that has seen the dramatic wintery weather. we've had a winter storm below into western canada. you can see that snow moving very quickly across central areas, bringing temperatures down. it's going to be bitterly cold here. and
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a lot of that wet and windy weather, moving down across washington, oregon, seeing a lot of heavy rain and edging into northern parts of california. but further south of if it's a much dry, a picture, the rather chilly at times and across those central areas. and the midwest it has cleared up nicely. we've got a bit of a brisk wind blowing in. and i love that snow is gonna edge over to eastern parts of canada. so some heavy snowfall quebec in the days to come. but across at east coast, it does dry up nicely for new england. and from new york city, we're going to have sunshine coming through the temperature in washington dc dipping down slightly. thanks to that cooler, but plenty of sunshine around it's in the south the we're seeing once again some severe storms affecting places like mississippi, florida. we could see some flash flooding here from mexico. wet weather in the east and watch that weather is going to intensify. edging down into the yucatan peninsula. it can be very wet here, but it's looking rather fine and dry across the caribbean. ah
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frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken. luca show up, even though they're cap cbd, of the beginning there. what's that? i for informed opinions, pricing, politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of these critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. once the inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera,
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the netherlands will impose a 4 week long down on sunday cone virus infections are searching across europe. london's mayor has declared a major incident in response to a rising army con cases. he was present, joe biden is expected to announce vehicle the 19 meshes when he addresses the country on tuesday. new york state has recorded its highest number of infections in a single day. and the number of people killed by typhoon rye in the philippines has risen to 30 rescue work is a trying to reach stranded people in the wake of friday storm. hundreds of thousands have been displaced now to chile, where the current wave of undocumented migrants there is one of the key issues that could determine the outcome of sunday's presidential election. all right, candidate, jose antonio cast his proposing to dig a ditch along the northern border. to keep migrants out his left wing opponent gabrielle bore. each believes the focus should be on traffickers who smuggle people
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into the country. to see a newman reports from e k. k, near chillies border with bolivia. there is no electricity or water yet. land grabs and makeshift camps like lemuel le are springing up like mushrooms all over chillies at the camera. desert area of outdoor spatial. the newest arrivals are undocumented. venezuelan migrants like angie who came here with her 4 children and no money at the home girl thought i've been here for 2 months. we've been living in the shack, made of cardboard, and a sheet on the top. there are no toilets and little food or wood to build better shelters, yet spaces for more families are already reserved. but there is trouble in the air . last month, julian camp dwellers set a barricade to prevent more migrants from arriving the latest in a series of protests that often end in violence. one week. hello, chilion,
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pastor loans, heel or soil, and his venezuelan wife are concerned about growing xenophobia. if you are larry calhoun, often if some of them are criminals, put them in jail, but the majority here want to work and legalize them. migrations that awesome. in the nearby city of a kiki newly arrived, venezuelans have set up camp along the sea side promenade. nelson supposedly that is the president of this areas neighbourhood association, or you will apply, you know, they occupy up clauses, beaches parks, including our most respected patriarch symbols. at 1st we welcome them, but then the migrant trafficking started bringing them in waves. it's turned into a nightmare. despite the unprecedented influx of undocumented migrants from havi columbia, peru, and specially venezuela, the government has him provided emergency food and shelter. and it's become a major issue ahead and sundays presidential election, new left candidate, gabrielle body. each promises to protect my grants human rights,
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but target human smugglers. but his opponent has gained popularity with his get tough policy along chillies 1100 kilometer northern border. far right when presidential candidate or sampling jocasta's not only proposing to expel undocumented migrants, but also to dig a ditch along chili's poorest northern border with bolivia to keep them out. the ditch would be 3 meters deep and 6 meters wide. and it's the closest thing yet to form, were you as present in donald trump's wall along the us mexican border? except the cast is not proposing that bolivia paid for it. at v barrett, i came from columbia 6 years ago, legally and has been working ever since. she shows us how she's built her small house on another land grab, but she's worried. ilia montana is the bane of ways to morrow. they could throw us all out of here, like they didn't venezuela, to the colombians. and what happened now? the venezuelans are the homeless ones. no one knows when they might become
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a migrant. and i've been like these venezuelan children cross the border into chile just this morning with their parents. what happens to them will depend a lot on who wins, sundays election to see and human al, jazeera it kiki les ring in alexandra m p. a t was also covering this election for joining us from santiago, alessandro. the mass in flux of migrants has become a big issue in this connection, in chile, what else will a voters be thinking of? what will be on their minds when they head to the polls on sunday? yes, fall. they just like migration and increase in crime and drug trafficking here in front and center in the minds of many voters chilion voters. and that's true both here and upper class neighborhoods like the one where we are and implore neighborhoods that more directly had to deal with the consequences of bad increase
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in crime. and the far right the candy. they have been a great job truly to sort of tap into those spheres and the, and, and the, and if you add to that, add to that the fact that since 2019, now this country has been a rock the by almost unprecedented protest. and part of especially young, she land to sort of understand how that has helped or all of this has helped propel a cast to the top of the lot the in the 1st round. on the other hand though, there are many she lands that want to do something about any quality in this country, both socially and economically. and that's one of health to the left is the can be, it's gabriella vari, to come in a 2nd. but he's a millennial, he is a young candidate just 35 years old, just barely making the age to be able to run for president. ne,
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come to represent the new sheila who wants to change this country, which remains the richest and latin america, but also a quite an equal country. and he's hoping to bring forward a number of progressive reforms, pension reform education reform, allowing more people to have the cation in this country. and that's something that is important to many people here in children, and it's a very close race. alexandra between conference boy tries either one has, has the edge at this point. well, the truth is, we don't know at this point. that's what we believe is the case, is what both candidates have been saying in a past day is that the, the polls that they've been seeing show that they are neck and neck. and this is truly see, or at least we think that it will shape up to be one of the most tightly disputed
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election since this country has returned to democracy back in 1990 at the end of the api, no ship dictatorship. but there are also a number of unknowns for the last, the official pulls that we've seen are now. week old, the supporters are not allowed here to publish new pulled 7 days before the elections. we had a sneak peak to one particular poll that shows that the board went slightly ahead, but it's definitely too early to know what will happen tomorrow. and also i think very important here is the fact that just 47 percent of the electorate voted in the 1st round. so there is expectation to see more people will come out to cast about now that we know who the candy they are and how different is their view for the future of this country in the next 5 years. also add to the fact that this
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countries in the middle of a process to draft the new constitution, kathy is against that process, which supports it completely. so we're going to have to see it tomorrow, right. what happens definitely too early now to tell. thank you very much. i listened around pity live in bo santiago. the algeria have been crowned our cub champions for the 1st time. the final against michelle was go less after 90 minutes, but in extra time substitute, i mean how you'd alisha shot that highly beaten is just keep them always hustle. the finals for was to nail denying tenicia their 1st half cup title since 1963. that hosting the, our car has given car the chance to test the new stadiums and the arrangement it's putting in place for next. yes, he for well cup that iran has been looking into what lessons the organizes have learned during the tournament. ah,
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it's been the biggest tournaments yet held in cattle with most of the 8 purpose built world cup stadiums fully put to the test hundreds of thousands of football fans afford in and outs of the arena's in the last few weeks to watch the fee for arab cup a glimpse of what to expect at next year's walls. ha, while i every one want to come. i you received many message. well they, they won't even, they can photo inside the video, the effort that has been done to the investment, the organization. it says something you cannot imagine is better than the premier league or some guy behind the scenes. it's all systems go to ensure one of the world's biggest tournaments runs smoothly from new pitch technology to a newly built metro system. everything is on trial. the fees are covers being seen as a test to cats or as to whether it's ready for the walk up in less than a year, or even $3.00 things have fans. i've been attending this tournament. and overall,
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their experience has been very positive thoughts, you know, with ounces issues, tickets, availability, and a new man that you find id system is some of the problems that caused confusion and delays. the follow be sure to be delivered at all. so we can avoid the line on to facilitate to people oh, coming out of the country. but the thought entered the stadium was hard for me to do. let me come in with my medication and the only entrance disable people is at the far end of the stadium via cuts off supreme committee for delivery. and legacy says hosting the arab coff has been a good opportunity to make improvements ahead of the world cup and in collaboration with fi fi. you have completed our constructions and we're focusing more to the fun experience. so we get actually the opportunity of engaging with the public, indicating them with some of the new features that you will be introduced in the world cup. for example, the fan id, we will be introducing a new version of it,
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an improved version of it for the public. so everything has a test. it says this is, was actually one of the biggest tests with a population of less than $3000000.00 people. cut off, security forces aren't used to dealing with large crowds, double the amounts of spans the g to arrive from all over the world will kick off next year. which is exactly why castle has signed agreements early this week for turkey and kenya sent thousands of security personnel to assist other countries will also be helping out to me. it's taken more than a decade to prepare for the world cup and castle is getting closer to the finishing touches and even closer to hosting the biggest sporting events, the region will ever has seen. so to hide it, i'll just 0. no ha. now musicians in south africa on a mission to revive jobs, the music has been used for decades to tell the world of the struggle against racial segregation, that found,
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found it hard to access when artists were prosecuted during the apartheid. eva, family miller report from cape town. i sunday afternoon in the township of cooper let you in cape town in informal fittings like this one back yards. the jazz musicians are reviving genre of music that has a long but sometimes forgotten history. cape town is a very divided and back in the days, musicians used to travel across the railroad lines closer to the lines of the ones, the separate communities. and they were bought from playing together. and just to bring back the culture and actually dream music back to where it belongs in the town. the most local and international artist perform at these events that the organize and say bring together people from all walks of life,
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racial segregation during apartheid for south africa grades like up to labor, him, you must kayla and very i'm a care but into exile abroad that they performed in europe and the united states using their music not just to entertain, but also to protest against the parts of government today help african job has both local and international influences. africans developed its own so full start of creating a unique sound that's formed part of its history and culture. and now the younger generation is working to make sure that the music stays relevant. how shifted was 1st exposed to jazz is a 5 year by his mother who worked in the industry. always firmly believe that the, you know, you, you, you play the sound of your immediate environment. you know,
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if you really through and in tune with what's going on. so it's absolutely natural to play this and sound this way. the kyle studies didn't play classical music but tend to jazz in his late teens and plays all over the world. he says he finds the youngest audiences attending jazz events. i instilled africa as a young musician and especially, you know, sort of knish jaw and there is such as jazz even let's call it what it is i think, you know, constantly trying to at, on one and, you know, battling with, with, with a question of relevance but then also on the to stick side not not to really not to engaged with that question of being relevant or not, but producing music that in many ways can be timeless if, if, if needed. you know, the jazz is also popular at up market been using cape town.


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