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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2021 5:30am-6:00am AST

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large crowds, double the amounts of scans are due to arrive from all over the world for kickoff next year, which is exactly why cattle has signed agreements earlier this week for turkey in kenya to send thousands of security personnel to assist other countries will also be helping out to, ah, it's taking more than a decade to prepare for the world cup and cattle is getting closer towards the finishing touches and even closer to hosting the biggest sporting events the region will ever have seen. so to highlight al jazeera, though ha, ah, logan, i'm fully batty boy. with the headlines on al jazeera, the netherlands will impose our 4 week locked on from sunday. as corona, virus infections rise were on $14000.00 per day. all non essential shops and
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schools will close. the mayor of london has declared a major incident in response to our surgeon, army con cases. the strain is now the dominant strain in the capital nationally, the u. k. has confirmed to more than 90000 vehicles, 19 infections on saturday, and a 125 related deaths in revenues. hong kong chief executive carry land is urging people to vote in the 1st legislative elections in speaching and post sweeping security laws. candidates have been vetted to ensure only those loyal to china can run. i do have some very clear targets for this general election of the legislative council. one is to ensure patriots administering hong kong. and i think that objective has been met through the design of the candidate eligibility review committees. so all the 153 candidates could meet this requirement. and you can see that they actually come from a very diverse background. were very different opinions on the range of issues in
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chile, left wing presidential candidate gabrielle burridge is ahead in opinion polls a day before run our fault. all right, candidate jose antonio cast narrowly defeated him in the 1st round. the race is expected to be extremely tight. more than 49 people are feared day after typhoon ry hit, the philippines. hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes . rescue workers are starting to reach remote areas where dozens of people are missing. or heavy rain is forecasts in northern iraq after heavy floods, at least 12 people have been killed in or bail, and hundreds more have been injured. and algeria have been crowned our cup champions for the 1st time. the final against denisia was go less out to 90 minutes, but they were too late goals in extra time. the match was held exactly one year before the 2022 well cup final here in cut up. those are the headlines darren jordan, we'll have more news for you on al jazeera. stay with us next,
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the listening post. on counting the cost m r n a full that is changing the well, the vaccines noticed the coven, $9.00 thing big business in play, that of thousands of pixels millions of dollars. and not the fun people token. we demystify the world of crypto on helping to call on al jazeera the us government has one. it's a pale as a high cost addition. abilene founder, julian has the u. s. ones assigned to face trial over the release in 2010 of thousands of classes following up to the publisher of information that a government deems classified will. secret is a pretty liberal and authoritarian thing to do a warmer to gilbert. and you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news we cover the way the news is covered. here are the media stories we're examining this week. julian assange is now one legal step closer to being extradited to the us. we look at
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a case that not enough news organizations care about. what did fox news hosts really think about the dc riots last january, 6th, their text messages to the white house that day. tell a story. the turks turning to you to in search of the kind of reporting they can no longer find in the mainstream and taking pride in a vast new prison complex. ah, egypt, one of the world's worst jailers of journalists releases a bizarre promo video. it's been a week now since a pair of judges in the london gave the go ahead for the extradition of julian sonjee to the united states. amnesty international called that ruling, a travesty of justice. press freedom groups have also condemned it in terms just escaping washington wants to prosecute a sausage for revealing state secrets that happened to include war crimes, revelations, that wiki leeks and the journalists and these out that,
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that reported those secrets as new stories deemed to be in the public interest, not enough of those news outlets are standing out for the songs now, given how important the source he and wiki leaks were back, that this latest court decision overturned an earlier ruling, which opposed extra dining assigned due to his failing health. and the conditions he would face in an american prison. julian assange has one more appeal coming, but his fate remains in the hands of the u. k. and the u. s. government secrets he helped expose our starting point this week. here's what i need. friday, december 10th, 2001 day a high court in london ruled the julian astonished, could be expedited to washing happened to united nations human rights. it was the same day, 2 other journalists were receiving them,
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nobel prize diplomacy. it was also the vital ministration posted more than $100.00 global leaders and what it called summit for democracy in terms of the international media cycle. it was a day where focus on journalism would very much been on the nobel peace prize, because of course, 2 journalists were receiving the nobel that day, maria, philippines, and dmitri morocco from russia, and also on the us where the biden administration was concluding its big summit for democracy, we've shown a spotlight on the importance of protecting media freedom from around the world to discuss issues related to human rights including media freedom. the court decision came on the day when statements were made by the buyers not instruction in support of press freedom as being the a prerequisite for democracy. and so it was frankly, grotesque to have on this day
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a british hi court allowing santos extradition or the last word on whether julian sanchez can be legally extradited to face charges for publishing. classified us government documents will now come from the you case, supreme court. this latest ruling came following several assurances made by the us to the british government that a sonjee will get a fair trial. despite the fact, the cia has already broken us laws in gathering the evidence by a legally acquiring surveillance which of meetings between assange and his lawyers . when he was at the ecuadorian embassy in london, the u. s. has insisted, the defendant will be safe in its customer, even though as yahoo news has reported state department operatives working under donald trump disgust. ways to abduct assange or assassinate him. in 2017,
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the assurances the british court put so much stockings were made by a country that has a habit of reneging on its international agreements. when you read the text of those assurances, you real quickly realized that those assurances didn't assure anything at all. the u. s. has promised this thought a lot detained during the font in the most notorious super max prison in florence, colorado. but now the united states has dozens of super max prisons and they only excluded one. they also promised that they will lot, detain him under the so called special administrative measures. but then only about 50 persons in the united states are under discuss current regime while currently about 80000 or in solitary confinement under different regime. so to put it bluntly, they really haven't a promised anything. we now know that there was a c, i a plan to kill judy, an assange inside the embassy. it's not being denied. so you handing over
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a political prisoner to his executioners, or at least people who discussed seriously bumping him off. no doubt, with the aid of british intelligence, they couldn't do it without their so these assurances are not were pay anything quite almost the given the implications, the assange case has for other journalists, the news coverage of a consistent. we comes back short in terms of both scale and child outlets. the feast on what which you leeks, review about the war in iraq and afghanistan. the dark side of american diplomacy got in the morning news organizations like the guardian, the new york times, the b b. c. had been muted in their reporting of the case. and sometimes when the court issued a decision, the guardian published and editorial calling for a sanchez released, but for the paper with a pension for campaigning, there was
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a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the story. the times has not put out an editorial, honest orange since 2019. all 3 outlets have effectively distance themselves from the source of some of their biggest stories. and their coverage reveals far more about them than it does about julie and the b, b. c. coverage of the ruling was typically a bland report from studio they had to interview assigned his wife and they had to interview one another and supported cuz it would have been too obvious not doing that. but the report of standing outside the court think the bulk of that report was giving government critically. the us now getting very key assurance that mr. a staunch no matter how mentally ill he may be, will be treated humanely and the american people in the shore. and says, et cetera, it's petra, the last case was worried about his that was to convince the 2 of them are seen at
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churches in the country. that is will to be dc is increasingly but now the voice of the british day, at the end of the day, the us is a democracy. there are protections within its whole judicial system and its criminal justice system. often when we step outside court, the interviews that we're giving are not to british media. i have to say most of the interviews has been through other european media. i know there's a lot of german and french interest in the case, for example, or australian camera, crucial to be there. i would expect to get more coverage in the u. k. the country where these proceedings have been taking place, the precedent that is being set here is alarming. if the u. s. successful in actually studying and prosecuting join us songs, we could see the very media partners that have published information based on these liter documents targeted. not the too often news organizations take. their editorial leads from politicians that has created another gaping hole in the
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narrative around julian, a song that they don't think he's not supposed to care storm or had the labor for the official opposition in the british parliament, leading figures in his party, reacted to the latest court ruling with 5 star mer is a lawyer who used to had the case, crown prosecution back in 2012. when prosecutors in sweden were considering dropping their bogus sexual assault investigation into songs, british prosecutors working understood armor lobbied against that part. they sent an e mail to stucco, saying don't you dare get cold feet? the swedes ended up dropping the case anyway. but british thumbs had tried to tip the scale of swedish justice on tier stormers watch. don't expect him to rock the boat on the role played by kiss. darma is probably the most appalling
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roleplayed by a british politician in this whole case, because the so called rapes didn't take place. and yet they got colleen involved under kiss darma when he was there, pleading with the swedes don't withdraw your case. most certainly un report on torture ravine. so we'll base the head of the opposition into your customer has a history in this case. and the revelations made by ricky leaks referred back to a period when labor was in fact the government. over the years, governments have changed. different political parties have been in charge, but all of them have basically been responsible for those violations. civil are exposed by ricky leaks, i'm all up to traffic to safety. come on. and none of them are interested in the media focusing on those revelations and discussing government misconduct because clearly that would have led to legal proceedings potentially even against a political leaders. ah, instead it's julie and assad's locked up in
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a london prison recovering from a minor stroke. under maximum security conditions, a journalist treated like a menace to society. what he really is is a menace to governing secret if one's including to that, like to talk up their democracy and export their values so called people, especially in the us and u. k. we want to believe that we have all of the same fundamental rights and freedoms that we promote in all parts of the world. but what is happening to julian sanchez so clearly political, he has been targeted for his contributions to journalism and his treatment. especially if he has actually added to the united states and prosecuted. there will have implications for public interest reporting around the world for many years to turning to american politics. now the investigations into the january 6th capitol hill riot are proving damaging to fox news. terracon offer is keeping
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a social distance, but he's here with the details. well, richard, the story is about what fox news hers were publicly telling their audiences that night versus what they were privately texting the white house. earlier in the day, the 3 folks presented laur ingram, sean hannity, and brian, kil, mead will all pro trump and still are. and as congress women live cheney, a member of the committee investigating the riots revealed. they all texted trunks, chief of staff, mock meadows that day, imploring him to get the president to stop the violence. multiple fox news hosts knew the president needed to act immediately. quote, mark, the president needs to tell people in the capital to go home. this is hurting all of us. he is destroying his legacy. laura ingraham wrote,
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given what they told their viewers that night and thereafter that left them with some explaining to them. yeah, initially there was complete silence from folks but 24 hours later. hannity and ingram piped up last night in a week attempt to smear yours truly. and presumably i guess president trump. congresswoman cheney presented one of my text messages from january 6th to mark meadows. ah surprise, surprise, surprise, this sent left wing media hacks into spin and defame mode. now of course the regime media was somehow trying to twist this message to try to tar me as a liar, a hypocrite in probably the general message from both of them was that the text to meadow were consistent with what they told us. and ingram actually re run the opening of her january fixture of her defendants this week. earlier today, the capital was under seized by people who can only be described as antithetical to the mag and movement. now, there were likely not all tramps importers,
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and there are some reports at and t for sympathizers may have been sprinkled throughout the crowd. we'll have more. it is true that ingram, i'm hon, and see publicly condemned the violence. but the mention of and t for reference to the left wing anti fascist, was revealing and completely unsubstantiated. it was designed to throw doubt if only foxes coverage of the riots had been as clear as those text messages were. ok, thanks talk. there are plenty of negative headlines coming out of turkey these days . the lira plunging to record lowe's, rocketing inflation and economy in decline. luckily for the air to watch government, it's got most of the news media. they're under control. more than 85 percent of turkey's mainstream media is in the hands of conglomerates that are aligned with the government. the president is a fixture on television, and hundreds of journalists have either been attacked,
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jailed or have fled the country. some independent voices have taken refuge online like to nate aust, amir, his daily you to program has become a staple for turks. younger viewers in search of journalism, of a different kind. all the mayor has his critics, however, they say his decision to remain editorially neutral, makes him complicit in what this government dies in the middle of the road approach looks like a survival strategy in a country that is just introduced yet more legislation. curbing freedom of information online. the listening posts flow phillips now on the turkish journalist to have swept the broadcast airwaves for life on youtube. during the same month turkey's interior minister, president one lloyd, i met about the crown and my mother, mary. this done go a central figure in the main opposition on j mazda, which shame
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a better actress and fashion designer, a token liberty. what are they will have in common talk is it that i didn't get a chance nor my shot back. and then we started filling vacuum journalists have not been able to conduct independent and free journalism on turkeys mainstream channels. so there's been a shift towards so like when the minister of finance, i posted his resignation on the ground. everyone kept quiet, the old man, st. hodges and said, i'm not midnight. i launched a live broadcast, breaking news style and economy. that's sort of the book of you said, ronda is to partner either at 3 a. m a 150000 people were still watches like these of serial number digit, which the you talk to me today. i, the resignation of the finance minister was
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b. can you just not on t v i did on the mainstream. didn't touch it, perhaps because the minister of finance just happens to be president, add one son in law, and getting on the wrong side of the president is ill advised integrity. so you tube has become a go to not just for me as the internet is limited, tornadoes, the music style suits you tube. it's an entertainment platform more than it is and information science. so success depends on how much you can engage with and ties to, to show up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up by just with on that side here to nathan. because before july, 8th has been inspired by american lately talking, and he's mixed in as a little sooner american. it's a style that really works for generation z. mucus regarded by north of the church here. what phil i made it got partial on which to arcus hundreds and thousands of when people who don't normally follow means are political on follow to me. it's
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program or larger. it's larger denija gauge to nathan program. the thought bit of them is more than 1000000 subscribers flocked to his daily sho, in part because he's no amateur, rather a veteran of the turkish airways. he spent the majority of his career and television and still free nonsense for san antonio. but in 2017, he's what the main street for the lives 3 new york times to see them telling them i was seen and turks new york correspondent the target on our market. and there was an important hearing tied to a case that heavily involved turkey on land. the editorial management said they didn't want a daily report from outside the court. so i decided to follow the case myself. i your name again, my name is john. they got you guys today, bob, bob, i didn't much. i began broadcasting on you as a matter of necessity. what did i have to lose? my in the man in old jack anchored to nick,
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i waited him was demand isn't the only mainstream a who's my great. ah. the man credited as turkey's digital pioneer is russian shocker. where you're going back in 2015 after repeatedly being censored, took a created a platform called metro attracted like minded journalists and remains as talk talk to you to channel independent news and then the 5 people to come until last year with a celebrated and grown fox tv, one of the few non government lined out the left, but off the several fine charge to the channel, who called resigned and turned to the, to taking his followers with him. but perhaps the most famous turkish youtube of late isn't actually a journalist to talk. he's the president, your short term gave him, is it talk to a lot of services in june 2021, hosted
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a live stream on youtube in an attempt to attract support from generations. the it back to thousands of criticisms poured in. and the hash tag, you won't receive our dotted trending, and one of the common section to be disabled. just only days later, he delivered this speech to members of his ruling policy. you can also measure the met the measure that and not looked up really beautiful cushion, was soon on your high duty. she did possible with 3 months and the introduction of a new bill stipulating that all social media companies with more than 1000000 daily uses must open offices and turkey offices will soon have just 24 hours to delete content that causes offense to the government. for showing me the system after the social media took effect in october 2020 most international digital media
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cooperation, including youtube and google filled the requirements appointing at 30 representatives . so that the government effort to increase control of the social media sphere has succeeded that charlotte device we haven't yet seen. the full effect of the sloane real test will be when the social media jaren's received demands from the government. like the lead this account or block this message. if they fully abide by the letter of the law, the digital spaces that is allowed for our voices to be heard will be limited and will be eclipse. as a result, anyone trying to practice critical journals and will become a top 5. being a target of the government is something turkish journalists know to what they even have a joke for it, liberty sober toward which directly translate as significant must be cold. it refers to one of turkey's largest presence, the place where they could end up if they don't, to the government line. and many have dozens of journalists to remain in turkish
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jails. hundreds drawn trial on the basis challenges thousands of unemployed or they sell census. so it's easy enough to see why someone might be wary of pushing back against the other one and ministration playing it safe. it's something to me as critics have accused him off. but when i put this to him, he told me he doesn't see it that way. to get that pulled on turkey's so polarized that everyone wants to hear their own version of the truth, the 50 percent to support the government. only want to hear their version, the 50 percent, to oppose the government. only want to hear this, why we have open the space between these 2 communities. that's why what we do a noise both to keep that of that awesome get you dropped. it reduces video once a month. yep. the moment when i think that is broadcasting is lacking more with shortcomings and that i would do it different. but however, i knew he might be joining with him. he have to accept that he is able to do
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something that i had lost. he can have everyone in this program. i think he's making a choice choice not to attract credit for that. yup. my actual shot with the social media, lo, looming over him to me at maybe on to something that's an election on the horizon in 2023. if not sooner and as a battle for the hearts and minds or rather for the clicks and votes of generations . the many of whom will be costing that balance for the 1st time. currently one side and the social media battle is a lot more popular than the other. and the president noted the mom still that of course, the government wants to keep social media on the control. but i don't see it happening and such a diversified social media environment that a couple systems was subject. give us a competition signal. if you shut down youtube, this twitter, if you shut down twitter, there's what's up. if you shut down what's up the signal?
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if you shut down signal, this telegram would always be another movie. and finally, in delphi, l. ccs, egypt, forrest disappearances, torture and mass death sentences have grown common. yet those are stories that too often go on told. consider the numbers half of the egyptians currently behind bars . $60000.00 of them are political prisoners and half of them. 30000 people are in what's known as pre trial detention. their cases haven't gone to court. they haven't been convicted of a crime. the prisons are jammed. according to amnesty international, they're holding twice the number of people that they were built for. so the release of a government video, a few weeks back, hyping the facilities at a vast new prison complex just outside cairo and the care offer, there was as cruel as it was absurd. we'll leave you now with a song called the chance to live. it was produced by egypt,
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ministry of the interior. we'll see you next time. a with
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from the al jazeera london girl cast and tack to people in thoughtful conversation with no haste and no limitations. what is even more in p me that mouth is system innovation? systems designed and system transformation part one of human rights activist, q, me, nighty, and environmentally. when own electric, i lived as you have the fossil fuel era my entire life and i'm looking for
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a graceful transition out of it. studio b unscripted on out his era. it was supposed to be a refuge, but south korea's brothers home was allegedly the scene of torture, rape, and even murder. 11 east investigates the crimes, and those set to be behind them on al jazeera. ah, the netherlands announces a stop locked down in london declares a major incident while protest is in central cities rally against corona virus restrictions. ah, i'm down, jordan, this is out of there, alive from tow. also coming up people in hong kong vote in the 1st election since sweep insecurity laws came into force.


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