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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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little keena matic. seeing monday, schools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and some element of the truth. but the full story remains and cookies unpacking the stories you're being told. it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics, the listening post, your guide to the media, on a jesse era. ah, the netherlands announces us not locked down and london declares a major incident while protest as in several cities rally against promoting virus restrictions. ah, i'm darn jordan, this is out of there alive and there are also coming up people in hong kong vote in the 1st elections and sweeping security laws came into force. now all candidates of vetted by beijing,
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a desperate please aid in the philippines after powerful storm leaves, dozens of people dead, plus algeria crowned arab champions for the very 1st time and they beat to nas yet with 2 goals in extra time. with the surgeon corona virus case as linked to the army con there and just pushed european governments into urgent action. the netherlands were now imposed top locked on measures from sunday, non essential shops, bars, and restaurants, and other public places will be closed until mid january. at the earliest and ends in some of the thought summarized in one sentence, the netherlands will go into locked down again from to morrow. the netherlands will be locked down again, falls. that is unavoidable because the 5th waves coming at us with the i'm a kron, very and loosely miss. meanwhile,
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the united kingdom has confirmed more than 90000 new coven 19 infections. london's mer has declared the surge, a major incident. ne barker report turbo, charging england's booster dr. chelsea football clubs, home ground. stanford bridge has become a makeshift vaccine hub or microns now dominant in the british capital. this is a race against time to protect people from serious illness and safeguard the national health service and businesses bracing for new restrictions. it's really important londoners understand how serious things are the best thing lemons can do is to get both vaccines and the booster. they provide extra layers of protection. the really bad news is those in hospital, the vast, vast majority unvaccinated. that's why it's so important to get both the vaccines and the boost. the job with case is doubling every 2 days. health experts warm the
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vaccination effort. nice to reach people who haven't had a single dose. that's an estimated 1300000 in london. many millions more across the country. analysis shows poor younger, more, ethnically diverse communities. our lease protected, the more people to get sick. the more critical services could soon be in trouble. there currently so many staff at this one london hospital trough through a down we covered and the wife work that they've had to drop in extra help from elsewhere. just a mom, the hospital's accident, an emergency unit. and so that's a possible risk of a certain number of people ending up in hospital suffering with the omicron variant . and the country's national health service could soon be overwhelmed. and it's a darkened pitcher across europe. islands introduced at 8 p. m. curfew and dutch health experts were advising top of measures. they're germany. meanwhile, designated france, denmark of the u. k. high risk zones with the possibility of mandatory quarantine
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for travelers in the french capital. children as young as 5 are now being given a 1st dose of a coven 19 vaccine. the government there is said to be considering making vaccines mandatory. we're starting to know more about alma crohn and the details a. so bring a study from imperial college london finds no evidence of omicron having lowest severity than the delta variant. the risk of re infection is 5 times higher than delta. and the variant can evade pri immunity given by previous infection or vaccination. but we do know that serious illness can be averted with a 3rd dose, making this our 1st and vital line of defense. he's barca, al jazeera london, british police say several officers have been injured off to ronnie's against new coven. 19 measures turned violent in london. thousands moths were sent to the city blocking streets. these were the scenes near the prime ministers down in street residence early this week. okay. and these approved new measures to stop the rapid
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spread of a virus. this includes requiring coven passes for large venues, making mass compulsory in some indoor settings. and several people had been arrested during ronnie's against restrictions in germany. the protests took place in frankfort and dusseldorf, government approved of vaccine mandate for health work. as early this month. it's considering expanding this to the general population and thousands have been demonstrating in spain against the government decision to introduce vaccine car seat. and i require to send the documents for vendors bars and nightclubs in the us . president biden is considering further measures as cases rise. there, he'll address the nation on tuesday and is expected to take steps beyond his so called winter plan hospitals. and now i want a significant pressure. new york state has recorded its highest number of infections in a single day. alan fisher reports. it's the start of the biggest travel window
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across the us for millions christmas and new year holidays start here. and the threat from the con variant hasn't kept people home, but has given them some warning. i'm very concerned about it because the fighter for inside the lobby is full on the plains of who cooper testing lines are back to some people waiting hours to get checked out. my brother woke up not feeling good with a fever, and i got a text during lunch saying that he got it. so this place is always open. the ve the and is know, and at least 40 states, places like connecticut and michigan are seeing significant surgeries in hospital admissions. new york state has seen its highest single day reporting of infections since the pandemic began 21000 new cases on friday. a record experts are predicting will soon be broken. all here is going to start to spread much more rapidly and beginning of the year. and the only real protection is to get your shots. meanwhile,
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a federal court has reinstated the bite and ministrations vaccine mandate for big companies. that means workers at companies with more than $100.00 employees will have to either be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing an appeals court saying the government must be allowed to respond to cover dangers. as the evolve. some republican states oppose the idea. it's a measure which is now almost certainly going to end up being argued at the supreme court. for the white house though, it's a small victory in a sea of much bleaker news island fisher. i'll just, you know, washington in no one to lay a passenger on board, a cruise ship as tested, positive the cobra 19. the infection was detected on saturday just a day after the cruise ship became the 1st dock and the ports that you have got kimber in 21 months. all 1000 passengers and crew ever portal had been bought from getting off a shit. i'm calling chief executive is urging people to vote in the 1st legislative
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election since sweeping changes were imposed by mainland china. carry lamb defended the reforms. only 20 of 90 lawmakers will be elected by popular vote and all candidates have been vetted at least 10 people have been arrested recording for a boycott. i do have sarah kia targets for this general election of the legislative council. one is to ensure patriots administering hong kong. and i think that objective has been met through the design of the candidate eligibility review committee. so all the 153 candidates could meet this requirement. and you can see that they actually come from a very diverse background, were very different opinions on the range of issues. what brit tenant is in hong kong. she says the government to spend vast sums of money in a bid to boost voter turnout. the big question is how will this lack of representation from the pro democracy cab, this lack of political diversity impact voter turnout will put people off from from
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costing that balance today. recent paul do suggest that both turn out will be down on recent years. but chief executive carry lab struck that off in an interview with chinese media saying that it wouldn't necessarily mean anything if both to turn out was low. that clearly authentic devotees around at least 10 people have been arrested for sizing others. the cost is like a boat and the hong kong government threatened the wall street journal over it's reporting all of this election. and also activists abroad has been issued arrest warrant for encouraging others to protest the vote. today, the government have been, it came to urge people to come out and vote today. public transport is free today. residents who receive text messages urging them to come out and vote. there are billboards all around the city and local records. say that the government spent around $870000.00 us dollars on advertising, on television,
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but on trend and as i say, billboards and posters a little around the city. but there is a heavy police present. this is the 1st a city wide pole to take place since paging intensified, it's cracked down here in hong kong last year and introduce that controversial national security lower in the city as well. so there is a renewed sense of, of ease here is this. all patriot selection takes place. there are desperate appeals for food and water. off the typhoon ride, devastated parts of the philippines. at least 49 people are dead and hundreds of thousands more have been forced from their homes. rescue workers are starting to reach remote areas where dozens of people remain missing. military and other security forces have joined the efforts and the worst effected regions. jamila and doug has been following developments from devout city siphoned right. first made landfall in the philippines on friday, but until now there are still many areas, many communities in at least 4 provinces that remain cut off. we've spoken to
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military officials here in diversity who told us that they're doing the best they can providing assistance, security, transport, and reconnaissance flights. the local government officials who need to assess the damage in many areas the cover president rodrigo, the therapy himself also surveyed the devastation through a reconnaissance flight over the province of city. go and he himself admit that it's going to be very difficult for the government to provide that much needed 8 to many of these areas. before that they for instruct, over a 100000 people, were able to evacuate from their homes and to look for safety. but many year believe that millions more have been affected. we also spoke to civilians who survived to say they were grateful they were able to connect and recharge their phones to tell their families in many other communities that the survive. but there are much more fearful about what the future holds. that's because many of them have
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not just lost their homes. they have lost their livelihood as well. indonesia as mounts america, as a ruptured for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. huge clouds of smoke and i shall billowing from the volcanoes. 40 people were killed in this month after mary ruptured without warning. 36 are still missing. people are being urged to avoid the danger zone on java island. experts fear the increased activity could trigger an avalanche of lava not hostile to come here. and i'll just say are including turkey, host african meters for more than 30 countries, not been to boost economic and military tal. it's bus one when i was genuine. in santiago, chile were to presidential candidates with rad, opposing views of the future for this country are nearly tied up for sundays. presidential elect ah
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hello, there. torrential rain has caused severe flooding across northern areas of iraq. this was a scene in both and devastation and damage from those floods and is more torrential rain to come. those waves of unsettled weather, pushing across the eastern mediterranean into the levant. if we take a closer look, we've got heavy snow for much of turkey and the really wet and windy weather, stretching all the way from northern israel, up into lebanon, syria, and pushing into iraq. we're also seeing a bit of a wintry mix that play for western areas of iran, some of that wet weather expected to trickle down into q weight over the days to come. no further south of this. however, it's a much finer and dryer picture. we have to head west to those coastal areas of the red sea that are seeing a little bit of that wets and windy weather from the eastern mediterranean. and that's of course, affecting some places in northern africa like libya, once again. and egypt is getting very windy here we could see some further dust
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storms. we're not expecting rain in cairo, but we are seeing the temperature below average and it's looking rather wet as well across the west from martina on the western sahara. we could see some flooding from that heavy rain, but it south africa where once again was seen the very heavy rain with heavy rain expected enlisted to ah. but i've come back to sarajevo to revisit the fascinating part of pulsing in history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lesta not to realistic. i always them as a child during and just pops into people still love them. it was basically too bad to be true. what they were predicting can colma to heal ethnic divisions and national tensions exist in both the to day. once upon a time in san diego on al jazeera, ah
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ah, welcome back. a quick roundabout top stories here. this sol, the netherlands, will impose a 4 week lockdown from sunday. corona virus infections are surging across europe. london's mass declared a major incident in response to a huge rise and omicron cases, hong kong chief executive carry lamb researching people to vote in the 1st legislative election since beijing and post sweeping security notes. candidates have been vetted to ensure only those millions of china can run and thousands of people are in desperate need of food and water. after typhoon roy had the philippines, at least 49 have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced rescue teams or trying to reach remote areas. that more rain threatens to hamper rescue efforts in
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northern iraq after flash floods kill 12 people. one was hit by lightning, others drowned in their homes, does his properties and air bill was damaged and buses and trucks swept away. mike went up to why it isn't at a bill. he explained why many people are blending the government. this is one of the neighborhoods in southern b as this is the called, the coastal neighborhood. that was severely hit by the floods on a friday. as you can see right behind be the floods were very strong, that it demolished demolished this fence right behind me. if you can see, and also some properties of civilians have been swept over by the floods. if you can see here in the background furniture, if you can see over the civil defense teams have been a trying to help. the civilians draining their houses and properties and also rescue teams have been deployed to other areas to look for missing
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victims. as you know, this area last 112 months, infant and that was swept over also by the flood. the people here are very angry and questioning the government for what they call, not doing enough to protect them, especially with the reports about drainage system is not working in some parts of the city. the government has located 1000000000 iraqi dinars for rehabilitation of the areas affected by the floods for compensating people and also for helping for helping people in distress for relief and for support. that is estimated at about $700000.00. and meanwhile, the government of the prime minister over could you send regional mushroom burrows any is studying or is trying to open investigation and what it calls,
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the negligence and mismanagement. because some parts of the drainage system are not working in some parts of the city to rockets have been fired at baghdad fortified green zone. the 1st one was shot down by rocks missile defense system. the 2nd landed near the zones festival area damage in to cause the been no reports casualties. but taliban is calling on western countries to help less mits economic crisis as fears. grove, a repeat of august's mass. exodus of refugees. the deputy foreign minister said us sanctions were hurting ordinary afghans rather than the taliban. the you and warned it without urgent help. millions will go hungry this winter, and taliban delegation will be in pakistan on sunday for summit highlighting the need for international assistance. turkey's house to the leaders of 39 african countries for an economic summit aim the boosting trade links. one topic on the agenda was turkish weapons sales, including drone technology, sam castillo as more now from istanbul,
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turkey the president. welcome the leaders of 39 african countries to 3rd turkey, africa partnership summit in a stumble. the 3 day event eventually getting on their way after being postpone twice because if call it 19 health concern, african solutions to africa. the problem was the summit motto with a common aspiration for peace, security, democracy and respect and rights. in the last several years, i have experience showed that leaving the fate of all the world to the mercy of 5 united nations security council members. it's a mistake. it's a great injustice that the african continent with its population of 1300000000 people, is not represented of the un security council. it was a disgrace for humanity that every 6 percent of african population has been vaccinated against kopec 19 turkey plans to send $15000000.00 fracturing doses to africa add on naming to triple turkey is 25000000000 dollar
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a year. trade linked with african country. the african union help in combating terrorism is the one that you love. i believe that as long as we do not ensure the peace and stability on the continent, it would be an illusion to think of developmental debt. and of course, investment and trade need a climate apiece and stability. we appreciate our partnership. i'll cooperation in these different areas. and we have a legitimate ambitions to develop them further for the benefit of africa and turkey . military experts say african leaders are looking to buy weapons at cheaper prices with fewer preconditions demanded by other companies, such as in the u. s. turkey is armed forces already have military bases in parts of africa in somalia, maroka and tunisia. tornadoes, armed forces reported to clear 1st celebry of turkish belt combat drones in
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september. and gold and d. c, o p are among the potential customers though the turkish loan credited with knocking out heavy armor and helping win battles and libya and not a car of 7 off the 10 fastest growing countries or in africa as well. it's tricky. china from the u. e. saudi arabia, india, all pay close attention to the business. fortunate is in the resource for each continent. but truck is says, it's offering a partnership that is an alternative to what is called the old an ex motor approach . otherwise seen, i'm console of alto series, symbol sudanese authorities of close bridges in the capital cartoon to stop people getting to the city center to protest. more mass demonstrations are planned for sunday. at least 8 bridges are being blocked, as well as roads leading to the armies headquarters. demonstrators are angry after the civilian prime minister made a deal with the military on its takeover of power in october,
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july and left wing presidential candidate, gabrielle borage as edge the head of his competition and the fine old poles leading into sundays election far right candidate jose antonio cast, initially held a very narrow lead in the polls or latin america editor ellison human as more from santiago. oh, the left, a former student protest leader who in february terms $35.00, the minimum age for running for president board again. no, i bottom, but i was, i asked you, why did we become useless so much inequality? why did we allow it to grow before our eyes? never again, we will change it on the far right. a 2nd generation german immigrant who supported chili's, former military dictatorship and believes that there is a global left wing conspiracy, etc. the noise, we say, ah ha, mass chile will never be a marxist or communist country because we believe in freedom. this is carol bought each when he became a congressman 7 years ago for the newly formed left wing political coalition that
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pushed for structural social reforms. i. he represents a new generation that took to the streets 2 years ago, demanding more equality in chile, which has won the highest income inequalities in the world. his symbol is this tree from what he used to imagine a better future could surely from his home city of put that in us that overlooks the strait of magellan. agatha, a single mother tells us she is not worried about his use. now then began for logan to know them. i field, that's what we need a new vision, new ideas, more support for young people to get ahead. but some moderate and investors are frightened of what it is alliance with the communist party bodies has changed his style to look a bit more presidential has been re calibrating his, you know, graham down to those that was billed to him as in rat. oh, well, he's not the only one who has been significantly tweaking his profile. former
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congressman cast is an old school ultraconservative catholic, who opposes abortion and same sex marriage. his motto is, make chilly. great. again. he would expel undocumented migrants and his position on climate change is lukewarm. he would maintain chillies, unbridled free market model, and lower taxes have big business. but in recent weeks, he's reconsidered, allowing the military to make arrests without a warrant during the state of emergency cast. biggest drawing card is, has promised to restore law and order money to effect what is still the most needs is security, but this was a peaceful country. there anyone could walk around as when our get now it's not safe anywhere. cast represents the return of public order and respect for us our teach what each the hope that dreams of social justice can come. true symphony anthem blue malay laws, since her different models confronts each other in the selection, 2 generations with opposing visions of what she needs. but what her different ways
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of seeing life as well. will we face convulsive times on top of the see? either one could become the next president of a country that has lost its political center. the very thing that the 3 decade seem to guaranteed shall his reputation as latin america, standard bearer of political and economic stability. lucy and human al jazeera santiago, you case, briggs administer has resigned and what is yet another blow for prime minister, boris johnson. david frost, who negotiated britons exit from the european union, is stepping down with immediate effect. in his resignation letter he said he had a number of concerns including the government's decision to impose stricter coping measures. a man's been beaten to death and the northern indian city of m. ritzer. after he disrupted a religious service at sea, comes wholly a shrine. the man can be seen in cctv footage, jumping offense and entering a sacred area of the golden temple and grabbing
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a ceremonial sword. witness to say the man was dragged outside and beaten by members of the congregation. every day malaysians throw away about 4000 tons of food. that's enough to feed 3000000 people. well, now a charity in the capital calling them for is working to divert the food that still safe to eat away from landfills and not to tables. francois, he has more this wholesale market in quantum pool is where anyone who wants to buy fresh produce about comes to shop. and it's also where certain food is picked up by charities like this last food project. why with the boy? why are you going to deal with it? right. so the best thing to do with people who live in north. the organization's motto is feed the hungry, not the landfill. and it's made agreements with wholesalers to donate food. they
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cannot sell. oh, on love on it makes me feel good. whatever we can't use anymore isn't going to waste. it's great. we can give it away to be enjoyed by others. this is where we're deemed unfit for sale is thrown out. and it's not just rough and prod, use of stuff that's about to go bad. sometimes misshapen vegetables are also discarded. every day malaysians throw away an estimated 4000 tons of food. that's considered edible. that's enough to feed 3000000 people. 3 meals each and waste food that's left to rot, produces methane, a gas more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. among those receiving surplus food or low income families, often ages and soup kitchens, bug where you got a bulb and it's great rather than the food being thrown away, it's at least put the good use because the stuff we get is still edible. we're all happy about this but environmentalists say more needs to be done. the amount of
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good ways who know lancoste basically make up about 50 percent of the total composition. so there's still a lot of room for improvement. i think for a while, we need to start exploring a ways, ah, in which we can actually cut down on our disparate ways. and a lot of this has got to do with cultural my such ships. campaign is say, if people buy only what they need and don't order more than they can eat, that will help reduce food waste and help the environment. florence louis al jazeera qualon paul algeria had been crowned arab cup champions for the very 1st time after beating to his yet to know it took more than 90 minutes for the young sign to break the deadlock. john, i guess raska reports not from al bait status, a hands off. i'll jeer an arab cup title to
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add to algiers, african crown, and by a young team missing it's european bass players. but every bit hungry for victory, algeria went into this game against him, easier after a hot foot when over host cutoff. so size peppered each of his goals. supporting messi at a ward in a match, the turn hostile at times between these 2 north african rivals. but there was very little to separate them on the pitch until extra time. and it's a substitute for the quite clearly is finish it, me. so you would with the stunning strike to put algeria in front to new zia came close to equalizing. very nice cut back. always just roy. then with the final kick of the game. yes. seen where he me run away with the 2 new victory foot algeria. he's just go to whatever say good g, g area because president johnny happened to you know and cats, i was amazed,
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shake to mean been hammered out. funny. resent to the trophy to the win is. thank you a lot to play other server big, big for it. it's that already vertical terms was a little over the service because with the big gym a little very proud of it or i'll just keep boarded the funds need to be proud of them. yeah, that was a big test but can saw it stadiums and in structure, but now the organizes will turn their attention to the big one. the middle east bus woke up with kicks off at this stadium in around 11 months time. against the al jazeera albania stadium. ah, tougher creature top stories here in al jazeera, the netherlands will impose a 4 week lockdown from sunday. corona virus infections are surging, right across europe. london's man has declared a major incident in response to arise and on the crockett cases. british police say
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several officers have been injured. dr. ronnie's against new cobit 19 measures turned, fallen in love.


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