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sent 3000000 people. cat, our security forces aren't used to dealing with large crowds. double the amounts of scans are due to arrive from all over the world for kickoff next year. which is exactly why kathy has signed agreements earlier this week for turkey in kenya to send thousands of security personnel to assist other countries will also be helping out to ah, it's taking more than a decade to prepare for the world cup and cattle. it's getting closer towards the finishing touches and even closer to hosting the biggest sporting events the region will ever have seen. so to highlight al jazeera, thou ha, ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here. now, jesse are now several european countries are imposing new restrictions ahead of the winter holidays after seeing record highs in corona virus cases,
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the netherlands has begun a strict lock down to curb the spread of the army. kron variant and engine sharma thought, summarized in one sentence, the netherlands will go into locked down again from to morrow. the netherlands will be locked down again. that is unavoidable because of the 5th wave coming at us with the i'm, a kron very endlessly met to pakistan, is hosting an emergency meeting to discuss the humanitarian and economic situation . in afghanistan, members of the organisation of islamic corporation being joined by the u. s. u. k. european union and russia. hong kong chief executive is urging people to vote in the 1st election since sweeping changes were imposed by mainland china. all candidates for vetted by bay ging, several activists calling for a boycott have been arrested. i do have sarah kia targets for this general election of the legislative council. one is to ensure patriots administering hong kong. and
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i think that objective has been met through the design of the candidate eligibility review committee. so all the 153 candidates could meet this requirement and you can see that they actually come from a very diverse background. were very different opinions on the range of issues. urgent appeals for food, the water being made in parts of the philippines, devastated by super typhoon rye. the number of confirmed dead has risen to 75. many of them drowned dozens, remain missing and flooded areas. 18000 soldiers have joined rescue workers trying to reach those remote areas. there was a headlines. the news continues here now to sierra after inside story, and of course there is our website al jazeera dot com. it's one year until the 1st real world killed in the middle east,
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talk to al jazeera meets fatma cembura 1st ever female secretary general refer to share her journey and discuss the route to cut her 2022. 0, now to sierra is the world failing? if the un approves an independent investigation as a suspected war crimes and the great conflict, but the if you can, government won't cooperate. so who can step in to help stop the war? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm day navigator. if you can nobel peace prize winning prime minister promise. the conflict anti grey would be quick and easy. i'll be off monday even went to the front lines to rally government troops. but here on the fighting is intensifying with reports by t ryans, of torture, rape,
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and other atrocities, joined us. and if you open government report, found all sides may have committed war crimes on crimes against humanity. rights groups say that investigation didn't go far enough. the un human rights council has now approved a team of 3 experts to conduct an independent investigation. conflict has created one of the worst humanitarian crises in the horn of africa. the humanitarian impact of the conflict is increasingly dramatic. acute food insecurity now affects more than 9400000 people in northern 8th. if you're pure, according to archer, with integrate 5200000 people that is roughly 90 percent of the population are in need. only limited you and organized humanitarian supplies have been able to entity gray since july, including food and vital medical supplies. in june or estimated that at least
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400000 people integrate, were living in conditions of famine. what if yoko government called the abuse allegations misleading and said it won't cooperate with an investigation. multilateralism after all these years is once again, being hijacked by and you know, put on the list mentality. yoga is being targeted and assembled out of the human rights council for defending and mechanical elected, elective government, the peace and the future of its let's take a look at the key event in this conflict. so far, the fighting began in november last year when prime minister had ordered a military offensive against the t grow people's liberation front. he said it was a response to attacks on army bases following months of fighting to grow and fighters recaptured the regional capital mckelly and june. by july the t p less entered the neighboring. i'm har and are far regions to the south. in october,
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the government launched the ground offensive to repel the rebels. the t p life responded by recapturing the city of labella earlier this month. the year long fighting is estimated to have killed thousands and displaced more than 2000000 people. the fall, bring in our guest, joining us from amsterdam in the netherlands as governor kissed us campus and also you who's the manager of t dot com. that's a web site documenting the war into ry from london dawn, a tele rivera, senior crisis adviser in the crisis response program at amnesty international also from england is william davidson, who's a senior, if you analyst for the international crisis group. and he's in cambridge, thanks. so much for joining us on inside storia. and just to let you all know that the, if you up in government in fact didn't respond to our request to, to join this particular panel. and we want to ask them about the un approving an
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independent investigation into suspected war crimes in the t right. conflicts. so william davidson, come to you 1st and ask you, why do you think this investigation has been launched? now? i think it's as a result of the continuing war, the continuing reports of atrocities and because of concerns that have been expressed that the investigation so far conducted by various organizations. but notably by the european human rights commission, autonomous institution of the federal government and the un human rights body. some concerns that that investigation was useful was rather limited in terms of the places that was able to conduct research and therefore didn't provide a thorough accounting, especially all some of the crimes that were committed alleged to be committed inside to grow by the soldiers era trans soldiers also forces from har region
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during the 1st phase of this war. and then as i mentioned, have been reports of continuing atrocities. and now, since july, the war has been concentrated outside of to grind primarily and i'm har, region and have been numerous reports including by amnesty, human rights watch and media and, and others about war crimes being committed by vice fighters from from take, right. so i think it's the lack of tara investigation, certainly the lack of any sort of comprehensive accountability for any of these atrocities that is led to this decision and the creation of the commission. yeah, we're going to get into some of the reported war crimes that have been documented by groups like i'm a senior national in a moment. we've done a tele but 1st on a tele, on this particular report that's being launched by the un. this is something that amnesty has been calling for for a long time and, and i know that you welcome this measure. what are you hoping it will achieve?
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well, yes, we've been calling for you stablish mental, the independent investigation for a long time, because it's been quite clear from very early on in the conflict that the scale and the seriousness of the abuses was matched by d young willingness. all those who are supposed to be holding the perpetrators accountable to be a willing to do so. so we're more than a year into the conflict which, you know, continues to be described. does the t great concert, but it's now stilled? well outside and in recent months, we've seen t p last fighters committing more and more abuses, including war crimes bray duty and summary executions and believers ship of the t p. alas, as being shameful. in the responses that he does absolutely
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denying that such abuse, these have been committed bites fighters and, and criticizing groups like the international and the investigations that we've carried out. even though, when we carried out similar investigations into human rights abuses and war crimes by government and forces every tray and forces, militias de t last didn't see any problems with our methodology. so we've got 2 sides, both of which are obviously responsible for war crimes. and possibly crimes against humanity and other gruggs abuses in denial about the behavior of their fighters in making you know, anything about it. okay, don't tell us just on this particular resolution though. i mean,
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it did pass as we're saying, but not surprising that if your government did object to it and accusing the un body of being used as an instrument of political pressure. and it's also pledged to not to cooperate as you know, how will this impact the work on the ground? i mean, ultimately, the fact that it was taken this long, it's because politics have been sort of more important than principal until now. and finally, that equation is changed, but clearly the yoke in government tash, previously refused to cooperate with the human rights investigation. launched by the african unions, human rights body, d african commission, and people in human rights. and they will do their best not to corporate. with this investigation, so, so what is required to use pressure and political will by the international
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community to use the leverage to force both the government and a t p a left to corporate. okay, and that brings me to my questions to get refers to goes, how would you assess the support or, or the infuse the as i'm from the international community in particular to pressure the government as well as a t p, a lots into allowing sort of international monitors to, to come in and to assess the situation that i'd like to correct a few things. it's not that the bill. it is that the government and elected government and it's it government that speaking, i think this is just strong to characterize this is a live a political party. i mean take that they have been calling for an independent investigation. so they welcome this and we the, to the broader to grant community. welcome. this development is a positive development. we will see how i think this will and for clearly the 1st
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signs are that the, the, are, the government regime has refuse it because rejected it. and it is saying that it's not going to cooperate, right? but my question is, will the international community press or the government into allowing this investigation to go ahead? what i, i, we will see, i think they will try to pressure. but there are precedents that don't show that this will happen and they're more relevant one of the case in 2015 you in your mind, i contacted them on a there was a commission of inquiry. the investigation eventually establishing some fox crimes against humanity have been committed in a study. research was done all outside. it's because the editor gene use it in
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to cooperate and to allow them interacting to the country and abby's running in some manner the european state. now, the same thing will and 40 and they will replace these tactics and strategies to undermine their investigators, but also to really frustrate them, to refuse to discredit they want. i think this is going to happen, william davison, what strings do the international powers have left now to play on, on sort of the different parties. and when you look at the, the role of the, a you specifically, how much political legitimacy does it have right now when it comes to ethiopia? i mean, unfortunately, i think, you know, this is complex. and the continuation of it is an indication of the lack of leverage that the international community has. there is no reason to think this is going to change simply because of the decision of the un
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human rights council. i think, you know, the approach that the federal government has taken from the outset of this war is to describe it as a domestic lower and postman operation, therefore, trying to insulate itself from any outside interference that has continued throughout the war. in recent months. we've seen a massive increase in campaigning about alleged external meddling with the so called no more campaign. this is all designed to prevent the sort of scrutiny. and so to leverage that outside part is a trying to trying to bring and i think, you know, the, the primary problem that we have here is that from the federal government side and it's allies and supporters because of that positioning they've adopted because of that campaign. that is underway, about alleged and contravention that is,
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sovereignty any investigation and human rights abuses that has any significant international involvement. particularly western involvement will be automatically class as illegitimate, lacking credibility by the federal government and it's supported on the to grand side. it is the absolute polar opposite any investigation into human rights that is connected to the government or any entities that have not opposed the will will be considered as lacking objective, etc. and therefore credibility by 2 grand actors. so i'm afraid the chances of this type of investigation really doing anything to establish consensus and bring the parts together hit is very minimal. and donna tell us, the panel of experts will reportedly have a year to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding these alleged violations. and abuses, but i mean, you,
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you work from amnesty international and you publish these types of reports. how difficult is it to actually access information? and as you know, with, with regions and if you, if you are being closed off to journalists on human rights organizations. yes, investigations are difficult because we are not allowed to to be present on the ground. and that is because the, the open government does not allow us to be present on the grounds. not because we don't want to we, we've tried repeatedly and so it's difficult. it's labor intensive, but it's also possible as the numerous report, the wealth of material that we published shows that it is possible to, to investigate. i think it's important to separate the kind of initiative that could bring about a consensus and the conflict brain, the warring parties to the table. and which in this is not such and such an
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initiative that this is not the mechanism for that. what this mechanism can and must do is to investigate abuse and collect and preserve the evidence with the views to holding those responsible from all sides of the conflict. accountable any won't be tomorrow, it never is in this kind of conflicts. they may be many years down the line, but one thing is, for sure does, who are responsible for perpetrating violations in the or crimes directly offer. having any chain of command of the does, he did, and must no dot de column be assured of a retirement without being brought before work. crime tribe, you know, somewhere it may be in the future if the situation changes or it may be in another
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country, right? so that, you know, the aim of these mechanism is to, is to collect and preserve the evidence. and also if i may, in terms of correcting some of the statements that have been made and the police knew on seeing them, the fact is the best side, the, the opium government, and the tp. alas, i've had very similar responses to reports by mist international about rate and extra judicial execution and other work crimes day praised them and re tweet demons social media when they are about the other side. and they try to be credit by saying the methodology floored, and this is part of an international conspiracy. when the targets them and both sides of use such despicable ok approach. ok, let me jump in there and bring in gabrey. cursed us to talk about the mechanism. in
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fact, of, let's move away from this particular un investigation and just get your point of view on how you assess the situation today. and what is the mechanism required to bring all sides to the table so to speak, or is a military solution. the only solution here from, from the point of view of the european governments as well as the they took ryan rebels. you know, and i think that the grand forces have been very clear from the very beginning. they have been calling for a inclusive dialogue to bring this conflict to an aid. it is a p o p, and regime and the editor and 40 i'm out of courses that have refused to do so. and i think the solution eventually is going to be a dialogue, but they have that you can government has attainable objectives to basically exterminate an intact and that's what they have been doing
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. what are you saying that on the, i mean these are, these are claims. what are you basing this on what this is? this is an up and they say every day is the this is, this is basically what they started with to block it deeper to deny them medication food. my, them bone them is not, there's nothing that is not crops, they are all being destroyed. what do you want, what more even needed for a unit, i've done what is happening into grice and i like to say here, by the ways that the, the guess from the international is trying to kind of create a kind of polity of crimes. it's wrong and i missed the international have done wrong in the k, the guys by coming up. we've got a producer report on my tech i, which i've been using to perpetrate this crime throughout this war. and they
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haven't died before that yet. don't get a chance to respond to that claim. the goal that all they tell you is that it is that one of the very serious war crimes and possible crimes against humanity that i personally investigated. i travelled all the way to the camps and sit down and interviewed women and girls who were gans rate by the o. p and soldiers, every tray and soldiers and special forces and found the militias. and when we published, report the t p a left brain it in recent weeks, i've also interviewed women and girls in different parts of the region who being gun rate by left soldiers, spite chose. and when we published some of those findings, we were published more in the near future. the last responded saying that our
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methodology was floored, even though it was exactly the same methodology. ok, we used to when we interviewed to gray and survivors dots, the unfortunate were in davidson, william john mccain their crime, william davis, and jump in there for us. and also, just to just put this into context for us and tell us what a, what a prolonged war and if you would mean, and only for if you have a for the region as well. miss. these researches being conducted remotely much. it sounded like the other research was conducted and you know physically at the times, but it's absolutely correct and don't tell us saying that both sides make similar response. the validation. and i think there's just a huge opportunity for the part to, to do this. because of the incredibly restrictive information environment, the lack of access. and then there's just this incredible propaganda war raging
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with the situation. but i think it's also worth noting that if this, when this limits commission is set up, indeed as, as good because this is saying, the tick i need is from the beginning has said that what is needed here is an independent investigation. so it's correct to say that they've been denying recent amnesty reports question the methodology, but they have welcomed in an independent investigation of everything. now in terms of the big picture here, i absolutely understand that this type of process raises the possibility of long term accountability. and that is a little bit hard to envisage at the moment. trust me in terms of ethiopian domestic processes, but also just it's, it's hard to imagine a longer, longer term accountability when we might find that when the raise eventually a political resolutions this conflict. there is also a process of,
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of not going to sort of all out justice as part of the process of political reconciliation. i think the other point to make it is that, well, it's a very good thing that the un human rights council has, has set up this commission. for the reasons i stated before, it is unlikely to impact the conflict which is raging at the moment. there is no sign of the necessary concessions from either party. it has become something of an existential struggle with the 2 great forces and leadership, believing they have suffered the genocide and therefore engaging in an anti genocidal military campaign in response and the federal and m hara and allies side saying that that response threatens the integrity and the sovereignty of, i'll be right, so unfortunately, fight these processes to set top accountability and investigation. we are likely to see continuing human rights abuses. the longer this company goes on. why the still
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people have any sort of hope for people that you speak to have any hope that this, these fire can be achieved or, or are they are, they are resigned to the fact that this might go on for, for a long time. we had a lot of won't be, but i don't think there is a hope that this will happen. i think really, we are missing that the teacher here. this war started was 18th, to totally exterminate an entire population. and in the class, it had been said many times already. 1.2000000 to grand have been removed the kid and display from waste undergrad. and in total blockade there's nothing getting interested, right. there's not banking, there's not many things. i really sometimes wonder what type of do not side we are waiting for. it. dick is not a dinner article. bone being every day,
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the withdrawal and what claims. so seems they started with aim and they had been using every tactic using data again. human rights commission to accomplish these to white worst crimes, and they thought they have established a get back, you know. right. and that's causing this new investigation into their we've run out of time. we thank you very much on that. no, thank you so much. deborah chris, those gibberish losses on a tele rivera and william davidson. thanks for joining us. thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion. you can go to our facebook page dot, facebook dot com, forward slash adrian site story. you can join the conversation on twitter or handle is a n type story for myself, whole team and tell her thanks for watching bye bye for now.
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keep refugees there. apart with me, marco mod hill on al jazeera. ah, many aspects of afghan culture had been systematically destroyed or forgotten. the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was burned, looted, or blown up, a small group of people risked their lives to save the national archive. they managed to preserve the films and these records of all of the other afghanistan's that existed saving decades of history. they believe these films had something to give to the present moment. in the 19 sixty's atkinson emma was born filmmakers went on a whack of the dangers to come
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ah only patriots allowed hong kong votes for the 1st time since fe james over whole of its electoral system. ah, hello, i'm sammy zaden. this is al jazeera live from dell hall, so coming up christmas long down in the netherlands. army kron case.


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