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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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this is rose and progress and he's yes, now there is no channel that covers world views like we do. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen that the health care is what we want to know is how do these things affect people? we revisit please state even when they're no international headlines, houses are really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist, ah hello, i'm adrian finnegan, in doha, with a summary of that he was on al jazeera protested since you donna mocking 3 years since the revolution that ended former president obama alba, she is 30 year rule. so donna's recently seen renewed protests following the military power grab in october. i'll just harris hill, morgan reports now from khartoum. we're seeing processes gathering at the starting point, one of the several 1000 employees here and the capital city. how to to know,
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sit there, how to film state is a tripartite city. so we have, i'm to remind her, the north anthem center and people here are gathering to make their way to the presidential palace. they say they're going to go there and demand the military handled power to civilian rule. they come on my way to the 3rd anniversary of the sedan uprising, which started in december of 2018. they say that revolution is incomplete because the military is still in power and there is no civil in government. and sedans, transition has been disrupted, following the military take over. there was chancing slogans that we've heard repeatedly over the past 2 months or so saying that the military should go back to the barracks and that's about the power should be handed over to civilian government. many of them say that they're not satisfied with the way the revolution has been going over the past 2 years. that political policies have not served their purposes have not fulfilled their promises over reforms, economic and social reforms including judiciary reforms,
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but they say they want to see civilians a power regardless of how political parties habit forming one of the key demands. one of the reason why this revolution started is to get the military to out of power and how the civilian government. and they say they'll continue to voice for that until it happens. hong kong is chief executive is urging people to vote in the 1st selection since sweeping changes were imposed by mainland china. all candidate submitted by beijing of several activists calling for a boycott have been arrested. i do have said cherokee, a target for this general election of a legislative council. one is to ensure patriots administering hong kong. and i think that objective has been met through the design of the kennedy eligibility review committee. so all the 153 kennedys could meet this requirement and you can see that they actually come from a very diverse background with very different opinions on the range of issues. the surgeon corona virus case is linked to the omicron variant,
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has pushed european governments into urgent action. the netherlands has begun a strict lockdown that the prime minister described as unavoidable, non essential shops, bars, restaurants, long with schools and many public places are all closed. that in the u. k prime minister barak johnston's government is on the pressures were imposed tougher restrictions to prevent hospitals being overwhelmed. he'll be holding an emergency meeting with health and security officials. the u. k. confirmed all the 90000 new infections on saturday. london's mer has declared the such a major incident. urgent appeals for food and water a being made in parts of the philippines that have been devastated by super typhoon ripe. the number of confirmed dead has now risen to 100. dozens of people remain missing though in flooded areas. some 18000 soldiers have joined rescue workers trying to reach remote areas. 300000 filipinos were forced from their homes ahead
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of 195 kilometers an hour winds. on thursday, president rodrigo to 30 visited the region on saturday and promised $40000000.00 and $8.00. 0, wow. i didn't say we don't have money that we don't have enough funds to help people. we do have money, but the budget is a bit tight because we've poured all our resources into fighting. coven pakistan is hosting an emergency meeting on how to help prevent famine in neighboring afghanistan. the, as ation of this planet cooperation is highlighting the need for international assistance. 14000000 afghan children are expected to suffer acute levels of malnutrition. this winter pakistan's prime minister in ron con, told meeting the disaster couldn't, can still be averted if leaders act together. now that is ready, security forces of arrested 6 palestinian suspects over the killing of it. his railey man in the occupied west bank on thursday. a gun fired at a car, killing one person at injury to others. and those are the headlines that he's
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continues here after algebra world. ext. ah. ready ah ah mm hm. with this is on believable. so a lawsuit in
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yula victim must want you to send me a lot of the g. 0. shaheen. musician performa visionary from his base on the east coast of the united states. shaheen shares, traditional arabic music with performers seeking to create a difference out. it's a style that has attracted followers across the world. cody, it does. she ha, she's getting militia, maddie, the ability and the only through connie. mo, hot barry. new for many in a voice machine where the can either hold more of be well him what whole is thought that they couldn't? and marcia colorado be ye recorded aliya and monte?
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i'm mattie kind of cool them, and it has small safety montez a swatch. i'm nearly behind the logo and a shirt or candidate. have you been phillotson o'connell's? oh, was in a world by that philosopher little old eh, a worthy or so the old city of the house with a mom ah, was city about that. he was wanting to know or just a moment. oh, i live in a
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noun and i was like a seaman. i'm a little bit supp let's and i want to los a can i had been ha, cora, africa nashik mandolin lambaste if he had an occasion and i guess the metal come seem to suck. i'm seeing it to him a bit. the shelby ocean, the chicken. very alone. air. malone. oh, no did. did valvo to live up with asthma from aminada? a new smiled. for, for kind of think you'll have a lover when love gets a luck. this.
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ah. is a willy law? an estimate. the law and could hear min honey and min 60 could see the cause of a plot and we'll see a few minute heifer. but that dennis did come and see ought to be done by the office either as command dilution. we'll see in a minute. let's clearly sophie, oh, hold on, i'm in her fi, i mean, jam, our columbia fi manhattan. the arc who are min geminus, tv, manhattan school of music. i wonder if manhattan was here for
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the, the, the be away from any net. and i mean, look at the lawn, beckon's for you will a them feel is the little mostly calabi ya to canton. will see a lot of it of the cell, the feed cut that he had. our so me a nightclub. well i can, the ala must, oh, well, it must, sarah alamos still as sat in the most t americans fuel at them feed, been mostly caught in auto assess alpha car. a lot of the year last minute use to music on from for to put them will see a car show close. so you can say what on the highs, if he and middle of now i'm in missouri and then follow the in sort of you,
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how's it feel every my years injured that with that as your agent, that when the numbers up on local news to you that those hours mom, i little shut the law minimal. so key lee, as you thought, if anybody can chuckle, house be pulled, and while home a fearful daddy formula, obviously collado with the office of it and that able to assist her attending it was my foot alcantar with home in concert. i can ignore demons. how that officer can bob bob bishop in. alderley is dow one mamma with
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fig club kind of to we tell him, we'll see at the blog most you can remove form ill at hand. feel a form while this little circle out of each one will cc him as a bundled with ian and leave it corrupt, lay in home, and it hasn't been patched fickle and we'll see the store bill. this is called mid attorney, or even beulah fi, nestle min, mostly. she often will see a few ramos with you. oh, oh,
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i like nephew high command before me. the hot money. be shaky at the message. it then mo, mo, for that puzzled. we'll see. you call a lot with i believe that the arts, especially music and poetry and song, are the heart beat of the arab world of arab culture. and if you don't understand that, i mean you're, you're not getting the whole picture. and the world needs to hear that as far as the mon goes, he is the consummate teacher and performer and composer to be able to share those skills. you need the right setting. oh
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oh, the old for both on the come fuel. not bogged in the most of the mothers was my berkeley college of music that happened. we couldn't get them. city. florida to boston found the audi dies tomorrow, all catalogs besieging them while they're in. no. you re dawn and no on them. mostly hubert. i happened to go to a concert where simone shaheen was performing. he was playing violin mostly a little bit. ooh, but mostly violin. and i heard him play. and i knew what i wanted to do with the strength department at berkeley. i wanted string playing as it exists around the world, which is mostly improvisational genres. not all, but mostly, ah,
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even classical music has improvisation in its roots. not so much now, but it used to. so when i heard them on play and i understood that this was the vision i wanted for the strength apartments. i started to pursue him to see if i could get him to come see, ah ah,
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i have to confess. when i took this job 14 years ago, i didn't know what a canoe was. and i met this young man who played canoes, and he told me all about it. and i was fascinated by he was a student. and then started noticing more people playing mood, more people playing various percussion instruments from the arab world. and i realized something was happening and independently i had known about simone, shaheen and in fact had helped encourage him to come teach here. but i didn't really know about some monitoring. and i just knew he was a really good musician and a really good person. and,
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but i didn't realize that the 2 were connected is when simone came here, that all these amazing musicians started coming to us from all over all over the, the middle east. and he's been an enormous magnet for talented students. and he's strong enough and capable enough that he can teach. he can help a canoe player, he can help renewed player, he can help a violinist. so he's a, he's like a swiss army knife of talent. and magnetism. shoes. a close. oh, a part of what i try to focus on in my plate is bringing traditional quality music to a wider global audience. ology music is, you know, very deep in esoteric and has all these layers. but it's pretty much reserved to
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the, to the heidi ish. so i come to berkeley college in music and i start spending a lot of time with him on a dog. seeing how he's kind of creating a community in a world outside of the region that he's from in the style place specifically is very inspiring. i ah, usually if you brookdale wouldn't listen to what auto secret in know, remember live dana to hood and some yellow additions. la shabamo, she's in recent years simone. sure. he was look to palestine, the land of his birth to seek out or new generation of young musical italian. ah, with
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how long have you studied by about 9 years and then what kind of started good to go. we're good. yeah. be mostly classical about or young. my sick life is morning. so good. i, dr. no, i mean something in the it was a with mach moment. hello. yeah, i yeah. now this fresh about 4 or 5 years ago, we started to open up opportunities for students to audition with us online because we know, you know, the world's a big place and we can't be everywhere all the time. and it gives us the opportunity to reach that young musician see what they were doing, come from ah, instrumental and performance perspective on and give them an opportunity for
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consideration. come through the process. and we've found tremendous musicians through the online audition process that have come to berkeley and have successfully graduated um at berkeley at this point, you know that otherwise we would not have found. so i think it's a very valuable process if you want to upgrade for us. sandra. busy another piece or something that you were. ready on i'm getting it good. oh. 6 000000
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i. ringback me the me ah, in
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i think there is something very important about auditioning students in their own culture and, and seeing how musicians in there are most natural state if you will come in and they're most comfortable, straight doing what they do best with . it's really beautiful to find musicians or musicians no matter where you go. oh
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ah, with dish waterfall on philosophy and we're line them a lot of you half as i landed, i love car busy all day me love philistine b. it will sound good to nashik deity, ma'am. the restaurant. most of the allah in canada today in canada was still a concert of a twat. oh, it was still with german dust, and we'll see about him a 100 times. it buffy from adventure farm. the animal da da said his name will buy then smith and auditions minutes does the same, which i aim for them at donald auditions. when i bought it on a bentley or bought them to charlotte min. hi comely went about it.
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oh, she thought of it. alma didn't philistine just took off my what a machine long thought or thought of other a, the lead nomes it a lot of me ah, semen brought to the college, the tradition of arabic music, we had some here but not much. and certainly not at the depth and the high level that, that simone brings to his music making and berkeley students are very focused on improvisation, but they knew nothing about improvisation in arabic music. oh, funny. what do you want to play the upper or lower? anything with it?
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okay. how about if you do the lower one and you do both? ah, [000:00:00;00] a oh yes. with a nice bravo. and e. oh, i wonder shahim's watchful eye. students are encouraged to play in the arabian
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musical pattern known as mccaul. he had a long sort of lab aah than most of he had ducking a little 20 than mom when mother mac. com fiorella. it had me me bol roth and t, or typically shockey with his symbol says hello, fell by now, but we'll see if color ought to be my fish had him of home and mom will about the duck equal. were lacking fear muffin while her a little. we a master and madness, how to money from or c call and be able to do a belt in marcia, call him hi, debbie carr, malcolm. ian, we're lacking bethia broad boy, jimmy, shoot them la me ah, ah, ah, ah,
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a ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, impaired to a musical retreat? the sounds of the middle east come to rule massachusetts ah,
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the cretan the month is obviously the heavy retreat away as the thought muscle can . yamil hide on leave the rest of them will see calabi shakin woke a thief new school. ken aah! tree fall precision. these athletes are experts in the art of jumping out of planes . more than 40 military parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately. but under the same flag,
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you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later once the earth is just a blurb below, it's time to free fall. move in hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched by the forces at times shot on and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of the coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is everly restricted for the skies above had brought a witness documentary on. jesse, you know, i've come back to saudi though to revisit the fascinating part of calcium history.
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they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lesta, not realistic. it was them as a child during and just pops into people still loved them. it was basically too bad to be true, what they were predicting can commitee heal ethnic divisions and national tensions that exist in both the to day. once upon a time in san diego, on al jazeera. ah, ah. hello again, i'm adrian cunningham. endo ha, the headlines on al jazeera police and student of 5 tear gas. a protest is who gathered outside the presidential palace and called 2 people. there have been mocking 3 years since the revolution that ended former president obama. by alba. she is 30 year rule sedans. recently seen renewed protests following the military's power grab in october. let's go live now to those protests in the capital al


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