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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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i've come back to san diego to revisit the fascinating part of policy in history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lester, not realistic. i was them as a child during and just pops into people still love them. it was basically too bad to be true, what they were predicting can coleman to heal ethnic divisions and national tensions that exist in both year to day. once upon a time in sarajevo on al jazeera, coveted beyond wells. taken without hesitation, the fulton died for the power defines our wild logs loop, babies were dying, i did not think it's the black and babies to deck people in power investigates, exposes, and question the use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera. ah
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ah again, you're watching, i just hear a reminder about top stories this out. the been injuries during protests in sudan off to police 5 t guess a crowd outside the presidential palace rallies of taking place on the 3rd anniversary of the revolution that ended the 30 year rule of former president omar bashir. several european countries are imposing new restrictions ahead of the winter holidays after seeing record highs. in corona vars cases, the netherlands has begun a strict lockdown to curb the spread of the arm across various hello turn out is reported in hong kong after the 1st selection since impose this national security
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law. and for the 1st time, candidates for a seat in parliament had to prove they patriotism to china by being vetted and approved by basing. voters in chile are casting their balance in the presidential run off election left wing gave you bought it, you're standing against right. when a politician jose antonio cast is all expected to be close between the 2 candidates who are offering opposite pos for the future. on a sunday ramp, yet he is lifeless. now in santiago, sandra, pulse of open air in these very tightly contested elections. what are, what is the latest that we're hearing there? yes, a family that they of voting is continuing here and the capital some going across the country, things are going smoothly. but if you talk to a lot of lands, they'll tell you that they are quite worried about the outcome of this election.
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that there is a lot of uncertainty because this is in many ways an election that has been quite different from what you are used to. this is the country that as for the last 30 years since the country has returned to the mar, christie, after the big ship of promotional 31 years ago, was used to always deciding between mother it's kind of a candidate on the sensor laughter on the and to write that the shared pretty much the same economic views of, of the country. that is not the case to in this particular election. the front runner is with a cast of 55 year old, the lawyer who presents itself for the right or even ultra right in many ways that he is the father of 9. and he is proposing a return to law and order in the country and he's an apologist of the penal show.
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years on the other side, you have gabrielle bori to just turned $35.00 last but february the minimum grades to run for president in sheila and that is seen as a more traditional progressive. but that has alive himself with the communist party, which a lot of people here fear that could bring in a slightly different direction. so this uncertain 3 is quite alive here. and we're going to have to see what she lands will decide in the end. and this is that all the expectations of the moment, all of this will be a very close vote on it. that's what we understand what the candidates have been saying. even today, cas, after he voted a few hours ago, he said he expect this to be a quite close election and he has called them people to come out and vote the massively bar. each also said that he expect that they will be highly disputed
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and they're both are calling on the majority. really of the electorate team that has not voted in the 1st round of elections, just 47 percent of she lands that voted then. so there are a lot of people that could the sites to come out today. could that finally be the key to deciding who the next president sheila will be that the children's will vote until 6 pm local. and the after that we expect the 1st spec to pull is to come out quite quickly. but if indeed this had close that we expect it to be. it might take a while to know who indeed will be the next president of sheila and in which direction he will take this country that used to be a beacon of economic and political stability in an otherwise volatile region,
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such as latin america. alessandra and p a t in santiago, thank you. as a security forces have arrested 6 palestinians suspects of the killing of an israeli man in the occupied west bank. on thursday, a gunman fired at a car, killing one person in injuring to others. these rates military sent more troops to the area to conduct a man hunt shooting happened. how much a former israeli settlement a thailand has sent hundreds of refugees back to me and me all around 2 and a half 1000 people had crossed into thailand in recent days. after a flare up and fighting between me and my army and rebels from the cat, an ethnic minority ty authority sent 600 back. even as clashes continue right scoops are urging the government not to turn people away. they say me, animals, military is deliberate, the targeting civilians rights group, say, ranger, who have fled. me and mom have faced abuses in bangladesh to over the past year,
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authorities have moved around $20000.00 refugees from cox's bizarre to the island of bus on shot. they say it is necessary to ease over crowding in the mainland camps, but humanitarian groups call it an island jail and say there are serious concerns about safety that they've called for an end to force relocations. more than a 1000000 ranger live in cox's bazaar, the world's largest refugee camp can be a child re, has more from the bank. where does she have to becca a very significant visit? indeed, he was able to visit with the foreign minister, the other you and an angel. the more importantly he was able to discuss the issues with the writing or refugees themselves. because there are a lot of concerns raised recently about their situation in boston or island. i island where many of the rowing refugees have been relocated and also those in the can. the current violence they're facing inside the cam, gang violence violence by our ser member. these where he shows that he looked into
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spoke to the camp leader. even the common growing refugees. so he does that finding mission will be an updated information that will be presented in march 22 next year to the un human rights council in that context that is important. he, in the press conference, raised the issues about education of nearly half the population of the camp, which is nearly a 1000000. that is a major concern. and he spoke with the government about a formal education system to the set up within the camp. the government didn't commit, according to my question, when i asked him, he said, but they're seriously looking into this matter. also the fact that the awesome turn island supposed to have a livelihood facilities and now their issues are there oh, hang us there. told him that the facilities are secure, they're happy of the security, but not happy with the living facilities which does not exist. there is an after school or education facilities rather and not enough hospital with proper care.
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in nigeria, finding an affordable place to live is becoming increasingly difficult. africa's most populous country has a shortage of 24000000 homes and it's expected to get worse. but that many dreams from the reports from the capital. a boucher property developers are more interested in building high end homes for nigerian emerging middle class 10 kilometers from the city center nigeria. his 1st smart home estate is opened. this fully automated house is why the record is returned to at the end of each day's work at an investment firm in the capital. the couple say the smart home technology works perfectly for the live, the lead. there's that come of finance of not having to money do things. you can program them, you know, as you want it to be, what ever since your lifestyle and it's those lifestyles which real estate
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investors, i increasingly paying attention to as a growing middle class. and nigeria is living abroad and spend their money. there is a grow middle class in africa, no more than ever. and dad awareness they have is, you know, the quality of life has improved. so people want best for themselves and their families, africa, most populous country, has a housing deficit of 24000000 units. but the demand for premium homes from its middle class and das bra is growing rapidly. real estate operators here say the new trend is smart homes and that orders have tripled in the last 2 years. but locust homes are unless attractive proposition for real estate investors. because of the high cost of land and infrastructure that has increased concern, but the insufficient government funding for affordable housing could worse than the shortages are formed. but financial institutions and lenders are looking at why the return on the investments is highest lifestyle, security,
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return and investments. those 3 things. and the reason why smart homes are the weekly investment of choice right now, invest to say affordable housing will continue to be relevant. but for now it's premium housing that he's enjoying the boy, and people are happy that now they can actually make their humble walk for them. instead of the for working for the how the soul, that's what's what her house is all about. and that what goes will, it's all about, ok, you will open curtain back at the smart home state. the record say in addition to living in an automated home, they plan to invest in another to support that income. that expert say is what is driving the shift to premium housing in nigeria, real estate sector. i'm a decrease al jazeera, appalachia, nigeria, i in the us some latino and black citizens fear they are losing their right to vote . nonwhite lotus in texas. complain of being frozen out after republican
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politicians campaign to have electoral maps. redrawn falling present. donald trump's reelection failure as fill of our reports, the department of justice is suing texas and it's a similar story across the us texas a serving up for a fight on the political landscape and not white voters are at the very heart of it . i figured it out or no voice jerry monday is the word of the moments here that is parties deliberately changing political boundaries to give them an advantage. it's not the people picking the partitions, it's the politicians speaking the people people that are voting for them. remapping congressional district to dilute the opposition, and now the federal government is suing texas. the department of justice claims republican lawmakers are deliberately discriminating against a growing nod white population. as a supreme court has observed a core principle of our democracy, is that quote, voters should choose the representatives,
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not the other way around. kaylee runs this mexican restaurant in austin, frustrated, doesn't come close. doing their own does not represent us. that's, that's a lateral law. mean is, is, uh, it was up to us to stand up and say something like that. now that he was going to give up, the democrats campaigned hard here in texas in the 2020 presidential election and assign of just how much they think this state could flip. now that didn't happen, but they are increasingly confident here. texas is no longer the certainty for the republicans that it once was, and that has got some in the g o pe pretty worried texas gained to new seats in congress after the 2020 census which showed the population shot up by 4000000 over the last decade, 95 percent of that growth driven by black and latino arrivals. groups typically more likely to vote democrat, but there are no new minority dominated districts in the new maps to an interesting
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aspect of the american political process in which the process of drawing these maps is the centralized to the state level. most states have a very political process that runs to some degree or another through the state legislature in those legislatures are partisan bodies. and they are gerrymandering nationwide from georgia to florida to north carolina, which is delayed next year primaries because of legal challenges. but it is not just a republican issue, a democrat of similar stuff in the past. right? so, i mean, what's the problem? well, the problem is, it's still in the credit at the end of the day. and so, you know, when me and my friends and different people i worked with and organized when i'm pushing to get democrats elected here, that's not what the fight is for. right now. the congressional district, the state house district, are all majority white here in texas, even though texas is one of the most diverse states in the entire country. republican governor greg abbott has signed off on the controversial changes he's backed by the state attorney general, who caused the d. o. j lawsuit, a ploy to control texas voters. there are really going to be less hispanic voting
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for some of those voters. the solution is simple. if all of the show up to vote, we can, it doesn't matter how much a jury meant to district we will win those see. but the question, is it fair or even legal? the courts will have to decide on that one fed. lavelle al jazeera austin, texas migrant and mexico had protested policy designed to make it harder for them to enter the u. s. many. the demonstrate is often what mala hadn't been forced to walk through mexico after the government. stop them from using transport. the migrants plan to reach the u. s. have also been delayed by the reinstatement of the remain in mexico policy. it forces migrants to wait across the border while the applications are being assess and out to a city famous for its cold war war where east meeting west is meeting west in a new exhibition. as dominic came reports from berlin, the cool and the cold showcases all sorts of art from that defining period in
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german history. it's a window on a world gone by pitting communism against capitalism. the real against the abstract and iconic leaders against leading icons from an era when the message was as profound as the art itself. artist help us to understand the systems we are living in and very often i think artists are, you know, showing us that you can live against it and that you can stand for the other and the other perspective. and so i hope that that resistance really see that, you know, also at these times, but also at our times now artists are telling us about the, the politics we're living in. this exhibition focuses on life and art during the cold war. so lenin peers out from his library, the manners the people in command, while starling appears, his wartime leader, receiving the thanks of a grateful nation. the space race is
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a key theme. here you re cordy of draws together cosmos from every part of the van communist world. but lowell nesbit lift often splashed down fly the flag for the democratic world for the exhibitions curation. this is an example of what distinguishes the art of the u. s. s. r. from the usa of us always tend to be picked pictures. for example, the pub art is painting things they found on footages like comics or photographs. and i have the impression the us are to watch more close to the motive to the things they really want to pay. too many western eyes pop art has long been considered cool. lead by andy. all holes answers to abstract expressionism from painting popstars to collecting cans of soup on canvas. what he liked eating for lunch back then. now the rest of the world consumes in art form
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during the cold war, some behind the iron curtain considered this propaganda. while in the west, much the same was said about much of soviet art. the time when this propaganda was created is long gone. now all the remains of the paintings themselves. a reminder of the clash of ideas between east and west. in a city where those 2 opposing ideologies came head to head dominant cane al jazeera berlin. a fashion week in senegal capital is showcasing not just african fashion, but diversity to modern child. re reports on the catalogue of new creations on display in back arc, a jeep samuel was born with cerebral palsy. but that's not stopping her from fulfilling her dream to be a model on the catwalk or other disability kids. they could do it to. and around the world, so they go on approved to other disability kids. you're not your disability,
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you're just you and you're perfectly normal. just the way you are featuring design is from across africa, the to car fashion week is one of the continents longest running clothes show. it's founder a darma and d. i says it's important for her to represent women from across the continent, juniper. bah viva la mud, come, i don't want to live with fashion as the european dictates as to i don't want to do that any more. i want to women who respect so many different things more than just bodies are more. of course, they will always be models, beautiful ones, but i want to be able to give room to other women to different women. as well as inclusivity. there she is. theme was also about sustainability. textile production is estimated to generate 1200000000 tons of carbon emissions annually hoping to help africa's carbon footprint. the show only promotes locally
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manufactured designs. alas, bulio going guns, could you soon and wonder, it's inspired by a traditional rwandan dance, and i've only used fabrics made in africa. so either hand woven or naturally hon died or more industrial but still made in africa like here we have ethiopian genes, for example. we have had died wiley from ivory coast and we have this beautiful organic cotton which is ethiopian. oh, this isn't the 1st time the senegalese fashion designer made a statement on the cat. she also created the 1st black fashion week show in paris. now she's hoping others will follow in her footsteps and challenge the western standards a fashion and beauty. her marriage, all 3 out you say around her i still i had on our 0 in sport a memorable night file. jerry, a fans, as the beeper arab came to a climax. ah,
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if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts. we need to go back to school. the bottom line on i was just there on a, a with
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a lou. oh oh oh i thought i was 40 hudson. thank you so much. all the resurgence of corona virus has seen this weekend's english. my release schedule heavily disrupted. there's been some action on sunday though. chelsea's game awaits wolves is coming to an end . and chelsea's ross, thomas too cool, said his club were angry that the game went ahead, bade asked for it to be postponed with the blues, having 7 co good 19 cases in their camp. it's currently nell nel with just minutes left. manchester city of bag themselves. 3 points, they meet new cow, so away,
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prep cordial aside, winning it for now to re though has restricted attended, says since the emergence of the army, kron variance, $15000.00 fans all beraskigy adornments titled, challenge suffer a setback, our goal. richter's goal, the pick of the bunch of hairs are berlin, one of the last 3 weeks, his encounter host, the arab cub, the biggest tournament in the arab world of final, was between 2 in his young algeria to needed extra time to decide who would take home the trophy, joanna gosh, raska was at. i'll bait stadium with the hand so i'll do a curious recon crew and boy, a young team missing it's european bass players. but every bit hungry victory, algeria went into this game, begins to museo for
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a hot win over host cuts on both sides. pepito, his goals anticipated i need to match the turn hostile at times between these 2 north african rivals. but there was very little to separate them on the pitch until extra time on it so. so you were, the court is british me. so you would with the stunning strike to put out jury in front to new. zia came close to equalizing i skipped back. oh, it's just wrong then with the final kick of the game. yes, sebra he, me run away with the 2 new victory foot. algeria is just go to whatever say good to hear. beep is president, jenny contina and capitalism is shake to mean been hammered and funny. present to the trophy to the winners. thank you. a lot to play other server big big for this
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a little over just every because with him a little very proud of the origin of the board of the farm to the broader. yeah. it was a big textbook, can thought it stadiums and in the structure, but now the organizers will turn their attention to the big one. the middle east 1st woke up with kicks off at this stadium around 11 long time ago, raska al jazeera l baker. stadium, washington wizards beat, utah jazz, and the n b a which has also been hit hard by corona virus. on saturday, the were 70 players and counting, entering co with 19 protocols this month. wizard's only had one player on the covet list is washed and down utah 109 to 103. bradley deal with 37 points. it saves it. okay. how much can the n b a has been about the brooklyn nuts and their decision to allow kyrie irving to play road games. irving is not vaccinated.
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many, he can't play at home under new york city regulations. i'm excited to have everybody conversation. an incredible player. you know, no matter what capacity we, we incorporate him in sister. so positive for our group as a young man in great health. so, you know, i think he's the odds of him having something difficult. catastrophic happens are, are small and we're putting an extra strain on a lot of our guys. so you know, you can help us one there and 2 with his town. and you know, it's an unused resource for us that we can lean on to, to help us navigate to season and patch this thing together. and cricketers are in dire straits and the 2nd shift has against australia, england we're sudden unlikely, 406. when we're making moderate progress in their 2nd innings with the last fall of the day,
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captain joe root with news that left england on 82 for for going in for the final day. you to bird, jake, polls entry into the world. boxing is gone from strength to strength, poll scored a brutal knock, then his re match against former you of c champion, tyran whitley was one. looks bad, but woodley did were cover it and was ok at the post fight, press conference. woodley had only stepped in with 2 weeks notice after talk tommy theory pulled out of the fight with injury. no one in the history of boxing has don't. i've done at this age, massive paper views knocked out every single person that i thought, the only person that's as active as me doing this big paper abuses, can hello, and he's 50 plus fights. and like i said, i thought around that i thought turned them all into means that she is going viral all over the internet and i'm ready to fight. whoever doesn't matter if they're a professional boxer of their 5 time you see champion, i don't care. i'm really built for this and no matter what, i'm going to find
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a way to get, get the job done. and that's what i showed tonight. okay, and that is all your sport for now back to you has them. thanks. and that is it for this new job, but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day they will ah killing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now. it's not a good luck can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to
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do, and we have the tools to do to get back with a patient. this team are now to sierra, from the al jazeera london broadcast center, to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. what is even more and to me that mouth is system innovation? systems design and system transformation? part one of human rights activist, q, me, 90 and environmentally. when own electric, i lived as you have the fossil fuel era my entire life, and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b unscripted on out his era. in just under a year's time, catherine al bate stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff next, november c, u,
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a, as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever supposing event next year and for the castle national teams, they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds now hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world. ah, huge klaus take to the streets in sudan marcie the anniversary of an uprising for democracy. ah, i've had them secret. this is a lie from the also coming up. new locked downs and travel restrictions as the army kron variance spreads across the glove. julians choose between
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a right wing candidate and a left wing student leader. and one of the most divisive presidential election.


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