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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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oh, a again, you're watching, i just did a reminder of our top stories. at least one person has been killed more than $100.00 inches and protests sedans, capital hard to rallies, taking place on the 3rd anniversary of the revolution that ended the 30 year rule of former president on the bus year. several european countries are imposing new restrictions added a winter holidays off the sea cope with highs in koran of ours case. the netherlands has begun a strict lockdown to curve the spread of the arm across variance of voters in sheila are costing their ballots in the presidential runoff. election left wing. gabriel boy standing against right wing politician jose antonio cash. the result is
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expected to be close to candidates are offering very different pass for chiles future or latin america. as soon as you know me and joins us now from cn santiago and we see we are hearing that some. there are some concerns about voters being able to get to the polls and in fact, some charges of foul play. what can you tell us about that? yes, that's right from quite early in the morning. a lot of voters started to complain that there was not sufficient public transport that the buses weren't was simply not arriving. and then came the charges of the or the accusations that perhaps there is some foul play on the part of the conservative government, which is which is betting on a victory for the conservative was hands on your past that the transport ministry was doing this on purpose one vote for example, so that this was a typical quote, donald trump ploy to, to try to discourage voters from the left to go to the polls. this is especially
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a concern in the middle and lower middle class and working class neighborhoods where people don't have cars and they depend on public transport. and the transport ministry says that this is not true. that the same number of buses as in the 1st round, but that their schedules are, have been changed so that they are more in the very, at the, in the very early hours of the day. and more at the end just doesn't seem to make much sense. for that that's never happened before. i can tell you that. but we are seeing some voters, particularly those that support board, each setting up as sort of shuttles to bring people to the polling stations in the poor neighborhoods. and we've also heard from the cas campaign that they keep asking his supporters to keep a very, very close tab on the ballads to make sure that there's no follow play. what does this mean? that means that this is a very, very close raise. and that polling monitors for both candidates will be using hawk
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eyes when the actual ballot start to be counted. why is this election being seen as such a game changer? the, well, you know that, that's funny. the last time the ballot was about this big because it included the voting for, for members of congress, the members of michigan, sorry, municipalities, etc. but this time, the ballad is only this big, but the difference in the choices is enormous to very, very different models that the people that you see here behind me are voting for one is you could say a leap of faith towards a very different, more inclusive type of society that would challenge the, the very, very strong and no liberal or free market model that truly has had since the, for the last 30 years. it would certainly modified the other candidate would not only keep it but perhaps increase it. and so this is what,
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what does that play right now? a taking a leap of faith towards an unknown future with a very young candidate towards what could be a better future for chillies or return to a far more conservative model that we the country hasn't seen for decades and decades. but at least one that would bring perhaps more order to the country. all right, you see newman life 1st there in santiago i focused on is hosting an emergency meeting on how to help prevent famine in neighboring afghanistan. the organization of atlanta corporation is highlighting the need for international assistance. 14000000 afghan children are expected to suffer acute levels of malnutrition. this winter focused on prime minister in wrong hon told the meeting that disaster can still be averted if leaders act together. now the point is that if the world does not act, this will be the biggest manmade crisis which is unfolding in front of us. we
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the, oh i see it's a big responsibility on us. because not only is it the situated situation, and i want to start as it unfolds, but it's a religious duty to help them come on hide. it has more from its lemme, but this is indeed an extraordinary session. given the fact that did the colewell pandemic across the why and the timing, because it was only large money that saudi arabia per board for the extra emergency session to take place of the oh, i see this is after 40 years because i didn't budget on another extraordinary session was held in 1980 and the progress on the prime minister shared the dashboard also. no one has done that. for 40 years, the country been at war. and even before the dollar,
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bon took power over 50 percent of the people were living below the poverty line. sure, indeed, there is a contented merging amongst the muslim country. i see it should not be forgotten. the 2nd largest body of the united nation with 57 nations, the budget needs have invited all the other apartment and 5 members of the united nations security council. the un under secretary, are also a margin group. it of god adults have been talking about the urgent need to help can get time. this is also a dime when one is on the, experiencing a prolong drug cost effective security. and millions of people are going to be living in danger. the buckets on the prime minister also appealing to the united states that dish or dealing that dollar bond from the people. 40000000 of them who need desperate aid. and they needed to
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a migrants in mexico. have protested policies designed to make it harder for them to enter the u. s. many of the demonstrators from guatemala, and have been forced to walk through mexico off to the government. stop them using transport. the migrant plans to reach the u. s. have also been delayed by the reinstatement of the remain in mexico policy. it forces migrants to wait to cross the border while the applications of being assess thailand has sent hundreds of refugees back to me and more around 2 and a half 1000 people had crossed into thailand in recent days after a flare up in fighting between the animals army and rebels from the captain ethnic minority, the authority sent 600 back even as clashes continue, the rights groups are urging the government not to turn people away. they say myanmar military is deliberately targeting civilians, right scoops, say, ranger, who have fled. miasma faced abuses in bangladesh tube of the past year. authorities are moved around $20000.00 refugees from cox's bizarre to the island of buff on
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shaw. they say it is necessary to ease over crowding in the mainland camps, but humanitarian groups call it an island jail. and say there are serious concerns about safety that they've called for an end to forced relocations more than a 1000000 ra hinge a live in cox's bazaar. the world's largest refugee camp can be a chattering, has more from the bangladesh, eat capital, a very significant visit. indeed, he was able to visit with the foreign minister, the other you and an angels. the more importantly, he was able to discuss the issues with the writing i refuges themselves because there are a lot of concerns raised recently about their situation in boston to our island. i island where many of the rowing refugees have been relocated and also those in the camp that are in violence. they're facing inside the cam. gang violence violence by are some member these where he shows that he looked into,
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spoke to the camp leader. even the common drawing or refugees. so he dis, fact finding mission will be an updated information that will be presented in march 22 next year to the un human rights council. in that context that is important. he, in the press conference, raised the issues about education of nearly half the population of the camp, which is nearly a 1000000. that is a major concern. and he spoke with the government about a formal education system to the set up within the camp. the government didn't come made, according to my question, when i asked him, he said, but they're seriously looking into this matter. also the fact that the boston church island supposed to have a livelihood facilities and now their issues are durango's, their told him that the facilities are secure. they're happy of the security, but not happy with the living facilities which does not exist. there isn't an after school or education facilities rather, and not enough hospital with proper care. in nigeria,
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finding an affordable place to live is becoming increasingly difficult. africa's most populous country has a shortage of 24000000 homes and it is expected to get worse. but as many dream reports from the capital, a boucher property developers are more interested in building high end homes for nigeria, emerging middle class 10 kilometers from the city center. nigeria is forced smart whom we state his open. this fully automated house is why the rec, it's returned to at the end of each day's work at an investment firm in the capital . the couple say the smart home technology works perfectly for the life. the lead this that come on finance off not having to manually do things. you can program them, you know, as you wanted to be whatever suits your lifestyle. and it's those lifestyles which real estate investors, i increasingly paying attention to as
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a growing middle class. and nigeria is living abroad to spend their money. there is a grow middle class in africa, no more than ever. and dad awareness they have is a little the quality of life has improved. so people would best for themselves and their families, africa's most populous country, has a housing deficit of 24000000 units. but the demand for premium homes from its middle class and das bra is growing rapidly. real estate operators here say the new trend is smart homes and that orders have tripled in the last 2 years. but locust homes are unless attractive proposition for real estate investors because of the high cost of land and infrastructure that has increased concern. but the insufficient government funding for affordable housing could, wasn't the shortages of forms. but financial institutions and lenders are looking at why the return on the investments is highest lifestyle security, return on investment,
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those 3 things. and the reason why smart homes are the whitman investment of choice, right now, investors say affordable housing will continue to be relevant. but for now it's premium housing that he's enjoying the boy. people are happy that now they can actually make their humble work for them instead of defer working for the houses. so that's what's what her house is all about and that what goes blue? it's all about, okay, you go open curtain, back at the smart home estate. the record say in addition to living in an automated home, they plan to invest in another to support their income. that expert say is what is driving the shift of premium housing in nigeria real estate sector. i'm a decrease al jazeera, i borgia nigeria, now to a city famous for its cold war wall where east is meeting west in a new exhibition. as dominic cane reports and berlin, the cool and the cold showcases all sorts of art from that defining period in
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german history. it's a window on a world gone by pitting communism against capitalism. the real against the abstract and iconic leaders against leading icons from an era when the message was as profound as the art itself. artist help us to understand the systems we are living in and very often i think artists are, you know, showing us that you can live against it and that you can stand for the other and the other perspective. and so i hope that that resistance really see that, you know, also at these times, but also at our times now artists are telling us about the, the politics we're living in. this exhibition focuses on life and art during the cold war. so lenin peers out from his library, the manners the people in command, while starling appears, his wartime leader, receiving the thanks of a grateful nation. the space race is a key theme. here you re cordy of draws together cosmos from every part of the van
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communist world. but lowell nesbit lift often splashed down fly the flag for the democratic world for the exhibitions curation. this is an example of what distinguishes the art of the u. s. s. r. from the usa of us always tend to be picked pictures. for example, the pub art is painting things they found on footages like comics or photograph. and i have the impression the us are to watch more close to the motive to the things they really want to pay. too many western eyes pop art has long been considered cool. lead to buy andy wall holes answers to abstract expressionism from painting pop stars to collecting cans of soup on canvas . what he liked eating for lunch back then. now the rest of the world consumes in
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art form during the cold war, some behind the iron curtain considered this propaganda. while in the west, much the same was said about much of soviet art. the time when this propaganda was created, it is long gone. now all the remains of the paintings themselves, a reminder of the clash of ideas between east and west. in a city where those 2 opposing ideologies came head to head dominant came al jazeera berlin, a fashion week in synagogue capital is showcasing not just african fashion, but diversity to i want a child re reports on the catalog of new creations on this play in back up a jeep samuel was, boom is cerebral palsy, but that's not stopping her from fulfilling her dream to be a model on the catalog, though, or so other disability kids, they could do it to and around the world. so they go on approved to other
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disability kids. you're not your disability, you're just you. and you're perfectly normal. just the way you are featuring design is from across africa. the to call fashion week is one of the continents longest running clothes show. it's founder at darma and d, i says it's important for her to represent women from across the continent because you know, the ha, viva la mud. come, i don't want to live with fashion as the european dictate authority. i don't want to do that anymore. i want to be many respect so many different things more than just bodies. oh yeah, of course there will always be models of beautiful ones, but i want to be able to give room to other women to different women as well as inclusivity. there she is. theme was also about sustainability. textile production estimated to generate 1200000000 tons of carbon emissions annually. * hoping to help africa's carbon footprint, the show only promotes locally manufactured designs in the late volume don't. can
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you send that one did? it's inspired by a traditional rwandan dance, and i've only used fabrics made an africa. so either hand woven or naturally hon died or more industrial but still made in africa. like here we have e t o p and genes. for example, we have had died wiley from ivory cove and we have this beautiful organic cotton, which is e t o p. and this is the 1st time to cynically fashion designer has made 2 statements on the couch. she also created the 1st black fashion week in paris. now she's hoping others will follow the hazard steps and challenge the western standards of fashion. mbc homeric child 3 out you 0 in the us, some latino and black citizens fear they are losing their right to vote on why voters in texas complain of being frozen out off the republican politicians campaigned to have electoral maps redrawn following president donald trump's
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reelection failure as sullivan reports, the department of justice is suing texas and it's a similar story across the us texas a serving up for a fight on the political landscape and nod white voters are at the very heart of it . i feel ready. i don't have no voice. jerry, amanda is the word of the moment here that is parties deliberately changing political boundaries to give them an advantage. it's not the people picking the politicians. it's the politicians speaking, the people people that are voting for them, remapping congressional district to dilute the opposition. and now the federal government is suing texas, that apartment of justice claims republican lawmakers are deliberately discriminating against a growing non white population. as a supreme court has observed a core principle of our democracy, is that quote, voters should choose the representatives, not the other way around. kaylee runs this mexican restaurant in austin. frustrated
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doesn't come close. yeah. doing that, there are just now representing that that's a lateral law mean is is that is awesome to us, to stand up and say something like it. now he is going to give up. the democrats campaigned hot here in texas in the 2020 presidential election and assigning just how much they think best state could flip. and that didn't happen, but they are increasingly confident here. texas is no longer the certainty for the republicans that it once was, and that has got some in the g o pe pretty worried texas gained to new seats in congress after the 2020 census which showed the population shut up by 4000000 over the last decade, 95 percent of that growth driven by black and latino arrivals to groups typically more likely to vote democrat. but there are no new minority dominated districts in the new maps to interesting aspect of the american political process in which the
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process of drawing these maps as decentralized to the state level. most states have a very political pro says that runs to some degree or another through the state legislature. arm in those legislatures are partisan bodies. and they are gerrymandering nationwide from georgia to florida to north carolina, which is delayed next year's primaries because of legal challenges. but it is not just a republican issue, the democrats of those similar stuff in the past. right? so, i mean, what's the problem? well, the problem is, it's still in democratic of the end of the day. and so, you know, when me and my friends and different people, i worked with an organized um, when not pushing to get democrats elected here. does that with the fighters for right now? the congressional district, the state house districts, are all majority white here in texas, even though texas one of the most diverse dates in the entire country. republican governor greg abbott, has signed off on the controversial changes he's backed by the state attorney general, who caused the d. o j law suit, a ploy to control texas voters, they're really going to be less hispanic voting to some of those voices. the
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solution is simple. if all of us show up to vote, we can, it doesn't matter how much a jury mannered the district we will win those seats. but the question, is it fair or even legal? the courts will have to decide on that one fed. lavelle al jazeera austin, texas. i still ahead on idea in sport a difficult day for english premier league side chelsea football action coming up with on counting the calls, emron aid. all that is changing the world of vaccines, not just the cobra name thing. big business in place of thousands of pixels, millions of dollars. a non refundable program. we demystify the world of crypto on helping to call on al jazeera. cobit 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. ali re navigates the
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big questions raised by the global pandemic power. the system based on private ownership and the proceed of profit. so the world in a ton of capitalism is the pandemic cause of so much of the suffering exploited protected people for the profit episode. one of all hail the lockdown on al jazeera lou holding the powerful to account as we examined the u. s. row in the world. on al jazeera lou . ah ah! i was born his father has him. thank you so much. despite coven 19,
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heavily disrupting this weekend's english. primarily fixtures. 3 out of 4 games. when i had on sunday league leaders, manchester city crush. new council away at 40, always men running out for nail winters. ruben diaz. shout can cello re add more as an raheem sterling, the scores when means they finish the weekend, top of the table city also made some history. this was their 34th when of 2021. meaning they've broken the record for most english top flights. when in a calendar year shows the city, the more victories you are with his gang games. when games, when games and when games. and these are the more precious volumes, beastie math. so, but you have to renew the left to build again and build again to avoid, to perform aside the 1st health you know, to could read better. so. so but yeah, complement one day would be break and we have $100.00 points. it was
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a frustrating day for liverpool. they were held to a draw up. i taught them fun here in min scoring with ran 15 minutes to go to level it to to a result means 2nd place, liberal tray, a leaders mattress or city by 3 points. and chelsea draw points away to wallace. they were held to a nail. now draw the blues. however, we're not happy. they wanted the game to be postponed. they had 7 cope with 900 cases in their camp. a result means chelsea said 3rd, 6 points off the top. like the points we dropped today or not the points and same time city, i don't know. did they win against newcastle? ok. so let's predictable the points that hurt the points we lost at home against menu against bern, land against everton. these are the 6 points that hurt and not today. the washington wizards beat the utah jazz and the n b a which is also been hit hard by corona virus. on saturday they were 70 players and counting entering cove with 19 protocols this month,
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the wizard's only had one layer on the covert list of washington down utah 109 to 103 wizards. bradley bill, top scored, but 37 now much of the talk in the n b has been about the brooklyn nets and their decision to allow high re irving to play road games. irving is not vaccinated meeting, he can't play at home under new york city regulations. i'm excited to have everybody gone, receives an incredible player, you know, no matter what capacity we, we incorporate him in sista positive for our group as a young man in great health. so, you know, i think he's the odds of him having something difficult. catastrophic happens are, are small and we're putting an extra strain on a lot of our guys. so you know, you can help us one there and 2 with his town. and you know, it's an unused resource for us that we can lean on to,
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to help us navigate the season and patch this thing together. england's creditors are in dire straits from the 2nd ashes house against australia. england were set an unlikely 462 in and we'll make a lot of our programs for 2nd getting free. with the last fall of the day, captain jo route was new. i left england on 82 for for going into the final day. we're not talking about it a lot on the practicing law and i was about going out into the middle of pressure executing. you know, we're not executing this, but as we would like, however, i can tell you now the lack of trying and it's not the real shift. youtube or jake, paul's entry in the world, the boxing has gone from strength to strength. paul scored a brewer knock out in his re match against former. you have see champion tyrone woodley. this one looks bad woodley did were cover and was ok at the post 5 press
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conference. when we had only stepped in with 2 weeks notice after tommy theory pulled the out of the fight with injury. and sweden sandra nay's land has weighed at 4 winds at 5 in the ski cross world capital season. or later victory came in a competition in italy, the reigning world champion was dominant from the start beating out switzerland, fannie smith, canada's brittany. feelin finished 3rd baseman, leads the overall world kept standing. i really like this course and i saw on the qualification yesterday that i could pass, so i don't know, it's always tight when you do heat, but i managed to do really good them, like i said before, always to sky. so that has the meanwhile in the men's events, ronriguez won his 1st escape across world cub events in your shoes. years 28 year olds with finished had a bastion motto of friends in canada's reese out in came in 3rd.
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okay, and that is all your sport for now. has them back to you? i so much fun and that's it for me. has him seek a for this news on all the team here in doha colleagues in london. we'll have more news minimum ah ah and it's woo year until the 1st feasible world killed in the middle east. talk to al jazeera meets plasma cembura, 1st ever female secretary general of the 1st to share her journey and discuss the routes to carter 2022. 0, now jesse,
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around. we town. the untold stories. ah, we speak when others done. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. absolutely. a fan sir guy from my eyes and power and passion. we tell your stories. we are your voice. your news, your net al jazeera in hebron boys breathed and fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched vice railey forces at times, shot up and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age and a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted. the skies above had brought
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a witness documentary on a jesse era. ah, play an important role in protecting human light touch face ah oh. c unders of thousands of protest as much to sir dawn's presidential palace demanding the military stay out of the country's path to democracy. ah, hello i, marianna machine, london. you're watching algae 0 also coming off on the program.


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