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lexi, i lived as you have the fossil fuel arrow my entire life, and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b unscripted on out his era. ah, student protest need a gerbil. burridge is confirmed as chillies new president. he promises to expand the social rights. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera ally from dell ha, also coming up. oh, braving stun grenades and tear gas thousands. march to the presidential palace in sudan demand in the military stays out of politics in the transition to democracy. we report from min vanelle, one of the items in the philippines worst hit by super typhoon ry. that's now
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killed more than 200 people. and americans are warned against travelling during christmas. the on a con, barons of code with 19 spines rapidly. ah, left us gabrielle burrage is one july's presidential election. the 35 year old rose to prominence during student protests against the government. he campaign and expanding social services, fighting in equality and raising taxes on the super rich in little yet no. our government has the conviction to look forward at the challenges that we have before us. it cannot be just changed by talking to the mirror. i'm not yours to only speak to people who think like me to change the way people who think differently. we are here to ensure that once and for all, that our course is sufficient for all chileans and we can achieve a wonderful life. well, barge has rivaling opponent. jose antonio cast urged his supporters to put aside
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political differences. he lost by 11 percent to surprise margin of defeat. after his when in the 1st round, analysts were expecting a much tighter race. he congratulated porridge, striking a consider returning or you via the him for the lady. but today is a day of joy for burridge and i celebrate his success. and i will be there doing what i said i would do for the betterment of children. and we will always be a unified country. our promise is not just a passing one. it is one for our customs and our tradition. alexander, i'm petty, has more now from santiago, thousands of supporters of gabrielle bodies came out to celebrate the what they see has any story victory as somebody that they feel represents them that's closer to their age. it practically everybody who's here is john capital participative and
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the protest and the social and breast that as rock this country in 2019 the protest that have a continued pretty much until now over all this has been a celebratory festive tonight, but there have been small groups of demonstrators to work, you don't necessarily like the press and that sort of push this away from a celebration and they are saying that that, well, they're happy that bore each one. they will continue to pressure the government, even the government of the newly elected the president, to push forward the reforms that they're hoping to see in a chill and, and all of this is happening while they're also and you constitutional assembly. that is rewriting the constitution of this country and talking about the results. a lot of people here were quite surprised by the fact that unlike what was expected there, this hasn't been a very close race in that instead, a breach,
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as one by more than 11 points to what exactly happened there. we don't know yet, but the i plus this is, is that a lot of people, especially young people that didn't participate in the 1st round, came out either because they believed that breach is the best option for this country. or because they are stronger opponents of antonio pass at that extremely right wing candidate, somebody that they see as a new fashion. they came out against that again, somebody who presented himself as an apology, stuff that he stayed there, ship. i've still been a ship. well, boris found a speck is the editor in chief of chile today he says, burridge needs to tone down on his radical approach. if he's to get all political players on board, the fact of his, his right wing sector, his body. again, the tremendous presence in the parliament during the parliamentary elections. his
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front has 50 seats in the parliament and also in the senate. there they are forced to reckon with. and gus maybe last is election, but soon i was so high that he became the 6 most, most voters candidate in the history of children. so although boys did better still ran a good campaign and had many people voting for him. so we'll see right now is probably a stand off between right and left. and sheila and bodies will really seek to dialogue with, with the sex from the, from the right wing, the opposition as of march to, to be able to, to complete his political program. everyone talks about the radical last year, and he will probably have to tone down a bit, his proposals to be able to fulfill the whole program. he will, it will need to talk with the less, with a center, with the right, with all the political sectors, just because there is such a, there's no majority in parliament or the senate. so probably his ambitious program
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will be moderate program in the end. but maybe like to slow progress, the slow changes is better for you than the whole radical change. especially if sectors in the right are afraid, or hundreds of thousands of protest as in sudan had marched the presidential palace . it's exactly 3 years since protest began to chop on the former leader omar bashir . demonstrators are demanding the military stay out of the transition to democracy . even morgan has more from cotton this is the spouse of gathering of protested in one of the districts in to dance capital cartoon. and hallo, toby has come to join them. she's one of tens of thousands who came out on sunday to commemorate the anniversary of to dance revolution in 2018. they're also out once again to voice their anger at the military takeover which happened in late october and which they say d real to dance, transition, and federal galatia butler oh, i'll fantasy plaza. i took part in the 201320162018 protests against basha
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and here i am now and will continue to protest until our demands a mess. i will keep protesting until there is the civilian government, and there is peace and freedom, and justice sedans uprising thought it over hikes in prices of basic commodities. but it's soon turned into calls for an end to the government of our model machine, which had been in power for 3 decades. his military ousted him in april 2019 and signed a power sharing agreement with the political coalition forces of freedom and change which were presented the protest movement. but the partnership came to an end in october, when the military dissolved the transitional government and arrested several government officials that sparked anger and renewed protests on the street. a deal between the outset prime minister of the lamb duke and the military would stop him reinstated back to his position. feel the anger further with sudan, witnessing the largest turnouts yet since the takeover. all i'm saying is that evolution never actually ended. it's going to nearing and we will continue until we
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are to have all of our goals. we don't want them emitter to be the head of the state any more. we want civilian government. we want justice for all the way there . all the. 2 martyr, our friends, brothers and sisters and sons, we want justice for all of them. we want. are we want development? i mean, i need to wirelessly for everyone. i'm dying juggling that i am sad actually only a hold on can i move away from to not participate in these anniversary? protest told us to restore our stolen revolution. we, charlotte, this day is a turning point in our volition and an end to the taker. and even if it's not, we will continue to protest that we're still our revolution, which cost many lives. i was rado. protestors were able to reach the southern gates of the presidential palace on the anniversary of the revolution. security for says, responded using tear gas stung grenades and live ammunition to disperse. pam. since
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the takeover at least 45 people were killed by security forces and more than 300 injured. but that hasn't ended. the turmoil as political parties remain divided, and the military remains and power handled heck, ball for dialogue and national consensus to get to dan auto its political crisis, but protested on the streets they, they regard his agreement with the military has given legitimacy to the take over and mr. lots of demands with the military to be removed from the dance politics and 3 years since the thought of the uprising to dance transition to democracy remains fragile. and many of its slogans remain on achieved sundays protests and did with security forces chasing protesters. but for many, the day is the continuation of the revolution that overthrew a military leader once and which they hope will achieve the changes they've been calling for an overthrow. another military leader he by morgan al jazeera, harder to nissan. the philippines, at least 209 people are confirmed dead in the aftermath of the super typhoon,
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right. thousands of soldiers of joined rescue workers to search for survivors in remote areas. jamal alan jogan has more. now. i'm sure a gough such in the philippine village she invited a story reconnaissance flight over the eastern part them into now region to see for ourselves the damage caused by super typhoon. re sure go island is where super typhoon ry 1st made landfall in the philippines. what was once a popular to his destination reduced to this, the pilot then turned towards the nugget island even from afar. the damage was distressing to see. it didn't matter whether their house was big or small. the typhoon packing, wind speed close at 200 kilometers an hour, did not discriminate damaging. almost every building. after landing in
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sooty goes city, general emeralds order is clear. aid must reach those devastated areas as soon as possible. the magnitude of the damage is lini being. it is because the one that was affected, our island robbins is if you will address those problem. first and foremost, your problem released logistics nightmare. we drove around the mean town city. dow storm damage like this is a familiar scene here. now, at the port area, we found more than a 100 families forced from their homes. they are from the jour. sufficient community once lived on houses on stilts by the sea. now this is all they have left are gone. so what resident here are telling us is that it's 6 pm. now this is going to be their 1st meal for the day. something that they just picked up from the garbage mostly. and this has to be clean, at least 5 families tonight. rous,
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meet that a blue at the sun is desperate to a. we don't even have right? there's nothing. my children are crying. we look for a left over, but there was nothing. we went to bed with an empty stomach. i gave them about this is the human cost of support. they would rise destruction. it's estimated that thousands of families are displeased here now, but this is just one province days since the storm shock. many communities remain cut off with dozens reported missing. and this is why many say they are still bracing for the worst gem alan dogon, al jazeera, should he go province? southern philippines, tougher. so break out 0. when we come back, the un special repertoire accuses me and mom, crimes against humanity will tell you why. on nigeria is luxury market is proving,
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but it's a different story for affordable housing, mama ah ah, look forward to skies with sponsored point counsel at ways how low they will have a look at african a moment at 1st the middle east. and you can see from the satellite image behind me that dense cloud pushing knows unsettled conditions across the levant. if we take a closer look, we can see strong winds and heavy rain stretching all the way from egypt across into iraq where we have seen flooding in the north. we could see more as another wave of intense downpours kicks in. and we're going to see a bit of a wintery mix edge into western areas of iran and heavy snow and rain and q weight is likely to see that rain. by monday, we'll have some spotty showers, picking up in saudi arabia by choosing a lot of that brisk wind can be traced to northern parts of africa within wet and
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windy weather lap at coastal areas of libya push into egypt, and it brought the temperature right down in cairo, if we look at the 3 day, we are seeing it well below the average with a few showers on monday. it will pick up. however, by the time we gets wednesday, now across that central band of africa, there's a lot of heat. there's also a lot of sha was more intense storms affecting eastern areas and down in the south . we think some heavy rain across much of south africa. it's going to be a wet week foot johannesburg, with thunderstorms and showers. but it winds up in kate. tom was in sunshine, pushing through the clouds. that sure update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always the listening post cuts through the noise. you are talking about competing narrative. they see monday tools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and some element of the truth
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. but the full story remains and coaching, unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics, the listening post, your guide to the media on a just 0. ah ah, woke america group about of the top stories here on al jazeera, left us gabrielle bar, which is one chillies presidential election. he's addressed hundreds of thousands of supporters in santiago and promised to be a leader for all july. the 35 year old rose to prominence during student protests. hundreds of thousands of protested in saddam not marched towards the presidential palace. it's exactly 3 years since demonstrations began them against formally to
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omar bashir. more than a 100 people have been injured. on the death told from typhoon ryan the philippines has risen to at least $200.00 mate. rescue teams are still searching for missing people in flooded areas. following friday store 300000 that he knows a force from now many americans are reconsidering their holiday plans. as corona virus, casey serge new york report that its highest number of cases for the 2nd strike day . but officials are resisting another lockdown christian saloon reports. a week before christmas and break through coven cases are forcing the cancellation of several performances from the rockettes annual holiday show at radio city music hall to harry potter on broadway with the alma chron. variance spreading rapidly, worried new yorkers lined up to get tested among them. the vaccinated and boosted broadway. actor katy roper, it's been really scary with the new very, very,
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very scary and i definitely wanna get it more. i've had a couple of friends as positive. it's not good. new york city has a 90 percent vaccination rate. and some of the strictest vaccination requirements in the country. so despite a new record number of daily infections, new york's mayor says more locked downs won't be necessary. we have better treatment than we've ever had. we have won the highest levels of vaccination anywhere in the country and we have the ability to get a lot more people vaccinated or to get them boosted very, very quickly. still, many americans are reconsidering their holiday travel plans. nationwide. hospitalization, rates are also on the rise, though still well below. last year's peak. clearly when you travel, there is always a risk of increase infection. but if people need to travel and want to travel for the obvious family reasons during this holiday season, if you're vaccinated and you're boosted and you take care when you go into congregate settings, like airports, to make sure you continually where you mask,
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you should be okay. health experts say, even though micron appears to be less deadly than the delta variant, it spreads more quickly and that could spell trouble for the nation's health care system with hospitalizations also rising, particularly in areas with lower vaccination rates. kristin salumi al jazeera new york. well, the surgeon covert 19 cases linked the on the cron variant has led european governments to take urgent action ahead of the winter holidays. the netherlands went into a strict lockdown on sunday. and there's pressure now on the british government to do the same. but anger against new restrictions is also building as a bank now reports. 7 against mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports, thousands gathered in belgium to express their anger at restrictions. it comes as the government issued strong advice to get vaccinated and gave health workers 3
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months to get fascinated or risk losing their jobs. britain has seen some of its highest level in new cases of the virus. when the football stadium was turned into a mass boost to vaccination center, as the government tries to turn the outbreak. but for now it's reluctance, dream pose a pre christmas lockdown is at odds with the mayor of london. if we don't bring in new restrictions sooner rather than later, you're going to see even more positive cases and potentially public services a lot. the pictures on the verge of clubs, if not collapse in germany has added the u. k. 2, it's higher as countries meaning tied to travel restrictions. france has already been travel from britain other than compelling reasons which do not include tourism and business. it comes as europe races itself for the spread of the army. kron variant and many countries are now considering the return of restrictions over the christmas period. these streets in the netherlands should have been packed with christmas shoppers, but old non essential businesses have been ordered to close after
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a strict lockdown was imposed. even on the northern tip of europe, finland with a christmas period prince with a tourist. this now a real concern. i've never had times like this before. like i know my colleagues, they are wondering the same. and this is like a possible every day you stars back again. and you look at the latest updates on the news and you start wondering what's happening with the travelers, what's happening with the torsion workers. the company is how do we survive as christmas, fast approaches the shadow cast by the covey virus seems to be getting ever longer . i said, beg, jazeera, the united nations representative for human rights, and mamma has accused the government of crimes against humanity and its treatment of rank muslims special wrapper to tom. andrew completed a 6 day fact finding mission with a visit to a new refugee camp in neighboring bangladesh. under tanveer chandry reports from deca,
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it comes as another humanitarian crisis unfolds on the other side of me and the un spatial repertoire has been on a 6 day fact finding mission before presenting his findings to the human rights council and marched his med bank with issued government officials, as well as non government representatives and agencies. he's also been to see some of the 1000000 drawing refugees and their leaders at camps and cox's bazaar, and boston char island. nearly every rating of person i spoke with on this mission . whether it would be in catalog camps or on bush on char, want to return home as soon as they can do so voluntarily, safely, and with dignity. the un representative said there is a compelling case that the military leadership in man mar, is committing crime against humanity in the continuing crack down on the muslim minority. the relentless assault by the me and more military went his attacks
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against its own people. as well as the systematic land clarence in ro kind state and the ongoing system of discrimination against the anger in law and practice continue. at this time. the crisis in myanmar is fast becoming a growing regional problem. hundreds of me and my refuge is flat to neighboring. thailand's bothered town of my assault on sunday. they're trying to escape, continuing fighting between them, me and my army and ethnic rebel fighters, a senior ty official said around 600 refugees have been sent back across the border . i picked up my child and ran immediately across the river to the other side with a tie. soldiers told us to run fast. 5 years on there. oh, hang. a refugee crisis showing no sign of winding down. repetition process is nowhere inside. and the management of nearly a 1000000 drafted is hosted by bangladesh, is getting increasingly complex is the man and especially patrol se is the cause of the crisis. and the ultimate resolution is not here in bangladesh, but in me,
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unmarked. and which audrey al jazeera dhaka, a group of islamic countries, has promised to set up a fun to provide aid to afghanistan by millions of people at risk of starvation. this winter pakistan hosted the emergency meeting of the organization of his lamb at corporation. members agreed to create a trust fund where countries candidate without having to deal directly with the taliban. that also set up a food security program. the conference has agreed and it is. it was required to establish she, her material trust funds. to be grieved. every wall agreed to launch a food security program for the finest og 3 wheat. collectively feel that we have to unlock
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financial and banking channels because the economy cannot function and people cannot be helped without backing services. state media in ethiopia says the military is taken control of the town of lady bella from to grind rebels. the town has switched hands multiple times during the conflict between the military and the to gripe people's liberation front. it's home to you and world heritage site. and is in the am hara region bordering to grey. the united nation says more than 9000000 people across northern ethiopia and now dependent on food. in nigeria, finding an affordable place to live is becoming increasingly difficult. africa's most populous country has a shortage of 24000000 homes. and that's expected to get worse. and as ac manager supports from the capital of buddha, property developers are more interested in building high and homes for nigeria, emerging middle class 10 kilometers from the city center. nigeria is 1st smart
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home state has opened this fully automated house is where the record is returned to at the end of each day's work at an investment firm in the capitol. the couple see the smart home technology works perfectly for the live the lead. there's that come on finance off not having to manually do things. you can program them, you know, as you wanted to be whatever suits your lifestyle. and it's those lifestyles which real estate investors a increasingly paying attention to as a growing middle class. and nigeria is living abroad and spend their money. there is a grow middle class in africa, no more than ever. and dad awareness they have is below the quality of life has improved. so people want best for themselves and their families, africa, most populous country, has
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a housing deficit of 24000000 units. but the demand for premium homes from its middle class and das bra is growing rapidly. real estate operators here say the new trend is smart homes and that orders have tripled in the last 2 years. but locust homes are unless attractive proposition for real estate investors. because of the high cost of land and infrastructure. there is increased concern that the insufficient government funding for affordable housing could worse than the shortages of forms. but financial institutions and lenders are looking at why the return on the investment is highest lifestyle security, return investments, those 3 things. and the reason why smart homes are the women investment of choice right now, invest to say affordable housing will continue to be relevant. but for now it's premium housing that he's enjoying the bull. people happy that now they can actually make their humble work for them. instead of default looking for the houses
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. so that's what's what, how, how is this all about? and that what goes blue? it's all about. okay, doable. open curtain back at the smart home estate. the record say in addition to living in an automated who they plan to invest in another to support that income . that expo say is what is driving the shift to premium housing in nigeria, real estate sector. i'm a decrease algebra. i borgia nigeria. now fashion, we can senate goals, capital is showcasing not just african fashion, but diversity to amera charge reports on the catalog of new creations on display in baca, a jeep, a samuel was bomb, is cerebral palsy. but that's not stopping her from fulfilling her dream to be a model on the catwalk or other disability kids. they could do it too and around the world to go on approved to other disability kids. you're not, you're good,
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you're just you and you're perfectly normal. just the way you are featuring design is from across africa. the to call fashion week is one of the continents longest running clothes show. it's founder a darma and d. i says it's important for her to represent women from across the continent, juniper by people. i'm mud, come, i don't want to live with fashion as the european dictates as to i don't want to do that any more. i want women who respect so many different things more than just bodies. oh yeah, of course there will always be models, beautiful ones, but i want to be able to give room to other women to different women. as well as inclusivity. there she is. theme was also about sustainability. textile production is estimated to generate 1200000000 tons of carbon emissions annually. hoping to help africa's carbon footprint. the show only promotes locally manufactured designs allows believe going, going on you soon,
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and wonders. it's inspired by a traditional rwandan dance, and i've only used fabrics made in africa. so either hand woven or naturally hand died or more industrial but still made in africa like here we have ethiopian genes . for example. we have had died wiley from ivory coast and we have this beautiful organic cotton which is ethiopian with this isn't the 1st time the senegalese fashion designer has made statements on the cattle. she also created the 1st black fashion we show in paris. now she's hoping others will follow in her footsteps and challenge the western standards of fashion and beauty. her marriage all 3 out. she's here at the latest tourist or visit the international space station are back on earth after 12 days japanese bill in the air you cycle, missouri is assistant, and a russian cosmonaut landed back in kazakhstan a short time ago. earlier. miss iowa bid farewell to the space station crew for
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boarding the russian soils rocket at the 1st south bank tourists to visit the space station since 2009. all the news of course, on our website there it is on the screen. the address out a 0 dot com ah . type of picture of the top stories here now to 0 left is gabrielle burridge has one chillies, presidential election. he's defeated the his right wing opponent, jose antonio cast by 11 percent. a much larger margin was expected for riches, promising to be a leader for all chillers it must o yet know our government has the conviction to look forward to the challenges that we have before us. it cannot be just changed by talking to the mirror. i'm not yours to only speak to people who think like me to change the way people who think .


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