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houses on stilts by the sea. now this is all they have left gone. so what residents here are telling us is that it's 6 pm. now this is going to be their 1st meal for the day. something that they just picked up from the garbage mostly. and this has to be at least 5 families tonight. resubmit that are blue at sun is desperate to well, we don't even have rice. there is nothing. my children are crying. we look for a left over us, but there was nothing. we went to bed with an empty stomach. this is the human cost of super typhoon rise, destruction. it's estimated that thousands of families. i displeased here now. jim allen, dog and al jazeera said he got province southern philippines. the storm is now moving towards vietnam. heavy rain and strong winds have already forced thousands of people on the coastline to move to safety. state media says that a fisherman died trying to anchor
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a boat and at least 5 other vessels have sunk. at least 7 people have died in the flooding in malaysia 21000 people were forced from their homes. on flooding began on friday, prime minister, a small subsidy or cob, says for a month's worth of seasonal monsoon. rain fell in a single day. i dfcs, i move yeah, in 2000 or 12. i think this one was 70 the was loose or nothing or l m. and i've seen this before, back in the ninety's. this area had flooding, but this time it's really bad because nobody anticipated this level of flooding that he, let's go to whether updates his kara hello. they will have a look at africa in a moment, but 1st to the middle east. and you can see from the satellite image, those unsettled conditions stretching all the way from eastern areas of mediterranean, taking heavy rain across parts of northern iraq, where we've seen flooding and onwards to iran. we are going to see some intense rain effects, southern areas here for the showers edging into queue weight,
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light winds blowing across the gulf, but down for the south, it is looking a lot finer and dry. it's to the west, around the red sea that we are seen, those coastal showers, pickups, brisk, a winds, blowing down as well. and those tie up with wet and windy weather that's been plaguing north eastern areas of africa. the temperature in cairo has been below average. thanks to that wet and windy weather and it is going to get weather for the north west places like morocco, brisco winds blowing, and we will see the temperatures come down in the days to come. now across central areas of africa, the seasonal range has shifted further south within some heavy falls across the d. r. c. as well as places like malawi, edging into northern parts of mozambie. and the further south we go to where to read gets the south africa. if routine as well as the suitor will have thunderstorms in johannesburg through the week, and it's going to get cloudy and windy in cape town. that weather update. carmody thank still to come on the news of preserving the past the taliban under pressure to protect afghanistan's historic multi months plus. i'm huh. jim's roman
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copenhagen harbor, one of the cleanest waterways in europe. here, swimmers come out no matter the temperature and efforts continue to create a thriving aquatic environment at his sport for pools governing body steps up, it's pushed to hold the world cup every 2 years. andy, with fashion of the rest of the sports, little awe from the al jazeera london broke off, then tack 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no haste and no limitation. what is even more in p me that now is system innovation? systems design and system transformation thought one of human rights activist, q, me, 90 and environmentally window knowledge inc. i lived as you have a fossil fuel era my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b, unseat date on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results for the
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grade. already won indonesia whose firms forming we move full to grow and frank. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah, hello again, adrian sitting here in doha with the usa from al 0. the headlines 12 people have died with the omicron variance of the corona virus. in the u. k. deputy prime
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minister dominic rob is refusing to rule out new restrictions ahead of the winter. holidays britons reported record levels of cove at 19 cases with officials warning the the full effects of the latest wave a yet to be see. left wing politician gabrielle borage has been elected chillies next president. he won 56 percent of the vote of the law on sunday fall right candidate. jose antonio cast congratulated porridge, alleged his supporters to put political differences aside. typhoon ryan. the philippines has left more than 375 people dead. thousands more are missing. the military has been flying into remote towns to help survivors who are in urgent need of food and drinking israeli security forces of arrested 6 palestinian suspects over the killing of it. his ready man, 3 days ago was al jazeera hurry forces reports. now the attack in the occupied west bank lead to a major military operation and several apparent reprisal attacks by israeli
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settlers. a manhunt lasting more than 2 days ended before dawn on sunday is really troops detaining 6 palestinians near janine and the occupied west bank 2 suspects and a deadly shooting attack for others accused of helping them. israel security service says the men belong to palestinian islamic jihad. i couple thought there was a success in closing a circle around the terrorists in a very short space of time without allowing them to disappear into the field of those days. attack kill 25 year old is ready, set lay hood, a dement man injuring to others in the car. he was traveling and they were leaving the illegal outpost of hamish in the northern west bank officially withdrawn from in 2005, but still operating as the site of a jewish religious seminary. the shooting here was the latest and assertive attacks carried out by palestinians against israelis in recent weeks. but it also comes in the context of intensifying settler violence targeting palestinians here in the
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occupied west bank. just hours after the shooting and dozens of kilometers away, a group of settlers attacked her whom in the village of car youth, beating wild mcbeal with iron bars. he remains in hospital. with whiles father says the attack is pretended to be as ready soldiers. once inside, they smacked up the ground floor as well as attacking while. yes, i'm mcbeal says he doesn't expect his uncle's attack has to be brought to justice. i believe they yeah. they know way that these guys come from because they, i believe they're all organized. and so do you think they'll actually be arrested in and prosecuted for me? i unfortunately we, i do have like a strong conviction that people who do do such things, they are not afraid of the consequences. last month is really right group at cell and published a report accusing israel of using settler violence to help appropriate thousands of heck to as of land in an organized, institutionalized manner. some of israel's foreign minister,
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last week called settler violence, a stain, the prime minister, called it insignificant saying, settler pioneers require protection. late on sunday, these were the army revealed at settlers at home ash had the night before attacked soldiers who preventing them from erecting new structures at the outpost. the settlers of cool for reinforcements. harry faucet al jazeera in the occupied west bank. the head of the united nations says that the world isn't doing enough to help lebanon avoid economic collapse. antonio garage has visited a route port, which was devastated by last. he has massive exclusion. he met the families of some of the more than $200.00 victims. the secretary general called for more international support for lebanon's overwhelming debts and to cope with more than a 1000000 syrian refugees. ethiopia, government says rebels from the to grey region, a withdrawing their faces from several northern territories to client forces had been losing their foothold in the am hotter and a far regions in recent weeks. prime minister abbey armored earlier demanded their
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withdrawal as a requirement for cease fire talks. hong kong see the cali lamb has praised the outcome of sunday's legislative election despite a low turnout. brewbay jane candidates swept a victory winning a seat in every district about 30 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots. it was the 1st selection, since paging made controversial changes to hong kong electrical system. when royal goal, that if a high turnout treat was based on poor politics or some candidates using that as an opportunity to hijack the country's government, that is not desirable. if a high turnout treat is based on the polarization between so called blue in support of the police and yellow camps in support of the protest movement, this is not something we should be proud of. if high turn our treat was based on smearing this is not something that can cause progress or their international concern is bouncing for the preservation of a unesco listed minarette in afghanistan,
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the taliban government is under pressure to protect the countries historic monuments. there was widespread condemnation when they destroyed the balmy and buddhist statues. 2 decades ago, al jazeera rob mcbride report, snell and cobbler known as afghanistan's cultural capital. nothing symbolizes the country's rich heritage. more than the western city of her at and at its heart. the grand bosque, its exquisite tiling is preserved by the ongoing efforts of its own workshop of crossman but they maintain a world class wonder that like the countries other historical treasures is largely unknown to the outside world. because of decades of conflict. both of us on the 30th or so many historical places of beauty that are untouched. the country is only known for war and culture and heritage are not recognized. but the improving security situation offers the tantalizing future prospect of tourists once more.
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for now, her rights oldest monument, its citadel fortress, gets few visitors by the 1st taurus today, numbered by gods and guns. many times over. it was restored recently by the previous government. but the world famous minarets near by, especially those leaning precariously or badly in need of help of more immediate concern to expert such as how my uni amadi is the plight of the so called minarette of jam, in a remote neighboring province, that he has just visited until recently inaccessible and now neglected because of the conflict. its been badly damaged by flooding. my not a job that he got the jed the every year when it floods the waters are going above the foundation brickwork. if no one takes care of it,
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we will witness the destruction of this mineral and nothing will be left for the taliban governments. it's not just a question of having the resources to save historical sites, but also whether it has the will given its track record. i'm preserving afghanistan, heritage, the destruction of the balmy and buddha's in 2001 came to represent for many the taliban intolerance of other people's beliefs. although there is a growing sense, this time is different. from a dirty dot on the emerett now has more experience and knows the value of heritage . and that it's not just about religion. so it's totally different this time. yet as just as the international community is holding the taliban to account for its future actions in so many aspects of government, add to that list, how it preserves the past. robert bride al jazeera, couple a japanese building that the duncan here as come back down to earth after spending
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12 days and all bits will the international space station. now he's sitting his sites on a trip run the moon, as i'll just here. as i said, bake reports, se just is gone. there's back on earth for you psycho my as our spend to 12 days in space. a practice run for when he hopes to become the 1st space tourist on ilan mosques. space x trip around the moon in 2023. the 4 to 6 hero took up from carfax . then on december 10th, his assistant and video producer, yours or herano, through a long to documented journey. it took months of training before the flight into space. my as our updated, his father was on social media. he said he was fulfilling a childhood dream that soon he get an and i didn't think i'd be able to go to spice . i used to like the starry sky and heavenly bodies. i feel fortunate to have this opportunity and to finally fulfill my dream all the time. it's not known how much
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it's exactly cost to reach for the stars and burn, but it's thought to be around $50000000.00 with the u. s. company space adventures at my there was a household name in japan, making his fortune with an online fashion company in the country known for its conformist corporate culture. the businessman stood act documenting in detail he the experiences of everyday activities on board the space station. i know when you haunting know, he has the 1st japanese civilian to go to space, so i'm very proud of him. he's courageous on them. what i think he's rich and amazing. normal people can't do that, but he became the 1st japanese to do so. i'm envious. that's my candid opinion. it began to lift off, but if you don't have millions to spend on the trip to the moon, when the billionaire hope you bless off in 2 years time, he's pledged to take 8 people with him for free. all you have to do is apply to stand a chance, sage aside bake,
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i'll just there just i had here on that. he's on sport. find out how tiger woods got on in his 1st tournament. sits a career threatening coll crash? ah
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ah ah ah ah, hello again, the middle of winter and denmark doesn't sound like the best time to go for a swim, but taking a dip in copenhagen harbor is the perfect tonic for some massages. is muhammad jammah? jim reports from the danish capital. what used to be a major industrial port has been transformed into one of the cleanest waterways in
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europe. on a danish morning, this cold and grey as anxiety deepens over the surgeon cove. at 19 cases, you might expect to encounter a somewhat darker mood. but for pow volk, who started swimming in copenhagen's harbor during the pandemic. this is the one place where his worries kit washed away is dead like dancing. like when you go and dance your show, you'll dip heavy, and it's the same when you go into the water just for 30 seconds, you get up. and you just can injection of pure happiness. a few hours later in another part of denmark's capitol. it's not much warmer, but that doesn't stop josephine nor grin. who's from finland on laura one, mara. it's one of the reasons i really love living here that we have the opportunity like you dont have to go far away to be able to swim. copenhagen is one of the rare european cities with harbor water clean enough to jump into. but this wasn't always possible. pair shoes works on new developments for the harbor. he
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says for many years the water was too polluted to swim in. but all the efforts that went into transforming the harbor from an industrial area into a recreational one have paid off. we actually called it the, the blue park. we have a lot of green parkson in copenhagen lot of green areas. but we also have this blue park where people can enjoy themselves, no big polluting ships here. even the transport options are more eco friendly, like this electric powered ferry. having a clean harbor is a real point of pride for copenhagen. but the work is far from over. these days the aim isn't just to make the area safer for humans, but also to protect the ecosystem that exists beneath the water. these are bio huts also known as fish hotels, dozens of steel cages that contain boxes filled with empty oyster shells,
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where algae and small organisms grow. the initiative is a partnership between the world wildlife fund and the city of copenhagen, vertical walls of peers as don't show a lot of complexity. and this is a bio hats can help in these bio had had stay in. they give space for kind of an niches where small fish can live that it gets heads and etiquette food. like the other harbor projects, an attempt to ensure locations that will comfort and in aquatic environment that can flourish. ma'am jim, jim j 0. copenhagen. i wanted to say, well, have a go for a dip time for sport, his only fluoride is forcing, wasn't it, sir? but yes, sir. chinese tennis by a pang choy huston i had making an accusation of assaults in her 1st on commer interview since posting the claim last month. thanks. had there have been many misunderstandings about her story. the women's tennis association which has suspended all events in shyness as it remains concerned about pangs. well being
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frank upset reports ah punch was interview with the singapore in chinese news outlet on the side lines of a skiing event and shanghai seems impromptu. oh had he got, but it is here that china's best known tennis star spoke publicly for the 1st time about her allegation of sexual assault against a former top communist party official frito at home. the are easier fit on ground or we're sure why you want you is, is she there she our feet hometown noise. ah. yeah. when were worthless in shewn war good in, you know, it's in your come on to go that i often with only
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so you go to various for today on news she did on last month punch. why social media post shocked many in china and the tennis community. she said she was assaulted by former vice premier zango lee and was forced into relationship. within 30 minutes, the post was removed. pang wasn't seen in public for 3 weeks. and colds, crew for proof of a safety videos like these soon started emerging on social media in sundays video. pang says she's always been free. oh, towards the yama that are behind quentin. i do the answer towards the yama to, shall we. okay. are there like in sheila, would it hid them yamma region. although the women's tennis association has a spend
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a tournaments in china because of concerns over beaching sensor ship of pang and her well being. it reaction to sandy's interview. the w t. a says the video is not enough to address their concerns about her safety. ah, the controversy comes to us 2 months before china welcomes visitors. would be ging winter olympics. when asked if pang plans to travel abroad, she had this to say not for you. well, to learn to me, russia who, who was in which with both of us, despite pangs reappearance and apparently assurances the unlikely to silence the white spirit calls for an end to be jean. censorship. bought at home and abroad. priyanka got there. alta 0. now, fisher president, sean infant senior is continuing with his push to hold the welcome every 2 years that will football right now, holding an online summit with all member countries to discuss the plan fee for kind,
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the proposal will mean less travel for players. a more meaningful games. the european and south american confederations are against the idea saying it will devalue their competitions. will last month, african football leaders voted in favor of the idea. we've been talking to sportswriter mahar, missouri. he about why the confederation of african football is so enthusiastic about the prospect. patrick must be the president. something along the lines of africa is going to vote in the interest of africa. they believe that they are going to be basically making more money for the world of every 3 years from various studies that have come up. some have shown that are actually made $3000000000.00 more dollars by having agent, by any walk. right. perhaps utterly like the european, these are $8000000000.00, so there's going to be more money for for molar nathan around the rest of the world, but less money for maybe european club and european league. so in that sense it's,
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you almost have a class of interests, and a lot of assassinations are interested in having a band woke up. but if are going to speak to bear truth, the main reason why the 52 member association unanimously voted for the walk up is because task is wrongly strongly in for the moment. there can be no doubt that if i had a very large role and they think president patricia and also the secretary general grandmother who has been known as jenny, i think he was right. and then we'll, english primarily clubs are meeting right now to decide if games can carry on as planned. record numbers of plans have tested positive for current of ours in the last week. a legal aid as much as the city was able to play. and when the game against you cancel, the thinks of the league had matches on saturday and sunday with postponed because of covey 19. i see the people around the street and i will, nobody mark nobody's social distance. so that's why it's going to happen for later
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. nobody protect him, child in the family, so he tried to create a good environment for our people. our play the stuff back room, a stuff to realize, the dangerous he's already still already here. anyway, to be left or premier league rules say that games must be played if at least 14 players are available, but that role is open to interpretation. depending on the age and experience of those players didn't fit. as for the fans or clubs have to ensure spectators are either vaccinated or have proof of a negative test taken within. 48 hours of entering play is must undergo a daily lateral flow test and 2 p c r t s a week. additionally, one p c r test must be taken on the day. the game at vaccines are not compulsory for place. it's not about of you have to force players to do it. agree is always when you want to be partner newborn or be member of a club. whichever club it is. and you have to follow the rules of the club. if you
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say the prem leaguers, pacific club, and then on you want to be part of it. then the family can say, you have to do this and that i cannot be obvious. i don't want to be the spokesperson for whatever vaccination else or other things. it's really, i think, from a common sense point of view, it makes absolutely sense to do it. or chelsea will help to a nail nail, draw against walls there. now 3rd in the table, the london club had once it this game postponed after reporting several cove in 19 cases in their score, their manager, thomas tinkle saying after the match that sir the league needs to prioritize player safety australia. how secure, convincing. when in the 2nd test of the ashes series against england, just butler did resist australia for 207 on the final day and i lay before treading on his own stumps. the home team going on to secure a $275.00 run victory. they take a to nil series lead. the 3rd test gets underway in melbourne on sunday.
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as i go, it says returning to competitive gulf has been a blast, but admitted playing in a major tournaments was a long way off. what's was back in action for the 1st time since a career threatening car crash in february. the 16 time major when it was competing alongside his 12 year old son, charlie and his $1000000.00 championship in orlando, florida. the pat finished in 2nd place over early this year was was not a very good start to the year and the delivery good. ah, but the last few weeks, the push as hard as we have the last several months with taken no days off and it's working on what's offered each and every day. and to have this opportunity to be able to play with my son. and to have these memories, you know, for us both of us for a lifetime is worth all the pain. okay, more sports in a couple of hours, but that is how we're looking for now. anybody fixed it and that's just about it
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for the news. all, but i'll be back in just a moment with more all phrase news. i'll see you then. bye for them. ah, it's one year until the 1st real world killed in the middle east. talk to al jazeera meets most cembura, 1st ever female secretary general of the 1st to share her journey and discuss the route to cut her 2022. 0 no, just the room. i'll just the revolt takes a road trip across spain. spanish people love to tell you who they are and where they come from. and i am no exception. one woman's journey seeking her heritage and of covering new insights into christian spies of most of them all region. it's a story that seems to have been her brush come to the street in search of my groups
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on al jazeera with, [000:00:00;00] with the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah,
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because of all sides. no matter where it takes us. a briefly, a fan of my eyes and power and pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice. your news, your net back al jazeera ah the on the chrome surge, 12 people in britain of died with corona. the current of ours variant is the government refuses to rule out more social restrictions. ah, hello adrian. this is al jazeera alive from doha,


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